the man who was born in the stars

“Trials of the Darksaber” gave us so many delightful insights into lightsaber combat and I am so happy for it.

1. It confirmed the “lightsabers have weight” argument that was postulated after TFA: the looping energy gives resistance against the hand, demanding extreme focus and skill.

2. The energies of a lightsaber blade call to one another. This was my favorite revelation, as it explains that age-old gripe about “Why don’t they just slide the blade down, there’s no handguard!” and “The blades wouldn’t lock like that!” It also points out why a combatant can’t just extinguish the blade to break a lock and then flip it on again for a kill–there’s more to it than two lines in space. The lightsaber is an extension of the Force and its wielder, and seeks to match other energies.

This also explains why a lightsaber can catch Force Lightning–the dark magical energy is drawn to the magical blade.

3. Lightsabers are now officially magical objects. The Darksaber straight-up BIT Sabine when she was being reluctant with it, and even seemed to influence her emotions–while I am not dismissing her emotional triumph throughout the episode, I am positing that the weapon helped to channel her feelings.

This revelation is also, of course, not only relevant to the Darksaber. This could explain why Jedi and Sith don’t just turn off their opponent’s weapon or rip them from their hands–the weapon itself will resist. This would also conform to the Rey Skywalker hypothesis in that she was able to call Anakin’s lightsaber to her hand because she, too, is his grandchild–born of the man who wielded it first. The sword chose her.

Sentient lightsabers could even give further insight into the legacy of the Kyber Saber, but that is a matter for another day.

I want to tell you a story.

I want to tell you a story.

I’ve been a good kid all my life.
Was an overachiever, was smart. People liked me, I was told.
I had friends. I never really knew that though. Because
I was always in trouble.
With authorities.
I didn’t know what the dynamic was. I just knew I was a “fuck up.”
Any time I stood up for myself when I was being wronged, I was punished.
Any activity I loved, they would find a way to take it away.
Any time I was myself, it was bad.

And because of this, I never let myself have the good things.
I never let myself even experience joys, even as I was creating them.

As I climbed greater heights, I was told it was because of XYZ, but never
because I was talented, smart, diligent, thoughtful, kind.
It was because I was being given things.
Because I was cute.
Or a girl, and cause you know, we’re “In” right now.
I worked very very hard.
I work very hard.
But my whole life, I thought, “When will I be good enough. Why am I so bad?”
And I’ve hated myself.

Flash forward to me, at 30, premiering a movie I wrote, directed, starred in.
People really loved it.
Something born in my brain, but mostly my heart, made it a very long way
To be watched by strangers in a beautiful theater.

A man who I grew up with, a man who spear-headed this bad dynamic in my life,
said to a friend of mine, after people left the theater
“You know, Noël never knew how to behave.”
He said it as a joke, I’m sure, as it’s often presented,
When someone wants to tear you down with a smile.

I was very sad to hear this.
That even at the height of my success so far, I’m still not good enough.
I’m a misbehave-er. For valuing myself. And my voice.
For telling a kind story. About fucking up and forgiving people.
I was crushed.

I’ve been very heartbroken.
And I’ve sat in it for a few days.
Like I’ve sat in it my whole life.
But this time, something different happened.
The sadness started to transform.
And with it, some identity started to break down.
This victimhood. Of being told me, my essence,
my being, is wrong.

And in it’s place, a new emotion has started to develop.
I think they call it “RAGE”

This past week,
I feel like an animal.
I am a fury
at every man who has told me
being great is being bad.
Doing what I love, connecting with people, and expressing myself
is wrong.
At every PERSON who has internalized violence, misogyny, or injustice as TRUTH
and locked people up inside of it.
For every person who doesn’t see me for me,
Or who can’t see any CHILD, or WOMAN, or OTHER who sees things as they are.

I am a madness toward anyone who doesn’t recognize how incredibly powerful
I am.
We all are.
KINDNESS is not a weakness. LEADERSHIP isn’t BADNESS.
And neither is my ANGER.
My anger isn’t bad, it’s the truth.

I am very mad. I will let it pass, but I am allowed to be
enraged by all that has been taken from me.
And all the ways I’ve been told I was wrong,
When I’ve been right all along.

If you gonna like someone, like a sex symbol. The original is always the best. Rudolph Valentino (1895-1926). Born in Italy, travelled to USA aged 18, starred in many silent Hollywood Films. Check out Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 1921. Sexy Tango included. Failed marriages, incorrect rumours about his sexuality and an untimely death aged 31. Oh Rudy a truely passionate man who never found love himself. (sigh)
New dad Liam Payne speaks about fatherhood for the first time
Liam Payne, 23, couldn't resist gushing about his newborn with Cheryl, 33,, as he took time to speak to fans outside of a restaurant in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Fans went wild after Cheryl’s hairstylist Dayaruci shared a snap of a baby clutching his hand - fuelling speculation as to whether it was her child. 

And elsewhere, Liam Payne, 23, couldn’t resist gushing about his newborn, as he took time to speak to fans outside of a restaurant in Los Angeles on Tuesday. ‘He’s great, he’s good. I love him and I miss him a lot,’ the One Direction star, who is currently working on new music on the west coast, reportedly told a fan. 

Liam’s gushing comments over his new bundle of joy was made during his outing to Beauty & Essex restaurant in Hollywood. The British hunk looked incredible as he displayed his extravagant body art in a silk bomber jacket and skinny jeans.

After months of swirling pregnancy rumours, Liam and Cheryl confirmed the birth of their son on Saturday 25 March with a sweet Instagram of him cradling the tot. 

And now fans are eager to catch a glimpse of the new arrival, which caused them to melt down as they took to social media to question the identity of the infant uploaded onto Instagram by hair stylist, Dayaruci.

Cheryl’s mane expert wrote 'Sweetest’ across the snap of the child in a baby carrier, adding some Easter themed emojis. 

The image has since been reposted by several fan accounts, with followers commenting in their droves about whether the picture could be of Cheryl’s child.

Fans shared, 'Is this baby Liam and Cheryl’s son?’, and 'So, it is real?’ and 'OMG! I’m so looking forward to seeing your face.' 

The star opted for an unusual jumper for his latest social media post, which appeared to be printed with the images of cartoon pirates and monsters all over. Sweeping his hair to one side, the new dad then appeared to grab onto his the middle of his trousers as he smouldered for the camera. 

Clearly feeling fierce as he posed in his bathroom, he captioned the shot for fans with the alluring words: 'Gucci on my…’

One fan posted: 'That’s not their baby. It can’t be. It looks too big to be their baby who was just born.' 

A representative for Cheryl has confirmed the child is not theirs. 

 Meanwhile, Liam has been sharing a number of edgy selfies to his Instagram page over the last week. The One Direction star, 23, clad himself in a baggy sports hoodie for a brooding snap on Saturday - which saw him pose in the mirror with his hand clutching his crotch.

Perhaps experimenting with a new look now he has become a changed man as a father, Liam has shared a number of grungy selfies for fans this week.

 In another snap posted on Friday, the star powerfully stared down the camera from the comfort of his car, with his hair coiffed high above his head. 

Meanwhile on Wednesday, the Wolverhampton native appeared to channel his inner Ali G as he posed in a varsity jacket, beanie and his beloved gold chain. Pulling the hat across his face, to flash a chunky watch to fans, the singer wrote playfully beside the image: 'Mask off ayy’

Liam has been displaying a grungier look as of late - just three weeks after the birth of his first child with girlfriend Cheryl, 33.

The Promise This singer had gushed beside the image: 'On Wednesday 22nd March Liam and I became parents to an incredibly beautiful, healthy baby boy, weighing 7lb 9 and looking like a dream. Although he still doesn’t have a name he is already stealing hearts. We are all madly in love and overwhelmingly happy with our little arrival. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers around the world. A day that now has a different meaning to me forever.’

