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A Lesson in Love (Creative Writing)

Summary: (College!AU) In which you’re assigned to write a story about romance, a subject you know nothing about, and Bucky, a hopeless romantic, offers you his assistance.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,547

A/N: The tag list for this story is officially CLOSED. Also, we’re nearing the end of this series. I’d say there’s 4-5 parts left. 

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

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The sun is out as you walk to your Creative Writing class. It’s a sign that winter is really being left behind, only to be replaced by longer days, warmer weather and an abundance of thriving greenery.

As much of a fan that you are of the freezing season, you’re grateful to see it go. The temperamental radiator in your apartment made your nights especially cold and knowing that you don’t have to depend on that for warmth anymore is a big relief.

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Seeing Stars

Prompt: Pre-Guardians of the Galaxy fun with Peter; Letting loose for the night the reader goes out for a fun night and finds herself back in the Milano for an intimate night with loosened morality.

Pairing: Peter Quill X Fem!Reader

Warnings: Cursing, explicit sexual content, and drug use (A fictional marijuana-like space drug called Lunar Shrub)

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Tonight was going to be a night of escaping your inhibitions and indulging on impulsive desires. Full of physical pleasures and lack of responsibility. Nothing was going to come in the way of you having a good time.. But most importantly, nothing was going to get in the way of you getting laid. 

That’s what had brought you to this current situation, walking alongside the charming Peter Quill as he led you back to his ship. The handsome Terran had approached you at the bar and after a few laughs you had decided he would be the perfect escape. A nice night full of sexy fun and laughs, nothing more nothing less.

He had landed his ship in a public parking area not far from the bar and the two of you were almost there. He guided you happily with one strong arm wrapped snugly around your hips, his hand sinking closer and closer to your ass with each step.

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Support (Jason todd x Reader)

A/N: Really liked this request. Kinda made it into my own though. (Not sure to write more for this, I might? Depends on the feedback I guess.)

Jason felt uneasy when he took one of the seats in the circle. They had put fluffy red pillows on the seats, some softness to make up for their fucked up experiences. Wonderful how naïve people could be… as if that’d help. He took a look at the other people, they seemed about as happy to be there as him. Probably persuaded or blackmailed into seeking help as well. He hadn’t even needed such desperate measures: anything to stop Dick’s constant nagging.
“ You have to give yourself the chance to heal.” (He felt like he healed up well enough, ya know, for a dead guy his skin looked fantastic.), “ You will be able to meet people who share your experience .” (Zombie friends. Exactly what he needed.)  And last but not least: Damian’s addition that he didn’t even need hubris to bring him down just a crowbar. Eventually he grew tired of it and decided to go. He was barely there in time, but he was there. After him, a woman barged in, a lot less nonchalant than he had. Backpack in hand, and  saying ‘sorry’ to the person who seemed to be the guiding speaker/psychologist. The woman had a certain kind of guilt in her eyes as she was saying it, too. The psychologist immediately said it was no problem with a warm smile, as the other latecomer took the free seat across his. 

You were still out of breath. Traffic was terrible as is but it got so much worse as you were trying to keep a busy schedule to forget about all the other shit that went wrong. You weren’t sure if it was a good idea, whether it would even remotely help you to actually throw it all out on the table. But… you could use talking to someone about this who wouldn’t look at you with pity while they were uncomfortably shifting in their chair. Everyone here had their fair share of emotional scars to get them to this place. You scanned the room while a woman started to talk.
“ Each of you is here because you are battling the aftermath of dark period in your lives. Someone has abused you, and you are here with people who have experienced abuse as well. Speaking is part of the healing process. Knowing you are not to blame for what happened to you is the aim. I will give each of you the chance to talk about what happened. You choose how much you feel comfortable sharing. Please be respectful towards one another and allow the others to talk, and tell their story, they…” the rest of the explanation was lost on you entirely. You felt eyes on you, and noticed the man across the room. Jet black hair with a white streak, icy blue eyes and quite frankly possibly the most handsome man you had seen in a very long time. But from all places to develop a crush on a total stranger, this was probably not the best one.

You focused on your surroundings again when people were starting to share their names. Only one name stuck. His. “ Hi, I’m Jason. I’ve been told I may be suffering from PTSD after being kidnapped and tortured.” After him another person spoke and also shared their name and in one sentence why they chose to be here. The man smiled at you and you weren’t sure how to respond with that so you looked anywhere but at him.
“ My name is y/n. I was ..” You swallowed, not entirely having such an easy time to say what happened with all those eyes on you. You naturally started to look at him again. He gave you an encouraging small nod and  somehow you managed to continue. “ I was physically and emotionally abused by my ex.” Something seemed to flare up in his eyes at those words. Not the usual pity. Not the usual shifting eyes trying to find the nearest exit. Anger. Not directed at you but at someone who wasn’t there. You wondered if it was the man who kidnapped him or your ex. As he only got that look in his eyes after your story you could only guess the second… but why would he get that angry over that? He didn’t even know you… you shook the thought and listened to the other stories. Some people had come here before, but they seemed there to show the beginners that recovery was possible. After everyone had been spoken to, she asked who wanted to share their story with the group. Everyone seemed less than interested to go first.
“ ‘C mon, nobody will judge you here, we’re all here to listen and to talk.” Her glance landed on you. “Could you perhaps…?” Your felt your heartbeat in your throat and tried to swallow. This was too soon. All those eyes on you… when you opened your mouth the handsome stranger, Jason, spoke up instead.
“ Sure, I’ll go first.” Everyone in the room knew damn well she had been talking to you. But you were grateful he took her cue instead so you didn’t have to. He was still speaking to you rather than to the group.
“I was kidnapped as a teenager. A typical Gotham psycho got to me and tortured me. They… got to me in time, obviously, I’m still alive.” He seemed to disbelieve those words and said them mockingly. “.. but I’ve been beaten with a crowbar and he played psychological tricks on me, I don’t want to get into detail. He tortured me in most ways I could imagine and then some, except for sexually that is. It pisses me off that he’s still alive. As long as he lives he’s a danger to people. They didn’t put enough effort into stopping him. In the meanwhile…  I have to deal with the fallout. The flashbacks, the nightmares. So essentially I got fucked over by the people I trusted, because they did not protect me as they promised me they would, and then there’s the fact I was beaten to a pulp. So yeah, that’s my sob story. Well, half of it. There’s also my deadbeat dad and my the fact that my mother didn’t make it beyond my teenage years but that’s a story for another day kids.“ His voice was laced with a mocking, devil may care attitude, but you could tell it was the truth. You were the one staring now, your gaze locked on his. He really had been through hell and back. The woman nodded and thanked him for his open-heartedness and willingness to speak first. After him, the others were more willing to also speak up. He mouthed ‘You’re welcome’ to you as you gave him a grateful small smile.

You felt lucky that they ran out of time before it was your turn. Each person who did not get the chance to speak would get their chance the next session. With that promise, you considered not attending that next time anymore. You put your own jacket back on, as well as your backpack and headed towards the door. As soon as you stepped outside you felt something was off. Something or someone was watching you. Jason, you did remember his name, walked out of the door and approached you and acted casual while zipping up his jacket. “ Don’t panic but I’ve got the feeling someone is watching you.”
“  So I’m not going mad?”
“  No guarantees there. We might be going mad together. I know you don’t know me but will you let me walk you home? ” You looked him in the eyes. You really wanted to say yes.
“ No, sorry. It’s not you it’s just…”
“ I get it. Don’t worry about it. Just…” He handed you what looked like a combat knife. “ be careful.”
” May I ask why you’re carrying out spare combat knives to hand out?”
” Do you want to know?” You swallowed. 
” Next session maybe.”
” Let’s make sure you get there safely first. Watch your back. Something’s out there, I can feel it.”

You walked on and heard something again. Something creeping up on you as sudden but as clinging as a shadow.  You clutched the combat knife as you walked to your car. Someone grabbed you from the back and knocked the knife out of your hands.  “You think you could get away from him that easily sweetheart?” There was a hand on your mouth, muffling noise while you struggled to get away from the man’s grip. You were considering your options, trying to remember how to twist your arm when someone interfered.
“ I think she fucking can.” The man who grabbed you was looking into the barrel of a gun. A red hooded man stood there. 
“ Get out of here. She’s under my protection now. Come after her again and I will find you. “  A flash of recognition went over the guy’s face as he ran for it. You thought you heard someone curse and a shiver went over your spine. He lowered his gun, picked up the combat knife and walked over to you. He handed the knife back to you with the hilt pointed at you while you rubbed your wrist and leaned against the car door, shaken up. You instinctively clung to him, as a means to stabilize you from the shock and get you up straight more than anything else. 
“ Jason?” Anyone else didn’t make sense. You weren’t sure if he’d even speak up.
“ Good guess.”
“ I changed my mind. ” He nodded and walked behind you towards your car.

 “ It’s him. “ You hissed in a quiet tone.
“ Figured as much. Want me to get into the car or can you handle it from here? Does he know where you live?”
“ Yeah, haven’t found a new place yet.” He nodded.  
” Want me to join you there? Keep you safe? If you trust me that is. “ 
” Yeah. I do. “ He got into the car, looked around and took off the helmet once he was inside of the vehicle.
“ What about the motorcycle?”
“ I’ll pick it up after we got you home safely.”

The car ride was considerably silent. You weren’t sure what to ask him or tell him. He leaned with his elbow on the armrest of the car door.
“ He seemed to recognize you.”
“ He probably did. I’m not your average guy. But I don’t hurt people unless it’s to save others.”
You opted to just take his word for it. There was something strangely soothing about having him around. You had this feeling that you could trust him, which you in all honestly hadn’t ever had before. But you weren’t sure whether to trust your instincts anymore.
“How did you stop the nightmares?”
“ I didn’t.”  
You swallowed. “ I get it you know. “ He looked up, slightly frowning, unsure what you meant. “I get that you want to kill him. That’s what you meant isn’t it? But it wouldn’t fix the broken pieces. “ You stared at the road ahead, lights flashing by. You continued. “You know what they told me? That hating him wouldn’t heal me, loving another might and it would break him. Because it would show him he didn’t own me anymore.”
“ What do you think about that?” You shook your head at his question.
“ I think I couldn’t if I tried. Not that easy to trust anymore.”
“ You can. It’s fear that’s holding you back. It’s what he wants.”

“ You think he’s gone? That he will stay away now?” He shook his head. 
“ You could stay with me instead. Until you find a new place. No expectations, I won’t try anything with you. Could teach you how not to get disarmed so easily.” He sighed. “ I can protect you there, if you think you need protection.”
“ So what are you? A cop?”
“ Not quite. But I don’t want you to get hurt and after what happened tonight…”
“ I might take you up on that offer.”
“ Okay, then turn right here. “

You could use a protector, or at least someone who understood who didn’t look at you as a work in progress when you were putting the pieces back together.  

“ But there are some things you gotta know about me before you get into my apartment…”

Attention and Comfort Zones

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Thomas Shelby x Reader

Request: Tommy X Reader Tommy has been trying to get the attention of the reader for a few weeks now and is getting teased by his brothers due to his plans failing. However tommy does something extremely out of his comfort zone and finally wins over the shelby 😉 (Requested by Anon)

Thomas had first lain his cold, blue eyes on you at the races. You were jockey and he was going to see his horse when you rode by on yours. You looked like a queen on your black horse because of how straight your back was and how high you held your chin. If anyone who had never been to the races had seen you, they would’ve thought you owned the place.

Ever since Grace had left, Tommy never felt like he wanted to get the attention of any woman. But it all changed in that moment at the races. He had found out your name and had constant access to when you would be racing, that way he was always there.

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Bucky THORt Wrong (part 6)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 // Masterlist

Words: 1100+

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“So we’re all in agreement then?” Steve asks from the head of the conference table. He had just briefed his small team, consisting of himself, Thor, Bucky and Natasha, giving the limited information he had received regarding a potential Chitauri weapons stash up in Queens. It had been left after the apprehension of The Vulture and quickly fallen into the hands of a local gang. As such, Peter Parker was also meant to be involved in this op but unfortunately he had to take his chemistry exam tomorrow instead.

The plan was simple: surveillance, pick off the thugs one by one, recover the stolen tech and be home in time for breakfast the next morning. But… that didn’t mean they couldn’t have a little fun with it.

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Creepypasta #1172: I Saw The Devil

Length: Short

They say the Devil is the lord of lies. That his tongue spews only vileness and deceit.

Well, I saw the Devil. He spoke to me. The hellfire of his words still burn in my mind. He confirmed my darkest fear, answering all of my questions before I could even ask them.

“It’s true, David. All of it,” The Devil said. “She never loved you. They’re not even yours.”

The Devil’s stare pierced my very soul. No one else believed me when I told them the kids weren’t mine. Everyone would scoff, saying Anna would never look at another man. They would say the children even have my icy blue eyes. I don’t believe it.

Yet, He believed me. He knew it, and he even came to me to confirm it.

I stared down at the sink, watching the steamy hot water flow down the drain.

The Devil didn’t just come to tell me about that wicked adultress. No. He wanted something better. A win-win situation, you might call it.

We made a pact. He would punish them for eternity if I were to sell him their souls.

I gladly accepted.

Earlier tonight while everyone slept, I watched as he claimed my adultress wife. Next, he claimed her bastard children.

Still looking down, my hands finally met the warm water. It brought a smile to my face as I rubbed my hands together, washing their crimson sin down the drain.

