the man with night sweats

Request 1- Meihem Marriage

She arrived at the spot overlooking Gibraltar’s cliffside, just like the note had asked her to, at the exact time it had listed, as punctual as ever.

Junkrat was waiting for her.

“I bought a tie!” The words blurted out in a sort of bark, and he cleared his throat in a rather shrill manner.

“I…noticed that!” she mused, the sides of her lips clenching in that way she did so often around him, trying not to laugh. “But traditionally you’re supposed to wear a shirt with it.”

He looked down at where the soot-stained red cloth dangled on his bare chest. “Well they didn’t specify, and I don’t like shirts much anyway! I uh…I know how to make lots of knots, but not tie knots, so Roadie did it for me. And it’s red, because I did lots of research, and in China red’s supposed to be real lucky! Then I tried to look up them zodiacs and match our birthdates like it said. But uh…I dunno my birthday, I usually just celebrate that when I feel like it. So I dunno what animal I am, and I just chose Rat, I figure that might be arright. You’re an Ox, right?” He fumbled about in his pockets, pulling out a folded Chinese restaurant placemat the zodiac animals printed in cute doe-eyed clip art, where he had drawn several arrows connecting the Rat and Ox, with both surrounded by hearts and small explosions. “It says you can’t marry Pigs, so I don’t have to worry about you and Roadie running off on me!”

Mei squinted at him, adjusting her glasses with two fingers. “I hadn’t…really planned on that? Are you asking for my help with our zodiac? Honestly, I never paid that much attention to it, but if you need help researching something or translating, of course I’ll help you. Is this for one of your projects?”

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The Beautician by Thom Gunn

She, a beautician, came to see her friend

Inside the morgue, when she had had her cry.

She found the body dumped there all awry,

Not as she thought right for a person’s end,

Left sideways like that on one arm and thigh.

In their familiarity with the dead

It was if the men had not been kind

With her old friend, whose hair she was assigned

To fix and shape. She did not speak; instead

She gave her task a concentrated mind.

She did find in it some thin satisfaction

That she could use her tenderness as skill

To make her poor dead friend’s hair beautiful

—As if she shaped an epitaph by her action,

She thought—being a beautician after all.

Bucky/Mayday One Shot

Based on this prompt : “TOUCH ME WITH YOUR COLD FEET ONE MORE TIME!!!”

Pairing: Reader (Mayday) x Bucky Barnes

Shit, you thought, waking up shivering. The heater is broken again. You swung your legs out of bed and padded to the thermostat. Sure enough, it was set to 65, and sure enough, warm air was nowhere to be found. You banged on the heating unit a few times, to no avail. 

“Babe, that never works. Why are you fighting with the radiator again?” A voice called from the bedroom. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi, I heard from a friend that you were doing ficlet request. I have three. The first one is Damien gets Robert a really cool knife for their anniversary to go cryptid hunting and Robert's just like marry me. The second one is Robert and Damien are getting busy (smex) when Lucien comes home early and Damien hides Robert. The third one is Damien is self-concise about his body and Robert wants to take him to the beach, so the compromise is they go to the beach at night and have fun.

Nonny bless you for these fic prompts! The problem with tumblr is that I can only answer the ask once (unless I keep reblogging the post with the additions of the fic requests but that’ll be a dash-clogger) if you see this ficlet and you would like to send each fic request separately that’s fine, or if you would like to come off anon and I can personally tag you in each that’s also fine!

I’m going to do the third one first because that was the one I was planning to add to my fic Love That Dad! But with Lucien coaxing him rather than Robert, but I am still very excited to do it! Here goes nothing


It was admittedly one of the hottest days in the year. The season was about to turn and of course mother nature (the most elusive cryptid of all if you ask Robert) decided that this was the time to scorch everyone on earth, the residents of the cul-de-sac more specifically. He was certainly roasting alive in his tiny house, he should open a window, but it would only bring more heat in. He already drank a whole case of ice cold beer and all it did was make him sad. So now he was hot and sad, in that order. There was nothing on television, and if he watched another show where people ran around being scared by “ghosts” then he was sure he was going to throw himself to the Dover Ghost. He made a little tub of ice water for Betsy, she seemed satisfied enough. Her little body just big enough to fit inside of the plastic bin, her tongue lolled out of her mouth. She was sleeping. He smiled, she was dumb but she was his dummy and he loved her.

He got up, shedding his sweat-soaked shirt. He was pretty hairy, so that meant that hot days were even hotter for him and that meant that his water bill was going to be through the roof this month. He chucked it in the hamper and went to go the bathroom but then an idea ran through his head.

