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What We Know So Far: 2017 MLP Movie

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Anyway, here’s the post.

Today I am giving you guys something different.

Yes, this is another “What We Know So Far” post, but this is on a fandom that I just got into.

So I posted a riddle yesterday, asking you guys what fandom am I getting into.

And I cannot believe I am actually saying this, but the fandom is… “My Little Pony”.

Please do not judge me!

I literally got into this fandom like two days ago, I’m still getting into this.

This show revolves around a world full of ponies, we get introduced to Twilight Sparkle.

She gets sent to a village called Poneyville, where she is there to study the power of friendship.

To be honest, the synopsis sounds intriguing.

The show does have stories of fighting evil forces, but also deals with the theme of friendships and having someone special in your life.

It’s very powerful as a theme and story, with it being upbeat and lighthearted.

Anyway, it was announced that a new animated movie will be released in theaters on October 6, 2017.

The same year for many blockbusters coming out.

Like “Justice League”, “Wonder Woman”, “Transformers: The Last Knight”, “Power Rangers”, and among many others.

So yeah, that’s a big year.

So today, I am giving you fans and newcomers on what we know so far.

Lets get started.

1. The Production and Distribution Companies.

So originally, Sony was supposed to be the distributor for this film.

But because of the Sony email hack, they dropped out.

Eventually and currently, Lionsgate is distributing it.

Yes, Lionsgate distributed “Norm of the North”, but lets not talk about that clusterfuck of a movie lol.

Hasbro Studios is producing and financing the movie.

Allspark Pictures, who did the 2015 “Jem and the Holograms” movie, will be also producing this movie.

Hasbro is getting their hands on this movie, to make it faithful to their show, and to have more creative control.

So when it comes to this studio, I have faith.

I always have faith, don’t judge a book by its cover, and see what this movie can truly become.

And… Boulder Media, the animation company behind “Wander Over Yander”, will animate this movie. 

2. The Cast

So the original cast members are coming back, the mane 6.

So… lets go through a rundown of both the original cast… and the celebrity cast. 

We have first, Tara Strong. 

Who is the voice of Twilight Sparkle. 

Also known as the voice of Timmy Turner and Harley Quinn. 

We also have Andrea Libman.

The voice of Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy. 

Also to the list is Ashleigh Ball. 

The voice of Rainbow Dash and Applejack.

Second to last on the list is Tabitha St. Germain. 

Voice of Rarity. 

And finally, we have Cathy Weseluck. 

The voice of the dragon, Spike. 

Now… we get to the celebrity cast list. 

The celebrities that everyone knows! 

First one up is… Emily Blunt. 

From “Edge of Tomorrow” and “Into the Woods”.

Second one up is… Michael Pena. 

From “End of Watch” and “Ant Man”. 

Third one up is… Max Martini.

From “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi” and “Fifty Shades of Grey”.

Fourth one up is… Liev Schreiber.

From “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and “Ray Donovan”.

Fifth one up is… Taye Diggs.

From the hit broadway show, “Rent”.

Sixth one up is… Kristin Chenoweth.

From the hit broadway show, “Wicked”.

Seventh one up is… Uzo Aduba. 

From the hit netflix show, “Orange Is the New Black”.

And finally, the biggest surprise of all, the singer/songwriter… Sia!

Grammy award winner, ladies and gentlemen! 

Who will not only, of course, sing some songs in the upcoming flick, she will also be writing them!

And I got the character name!!!

Her character name is… Songbird Serenade!

Here’s a picture of her character taken from her Twitter page.

The only information that the studio gave us, was that she’s gonna play a pop singer of, herself, obviously. 

This cast is an ensemble one! 

Star-studded, it is!!!

We have the original cast, the mane 6, returning, while also getting celebrities to voice new and original characters! 

It’s just gonna be fun, I just know it ^^! 

3. The Story.

There’s nothing much to say about the story, but the story so far is that the mane 6 are traveling beyond their home to stop an evil force from destroing them, and their home. 

Even if the story sounds cliche, it still might be good! 

I think the characters will be the best part, because everything about them is interesting. 

There could be twists and turns, anything can happen!

So… I’m still excited about this. 