After turning off the faucets, I looked up into the mirror.

The Devil’s icy blue eyes stared back at me.

Credits to: Dastories

Limbic Resonance (1/7)

Title: Limbic Resonance Part One: The Good, The Bad, The Dirty

Rated: T (later chapters may be rated M for violence and sexual situations

Summary: Seven people. Seven cities across the globe. They are no longer just them. Sense8!AU

Characters: Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Meredy, Gajeel, Yukino, Cobra/Erik

Pairings: Nalu, Kinabra, StingXYukinoXRogue; eventual others

Word Count: ~22K

AN: A very happy birthday to @not-just-any-fangirl! Maci’s a babe and I hope she has a very lovely rest of the day <3 She knew this was coming, but hopefully what’s inside will surprise her just a little ;)

Notes: I’ve made a few changes with Sense8 lore. Instead of everyone being born on the same day, people of the same cluster are a group of people who were supposed to meet in life, but were prevented from doing so. (On FF I’ll make a list of how everyone would have met!)

I’ll be posting this to FF in a bit, but please reblog this if you read it. This took me like four full days to write and I’d really appreciate it!

                 {if you wanna start a fight, you better throw the first punch}

He doubles over, clutching at his stomach as a spike of pain rips through him, tearing him apart from the inside. A fever burns at his skin, his hands trembling as he pants for breath. The bricks are cool against his burning skin, soothing him, and he curls closer, resting his temple against the rock, uncaring of the way it bites into his skin, drawing a thin cut across his bare arm. A gasp pulls from his throat as a second wave of agony  hits him, his skin rippling as it whips through him. Gritting his teeth, he closes his eyes, running a shaking hand through his messy, red hair.

Tears burn at his eyes, but he holds them back, not allowing them to spill over despite the pain—despite feeling like he’s going to be ripped to pieces. He can’t quit now, not when he’s so close. He has to protect this cluster, his kids. He can’t have them.

The shadows can’t have them.

His hands clench into fists, palms shaking at his sides, and he hears a scream split the air: his scream, hoarse and throaty, strained from speaking, from calling for help. Dark eyes snap open, and he quivers as he looks down at the locket in his hands, polished gold glinting in the flickering light, darkness creeping closer, threatening to swallow him whole. His head aches, thoughts muddled together, blurring as he remembers his own birth, his second birth. He remembers his friends, his cluster—gonegonegone. The shadows took them away. All but one. They can’t have his children too, he won’t let them.

A hand latches onto his arm, familiar and warm, a scar on the man’s palm, one he’s known for years and years. He glances up, eyes locking with familiar dark eyes, shaggy, auburn hair pushed off his face. There’s a flash of worry in his eyes, something like terror that makes him wince. The scarred hand slips into his own, a reassuring squeeze grounding him, keeping him from floating away. The touch says I’m here, I’m here, and he wonders how long it’ll last.

A second presence settles on his other side, a shadow. He doesn’t look at it, doesn’t dare meet its eyes. He made that mistake once before, he won’t do it again. He ruined them all because of those eyes, because he wasn’t careful. It cost him his cluster.

“Take care of them,” he murmurs to his friend, pleading. He needs to make sure they’re okay, that the shadows won’t find them. He won’t let them end up like his own cluster—he won’t. He’d kill to keep them safe—his brats. Nothing’s going to hurt them, not the shadows and not Him.

White blinds his vision, his back arching against the wall—pain, then relief. And that’s when he sees them.

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(warning: kinda angsty, given the… you know, death.)

Pietro looked up from the foetal position he had curled himself into above the young boy, confusion lacing his features at the lack of pain he was feeling. This isn’t how death should feel. Little did he know, your body was slowly fading not 5 metres away from him.

Hearing the gurgling noises coming from behind him due to your flimsy attempt at taking a breath, Pietro’s eyes widened in surprise and fear as it dawned on him what had happened; you had risked your own life to protect him, and you were paying the price.

Speeding over to cradle your weak form, the distress on his face clear as day, you couldn’t help but smile up at him as genuinely as you could, which really wasn’t much in your predicament.

“No, no no no no NO!” He shouted, fear and desperation coating every word as he looked upon your rapidly paling face. “You can’t do this, you can’t leave me!”

You try to comfort him by placing your cold hand against his warm one, but all that succeeded in doing was showing him just how close to the brink you really were. As your breaths grew more and more shallow, you took in the features of the handsome man above you: his silky silver hair, his icy blue eyes looking down at you in poorly concealed anguish. You knew without a second thought:

You don’t regret it.

(oops I didn’t mean for this to be this long love me)

So who is she?

Finn Shelby x reader
Word count: 1710
Warnings: Swearing, mention of abuse, some fluff

You entered the doors of the pub “The Garrison” painted in the window, there were only three other people in the place. Two older men slumped over a table in the back, they looked like they had been there for days. The other person was a man behind the bar, who gave you a look when you came in indicating that he thought you were out of place.
“Can I help you miss?”
“Well, a boy I know recommended here when I said I didn’t have anywhere to study, I mean just for an hour or so during they day,” you say looking at the man with pleading eyes.
“I mean this isn’t really the place for pretty young girls by themselves, can I ask who the man was?” He asks turning round to continue cleaning whatever it was he was cleaning before.
You hesitated, you knew you and Finn were trying to keep the relationship quiet he didn’t want you getting messed up with his crowd and frankly you didn’t want people knowing you were running about with a Shelby. But something was telling you if you didn’t mention the Shelby name you weren’t going to be allowed to stay.
“His names Finn Shelby sir, we used to go to school together,” the man turned right around to face you know. “I told him i was having some troubles at home and that he said that here is quiet through the weekdays,” you carry on as the man is paying you full attention now, “he also told me not to mention him he doesn’t want anyone knowing we are acquainted, thinks it could get me in bother.”
“Well miss, call me Harry. Finn’s right you know the Shelbys are dangerous people at least he’s looking out for you shows that he cares.”
This made you blush a little but you put your head down so Harry couldn’t see your rosy cheeks. “Im (Y/N)” You put your hand out to shake his which stops him a little surprised as women round here don’t really make the best first impressions. “Finn is just an old friend from school, when i ran into him the other day he recommended here, nothing more to it.”
Harry looked at you and said believingly, “I’d stay out of his way, you seem like a sensible girl though you probably already know that.”

A couple days had past and everyday you had gone for an hour or so to the garrison and sat humming while writing your notes. You had met a couple of the locals but had always left before it got busy. Harry said people started rolling in at half 4 for there night of boozing, half 1 on the weekends. You liked harry he was kind and seemed to be interested in what you were studying asking you questions to help you out. But this afternoon 5 men walked through the door and went into a private room, you were too busy with your nose in a book to take any notice though. That was until Harry ran through from the back looking slightly worried.
“Maybe it’s best for you to leave now (Y/N)”
You nodded. He had warned you that if he ever asked you to leave it was probably in his best interest to do so.
“Why would she need to leave?”
Too late. A voice came from behind you as you sorted your skirt and turned around. The man was a couple steps behind you, tall with icy blue eyes that reminded you of Finns.
“And what is a young girl with an armful of books doing in a place like this?” He asked eying you up and down before staring at the pile of books in your hands.
“I’m just studying down here gets me away from the chaos at home. I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N) sir, it’s been lovely to meet you but I’d best be off.” You said harry relieved by you still following his orders. You then reached out a hand to shake his, again he stood in shock a moment before chuckling and accepting the handshake.
“Lovely to meet you Miss (Y/L/N), I’m Thomas Shelby.”
You froze. Shelby. The name this town feared and the name Finn told you to run from. Tommy noticed your reaction but you quickly straightened up and smiled politely.
“Thank you for having me Harry, good evening Mr Shelby.”
As you went to walk past him he quickly stepped in front of you.
“There will he no trouble tonight” he said to harry before turning to you again. “Please, don’t let us put you off your studying.” He nods at harry who nods back, you didn’t really understand what was going on but you climbed back on top of the bar stool and opening up your books.
“You know miss (Y/N), educated women are a dangerous thing, they will rule the world one day.” He said before disappearing into the side room, summoning Harry after him.
A few moments later a familiar figure emerged from the room the other men kept disappearing into. It was Finn, he was soon stood behind you looping his arms round your waist.
“(Y/N), I missed you,” he said spinning you round and gently kissing your forehead, “You haven’t said anything to Harry have you?”
This hurt. He wanted to keep you a secret, why was he so embarrassed of you. You’d missed him whilst he was away on business but you also liked not having to sneak around.
“I told him you were an old friend who recommended the place a long time ago,” you say flatly while spinning back around on your seat and staring down at the sheets you’d been reading.
“And he believed you?” Finn asked with doubt in his voice.
“Well why wouldn’t he?” you reply sharply.
“Well you never were a great liar,” Finn chuckled. You turned back around to face him hurt in your eyes.
“I wasn’t really lying though was I?” you caught him off guard with your fierce tone, “what are we Finn? I don’t hear from you for weeks and when I do it’s for your own pleasure and we have to sneak around whilst we do it. I feel like a whore!” You were close to shouting now but quickly remembered you had to keep your voice down.
“What are you talking about (Y/N)? I was away for business you know that and we both agreed we should keep this whatever this is quiet, it might put you in danger. And your dad, think about what your da..”
“I know,” you cut him off before he said anymore quickly wiping away a single fallen tear, “I know I’m sorry I didn’t mean it.”
He moved behind the bar grabbing a bottle of whiskey and a couple of glasses.
“He hasn’t touched you again has he?” he asked his voice cracking as he spoke. You dried your eyes and tried to pull yourself together before Harry came back out.
“No, hes never home at night and i’m never home during the day, it’s a good combination.”
“Finn!” a voice from the room shouted making you both jump, “Come on son!”
He quickly kissed you on the cheek before returning to the room.
“So who is she Finn?” Tommy asked flatly staring at him as he sat back in his chair, he froze as he was now under the gaze of his older confused brothers and cousin.
“What are you talking about?”
“The girl at the bar, who is she?” Tommy was pressing for answers that Finn was not willing to tell him.
“What the bloody hell are you on about Tommy?” John asked looking around the room at his brothers.
“There’s a girl out there that Finn knows but I am not sure how,” He said whilst lighting up a cigarette in his hand.
“OI OI Finn boy, You got yourself a looker!” Arthur piped up shaking Finn by the shoulders as the other boys wolf whistled. Finn shook them off and started to become angry.
“Why would you think I know her?” Finn challenged he knew his brother was smart but how could he have figured out that they knew each other. Tommy chuckled and took a quick sip of whisky.
“Well for one she’s your age, she told Harry a man recommended this as a “safe” place and the only way in bloody hell is this a safe place is if you’re a shelby, so you’re trying to protect her, but i’m not sure what from. Plus you always have had a thing for a girl with brains.”
Finn sunk into his chair his cheeks were flushed as he looked up at his older brother who was looking at him with a questioning face. “So I will ask again. Who is she?”
“(Y/N) (Y/L/N)” Finn says reluctantly. “Her father is James (Y/L/N) who used to work down by the docks.”
“The drunk?” Arthur asked. Finn nodded back, he knew the rest of the boy knew who he was he had been a part of some business, a trust worthy man a few years ago. Until his wife died he turned into a different person.
“Why is she here Finn? What are you protecting her from?” The answer to this was who was he protecting her from and he got the feeling Tommy already knew the answer to this.
“He comes home drunk sometimes, he hits her or worse,” Finn looked at his hands and the boys go silent John stood up in rage.
“You’re fucking joking me!” John shouted, Tommy stood up and put a hand on his shoulder.
“We will sort this out, Go and speak to the girl now,” Finn watched his brothers walk out the garrison with red in their eyes, He looked over to you with wide sorry eyes.
“I can’t stop them, They know everything” He said wrapping his arms around you pulling you up and into his chest.
You started to sob. You were grateful for Finn protecting you but your dad was the only family you had left.


Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language, making out

Summary: You? an average civilian pretty content with your average life. Him? A super soldier who must keep you away from Hydra’s tentacles with the only rule that you can’t never know about his existence, neither his team. But why is a world knowed evil organization after you? Would he break the only rule when your life gets threatened by a not-Hydra related danger?

A/N: I don’t know how much chapters this series will have, but I clearly know how where want it to go :)

Tags: @fashun–deevah  @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x @marvel-fanfiction @melconnor2007  @blueskies-love @-tulipsunflower-  @elisa-ramirez14  @the-girl-without-a-face @netflixa @ alyssiamking  @fashun–deevah @laughandwrite  @wordacadabra  (if someone wants to be tagged or untagged please let me know) 

One gun


- I can’t believe you are throwing this shit to me, Steve… 

A sharp pain runs through your head when you try to open your eyes.

- No, no, pal, listen to me, what the fuck was I supposed to do? You would have done the same! 

Still dizzy you raise your arm to check that your head is still your head and not some kind of concrete mixer, by how it hurts, it could have been. Blinking fast you open your eyes grateful that in the room there’s not so much light to hurt your retines.

Wait… room??

Gasping you stand on your elbows eyes wide open. Besides you, the source of the voice, who’s talking by phone as you can see, jerks alarmed for your sudden movement. You stare at him mouth hanging open and he does the same at you. 

Holy shit! He is easily the most handsome man you have ever seen. But what is he doing next to you? And, by the way, where are you?!