He wanted to go to the beach. But not by himself, and not just with Betsy, she had no head for conversation. He got out his phone and scrolled through his small list of contacts. Brian? Nah, he was going to bring his daughter and talk about how great she was and he didn’t need to be reminded of what a shitty dad he was. Mat? He was cool, and made good coffee, maybe they could chill and drink a jug of ice coffee. Nah, Mat got nervous around people, and that meant small talk and no bouts of silence that he wanted. Craig? Hard no. It would end up being a workout and he doesn’t need to get anymore sweaty than he already is. Fuck Joseph, automatic no. Mary? She was pretty much down for anything. He sent her a text. She replied quickly saying that she and Joseph had to go to the church for some meeting about renovations, short answer: no. Hugo probably would prefer to stay indoors and read so he wasn’t going to even text him. That only left Damien.

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Like Fire - Part 2 (Darth Maul x Reader)

You can read the first part here!

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Your week went by agonizingly slowly for two reasons. Firstly, the new assistant Padme had hired had a work ethic right on par with yours, meaning that the two of you were getting work done at an astonishing rate, leaving you with more free time than you’d had in awhile. Which just left you with more time to twiddle your thumbs and binge-watch TV.

Then, of course, there was the second reason. Maul.

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“Nature made me a freak. Man made me a weapon. And God made it last too long.”  

1. I’m a Wanted Man|Royal Deluxe 2. Old Number Seven|The Devil Makes Three 3. Simple Man| Lynyrd Skynyrd 4. Clint Eastwood|Trey Anastasio 5. What It’s Like|Everlast 6. They Put a Body in the Bayou|The Orwells 7. All My Life|Foo Fighters 8. Hell and Back|The Airborne Toxic Event 9. Carry On My Wayward Son| Kansas 10. Hang me Up to Dry|Cold War Kids 11. S.O.B.|Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats 


Repercussions || Gaby & Solo


It’s been four months, three weeks, and two days since Napoleon had been drugged by a very clever mad woman, strapped to an electric chair, and made to suffer under the hand of a Nazi who had been overwhelmed to the point joyful tears watching Solo lighting up again, and again, and again, and again– he’d covered his mouth to smother a delighted laugh when Solo had no longer been able to keep the tears back, gasping, slumping as the electricity cut off. Images of dismemberment and dissection and agony danced before Solo’s eyes as the machine once again sent him arching and gritting his teeth against the unbelieveable pain.

He had not begged. 

Teller had wanted him to. He’d wheedled, teasing, mocking, telling Solo that all he had to do was give up a few facts and he’d be released, or at least be killed out of mercy. Solo had known it was a farce, an act, that Teller didn’t care about any information he might have. 1,000 volts of electricity had been sent lancing through his body again and again, leaving him on the edge of unconsciousness but never blissfully tipping him over, because Rudi Teller, Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse, Butcher of Ravensburg, had wanted to bathe in his pain, his agony. He wanted to bring on the shame of having committed betrayal, and there would be no release, no matter who or what Napoleon gave him. 

So Napoleon had not begged. His last vestige of control, as his teeth clenched so hard his jaw felt like it was going to shatter, blood dripped from his nose, and every muscle seized and cramped. 

Teller had been intending to pull each tooth from his head when Kuryakin had finally found him.

Only half an hour, but Napoleon had never known relief so sweet.

What he hadn’t expected, naively and with impressive levels of denial, were the aftereffects. The way the rhythm of his heart sometimes stutters so badly now that he grows ashen and has to make an excuse to sit down. The way his left hand sometimes goes numb and no amount of shaking reawakens the nerves, until it all comes flooding back in pins and needles, and he has to take deep, measured breaths. He hadn’t expected the nightmares, where he’s back in the chair, Rudi’s face leering in front of him, all childish glee and sadistic intent. He hadn’t expected the night sweats, the terror to grip him by the throat, to be thrown out of the dream clutching at his chest and heaving, stumbling to the bathroom to vomit. 

He hadn’t ever expected to hate Gaby Teller so much. 

He still likes her just fine, of course. It’s hard not to, not when she’s so stubbornly charming, soft in all the right places, sarcastic and gentle and so very eager. Not when she’s so clearly terrified of her new life, and yet so intent on not letting them down. It’s hard not to like someone who is so dedicated to one’s happiness and safety.

But he hates her. Oh, he hates her, resents her, the grudge over her betrayal still seething deep inside of him like a lump of coal, compressing into a particularly malevolent diamond. Napoleon has always been a vengeful man, but a patient one. He’s adept in waiting years, planning, setting the lines, and then snapping shut his revenge. 

But it’s Gaby, and Illya adores her, and really, Solo’s found himself quite fond of their little chop shop girl. She’s exactly the balance they need. She’s their ideal handler.

If she hadn’t set him up as bait. If she’d given him an out, like she had Illya, if she hadn’t been acutely aware that Victoria more than likely was going to shoot him through the back of the skull and have his body thrown into the bay. If she hadn’t been willing to sacrifice him, while giving Illya every chance to escape. He could have forgiven her. He wants to forgive her, but it sits there, simmering, condensing, tucked away until he can wreak on her what was done to him– if he can do it without the same guilt that she so clearly feels.