Liam then took to his own Instagram to share the same snap, writing a touching tribute to Cheryl beside the same candid image. 'My close friends and family know there are very few times when I’m left speechless… wow! I’m incredibly happy to welcome our new baby boy into the world, it’s a moment that I will never forget for the rest of my life and my favourite memory I have so far. I’m completely in awe of his incredible mother and how she has been the whole way through this, she’s really made my dreams come true. We haven’t named him yet but he’s already capturing hearts including mine. I feel very blessed.’

Liam and Cheryl first met on the X Factor in 2008 when he was auditioning at the tender age of 14 while she was a judge - before embarking on a romance at the start of last year.

I think my favorite thing about the AOS cast is that you can watch the three movies and actually see the way that they grew into the role like

  • Chris going from being a little shit who wants to get a rise out of people aka the Kobiyashi Maru scene to a Captain plagued by his past and refusing to lose anyone else
  • Zach’s eyebrow raise (which is on fucking point the whole time but in Beyond it is so Leonard Nimoy it hurts)
  • Karl’s little homages to De and learning the way to hold his face/mouth to convey such Bones level exasperation
  • John doing that fucking smile when he sees his family that is literally just SUlu like he went from a quiet character in the first reboot and piloted a ship that hadn’t run in decades
  • Zoe’s glare in every single movie that could cut a man in half but also saved my life
  • Anton going from a nervous, somewhat stuttery Chekov to the navigator of the Enterprise who saves the goddamn day with Jim 
  • Simon has always been the embodiment of Scotty but the way he looks at the Enterprise like it’s the love of his life and he’s so reluctant to leave her like he was born for that role 

Idk i’m just emotional and proud of my children 


Who Is Chinese Power Ranger Ludi Lin?

The presence of Ludi Lin as Zack, the Black Ranger can only have benefited “Power Rangers” in landing its May 12 release date in China and improving its prospects at the box office. Lin is young, sporty and Chinese.

But the Fuzhou-born star is no mere English-speaking Asian makeweight. Lin boasts a strong filmography in China, and his role in the Lionsgate fantasy is as super-heroic as the other characters.

And from a man heavily into snowboarding, scuba diving, Muay Thai and jiujitsu martial arts: “Acting and sport have many things in common. They challenge the performer. There can be no deception.”

send me an x files episode! (s1)
  • pilot: how old were you when you first watched TXF?
  • deep throat: have you ever trespassed?
  • squeeze: do you collect anything?
  • conduit: type your name in binary code!
  • the jersey devil: worst/best date you've ever been on?
  • shadows: if you could become the 'guardian angel' of someone after your death, whose would you want to be?
  • ghost in the machine: if you could invent one type of robot / machine, what would it do?
  • ice: what makes you aggressive?
  • space: did you want to be an astronaut as a kid?
  • fallen angel: ever camped in a trailer?
  • eve: diet coke or regular?
  • fire: have you ever smoked?
  • beyond the sea: what song do you want played at your funeral?
  • gender bender: what's the smoothest pickup line you've ever heard?
  • lazarus: if you could switch bodies with someone else for a day, who would you be?
  • young at heart: you have to choose an age at which you must live eternally. what age do you choose?
  • e.b.e.: favourite lone gunman?
  • miracle man: if you were able to cure one disease/virus, which one would you choose?
  • shapes: which animal would you want to shape shift into?
  • darkness falls: your least favourite insect?
  • tooms: what's worse, the conviction of an innocent or the acquittal of a guilty person?
  • born again: if you were to be reincarnated, where and how would you like to live your next life?
  • roland: favourite star constellation?
  • the erlenmeyer flask: if you were to encounter an alien, what would be the first question you'd ask it (as soon as you've established you can communicate & understand each other)?

guiltyfandoms  asked:

I know you got about a Billion Requests (cause you're damn good) but, if those ever dwindle down I'd love to see Adrien introducing Maggie to his college's trans+queer group "this is my queer mama Maggie and her wife Alex" (regardless of whether sanvers is married yet, bratty kids y'know)

Alex wrings her hands in the car the entire drive over.

Until, that is, Maggie takes one hand off the wheel, reaches over to the passenger’s seat, and laces fingers with her girlfriend.

“They’re gonna love you, babe.”

Alex takes a deep breath and nods and just turns up J. Cole, losing herself in mouthing every word flawlessly (closing her lips, of course, at every n-word), and Maggie’s thumb swipes across Alex’s hand in understanding silence until she has to make the sharp turn onto Star City University’s campus.

“You ready for this?” Maggie asks after she parks in front of the Student Union building, and Alex’s eyes are in secret agent overdrive as she assesses every single student walking by.

“I had a… rough time in college.”

Maggie watches her with soft eyes and a tilted head. “The drinking?”

Alex nods, eyes fixed on a passing group of pajamas-wearing students, one of the boys jumping up on the other’s shoulders, making the entire group erupt in raucous laughter and a humorous backpack fight.

“I wonder how different it would have been if I’d known I was… gay.”

Maggie smiles faintly and leans across the car to kiss Alex’s nose. “Wanna go find out?”

Alex bites her lower lip and adjusts her jacket. “You’ll hold my hand?”

Maggie grins. “The entire time. On that note… wait there.”

Alex furrows her brow as Maggie practically hops out of the car and jogs around to the passenger side. She yanks the door open and holds out her hand to help Alex out.

“I’m a woman of my word, Danvers. You want me to hold your hand the whole time, then I’m gonna do it the whole damn time.”

Alex blushes and slips out of the car, gulping at the idea of finally holding another woman’s hand on a college campus.

“Adrian says the club room’s in the basement, first left after the bookstore. This way.”

Alex holds tight to Maggie’s hand as they weave through college kids with faces buried in their smart phones and college kids with faces buried in their books and college kids with faces turning up into grins that Alex doesn’t quite know how to interpret at the sight of Alex and Maggie’s interlaced fingers.

But Maggie’s stride doesn’t lose cool confidence, and Alex finds herself turned on at the way her girlfriend moves in the world, the way she navigates every space like she knows it so well, even when she most certainly doesn’t.

Like she has a right to be in the world, even though it’s worked so hard to convince her that she doesn’t.

They’re staring at a door utterly covered in an explosion of rainbow flags before Alex knows it, and Maggie shakes her head.

“Well, Adrian’s clearly made his impact,” she chuckles, and the sound relaxes Alex.

True to her word, Maggie doesn’t let her hand leave Alex’s once, even as they nod at each other and Maggie pushes the club room door open; even as there’s a high-pitched scream and Maggie stumbles backward slightly with the force of Adrian’s hug; even as the blurry mass of excited college boy shifts from Maggie to Alex.

“Good to see you too, Ade,” Alex wheezes, wondering vaguely what would happen if Adrian and Kara ever had a competition to see who could hug hardest.

Adrian beams, his new silver stud earring glistening almost as brightly as his brown eyes as he bounces on his toes and splays his hands open to the rest of the room, which – Alex only now notices – is littered with old couches and arm chairs, nearly every inch of the walls covered in art work, in posters, in rainbow flags, bi flags, ace flags, trans flags, flags for orientations and identities Alex doesn’t have the words for yet.

And scattered across those couches, chairs, and upturned crates are teenagers in varying states of studiousness. Two are crouched in the corner and utterly absorbed in their laptops, headphones in; others have notebooks in their laps but conversation on their lips; and some are sprawled in each other’s laps.

“Everyone!” Adrian announces with all the flair of a theater major. “This is my queer mama Maggie and her wife Alex!”