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lizardcool17  asked:

Drag AU. It's Sara's birthday and as a present Mickey allows Sara to do what ever she wants. So with this opportunity Sara decides to get a little revenge on her brother by giving him a full drag make over and then go clubbing with him. Mickey tolerates Sara's demands because he wants to make his sister happy but while at the club he runs into Emil.

I know I’m still on vacation and my tabtop (tablet laptop) is not the easiest to type on, but I had to answer this ask.

Also, I changed it from their birthday to a lost bet. Mostly because I imagine they’d want to celebrate with all of their friends for their birthday~

“Absolutely not.” Michele crossed his arms over his chest, narrowing his eyes at his twin sister. 

“Fair is fair, Mickey,” she sang, lacing her fingers and grinning like the Cheshire cat. “I won, so you have to do anything I say.”

She was right, of course. But Michele didn’t want to admit it. He was so certain he would be victorious, that he didn’t stop to consider what would happen if he actually lost.

And here he was.

Now Sara wouldn’t have to wait until she was thirty to start dating - his terms - and he had to do whatever she wanted.

Just great.

“I won’t do it,” he insisted, eyeing the skirt she held in her hand.

“Oh, Mickey. It’ll be just like when we were little and we used to play dress-up in our-”

“You promised to take that to your grave,” he hissed, glancing from side to side as if someone could somehow overhear them through the thick walls of their shared apartment.

“Okay, I won’t mention the gowns,” she began, “Or the necklaces, or the heels-”

“Sara,” he warned.

“Or the tea parties,” she added quickly with a smile. “You know, Mickey. It’s completely acceptable for a man to like those things.”

“Of course it is,” he groaned through clenched teeth. “But I don’t need it getting around to the other skaters, okay?”

“My lips are sealed,” she swore and then held the skirt up again. “So, makeover first and then,” she paused with a wicked little grin, “we’re heading to the club.”


Michele was aware of every pair of eyes on him as he stepped into the club behind his sister. He was already a good head taller than her as it was, but with the heels on, he felt like a human tower.

As he walked, he suddenly wished he hadn’t scoffed at the tights she’d offered him and actually accepted. His legs were still smooth from his last wax, but he felt so exposed with the skirt, which now felt ten times shorter than it had at home.

“C’mon, Mickey,” she called, waving him closer and heading toward the bar. He followed behind her, wishing desperately that they’d decided on an alias for him, just for the night. “Two of the special, please,” she ordered.

“Sure thing, ladies,” the bartender replied and turned his back to fix their drinks.

“Sara,” Michele whispered, moving closer to her and clutching her arm, the gazes of the other club-goers finally getting to him. “I want to go home.”

“No way, Mickey.” She pouted up at him. “We just got here.” Then she added, “And we agreed it would be a full night out.” 

Michele groaned and leaned against the bar. “How many hours is that?”

The bartender brought their drinks over and set them down. Sara thanked him and grabbed her glass. bringing her straw to her lips. “I haven’t decided yet.”

He sighed and picked up his own drink, brushing away some of the stray hairs from the wig he wore, which had stuck to the obscene amount of gloss his sister had slathered onto his lips.

“Excuse me, miss,” someone drawled from beside them. “Would you care to dance?”

Michele’s blood began to boil. How dare someone proposition his sister right in front of him?! He opened his mouth, but remembered himself, speaking in a slightly higher pitch than normal.

“She’s not interested,” he spat, eyes blazing.

“Oh, well,” the man floundered, his cheeks pink. “Well, I, um, I actually meant-”

“Did I not say it clearly enough?” Michele stood up to his full height, even taller with the heels on. “Not. Interested.”

“Right, uh…” He cleared his throat. “Sorry, then.” And then he backed away, disappearing into the throng of people on the dance floor.


“Like I’d let that lowlife dance with you.” He sneered. “What a-”

Mickey,” she said again, louder this time. “He wasn’t asking me to dance.”

He furrowed his brow, blinking in confusion. “Of course he was.”

“No.” She barely hid a smile as she rolled her eyes fondly. “He was asking you.”

“He was not,” he began, but Sara shook her head and gestured toward a group of men who were looking their way, but quickly busied themselves when pointed out. “He…was?”

“You’re quite popular, it seems,” Sara said, puffing out her chest proudly. “I’d say it’s my flawless makeup technique, but I think it has something to do with those legs of yours,” she teased.

Michele unconsciously tugged his skirt down. It felt even shorter than ever.

“Anyway, I’m going to slip into the bathroom to powder my nose,” Sara said. “But at least I don’t have to worry about protecting my big brother.” She grinned. “I think you can handle yourself for a few minutes.” And then she, too, was gone.

Michele fiddled with his straw, bringing it to his lips and chewing on the end as he waited for her to return. He knew he could send the next guy packing, no problem, but he really didn’t feel like talking to anyone else.

Maybe when Sara got back, he could talk her into dancing just the two of them and then, after a suitable amount of time had passed, they could leave.

He was deep in thought when someone tapped him on the shoulder.

“Excuse me, miss, but I think you dropped your-” But the man froze, his deep blue eyes going wide. “Mickey?”

Michele swallowed, icy panic settling in his stomach. He licked his lips nervously before stuttering a quick, “Emil?!”

Ah ha ha. Well, Emil was in this for about two seconds, but…
I got excited about Mickey in a short skirt and heels. The world needs more of that.

Thanks for the lovely prompt and sorry it took me so long to respond!! 


anonymous asked:

soulmate au with Tsuna where tsuna gets jealous becauase the mate he claimed he didn't want was getting hit on


Admin Adelheid


It had all lasted for a split second. And yet for you it had felt like forever…

As soon as he touched you both of you knew.

Looking across each other through several generations in different ages under several different circumstances… Marriage, death and births Tsuna had shared with you across several different worlds and times, wearing several different skins of varying colors… The last lifetime he had seen you may have been the most tragic. Because in it the first time he saw you was also the last.

Your eyes met across the crowd he was leading just before they hung you in the wilderness for being a darkie despite living in a world where everyone was supposed to live equal and free…

It was one he had regretted for the rest of his remaining life there.

It all went by so fast while you were falling in his lap after he grabbed you in anger. You had charged into his private room at his favorite strip club as he was getting drunk and being entertained by your younger sister who was working as a host there. You had tried to forcibly take your sister home with you who had seemed to be working at the club without your knowledge.

As you looked incredulously into each other’s eyes for a few precious minutes Tsuna’s gaze twisted into something resembling anguish and shame.

To think you would be here like this… To think you would see him in this state… In this shameful state of mind…?

“Get out.” Tsuna commanded as he pushed you off his lap harshly and you stumbled down on the floor still looking up at him with a stunned expression of disbelief and wonder on your face. As though Tsuna couldn’t stand the sight of your eyes on him he covered his face with his hand and screamed. “GET OUT!!! I DON’T WANT YOU HERE!!!”

His words drove through your chest like newly sharpened throwing knives even as his bodyguards dragged you and your sister away. You couldn’t stop staring at him as your tears trickled down your cheeks. You had never believed in soulmates but…

“I finally… found you…”

Your whisper caused him to look up at you with incredulous, miserable eyes even as the small, sad smile you graced him with conveyed your forgiveness and the love you have harbored for him throughout all your lifetimes…

A smile that was cut short as you were dragged out of his sight.

As you and your chastised sister headed home you can’t stop thinking about Tsuna’s tortured face as you left him in that room. Your heart ached in a way that you never felt before.


Was this the reason why you have never fallen in love before? Because you’ve been waiting… You’ve always been waiting…

“Look what you did! Now the owner will never let me work there ever again!” your sister complained all the way home.

“That’s for the best.” You replied somewhat distractedly. “Your place is in school; not a whorehouse.”

“You’re not the boss of me!”

“Care to test that theory?”

Your sister flinched. “Why are you being like this?! Don’t you understand I just want to help pay back the debts Mom and Dad left behind before the accident?!”

“I’ll figure something out, don’t worry,” you replied with a smile and a fond pat on her head. “But I refuse to offer any more sacrifices. If you can’t do better than whoring yourself to just about anyone who has a thick wallet then you can just forget it.”

“Hey now, you’re out late!”

You feel a chill spread up your spine at the voice and turned icy eyes on the man who had just called out to you. You shield your sister from their sights and whisper to your sister. “Run home. Don’t stop. Lock the door.”



Reluctantly your sister followed your instructions and ran leaving to deal with the man and his two friends.

“Your sister in trouble again or something?” he asked smoothly, smiling cockily as he did so.

“I believe that’s none of your business.” You replied coldly.

“Hey, is that really any way to talk to me?” he came up to you and held your chin in his fingers. “You ain’t forgetting the money your parents owe me, do you?”

“How can I forget?”

“Then you should talk nicer to me.”

“Since I’m planning to pay back every cent then I don’t think I have to do that.”

His face became more serious and started coming down, closer to yours as his eyes darkened with desire. “Come on. You know you can pay me back instantly if you just agreed to my proposition.”

“I am not going to be your sex toy. Get away from―”

All you saw was the flash of gold and fire before the man was practically ripped away from you as though caught by a wild animal. All you could do was watch as the men who had called out to you and your sister and has caused you so much torment since your parents passed away were beaten with ferocity; their blood littered the ground as they were mauled within an inch of their lives. The man who had touched you had it the worst. His face was bloody and disfigured from being scrubbed on the concrete pavement with great insistence and his hand6 the one that had touched you- was twisted around as though he were nothing more than a toy. By the time the attacker was satisfied the man lay dying under an expensive bloody shoe.

And you could only look at Tsuna’s blood stained face as he stomped at the man underneath his feet with fury.

“How dare you!” he was muttering all that time through tightly clenched teeth, his face a study of rage as his eyes glowed in the darkness. “How dare you touch what’s mine!”

You couldn’t feel any fear even when he stopped and looked back at you with those wild eyes. For some reason all you could do was stare right back at him, your heart in complete surrender even though your mind kept questioning its logic. Despite yourself you keep hearing your soul tell you, ‘It’s fine if it’s him… Even if he kills me it’s fine… I belong to him…’

Just as fast as he attacked he gathered you in his arms and kissed you in wild abandon. And though your mind protested and told you this man was a murderer your heart and your soul couldn’t stop themselves from wrapping your arms around his neck and surrendering to the kiss. And when he stopped he held you tight and buried his face in the crook of your neck trembling.

“This can’t be happening,” you heard him mutter. “You can’t be here…! I can’t afford another weakness!”

You closed your prickling eyes as the feeling of peace and completion flooded through your soul. “I’m sorry…”

“Why…?” he whispered harshly against your skin as he held you tighter. “Why do you have to show up now? Now that I’m tainted? Now that I’m unworthy of you…?!”

All you could do was shed your tears and whisper in his ear, unable to hold back what your soul wanted despite knowing how crazy this all was. “I don’t think I care. I told you before, remember? Before we parted for the first time. I belong to you. Always. Forever. You are the only person who is allowed to kill me. I don’t think… I can stop loving you even if I tried…”

Tsuna replied with a dry sob and held you even tighter still. A mix of relief and fear settling in him.

Relief that at last he had found what was he had been missing all his life… and fear that he might lose you again.

Let Me In {End}

Sequel to The Sun and The Stars

Previous parts:  | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 |

Word count: 1161

Warnings: This is the end!! I hope you guys liked this two section series, it was sooo much fun to write. I have a few fanfic ideas queued up right now so stick around!! Hope you all like it and don’t hate me too much xx

Originally posted by uchihaclan27

Not a day went by that you didn’t think about Bucky but as time went on, you found that it didn’t hurt as much when his face crossed your mind. The ropy scar on your arm had faded to a thin pink line after years of healing and even as years and years passed, you never took the locket off. You’d put minuscule pictures of Bucky in the left side and a picture of Steve holding Layla in the right of the gold heart so whenever you opened it, you remembered how truly lucky you’d been to have had the chance to love them both and have a beautiful daughter, despite the pain you’d endured in this life.

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A Court of Spring and Stars pt. 4


That was terrible. Why can’t I be charming like other guys? No, I have to keep blundering on oblivious to the fact that I’m making a girl uncomfortable. She’ll never talk to me again.

I sigh as I walk into my room. I almost collapse on my bed until I notice my dad lying on his side across it with his head propped up on a hand. Amusement glitters in his eyes. “Paint me like one of your dream girls.”

“Dad, get out.” I say, not unkindly but tiredly.

He sits up and pats a spot on the bed, “But Feyre darling said you might need some fatherly advice.” he winks, “You know, on how to get a girl.” nudging me as I sit down and glare at him. “Okay, your mother didn’t say that but she showed me your conversation about the girl and I felt like imparting some fatherly wisdom.”

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Double Standard (E2-Harrison Wells x Reader)

Barry and Cisco notice that Harry treats you a lot better than anyone else in the laboratory, and it worries them…


“Harry never yells at you.”

“He actually smiles around you.”

“And most importantly,” Cisco pointed out in a very convinced tone. “He shares his Big Belly Burger fries with you.”

You couldn’t help but roll your eyes. 

For the past twenty minutes, Barry and Cisco have been trying to persuade you that the infamously dickish - yet not evil - Harrison “Harry” Wells had a double-standard for you. They weren’t really trying to make point whether it was good or bad; moreso, just explaining that the possibility of such was terrifyingly awkward.

Sighing, you closed your eyes and crossed your arms, only to end up massaging your throbbing temples.

“…Listen, guys,” you leaned against the table prior to casting them worried looks. “I appreciate your concern and all; but aren’t you overreacting?”

