the man's one of a kind

Just posted when Jon starts noticing Sansa. But this is when Sansa starts noticing Jon. Jon calls Ramsay out and says he’ll fight him one on one..

But Sansa’s reaction is priceless..

It then goes and shows others reaction to this

But then it goes right back to Sansa looking at Jon again..

Sansa is noticing what kind of man Jon is here, As Jon started realizing what kind of woman Sansa has become back in Castle Black..

Then we have Ramsay bring up Jon’s fighting skills..

And once again we have Sansa’s reaction to that, staring at Jon..

My opinion she is fascinated by it..

If anything, the writers were showing us how the other would react to what they have become. They both seemed shocked by it. But why would this be important to show us? just to see what your brother or sister has become? Unless it was to show us how the two would actually be attracted to each other and fall for the person they least expected..

  • Yukimura: Hey wanna hang, Sasuke?
  • Sasuke: I’m busy.
  • Yukimura: You’re not allowed to be busy you’re my only friend!


I have trouble sympathizing with Empire-based characters, because it’s an environment literally specifically designed for the worst traits in people to flourish and thrive, where cruelty and apathy are rewarded.  The Star Wars Propaganda book showed the level of just how very much that was by design.

So, getting me to be emotionally invested in an Empire character, even one who is at heart a good and loyal person, is a tough sell.  If it’s not that they’re an asshole, then it’s that I have a tough time believing that they would believe in the Empire, given what it is.


I think a lot comes down to the acting of her voice actor, who is doing a fantastic job so far (I’m just starting the Vardos mission) and that I am all for this kind of character.  She’s strong, she’s loyal, she’s brilliant, and she’s put her belief in the wrong people.  She truly thought that, once the Rebels were crushed, there would be peace.  That, if you were loyal to the Empire, you would prosper.  So, she can live with Alderaan’s destruction, but then comes Vardos.

A planet that’s their home, a planet that was wholly loyal to the Empire.  And suddenly it’s not just a temporary measure, it’s not just a brief moral decay for the greater good, but that this is the foundation of the Empire, she’s realizing.  And she’s going to have to struggle through what that means, what her options are, what can be saved and what can’t be saved.


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hiii can i please have something for mccree with a kind of socially awkward reader? Sfw and nsfw headcanons would be nice please c:

Your wish is my command! As someone who has social anxiety, i need a mans like jesse :‘0


• McCree would probably be the one to first approach you- he’s a guy who’s good at figuring out someone’s personality, and he understands that you have trouble approaching and conversing with others.

• he’s fine with putting in the extra effort for you, really! and he gets how hard it can be- some people brush you off as weird or strange because you aren’t really sure what to say sometimes, but not jesse.

• he makes you feel comfortable and doesn’t let the conversation get stale or ‘awkward’.

• he’s got like a sixth sense and knows when you’re nervous. He’ll always put an arm round your waist or shoulder to calm you when he’s aware of it.

• really helps you come out of your shell and improve your social skills!

• as for PDA, jesse is a big old cuddly boi and you bet he loves to show you affection in public. Even if his S/O is a nervous soul, he still shower them with kisses, hand holding, ect, though in moderation. He knows his boundaries, and wont do anything if it makes you uncomfortable.


• He’ll be such a gentleman when wishing to bed his S/O , and definitely wont pressure them into anything.

• He’ll also make you feel as comfortable as possible, he won’t take the ordeal extremely seriously and will make sure he can get a few giggles out of you with his comments in foreplay.

Also for instance if his S/O feels as if they’ve messed up or done something wrong he’ll never complain- just chuckle and kiss them.

• Probably very vanilla on their first time, although if their S/O is alright with it he can get rough.

• He doesn’t just fuck his S/O, he makes love to them. Very passionate!!

• He’d also let his S/O choose what THEY want to do. He doesn’t want them to feel like they don’t have a choice in the matter, especially since its such a big step for them

• really worships your body, praises you, oh lordy this boy will love you all over

• tells you how good you were, pillow talk for dayyss

• will help you clean up afterwards, then pull you back to bed for a good ol’ cuddle!

