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London Attacks

My gratitude goes to the police, doctors, hospital receptionists, ambulance drivers, and all other workers who stepped up after yesterday’s terrorist attacks.

I don’t like debating about the existence of non-extremist Muslims in the face of terrorist attacks at all, but, sadly, it’s come to that. I think this article (hyperlinked) gets the point across well:

“A crowdfunding campaign started by a Muslim man who witnessed the Westminster attack has raised more than £17,000 in just a day for victims of the atrocity and their families.

The Muslims United for London page passed the £3,000 mark within an hour of going live and surpassed £10,000 over the next 15 hours as hundreds of people rushed to donate.”

“A minute’s silence was held for his victims as faith leaders, the Home Secretary and Mayor of London joined thousands of Londoners at a memorial held in Trafalgar Square on Thursday evening.

Among the attendees was the head of the Muslim Council of Britain, Harun Khan, who condemned the “cowardly and depraved” terror attack.

‘There is no justification for this act whatsoever,’ he added.”

Please spread this, especially if you know people who are misled. I’m seeing so much hate on Twitter, and that’s not what should be going around at a time like this.

Your Breath on His

He’s part of the Mafia, and you’re part of their rival gang. What happens when you cross paths with Yoongi? 

Mafia! Yoongi 

Angst, Smut references, Slight fluff, Swearing


A/N- Thank you so much for @suhotrashanon and @lanzdactor for helping me!! And @thefuturewillbeprosperous thank you for being so patient, I hope it is worth the wait :)  I tried my best to fit the complex request into something small-ish :)

I feel like it was a whole lot in a short span of time but I hope ya’ll like it anyway

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The sun hangs low on the horizon, stretching its arms out, across the city as your body grows restless in the bed sheets. The black behind your eyelids soon evaporate into the harsh light creeping in through the gap in your curtains. The rise and fall of your chest steady as your heartbeat slows to a normal pace. Another nightmare, you sigh, wiping the bead of sweat from your forehead.


He forces his back further into the wall, attempting to blend into shadows that remain from dusk. Clutching his deep wound closed, he uses the other hand to lean his weight up and over a fence. His footsteps echo through the hollow backstreets, others following close by. His energy drained body slides around one last corner before giving way to his weak legs.

“Where the fuck did that bastard Yoongi go,” a voice spits. Three others soon join behind the man, their breathing heavy. As their footsteps continue on, Yoongi relaxes further into the grass, watching them through a small gap between a hedge.

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Work Comes Home - Part 6

Summary: You work for the company that publishes Hamilton: The Revolution. You meet Lin-Manuel at work and who knows what will happen?

Words: 3748

Author’s Note: Thanks to @secretschuylersister and @iwrotemywayto-revolution for being amazing and reading this over and editing it for me. Brazenhead Books is a real store in NYC and so is the owner Michael, visiting his bookstore is now on my bucket list. 

Ask Me Anything

Disclaimer: Obviously, the overall story timeline is a little weird, it takes a while to publish a book, but we’re condensing that time for the purpose of the story. 

Warnings: Swearing

Askbox | Masterlist | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter

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Nobody (Part 12)

(this is how I imagined the photos would be tacked on the walls)

Plot:  Reader has been held prisoner by Hydra and is discovered by Nat and Bucky.  Post CA:CW (Bucky’s on the team, no one hates each other) Slight AU

Warnings: Cursing, mentions of torture and gore

Words: 1873 

A/N: Just a note that the story takes place in 2016 because that’s when I first started writing.  Hope you like this part.  Feedback is always welcome!

Reader’s POV

You fell down the rabbit hole.

Information swirled around you in a haze, overwhelming your senses, invading your mind.  Your face was frozen in time in black and white photographs tacked on boards around the room.  Eerily, they seemed to take on a life of their own, as if the photos began to move and change, playing out the captured instances of torture on an endless loop. The memories of these moments resurfaced, filling in the blanks and missing the edges of each scene.  Here was the moment they’d shocked you just before your flesh sizzled and burned like bacon in a frying pan.  There, captured in perfect clarity, was the instant your organs slid off the table and, frozen in mid-air, hurdled to the lab floor.  Black pools of blood peppered the background in the majority of photos, spattering the walls, staining the floors.

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Catch Me (Day 1)

Summary: In which a bet leads Bucky to have to catch you every day for a week, no matter what.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 831

@avengerstories Thank you for being an angel and editing this twice. I adore you. 