Cisco gaped, as if you had just slapped him.

Overreacting?” his voice couldn’t have sounded more incredulous. “You’re kidding, right? Please tell me you’re kidding.”

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Cat Visit (Bucky x Reader)

Bucky Barnes x Reader (Requested by Anon)
Request: I would like to make a request for a Bucky one shot. The reader is Buckys neighbour who’s cat constantly disappears for long periods. They eventually find out that the cat has been hanging around Buckys place so he started letting it in. Bucky and the reader bond because of the cat. You can write them as friends or have it develop into a fluffy relationship. Thank you in advance!!!

Note: I am so sorry for the wait, Anon! Hope you enjoyed this!

Other note: I wrote this at 3 in the morning, cause I hate myself, so I hope it turned out alright for you guys.

This has been the sixth time your cat, Fayina, has disappeared from your apartment this week. She’s been disappearing every so often for the past month. But at least she comes back home safely. But you need to find out where your lovely cat is going all the time. You decided to find out where Fayina is going all the time. Though it may a coincidence that she keeps on disappearing around the same time your new, neighbour moved in a month ago.

“Maybe she went to greet the new neighbour… I guess it’s time for me to met the new neighbour…” You mumbled, getting up and changing into your casual clothes of a Batman shirt, blue jeans, and your Joker Converses, and walked out of your apartment moving next door. When you stopped, your anxiety comes back, and you forgot what you were doing in front of the new neighbours door.

“May I help you?” You jumped up in surprise, and turned around to see a man with shoulder length, brunette hair in a messy bun, with icy blue eyes, wearing sweat pants, and a baggy jacket. Why is he wearing a jacket in the middle of the summer? You wondered, looking at the man, he was holding a bag of groceries, and saw that there was a few cans of cat food and a little bag of cat food in his left hand, which was covered by a black glove.

“I… I umm…” You couldn’t form a complete sentence, it’s not because of the man, because he is a good looking man no doubt, you just wish you were better at speaking with people, without anxiety attacking you everytime. The man looks at you, raising his eyebrow but waiting patiently for your response, “My… My cat… Is she here?… She keeps on disappearing everyday…” You mumbled quietly, not being louder than a whisper. Surpised, he heard your mumbles, and opened the door to his apartment, and your cat walts out, meowing at both you and the man, her rubbing up against the man’s pants legs, purring loudy.

“Traitor…” The man chuckled, as he watched you glaring at your cat as she walked to you, giving you the same love she did for the man. “No treats for you, traitor…” You mumbled, and looked at the man, not keeping eye contact, a horrible habit you need to quit, and ended up looking at his shoulder. “Thank you for at least keeping her safe, sir…” He looks at you, putting the bag of cat food on the ground of the door of the apartment, and extended his hand.

“It’s nothing, the name’s Bucky… We’ll it’s really James Buchanan Barnes… But friends call me Bucky.” Bucky says as you grabbed his hand, shaking it. “I’m Y/N.. Y/L/N…” You smiled at him, and grabbed the cat food. “Let me help you with your things, Bucky. Welcome to the neighbourhood.” He smiles back, nodding as he leads you into the apartment. “It’s nothing much… I don’t have a lot of furniture…” “That’s fine… I mean you did just move in a few weeks ago.”

When you guys walked into the apartment, he was right; the apartment barely had any furniture, there was no couch, or any sitting furniture in the living room, no table in the tiny dining room, and you can partially see a bare mattress in his room with no dresser or even a side table in the room as far as you can see. 

“Wow, you were right… I am getting you some furniture after my paycheck comes in…” He gives you a shocked look, “You better not, we just met, I can get my own furniture, Y/N…” You raised your eyebrow, giving him an amusing look, “Oh yea? With what job, might I ask? I am not that dumb of knowing who you are… You were the bravest Sargent during WW2, fighting alongside with my great grandfather, Major James Montgomery Falsworth… You got into a lot of shit, and I know you want to hide, but how are you going to pay for your bills, and get food? Wait… Did Steve Rogers send you money to get an apartment here and money for groceries?” “Yes, he did, and I will pay him back for all he’s done for me… I owe it to him for this…”

You both stood in silence, and the silence was broken when Fayina, your cat, jumps on the counter of the kitchen and meowed loudly at you two, making you giggle and him chuckle lowly, “I guess she’s hungry, no wonder you got her food…” You smiled at him, retrieving the can of the cat food from the bag in Bucky’s arm. “Here, Feyina…” You grabbed a little plate, putting the cat food on the plate for her. She meows loudly again, as you put the plate on the counter in front of her, and starts eating it up hungrily.

“Guess that’s why you went to the shops, huh?” You giggle, smiling at him. “Yea, never did have any food that she would eat, so I thought I would buy her some food…” He laughs, scratching the back of his head with his free hand. “I am glad that Feyina choose to go and visit you, Bucky…” You smiled warmly at him, and watched Feyina eat her food up. “I am too, Y/N… This will be great staying here after all…” He smiles back at you, and you laughed.

“So, that means I get to give you a couch right?” You playfully asked him and he sighs in defeat, “If it makes you happy, Doll. Then go for it…”

Thank you for your patience! Hope you guys enjoyed it! *Passes out from staying up too late to write this* -Moose

Prompt: “I just need to be alone right now”

Subject: Kakashi thinks his wife is dead on a mission but she ainttttt

Rating: T

Pairing: Kakashi x kidnapped!reader

* * * * * * * * * *  

A loud noise startled you awake.

When you opened your eyes you found your hands and feet were bound together with chakra rope, a piece of fabric shoved between your lips. Your eyes widened as you looked over to see a middle-aged shinobi standing before you, his fist resting against the wall next to your head.

At his collarbone rested an old Leaf village shinobi headband, a line sketched in straight across the emblem. You immediately noticed his hair which was a light shade of blonde that fell to his shoulders. His glittering blue eyes pierced right through you as memories of the battle against this man came flooding back to you.

You struggled against your bindings, your angry words coming in muffled undertones behind the fabric that was shoved in your mouth.

“Silly girl,” the man spoke huskily, “do you really think you can get away? These chakra ropes are as tight as steel. You’re not getting away until these ropes are finished draining you of your chakra-and then when your pulse is just about to flitter off, I’ll be able to inject you - and use you as my puppet.”

Your eyes were quivering under the harsh light the man was shining down on you. You yelled against your mouth restraints, listening to him chuckle. He leaned over, ripping the piece of fabric out of your mouth.

“You have something to say?” He smiled, his rotted teeth making your spine shiver.

“You think you’re so smart,” you spat at him, your lips curling in a sneer, “I am a Leaf Village shinobi and wife of the Copy Ninja. Do you think-”

“Let me show you something, little girl,” the man cooed, placing his palm on your forehead.

Suddenly, you were looking in on the Hokage’s office. Lady Tsunade stood up from behind her desk, her lips pursed in a painful grimace.

“Kakashi,” she began, her eyes avoiding one of her best shinobi’s as he stood before her. “I have some bad news from one of our teams.”

“Hm?” Kakashi looked up, his single eyebrow cocking up in wonder.

“It seems Team [y/n] ran into some trouble,” her eyes met his. “You’re wife- she didn’t make it.”

Kakashi was silent for a moment, taking in what the Hokage just said. He tilted his head forward, and you could almost feel his pulse quicken.

“I’m sorry, I don’t think I understand what you mean, m’lady,” Kakashi said, trying to keep his composure.

Lady Tsunade chewed her lip, frowning. “Her teammates said there was a fluke in her wood style Jutsu and the enemies Jutsu took advantage. He mirrored her Jutsu, and - … it-…  impaled her.”

“That’s impossible,” Kakashi smiled softly, his single eye quivering. “My wife’s woodstyle Jutsu is the best in the land, right next to her brother, Yamato’s.”

“I’m sorry,” Lady Tsunade lowered her chin. “But even the best shinobi’s have their weak moments. So please, listen to what I am saying.”

“And her teammates?” Kakashi inquired, his facial features twitching as he began to lose his normally cool composure. “What became of them? And her body?”

Lady Tsunade shook her head, “they did not return her body. They said she had been so badly impaled that they couldn’t remove her from the wood without having a wood style user present.”

Kakashi shook his head, swallowing hard, “This- this- … I-… I need to be alone right now. I’m sorry, m’lady.”

Lady Tsunade called out to him, but he had already left her office, slamming the door behind him.

“No!” You forced your eyes open, meeting the steely gaze of the man above you. “That’s impossible. My teammates would never lie like that! They would never fake my death!”

The man chuckled, removing his hand from your forehead. “My dear child, there is such a thing as a genjutsu. I captured you and knocked you out when they were too busy weeping over your dead body in their minds.”

You spat in the man’s face, disgusted. He grimaced, wiping your saliva from his cheek.

A moment later, your body was rapidly deteriorating from the chakra ropes- stealing your chakra.

* * * *

You were dreaming. Or at least, it seems as though you were.

You were watching Kakashi in your apartment. His feet paced across the hardwood floors, hands gripped in fists enough to leave marks in his palms. He shook his head, sitting down at the kitchen table before taking his headband off and pulling down his mask. He placed his head in his hands, his chin finally quivering. He slammed his fist against the wooden table, whispering to himself about losing another one- another one he couldn’t save.

He put his forehead on the table, droplets of tears falling onto the wood as he ran his fingers through his silver hair. His breathing came in ragged breaths as he clenched his teeth in anguish. Finally, he stood up, replacing his mask as he walked into your shared office. Hastily, he wiped his face of any tears before opening your desk drawer, shuffling through papers. Finally, he found the piece of paper he seemed to be looking for. You watched his mismatched eyes skim over the words before replacing his headband, shoving the paper in his pocket and heading out the door.

* * * *

Something startled you awake again, but this time, there wasn’t a fist centimeters from your head like there had been before. You lifted you gaze, your vision blurry and your mind hazy. Your body felt like cement. You squinted, trying to make out the scene before you.

You could see white and yellow blurs as you felt your eyes closing again, the exhaustion overtaking you. Your ears picked up grunting, as well as the sounds of men yelling Justus. Your mind didn’t register what was happening as you fell in and out of consciousness.

* * * *

Your eyes fluttered open. Your vision was rather blurry as it tried to adjust to the bright light of the room. You swallowed, your limbs feeling like cinder blocks as you tried to remember where you were. Behind you was a loud beeping noise that was in rhythm with your heartbeat and you listened to it escalate as you became more anxious about your surroundings.

“Where am I?” you whispered to ceiling, your mouth feeling like a desert with each word.

You sat up, your arms shaking under the weight of your body as your blurry vision landed on your husband, sitting sound asleep in a chair next to you. His head was tilted back, his Adam’s apple prominent behind his masked face. In his hand laid one if his favorite novels, Make-Out Paradise, which you allowed him to continue reading despite its nature. Behind the fabric that covered his face you could see his lips were slightly parted, a soft snore coming from his throat.

You gazed at him, your eyes traveling over his relaxed body. His Jounin vest was hastily unbuttoned, his undershirt wrinkled more than usual.

“Kakashi-” you managed, trying to reach him. Suddenly everything came flooding back to you, the man with the icy blue eyes, the genjutsu he put your teammates in, him draining your chakra and now you realized what had happened in the end- Kakashi had saved you.

On the nightstand next to you was your necklace you wore beneath your armor and you picked it up, fingering your wedding band thoughtfully.

A moment later, Kakashi lifted his head, his single displayed eye somehow looking more tired than normal. He looked over at you, yawning. Finally, he smiled, realizing you were awake.

“Good morning,” he spoke quietly, smiling.

“You came after me after Lady Tsunade told you I was dead,” you said abruptly.

Kakashi nodded, putting his book down on the nightstand next to you. He pulled his mask down, a sight even you hadn’t seen very often and planted his lips on your forehead. When he leaned himself over your hospital bed, his chain with his own wedding band came out from under his shirt, lingering in the air between the two of you. Slowly, he retreated back to his seat, happy.

“Why?” you asked, still amazed. He cocked his eyebrow at your question. “I mean- how? How did you know?”

Kakashi smiled again, “you and I- we’re connected through more than just a wedding band. I knew you weren’t dead. After Lady Tsunade told me, my mind ceased functioning for a little while, but after when I thought about it, it didn’t make sense. Why would they leave you behind? Even if your body was ‘impaled by your wood style’, there is no way they wouldn’t be able to reverse it. The story just didn’t add up.”

You nodded your head, still feeling fogged.

“They said you should be feeling back to normal by tomorrow. I would imagine you must be feeling rather groggy right now and-”

“What about the man?” You interrupted him, meeting his gaze.

“He is dead,” Kakashi said firmly. A few beats of silence passed between the two of you. You let a smile grace your lips, watching him watch you. He smiled in return, his little beauty mark on his chin creasing with his grin.

“Thank you,” you said, holding out your hand.

“I love you,” he returned quietly, taking your fingers in his grip. His calloused thumb grazed over your knuckles. “And thank you for not dying,”

You chuckled, “thank you for saving me.”

Kakashi smiled, his lips showing signs of past regret and loss. You leaned in, wrapping your arms around his neck. His tense muscles relaxed, and he held you back. He held you close, wrapping his arms around you and squeezing you in a way that took your breath away. Somehow, you didn’t mind.

“I love you, Kakashi,” you whispered in his ear. “And don’t you ever forget that.”


Pairing: Finn Balor x original character

Summary: You make me stay out all night and catch a cold.