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i can't understand bb fans like you who still support seunghyung. we all know he's an alcoholic and now we can add drug addict and coward to the list. not only was he selfish to smoke weed in the first place but then he had the nerve to try and kill himself and couldn't even manage that. how dare you say you like bb when you support the man who almost ruined them? they'd be better off if he just did them a favor and left

Please explain to me what it is like to live with your heart so full of hate for someone you don’t even know, I can not imagine what that must be like for you. Also, you call him a coward but you are sending this on anon lmao.
Thank goodness his suicide attempt was unsuccessful, I can not imagine living in a world without his kind heart.
I hope you realise that judging a person based on one action is foolish and will never give you a full picture of what they are like as a human being. Good people can some times do bad things and bad people can some times do good things.
Anyways I hope Seunghyun is healing and feeling happier now and I can not wait to see ot5 together again.

Facing the Monster

David stayed down, his entire body trembling, every ache and pain that shot through his body begged him to stop, to stop trying.

He hugged himself, refusing to look up and meet the cold gaze of Cameron Campbell, the man that he’d looked up to for so long, who he’d thought of as his father, who had now taken everything David cared about from him. The campers, Gwen, all of them locked away in his basement near where David lay only meters away from the door, so so close yet too far away. Cameron was the only thing in his way, and David knew he was too weak to stop him. He knew his kind nature would come and stab him in the back one day, quite literally.

He didn’t have a mirror but he knew he was pale, he stared at the cold ground beneath him but he knew if he looked up he’d see blood, his own.

“Stay down, Davey,” Cameron’s voice echoed from where he loomed above David, no doubt preparing his blade for the final blow. “It’s funny, I remember something like this happening almost ten years ago,” he spoke with no remorse, even chuckled in amusement, “yes, when your friend Jasper fell down the cliff. When you were reaching out for him with your tiny, tiny hands… I should have killed you then, David, I would have had to dig a much smaller hole to bury a body of a child, now I’ll have to dig a bigger one I suppose,”

David wasn’t crying, much to his surprise. Maybe he was just in shock, maybe he had just accepted his fate. He was going to die.

What would happen to the children? What would Cameron do to them? To Gwen? Would he hurt them? Experiment on them? Enslave them? David couldn’t bear the thought, it hurt more than the stab wound in his back, it was like a slow, agonising stab to the heart.

No, he couldn’t die. Because dying would be selfish. And David wasn’t selfish.

“You know Mr Campbell, I think I always knew..” David spoke softly but loud enough for Cameron to hear, “I just didn’t want to believe…”

“What are you talking about,”

Cameron sighed impatiently,

“Everyone warned me, but I was blinded… I wanted a hero, I wanted you to be my hero, I wanted to see the good in you, but now I know there is none. You’re heartless, a heartless fucking monster…”

“Watch your language there, Davey,” Cameron mocked with a laugh, “do you want to kiss your mother goodbye with that mouth?”

David didn’t answer, he heard approaching footsteps and knew that Cameron had grown bored of their conversation, and was just going to do what he came here to do.

David reaches slowly into his vest, so slowly so that it appeared he wasn’t moving at all, he wrapped his hand around the handle of his camping knife. He never thought he’d ever have to use it for anything other than cutting ropes.

“You did a hell of a good job running this shit hole of a camp, David, but I think it’s time you resign!”

David heard the swoosh of a blade cutting air and quickly rolled out of the way, the pain in his back was torture, but adrenaline blocked it out completely. He swung his own knife and sliced Cameron’s ankle, sending him to the ground.

“How about a promotion instead!” He growls breathlessly as he kicked the knife from Cameron’s hand and held his own with two trembling hands, barely able to believe what he was about to do, he cried out loudly and closed his eyes as he plunged his blade into Cameron’s chest, three times over. Cameron screamed and writhed in pain, but quickly he lost his strength, and laid still in a pool of blood. “.. because this camp seems to need a new owner,” David breathes, stumbling backwards to the basement door. He fumbled with the lock, hearing panicked voices on the other side. Max, Gwen, Nikki, all of them.

