the many faces of ok taecyeon


Secret Agent AU. Ok Taecyeon.

“Please don’t trouble yourself with my scars. At least not right now, OK?”

I was resting in my cabin, deep in the mountains, when I heard a knock on the door. He was bloody and looked quite beat up. I felt sorry for his handsome face, so I let him in. He asked for a first aid kit and patched himself as if it were a daily routine for him. I had a feeling he wouldn’t tell me much about him, because he looked like a man with many secrets. I didn’t pry too deep, but from his eyes and laconic answers I could sense he was on a certain mission. Because I found him on my doorstep alive, I assumed his mission went well.

In the morning, not a single trace of blood was left in the cabin, no dirty gauzes or anything. The man and the proof he was here have simply disappeared as if he never were here.