A/N: Inspired by Alexis Texas by Cruel Youth. Check the source at the bottom for a Spotify link. Also inspired by heel Devitt in NJPW which is a gift from God that I am so happy we received.

Tags: @neversatisfiedgirl @linoki

My rowdy friends crowd me inside of the dark building. The smoke billowing throughout the interior nearly sends me into a choking fit. I wave off the companions I’ve arrived with to skirt toward the less smoky area of the bar. I wave over the bartender, order something lightweight for myself. I’m able to afford myself a few moments to catch my breath, whilst I wait for my drink. The bartender carefully slides my drink over, sympathetic at my watery eyes from the haziness, and then grasps the crisp bills I hand over for the drink.

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One More Tomorrow, Chapter 9

photoset by @slashyrogue

TGIF! I finally managed to sneak in some time to write more for this fic! I’m very excited for this part and I hope you will be too! As always, I’m happy to discuss with anyone my little AU <3

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Hannibal’s lids were heavy and he felt his eyelashes a tangled mess of bent pins, pricking his skin. The heat he was nestled in was a cocoon, his breath only adding to the overbearing air, yet he took it all in, gently, in long, drawn-out inhales. Stale sweat and cum and hay and unwashed hair, he took it all and it was still not enough.

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Confessions (Pt. 1)

Lol this is like way too OOC and non-descriptive whoops bare with me I think it’s cute and spent a month on it ok

Title: Confessions
Pairing: Claude x Sebastian
Warnings: Poor writing, too much detail in the clothes and bedrooms, slight mentions of abuse??, swearing and all that jazz, no understanding of basic anatomy, I’m like five lmao bare with me
Other: Sebastian is a virgin with an assgina but he doesn’t shit or anything so its totally not gross like that


Claude wasn’t always emotionless. Cold. Empty.

He had a family. Keyword: had.

Claude’s real name was Cimeries Lucifer. He was the lost child of Lucifer, the child who was stolen before he was a month old.

Claude knew this. He knew who he was. He knew the legend. He knew the power he had; the power of Lucifer himself in his veins. The demon wasn’t a spider, as he’d led everyone to believe.

Cimeries Lucifer, son of the King of Hell himself, was the only other demon besides Lucifer to be a multi-demon. What’s a multi-demon, you may ask?
A multi-demon is a demon of many different forms. They had the power to transform into any demonic type at will, much like a shapeshifter. Claude could turn himself into a Crow demon, much like his rival, if he so pleased. He could turn into a Flower demon, like Hannah, even, or a mere servant such as the triplets.
Of course, Claude preferred to stay under the Spider façade. Spiders, as he understood, were feared for their outward appearance. At first glance, one would be scared, would they not? Even if said creature held no intent to hurt?
It is the appearance alone that is what spooks people so much. And that’s what Claude desired. He wanted humans to be afraid of his appearance. To avoid them getting too close, to avoid them knowing the person he truly was.
Nice, gentle, caring, soft..

No.. that’d be much too dangerous. After all, he could get hurt that way. He would trust too easily and then get stabbed in the back later. It happened before, and it would happen again. He just knew it.

So it was best to stay low. To keep his façade and not let anyone see his true personality. Just.. don’t let them in. Don’t let them in. Don’t…

…He’s already failed.

He already failed in that. He let too many people in. He let too many people see him for him already. Alois, Hannah, even Ciel caught a glimpse.

And now.. Sebastian saw it, too.

It was a clear, crisp morning at the Trancy Manor. It didn’t mean to be cliché at first, but the birds really were chirping and singing outside as Claude went to wake his Master, and the grass did seem greener than usual. It truly did seem to be a good day.

“Good morning, Master.” The demon said as he threw open the thick lavender-colored curtains and allowed the light to flood into the room. The room immediately was lit up, the golden candelabra stands on the desk glimmering as the light from the morning sun hit them, causing a glare to shine almost directly into Alois’ eyes, which is what woke the blond from his peaceful slumber. Giving a low, childish whine that was muffled by the blankets, said blond curled up further into the mattress, as if attempting to shield himself from the light the sun gave.

His plans were soiled, however, when Claude pulled the fuchsia-and-gold striped duvet from Alois’ body, exposing the child to the cold air of the bedroom. Claude noted the coldness and made a mental reminder to light the fireplaces later. Despite summer and the warmth the season brought, there still was a certain chill in the mornings that made them unpleasant.

“Your Highness, today we have a special meeting with Lord Phantomhive. You cannot afford to mess about.” Claude scolded gently when Alois attempted to cover up his shivering form once more.
“Can’t we cancel that, Claude?” The sleepy boy pleaded, blurry icy blue eyes looking up at the man. “I’m so cold, I think I might be sick..”
“Your Highness, I’m afraid that will not work on me. Your aura is one of utmost health.” Claude replied, not bothering to work any further in ripping the blankets away, instead walking towards the wardrobe in the corner of the room and taking clothes from it. The demon settled on Alois’ usual wear; a white undershirt with a green and black striped button-up vest, black, large bowtie, maroon overcoat, dark gray -almost black- shorts, black thigh-high tights, and his favorite brown knee-high boots with black laces and a small bowtie at the top that matched the color of his coat.
The blond looked pleased with the choice of clothing, a small, pale fist raising to rub at his eyes childishly before helping Claude and sitting up, stripping himself of his white nightshirt.

Claude seemed pleased with his cooperation and dressed Alois, happy to find the blond didn’t try to irritate him this morning by removing his clothes after Claude got them on him.

“Claude, what’s for breakfast?” Alois inquired, standing up once his boots were on and tied.
“Today I have made eggs and maple bacon, as well as an orange for fruit and orange juice.”
“Sunny side up?” Alois hummed, walking towards the door as Claude made the bed.
“Yes, your Highness. Just how you like them.” The demon promised, tucking the duvet and sheets under the pillow once more before walking ahead of his Master to open the door for him, the blond swiftly exiting and walking gracefully down the hall as his ever-so-faithful butler followed.
“Good.” Alois smiled, pleased with his butler’s doings. “Good.” He repeated, licking his lips. “Is Ciel the only person I am meeting with today?”
“Yes, your Highness.” The demon nodded, “I have taken it into my hands to cancel everything else upon seeing the nice day.”
“Thank you, Claude. It has been rather gloomy lately, hasn’t it?” Alois grinned happily, a spring being added to his step as he travelled down to the dining room for breakfast. The demon was being extra generous today, not that Alois was really complaining.. Claude had been rather down lately as well, so he was pleased to see that the demon was back to being cheery, even if said demon didn’t quite realize he was being such himself.

Claude noticed how Alois seemed to brighten, but didn’t say anything, opening the large doors to the blue and gold dining room. An ugly color mix, in Claude’s opinion, but he was in no place to judge.
He pulled the seat back for the blond and the child gratefully sat, taking a fork and poking at the eggs happily. “Are they cold?”
“No, your Highness. I only finished them just before I woke you.” Claude promised. He knew how much Alois despised food being left too long.
The blond was pleased by this and began to eat, allowing Claude’s thoughts to start to drift.

He found they were drifting to rather odd things, too. Mostly involving a certain dark-haired butler, by the name of Sebastian Michaelis.

Why would he be daydreaming of another demon? And his rival, at that.

Well, Claude knew why, he was just overly stubborn and refused to admit it. He only just finally admitted it to himself the night before and was still a little shocked.

He, Claude Faustus, was madly, horribly, deeply in love with Sebastian Michaelis.

Now, love.. such an odd thing for a demon to admit. Demons shouldn’t be able to feel such things.


There were a few handfuls of demons out there that were capable of feeling such things as love, or fear. Claude was one of them. As was Hannah. Sebastian must be one too, really. Obviously he feels for Ciel more than a demon, or even butler should.

But there was always a chance that Claude could be wrong. It could be a simple façade, such as the one he himself has. Or it could be genuine. Claude liked to believe the latter. It meant a chance that Sebastian could, possibly, one day return his feelings. But it was very unlikely..

“Claude, you’re looking gloomy again. Stop thinking whatever it is you’re thinking.” Alois called, breaking the demon from his thoughts.
“Ah.. I apologize, Master. Sorry for being distant.” The demon bowed, apologetic, hiding his face so Alois couldn’t see his troubled expression. As odd as it was, Claude was desperate for Sebastian’s undivided love and attention. He craved it. Needed it.

That’d never happen though, of course. Sebastian was, as he’d said earlier, his rival. Arch nemesis, some say. But Claude adored him. Looked up to him. Sadly the demon would never reciprocate his feelings, but he was okay with that.. somewhat.

Just don’t let him know, He reminded himself, Sebastian can never find out. I’d get mocked, or even killed..

“Claude, what did I just tell you? Stop acting so gloomy!” The blond cried, feeling the mood of the room drop once more, “Stop whatever it is you’re thinking and be happy again. You’ve been far too dark lately and today is the first day in a long time you’ve been cheery. What happened? Please, you gotta tell me, Claude,” The blond pleaded, knowing fully well Claude had a soft spot for him and would tell him.

“After breakfast, your Highness.” Claude easily gave in. He could trust Alois with information as important as this. The blond proved himself to be worthy of his trust multiple times before.

Alois seemed pleased with his response and shoveled down the rest of his breakfast quickly, eager to find out what was troubling his butler so he could play therapist, which was his favorite thing to do. He loved to listen to people’s problems and solve them. It made him feel good about himself, knowing he helped people, or in this case, his butler.

Claude had come to him multiple times before, each time with different problems than before. Alois was honestly astonished to know there were so many things that troubled the demon. From something as simple as low self-esteem to hellish nightmares to omens of murder and death. Claude even broke down crying a few times and that’s when Alois realized how fragile this demon truly was. Underneath his strong, cold façade, Claude was fragile and soft-hearted. He almost cried when he accidentally stepped on a cat’s paw in the garden. But it was his gentleness that made him put up the cold exterior. His mother abused him when he was days old because she claimed she felt his ‘calming aura’, and that it 'wasn’t supposed to be that way’. He knew he was a messed up demon. He knew he should be a cold-hearted killer, and he tried to change himself long ago, but nothing ever worked. So he decided, screw it. He was special. He was gentle and he should be proud of his unique personality. He came to accept his gentleness, however doing such caused him to unintentionally let others see it as well. They all saw his kindness, and they all hurt him. Took advantage of his kind heart and hurt him because of it.

It was then that Claude had realized he couldn’t let anyone know. He had to remain strong on the outside and never let anyone see his true nature. That only led to him getting hurt, to him being betrayed.

Then Alois came along and Claude knew from day one, he could trust this boy. Alois, despite his flirty and almost slutty nature, really listened to Claude whenever he spoke to him about his problems. He seemed to put aside his teasing ad childish personality and genuinely tried to help Claude whenever he was down.

Years of doing this is what strengthened their bond to the one they had now. On the outside, Claude despised Alois and wished him death. And Alois was just a lovesick little teen. But they only did this to prevent them from being used as interrogation items for each other, so Alois wouldn’t get hurt and neither would Claude. It was a nice arrangement, Claude had decided. He had Alois’ back and Alois had his.

“Oi! Claude! Pay attention!” Alois called, waving his hand in front of the demon’s face, snapping said demon from his deep thoughts as he realized Alois’ meal was finished.

“Ah, apologies, Master,” Claude mumbled apologetically, stepping back as Alois got up from his seat and led Claude out of the dining room, leaving Hannah and the triplets to clean up the table.

Alois led Claude up the stairs and up to Alois’ office, which was just a bit down the hall from his bedroom. Alois took his seat behind the desk and Claude followed, sighing as he sat across from him. He still wasn’t fully comfortable with sitting across from Alois or sitting in general like an equal to the blond.

“Claude, what’s wrong lately? You seem to be extra troubled whenever Ciel or his butler is brought up in any conversation. Are you worried about our contract, or taking Ciel or something? If so, I-”

“It’s not that, Alois,” Claude sighed. He often called Alois by his name when they were alone, but thankfully the blond never punished him for it. “It’s got to do with Sebastian, though.”

“Then what, Claude? Tell me, please. Why is he troubling you so much? Do I have to have a talk with Ciel when they arrive?”

“No, no, you don’t. It’s just.. I let my feelings get to me again.” He admitted with a sigh, “And.. I fell in love. With Sebastian.”

Claude’s words were met with silence and the demon was worried Alois would laugh at him, mock him for it. But the giggles never came, nor did the taunting words, so Claude looked up from the floor and at Alois.

The blond was stunned. He’d always assumed Claude just never held any interest in men since he always avoided talking about things like that, or just never had any interest in getting in a relationship. This truly was news to him. He was shocked to hear it was Sebastian of all people who’d claimed Claude’s seemingly nonexistent heart, but nonetheless was excited to see how it all turned out if Sebastian was one of the rare demons who could feel, like Claude.

“Sebastian Michaelis?” Alois breathed after the shock wore off. “Hm. Never would have expected that one..” “Is it a problem, Alois?” Claude frowned, genuinely worried Alois had a problem with that and didn’t approve.

“Oh, no, there’s no problem.” He shook his head, “But why were you so gloomy then the past week?”

“I was in denial,” He admitted, “I didn’t want to believe it because nothing but bad would come from this, but last night I finally admitted to myself that I love him. That’s why I’ve been cheery today as well.”

“Well, I’m glad you have. But why so depressed a bit ago?”

“I got to thinking, and I realized that it’s impossible for my feelings to be returned, even a little bit.”