Even the kids on their laptops grin at that, and one of them takes out one of their earpods and gestures with a pen in Maggie and Alex’s direction.

“Good to meet you two – we were all starting to suspect that Adrian made up his mythically supportive cop friend and her lovely girlfriend, Adrian, no one’s trying to pretend we believe you that they’re married yet.”

Maggie laughs and Alex blushes, and Adrian gasps in mock horror.

“Are you questioning my honor, Dani?”

Dani arches a lazy eyebrow, a grin on their face, and looks right past Adrian to Maggie. “Detective Sawyer, right? Are you two actually married yet?”

“Not yet, kiddo,” Maggie answers, squeezing Alex’s hand as she beams and Alex’s stomach somersaults pleasantly.

“Well, married or not yet, we’ve heard a shitton about you both from this one,” a girl with buzzed hair and a green streak on one side grins up from her sprawl on a femmey-looking girl’s lap.

“And we’ve heard a lot about you all. Lemme see if I can do this,” Alex perks up, and Maggie beams proudly as her girl gets animated with the rush of excitement, the rush of acceptance; the rush of a challenge where she won’t be punished if she gets something wrong.

“You’re Mariah, and unless you’re up to something on the side, that must be Carrie.” The girls squeal and Adrian and Maggie exchange glances and beam.

Alex squints around the room and rattles off the names and random facts about everyone in the room, and they all cheer more and more raucously the farther along she gets. When she circulates back around to Adrian, she holds her hand out to him.

“But I don’t believe I’ve met this handsome young man. Alex Danvers, FBI. And who is your absolutely beautiful lady friend?” she asks, cocking her head toward Maggie, and the kids in the room – even Dani on their laptop – explode with laughter as Maggie blushes deeply and hides her smiling face in the hand that isn’t still holding Alex’s.

Adrian doesn’t miss a beat.

“Pleasure to meet you, Alex Danvers, FBI. I’m Adrian Rodriguez, National City born and bred, Star City transplant, general badass. And my absolutely beautiful lady friend is Maggie Sawyer, NCPD Science Division: into motorcycles, girls, badassery, reforming the system she works in, and wildly kinky sex. I think you two’ll get along just great.”

Dani shrieks and Mariah leans over and smacks Adrian’s arm lightly, and he ducks as both Maggie and Alex go for a playful headlock.

“Is anything I said untrue?!” he squeals, and Maggie’s blush grows as she buries her face in Alex’s shoulder.

“You’re lucky I love you, Ade!” she stammers when she finally turns around, Alex wrapping her arms around Maggie’s waist from behind as Adrian laughingly leans in for a kiss on both cheeks, which Maggie happily gives him to a chorus of awwwws.

They’re in a completely different city; in a public college, whereas Alex had gone to Stanford; in a club room in the basement of the Student Union, whereas Alex had spent her entire college career in the lab or throwing up in the bathroom; surrounded by queer kids with bright smiles and barely hidden scars, whereas Alex was just coming out a decade older than them.

And she’s somehow never felt more at home.


Merlot: Alright, but I am not a storyteller. You have been warned. 

Merlot: Once upon a time, there was little girl, who lived in a castle far far away. This little girl was no ordinary girl, she was a princess, trapped away from the world. Her mother tried to keep her from the common folk, but some how one lonely soul was able to break his way through. Stumbling across her kingdom he fell for the princess instantly. Many days and night were fought for the young man to keep her hand, but on one not so special day, the princess came to him in the cover of moonlight. Her bright eyes glowing in its rays, they vowed to one another that they would be together forever, in this life time and all the others that would follow. Someday, somehow, they would find each other, no matter what the obstacle. Their vow was very powerful, and together they created a monument to their love. A child born of beauty and heart, who would forever be theirs to cherish…

Merlot: Oh! Shooting star! Did you see that?

Gonna talk about some things! That have been bothering me! Without need or hope for anyone to reply because I feel like I’m bothering everyone with how much I’ve been talking about it lately!!!!!!!

I love golden age cinema. No, I haven’t watched most of the movies in the ‘canon’, but the stories behind them are what get me. I’m getting real frustrated, though, with the underreporting/erasure of queer people in Hollywood at this time. Not by the studios and the fixers and the morals police of the time, but by contemporary biographers and even just the general public.

I’m fully immersed into the 'You Must Remember This’ podcast (I even sat through the Manson murder season because of the tidbits I could glean that weren’t murder related), and I’m reading a book called 'The Whole Equation’ by a gentleman named David Thomson, who is a (rather old) film professor and Hollywood historian in various publications. Karina Longworth, of the former, doesn’t seem to shy away from the implications of queer stars, while I have found not one reference to anything like this in Thomson’s writings in the latter - to my recollection anyway, which is shoddy at best, so maybe I missed something.

So maybe the book is more focused on the entirety of Hollywood and how it came to be, so it glosses over a lot of the seedier, juicier bits about the personal lives of stars - though it does go into some detail about Jean Harlow’s death by uremic poisoning (Miss Harlean Carpenter comes back into play later in this rant), but I digress. I’m also losing the point of my ire and, therefore, the entirety of this massive rant.

I’m just finding out that it’s an agreed upon fact that Cary Grant, born Archie Leach and having spent some time in the Village in New York City before his time in Hollywood, was a gay man who only married and had dalliances with women to keep his contract signed and uphold his end of the morals clause therein. Some perspective: I arbitrarily fell in love with Cary Grant sometime after I had confused him for Gregory Peck during high school, then confused him for Clark Gable for a time, then watched a massive stack of his movies and found my affections with the right man. I’ve loved Cary Grant for a decade. And I’m just. Now. Finding this information out. I’m pissed. I’m livid. And I’m not pissed to find out that he was gay or that he was suppressed (though it does make my blood boil - just on a whole other level).

I’m mad because somehow this information - though widely agreed upon by most biographers - is not even mildly commonplace knowledge. I’ve BEEN pissed off that people see fit to reduce Montgomery Clift’s sexuality down to a simple sentence: He was bisexual, like many other stars of the time.

You know what? Fuck that noise. That does not begin to encompass the raging wreck that was Monty Clift. The man felt wrong and ugly inside because he loved women but didn’t want to sleep with them, and he put himself through years of conversion therapy and it presumably helped spark the alcoholism and addiction that took his looks and his life. Sure, we remember him as one of Liz Taylor’s 'boyfriends’, but we don’t remember his 14 foot medicine cabinet or the fact that he’s only remembered as bisexual because he used to get piss drunk and go home with anybody that would have him, regardless of whether or not he really was bisexual.

Which brings me around to my mentioning of David Thomson’s book. It’s dense and it’s wordy and it’s filled with a lot of subjective narrative about Hollywood and its history, some raw facts about grosses and contract rates. It’s a good read, though, especially for someone who’s just at the beginning of their journey through Golden Age cinema (it contains a lot more stuff about the actual dawn of the technicality of movies and film, plus a little more about the magic of moving pictures, and it does so in somewhat manageable chunks of metaphors between the point of the story he’s trying to tell and a relevant Hollywood figure). As I mentioned earlier, Thomson goes into some detail about Jean Harlow and her upbringing and death, and mentions her marriage to Paul Bern. He mentions Bern’s death.

He fails to mention that Bern was quite possibly deeply in the closet.

Okay, so maybe the man doesn’t believe it.

Then, he gets into insulting Marlon Brando quite a bit. That’s okay. The man was a bear to work with, an odd duck method actor at his best and a literal destroyer of sets at middling and an actual sexual predator at worst (see: 'Last Tango In Paris’). He goes on to blame, somehow, Brando’s attitude on therapy. Weird. Then I recall that in Montgomery Clift’s Wikipedia article, his sexuality is compared to that of two other actors: James Dean, and Marlon Brando. I haven’t done any research into Brandi’s bisexuality or lack thereof, but I’m willing to bet there’s some merit there.