Originally posted by steven-barnes

You’re on your way to lunch with Bruce when you see it. Technically, it’s less of an ‘it’ and more of a 'them’. Bucky and the newly hired lab technician, Tess. From where you’re standing, it’s apparent that they’re engaged in some kind of intimate discussion. Tess’s hand rests on Bucky’s forearm and he’s standing unnecessarily close to her.

“Y/N, what’s the hold up?” Ignoring Bruce, you watch as Bucky tosses his head back and laughs at something Tess says. You wonder if it’s even funny.

Bucky appears as though he’s thoroughly enjoying himself and something about his unperturbed happiness gets under your skin. The mature thing to do would be to walk away and leave the two adults alone but you’ve never been one to give into mature tendencies, especially when it comes to Bucky. Why do that when being childish is eons more fun?

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I See Fire

Warnings - angst, violence, fluff, swearing.

Oh, misty eye of the mountain below,

Keep careful watch of my brothers’ souls,

And should the sky be filled with fire and smoke,

Keep watching over Durin’s sons.

There was a heavy weight in your chest, weighing your heart down each time it thumped against your rib cage. None of it was easy, you knew it wouldn’t be easy from the moment that blue eyed beauty entered the room and you laid eyes on him, you knew you’d end up falling for the man with the insecurities, the shy one.

It was in your mind as if it happened yesterday, Steve brought him into the tower after the whole Civil War business that you had taken a step back from and introduced him to you as well as the others on the team. Bucky looked clearly nervous and agitated to be surrounded by people who weren’t that fond of him, and you knew how that felt so you sympathised with him as he shook hands with everyone before Steve brought him to meet you, “This is Y/N,” he said, you shook Bucky’s outstretched hand and felt his ice blue orbs travel over your bare flesh, counting the may scars which littered your arms and chest, any skin that was showing had some form of scar upon it, “Y/N was experimented on by HYDRA a couple years back,” you sent the black haired man a soft smile and saw him relax slightly in knowing he had someone to relate to, “She can control anything with her mind, you name it and she can control it,” Bucky looked impressed and nodded as Steve spoke.

After that, it seemed that you were the only one who Bucky could speak to, you were the first on the scene when he had a nightmare because your own kept you awake at night, you knew what to do to calm him down. It had gotten to the point where he would pull you down into his bed and hold you against his body, kissing your forehead softly as you lulled him back to sleep. Everyone could see how inseparable you were, Steve had made you partners since you both had trained with HYDRA, and you were one hell of a team. You knew that Bucky would always have your back on a mission, and he knew you would always have his. There was a common understanding, and he treasured you dearly.

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DAY 3304

a new environ, New Delhi                 Apr 14,  2017                Fri 11:49 pm

Birthday - EF - Dharmesh Sheth, Sanjith Hanuman, Tushar Patel, Shubnum, Ravi AB EF        Sat, April 15 …… a whole host of birthdays for the Ef spread all over the world .. our wishes to them and for them to have a successful happy day .. fulfillment and prosperity .. ever .. happy birthday from all the Ef

The lady of the house has a way of home building .. it is their most important hobby and pastime .. the ultimate exercise which she wishes to undertake .. one that shall reflect not just the home for others, but what it shall mean to her .. it is her most cherished and valued nest .. she waits many a year to get this opportunity, and when she does, it takes a lot for her to build and be proud of it .. 

Equally it is most disturbing for the lady of the house, the wife, the Mother to abandon it .. many are the incidents when transfers of the man of the house needs to be addressed in shifting of residence .. it is a heart breaking moment for the lady to see her nest either in the hands of another, or left bereft of her attention .. never ever deny these very pertinent emotions with them ..

So .. the lady of the house has built another nest .. and it is that moment of pride for her to show it around for the man of the house .. it is indeed beautiful, aesthetic, warm and homely .. this is her possession .. it is her accomplishment .. it is her formal personal address, for what she is in her individual capacity, not as the wife of the man, but herself of who she is, of her own merit .. 

For this I am not just grateful, but filled with happiness .. for she has deserved this at her own position and status ..

I work tomorrow .. a shoot for R Balki .. for the film he does with Akshay Kumar .. a special appearance for a few minutes .. Balki does carry his sincerity at every step of his creativity, and must have my presence in some form or another, and so here I am .. more of which shall come by when the act of the morrow is done ..

Many were quite excited with the pictures of yesterday and my roots .. and of course much like many others thought that the look was for Thugs .. 