They’ve never addressed it. He hopes they never will, because he won’t be able to give her the forgiveness she’s going to be too stubborn to ask for, and like Illya had said those months ago, he would have done the same– Wouldn’t he? Would he have sent Gaby Teller walking into the lion’s den knowing full well she was going to be killed? He’s a cold man, but in the dark of night, drenched in the sweat of nightmares and clutching at his chest, he timidly, vaguely admits to himself that he wouldn’t have been able to, and that he’d been hurt that she had. Truly, emotionally, hurt that she had betrayed him, even two days into their partnership, when they were all intended to go their separate ways. He knows he will never trust her, not the way he trusts Illya, but he wouldn’t have sent her into Victoria’s office knowing he was going to give her away. 

If you had to save one of you, who would you chose? Illya, Gaby, or yourself?


He shoots up, Brooks Brother’s pajama shirt twisted in his fist above his heart, and exhales harshly. The night is still dark and quiet save for his own heaving breath.

To protect the world from devastation..!

Genji was standing on the top of the building. The view of night city was beautiful. He really enjoyed not only the landscape, but also wind gently blowing and stroking his hair. It was very pleasant after such day, especially with hair wet of sweat and glued onto his head. A drawback of wearing heavy helmet half the night.

He sighted wishing he could stay there longer, but he was aware that he shouldn’t have. He didn’t want to give away his identity at all costs, so he put helmet back on and moved several rooftops to another building. There he dropped, hid and locked whole costume carefully, before entering the building. There was an all-night gym, so a tired and sweated man would be no surprise. He also could take a shower there. Scraches was more problematic but until the wound would be noticible, he could just roll with that. Luckily, he didn’t get wounded that badly so far.

Soon he headed home. His brother was probably worried or pissed he sneaked out again. Well, probably both. So he made up a story about a beauty from the brothel whom he couldn’t resist. Wasn’t hard since he sometimes actually visited the place as his usual self. Should work just fine when they confront tomorrow.

He sneaked through the window in his room to the house. And jumped back with a muffled squeak. Appareantly, his brother was even better at sneaking.
“Good evening, Hanzo..?” He tried with sheepish smile.



if this is a bit off im sorry we dont have homecoming in the uk but ill try


*He was standing outside of your door waiting for you to answer although he was a bit nervous, this was the first time he had taken you to a dance. As he was in the middle of fixing his suit you opened the door leaving him a little taken a back at first at how beautiful you looked. Your parents were standing behind him, and your mum commented on handsome he looked whilst your dad told him to keep you safe*

K: “You look beautiful tonight Y/N, well you always do but uh you get what I mean right”

Of course we do Kai ya cutie

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*You were going along with two of your close friends who were also a couple. The two of them and Sehun were on the way to your house to pick you up, he didn’t know why he was nervous but he had to keep fanning his shirt to cool himself down*

FRIEND: Hey why are you so nervous its Y/N”

S: “I’m not even nervous..thats a lie look idk I just am okay, deal with it. Do I look okay?”

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*The theme for this homecoming was carnival and circus, the gymnasium looked beautiful with all the decorations but instead of looking at them Suho spent most of the time looking at you. He pulled you along to the green screen to take a picture but ran in front of you and jokingly told you stay where you were so he could have a pic by himself until he pulled you in wrapping his arms around your waist for the picture*

S: “This theme is perfect, just like you”

Ima cringe piece of cringe

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*As an avid picture taker he was obsessed with the green screen and pulled you over to it many times throughout the night to take loads of pictures as well as some other friends, he loved all of the props he was able to use finding a pair of glasses t be his favourite*

CY: “We are gonna have so many memories from tonight Y/N”

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*What was an already amazing night turned into an even better one when it turned out you and Baekhyun were voted the homecoming king and queen. Once the crowns were put on your heads he made sure to go out of his way to make the audience laugh with his speech*

BH: “Most importantly though can i get another round of applause for my queen? Thank you very much”

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*People may not have thought he was the type to get up and dance but they were wrong, he was pulling you up onto the dance floor when all the bops came on, as well as some of the slow ones. He is a bit of a dad dancer but he was having fun and so were you*

Ngl i love a dad dancer lmao esp a hot dad dancer

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*Jongdae the type to be sneaking in that alcohol so thats exactly what he did. He ofc knew the party would be lacking some alcohol and so you guys went outside (avoiding teachers at all costs) and drank it cuddling and focusing on the night sky (until you guys started making out violently and your friends were like ew guys get a room before swigging some of that wine)

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*The school decided on a 70s theme which you loved and so did he. (He came looking like a really hot pimp but nvm). He is another one who sneaks in alcohol but is really cheeky/romantic so making out outside is a thing, but bringing you a rose to your front door to pick you up is also a thing. Lets just say it was a reallyyy good night*

Omg my man is so hot jfc help me im sweating through my eyes

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*Yixing came in a casual suit (but looked hot af as usual bc hot af suits are the best suits) and spent half the night popping and locking it on the dance floor, and making sure you got up and danced with him as well. He also danced the slow dances with you showing his romantic side and whispering things into your ear*

L: “You look so good in that dress but I would also really like to take it off”


also i didnt recover from my first man and here comes the second one swooping in im offended

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*He was all shy when he came to pick you up, and that was made worse by your dad grilling him to take good care of you but reassured him he really would (even tho im sure u can urself bc if ur reading this i bet ur a badass). He freshly dyed his hair for the occasion and took ages picking out what to wear bc of the fashionista he is. However you were dressed simply but lovely and he looked at you like how do you do that???