He mentions Greta Garbo, Katherine Hepburn, Kaye Francis - but fails to mention that all of these women were confirmed to be (at the very least) bisexual. He might have mentioned Katherine Hepburn’s habit of wearing pants, but I don’t think the man even mentioned that her first on screen kiss was WITH ANOTHER WOMAN.

The first nail in the 'Whole Equation’ coffin for me came in the form of two mentions of Monty in the text: one in which Thomson makes some claims that while working together, John Wayne says that he found Clift 'feeble’ but tried like hell to keep up or even outpace him in their filming. Personally, this makes no sense to me, because have you ever seen young John Wayne? He’s a dead ringer for Montgomery Clift at his peak. But, okay, Wayne was a hard worker and I can buy him giving the young bucks a hard time.

Then, Thomson gives himself the second nail: “[…] Clift would have made [Joe, of 'Sunset Boulevard’] Gillis insidiously charming instead of a desperate scrambler. You would have wanted to save Clift (that was his trick); [William] Holden knows that Gillis is beyond salvation.” (p. 250)

I’m not going to bother dissecting the part of the paragraph before this quote in which Thomson paints Clift as someone solely turning down a role due to vanity and his own carefully crafted image, because for all I’ve learned in my time as an amateur historian, this is probably true. Stars were crafted after they were found, and studios did their best to keep stars into the molds they were poured into.

I’m gonna talk about the part where Thomson seems to deride Clift for 'tricking’ people into saving him. I take this quote as derision as opposed to a compliment to the actor’s ability to play a role because of the overall scorn it appears Thomson has for someone who can’t seem to live up to the studio’s farm factory system, and because he seems to have so much scorn for Clift himself.

Could it be that perhaps Clift had this knack for 'tricking’ people into thinking they could save him because of his own tortured inner workings and his need for support and validation due to the turmoil he felt because of his sexuality? Maybe I’m just an asshole here because I don’t have a degree in psych or film history, but I don’t think it would be a stretch to consider that maybe Clift’s close friendship with Elizabeth Taylor and his own film roles all contributed to trying to reach out to someone to ease his pain. And maybe - just maybe - Thomson has some kind of problem with this. (DISCLAIMER: I haven’t read anything else by this author and I haven’t looked into his own personal history and I don’t know if he’s changed his tune about all of this so I can’t be sure.)

So, in all of this, somehow and somewhere, what I’m trying to say is: contemporary LGBT people deserve to know their history. There’s that post floating around about walking down a hall of history and finding it blank, being told it doesn’t exist and that’s what it’s like for a queer person in this day and age. And I agree. So let’s start by acknowledging that Hollywood has been filled with queer people from day one, and go from there.

Okay, raging queer nerd out ✌🏻 byeeeee

Zeus and Family Modern AU

-Zeus is the CEO of a multi billion dollar company.

-He’s one of those totally insane CEOs who’s always cliff jumping and spelunking and extreme camping in the arctic.

-He’s constantly cheating on his wife Hera, who he’s known for so long and so well that she’s basically her sister, and she knows about all the affairs but doesn’t file for divorce.

-He has two sons with her, Ares and Hephaestus and Ares is the rich play boy who loves guns and violence while Hephaestus is at MIT getting a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Design.

-He has a few other kids too, his daughter Athena was born before he married Hera, and she’s now a professor at Harvard and is getting a nobel prize in literature for her book on Ancient Greece.

-Then there’s Artemis and Apollo, the twins with one of Zeus’s mistresses, a model named Leto. Artemis is an olympic athlete and Apollo’s a movie star and recording artist.

-His son Hermes is business man who was raised far away from Zeus and is trying really hard to make it without telling everyone who his father was.

-His youngest son Dionysus is the wild child because Zeus raised him all on his own. He does a lot of partying and drugs and having sex and has gone to rehab multiple time.

-He has a ton more children and they’re always popping up all over the place cause the seem to be exceptional at doing weird things and whenever they pop up Hera just shakes her head

-Hephaestus’s girlfriend is Aphrodite, a model who he met through his dad. She’s going to design school in Rhode Island. Her and Ares have a little thing on the side.

-Zeus’s older brother Poseidon used to be a marine biologist but now he just sits on the beach and surfs all day and no one knows how he gets his money.

-Hera’s older sister Demeter is a gardener and farmer and whenever her daughter’s not off with her bad influence of a husband, Zeus’s brother Hades, Persephone helps her run the farm.

-Hades and Persephone run a funeral home and morgue, all wrapped into one and Demeter hates it.

Sigue en Español despues del Inglés

The Second sign is Ehecatl, or Wind. The glyph is a representation of the head of Ehecatl, the Teótl of the wind. Ehecatl is a capricious Teótl; he brings the gentle breeze, as well as the fearsome hurricane. Those born on his day have a tendency to the unpredictability of Ehecatl. However, Ehecatl is a manifestation of Quetzalcoátl, the Teótl of creation; it is Quetzalcoátl who rules this day. He is the creator, who first gave birth to men, and who brought maize to our ancestors.

Quetzalcoátl is at one and the same time the Teótl of Creation, as well as Quetzalcoátl Topiltzin, the Priest-King of Tollan, who was born man and ruled the great kingdom of the Toltecs. As such, he overcame his darkness in his nature, which exists in the hearts of all men, and became divine; at his death, he rose to the heavens and became the morning star. The mantic image is a representation of this; a great coral snake, symbol of lust, sex, and Tlazoli (disorder or chaos), is pierces by an arrow, which itself transfixes a sacrificial blade. The serpent is crowned with the headdress of Quetzalcoátl, for it is his own dark nature, the Tlazoli in his soul, which is conquered. This is an image of the conquest of the self towards order and light.

As the second day of the Tonalamatl, Ehecatl pertains the the North, the region of the Dead. Those born on this day tend towards the capricious and chaotic nature of the wind. However, just as a wind sweeps clear the road before the coming of the storm, so too those born on this day have as their Tonali the great example of Quetzalcoatl Topiltzin, who conquered his own heart and so became divine.

El segundo signo es Ehecatl, o Viento. El glifo es una representación de la cabeza de Ehecatl, el Teótl del viento. Ehecatl es un Teótl caprichoso; Él trae la brisa apacible, tan bien como el temible huracán. Los nacidos en su día tienen una tendencia a la imprevisibilidad de Ehecatl. Sin embargo, Ehecatl es una manifestación de Quetzalcoátl, el Teótl de la creación; Es Quetzalcoátl quien gobierna este día. Él es el creador, que primero dio a luz a los hombres, y que trajo maíz a nuestros ancestres.

Quetzalcoátl es a la vez el Teótl de la Creación, así como Quetzalcoátl Topiltzin, el Rey Sacerdote de Tollan, que nació hombre y gobernó el gran reino de los Toltecas. Como tal, venció la obscuridad en su naturaleza, que existe en los corazones de todos los hombres, y se hizo divino; En su muerte, él se subió a los cielos y se convirtió en la estrella de la mañana. La imagen mantica es una representación de esto; Una gran serpiente de coral, símbolo de lujuria, sexo y Tlazoli (desorden o caos), es atravesada por una flecha que transfiere una hoja de sacrificio. La serpiente está coronada con el tocado de Quetzalcoátl, porque es su propia naturaleza oscura, el Tlazoli en su alma, que es conquistada. Esta es una imagen de la conquista del yo hacia el orden y la luz.