4. The people making the film.

Once again, nothing much to be said.

The show’s writer, Meghan McCarthy will write the film’s script. 

And the main people behind the show will be heavily involved with this production.

So when it comes to this type of show, it’s actually rare to love a show that is very joyful and upbeat. Because nowadays, we get shows that are either, full of cynicism, dark and gritty themes, or just involve vulgar language. Those types of shows are not bad, it’s just what’s popular today. But with MLP, it is not only very good, but it’s the exact opposite. It’s very joyful, funny, colorful, optimistic, and just very entertaining! It does get emotional and dark when it needs to be, but the main theme is about friendships and relationships. This show isn’t just about adventures, it’s about having someone in your life that you consider important. I want this movie to succeed, and I think it will. It brings everyone together, and that… is what we need, especially today, in the 21st century. 

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My Lost Girl

“Hey sweety!! Thank you so much!! I was wondering if you just do Peter Pan imagines or Robbie Kay ‘cuz yesterday i watched Flight world war 2 , and no one does imagines from that… but in case you just do Peter Pan imagines only, i’d love to read a jealous Pan.

This was sent to me by bringpanback, thank you for being so kind!

Peter pan x Reader

You were focused on the bow and arrow in your hand as small beads of sweat dripped from your forehead. The bow and arrow was stretched out in your arms, and you held it close to your body, trying your best to aim at the target that was painted on the tree a couple of meters in front of you. Pan had asked you to learn how to use a bow and arrow, since you were going to be living on his island you might as well be of use to him. Your arms shook as you tried your best to keep the arrow in place, this was a lot harder than it looked. When you finally released the arrow, everything that could go wrong, did. The arrow completely missed its target, while the band attached to the bow snapped against your forearm once against. It sounded like a whip cracking against flesh, and you let out a squeal, gritting your teeth as the flesh on your forearm became bruised and bloody. Stupid Pan, how did he expect you to learn how to do this all on your own, when you have no experience at all? Feeling frustrated, you were about to give up when suddenly Felix appeared from behind the tree lines. As per usual he had his hood pulled over his dirty blond mane, which casted eerie shadows across his face. He glanced up at your direction, his blank face causing you to raise an eyebrow. 

“Hello Felix… can I help you with something?”

The male gave a dark chuckle, pulling the arrow from the ground and walking over to you. He twirled the arrow between his fingers, standing beside you. He glanced down at your bruised up arm and shook his head, letting out an annoyed sigh. 

“You can’t help me, but it looks like I can help you.”

He stated this matter-of-factly, which caused you to huff in annoyance. You were already frustrated enough that Peter wasn’t here showing you how to do this, and now here was Felix, trying to butt his head into your business. You were about to take out that frustration on him, ready to explain your stupid situation when he grabbed your arm and elbow from behind. You hadn’t even realized he moved to your backside until he held you. The warmth he radiated seeped through your skin, and a small blush swarmed through your cheeks. 

On the other hand, Felix stayed with his normal stone hard face. He lifted your arms up gently, placing the bow properly in your hands, as well as the arrow. He bent down a bit, so his face was close to your ear. You could hear his jagged breathing as he pulled back on the bow properly, his hands still wrapped around your own so you were following his same movements. Feeling his warm breath against your ear caused goosebumps to form all over your skin. You weren’t used to this much physical contact, especially with someone like Felix. Your heart beat suddenly started to speed up as more blush rushed to your cheeks, and you swallowed down the lump that began to form in your throat.


“This is how your supposed to do it (Y/N)… hold it a little father from your body and.” 

At this both of you released the grip you had on the arrow, causing it to fly from the bow at incredible speed. Your face brighten up when you realized that the arrow was heading staright for the centre of the target! 

Suddenly a body stood in front of the target, his body tense and ridge. An angry look was scattered over his handsome features as he held the arrow tightly within his fist, a few centimetres away from his chest. He clenched his fist and with a loud snap the arrow fell from his hand, the broken wood tumbling to the ground. He didn’t say a word to the two, but as soon as Felix made eye contact with his leader he instantly released you, his arms falling limply to his sides. Pan, looking now slightly less angry stormed towards you, grabbing your wrist roughly and pulling you away from the other male, who kept his eyes on the ground.