K: “beautiful as always y/n, seriously its like curse but a great one”

Y/N: I could say the same for you”

Blonde kris is my life well any kris is my life

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*Luhans the cool one, i mean he is also really silly but he has the dress and the attitude and its like whoa ur cool dude. He definitely got voted homecoming king without a doubt, he definitely puled some top class moves on the dance floor and he most definitely made out with you at the end of the night. You were the one to drag him to the picture booths though but as the pics were with you he didn't mind having so many taken. Also he made sure some of those pics were cute and cheeky so you guys would have them forever*

Cheeky and cute pics with luhan?? im down

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*You didn't expect him to come in red but he sure did (but Xiu stands out from the crowd anyways so its okay) you also didn't expect him to pick you up in a Mercedes and to have champagne in the car (dont tell your parents that your bf is clearly a badass lul). Nonetheless it all happened, and when you both got crowned homecoming king and queen later in the evening it added to an amazing night for the both of you*

Jemima collect ur man bc im gonna take him in a min i cant handle this gif

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Prince of Darkness.

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader, bestriend!Sam x bestfriend!Dean x reader.


Your name: submit What is this?

Growing up as a hunter your parents always told you monsters are evil and there’s no in between. You constantly lived by that saying even well after you met the Winchesters who were slightly lenient on that rule. Though one thing you’d never expect to happen in your 24 years on this planet was to become romantically involved with supernatural, let alone the fact that your boyfriend of two years is Satan himself. You were in love with the one and only lucifer but the thing is you never saw him as what his reputation made him to be. You never saw his as the villain, he was simply misunderstood.

Living with the famous Winchesters made it hard to spent time with him but you still managed to be with him in every possible way. Especially since he helped you burn off the only warding keeping him out of the bunker. Funny how the men of letters had a specially designed sigil for lucifer, he found that quite flattering if you were to be honest. However day by day your meetings became extremely risky as the two hunters were anything but stupid. They noticed how you “spoke to your self” or how sometimes you’d have dark circles from staying up all night since thats the only time you and the devil could be together. So naturally they suspected that something was off. Especially when the bunker would suddenly drop 10 degrees when you would get into an argument with Lucifer and he’d get carried away by making the environment slightly hostile.Sam and Dean were on a case two towns over and they weren’t gonna be back till the next day so you and Lucifer were spending some needed quality time together.

“Why don’t you just come with me, Y/N?” This was the tenth time he’d mentioned you moving in with him. You reckon a fallen angel would take a hint that you weren’t ready? Plus Sam and Dean saw you as family, you were brought up together but you guys lost contact back in 2010. Right before the apocalypse.

“Babe I told you, I can’t. Sam and Dean need me. I am literally the only female influence in this god d- sorry. This freaking place. “ You sighed and placed your head back onto his chest while he played with your hair. You didn’t even notice that your breathing was in sync since you two were deep in each others thoughts and company. Well he was deep in your thoughts because he’d always read your mind. Which didn’t bother you since he was your soulmate and you were his.

“I don’t like the way they look at you. Especially Dean. If you had any idea what he sometimes thou-” You silenced the whining archangel with a kiss. Yup, that always worked. Smiling against his lips he deepened the kiss passionately by moving on top of you.  When you were desperate for air, he pulled back staring into your y/e/c eyes.

“Damn. What was I saying again?” Losing his original train of thought Lucifer attacked your lips lustfully, leaving them slightly swollen. Minutes later you were now pantsless and he was shirtless. Reaching for his buckle you were about to release him of the annoying fabric between you two.

“Hey Y/N another hunter picked up the jo- WHAT THE FUCK? “ Dean stood by the door dropping contents of what seemed to be chinese food. You felt your heart stop for a single second, not because you were partially naked but you were making out with the Winchesters old nemesis. You didn’t hear the bunker door open or the impalas rumble, you were too damn carried away. Sam heard Dean’s thunderous voice and came running to the room only to be disgusted by the sight in front of him.

“Oh god no” Sam backed away from the room, scared this might be another hallucination from his tormented nightmares. Lucifer was simply laying on the bed while you frantically pulled your pants on. Sam turned around facing the wall opposite you while he grabbed onto his head shaking it side to side, afraid he might losing his mind once again.

