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“We won’t back down in the face of threats or intimidation, or turn our backs on the patients who count on us. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever.” - Cecile Richards

I’m Brendon Urie and I stand with Planned Parenthood. We’re doing these shirts to show our love and admiration for a cause that offers help for so many people- over 2.7 million women and men, in fact. I also refuse to succumb to intimidation or threats, it’s really the least we can do. So thank you for all your love and support and for taking the time to care.

Get your Planned Parenthood x Panic! At The Disco Benefit Tee now - all proceeds go directly to Planned Parenthood.


Now, granted, they’re not very high heels, but not everyone can be P.O. era Panic!, can they?
My shirt says “Both. Both? Both. Both is good.”
Happy 30th birthday Brendon Urie!! He’s a massive inspiration to so many people, and an amazing artist to boot. Here’s to many more years of his music!

Turn up the crazy

Can you please write a rough Brendon Urie smut? Like blindfolded and tied up, with lots of boob and ass smacking and maybe even a bit of choking? ALL WITH CONSENT!! Thank you!!

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A more important question is who else is fucking obsessed with Star Wars like really

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Bless you Adam driver ily

“You’ve been a bad girl.” Brendon growled as he kicked your front door shut behind him. You both spun around and he pushed you up against the door and you both engaged in a hungry kiss. Your hands went flying up and down his body and his did the same to you. You began to unbutton his dress shirt and he pulled away from the kiss so you could rip it off him.

“God I love it when you’re like this.” You groaned. He picked you up and threw you over his shoulder. He walked over to the couch and bent you over the arm.

“Should I just fuck you here, over the arm of the couch?” He asked teasingly. You knew he wasn’t going to but you moaned and begged for it anyway.

“Yes! Please Brendon!”

“Oh you’re such a slut. You’re my slut.” He said, pulling you up and shoving you into the bedroom. You pulled off your dress and tossed it behind you. Brendon walked in behind you and wrapped his arms around you and sighed.

“I’m going to destroy you tonight.” He said in a deep voice that’s made your knees weak. You laid down on the bed and kicked off your heels. You laid on the bed, sprawled out trying to look sexy.

“Arms up.” He said, demanding. You did as you were told and put them together up against the headboard. He grabbed his belt and wrapped them around your wrists. He reached behind himself and pulled out a tie.

“Yes or no Y/N.” He said suddenly very serious. Consent was a big deal to him.

“I think yes.” You said playfully. He snapped back into his seductive persona and tied the blindfold around your head. Now that you were completely vulnerable, he let his hands wander down your body, pulling off your strapless bra and making your nipples hard. His big calloused hands gently groped your breasts making you whimper and groan.

“Do you like that princess?”

“Yes sir.” You said. He loved it when you called him sir. And you loved it when he called you princess.

“Mmm baby.” He said under his breath. His fingers dug into your hips and pulled them up to his face. He put your legs around his neck and licked you through your panties.

“Mmm! Baby!” You moaned.

“I love the taste of you princess. So sweet. Like sugar and honey.” He put you down for a second to take off your underwear and then picked you back up. He took a deep breath and then he went down on you.

His tongue went to work exploring your wet folds while his nose brushed your clit every tine he moved his head. You were letting out the most animalistic noises as he touched all the right places. He pushed his tongue into your entrance and thrusted it in and out of you gently, and then roughly.

“Ohhh fuck Brendon!” You screamed. Right as you were on the edge, he stopped.

“What!” You whines at him.

“You’ll get what you want soon enough.”

He lined himself up with you and slowly slid in. He waited a minute and then went to town on you.

“Fuck! Oh fuck baby!” You moaned and screamed as he drilled his manhood into you.

His long shaft hit all the right spots inside you. He gripped your hips with one hand and then slapped your breasts with the other.

He made them as red as he could and then slapped your ass for good measure. The pleasure was insane, and the pain just made it even more amazing.

“You like that? When I slap your tits?” He growled. His voice was s deep, it was like an animals. He was fucking you like an animal. You both were making sounds that should not have come from humans.

Your screams combined with his grounds and moans under his breath made the room seem unreal. He ruthlessly continued until he knew you were close.

He gently tugged at your jaw to make you look at him.

“Look at me when you come! I want to see your face when I make you come.” He demanded. You were so close, you frantically nodded.

Almost there, the wall was about to break, you were about to come.

“Fuck Brendon!” You screamed as you came all over him, still looking him in the eye.

He pulled out and released onto your stomach.


“I love you.” You said when you were both in PJs and cleaned up.

“I love you so much Y/N.”

Y'all there are so many Dom fics why why why please no more


These are my final thoughts on Brendon’s Livestreams: he sucks at it, I mean he doesn’t know what to do BUT THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT IT MAKES IT SO REAL. He just laughs and makes squinty faces, he plays with his sounds , more squinty faces, the lips pout so many time could have actually killed me, more playing, reads some comments , laughs and the circles goes on. I love it. I feel him.

Btw the whole time I was like: smiley boi me likey.
Not to mention that right after tonight’s one Dallon’s came on and he is sO DAMN HANDSOME. And nerdy, very nerdy. I lov’ em both so much.

it’s 2020, gerard still looks 20, frank still have like 30 dogs, patd still looses members and gets new members, dan and phil are still ‘only best friends’, ryan will still have his baby face, pete’s hair is probably green, tøp will probably release their 9th album that has like 5 different genres and brendon is still live on periscope