NEIN .. !! it be for an add., that I worked on yesterday with the affable Imtiaz Ali, director of repute, for one of the products that I endorse .. and here be some more ..

So well designed and kept in as natural a look that most of the elder in the bracket that the storyline of the add., was to be .. sneakers, tracks, the works !!

Could have been anywhere in the winter of a Punjab morning !!

And then there was another .. a look of complete difference .. same day .. same add., .. different story, same director .. but different .. quite different .. !!

And while I go through the myriad expression changes I bump into the ‘malkin’ of YRF .. the Rani ..

Who I meet after ages .. after marriage and child anyway .. 

And so goes the day and our life .. disguising our shapes and sizes .. hiding the real from the unreal .. never allowing the insides to reveal the outsides .. never ..  no matter what the confessions, the honest blurt outs, the compelling circumstances .. there shall always be that inner that no one shall ever discover .. and long may that last .. 

Good night ..

Amitabh Bachchan

Welcome To The End Of The World (Part 2)

Originally posted by ijensenackles

Summary: Dean shows reader the basics of surviving in this new world. Until they run into trouble that is…

Part 1

Pairing: AU!Dean x reader 

Word Count: 3,200ish

Warnings: language, mentions of death, zombies

A/N: One more part after this…

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Queen Kagome

A little scene @mustardyellowsunshine and I headcanoned ages ago. 

Inuyasha stood beside the throne with his arms crossed and a sour expression that he directed at the so-called noblemen standing before him. 

“Inuyasha,” called a voice softened so that only he would hear.
He glanced back, saw a young Queen on her velvet covered throne and looked at her carefully. Despite the straight-set of her shoulders and the elaborate clothing, complete with a delicate silver crown, he could still see apprehension in those blue eyes he knew so well.

“Don’t worry,” he whispered back. “I have all my men on high alert and everyone in the assembly was checked thoroughly. I even did a twice over of the place before I let you come in.”

She nodded, but still, he sensed her uneasiness.
A small reassuring smile found him then. “Kagome,” he intoned softer. “I’ll be right here the whole time. Nobody’s going to try anything today. And even if they do, you know I’ll protect you with my life.”

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First Dance, LMM/Reader

Prompt: Lin and Reader meet early on in their careers.

Words: 1008

Author’s Note: Another Lin fic! I know…I’m so predictable. I’m working on the Lin/Reader/Pippa one next! Send in some requests if you’d like to see something other than Lin! We’ve also hit over 600 followers! You guys are amazing!

Warnings: None!

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You were lucky to get anything, you reminded yourself as the day-long rehearsal came to it’s beginning.

Dressed head to toe in the most comfortable workout clothes you could throw together, you stood in line with the other female ensemble members. You glanced at the other side of the room, where the men were lined up.

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Deal with the Devil ch 3

Voila! New chapter. Sorry its kinda late, I went to an amusement park yesterday and a party today so my body is sore and yelling at me! But here it is. 

Jughead strode through the front doors of Riverdale High, a smile on his face and a bounce in his step. Last night had – against all odds – been really fun. Who knew you could have fun with something as simple and mundane as homework? He sure didn’t, but boy was he wrong.

A hand was placed on his shoulder, turning his attention to Archie. “Hey man, what girl did you bang lastnight?” Jughead quirked an eyebrow, smile still displayed proudly on his lips. “I just ask cause I haven’t seen you smile this much since you lost your virginity to that Serenity chick in 8th grade.”

Jughead just chuckled. “Her name was Sabrina, thank you.” Archie just shrugged, falling in step beside him. “And I’m just in a good mood. Had a good night.”

Archie quirked a brow, but stayed silent.

“Hey guys, whats up?” Joaquin chimed in, coming to walk on the other side of Jughead. He just grunted in response, while Archie went into full details about his night. Jughead only half payed attention, far too preoccupied with reminiscing.

Not much was said during the drive to Pops – a few more snide comments at the hands of Jughead, but all fun and games. Betty still seemed to have a snobby stick shoved up her butt, but at least her blushing was making her tolerable.

Hell, maybe even cute.

But don’t tell her that.

They arrived at the diner, finding a quiet-ish booth in the back. A waitress came by quickly, jotting down their orders of milkshakes and fries, before scurrying off. They sat adjacent from one another, an awkward silence falling upon them.

Jughead cleared his throat, opening his mouth but Betty cuts him off hastily.

Look. I don’t know what your plan for tonight was, but I’m here to do my work.” She quirked an eyebrow, daring him to contest her. When he stayed silent, she nodded slightly. “Good, now don’t talk to me.”