Como el segundo día del Tonalamatl, Ehecatl pertenece al Norte, la región de los Muertos. Aquellos que nacen en este día tienden hacia la naturaleza caprichosa y caótica del viento. Sin embargo, así como un viento barre el camino antes de la venida de la tormenta, también los nacidos en este día tienen como Tonali el gran ejemplo de Quetzalcoatl Topiltzin, que conquistó su propio corazón y se convirtió en divino.

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ohh do you have some of the quotes and references to sexuality that johnny makes in his book please?


  • ‘They were lively nights, and I sat on the floor, watching and listening to handsome men and pretty women rocking as the night got more raucous and the bottle caps flew off.’ (p. 14)
  • ‘If it’s not exactly 100 per cent true that ‘clothes maketh the man,’ then it’s definitely a fact that clothes can maketh the man look a bit more interesting to girls and to other boys too.’ (p. 26)
  • ‘Marc Bolan became my idol. I collected every poster and photo of him I could find, usually from girls’ magazines like Jackie, and I went to the cinema to see his film Born to Boogie. Like George Best and Bruce Lee, Marc Bolan was small, audacious and good-looking, but best of all he was a pop star who played the guitar.’ (p. 28 - 29)
  • ‘Buying ‘Jeepster’ as my first record was a total fluke. It could have worked out differently had it not been for the picture of Bolan and Mickey Finn on the label.’ (p. 29)
  • ‘My friend Tony was a beautiful creature, another Bowie fan, with a blonde Ziggy haircut, high cheekbones, and green eyes like a Siamese cat. He wore red Oxford bags with white platforms and a black harrington jacket. Tony was three years older than me and was the first guy I knew who was openly gay.’ (p. 43 - 44)
  • ‘We were together a lot, and it got some people talking, which didn’t bother me at all - we had a lot of things in common and plenty to talk about. The two of us were in Piccadilly Gardens one Saturday afternoon just after I’d had my hair cut. We were waiting at the bus stop when two big uglies with north Manchester accents came over and started making cooing noises and blowing kisses. I looked at Tony’s face as he continued talking to me, and I could see he was aware of the situation. ‘Eh,’ said one of the lads, ‘are you queers?’ They were obviously up for a fight. I readied myself for the inevitable as Tony continued to talk to me with his back to the goons and appeared to be ignoring their remarks until one pushed him in the back and said, ‘Eh, y’fuckin’ queer.’ With that, Tony grabbed my head and kissed me on the lips for what seemed like a very long time, then spun around and attacked the biggest of the two with really hard punches to the face until the lad went on to his knees. He then grabbed the other guy, who was backing off, punched him very hard in the face and threw him down into the road full of traffic. I thought the guy was going to be killed, and as we ran off towards the train station Tony turned to me and said, ‘That was nice’ and then, laughing, he added, ‘Don’t worry, I won’t do it again.’
    On the train home in my platforms and Budgie jacket, I looked at Tony and thought about ‘All The Young Dudes’: ‘Now Lucy looks sweet ‘cause he dresses like a queen. But he can kick like a mule, it’s a real mean team.’ I loved the song, and there was no doubting it, pop music was for me and my friends.’ (p. 44 - 45)
  • ‘John’s hair was always tinted some shade of blue, red or green, and unusually for the times he was very ‘out’ as a young gay man, in a way that was brave and inspiring.’ (p. 123)
  • ‘[The Smiths, for their first gig] also planned to do a song by the girl group The Cookies, called ‘I Want a Boy for My Birthday’, which I realised would send out a message that not only didn’t bother me but which I was fairly amused by and quite excited about.’ (p. 132 - 133)
    (You can listen to a demo of I Want a Boy for My Birthday that Morrissey and Johnny recorded in Johnny’s bedroom in 1982 here!)
  • ‘Morrissey had suggested that for the gig we invite his friend James Maker to introduce us. I didn’t know James, but I thought that being introduced for our first show sounded good, and when I discovered that he would be wearing high-heeled stiletto shoes while he did it, I liked the idea even more.’ (p. 136)
  • ‘I stood with Marilyn, the so-called gender-bending pop prince, who was on before us. I couldn’t work out if he was nervous or aloof; he seemed to be both. We were looking at each other, but we didn’t speak. Maybe he thought we were provincial nobodies. I couldn’t tell. What I did know was that his record wasn’t very good but he looked totally gorgeous.’ (p. 188)
  • ‘I liked living in Earls Court. It was good being able to walk around the streets at all hours, and it was good that I liked being around Australians and gay guys too, as Earls Court in 1984 was swarming with backpacks and leather vests.’ (p. 201)
  • ‘There was a whole generation of American boys who were dissatisfied with the model of masculinity they had been expected to conform to and that was irrelevant and totally out of date. They saw in the British bands a way of being that was anti-macho and pro-androgyny, where the question of whether you were gay or straight didn’t matter at all.’ (p. 222 - 223)
  • ‘[Billy Bragg] came to my studio and liked the track [Johnny had been working on], and over the next few days we made the single ‘Sexuality’, with me producing. It was a great pop song with brilliant lyrics.’ (p. 310)

I think there are actually a few more, but those are the ones I tabbed!


band!gmw / instagram au

With Riley and Isadora on guitar, Lucas on bass, Zay on drums, and Maya on vocals, the John Adams Misfits have been dominating the billboard charts with their fresh, alternative rock sound. 

Maya Hart - Dubbed as the ‘rebellious lead singer’, this fiery blonde has eased her way into the heart’s of all media outlets and has certainly done her rounds in networking with other bands/artists.

Riley Matthews - As a die-hard Knicks fan, this bubbly brunette is always honored to play Madison Square Garden. She absolutely hypnotizes the crowd with her powerful guitar solos and is known for her bright stage presence, flower crowns, and shiny pink guitar.

Isadora Smackle - ‘The saucy genius with the mouth of a sailor’, is what Rolling Stones calls her. As the newest member of J.A.M, she still has a lot to prove, but as a musical composer, her art really speaks for itself.

Zay Babineaux - With titles such as, ‘Rock & Roll’s finest’ and ‘Newcomer of the Year’ it’s hard to play down Isaiah’s role in J.A.M. Not only is he the main composer, he’s the glue that holds the band together.

Lucas Friar - Although he is known as the heartthrob of the band, his expertise on the bass speaks volumes. This Texas-born rock star is bringing bass guitar back in style.

Farkle Minkus - He’s the man who made it all possible. Farkle has started his own record label under his father’s company to sign J.A.M, a talented group he’s proud to call his friends. As band/tour manager, he works to keep them at the top of their game.

Nevermore (Reprise)

Chapter I - I Am Damaged 

 He is damaged, far too damaged. Remnant is full of fairytales and legends, but it is just as full of beasts and demons, and his misfortune only marks him out as an outcast. The souls that Salem has taken are lost; they are beyond redemption, as he will soon be.

Team STRQ is shattered. One dead. One lost. One traitor. One damaged. 

By watching the turn of the clock, Qrow can see that there’s not much time left before the same fate repeats itself on the ones he loves.

                                                             ☨ ☨ ☨

He was born to the wind and sky, a bird in flight. Born to the blood of the tribe, spilled across the pavement, and to his sister, one whom darkness knew well. Melded to a team— to Taiyang, the one of sunshine, and Summer, shackled to silver and murdered by a legend. He brought misfortune wherever he planted his roots, abandoned the ones he loved, created a spot of turbulent darkness in a beacon of shining light.

A beacon, one that glowed like a star, erected from nothing. His home, now an empty shell. He remembers the one who stood apart from the crowd, unencumbered by the troubles of everyday life, untouched by humanity’s strife, the spirit of light.