“Guess again, Sammy” You glared at your prideful boyfriend since he was most definitely not helping the situation. You always thought you’d tell the boys, calmly easing them into the idea that Lucifer isnt even in his cage anymore. This is not how you imagined them finding out.

“Oh please Y/N… please tell me that is a- a- freaking shapeshifter and you have some weird Lucifer kink.” Dean avoided your eyes which made you feel like throwing up, Dean always looked at you while you spoke and it made you feel dominant and him ignoring your stare made you feel weak. Lucifer sensed the whirl of emotions occurring in your body and he held your hand as a supportive gesture.

“Guy’s I can expl- what the fuck is wrong with you, Y/N?” Sam cut you off with his back still towards you the three of you. You were slightly taken back from the harshness of his voice but knowing the past these two had, you expected nothing less.

“Look, this may seem crazy but no he isn’t a shapeshifter. He’s Lucifer, and we’re in love and have been for a while. I’m sorry I didn’t want you guys finding out like this” Dean scoffed with disappointment flooded his stone cold expression, great it’s dad 2.0.

“Crazy? Try friggin insane and love? Y/N thats not love. He’s manipulating you. The freaking Devil isn’t capable of love. Are you honestly that blind, kid?” You noticed that Dean was trying to stay strong but his voice broke at the end hinting he was afraid. Scared of what Lucy might do to them or to you. Your eyes began to water, did they think you were that dumb, that originally you weren’t skeptical of this whole thing? Hell, you spent months trying to figure how to send his ass back to hell before falling in love with him.

“He’s shown nothing but love in the last two years, Dean” Sam’s shoulders perked up and turned around staring at you straight in the eyes which kind of scared you. Lucifer felt your sudden frightened emotion and he protectively stood in front of you, barricading you from the furious brothers. It wasn’t necessary but you were thankful, you wanted to breakdown but his support held you up a little bit longer.

“Y/N. Thats what he does, he tricks people and uses them…. you let him into the goddamn bunker. The one place that has every secret known to mankind and beyond. Are you fucking crazy?” Analysing what Sam said you began to think. Why did Lucifer fall in love with you? Granted you are an amazing hunter and you were quite intelligent but other than that you were just Y/N.  Lucifer was still connected to your thoughts and he couldn’t believe you were falling for what they were saying. You knew how much he loved you, you knew he couldn’t function without you. He would go insane without your touch that kept him grounded.

.“Y/N, you can’t actually believe what they’re saying? You know I love you with all my heart.” You pushed away all the thoughts Sam and Dean were feeding you. The fallen angel has shown his love for in so many forms that you thought you were sometimes imagining it. That it were some blissful dream taking place in your head.

“Sam… Dean… he didn’t trick me into anything… I love him.” Sam growled towards you but was stopped as Lucifer threw a conceited glare causing Sam to rethink his actions.

“Don’t you dare Sam. She may love you but if you touch a single follicle on her body I will end you in the matter of seconds.” Dean was taken back from the threat, he didn’t expect him to back you up. Honestly he thought Satan would just sit there and watch the chaos unfold.

“Me? Y/N should be scared of you hurting her not me.” You were kind of sick and tired of everyone thinking that the ‘Prince of darkness’ is pure evil. They barely knew the sacrifices he made. Everyone thinks of lucifer as the antagonist with nothing but hatred in his mind when he’s actually misconceived. He has shown nothing but kindness to the ones deserving and more. Often you would have nightmares and you’d be awaken by his delicate wings surrounding your body, protecting you from the world. This is the side of Satan the world has yet to see, the side the brothers had yet to see. The side full of love and passion.

“Why would I hurt my soulmate? That’s right, soulmate. If dad wrote it then it must be damn legit, don’t you think?” Sam blinked rapidly and looked back at Deans unsettled posture. Time seemed to stop while the brothers carried out a silent conversation with their eyes. You literally heard water drip from the tap in the kitchen, thats how intensely quiet it became. After what felt like years you saw the brothers giving up their battle stance. They knew if they carried out this situation any longer you would probably leave and they’d rather have you, crazy boyfriend or not.

“Fine… it’ll take time but if you’re serious about this Y/N. I mean dead serious then we can come to accept it. Don’t tell us we didn’t warn you though” Honestly you didn’t need their approval but it was nice to know that your best friends and brothers trusted you. You mouth broke out into a wide smile as you giddly hugged the brothers. They reluctantly hugged you back aware that if you simply winced in discomfort lucifer might smite them.

“Thank you thank you thank you thank you” Dean grumbled a simple yeah in response while Sam kept his eyes on the man that woke him up most nights drenched in sweat and fear.

“I’m still not okay with this Y/N. And you! You hurt our little sister and we’ll eventually another way to send your ass back.” Sam walked out leaving Dean alone with the two of you.

“I promise to love her till the day Earth freezes over” Lucifer mocked by crossing his heart, earning a giggle from you.

