the many expressions of sebastian stan


It never ceases to amaze me how much Seb can convey with just his facial expressions. And oh how Kings seemed to take advantage of that with all their lovely close ups.

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Original article in Chinese, translation into English (please excuse any mistakes, full translation under the cut):

Beijing Press Conference round table interviews had many highlights. When it comes to this film, in particular, the scene when Captain America and Winter Soldier first see each other again is very emotional, Chris Evans says he loves this scene, Sebastian Stan also agrees saying because “there’s so much being said without actually being said.” And under pressure from the outside world, they [Cap and Winter Soldier] quickly rekindled a friendship that hasn’t been expressed in several decades.

And what if the target wasn’t Bucky, but someone else? What would Captain America do to help clear his name? Chris Evans says Captain America would do what he thinks is the right thing, but if it was anyone else, he would weigh the consequences, not be so certain (without hesitation). “There’s no one else that he would do for as much as he would do for Bucky.”

But this friendship is even more important to the Winter Soldier, Sebastian Stan says [this friendship] could be “[before Captain America: Civil War] the only thing keeping him from killing himself.”

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