The door swung open and David’s legs gave way, sending him crashing to the floor at Max’s feet.

“Holy shit David?!” The ten year old fell to his knees, “there’s blood everywhere- get up! Did you try and take Cameron on yourself?! YOU IDIOT-!”

“I did it didn’t I…?” David asked breathlessly, “I didn’t let.. any of you down.. you’re safe..” he felt Max’s tiny hands around his arms, soon joined by more tiny hands belonging to the rest of the campers, trying to pull him to his feet, but he wasn’t getting up. He couldn’t.

“You killed Cameron,” Gwen gasped in disbelief, her voice sounded so distant, so far away, the world was spinning and fading, spinning and fading.

“David get up!” Max shouted repeatedly, David thought he could hear teariness in his voice. Did he know too? Did he know David would never get up.

hooooo shit, so a buddy cop gig where peter is the wide eyed rookie fresh out of the academy who gets paired with wade, the veteran who’s done some time on both sides of the law and solves problems with his own unconventional charm, meaning he hits people very hard until they give him what he wants

it’s not a great tactic, but man does it fucking work when he wants information, he’s already got a goddamn reputation so why not use it, peter is fucking mortified when he first sees wade roughing up a guy

peter, the naive soul he is, writes up a report on his partner, but before he can even ask for a new one, wade is shoving the form in peter’s face and asking what kind of bullshit is this, and peter is like, u did bad thing therefore u gotta deal with the consequences

and wade is like, that sounds like bullshit, but alright, what’ll it take to get you to shut up, and peter takes it seriously and he’s like show me that you can change, and wade, after he finishes laughing, is like oh shit ur serious, ok fine but only bc ur hot

the longer this goes on the less wade wants to admit he feels better about what he does, the less he wants to admit that peter has been giving him real tips on how to deal with his aggression and anger issues in a healthy way, the less he wants to admit that people actually treat him with respect more and he’s had kids recognize him and say hi without trying to tag his car for beating up their parents, the less he wants to admit that peter genuinely makes his life better, like he even hates himself less now because he’s being forced to be less of a dick

so now that he can’t avoid dealing with his problems with power imbalances and violence, he’s drinking his feelings away

except peter doesn’t like it when he comes to work drunk, actually nobody does, but it’s peter that matters, he let a perp get away because he was too hungover to chase him, and peter saw

wade has a serious think about his life on top of a roof he didn’t remember climbing when he wakes up sometime past midnight, when he was little, he wanted to be a cop so he could be there when that kid called the cops on his abusive family, he was going to be the person that believed the kid and not the parents, so what exactly beat it out of him along the way, he only became a cop when he was getting close to being caught as a merc, and then cops were just fucking corrupt, he fit right in, that’s how he’s kept his job so long, ended up doing a stint in jail just to cover his chief’s ass, course he owed it to the guy for ah overlooking the shootout he totally caused when he saw an old “friend”

but peter doesn’t need to know any of that, in fact he should get out now before he get’s his little doe eyed face beaten to a pulp by whoever he pisses off next, and wade fucking tries to get him to leave, tells him to get out while he still can, before this career twists him up and leaves him broken

so maybe somewhere along the way peter got a soft spot for wade, who obviously should not be a cop, but hell he was trying, ever since peter told him to fucking shape up, he’s been trying, and god is it killing him, it’s almost hilarious how bad he is at dealing with life, if it weren’t so sad

peter is not actually a cop, he’s a reporter going undercover to get hard evidence on widespread corruption in the local police department, he’s actually shocked at how fucking easy it is, i mean they have body cameras for fucks sake, he just downloads all the crap that’s been going on at the end of every day before somebody can delete it, he’s got private conversations and pictures of the chief’s office, he walked into the chief talking with at least three local politicians in hushed tones, like you can’t be much more obvious

and when peter’s got enough, he’s ready to get the hell out of there, except he doesn’t want to throw wade under the bus, not when he’s the only person peter has seen trying to do the right thing, even if it is gradual for him, he shouldn’t be a cop, but he doesn’t deserve what’s coming next

so against his better judgement he takes wade aside and tells him to get the hell out now before shit hits the fan, and wade can take it one of two ways, he can listen to peter and run, he’s good at getting new identities, or he can take peter into custody and blame him for whatever the hell he wants so long as it keeps peter from doing what he said he’d do

but this is wade, there’s always a third option when it comes to wade wilson

Quick Thoughts on TRR Book 2, Chapter 9

• So this chapter is basically filler, with one important piece of information (that pretty much all of us saw coming really) towards the end. I’m actually pretty okay with that considering there’s been so much going on in the last so many chapters? Something monumental has been happening every week since the book released and we’re almost midway through, so I consider this a breather.