“Man… you couldn’t be like Sam and just stick to monsters low on the food chain? You had to aim for the big boss huh? This is so friggin’ weird” You shrugged your shoulders at Dean while he was about to walk out but then an amazing idea popped into your head.

“WAIT!” You look back at Lucifer who was simply smiling at your ultra happy spirit. Lucifer knew that even if you didn’t have the Winchesters blessing you’d still be together but you wouldn’t be as joyful. Knowing that you have some sort of approval was perfection for you and that’s more than enough for him.

“I think we can get the mark off you” With that Dean’s face dropped for a second and the idea of finally finding salvation made his heart jump slightly. Even if it meant it came from the ‘big boss’ himself.

“It’s true Dean, I can help you. I was the one who gave it to Cain, I can take it back”  You looked gratefully between your boyfriend and your best friend, hoping to get rid of this nightmare you all have been living through for the last year.

 “SAMMY GET YOUR ASS INTO THE LIBRARY, NOW” Dean walked off hurriedly leaving you alone with Lucifer, giving you about 10 minutes before he barges in again groaning at your PDA. You didn’t mind since you realised it was a sign of him warming up to the situation. Even though it wasn’t idealistic, things turned out to be just fine in the end and the angel that resides on your shoulder never left your side. Even after the day you died, the archangel kept his promise. To love you even after Earth had frozen over.

Virus (Bucky / Pietro x Reader Fic)

Previously on Virus: He could just about make out the blonde wisps of hair as they momentarily brushed against his cheek. Next, the deathly sound of engines and weapons colliding with walls were all erased by the strong Sokovian accent mumbling your name as his shaky hand touched your skin.


Part 1 

Pairing: Reader x Pietro / Reader x Bucky

Word Count: 1, 530

Genre: Angst/Fluff/Romance

A/N: This is unedited (sorry but atleast you have new material) so sorry about mistakes oops. Send me in an ask if you would like to be tagged whenever this is updated! I’m so excited for this fic, I really hope you enjoy! Part 1 is linked above for those who haven’t read it!

Your name: submit What is this?

Pietro had the back of his hand pressed against your cheek and the other was at his mouth in shock. His eyes were scanning over you hurriedly, as if he couldn’t believe you were real.

“Piet,” You mumbled, raising your hand to press his on your cheek.

His brows were furrowed completely and you could feel his palm shaking in the stillness of the moment.  You were just as much in utter shock and awe as Pietro was; you hadn’t seen him for a good few months, and since then he had grown out his stubble, and his hair was even more silvery than you cared to remember.

Not even daring to look at the lifeless corpse of your brother- his friend- Pietro swiftly scooped you up; your knees hanging loosely off his arms and in an instant you had been transported to a helicarrier without even getting a glance at the foreign place that was the outside world.

You were awoken to agonisingly bright light trickling in through some crooked slatted blinds. As your eyes adjusted you noticed the overly white sheets bunched around your small frame and the many wires coming from here, there and everywhere. An array of flowers was sat in a glass vase on the table next to your bed and cards were propped up on the wooden window ledge.

To your right sat a muscled man curled in an uncomfortable looking chair with his head in the newspaper. Around him there were multiple empty seats, the only things vacating them were the odd jacket or empty chocolate bar wrappers. You tried racking your brains for who all of these people were and why there were visiting you at wherever you had been taken to, but you were left unsuccessful. So, you cleared your throat in hope of capturing the man’s attention.

As soon as he heard you cough, his blonde hair peaked from over the top of the newspaper and his squinting blue eyes became enormously wide, “Y/N? You’re awake!” He exclaimed, his eyes searching the room momentarily.

“You…you’re Captain America,” You began, your head tilting in confusion, “Why are you here? I don’t know anything.”

The look of happiness completely flushed from his face at your words. He hesitated before saying, “I’m Steve? We’ve been friends for a long time. I’ve been searching for you.”

Your head shook vigorously. You had been in Hydra for as long as you could remember, and you weren’t having some star spangled man trick you into thinking otherwise. “I don’t know what you’re trying to do, but I know that you’re lying. I’ve worked for Hydra most of my life and I’ve always been confined. Plus, I’ve never met you before.”

The man’s jaw was sitting agape, he looked so hurt at your words but you couldn’t figure out why. If that was the way of The Avengers recruiting you, you really wasn’t enjoying watching a grown man struggle to form words, and you definitely wouldn’t be joining at this rate. As you still looked at him with uncertainness, he stood from the chair and wiped down his trousers.

“If you don’t remember me, I think I have some people you will remember,” He murmured.

Whilst you waited for him to collect the people you were supposed to remember, you gathered the cards sitting next to your bed. The first read:


So glad you’re finally back. I don’t think I’ve ever missed someone before so you’re officially the first. Can’t wait to get you back in that training room to show you what you’ve been missing out on.

