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The reason why NBC’s Hannibal found such a huge female audience is because Fuller’s/Mads’ Lecter is not a male power fantasy: he’s a female power fantasy.

He’s not a broody snippy git whose appeal is assumed apriori and who in real life would drive away absolutely everyone he met (e.g. any sad manboy ever trotted out as a lead by Moffat).

He’s not an “aspirational” over-muscled hulk.

He’s not a fighter for ‘truth’ or ‘justice’ for whom bodies are just collateral on his path to heroic self-actualization

This Hannibal is the Head Bitch In Charge.

He is independent to the n-th degree. He lives to please himself and no one else. He is fabulous. He shamelessly geeks out over obscure and refined pastimes and shares them with friends. He is the Queen Bee of his social circle. He takes any excuse to treat himself, but he also has perfect self-discipline: gym is not optional. His time-management skills are superhuman. He can decorate and keep a house like Martha Stewart, hold down several jobs, and practice multiple hobbies daily.

(And what are his hobbies, aside from slaughter? Cooking, foreign languages, drawing, playing musical instruments and composing. And clearly clothes shopping. He is probably on first-name basis with the best tailors and cordwainers in town. Contrast with Will, whose hobbies are stereotypically masculine: fixing motor boats, fishing, playing outside with his dogs.)

Hannibal is not young, but he wears his age gracefully. He regrets nothing, like an embodiment of Piaf’s “Non, rien de rien”. His hair is perfect because he clearly spends time in front of the mirror styling it, not because the show’s producer wanted him to look effortlessly cool (*cough*Sherlock*cough*).

He never, ever loses his temper in public, as if he knows that the world/audience will not fawn over him for trying to assert himself through vulgarity, posturing, or volume - all the typical ways in which men like to hijack and dominate conversations.

He can dispatch a creepy stalker like Franklyn with a single neck twist, with no consequences. A sweet fantasy, indeed. If only real life stalkers were so easy to dispose of.

Hannibal’s victims - those who were not killed in self-defense or as ‘murder presents’ for Will - tend to fall into two categories: other killers who act like *they* are the baddest bitches in town (Gideon, Tobias, the mural guy) and people who disrespect him. Of those, there are surprisingly many. In fact, it seems like the very esteemed pillar of Baltimore society Dr. Lecter goes through life constantly being dissed. This is rather puzzling. Hannibal is a tall good-looking white gentleman who speaks like a professor, dresses like a count, and drives a Bentley that costs more than people’s houses. And yet something about him prompts many people, especially in the service industry, to be rude to him.

But he doesn’t confront these “pigs” (already a gender-loaded term, even though it gets applied to victims of both sexes) in a head-on, macho way. Instead, he bides his time and dispatches his prey through some kind of a sneak attack. His preferred philosophy of fighting is “feminine”: assume your opponent is physically stronger and don’t try to out-muscle them. (Even if his opponent is much smaller and weaker, like Chilton.) Subterfuge, ambush, sedatives - Hannibal wins his fights by fighting on his own terms. Nevertheless, if a man should come at him with a weapon, he defends himself with perfect adroitness: Tobias, Jack, Mason’s henchmen, etc.

Even some aspects of Hannibal’s relationship with Will would make more sense if he were female. In particular the issue of, well, issue. Hannibal is clearly Not Okay with Will having children with anyone but him. This is somewhat odd for a man, especially one who seems to have never wanted kids before this. But it makes sense for a woman just past menopause: fate finally delivered her dream partner, but it’s too late to have a family. And so Hannibal sets up the dominoes for Margot’s pregnancy to be terminated practically as soon as he learns of it. If he can’t have Will’s kids, then no one can. They may be adopted, but they have to be *theirs*.

It also makes sense that when Hannibal discovers Will’s treachery, he goes full Medea on him. Killing the man’s children is common to cultural narratives of wronged women all over the world. It’s often the only leverage they have over the men, the only way they can exact revenge. Hannibal can take much more than Abigail from Will, but she is the only thing he can take that truly matters.

Bonus exercise for the reader: imagine a version of the show where everything is the same, but Hannibal is played by Meryl Streep.

Or even just swap Mads Mikkelsen & Gillian Anderson places. Let her be Hannah Lecter; let him be Dr. Bennett Du Maurier, her wary shrink. Both the characterization and plot still work almost 100%.

im going all in bitch

mon-el is not a hero. and it doens’t matter how they try to put it, it doesn’t matter what ‘’great sacrifice’’ he’ll do in the end, he is still not worthy of being a hero. he’s a shit character. honestly, let’s go over mon-el’s story real quick here, bc he don’t even fit the ‘’bad guy who suffered so much and had a hard life so he did bad stuff but in the end redeemed himself’’ trope. nope, he’s not that. he doesn’t have a dark and painful past that haunts him and turned him into an asshole and he doesn’t ruin his own relationships and deliberately hurts people because he is in pain. nope.