“I’ll deal with you later” 

Peter stated in a blank tone, but even with no emotion behind his words, you could tell he was furious, which caused you to shiver in fear. The boy began to stomp away from the forest, still keeping his deathly grip tight on your wrist. You tried your best to pull away, you even dug your heels into the ground to see if that would stop Pan but it didn’t, he kept his brows furrowed as he dragged you along towards his tree house. 

Your wrist began to hurt, and you knew for sure that there would be a nasty bruise on your arm when he finally decided to let go. You cursed at him when he led you up the wooden stair case to the door of his cabin.

“Peter! Let me go! You’re hurting me! Why are you so angry?! You asked me to-” 

But your words were cut short when Pan pushed your back up against his wooden door. A small gasp escaped your lips when he leaned his body down against yours, his arms resting on either side of your head against the hard wood as to keep you boxed in. He lowered his head until his forehead bumped into yours, his breath shallow as his greeny blue eyes stared intently into yours. Just like when Felix held you, heat began to rise up into your body, but this time it wasn’t from nerves, this time you could feel the light butterflies fluttering through your stomach, and the blush that filled your cheeks was thick and hot. Your hands trembled softly at your sides as your heart beat began to speed up fast. Your breath came out in short breaths against the males face, and a tight knot began to form within your gut. When Pan noticed how much you were reacting to him simply being this close to you, he gave you his famous devilish smirk. 

“I am angry, (Y/N) because you are MY lost girl… Nobody is allowed to touch MY lost girl, but me.”

and there you have it!! i hope you all enjoy! thanks so much for the idea! 


*blows dust off this blog* Ah! At last I know where I want her story to go!

… Fill the ask box and prepare for some retcons when the blog is fixed up and ready to go!

… Now to continue drawing until my fingers fall off! 

New Characters:

Mane Cast: Princess Cadence, Fancypants, Big Macintosh, Prince Blueblood, Sassy Saddles and Merrie Melody (Mayor Mare) 

(Some of the) Supporting Cast: Shining Armor (and Twilight!), Sunset Shimmer, Princess Celestia, Granny Smith (Apple Jack and Apple Bloom!), Twilight Velvet, etc.

Name: Princess Cadence

Age: Sixteen (Birthday: (exact date unknown) celebrated as - February 14th, 1969)

Species: Pegasus – Ascended to Alicorn at Age Thirteen.

Special Talent: Amokinesis, Empathic Perception/Sense, etc.

Positive Traits (+) Loyal, Intelligent, Empathetic (concerning others), Wise, Cunning/Savvy, Lively, Charming, Creative, Resourceful.

Negative Traits (-) Detached (concerning herself/situations where she’s involved personally), Impatient, Resentful, Impulsive, Anxious, Secretive, Self-Loathing.

Personality/Background: Princess Cadence isn’t the type you’d associate with a typical princess, especially one who’s powers are based on love and affection. She’s got a devil-may-care attitude and a sharp, sarcastic tongue which she uses to disrespect authority figures. She’d sooner hang with her friends at parties, clubs or anywhere to cause trouble, smoke/drink and listen to rockin’ tunes than present herself at a Gala in full royal regalia and schmooze the elite with her ‘Aunt’ Celestia.

She’s trouble (or so she wants ponies to believe – whether that’s true or not is up for debate…), though you might not assume that at first glance with her sugar sweet smile, shimmering hair and cool, friendly eyes. Which is exactly how she likes it. Still, if you stick around her and she’s fond of you – you’ve got a great friend to look forward to, as hers know well. She’s a very intelligent young lady (though her grades don’t reflect that – effort is not something she puts towards school) and despite her outward behavior she oozes a natural and alluring charm. She can be quite sweet, funny and wonderful company and often she looks after the ponies she cares about more than herself.

She’d rather keep this to herself… but a lot of her rebellious behavior is lashing out for a lack of control, something she struggles with now more than ever with Princess Celestia and this feels like the only way she can regain some personal agency. Though, of course, she does genuinely enjoy the things she does… most of the time.


This little silver kelpie is a grumpy fish
You can order your own here!