The best avenger,


Who was Nat and why had she been missing you? Surely if she was someone you’d met before you would at least remember her name? You flicked through the rest until you found the following:


I know you probably weren’t expecting to see me again, especially not with The Avengers, but I knew I couldn’t let you down. I searched for you after I escaped, honestly I did, but after they moved the base I had no idea where to start. I hope you can forgive me. I didn’t think I could ever feel so much towards a person after having my brain shaken up so much, but it happened, and this is the outcome. I cannot wait to take you into the outside world and show you how brilliant the food has gotten.


James (Your Bucky.)’

Your James? Was he working alongside the people that were trying to mess with your head? After all he’d been through with you; surely he’d know not to lie to you like that. You could feel the throbbing beginning in your head, you didn’t understand any of it and nobody was trying to help. You read through the scrawled handwriting, in hope that you had missed out on a sentence or two, but you were left rereading the same words that explained nothing.

As you reached a card from a guy named Clint a crowd of people filtered through the small doorway. Each emotion was a mixture of excitement, sadness and astonishment and all were on unfamiliar faces. Well that was until you caught sight of Bucky. He stood completely dumbstruck behind a bearded man in coloured sunglasses.

“Okay, Y/N, I’m Steve. Do you remember anyone here?” The blonde man from before asked whilst chewing on his bottom lip. You scoured the room for the twins, but they were nowhere to be seen, “And before you wonder, Pietro and Wanda, they’re waiting until you’re home.”

You stared at the six hopeful faces that were all half grinning at you. They were really going all out to make this whole thing believable- they really wanted you to believe in their illusion. Although, a small part of you wanted to believe in the words Steve had said- you’d do anything to forget the tortured screams from the chamber rooms, or the feeling of cold kissing your skin through the thin material they threw at you, or the way you watched your brother’s life slowly slip away as yours grew stronger.

All you wanted was someone to wash away the Hydra virus.

But nobody could do that. All they could do was build memories on the unstable foundation that was your Hydra ones. No matter what you did, no matter who you spoke to, you’d always remember the feeling of the cold metal colliding with your skin when you couldn’t fulfil their wishes, and the constant painstaking injections they were always feeding you.

“I’m sorry,” You found yourself feeling embarrassed under the ogling eyes and words seemed hard to say, “I don’t know any of you. Except Bucky.”

Bucky’s eyes flashed brightly, his eyes finding yours. “Y/N, y-you remember me?”

“How could I forget?”

“Well you’ve forgotten all of us,” a man in the corner said, “Oh wait, better introduce myself, I’m Tony and we used to hang out all the time.”

You couldn’t tell if it was annoyance or sadness laced in his voice but all his face was showing was complete emotionless. His arms were crossed over his chest and he was huffing heavily, “Look, you don’t need to go to this extent. I know you’re lying, please cut the act.”

“Oh Y/N,” Bucky sighed, walking towards the metal hospital bed. He sat down in the chair Steve was sitting in before and placed his metal hand near your fingers. “I wish they were lying to you. I hate seeing you so confused, I was the exact same.”

“James, I don’t understand what you’re saying,” You whispered. Your voice wavered slightly with the frustration that was running through you.

“Look at me,” He said, his human hand grabbing yours, “I promise you, you can trust me right? You were brainwashed, just like me, I remember it. You remember when they did it to me don’t you?”

You nodded. “Well, Y/N, they made you forget these guys. These were your team- your best friends. Steve, Natasha, Tony, Clint, and Bruce. I know you’re confused, but I can promise you that your memories will come back.”

The tears were pouring out of your eyes, you remember them dragging Bucky away, only to return a sweating, upset man. So many nights were spent urging him to remember you, to remember everything he asked you to remind him of. But why couldn’t you remember them doing that to you?

Did nobody hear your screams as the metal plate’s surged electricity through your temples into your thoughts, into your memories, into the only piece of you that had only ever been yours?

Was nobody interested in the nights afterwards where you sat shaking as they recalled important information to you? Information that was lies. Information that made you forget who you were.

You could hear Bucky’s pleads in your head and you could feel the leather straps being tied around your ankles, strapping you to the vicious chair. Of course it wasn’t happening, but as the memories flooded back to you, it all felt real, every moment felt as if you were trapped back there again.

“Please, Bucky, make it stop.”

Olive You - Monsta X Jooheon Drabble (F)

Gif is not mine

#32. Could you please be serious for more than five seconds

Requested by anonymous 

You honestly had no idea why you were stressing about cooking spaghetti as much as you were. You invited your parents to come over for dinner with you and Jooheon and you wanted everything to be perfect. You spent half the morning cleaning and decorating your apartment, making sure it didn’t look like the two of you lived like slobs; you even bought little air fresheners to extinguish the usual smell of dog and man sweat. You spent the last few nights picking out a perfect menu; something pleasant and tasty, but not too fancy. This was just a casual dinner after all. 

“Jooheon, can you help me in the kitchen?” you more or less told, rather than asked.

The hyper boy skipped into the kitchen, eager to help. “What can I do?”