“Don’t be such a downer! You don’t know that for sure.”

“Actually, I do. When has he ever shown any sort of indication of liking me?”

“When have you ever shown any indication of liking him?” Alois retorted, his arms crossing across his chest stubbornly. “Quit being such a pessimist. Sebastian might adore you and you have no idea! You’ll only know for sure if you tell him how you feel.”

“Why not live like this? If I tell him, I risk being killed, and/or being mocked about it for the rest of my life. Which, in case you didn’t know, is quite literally forever.” Claude shot back, “You just got lucky because Ciel adored you as much as you do him. We could all tell, because he’s human and shows his emotions. In case you haven’t noticed, Sebastian is far from human. I can’t tell what the hell goes on in his head. He adores cats, Ciel, and hates me. That’s about all I can gather from him.”

“Claude, come on,” Alois persisted, “Please. They’re coming over for lunch in a few hours and you will tell Sebastian, willingly or not. And you’re skilled in magic, aren’t you? Just alter his memory with a spell if he turns you down!”

“That is illegal in so many ways.” Claude sighed, “Sebastian is the adopted child of Lucifer and therefore the next to take the throne. I would be killed if I tampered with his head in any way. It’s common sense, Alois. You don’t just mess with someone’s brain because you want them to love you. That’s something people only in romance novels get away with.”

Alois groaned, close to tearing his hair out, hunched over his desk with his hands in his hair and elbows on the desk. “Claude Faustus, you are to confess to Sebastian Michaelis tonight. That is an order.” He added in a hiss before Claude could try to protest, catching the demon’s mouth begin to open to try and cut him off before he could finish his order.

Thoroughly annoyed because he knew painfully well he couldn’t say no to a direct order, Claude’s eyes flickered temporarily from golden to fuchsia, then back again. “Yes, your Highness.” He muttered irritably.

Claude’s reluctant compliance seemed to satisfy Alois, and the blond settled down once more. “Good. Now you have work to do. Go clean up and do a good job to impress your demon soulmate.” Alois smirked, waving him off.

The spider demon was eager to comply, and quickly scurried out of the room. He didn’t want to stay in there any longer. Now, to clean up the Manor..

Gazing at the destroyed dining room, Claude gave a low groan. This will take a while.


“Young Master~” Crooned a raven-haired demon, bright ruby-colored eyes glittering as he woke his Master for the day. He tugged the cobalt-colored curtains back from the window to allow the morning light to flood through the room. “Time for you to wake and get ready for the day.”

There was nothing but silence from the small lump in the thick, white duvet for a moment, then a low groan came, followed by the quiet rumbling of a stomach.

“Up, up, up. We must hurry for breakfast and then immediately get ready to head over to your lover’s Manor~” The demon purred, tugging down the snow-white duvet and exposing the small, pale bluenette underneath.

“He’s not my lover,” The boy grumbled, sleepily reaching for the duvet to steal it back from the demon who’d stolen it from him. Unfortunately his plans were foiled when Sebastian merely grabbed his hand and tugged him into an upright position.

A scowl set on his childlike face and Ciel pouted up at his demon. “Give me my blanket and let me sleep.” He snapped, covering himself the best he could with his cold limbs.

“I’m afraid since you’ve already slept in for much longer than what you should have, I cannot allow you to do such a thing.” Sebastian replied calmly and walked over towards Ciel’s large wardrobe and pulling out a white undershirt, a caramel-colored necktie, gray-and-black overshirt, gray shorts, dark gray knee-high socks with a buckle of the same color to keep the socks up, and little chocolate brown heeled shoes, just because Sebastian knew how much Ciel loved the illusion that he was tall.

Sebastian held the clothes with his arm and set them neatly on the edge of the bed, shutting the wardrobe door while Ciel swung his feet over the side of the bed, waiting to be dressed.

Kneeling in front of the boy, Sebastian unbuttoned his nightshirt and pulled it off, tossing the white shirt into the hamper to be cleaned by Mey-Rin that day.

“Why do you have to wash my clothes every single day?” Ciel muttered irritably. All washing clothes meant was another giant mess created by Mey-Rin to clean up.

“It’s just to prevent you from getting ill, my Lord.” Sebastian smiled in response, “We wouldn’t want that to happen to such a frail and easily-hospitalized boy, would we?”

“Shut up. I’m not delicate, nor am I easily-hospitalized.” Ciel snapped, pushing Sebastian’s chest with his foot. “Now get me dressed, dog.”

“Yes, my Lord.” Sebastian purred out with a smile, dressing the boy obediently.

The bluenette was mostly silent as he was dressed, other than the occasional rumble of his stomach, which never failed to bring a blush to Ciel’s cheeks.

“I have made a simple breakfast of plain sugared oatmeal and some toast with blueberry jam. Lunch with Lord Trancy will be much more grand so we shall only fill you up a little bit before then so you can eat all of your meal then.” Sebastian explained, standing up straight and placing a hand on his chest in wait of his next order.

“What kind of tea?”

“Peppermint, my Lord. I did not wake you early enough to thoroughly brush your teeth so the peppermint will help.” The demon responded, grabbing Ciel’s eyepatch and tying it securely around his head.

“Take me to the dining room.” Ciel ordered, standing up and smoothing his clothes out.

“Yes, my Lord.” Sebastian said yet again, oddly chipper today.

“What has you so cheerful, Sebastian?” Ciel wondered aloud as he followed Sebastian out the door and off to the dining room.

“No reason, my Lord. No reason at all.” He trailed off, purposely making himself sound suspicious.

“Sebastian,” Ciel growled out, “You know I despise being lied to. And not knowing why my butler is acting like a happy-go-lucky butterfly.”

“I wouldn’t quite say you’re being lied to, my Lord.”

“Shut up and answer the question. What’s up with you? Is it just because you want to see your oh-so-precious crush?” The boy growled softly.

Sebastian had opened up almost four months ago about his little crush on Alois’ butler, which turned into a full-blown obsession. Sebastian always gushed about every little thing Claude did and made comments to Ciel that were not too appropriate about Claude and even had dreams about him and seemed to love telling them to Ciel in excruciating detail.


Ciel wasn’t really in any place to judge him, though. He did the same with Alois, after all.

“For your information, my Lord, it is not a crush, and yes.” Sebastian replied, pulling the chair out for Ciel to sit and eat.

“You’re like a lovesick teenage girl,” Ciel muttered, sitting down and eating his meal quietly.

“You have no room to talk, Mr. 'I’m-going-to-hump-my-pillow-every-night-because-of-Alois’.” Sebastian taunted, flicking the back of Ciel’s head, dodging the spoonful of hot oatmeal tossed at him and splattering on the wall instead.

“It was not every night! It was once!” Ciel shouted, his face burning hotly.

“Once?” The raven-haired demon raised an eyebrow disbelievingly, “Are you sure? I cleaned those pillows myself and it surely didn’t happen just once.”


“Fine, it happened seven times, but not every night!” The boy groaned, hiding his red face in his arms while Sebastian giggled madly behind him.

“Just hurry up, my Lord, so we can visit your little lover.” He hummed happily and stood by Ciel until he finished his breakfast, which consisted mostly of Ciel just poking at his food until he claimed he was full, suddenly not so hungry anymore.

Sebastian found nothing wrong with this since they’d only eat in a couple more hours anyways, and he may as well use the new free time to thoroughly brush Ciel’s teeth while the servants cleaned the table up.

During this time, Sebastian allowed his thoughts to wander for the sixth time this week.

What would happen if he confessed to Claude? Would he get mad? Happy? Would Claude hate him and kill him then and there? Or would he reciprocate his feelings, and let them have a night of passion and pleasure?

Probably the former, but why not dream? Sebastian quite liked to fantasize about what would happen if they both felt the same to each other.

“Dammit, Sebastian, get your head out of the clouds and listen to me!” Ciel snapped, stomping his foot childishly. “We have to leave now or we’ll be late. Come on!”


“Ciel! I’m so glad you made it! Just in time, too!” Alois crooned in a sickly sweet tone, hugging Ciel tight. “Come on, let’s go play a game of chess before we have to eat. You promised to teach me your strategies!” The blond chirped, sending a look to Claude that told him he had to confess now.

Claude inwardly sighed, but nodded to Alois. Why did the blond even want him to confess so much? Honestly, he was genuinely confused. If he got out alive after confessing, he’d have to ask him about it, because he didn’t see why it was so important that he confess.

As Alois led Ciel upstairs, rather loudly stomping up the steps, Claude turned to the demon he was left alone with. “I want you to follow me, Michaelis. I have something important and.. rather personal to, reluctantly, tell you.” Claude muttered, ignoring the confusion and glimpse of excitement in Sebastian’s expression as he led the demon up to the kitchen to talk.

Sebastian couldn’t help but feel a spark of excitement burn inside him, his stomach fluttering as his heart began to race. Was this the confession he yearned for? Or was this merely him being up to something?

Claude gestured for Sebastian to sit in one of the weak-looking wooden chairs that was in front of the small wooden table in the far corner of the kitchen where the servants sat and ate. Sebastian did so, sitting down and watching Claude curiously as the demon made tea. To lessen the tension, Sebastian assumed, his ruby red gaze raking across his body approvingly. Personally, he wouldn’t mind waking up to that every day, with the knowledge he was his mate. He quite liked the sound of it.

Claude set a cup of ginger tea in front of Sebastian, settling in the seat across from him crossing his legs and leaning back against the chair, with such casualty that Sebastian could feel his face heating up a bit. Claude was always so uptight and his emotions so held back that he absolutely adored Claude looking so comfortable.

“I strongly dislike talking about my feelings, let alone to a demon who despises me,” Claude started.
Oh, how wrong you are with that. Sebastian thought, but didn’t cut him off, letting him continue.
“But orders are orders and I have been forced to share my personal feelings. Now as much as I’d like to take my time with this, I want to cut this short and sweet and get to the rejection part. Sebastian, I’m one of the cursed ones, therefore I can feel human emotion, meaning I can fall in love.”

A 'Cursed demon’ was the name demons have given to those who could feel. Demons only called them this as an insult, since demons were not meant to feel anything other than the seven deadly sins. Much like how humans openly hated gay humans.

Claude wasn’t ashamed of him being one of them, though, as previously stated. Rather proud of it, actually, so he had no problem telling this to Sebastian.

“Long story short, I have fallen in love with you.” Claude stated suddenly. He refused to start a long, heart-warming confession when he was only going to get rejected in the end.

So with this thought in mind, he took his empty cup of tea (He was a stress drinker/eater, and had downed the cup) and stood up again, bringing it to the sink to wash up.

Sebastian was shocked into silence, eyes wide and unmoving as he stared into the seat Claude was in seconds ago.
Okay, sure, it wasn’t exactly the type of confession he had dreamed of, but still. Claude had just confessed he loved him.

Sebastian knew very well Claude could just be lying about this and be ordered by Alois to say stuff like this to get to him, but honestly, Sebastian decided not to think of that and just embrace the moment.

Literally embrace.

Sebastian stood up, walking silently up behind Claude while he was distracted and wrapped his arms around his waist, pressing his face into the back of his neck, a blush creeping up onto his cheeks.

Claude froze in place, genuinely shocked and somewhat spooked, surprised that rather than immediately launching an attack or at the very least mocking him, Sebastian hugged him instead.

Feeling hopeful, he slowly turned, pulling Sebastian off him and studying the demon’s face. It was completely flushed red, his crimson eyes now matching the color of his face perfectly. He had said eyes cast downwards to the floor, looking almost ashamed.

Claude slid a hand up his arm and cupped Sebastian’s chin, tilting his head upwards and studying him further, almost melting when Sebastian’s eyes lifted to meet his, with such a shy, adorable look that Claude honestly couldn’t believe that this was the violent demon who’d attempted to kill him only days before.

Captivated by that cute crimson gaze, Claude couldn’t stop himself from swooping down and pressing his lips firmly to the smaller demon’s. And even if he could stop himself, he still wouldn’t, just because he wanted to taste Sebastian’s lips on his, and not just in his dreams.

He was pleased that Sebastian didn’t seem to be protesting, instead eagerly pressing into him further, in a needy way as he clung to Claude, almost desperately. Sebastian reached up eagerly and curled his arms around Claude’s neck. Whether this was a joke or simply an order by his Master, or true feelings from Claude himself, he wanted to make the most of it and at least have the knowledge that he kissed his (as embarrassing as it is to admit it) “crush”.

Claude wasn’t exactly saying no to this either and the same thoughts flew through his own head, only he managed to shove them aside to embrace the moment while it lasted.

When they finally broke apart, they spent 0.2 seconds catching their breath before Claude had Sebastian pushed back against the counter, tugging off the demon’s tailcoat, eyes shimmering golden before flickering to crimson, black pupils narrowing into slits as he kissed Sebastian’s jaw, more than pleased that his actions were being encouraged rather than him being pushed away, even managing to draw a delicious moan from the demon under him, which pleased him to no end.

“Claude,” Sebastian gasped, face flushed entirely red, clinging to his demon desperately. “Oh..”

“I think I like you more when you’re not being nothing but rude,” Claude commented before biting the underside of his jaw somewhat harshly, drawing blood due to his fangs, happy to hear the startled gasp as Sebastian tugged at his hair. “N-No biting, please,” He whimpered, too embarrassed to admit that due to the bite, he had gotten hard in record time.

