the man who would be king

I saw on my dash a post that I can’t find anymore unfortunately. The op said basically that by saying Cas is hot , we disrespect Jimmy , because this is Jimmy’s body.
This is a response to whoever wrote this , and every person who thinks the same.

1) No, we don’t disrespect Jimmy by saying that Cas is hot,because this body no longer belongs to Jimmy, this is Cas’ human body.
When lucifer exploded Cas in 5x20, Jimmy died , God made the same body especially for Cas when he resurrected him.
This was Cas’ body When he became Human in S9.
So stop saying that Cas is in Jimmy’s body , this is no longer true since 5x20.

2) Sometimes when we say that Cas is hot , we don’t refer only to his human body, but also to his true form, his wings, his glowing eyes, his majestuous appearance.
Because the fact is , Cas/ The Angel IS HOT, He Is Hot , extremely, breathtakingly Hot.
Did you hear the way the Angels, demons talk about Cas?
You know that demons and Angels can see each other’s true forms, right?
They know what Cas looks like in his true form.
Just two examples off the top of my head:

And also , did you see how quickly Meg sccumbed to Cas’ charm? And how Hannah also fell for him ?

And finally , i’m firmly convinced that every Angel takes the vessel that best fits his true form and corresponds as much as possible to his personality.This is just my opinion, but remember how every vessel looked so fitting to the Angel who was possessing him.

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