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With just three weeks left until The Becoming of Noah Shaw comes out, I couldn’t think of a better way to count down than to celebrate by posting the art you guys created for the ARC contest, and matching it to sentences from The Shaw Confessions–every day for the next three weeks.*

I had two projects I was anxious to write in 2014–TSC, and SE (Something Else)**. I ended up choosing to write TSC first, in no small part because of you, and I can’t wait to be able to share it with you. Thank you, always, for inspiring me every day-with your art, your messages, and your words. I hope my words can inspire you too.

*Notice how I said ‘sentences from The Shaw Confessions?’ That’s because I’ll be sneaking in snippets from TSC II along with the Mara Dyer/Noah Shaw fan art. 

**If you spy a picture with a caption on Instagram (or maybe here) that doesn’t seem to fit quite in with the Dyer/Shaw misfits…it might be a Hint. If you want to follow along, here’s how to play:

hey everyone!

i wanted to do something to celebrate because it’s my birthday, so here’s my second follow foverer. i love you all so so much. thank you for following me and for making my dash so great.

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hiiiii! so throwback to when i made a blog called so-swiftie but then it didn’t get many followers in the three days that i had it so then i deleted it cool story. so throwback to april 2 years a go when i made the blog again with the same url, so-swiftie (vintage ellie) and decided to actually stick with it. and now here we are a little bit older, same mediocre photoshop skills, jokes that aren’t getting any funnier and trying a little too hard to be quirky. but 10,000 of you seem to like it why why why SO THANK YOU! so as a form of appreciation i’ve decided to make this thing, i wish i could do something bigger like a giveaway but i am a poor little tadpole in a pond of rich frogs so this will do.

anyway i just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you and please follow me i mean i love you i get those two mixed up a lot

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I finally hit 600 hundred followers! Wow! Thank you all so much!

I thought this might be something that was due.

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Hi! This is my very first follow forever in my two+ years of blogging!!!!! And also a huuuge thank you for making my dash a wonderful experience so far. I appreciate all of you, and you make me smile every day. So, here, have a huge list of my favorite blogs and bloggers on this site. You’ve made my stay here truly extraordinary.

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So since I’ve been on here for more than a year and a half now and I wanted to thank all of you for the time, I decided to make my first ever follow forever! First off, some people I wanted to thank specifically, but y’all are amazing!

@kilewoodwork​ Livi!! You are amazing and my twin sister living in a time zone ten hours from mine, but still it seems like I know you. I can come to you with anything, and you’re just one of the best friends I’ve made on here! I’m really glad I met you through this project. Also you’re an amazing writer (I’m not trying to hint at The Secret and that you should continue it, nooo). *sends hugs all across the world* Love you!!

@ninazcneik​ Simi I still remember how we started talking when we screamed about the would-be friendship of Celeste, Marlee and America on a post that must have been such a pain to everyone’s dashes lol. I like talking to you so much, wouldn’t want to miss it!

@celestenewssome Lucrezia, you were one of the first Selection blogs I followed, along with Therese I think. I’d come to you to scream about keadlyn (ouch still not over it) every day. And I loooove your Italian accent :D

@wut-a-duckie Tara your blog is still the ultimate goals to be honest, it has always been. I was sooo happy when you first said you like my blog, that was about a year ago? Anyway it’s good to be talking to you, you’re amazing. You make the best edits, too tbh.

@hopetinu Phoebe I’ll bombard you with news about my crush if anything happens, thank you for the advice you’re giving :D Yours is also one of the most beautiful blogs on here!

@pranksterprongs Kelly you are the best beta reader I have ever met, sadly I’m currently writing in german and you can’t read it! I still have to continue your story, it’s amazing and I still don’t have the time grrrrr. I haven’t forgtten about it thought, and we definitely need to talk more often!

@hermionegrangcr​ Jennifer thanks to you I have this amazing theme now (check it out guys!) and my blog isn’t the mess anymore that it was half a year ago, so this is a huge thank you for you, please feel hugged!

@ravenclaver @eadlynmydear @the-selection-bitch @prince-consort-lolz and everyone else in the Selection OC network, we were having such a great time imagining Ashton’s Selection, it was one of my favourite tumblr projects ever! I hope we can all stay in touch lovelies <3

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aight, so how do i make this post as non-cheesy as possible? i’ve been on tumblr for a year now, and i never thought i’d get this obsessed or actually make friends or have this many followers (seriously- thank you guys so so so much). so to celebrate summer, my 1 year anniversary, and me reaching 4k followers, i’ve decided to do my second follow forever (aw yiss) and i’ve included small messages for you all (no one is bolded or italicized bc you’re all fab) so hover over your urls! thanks so much for sticking with me and making my dashboard awesome, i love you guys as much as i love fictional characters :)))

on a side note- i follow almost 500 blogs so not all of you are on here, but if you’re a mutual and i forgot you (bc a lot of people changed urls and i’m v forgetful), please message me!!