The man who was devoured by fire and burned to nothingness, swallowed up and spat out into shards, consumed by the breath of autumn.

Qrow remembers this: his copper eyes.

He thought he’d never see them again.

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Lionhearted - some_where - Star Wars - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Star Wars - All Media Types, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Major Character Death
Relationships: Bodhi Rook & Finn
Characters: Bodhi Rook, Finn (Star Wars), Leia Organa, Poe Dameron
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Angst, Bodhi is the only surviving member of Rogue One, I’m Sorry, but it eventually gets better for him

Snippets of Bodhi’s life, from the battle of Scarif to his meeting with a young ex-Stormtrooper, some 40 years later.

Bodhi survived Scarif. He got badly burned, but managed to make it. The others weren’t so lucky.

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so… apparently, i actually did write a response to @rebelcaptainprompts very first prompt, “stardust” and i guess i felt like it wasn’t done or… something? but i was going through my “untitled documents” in google docs, and stumbled across it and reread it and went “huh, okay” so. here is the latest prompt response, like. ever.


in order to rise from its own ashes, a phoenix first must burn.
–octavia butler
Papa found beauty in science, in the natural laws of the universe, in the way energy was conserved and life coalesced out of nothing on distant worlds, primordial soups and amino acids replicating themselves, chemistry turning itself into life. Stardust, he’d called her, because that’s what you are, you’re made out of atoms forged in the hearts of stars that have long since died.

It all kind of went to poison after Lyra died, and she fell in with Saw, who didn’t find beauty in anything, and taught her how not to look for it. Papa showed her a breathtaking galaxy; Saw showed her how to breathe in it.

And then Saw left her too, but his lessons ran deep.

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Tarsus IV Updated Fic Rec (a hundred in all).

Mostly reboot but there are some original Star Trek fics in here. If there are any mistakes please send me a message. The new stories start at 31 for ABOUT TARSUS IV, 25 for MENTIONS/REFERENCES TO TARSUS IV, 6 for CHRISTOPHER PIKE & JIM KIRK, and 4 for HOSHI SATO & JIM KIRK. There are also two new lists (Tarsus IV at the Academy & Spock on Tarsus.) I also found a fic where Uhura was on Tarsus IV. Hope you enjoy.

Update: Tumblr has a limit on links per post and I surpassed the limit with this post. 


