the man with the iron

Tony: We can’t tell anybody else about the baby, okay?
T’Challa: I told Bucky.
Bucky: And I told Steve.
Steve: And I told many, many people.

A List of things i love about Tony Stark and Peter Parker's first meeting in civil war:

- peter Internally Screaming when he walks into his apartment and sees tony stark just casually sitting in his living room, drinking tea and eating walnut date loaf
- peter cluelessly going along with tony’s bullshitting
- tony’s double-wink (someone please teach this man how to wink)
- “does this grant have money involved…?”
- “as walnut date loaves go, that wasn’t bad” *tony says after spitting the walnut date loaf in the bin*
- Sassy Tony™
- “Nah-ah! Me first!”
- “yeah but that’s all fake - you know, it’s all done on a computer” “Oh yeah yeah yeah. You mean like those UFOs over Phoenix?”
- tony finding peter’s ‘onesie’
- Peter trying to act Cool™ as if tony didn’t just find his spider outfit
- “So, you’re the spider-ling? Crime-fighting spider? You’re spider-boy?”
- “not in that onesie, you’re not”
- tony being genuinely impressed by the webbing peter created
- “Lordy! Can you even see in these?!?! *puts goggles on* Ahh I’m blind!” *Actual Five Year Old Tony Stark*
- peter opening up to tony about his motivation for being spider-man
- “I’m gonna sit here so you move the leg” (A Lesson in Improv by RDJ)
- tony awkwardly patting peter’s shoulder cause he’s not good at the Dad Thing™
- “I can’t go to Germany!” “Why?” “I’ve got… homework…” “I’m gonna pretend you didn’t say that”
- Tony’s Iconic Eyeroll™
- peter webbing tony’s hand to the door
- “Don’t tell Aunt May” “Alright, Spider-Man!” *three seconds of triumphant music and dramatic eye contact* “…Get me out of this…”

easily the Best Scene of civil war.

[Discovering Peter is Spider-Man]

Tony: [holds up Peter’s homemade Spider-Man suit]

Tony: Peter, what the hell is this?

Steve: I can’t believe you would do this. We’re very disappointed in you.

Peter: Look, I can explain—

Tony: This suit is very dangerous and has no protection. You need a way better suit if you’re gonna be a superhero.

Steve: Tony! Kind of missing the point here!

*flying to space*

Steve: Tony! How are you so calm right now?

Tony: You see, the trick is, to be completely stressed all the time, so it just becomes your default state of mind.

In the next marvel movies*

  • Loki dies
  • Vision dies
  • Steve dies
  • Bucky becomes Captain America
  • Tony makes a sacrifice play eluding to the first Avengers or even the first Iron Man
  • But first he goes back in time
  • Peter makes a sacrifice play to save tony, alluding to Iron Man 1
  • Pepper fights in the Iron Man suit
  • Adam Warlock doesn’t kill Thanos
  • Pietros alive
  • Black Widow movie is released after Avengers 4 in case the new heroes blow
  • Thor leaves the Avengers
  • Mj becomes Iron Heart (Riri Williams)
  • BuckyNat is as subtle as VisionxWanda
  • One of Steve’s insults to Tony in the first Avengers movie is sorta redone in a nice way
  • Tony’s nightmare becomes true
  • Wanda becomes SUPER powerful
  • Rdj starts making cameos in MCU movies after Stan Lee dies
  • Surprise dead character revival in Avengers 6

**these are predictions**