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thanks again for everything guys, i love you all <3

edit: here is my blogroll bc i’m an idiot and forgot to add it

(sorry for the shitty banner, i’m not known for editing haha) heyyy everyone!!!!!! so i reached 500+ followers (which was my goal eeep) a few days ago and i just wanted to say thank you to everyone i follow for making me having the best experience on here. also, thank you everyone who follows me, i didn’t expect i’d have 500+ followers, holy shit hahaha, but seriously thank you so much and i love all of you <3

mutuals, favs, both (sorry in advance if i forget to bold/italicize anyone) 

but first, some friendsss (or at least people i’ve talked to lately) : Nath, Alex, Raven, Lindsey, Tess, Rachel, Hannah, Marissa, Nidia, Liza, Sam, Alessandra, Christina


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yea… i follow a lot of people haha. sorry if i missed anyone, or if anybody changed urls, sorry if i didn’t update it, i most likely didn’t know. thank you to everyone who follows me, i love you all sooooo much.


-Traces back in the Age of Exploration when Ferdinand Magellan set sails and reached the Philippines, around 15 Frenchmen were part of the crew.

-In 1704, French missionaries helped spread Christianity in the different parts of the Philippines, particularly Luzon and the Visayas.

-In the 17th century, France recognized the Philippines’ potential in the trading sector and even started to trade with it despite the strict Spanish colonial gov’t’s restrictions on foreign trade.

-Paris was Manila’s standard of fashion back then.

-In 1824, France was the first to establish a consul in Spanish Philippines.

-When Suez Canal was opened, relationships between the Philippines and other European nations, especially France, became more significant.

-In January 1897,  the Philippine Commission in Hong Kong sent a petition to M. Henry Hannoteaux, Minister of Foreign Affairs, enumerating 50 points concerning the Philippine grievance against Spain and calling for France’s assistance.

-In 1898, Emilio Aguinaldo also sent his delegate to Paris for the negotiation of an agreement, which concerned the fate of the Philippines in the aftermath of the Spanish–American War. Lastly, Filipino residents in Paris, urged by the Philippine government in exile in Hong Kong, made a commission calling for the recognition of the Republic. The commission was led by Pedro Roxas and Juan Luna.

-HOWEVER the Filipino revolutionaries failed to garner French support. France remained neutral and distanced itself from the Filipino revolutionaries as France respected Spain’s sovereignty over the Philippines as a fellow colonial power. (Kasi op kurs, BFFs 5ever. Kayo talaga hahaha)

-Diplomatic relations between France and the Philippines was officially established on June 26, 1947 with the signing of the Treaty of Amity.


1. Juan Miguel F. Zubiri (11 September 1998). “S. No. 1549” (PDF). Retrieved 2008-11-13.

2. The many firsts in PH history, courtesy of France

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6. Cruz, Denis Nardin ; translated from the French by Maria Theresa J. (1989). France and the Philippines : from the beginning to the end of the Spanish regime. Ermita, Manila: National Historical Institute. pp. 65, 6

7. ISBN 9711360411.7. Cruz, Denis Nardin ; translated from the French by Maria Theresa J. (1989). France and the Philippines: From the Beginning to the End of the Spanish Regime. Ermita, Manila: National Historical Institute. pp. 112–113. ISBN 9711360411.

So it’s christmas and I decided to do my first follow forever because since I’m here I never said how much I appreciate everyone I follow, and now it’s time to thank all of you for making tumblr such a great place…

Thank you all, merry christmas and happy holidays!

(mutuals are bolded, favs are italicized)


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Yes, Zyanya’s follow forever because ‘Youarethefirstdreamofmysoul’s follow forever’ is too long to put in a gifset…

So here I am, celebrating my second year on tumblr *claps* Happy Second Blogaversary to me! I want to thank all 6,623 of you for this amazing experience. Thank you all for following me, you are awesome! <3 and now let’s begin with people that I’ve truly come to appreciate: (Hover)

Melissa | Johanna | Nicky | Jackie | Louise | Helen | Emmeline | Amy | Ash | Ella | Isabel | Annabel | Katie | SabrinaJulie-AnnaEmily | Molly | SarahChelsea | Jaz | Saachi | SamAnkanee | Maggie 

The following blogs are full of lovely people that I also appreciate and often talk to. Others I just admire from afar. If you are here know that I love you and your blog <3 

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I’ve recently hit 2k followers, so as a way to celebrate I thought I’d do a follow forever. Everyone that I follow makes my dash wonderful and it wouldn’t be the same without them. I just want to take everyone that has found my blog nice enough to follow, I really appreciate each and everyone of you. Over the past few months, I’ve made some friends that have made my time here on tumblr absolutely amazing. I’m so sorry if I forgot someone [chances are I did because I’m all over the place].

» Part of my Pack [hover for a message!]

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For all of those who haven’t seen this
I would love these covers!
I heart it!

Not mine they are the-Manila-institute! All credit to her!