Jughead laughed, watching her.

Betty pulled her stuff out, placing a notebook gently on the table in front of her, along with a few pencils and pens. Placing her phone face down, she opens her book and begins writing seemingly random stuff down. Her pencil moves across the page with ease, each letter she writes is so precise, every bit of her writing is, well perfect. She’s humming a simple tune, he can’t quite figure out what song it is, but its catchy.

He’s brought out of his reverie by the waitress. She places the milkshakes on the table, and the fries beside them. She lingers a little, making small talk with Jughead.

Hey Jughead, you didn’t call me after our time together.” She winked. Jughead internally shuddered.

Uh, hey-” he cut off, squinting at her name tag, realizing she didn’t actually have one on. “-hi. Yeah, sorry about that. Kinda.” He shrugged, a smug smirk on his lips. Betty scoffed from across the table, not looking up from her school work.

It was fun. We should do it again sometime.” She winked, pursing her lips to blow an air kiss.

This time Jughead does shudder. The waitress frowns, opening her mouth. Jughead cuts her off. “Sure. I’ll get your name and number when I leave.” He turned back to Betty. The waitress huffs, storming off with the soft clicking of her heels.

Betty looks up at him, something dark playing in her green eyes. “You’re disgusting.” Is all she says, looking back down.

An hour passed and she still didn’t look up. His leg was bouncing sporadically, impatience riding his every nerve. With Betty doing all the work, all he could do was pick at his half eaten basket of fries – it’s the second one he got – and watch her. He could tell she was uncomfortable with his staring, but with nothing else to do, and her shutting down every bit of conversation he tried to start, what else was he supposed to do?

She finally looks up, sighing. He shifts a little in seat, waiting expentatly. She quirked a brow, watching him.

How is it going?” He finally asks, he himself getting uncomfortable with the silence.

She just blinks.

Sighing, Jughead leans forward, smirking. “How about we have a little bet?” She crosses her arms over her chest. He takes it as a sign to continue. “If I can make you laugh, you have to go out with me. Just once.” Surprise crosses her face, her arms dropping to her sides. “Not prom. Just a date. Like what we’re doing right now, just without the homework.” He jutted his chin at her open notebook.

Finally Betty opens her mouth to talk, but closes it quickly. “On one condition.” He just nods, waiting. “It has to be a genuine laugh, and the date has to be of my choosing. Where we go, what we do-” He winked at her, she scoffs in disgust at his gesture, “- no not that. EW.”

Jughead nods, laughing. “I agree to your terms, M’lady.” He winks, she scoffs. “How about we play 21 questions?” He intrigued, crossing his arms defiantly.

Fine. You can go first.” She waves her hand, looking down at her work.

He thinks for a few moments, before opening his mouth. “We’ll start easy – whats your passion?”

Betty’s taken aback for a second, before leaning back in the booth and sighing. “Writing.” Jughead doesn’t feign the shock that crosses his face. Betty rolls her eyes at his reaction. “I want to be a journalist, you egghead.”

He quirked a brow at her choice of words. “Aren’t journalists supposed to have sophisticated vocabularies?”

Oh shut up. It’s my turn.” He just smirks, waiting. “Uh, why are you a Serpent?”

His body goes timid at the question, hands clenching into fists under the table. He swallows hard, suddenly boiling in his leather, flannel, undershirt layers. “It’s uh – a uh family business.” He musters out, mouth dry. He doesn’t look up at her, just watches his hands wring together in his lap.

Her mouth shapes into an ‘o’ as realization dawns on her. “Sorry.”

He waves her off. “It’s fine. Most people say I joined it after I punched someone, I think.” He shrugs.

Actually, it’s because you killed a man once.” She says matter of factly. His lips curve upward in a smug smirk as her face tinges with red, embarrassment kicking in. “Not that I know the rumors, or anything like that!” She’s waving her hands in front of her, almost slapping him across the face more than once.

He’s laughing now, watching her flustered state. “Had I known any better, Betty Cooper, I’d say you’ve been keeping tabs on me.” He winked at her once more, chuckling at her deepening blush.

It’s your turn.”

He sighs happily, leaning back against the booth. “Why did you reject my request to take you to prom?” It was a genuine question, though he would never indulge the information to Archie or Joaquin.

She blanks, looking down. “Because there has to be something – anything – that gives you-” she points a finger at his chest “-a reason to ask me-” points her fingers at her own chest “-to that antiquated mating ritual.”