Claude smirked against his skin, licking the bleeding wound. “Okay.” He was merciful enough not to ask why, though, because he found no need to. He already knew why, after all.

“Seems you’re eager,” He teased, tugging at Sebastian’s vest and unbuckling it, toying with said demon’s silk necktie.

“Sh-Shut up, before I change my mind,” Sebastian mumbled in pure embarrassment, squirming beneath the “spider” demon uncomfortably, his cock rubbing painfully against the rough material of his pants.

“Somehow I feel as though that won’t happen.” Claude commented, just barely holding back a snort of amusement. As if Sebastian would stop him. The demon seemed to want this more than he did, and he wanted it bad.

Sebastian let out a low, animalistic growl at the comment, but didn’t bother to argue, merely kicking Claude lightly in the knee to try and get him going faster. He was starting to sweat now, his groin throbbing in pain from not being touched by anything other than the rough material of his pants that were starting to rub the skin raw.

Claude decided they may as well move on to someplace more comfortable than the marble kitchen counter, and kissed Sebastian roughly without warning, using a surge of magic to teleport them from the kitchen to his bedroom with a loud crack that resembled a whip being snapped, which caused shivers to run down Sebastian’s spine. He didn’t even realized they’d moved until he felt his back being pressed down against a soft mattress, only just managing not to jump at the sudden contact, though Claude still felt a startled wince and couldn’t help but feel a rush of amusement at that.

Breaking the contact of their lips, Claude lowered his head to kiss Sebastian’s jaw instead, the other demon’s head tilting up to give him more room.

Sebastian took this time to study the room, and even though he expected Claude’s room would be more grand than his own plain, dusty, hospital-like room, he still felt shocked by just how grand it actually was.

The room was about the size of Ciel’s, maybe just a little smaller, with black paint on the walls and dark cherry wood floors. The ceiling was white, as was the trim around the black door and windows, as was the crown molding and trim around the floor. The door had a faint gold hue when the sunlight hit it and the doorknob was painted a bright golden as well. The two windows (one above the bed on the wall opposite of the bedroom door, and the other above the desk to the left of the bed) were large and had golden drapes that were just faintly see-through, and fell all the way to the floor and then some. The desk was white wood with black knobs on the drawers and had gold lining around the bottom and top of it, and the chair was a simple cushioned chair, that was black with white web designs on the cushions.
The desk had a few stacks of books on the top, but other than that seemed spotless. Next to it, pressed against the wall and leaning against the corner, was a stand-up mirror, with black trim and white web designs on the corners of the mirror itself. On the right side of the bed was a large wooden wardrobe, black of course, with golden handles and web designs on each door. Atop the wardrobe was more books and a small painted gold box, and Sebastian couldn’t help but wonder what it held.

Onto the bed, in the middle of the room, pressed against the wall opposite of the door.

The bed was queen-sized with a canopy atop of it. The bedframe was black and wooden, and the drapes above the bed were once again the semi-transparent golden ones, that hung down to the floor in tiny piles.

The bedsheets were golden silk, two large pillows sitting at the headboard of the bed, with black silk pillow cases, with little white spider web designs in the corners. The large duvet itself was black as well, and felt like fleece material, but seemed to be pure cotton underneath, softer than clouds. The duvet had a large white spider web printed in the center and a light gray spider in the middle, of course. Sebastian couldn’t help but mentally roll his eyes. Claude seemed really proud of his spider kind.

Next to the bed on each side were two identical black wooden nightstands, with glass on the top, and had a pair of Claude’s glasses sitting on one of them.

Sebastian was so lost in studying the room that he’d stopped reacting to Claude’s touches, which irritated the spider to no end, and resulted in him ripping off Sebastian’s shirt and tie and biting harshly on the skin on his chest.

This certainly drew a reaction from the crow, who jumped from beneath him and gasped loudly in surprised.

Pleased he was getting responses now, Claude set to littering Sebastian’s entire chest with bitemarks and hickeys, especially around the demons nipples, though not actually touching them, which only drew needy whimpers and soft pleads from the demon below him, squirming and writhing around on the bed at the attention he was being given, obviously flustered.

Sebastian had, honestly, never gotten such treatment from anyone. Sure, he’d had sex and done some other things, but he’d never been the receiving one. His ass was still a virgin and didn’t really feel too keen on changing that a few years ago. Then, of course, Claude Faustus came around and flipped his opinion on tearing his asshole apart, now all for it so long as it was Claude who was doing said asshole tearing.
Sebastian’s patience was quickly wearing thin as Claude continued to tease him, of course placing those damn hands everywhere but where he wanted- no, needed- it most.

“D-Dammit, Faustus, hurry up..!” Sebastian finally managed to gasp out, “Before either of us are summoned..!”

“I doubt that will happen.” Claude purred in response, purposely dropping his tone an octave or two just to make Sebastian even more flustered, succeeding in doing so beautifully, feeling the shivers run through the crow below him, face only heating up more.

His voice is like smooth dark chocolate.. agh, I have to stop reading romance novels, Sebastian thought, a groan rumbling low in his throat. “And how do you know that for sure?” He panted, both pleased and surprised at the way his voice remained steady.

“Because they’re most likely busy with each other.” Claude told him with a shrug, not willing to admit he’d threatened Alois that if, for any reason, he summoned him during his time with Sebastian, he’d kill him. Sebastian probably wouldn’t care but it’d be embarrassing to admit he’d been wanting this horribly badly.

“Ugh, fine, j-just stop your damn t-teasing,” Sebastian growled under his breath. The teasing, both verbal and physical, was really getting on his nerves. Bad.

“Only if you ask politely,” Claude purred in response, nipping at his chest just because he wanted to.

Sebastian groaned and laid his head back on one of the pillows, eyes shutting and thinking about what he’d have to do just to cum.

Surely, Claude wouldn’t want him to bed. Probably just say please and it was over.

Ah.. but that’s practically begging, isn’t it?

Oh well. At least he isn’t on his hands and knees and being called a dog.

Please,” Sebastian choked out, voice raspy due to his constant moaning. “Please, ah, please touch me,” He pleaded, his poor cock rubbed raw against his pants.

Claude, though surprised Sebastian complied so easily, was pleased nonetheless to hear the proud Prince of Hell pleading to be touched.

He’d take this over Ciel Phantomhive’s soul any day.

Claude obeyed the breathless pleads and wrapped his pink, wet lips around one of Sebastian’s nipples, eyes fluttering shut and beginning to slowly suck on the pink skin, rolling his hot tongue against the bud.

Sebastian let out a moan that was, scarily enough, more of a squeal, fingers threading in Claude’s hair and holding his head there desperately. “O-Oh, Claude, a-ah..!” He whimpered, his reaction bringing Claude to stop his actions to ask him a question.

Sebastian mewled in complaint when Claude paused, eyes cracking open to see the piercing golden eyes staring into his damn core. “H-Hn.. why’d you st-top?” Sebastian mumbled, chest heaving as he struggled to control his breathing.

“Sebastian, are you a virgin still?” Claude questioned, a wide smirk splitting across his face when Sebastian merely writhed and looked away in -what seemed to be- shame.

“No,” He mumbled, “Yes.. partly.” Sebastian reluctantly choked out, feeling just about ready to wrinkle up and die from the immense embarrassment.

“Let me guess. Your dick is far from virgin, your ass is about as innocent as a child’s?” Claude guessed, choking down a laugh at how Sebastian’s face, neck, and even chest flared up in a heavy blush, but he didn’t have to give a verbal answer, since his reaction was answer enough.

“I’m honored to be your first,” Claude purred into his ear, hooking his fingers around the waistband of his pants and tugging them down, with slight difficulty tugging the belt over Sebastian’s slightly curvy hips.

Sebastian couldn’t help but let out a heavy sigh of relief when his raw, pained cock finally sprung free from the confines of the pants.

Claude took note of how it seemed red and almost bleeding in some places where the rubbing was particularly bad. He couldn’t help but click his tongue. “This is why undergarments were created, Sebastian,” He smirked up at the demon, who was too embarrassed to look at Claude in the eye.

The spider only seemed amused by this and littered soft, gentle kisses down Sebastian’s abdomen, pausing for a small moment to leave a particularly dark hickey on Sebastian’s hip, much to the crow’s dismay. Now he had to bother with hiding that one from the servants, too.

All logical thought, however, left the demon’s head the minute he felt Claude’s hot tongue press against the head of his cock, which was already leaking pre-cum from the previous activities.

He let out a loud gasp and spread his legs, silently begging for Claude to just suck him to completion, not giving a damn on whether or not he’d regret it later.

Claude didn’t obey his silent demands, but did slide his mouth over his length, easily taking the impressively-sized demon into his throat. Claude had no gag reflex, after all, as a demon.

Sebastian seemed more than pleased about this fact in particular, holding Claude’s head still before he could start moving it and thrusting into his mouth, fucking his face quickly while moaning and whimpering a needy way. He needed this. He needed to spill his cum down Claude’s throat and imprint the taste of his cock and cum in the spider’s mind. He honestly felt like he’d burst if he didn’t get his way, too.

Claude, for once, let Sebastian use his face, opening his mouth wide, tongue rolling out and lapping at his cock as he thrusted, eyes half shut and watching as Sebastian’s hips rolled towards his face smoothly with every thrust, not quite in a rhythm but not quite messy either.

When they did start to get messy, though, Claude finally let up, ripping his head from Sebastian’s hold before the demon could finish.

Obviously this irritated him greatly, as Sebastian then began to whine. “Let me.. I was a-almost f-finished..” He whined, thoroughly irritated.

“No.” Claude told him firmly, his voice low and almost in a growl due to his throat being so roughly used. “Because you aren’t allowed to cum before I even get undressed.”

Sebastian gave a whine of complaint, but fell silent after that. “Then hurry up and get undressed, dammit,” He grunted, his eyes glowing like rubies.

“Quite demanding, aren’t you?” Claude taunted, though stripped himself nonetheless, doing so painfully slowly, just to tease the frustrated crow even further.

Sebastian stayed quiet however, inwardly appreciating the the slowness of his stripping, giving him time to study each part of him without having to rush to take it all in before it was hidden again.

“Like what you see?” Claude purred, catching the way his eyes glimmered appreciatively, the demon below him studying him intently.

Sebastian’s face flushed, but nodded to shake off the embarrassment. “Very much so,” He purred back, raising his hands to grab him by the hair when he was fully undressed, yanking his head down to press his lips firmly to Claude’s, wanting to quicken things up a bit so they could get to the good part of it already.

“You’re so needy,” Claude mumbled in amusement, grabbing a hold of Sebastian’s hips and keeping them pressed firmly down against the mattress when the crow began to buck up against him.

“Please,” Sebastian whined low in his throat, “Please, I want you,” he pleaded.

“I’d think you’d want preparation first.” Claude chuckled, “You still have a tight little virgin hole.” He cooed teasingly, Sebastian’s face flaring.
“Shut the hell up,” Sebastian snapped in embarrassment, “I don’t care if it hurts or not, dammit. If I don’t get your dick I will castrate you.”

“Now, now. Empty threats are never fun.” Claude purred, sliding his fingers down Sebastian’s backside. “I know you’d never do that.”

“How?” The demon growled, trying to buck his hips into his hand, to no avail as Claude was still holding him down. “Because then you wouldn’t have anything to play with.” Claude responded smoothly in a purr, sliding his dry finger into him, finding that, much to his surprise, Sebastian was already producing wetness. “Oh? You’re one of those demons?”

“What do you mean?” Sebastian grunted, choking down a moan as the finger moved around inside him.
“You’re an inter-sexed demon.” Claude smirked, a gleam in his eyes.
“What? No I’m not.” Sebastian frowned. He surely wasn’t..

“You are. Your body is producing wetness when it shouldn’t, meaning that your little ass right here, technically doubles as a vagina, in a way that it can get wet and you can, in fact, get pregnant.”

Sebastian’s eyes went wide. He’d honestly never known that about himself. “How do you know for sure?” He asked suspiciously, not about to believe it so easily.

Claude chuckled, easing a second finger into him smoothly. “Well, for one, my fingers certainly wouldn’t be moving so smoothly since i entered them without getting them wet beforehand, so you yourself are making self-lubricant. And secondly, the walls of here are very, very flexible, where it wouldn’t usually be if it were full asshole. And third~” He hummed, his fingers slipping up even further, which drew a whimper of pleasure from Sebastian, before he let out a loud moan, almost a scream. “You have what humans call a g-spot rather than a prostate. Then again, you may even have both,” He tilted his head, now making this a 'studying Sebastian’s ass’ session as he searched for the place in question.

“No, you don’t seem to, sadly.” Claude hummed, then slid his fingers out, licking the thick, slimy mess on his fingers. “Oh well. This is good enough.”

Sebastian whined in disappointment when the fingers left his body, but then something hot and throbbing was pressed against his open hole, a gasp leaving his mouth and shutting his eyes as the realization hit him that he was literally losing his virginity to Claude Faustus, the man who’d tried to kill him literally three days before this.
He couldn’t bring himself to care, though, when Claude pressed his lips to his cheek so sweetly, like they were a couple about to make love.

Which.. he supposed they were. If they could be considered a couple, anyway.

“You okay? You look like you’re about to pass out.” Claude murmured into his ear, voice deep and gravelly from lust.

Sebastian’s face flushed further, raising his arms to loop around Claude’s neck. “I’m fine.” He promised, “Just thinking.”

“About what?” Claude continued to question, “Did you change your mind on this?”