• I’m…not going to be very kind to Drake today, I’m afraid. I understand where he’s coming from and I know he’s immensely hurt, but I still take issue with at least one thing he’s said.

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So, I have been watching OK KO all week...

And I have come up with a theory!

So… you all know how red suckers are forever branded in our collective brains to relate back to Laserblast now, right?

Well… in the episode, “One Last Score”, Ginger offers KO a red sucker and while he was eating it (albeit viciously) she claimed he reminded her of her old candy thief partner.  

Now…all the double crosses at the end have me confused as to whether or not she actually did have a partner or not, but in the flashback, the partner did kind of resemble a perhaps younger Laserblast (minus the little cheek freckles, but I think that is just man stubble?).

So… my theory is that Ginger and Laserblast are somehow related…

  • Maybe they were x-partners?
    (And taking the fall for Ginger actually set him on the right path to joining POINT—or if there is an “always been a bad guy undercover theory” floating around, or like a Professor Snape sort of twist, that might fit in this theory too.)

  • Maybe Ginger is Laserblast’s mom or grandma?
    (Less likely, but it has the right timing to go along with the theory?)

  • Maybe she just carries around red suckers and its a common candy in OK KO and I am overthinking this show WAYYY too much…who can say?

Feel free to speculate with me if you want! 

I wanna write a fic where alex and laf have been dating for a very long while and in like june alex accidentally finds a Ring and hes like “ohohohoho ill soon be a married man” but come December laf still hasnt asked and like they go to a friend christmas party on christmas bc no one really has a family bc they are their family and alex is really grumpy bc he and laf exchanged their gifts bf they went and he still doesnt have that ring so hes kind of avoiding laf just because when alex knows something is coming but he doesn’t know when its coming he gets increasingly frustrated and then while hes sitting between thomas and james totally not avoiding his boyfriend he gets

Laf: Lafayette

Alex: yes that’s your name

Laf: simultaneously my nickname and last name

Alex: mhm

Laf: Gilbert and Alexander Lafayette

Alex: ?

Alex: wait a minute


And he gets up and bolts to the kitchen where laf disappeared a while ago and woop there he is on his knee with herc holding a mistletoe over him and smirking and john and filming and alex cries and dives into his arms and yeah

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What kind of man William is? Is he buys a few,but bigger gifts or a lot of smaller ones to Grell?(I hope that it was understandable😂)

William is the type of man who doesn’t buy Grell presents that much. The kind of presents Grell appreciates the most aren’t materialistic because he thinks love isn’t about buying the shiniest ring, or going to the most expensive restaurant. It’s about the two people who are sharing it.

Grell doesn’t really have any particularly big wishes except… designer shoes. 😂

While he is very, very, very materialistic and petty on the outside when it comes to clothes and makeup, he doesn’t care how much money William spends on a present and he doesn’t expect William to buy him anything expensive. As long as it comes from him, Grell is always happy; the more personal the gift, the better.

He loves back rubs, when William makes photos of them, when he invites him to a self-made romantic candlelight dinner, when they visit a park or simply spend the day together. Grell also appreciates lots of hugging, cuddling, licking, kissing and sucking. 😏

As for materialistic gifts: Grell is easy to please with tiny presents. If William purchases gifts, it is something like a box of pralines, a small piece of jewellery, nail polish and he also buys him pretty underwear sometimes (he perfectly knows about Grell’s size and measurements ofc).

