the man without a shadow

Seven Holy Sins, my half of a long overdue art trade with @bonelessnerd. They are essentially angelic versions of the 7 deadly sins.

Asoxerep inspires apathy and indolence. The laggard and shiftless are his charge. He makes men to abandon grace and dignity.

Utharwu is fury enslaved. The voice of the crumbling tower that leads mankind to war.

Osojevny the wise, the great magician prone to folly. He makes hearts frozen and leads the jealous to revenge.

Arfalug is the great king of all luxury. With open palms he begs though he is the epitome of richness.

Reddolz leads mankind to lust. He inflames the heart with passion but his every step scorches the earth that nothing may grow. He is passion without creation.

Sirbhree inflates mans ego and puts into shadows the veil between life and death. He inspires hubris by makeing man forget his mortality. 

Giderg enhances the joys of being alive. He is the most insatiable and destructive of all for he teaches that peace can only come from war. He is the Sun which shines upon everything and causes desire.

Thanks again to @bonelessnerd for letting me be a part of this and make sure to check out their amazingly concise expertly designed concepts of the 7 deadly virtues.


and she danced like a medicine man,
drew a crazy picture on my hand and told me
she wanted to change my point of view…
and asked me where i was going to

Akashi is not drunk. He couldn’t sleep and starts sending everyone on his contact with weird names. O(≧∇≦)O Kuroko – Shadow Man. Aomine – Fried Dough Cake Kise – Without his face, not truly a model. Midorima – Accent ( ’-nanodayo’) Murasakibara – Forbids for eating too much. Kagami – Giant Idiot Titan. He only sent those weird names to GOM + Kagami. ヽ(^Д^)ノ

To a man whose mind is free there is something even more intolerable in the sufferings of animals than in the sufferings of man. For with the latter it is at least admitted that suffering is evil and that the man who causes it is a criminal. But thousands of animals are uselessly butchered every day without a shadow of remorse. If any man were to refer to it, he would be thought ridiculous. And that is the unpardonable crime.
—  Romain Rolland