mon-el was a prince. he lived it up, objectfied women (which is something that came directly from his mouth) partied and was so bad he was known by a 12 yo in another planet as ‘’the frat boy of the universe’’. he owned slaves, and he can say that he ‘’didn’t agree’’ with it all he wants, he was a member of the ROYAL family, and if anyone had power to change anything it was him. he benefited from the slavery from his planet. he had a great life in daxam with parties and women, a priviledge straight boy. then krypton was destroyed, and daxam also suffered the consequences. mon-el woke up that day and ran away, leaving the girl he had FUCKED the night before, begging him to not leave her behind. he started getting dressed and went, he didn’t look back. a coward. 

he got to the pod while people around him were dying. his people. the people he had a duty with. the people who looked up to their prince. he didnt care he left them behind. there were women, CHILDREN he could’ve put in that pod instead. but no. a coward.

then mon-el got to earth and its ridiculous how easy his life still is. he wakes up and immediately chokes the woman in front of him bc yeah thats a normal reaction and after some events finds out his planet is a wasteland. its scary how he doesn’t care. everything about his culture, his friends, people he should care about,  gone, and he just….doesn’t care. he looks constipated for 3 secs and that all he see from him, someone who just found out millions of his people are dead

anyways he arrived to a place where he suddendly had superpowers and some gorgeous and brave girl forced him to find a job and made him interested in becoming a hero to get in her pants. he slept around for a while, he got the easiest job he could find (where they even allowed him to leave during his first day) and then he fell in love with the girl and after a week of rejection she got together with him. he disrespects her, lies to her, annoys her to no end but he still got her. he still got a easy and priviledged life. when he was presented to a situation where he could show a little bit of a change of character, and go back to his planet to help his people and change how things are, he refused. bc thats not what he wants, and HIS wants will always come first, even if the cost is the pain and suffering of others. a coward.

so yeah, he’s just a priviledged manboy. he ain’t even a ‘‘bad boy’‘. he’s just an lazy, mysoginistic priviledged asshole. his existence is offensive. and he most definetly doesn’t deserve kara zor-el. mon-el is no hero and he’ll never be one.

ofhg my name is dirk my skin is white as snow i dance on little drops of rain and plant flowers and talk about my flaws. watch me fit into a spoon! this is my BIG hairy BROWN MANBOY boyfriend jake look at how his mig buscles glisten he could crush me in his brown hands

I’ll assume this is about Ozmafia, since that’s the only Brothel I’ve had to deal with like… ever. Simple words cannot convey this so I’ll need some screenshots to help me out

Since I wanted to go into Ozmafia completely unspoiled I had absolutely no idea what would happen. All I wanted was to go after the dude with the potentially manliest name I’ve ever heard- I mean

Friggin Manboy, a name like Guy couldn’t have done the job I guess

Fuka goes to the Brothel cause no one wants to tell her what the hell goes down there, which piques her curiosity. Manboydudebrahguy seems happy enough to see her, but instead of telling the truth he’s just like “Yeah this is a salon, you can eat here and … stuff *cough*”. So when she asks if she can come again he tells her that it’s ok - but only during the day

So the next Sunday Fuka goes out to meet Boyman we are introduced to a new character: Alfani

The cord attached to his… 

That is- the uh.. yeah

While this could also be an extravagant design choice it’s more likely where your fight and especially your flight instinct should kick in and you’ll realize that this going somewhere horribly wrong. But before Fuka get’s that chance Dudeboy intercepts and tries to send Alfani away before he can give her a free BDSM crash course

Fuka’s worried that she’s getting on Boyguys nerves by visiting him every week. She decides to do some shopping instead, and she just has to run into Alfani. They have a nice little chat about the important questions in life, y’know like “Do you lub me or Mayboy mooorreee?” and “Do you prefer hurting others or being hurt?” …wat

Since things aren’t weird enough yet Fuka decides to go to the Brothel again. There she finds Manmeat tending the flowers. He tells her not to get too close since they are poisonous, but apparently it’s not enough to kill someone (which sadly rules out the option of diving into the bushes for a quick and painless death)

After the two of them have a somewhat romantic moment he finally takes a hint and tells her to bugger off - but alas it is too late

You know things are bad when a dude with a creepy goatee shows up and his sprite looks like he’s ready to punch you

Manman drags Fuka off and basically tells her that shit just got real and she’s heading straight for a bad end so she should stay away

But of course she’s back the next week because stay away actually means come back just like no means yes. I mean he could have definitely tried a little harder to turn her off, I can offer a few suggestions:

I’ll put the true horror under the cut, since things will get kinda NSFW as well

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the demon Supergirl writers: okay, so this season we’re going to continue forgetting Karolsen ever happened because the last thing we want is for Kara to have a healthy relationship. We’re also going to ignore the fact that our hero has lost her entire planet and have her alienate herself from everyone she loves. Her abusive slave-owning white stale piece of bread love interest is gone, and she has no sense of identity because we were too busy not giving manboy-el an actual redemption arc to develop her character at all in season two. Now THAT’s good dramatic television.


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least favourite trope: girl whos been working forever towards a goal by working hard and being intelligent and sly and brilliant, basically her whole life, suddenly Manboy shows up and does “instinct” stuff and achieves goal v quickly, leaving the girl to do some background stuff way below her skill level, overshadowing her in the span of a week.