“No,” Sebastian responded immediately, shaking his head. “That’s not it. Just about.. this.” His face heated every so slightly once again, “But it’s a pathetic little thought. Don’t mind me.”

“I won’t do anything until you tell me, I hope you realize.” Claude hummed, the tip of his hot cock teasingly rubbing the opening just below Sebastian’s own dick.

Sebastian let out a groan of both want and annoyance. “Fine. Just thinking about how I wish I could call us a couple. Happy?” He grumbled, his blush spreading to his neck and chest from the immense embarrassment.

“Very, actually, love,” He purred, “I will gladly call you my lover. I’ve been wanting such a thing for a long time now,” Claude hummed, grinning in amusement at the massive blush.

Sebastian only seemed to blush more at this, wiggling his hips down. “Okay, now get going,” he mumbled, tugging at his hair.

Claude gave a deep chuckle, kissing Sebastian’s lips once more before the tip of his cock slipped quickly into him, slowly being followed by the rest of him.

Sebastian gasped loudly, eyes going wide. He couldn’t believe something so big could actually fit into him. He wasn’t complaining, though. He really, really wasn’t complaining.
After Claude slipped into him halfway, Sebastian was starting to get horribly impatient. “How much left of you is there?” He whined. It seemed Claude’s cock was fucking endless.

“Not much,” The demon replied in a purr, “I’m an inch smaller than you, I’d have thought you’d complain about it.”

Sebastian blinked up at him in shock. If Claude was smaller than him, he couldn’t imagine what the ones he had under himself felt. Now he understood why they screamed and took so long to adjust..

Sebastian could feel when Claude finally finished, because the other man’s legs had hit his thighs. The crow eagerly hooked his legs around Claude’s waist, his arms around his neck. Sebastian’s head was tilted back against the pillow, eyes shut and mouth open, breathing heavily as he clung to Claude tightly.
The demon was feeling incredible pleasure already, and Claude hadn’t even moved yet. Honestly, now he really understood why the women (and men) he’d slept with had always screamed with pleasure and begged him to go more than just one round. Sebastian was positive he’d be begging Claude for more, too.

“A-Are you just g-going to sit th-there or are you gonna m-move?” Sebastian managed to hiss out around his panting, the poor man about to burst.

Claude grinned down at him, taking time to imprint the image of the demon into his mind. He felt overly pleased that he was the first and the only to make Sebastian such immense pleasure. He vowed to never, ever let anyone else see Sebastian in such a state. This was a treat for him and him only, and no one else was allowed to have a taste or even a glance.

“I’ll move when I want to.” Claude replied coolly, and Sebastian almost felt jealous by how steady Claude managed to keep his voice, the guilt took over him more. He was guilty because he felt like he wasn’t good enough, like he wasn’t enough to actually bring Claude pleasure. He thought Claude was doing this for his pleasure only and not for himself.

Oh, how wrong Sebastian truly was.

Claude’s mind was swirling and he was inwardly flipping out.

He was finally getting what he’d wanted for so, so long (even if he hadn’t yet realized it, or refused to acknowledge it). He had his demon beneath him finally, and he didn’t intend on letting Sebastian go, too. This demon was claimed by him, whether it was official or something Claude liked to think. Sebastian was his and he was never, ever going to let him go.

He felt such immense pleasure by this alone that he almost came by merely thinking about it, yet he held back, for his demon. He vowed to make Sebastian feel more pleasure than he could ever imagine this night. He’d make Sebastian scream and plead for more. He would make sure everyone heard it, too. Everyone on earth, everyone in Hell, even everyone in Heaven. Everyone was going to know Sebastian was his and that they had no chance with him.

With this thought in mind, Claude began to (finally) move his hips, slowly easing back out of Sebastian, before giving a powerful thrust of his hips and pushing back into Sebastian in such a way that hit his sweet spot perfectly.

Sebastian jolted when he felt the thick warmth slowly leave him and felt a sudden spike of fear that Claude was going to leave him, but when he re-entered him and hit his spot so wonderfully, he lost all sense of logical thought, instead crying out in pure pleasure and arching his back up into him, eyes squeezing shut and digging his claws into the spider’s back. Shivers ran down his spine when he felt Claude’s hot breath ghosting against his neck, small, breathy groans and curses falling from Claude’s mouth. In English, at first, then slipping smoothly into demon tongue, the enchanting rolling of his tongue from the beautiful language only bringing Sebastian through even more pleasure than before. He realized he’d never actually taken time to appreciate the demonic language and how (ironically) angelic it sounds. Claude speaking it so fluently had heightened Sebastian’s love for the language immensely, and he was pleased to hear Claude even growl out Sebastian’s name a few times. No, he didn’t moan “Sebastian” (though admittedly he would be pleased by that, too), instead Claude moaned nothing but Malphas, Malphas, Malphas.

Sebastian’s true name rolling off Claude’s tongue with a tone full of pure lust and desire drove the crow absolutely mad. He wasn’t going to ask how Claude knew his name, because honestly, everyone knew the name and face of Malphas Lucifer, and Claude was no exception.

Sebastian did feel at a bit of a disadvantage, though. A demon’s true name was something to be cherished, usually only something that parents and trusted lovers knew, the demon to be gone by another name (usually their last) to anyone else. Claude knew his name, why was he not allowed to know Claude’s own?

As if he could hear his thoughts, Claude suddenly purred something into his ear. A name, to be more specific. “Arachne,” He had purred, “Call me that. It’s not my first name, instead my middle, but it’s good enough, correct?”

Sebastian nodded. He was pleased with that. It was still part of Claude’s name, so he’d settle with it, not bothering to ask why not his first. After all, Sebastian wasn’t exactly trusted yet. They’d fought to the death only days ago, so it was understandable why Sebastian wasn’t trusted enough to know Claude’s first name.

He made sure to make good use of what he’d been given, though. Sebastian fell into the demon tongue himself, whining and moaning out “Arachne” every time he got the breath to.

Claude was obviously pleased by this, though felt a longing to hear his proper name from him. He couldn’t let Sebastian know who he was, though. Everyone knew about the name Cimeries. Everyone knew who that name belonged to. Sebastian would know more than everyone, too. They were, technically, brothers. Claude was the blood son of Lucifer himself, Sebastian was adopted by the Crow Kingdom and raised by Lucifer. So while they weren’t blood brothers, they were still technically brothers by that.

It’s not like it’d be a bad thing, though. Incest wasn’t exactly frowned upon. Most siblings or related demons in general married and had children, because that’s how demons kept their own types populated if there were none other to sleep with. They can’t be with a demon of another type, that’d just create a hybrid of the two, so they couldn’t cheat it by chance like that.

It was complicated, really. A multi-demon had never bred with a normal demon before, though. Claude was curious that, if he’d bred with Sebastian and successfully impregnated him, they’d make another multi-demon, or a crow, or a fusion of crow and something else.

They’d figure out soon enough, Claude thought with a hum, because he certainly was planning on making a family with Sebastian. They would have beautiful children, surely.

“Harder, please,” Sebastian whimpered suddenly, the pace far too soft for him.

Claude’s eyebrows shot up a bit in surprise. He’d thought he was being a little rough for a virgin like Sebastian. “So you’re saying you like it rough?” He purred teasingly, adoring the way Sebastian’s face flushed so cutely in embarrassment.

“Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying,” The demon grumbled, “Harder, Arachne, please..” He whined, his hips thrusting against the man above him to get him going, desperate to get him going quicker and harder.

“Then I suppose since you asked so nicely, I have to oblige.” Claude hummed, pausing for a small moment to change his position from laying over him to sitting up on his knees, obediently moving his hips in a thrusting motion once again, only much harder than before, as requested.

The reaction was overly pleasing. Sebastian squirmed around on the bed, mewling and moaning, arching into Claude’s touches as the demon held onto his hips, silently pleading for him to touch him more. “Lepase,” He hissed in the demonic language, “Couht em lepase, remo..”

Claude purred, pleased. “Tiuqe neyed, hm?” He replied to the demon, getting a glare shot at him in response. “Hust ti,” Sebastian snarled, but it was quickly broken by another moan as Claude angled himself to hit his spot.

Claude slid his fingers up Sebastian’s sides, obeying the order to touch him, hands sliding across his skin, fingers stroking the demon’s smooth, muscled abdomen. The touches were innocent, despite the act they were preforming, Claude and Sebastian both just content with touching the skin, Claude trying to memorize the feel of him beneath the pads of his bare fingers before he had to let him go again. Not permanently, no, just for a little bit. Claude never intended on letting him go permanently. But they had duties and after the contracts were over, Sebastian had to resume his studies and training as King of Hell, and Claude didn’t want to return just yet, even if he did get to be with his mate.

Mate.. the word never used to hold any meaning to him. It was just another word for lovers. Happiness. Something Claude never had. But now that he got a taste of what it was like to be happy, to have a mate.. why, he really felt stupid now, to think of how that word was just another jumble of letters in the dictionary before. The word 'mate’ now meant so much to him.

It meant love.

It meant happiness.

It meant lovers.

It meant Sebastian.

It meant Malphas.

He never really thought about mates, truly. He’d never cared much. But now that he felt love, he never wanted to let go of it. Sebastian was his mate, now.. so long as the other demon agreed to it. He could mark his body with his mating symbol and he’d permanently claim his demon as his own. The thought was very appealing. He’d have to ask if he could do that.

“Why’re you slowing?” Sebastian complained when Claude’s speed and force began lacking again, which successfully snapped said man out of his thoughts, quickly increasing force once more. “Thinking,” Claude grunted in reply, though it was almost drowned out by Sebastian’s moans.

“A-About wh-what?” Sebastian panted, sight getting blurred from pleasure.
“I don’t think it’s one to talk about during sex,” Claude purred in response and took hold of Sebastian’s hips again, keeping him held still before continuing the rough pace he’d had before, Sebastian letting out little squeals and whines of pleasure, gasping out Claude’s names whenever he could, desperate to say nothing but the name of the one who had, as cliche as it sounded, stolen his (practically dead) heart.

“Th-Then-n af-fter~” Sebastian moaned, bucking and rocking his hips in rhythm with Claude’s, slowly getting more shaky and ragged as he got closer and closer. He tried desperately to hold back, mewling Claude’s name, not wanting to cum so, so quickly.

Claude only seemed to be encouraging him though, trying to get Sebastian to cum, not caring how fast it was. He wanted to make Sebastian cum hard, wanting to bring him to the peak of pleasure. He’d make Sebastian scream and beg for more.

And so he did.

“C-Cl-laude, n-no, I’m gon-na..!” Sebastian squeaked, face burning hotly before he threw his head back with what was close to a howl as the demon released, covering his face with his arms in shame that he’d cum so quickly. Like a virgin.

Then again.. he was a virgin,

Claude seemed pleased by this, Sebastia’s thick, sticky seed coating his chest and Sebastian’s body. The demon had seemed to have cum himself empty, his poor cock throbbing and aching in pain from the force of his orgasm, faintly registering the feeling of hot fluid filling him up as well. Claude came that quick, too..?

Oh well. It’s not like he could really judge him. That’s called hypocrisy.

Sebastian let out a soft whimper as he came down from his high, breathing heavily as he blinked open his eyes and looked up at Claude with a heavy blush on his face.

Claude grinned smugly at him, amused by his adorable expression, before he noticed it melt away into one of guilt and shame, the demon covering his face with his arms again to block his eyes from view.

Sebastian felt guilty. He felt guilty that he seemed to enjoy it more than Claude had. Claude didn’t let any hint go that he actually enjoyed the experience, other than the few moans he’d received early on. Sebastian felt as though he wasn’t even good enough to please Claude. Sure, he hit orgasm and all, but he felt like that still wasn’t enough of an indication that he’d actually enjoyed that. It could have been a forced orgasm to pretend he’d enjoyed it.

Sebastian didn’t even realize he’d started to cry until his arms were moved from his face and Claude pressed his lips to his eyelids. “What’s wrong?” He cooed gently, his tone soft and soothing. “Why are you crying? Did you not like it? If so, I’m sorry..”

Sebastian opened his eyes and stared at Claude as though the man went insane. Him not liking it? Really? He probably enjoyed it more than all of Claude’s sex toys did combined.
“No, that’s not it.” He whispered, visibly cringing at how his voice cracked from the tears and moaning. “I.. It’s just.. that you..”

“You think I didn’t like it?” Claude asked incredulously, “What on earth gave you that idea?”

“You.. you were just silent, is all.” Sebastian replied, his face flushing further when he realized how utterly pathetic he sounded. “I’m sorry, that’s stupid of me, I-”
His rambles were cut off abruptly as a soft pair of lips pressed against his own, ears warming, and this time not from shame. “That’s not stupid of you,” Claude murmured, “I realize how you can think that.. I was pretty quiet.” He admitted, “But it’s just habit. I’ve never really felt the need to show anyone my pleasure in anything. But trust me, I did enjoy it.” He promised, “I had to hurry up and get you to finish before I did.” The spider grinned, “I was still as quick as a virgin, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Sebastian’s entire torso was red, now. He couldn’t get any words out before he finally managed to mumble a soft “Let’s take a bath”, the sticky fluids starting to dry up now.

As Claude picked Sebastian up bridal style and carried him out of his bedroom unnoticed to go to the servants’ bathroom, he inwardly thanked Alois.

After all, none of this would have been possible if it weren’t for him forcing him to make some confessions.