Kelpies are a mythogical creature I have been fascinated with, a subject matter i love to come back to again and again. I live in the Highlands of Scotland where most of the myth and lore surrounding kelpies is utterly believable. Remote mountain lochans and forboeding sea lochs definitely have a sense of the unreal about them. My final year project at university used Scottish mythology as a theme and also involved kelpies - I just love them.

Kelpies live in lochs and take the form of beautiful horses standing at the shore. When an unfortunate traveler sees the horse and is compelled to touch it, he will find the horses skin becomes like glue and he is stuck fast. The kelpie then dives into the water to drown its victim and devour it…

This guy is more of an Each Uisge, a slightly more evil version of a kelpie. Each Uisges live in sea lochs (I live next to a sea loch called Loch Fleet) and as well as turning into a horse they can also turn into a handsome man. That’s why I chose a more human-like eye to paint on these guys, to give them that otherworldly edge…

The fins are cast in silicone which is slightly translucent and flexible. Faolan Glas’s also glow in the dark! He’s a little bioluminescent miscreant. The seaweed in his mane has also been cast in silicone.

The bits of seaglass and shells were provided by the commissioner and added at her request - the barnacles are cast in resin from a mussel shell I found next to my sea loch. I painted them with acrylics - they came out amazing, I’m so pleased with them!

The speckles on the body weren’t actually originally part of the plan but when I walk by Loch Fleet there are often harbour seals about. They have grey speckledy bodies which kind of remind me of flat lichen on stones by the shore…

Faolan Glas means little silver fish in gaelic - which would explain why he’s so grumpy… I’ll bet he doesn’t like that nickname given to him by the bigger kelpies…!

I had so much fun with this commission, and Manjula is a really fantastic and lovely person. Faolan Glas has an excellent new home!

The great news is that you can order your own kelpie from my etsy shop - I am only offering a few up for sale initially because I have to prioritise getting the crystal stags finished for kickstarter backers. The black version has already sold, but you can buy the gold artists proof kelpie, one similar to Faolan Glas or customise your own.

Just visit this listing!:


All the mini mofs are now available in my Etsy shop yaaaay! 

Mini Mofs are soft minky fabric with printed minky wings, fake fur manes and cast resin hands, feet and heads. The resin parts are replicas of my original sculpture, and have been painted with acrylics and varnished for durability.

They measure approximately 4.5" tall and have weighting in their bums to make them sit well (although some insist on rolling around on their butts)!

There are 18 Mini Mofs in this batch.
4 Luna MMofs
2 Garden Tiger MMofs
2 Atlas MMofs
2 Madagascan Sunset MMofs
2 Deaths Head Hawk MMofs
2 Blue Brahmin MMofs (my own design!)
2 Brahmin MMofs
2 White & Gold MMofs

The story behind them is that Spoonflower started doing printed minky fabric and I went a bit nuts. Spent hours measuring out the digital files but got the sizes completely wrong! SO when the fabric arrived the wings were about 75% the size they needed to be.. So..  I resized the mof pattern, made an entirely new sculpt and THUS! The Mini Mofs were born :D

I sculpted the big mofs years ago, so the Mini Mofs are a nice update to my sculpting. I loved sculpting them, painting them and everything, it’s great fun, and I will definitely be making more!

Before I can tell you the story of Children of Everfree, I have to tell you this one.

So I’m on Derpibooru this morning when I notice a new entry in a tag I’m tracking. As it turns out, finalskies drew a wickedly cute picture of Pinkie Pie-der celebrating Spider-Man’s initiation into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I’ve been in a fanart-y mood for the past few days, so I decided to whip this up in his honor. And that got me resolving to draw a pic for otterloreart’s spiderponyrarity, because that blog pretty much brought spiderponies in general into the spotlight for the first time ever and is a big inspiration for how I came up with Fluttershy’s design for CoE. SPR seems to have gone on hiatus, which makes me a little sad, and I’d love to see more updates.

Speaking of which, Heir-of-Rick is working on a blog where he takes the Mane 6 and casts them as different Equestrian species. It’s definitely worth checking out in my opinion, so give misspiesmonsters a look and possible follow, too!

Update tonight probably isn’t happening, so sorry you only get this simple fanart from me for now!