  1. The Kids Are (Not) Alright by notfreyja, Straight_Outta_Hobbiton on archiveofourown. Rated Teen.  Summary: When Jimmy goes to a new colony on Tarsus IV, every thing was supposed to be fine. Good, even. He was supposed to have other kids to play with, become more socialized. Maybe even learn how to live off of a Starship.No one was prepared for the reality.
  2. Falsified History by SadieYuki on archiveofourown. Rated Teen. Summary: According to John Harrison’s bio, he was one of the colonists on Tarsus IV and became one of the Tarsus Nine. Jim knows this isn’t true.
  3. Starfleet academy finds out Jim Kirk was on Tarsus IV by CharactersSecretsExposed  on Rated K+.  Summary: Kirk and the other cadets go into the forest as an assignment to reproduce the events of Tarsus IV and test their survival ability. Afterwards, Kirk’s class continue studying Tarsus IV and a survivor is invited to talk to the students. Kirk’s past is revealed and he returns to the academy after a brief hiatus. New evidence arises that suggests Kodos is still alive and Earthside.
  4. Recognition by  JadeMac2442 on Rated Teen. Summary: Post Tarsus IV, Riley get assigned to the Enterprise. He hasn’t forgotten the color of those eyes. A Conscience of the King Prequel.
  5. Arena by whatshouldntbe on livejournal. Rated R. Summary: During the last six months of her first year into her captaincy, Jim Kirk is forced to revist her dark past when a rumor surfaces around the ship concerning the suspected whereabouts of Governor Kodos. (This is part three of the What Shouldn’t Be series. The previous two parts mentioned Tarsus IV but this part is about Tarsus IV.)
  6. The Line Between Giving Up and Giving In by rayrae118 on Rated Teen. It was an old nightmare, suppressed for years; because what good did it do to dwell on the past? It wouldn’t change anything. Until one day, it wasn’t the past anymore. The nightmare had come back to life, the monster had come out of the closet, and he’ll need his friends, now, more than ever before. Tarsus warnings apply.
  7. A face from long ago by silver-thyla on tumblr. General.
  8. Five Vulcans Jim Met, One He Kept by surrenderdammit on archiveofourown. Rated Teen. (Link takes you to chapter two where Jim is on Tarsus with T'Pring.)
  9. Haven by JadeMac2442 on Rated Teen. Summary: AU. Christopher Pike is on the crew of the ship that relieves Tarsus IV. He finds a young orphan Jim Kirk in a cell, and decides to adopt him. Very dark at first. READ the WARNINGS.
  10. The World May Never Know by SadieYuki on archiveofourown. Rated Teen. Summary: How many lies does it take to get to the center of a Jim Kirk? Or, five times Jim Kirk hid the truth from Leonard McCoy, and one time he finally opened up.
  11. one acquainted with the night by contrarian on archiveofourown. Rated General Audiences. Summary: Shutting the door carefully, she listened to the dull sounds of dry heaving from the small en suite. A toilet flush. Silence.Gaila wasn’t about to intrude on his privacy. She hated to be vulnerable herself, and she always got the sense that she and Kirk were kindred spirits, in their own way. It would feel worse to leave him to sickness or misery, though, so she padded over to the closed bathroom door.“It’s just me, Gaila. Are you okay?“
  12. You Don’t Have To (Say Yes) by luminousbeings on archiveofourown. Rated Mature. Summary: The abridged sexual history of James Tiberius Kirk.Or, Jim’s varyingly unhealthy idea of what sex is supposed to be (a it-gets-worse-before-it-gets-better story) (Warning: This fic is beautiful dark.)
  13. Words of Revolution by infiniteworld8 on archiveofourown. Rated Teen. Summary: Kirk’s worst memory. A class assignment of ethics and morality dredges up memories from years ago, that he’s done his best to forget. The horror of Tarsus IV threatens to overwhelm him as he struggles to keep his past a secret from his friends. (Part one of a series.  The series is Words of Revolution , Alternate Ending (The Janus Directive) and deleted scenes.)
  14. The Janus Directive by infiniteworld8 on archiveofourown. Rated Mature. Summary: Kirk finally let’s people know he’s one of the Tarsus Nine. But is having the truth known really a good thing? Pandora’s box has been opened and there’s no closing it and what will come to light will rock the Federation and Starfleet at their core. (I have yet to read this part of the series though I’ve read part one & three. This is part two of the series Words of Revolution , Alternate Ending (The Janus Directive) and deleted scenes.)
  15. Memory by zhen123 on Rated M. Summary: The members of the Enterprise are forced to endure their worst nightmares. The Bridge crew comes together to discuss their experiences, and Jim tries to play it off with humor. However, he was affected worse than he lets on. slash.
  16. Quirks by  SpiritBearr on Rated Teen. Summary: Tarsus was many years ago. Sometimes that doesn’t matter. Bones wonders why he didn’t see it before. Jim just wants to be left alone.
  17. Imaginary Numbers by Isa_Iadel on archiveofourown. Rated Mature. Summary: There were those who understood men like Governor Kodos well enough to know what was coming and they made plans. But how long can they survive when the Federation doesn’t believe the rumors of famine and genocide?
  18. UNDER ORDERS by Ann Harrington but was submitted by califmole on livejournal. Rated Gen. Summary: Knowing is only half the battle. (Pike finds out about Kirk being on Tarsus IV. Definitely worth reading.)
  19. Fractured Lives: A Place Called Tarsus IV by Rakuyou_Tenshi (Citrus_Luver) on archiveofourown. Rated Mature. Summary: Even at a young age, Jim had known he was different, but sometimes different is okay. Sometimes different is better. Sometimes different saves you.These are Jim’s early years. The years Jim wishes he could forget, but can’t because he lived and they didn’t. The years that lead to the best thing in his life… even if it’s fleeting.These are the before, during and after Tarsus years.
  20. Green by WingedQuill on archiveofourown. Rated Teen. Summary: Jim isn’t the only person on the Enterprise with an altered childhood.
    Spock struggles with three things: emotions, humanity, and food.
    S'chn T'gai just tries to survive. (Spock is on Tarsus.)
  21. Cor Aut Mors by mischief_afoot on livejournal. Rated R. Summary: There is nothing left; all the avenues they’ve tried to restore the land to fertility have failed. (Another Spock on Tarsus fic that features Jim who is Betazoid. Warning: Dark but worth reading because of the ending.)
  22. Tarsus IV by princess Naphatarie on Rated K. Summary: A KirkSpock or Kirk & Spock fic right after Conscience of the King.
  23. Brutality by BonesOfBirdWings  on Rated Teen. Summary: Khan isn’t the only brutal one. After all, Kirk didn’t see Khan on the dying fields of Tarsus IV, did he? (Warnings: Some violence, and a little squicky. The Horror genre is there for a reason.)
  24. A Moment on Tarsus IV by To.The.Hilt on Rated K+. Summary: The anniversary of the Tarsus Massacre rolls around. Kirk tries to forget what day it is, Spock and McCoy refuse to. Discoveries are made about the event that shaped Jim Kirk. Kplus for subject matter. Nothing too bad. NON SLASH
  25. Still in the Game by Moonfairyhime on Rated Teen. Summary: I had hoped that, out of all the horrors you have experienced in your life, you would have been spared from Tarsus IV. It pains me deeply, Jim, that you were on Tarsus even in this timeline.
  26. Faded Pain by Blacktipped Angelwings on Rated M. Summary: History class really sucks when you’ve been part of it, and wish you hadn’t. How does Jim Kirk handle an assignment on Tarsus IV when all he ever wanted was to forget? Tarsus warnings. Also, remember trekkies, this is not the same Tarsus IV as the original series. This Kodos is not a man who thought he was doing what was best.
  27. Ni'Var by WerewolvesAreReal on archiveofourown. Rated
    General Audiences. Summary: Humans have daemons. Vulcans have katras. Spock, born of both, has neither. Which he’s fine with. Really. Meanwhile, James Kirk is a little curious about this whole daemon business, because how the hell can he have two souls - ?
  28. The Stars Shine On by FyreFlyte on Rated Teen. Summary: For Jim Kirk, the scars of Tarsus IV won’t ever fully fade. But sometimes a fellow survivor and a few close friends can do more than the psychological counselors ever could. A loosely connected series of oneshots. Part Three: Told from Riley’s POV. A mission gone wrong, a feverish Jim, and an observant Vulcan.
  29. History by AutumnDawn21 on Rated Teen. Summary: He wasn’t supposed to read those books, the ones with the pictures of prisoners from a war long ago. It wasn’t supposed to happen to him, either. Tarsus-fic
  30. The Once & Future Captain by Turtle_Goose on archiveofourown. Rated Mature. Summary: The crew of the Enterprise is tasked with a classified mission to find a translation device that was developed by Hoshi Sato before her death. The mission takes the Enterprise to the mysterious Tarsus IV, a dead planet that once supported a thriving colony. Concerned about Captain Kirk and Lieutenant Riley’s alarming behavior, the crew delves into Kirk’s old life on Tarsus IV, uncovering the hidden horrors in the planet’s past and finally understanding their Captain in a way they’d never though possible.
  31. Rebirth by whiteraven1606 on archiveofourown. Rated Mature. Summary: For a prompt at a LiveJournal community st_xi_kink_meme. Promt was: "Somehow, Reaper (who wasn’t McCoy at the time) helps ends Tarsus IV and he meets a young Jim Kirk. He feels the need to protect the kid and he personally takes a sickly Kirk back to Earth, where he leaves him with Pike. Years later, Kirk and McCoy meet on that shuttle, because Pike called Reaper!McCoy and told him Kirk was joining Star Fleet and could use a friend. From the start, Kirk thinks there’s something familiar about McCoy, but it’s not until post events of the movie that the truth comes out. Happy ending for the boys."I AU’d Tarsus IV to suit me and the medical stuff is completely wrong, but served my purposes. Deal with it.Work Text:
  32. A drabble that has no name by sadieyuki on tumblr. Rated General. Summary: fbexplorer asked: tarsus prompt: Chekov and/or Sulu find out, against Jim’s wishes, how does he react?
  33. Immutable Things by dogpoet on archiveofourown. Rated Mature. Summary: Spock once told you that the universe is made up of parallel worlds, that every choice you make creates two branches on the crooked line of your life.
  34. Predetermined by BonesOfBirdWings on archiveofourown. Rated Teen. Summary: James T. Kirk always goes to Tarsus IV - because George Kirk can die, Vulcan can be destroyed, and Jim can be resurrected, but Tarsus IV is immutable.OR - An exploration of the fanon fact that Jim always experiences the massacre on Tarsus IV, no matter the universe. (Worth reading.)
  35. Copernican Theory by sinestrated on archiveofourown. Rated Teen. Summary: "Please don’t hurt me,” he whispers. (I loved Winona in this.)
  36. rhadamanthus by spqr on archiveofourown. Rated Teen. Summary: Spock murmurs, “I cannot imagine a universe in which it is not my life’s duty to protect you. You are — “ he has to search for the right words, in Jim’s language. “You are — most dear to me, of all things.”
  37. Rescue by shoreleave on archiveofourown. Rated Teen. Summary: Missing scene from Any Road Will Take You There. Lt. Christopher Pike arrives at Tarsus IV and finds a belligerent, uncommunicative boy who doesn’t want to be rescued.
  38. Mr. Sensitive by waldorph on archiveofourown. Rated Explicit. Summary: Tarsus IV was a catastrophe of eugenics and desperation, and Jim Kirk was there. (”written for the st_xi_kink meme: anon’s prompt was “I want to see a situation where Kirk is some how left Emotionless and basically acts like a robot, and its up to Spock to try and reawaken the emotions inside of Jim.” And scarlet_pencil’s addition of “Maybe they see something that shocks Kirk into remembering traumatic events from Tarsus IV, which cause him to revert to being emotionless because he can’t really deal with that?”)
  39. Blue Fields by WerewolvesAreReal on archiveofourown. Rated Teen. Summary: In his thirteenth year James Kirk ends up on Tarsus IV with his aunt and uncle. During the famine he takes refuge with a six year-old named Kevin Riley and a young half-Vulcan.
  40. The Devil’s Defense by wild-springflower on Rated K+. Summary: He’d thought he would be in the clear. He’d thought they could finally be done with the hellish topic and move on, but really, when had life ever been so kind? So now Jim was sitting, hands poised over his PAD, wondering just what exactly one could type into a search engine to find compelling arguments defending Governor Kodos’ actions on Tarsus IV. (Academy Era)+
  41. Ingenious Idiot by Kanae Yuna on Rated T. Summary: “The truth is plain and simple: James T. Kirk is a genius, even under the most unfavorable conditions…” A series of one-shots where Jim shows his ingenuity while he’s bleeding, poisoned, or just hurt in some general way.
  42. Mother of The Nine by SilasSolarius on archiveofourown. Rated Explicit. Summary: There are rumors amongst the Federation about the mother of the nine Tarsus survivors… however when the warp core malfunctions in orbit of the planet instead of in orbit of Qo'nos the Enterprise and her crew find themselves seeing a new side of their captain…and a certain augment finds true love. KHIRK.. TARSUS WARNINGS
  43. caught in the hands of fate by Caliente on Rated K+. Summary: “The death count on Tarsus IV is estimated at over four thousand, although many of the deceased are still being identified.” The tragedy of Tarsus IV as witnessed by Winona and Jim Kirk in a farmhouse in Iowa. (An untold tale from James T. Kirk’s childhood.) –– set during the 2009!film
  44. Let Me Help by RayShippouUchiha  on Rated Teen. Summary: Or the five times someone said, “I love you” and the one that meant so much more. Warnings: Implied abuse, rape, Tarsus, and Kirk/Spock
  45. Kirk and Kevin return to Tarsus IV (requested) by CharactersSecretsExposed on Rated K+. Summary: The Enterprise is forced to make port at Tarsus IV after their ship is damaged in a meteorite storm. They encounter old places and old faces. Kevin is welcomed with opened arms but Jim is shunned for his Captaincy. What happens when his past is finally revealed? [Requested by Milkywaysupernova]
  46. Tarsus IV Rescue and JT’s Return to Earth by CharactersSecretsExposed on Rated K+. Summary: Starfleet arrives on Tarsus IV to start the rescue and evacuation of it’s inhabitants. Christopher Pike joins a search party to look for a group of children and is the only one who can inadvertently win over the trust of their teenage leader. Starfleet returns to earth where J.T meets the members of his future Starship crew. Christopher Pike succumbs to his parental side.
  47. Tectonic Shift by wonderfulwrites on archiveofourown. Rated Teen. Summary: Kirk and Uhura finally hash out their differences. Too bad it takes a natural disaster to get them to do it. (Uhura on Tarsus!)
  48. Intrusion by aewriteon on Rated T. Summary: After responding to a routine distress call, Bones, Uhura, and Spock find themselves separated from the Captain. After being questioned by their captors, however, they begin to suspect that all is not as it seems. (Worth reading.)
  49. And The Band Keeps Playing On by Yum on Rated K+. Summary: Jim asked five questions about Tarsus. He received five answers.
  50. Another Little White Lie by rayrae118 on archiveofourown. Rated Teen. Summary: The odds were always stacked against him. From his father’s death, to Tarsus, it seemed like he really couldn’t win. But he wouldn’t be James T. Kirk if he didn’t deliver a great big ‘screw you’ to the universe, and rise above to become the Captain we all know and love.(A must read.)
  51. Unraveling by AnnaKnitsSpock on archiveofourown. Rated Explicit. Summary: When the Enterprise receives a December assignment to accompany a Federation investigation on Tarsus IV, Jim is forced to confront not only the trauma he experienced there, but also his conflicted feelings about Christmas, his childhood, and his first officer.
  52. Kirk and the Kobayashi Maru by Jess_S on archiveofourown. Rated Teen. Summary: Why Cadet James T. Kirk found the Kobayashi Maru so distasteful that he couldn’t mount an eloquent defense. (Must read.)
  53. When Hope Is Gone by CatchingCraziness on archiveofourown. Rated Teen. Summary: The survivors of Tarsus IV couldn’t bear to be separated from the new family they’d created, so once they were rescued from the death filled planet, they ran away.Or How James T. Kirk, at age fifteen, became a father to eight children.
  54. Pyrrhic Victories by collapsethelightintoearth on archiveofourown. Rated Teen. Summary: It’s funny, Jim thinks, how everyone assumes his rejection of no-win scenarios was fostered by the sacrifice his father made.
  55. From So Far Away You Journey by alma_gloriosa on archiveofourown. Rated Teen. Summary: While attending the funeral of his cousins, ill-fated colonists of Tarsus IV, Leonard McCoy witnesses what he believes to be the abuse of Jim Kirk, the boy who saved their daughter, Lila. When Leonard reports what he saw and discovers that Jim has nowhere else to go, he sets into motion a series of events that will change both his and Jim’s lives forever. (Bones adopts Jim after Tarsus!)
  56. Odds and Ends by lizzledpink on archiveofourown. Rated Teen. Summary: Nobody escapes a tragedy unscathed. Not even Spock.
  57. she’s the one that they call old whatsername by kaydeefalls on archiveofourown. Rated Teen. Summary: "You gotta plant your flag in the dirt and declare victory on your own terms. The winner is whoever survives long enough to write the history books.“ (Always-a-girl!Kirk.) (Worth reading.)
  58. Atlas by Angel Baby1 on Rated M. Summary: Between what was and what will be stands James Tiberius Kirk, in all his fractured patchwork glory. Because saving the Federation was only the beginning. Eventual K/S (Worth Reading.)
  59. Interspecies Ethics - Tarsus IV by MermAight on archiveofourown. Rated Teen. Summary:  Big, black holographic letters before a plain white wall. A name seared into his memory like a fresh burn scar that itched, stung and roared when touched, followed by the most bullshitty question he had ever heard, in neat, 20 % transparent letters:TARSUS IV - Were Kodos’ actions defendable?
  60. Similarities by HappytheExceed on archiveofourown. Rated Teen. Summary: AU: Set before the five-year mission in STID. Bones was going through emotional roller coaster. His daughter, Joanna was put through an ordeal similar to the infamous Tarsus IV. Bones had to help young Joanna to come to terms with what she had went through while working on a mission to only realise that his best friend was involved had been through worse than he had imagined.
  61. The Conscience of the Boy by Rakuyou_Tenshi (Citrus_Luver) on archiveofourown. Rated Teen. Summary: At the academy, Jim "celebrates” the evacuation of Tarsus every year by holing up in the library searching for signs of Kodos in anything. Then, he goes out looking for someone to fuck. He never twigs why it’s Bones he’s always bringing home with him.
  62. Notes on Tarsus IV by kirk_to_enterpise_15 on archiveofourown. Rated Not Rated. Summary: Spock finds out about Jim’s time on Tarsus…in the classroom.