“You can stir the sauce and add the noodles to the pot.” Jooheon nodded and grabbed a spoon from a drawer and did as you told. 

“You just want me to stir it?”

“Yeah. Maybe add some salt.”

“Okay.” You heard Jooheon walk over to a cupboard, then return to his station at the stove before quietly saying, “A-ssalted.” You glanced over at him and rolled your eyes, continuing to chop up peppers and onions. “Hey babe”, Jooheon muttered, grabbing a slice of pepper. “What does a nosy pepper do? Gets Jalapeno business!” You gave him an unimpressed look all while he continued to grin like an idiot at his own joke. 

You proceeded to cut up vegetables until you heard Jooheon speak again. “Wanna know how I feel about your parents coming to dinner?” You looked up at him expectantly, thinking he was going to make some backhanded comment about how your dad hounds him every time he visits, but Jooheon just held an egg up next to his face. “I’m very eggcited!”

You raised your hand up, threatening to hit him. Jooheon backed away, still giggling. You didn’t want to admit that you were struggling to keep a straight face, so you just looked down at the cutting board.

“Hey Y/N. I think we make a nice pair”, he declared while holding the yellow fruit next to his head.

“Jooheon, put that back.”

“I find you very appealing.”

“Jooheon, you better eat that damn banana, because I swear if you peeled it just for some stupid pun-”

“Am I driving you nuts?” he asked, holding a can of almonds.

“Could you please be serious for more than five seconds?” Jooheon just kept on giggling. “Can you start grating cheese for the garlic bread please.” You exhaled, annoyed by Jooheon’s jokes, but still finding them rather funny.

Jooheon sat at the other side of the counter across from you. “Hey, I know this sounds cheesy, but you make me feel grate.”

“Do you want to eat outside with the dog tonight?” you threatened. “Honestly… My parents will probably be here soon.”

“Well, would you look at the the thyme”, Jooheon said, holding up a small leaf.  

“That’s rosemary”, you answered back, mocking his failed pun.

Jooheon shrugged. “Nah, it’s no big dill.”

“Jooheon, that’s not even a pickle, it’s just a cucumber.”

“I guess you could say I’ve caught myself in a bit of a… pickle?”

“I’m going to throw something at you if you don’t grate the damn cheese.” More giggles were heard until he finally started doing the task you told him to do. You finished cutting the vegetables and dumped them into the pan with the sauce, stirring them through. As Jooheon finished grating cheese and spreading it evenly on the bread, you asked him to drain the noodles from the water.

“I really hope this doesn’t put a strain on our relationship.” You didn’t even have to look at him to know he was holding the metal strainer in his hands.


“What?” Before you could respond, Jooheon wrapped his arms round you, hugging you tight. “Olive you.”

You sighed, finally giving in to his jokes. “Olive you too.”

sacklerjessa  asked:

Han/Leia + 10

The way you say ‘I love you’ + #10: Not said to me.

So Leia is in an actual bad mood, Han realizes as he tries to magically appears some form of candy with his eyes doing holes on the table. Luke is gone, lost somewhere in the bunch of people of Coruscant and Chewbacca isn’t helping with his constant howl about being hungry, Leia is so gonna kill him now. For a second, Han’s eyes travel through her frame: her little nose is red with the last cry of desperation, her cheeks are pink from her make up, her mouth is on a furious white line and her chest is going up and down in such pronounced way, Han is a dead man. But slowly, his eyes catches the cause of the said last cry of desperation: swiming there, innocent and comfy, his son asks for food while his uncle does maker-knows-what-the-kriff instead of getting their meals.

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Fic: Juxtaposition

Drunken shenanigans that take place a while before 5x14. 3400 words.


Kurt’s band practice was supposed to be finished by seven, and with an hour of travel time added on to that, Blaine had expected him home by eight o'clock. So when the vintage flip clock in the kitchen’s numbers flop over to half past ten, Blaine is well on his way to uncontrollably antsy. He hasn’t seen or spoken to Kurt since their shared lunch at noon, and he wants him. He misses him. And honestly, he’s starting to get a little worried.

He paces back and forth from the kitchen to the living area, forgetting the glass of sparkling grape juice he’d just soda-streamed for Sam. “Just call him,” Sam says with laugh. “He’s probably hanging out with that Elliott guy.”

And that’s what makes Blaine’s decision for him. He can’t say he fully trusts Elliott around Kurt. What sort of a friend and bandmate doesn’t even add your fiancé on Facebook? That’s just bad etiquette. Surely that must mean he has a reason for not wanting to be Blaine’s Facebook friend, something he’s trying to hide. And that isn’t okay with Blaine. At all.

He taps on Kurt’s name on his call list and presses the phone to his ear, listening to it ring and ring. It goes on for longer than it normally does, and he’s just about to end the call when he hears a rumbling laugh and half of the word ‘hello.’ But it isn’t Kurt.

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