the manchester bees


Drew freehand bee nails for my trip to Manchester, visiting family and friends. The design is based on the Manchester Bee- a symbol that has been typically tattooed onto individuals in order to show support for the victims of the recent Manchester terror attack.

If anybody wants to re-create this themselves, the base colour used is OPI’s ‘NL A65’. Just use any dark purple or black polish and a needle to draw the design. :)

You made have heard about the Manchester attacks(22/5/2017) There have been a collection of tattoo studios offering the Manchester Worker Bee for £50 which will go to the families affected. Today my parents and I got it,except mine is slightly different as it involves the bisexual flag;this is because in the city you can express yourself no matter who you are.I live just under an hour away from Manchester and I’m deeply proud to have this mark of solidarity and remembrance for those we have lost. It’s such a tight nit community and we will not be beaten #westandtogether

My lovely cousin and everyone at her tattoo studio are tattooing Manchester bees to support the victims and families of the terror attack. Many tattoo studios in the north west of the UK are supporting it. If you are in Liverpool visit Black Lotus Studios in Litherland.

The Manchester Worker Bee

 so, I’m from Manchester.

The city that led the industrial revolution. For this reason, seven bees were included in the crest of the city’s arms, granted in 1842. Worker bees, denoting the hive of activity, the community…

Bees are everywhere here. On bins and bollards and the floor of the town hall. On clockfaces and buildings and cans of beer.

After the attack, Manchester bees are turning up everywhere to raise solidarity. Because we’re people who work together.

But it’s not only solidarity that’s being raised.  A Manchester tattoo artist decided that we, as a city, could help raise money for the victims and their families (on top of £1mil already raised by the city). Tattoo shops around Manchester will tattoo Manchester bees on whoever donates £50 on Sunday and Monday. Except the concept has been so popular that the dates have been extended. Thousands of people have been queuing outside, overwhelming shops with calls and messages. I personally know 20 people who are getting it. Literally all tattoo shops are booked up. Some have decided to stop bothering with appointments and work through the queues of people however long it takes.

And that’s the story of how I got my first tattoo.

PS: I got mine a few days ago, before the initiative had properly started because I accidetally turned up a week early for my appointment but they sorted me out anyway!