the many expressions of sebastian stan

I just find these three facial expressions so freaking hilarious.

Credit to the people who made the gifs, you are talented people and you made me smile.

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Congrats again on 500, Samii! I'm gonna pick Sebastian Stan and #9 (because c'mon, this is Seb we're talking about 😊)

Thanks so much!!

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Y/n loved Tumblr. She loved the fandoms and the fanfiction and fanart. But what she loved most was her followers not knowing she was the real y/n Stan. she felt normal, a feeling she had almost forgotten. She loved watching her followers go crazy over the gifsets she posted of Sebastian. 

There was a rumor going around that Sebastian was the one that had a secret Tumblr, and she loved seeing them trying to figure out if her blog was actually his. 

Y/n sat down on the couch with her laptop in her lap and a cup of coffee in her hand. Sebastian had just  got back from the gym and she knew people had to be freaking out on her dash. She pulled it up and spit her coffee out, thankfullu missing her laptop screen. 

“Sebastian Stan to the living room please!”

Sebastian gulped when he heard her yell his full name. He walked cautiously into the living room and looked at her laptop screen. Watching the gif of himself lifting his shirt with a fake angry expression plastered on his face. 

“Oh my god. That was quick,” he said as a light blush creeped up his neck. “Why did I do that?’

he sighed embarrassed and sat next to her as she shruggeed. “I don’t think it’s that embarrassing.”

“Do you know how many people just saw what I did? How are you just brushing it off?” 

“I’m not gonna lie, I’m really turned on by that.”


“They’re not planning on taking you alive.”
“That’s smart. Good strategy.”

his face, the look in his eyes especially, utterly breaks my heart… it’s like you can see him… giving up, resigning to the fact that his quiet life in Romania is over, that he’s not being hauled off to jail, they’re here to kill him, and he has so much left to learn, so many questions unanswered… he knew this day would come, but not yet, maybe he thought he had more time…

(it also reminds me of what the Russos have said about Seb - about the details in his performances, conveying emotions with subtlety, and the “complexity in his eyes.” He is so good at conveying so much with just his eyes and his expressions.)

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How did you get the idea for Fubar?



This quote from Sebastian Stan is what first got me thinking that Bucky specifically could use a service dog:

“I don’t think he knows how to express his emotions… He’s somebody who is very alone. It’s kind of depressing! He’s someone who is piecing together a life and dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder. He’s paranoid, because he doesn’t know if he’s being followed or if he’s being watched. He has a hard time trusting himself because he’s learning about all the things he’s done that he doesn’t remember.”

  • Bucky needs something to ground him and guide him and help with his PTSD and also he needs some kind of living presence that loves and supports him unconditionally, without the added complexity and baggage of human companions
  • A service dog could sweep rooms for him, ground him during panic attacks, help him remember where and when he is, and help with an infinite number of other hurdles Buck might face
  • On Bucky not trusting himself: (This is pulled directly from THE ORIGINAL FUBAR POST) Bucky feels safe with a big service dog because he thinks “OH maybe this dog could protect other people from me. It’s as big as I am! Maybe this is actually a necessary precaution.” It’s in line with him wanting to go back into cryo until the Wakandans could figure out how to deprogram his brainwashing. Bucky will clearly go to extremes to protect people from himself, so in his mind having a gigantic freaking herding dog with him 24/7 would be a comfort to him because it could wrangle him if necessary. His first thought when presented with the idea of a caucasian ovcharka as a service dog isn’t his safety, but the safety of everyone else.
  • (Of course over time he grows to appreciate the fact FUBAR is really around to help and protect him.)




FUBAR as a character is inspired by the dogs in The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski, aka one of the best books ever written. One of the hallmarks of a Sawtelle dog (the fictional breed in the book) is an uncanny intelligence and “remarkable gift for companionship.” (FUBAR’s personality is essentially a 50/50 mix of two of the dogs in that book: Almondine and Babu.) As the service dog to a 100 year old super soldier, FUBAR needs to have some kind of Extreme Service Dog Abilities, so his levels of human-like empathy and the numbers of tasks he can do are definitely exaggerated.


Anyone interested in what it’s actually like to have/train a service dog should check out​ @myservicedogadventure and @superservicedogs, because they are both lovely people who have real world experience with these dogs. (I do not! Closest I’ve come is therapy with emotional support dogs, which is not the same.)

ADA.GOV has a really good FAQ about service animals

And, of course, the Bucky and FUBAR webcomic can be found at @buckyandfubar!  


It never ceases to amaze me how much Seb can convey with just his facial expressions. And oh how Kings seemed to take advantage of that with all their lovely close ups.

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Sebastian Stan should’ve got an award for his portrayal of Bucky in TWS cause he didn’t have many lines and so had to portray him through facial expressions, emotions and his presence and body language most of the time, and that takes skill. Seb did an amazing job and he’s so talented.

Just had to get that off my chest

I think the reason why the new footage of Bucky being forced to the ground is so disturbing to me is because it reminds me too much of the bank vault scene in CA:TWS. It makes me think of Pierce backhanding him and how he hardly seemed to notice. It makes me think of the scientists grabbing his shoulders and pushing him back into the chair. It makes me think of him opening his mouth for the bite guard. And it makes me wonder;

How many times did he have to be taken down like that, before he learned not to fight back?

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I am not so sure Evans will continue with Marvel. He was kind of contradictory about that in many interviews in the last 2 years. And there are absolutely no rumors that his contract is being negotiated or extended, which is odd. And Sebastian Stan teased he would be the next Cap, which would make sense with the comics too...

About a year ago there were rumors and misconceptions that Chris was retiring or taking a break from acting, but that’s not the case, as he’s clarified himself in the Collider interview and many others. He definitely is going to continue acting and has expressed a lot of interest in continuing to act with Marvel specifically. Sebastian does have a longer contract and the future is pretty ambiguous right now, but based on everything we know, I would say it’s more than likely that Chris’s contract will be renewed.