Keep reading

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Celia Lovsky, who played the character of T'Pau in “Amok Time”, was born on February 21, 1897, one of only 11 credited Trek guest stars born in the 19th century.

In “Amok Time”, T'Pau has a level of status and respect that was very rare for women characters in TOS. Through mentions in TNG and Voyager we learn about her impressive imprint on Federation society for generations to come.

In “Darkling”, T'Pau joins Leonardo da Vinci, Socrates, Gandhi and Lord Byron as part of a group of historical figures The Doctor considers emulating.

And in Enterprise, we learn more about T'Pau’s impressive backstory.

But Celia Lovsky also has an interesting background that involved overcoming barriers. She was born in Vienna and became a stage star in Vienna and Berlin. In 1929 she met her future husband, Peter Lorre.

When Lorre, who was of Jewish Austro-Hungarian descent, was forced to flee Berlin in 1933, Lovsky went with him to Vienna, Paris, London and finally America.

According to The Lost One: A Life of Peter Lorre, Lorre refused to let Lovsky work after they were married, “believing that in a marriage, the man must do all the work”.

After she and Lorre divorced in 1945, she continued to help him as his publicist, manager, secretary, financial planner and friend. But she found it difficult getting back into acting work because of her Austro-Hungarian accent. She took on a number of character and “exotic” roles in movies and TV. One of her most significant was playing Lon Chaney’s deaf-mute mother in Man of a Thousand Faces (1957).

Joseph Pevney directed that movie and when he was brought on for the TOS episode “Amok Time” in 1967, recommended Lovsky for the role of T'Pau.

Twelve years later, in 1979, Lovsky passed away at home of natural causes.