I just got off the phone with a representative about this whole presale mess. I received an email around 4pm this afternoon stating if I had issues with presale to contact them at a given phone number, so I did just that. I talked to a guy who took my information (name, phone, email), confirmed I was a subscriber, and noted what kind of ticket I wanted and to what show. He then relayed this info to help desk, who will then contact me (either via phone or email) within 48–72hrs if there are any available. Essentially, I’ve been put on a waiting list, as they can’t confirm that there will be any available. 

If you had the same issue as me (got a presale code for iNNOCENCE group, got in and couldn’t even pull up any GA tickets) I’d HIGHLY suggest you check if you got an email as well, and to call as soon as possible to get yourself on that waiting list. The deadline to call them is TONIGHT at 10 PM EST. This whole presale thing has been a giant mess, but I’m grateful that U2′s support team is taking action and trying to help fans rather than just say “sorry, you got screwed, better luck next time.” I’ll also make sure to update if/when they contact me and how that goes.

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This is just a general question because I need help: I have the Sims 4 Cats and Dogs expansion pack and I want one save file with Shiro, and the other with Lance. What kind of pet do you think they would go for? And if so, what specific breed? (Sadly there's no munchkin cat and I'm sad)

Shiro needs a big fluffy kitty. Like a Maine Coon or a Norwegian Forest Cat! A big fluffy kitty for the big fluffy man!

Lance though, hmmmm….I want him to have a slinky Siamese since they’re such talkative kitties. But like, a Golden Retriever is also a great option???

Oh no, I just remembered how much I love Shiro and pitbulls. I’m so weak I love pitties Oh god, they need all the animals.

Safe & Sound (A Negan fanfic) Masterlist

Originally posted by yourslovinglecter

Negan loses everything in the blink of an eye. His wife, his job, his entire world. All he has left to cling to as everything falls apart is his newborn daughter. Navigating a world crawling with the undead isn’t easy, especially with a baby in tow. Negan quickly learns what kind of man he needs to become in order to protect the only thing he has left. 

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Just some Jimmy headcanons pls thanks

-owns meme page (a suuuuper popular one)
-every month he has a week where he only posts puns
-favorite color is yellow
-has a kanken backpack in his closet. It is his most well-kept secret.
-wears doc martins with yellow laces sometimes
-Editor for the school newspaper
-semi popular nerd boy
- low key likes watercolors
- realist
-not an art hoe
-likes stand up comedy (what’s new pussycat x5, anyone?)
-kind of likes theatre (but won’t ADMIT IT STOP MAKING HIM FEEL THESE THINGS)


stannis baratheon is a stern man and his wife, selyse, is no less stern. she’s foreboding, unforgiving, strict, and cruel, ofttimes even to her husband and her daughter. stannis, however, is a bit softer where his daughter is concerned. he knows she is a bright and kind girl, and that those traits must be nurtured.

shireen was born with an incurable disorder that resulted in the notable discoloration of her skin. for a time her father insisted on private tutoring so that she could avoid being teased by her peers. shireen protested, insisting she was a big girl and that she could stand up for herself.


They go inside, Molly takes care of her business, and then comes into to where Hank is sitting…

HANK- “So Molly, how are you doing?”

MOLLY- “I am doing fine, but that girl that takes care of me, I think she is a little touched in the head.. She talks to herself all the time. And she said she was pregnant. How does one get pregnant, with no man around.  All I ever see are those annoying kids of hers.  I think you should hire a new maid.”

HANK- “Okay, I will look into that for you. So she said you were going to be going on a vacation in a few weeks.”

MOLLY- “Vacation, my ass. The bitch is going to put me in some kind of home. She thinks I’m nuts. She is the crazy one.”

HANK- “You do know that is Jillian, right?”

MOLLY- “Okay, now who is the crazy one?? Jillian is away at school. You should know that, you are paying for it.”

HANK- “Oh, yeah sorry I forgot. Have you eaten today.”

MOLLY- “If that bitch don’t cook, I don’t eat.  Haven’t had a bite all day.

She began to ramble on and on about Jillian being her maid and how she needed to be fired. She winds up babysitting her annoying kids… Hank had no idea it had gotten this bad.