Antler what?”

She groans impatiently, rolling her eyes. “Nevermind!” She crosses her arms over her chest defiantly, looking away with a huff.

He just stares at her. Finally piping up, he says “Why does there have to be a reason other than me wanting to go with you?”

Because you’re a Serpent!” She tosses her hands up disbelief. “You haven’t said a word to be in over 9 years Jughead. Why would you suddenly want to be my date for the stupid prom?”

He blanks. “I figured you didn’t remember that part..” He trails off, looking away.

She just sighs, looking down. “I’m sorry, it’s just-” she points to him “-I just don’t see a reason to say yes.”

He plays with his fingers for a few more seconds before an idea courses through his veins. Looking up abruptly, he just smiles. “But that isn’t a no.” He states coolly, a smug smirk tugging the corners of his lips up.

She rolls her eyes again, a ghost of a smile on her luscious lips. “Yeah, I guess you’re right,” is all she replies, leaning her cheek on her hand, playing with her pencil idly. “My turn?” She asks, not looking up when he nods. “What’s your favourite colour?”

He deadpans. “How positively monotonous of you Ms Cooper.” She looks up his words, the smile on her lips gaining more mirth. She opens her mouth to retort when he cuts her off. “Green.” She nods slightly, looking away to cover the quickly reddening skin on her cheeks. He’s smiling like a madman now, all charisma and comfort. “My turn.” It isn’t a question, but Betty nods. “Do you like dogs?”

Betty all but makes noise, her face contorting into such a wide array of astonishment, mild disbelief, and is that offense? Is she offended by a simple question? She opens her mouth, then closes it. Repeating this a few times before running a hand over her face and groaning loudly. “Of fucking course I love dogs! Who doesn’t?” It doesn’t sound like a question, at least one that isn’t rhetorical, but he just shrugs, still smiling at her reaction. “Why?”

I have a dog, I was just wondering if you’d like him or not.” He plays it off, watching her under his lashes as he looks down at his fingers.

Her hands slap the table aggressively, startling him. “I have to meet him.”

Jughead smiles wide, winking at her. “I see how it is, you don’t want me just my dog.” He feigns hurt, placing a hand over his heart.

Betty smiles wide, watching his acting. “Girls got needs Jug, and I need to love every dog on this planet.” She’s sitting up straighter, a proud smile on her face.  

He just tugs at his shirt more, falsely weeping unshed tears. “My heart. It’s broken. You’ve done me in Coop, I’m dead now.” He’s squirming in the booth, thrashing his limbs back in forth in an odd display of a tantrum.

Then he’s listening to one of the purest sounds in the world. Halting his movements, he moves a finger from his eye just enough to peek through and see a wonder in the booth across from him.

She’s laughing.

Not like, a chuckle, or those cheap giggles some girls find cute to do, but an actual laugh. Her small shoulders are bouncing up and down, her hand covering her mouth to stifle the noise coming from within, all the while her eyes are closed tight, tears pooling at the corners.

He sits up proudly, waiting patiently for her laughing fit to subside. After a few minutes, Betty pulls her hand away from her mouth, rubbing the pools around her eyes quickly. Her face is still bright red, her eyes a twinkle of something new. He’s watching her, silent as a mouse.

When she’s done rearranging herself, she looks up at him, confusion on her face. “What?”

He smiles wide. “I win.”

She opens her mouth to no doubt ask what he means when it dawns on her. “Oh shit.”

He laughs at her words, leaning forward. “Now I get to take you on a real date Betty Cooper.” She just bites her lip, nodding behind the flush on her face.

They spent another 2 hours at Pops after that, chatting about anything and everything. Turns out, Betty isn’t a complete and total man hater as people thought. She also really likes animals – mostly dogs of course. It was around 10pm when Jughead pulled up in front of her house, turning the key to cut the ignition and shift to look at her.

I’ll see you tomorrow.” He winks.

Groaning, Betty just waves and gets out, bustling up the stairs quickly before retreating behind the door.

Jughead didn’t really know why, but that night he dreamt of gold and green, smiling the entire time.

“YO JUGHEAD!” Archie’s voice brought him back to reality, a pale hand waving furiously in front of his eyes. Shaking his head, Jughead just sighs.


“What do you mean ‘what’?” A flash of hurt crossed Archie’s freckled face before quickly diminishing. “I asked if you got any leads with the Cooper girl.”

Jughead just shrugged. “I’m working on it.” Archie smirks, winking at him before throwing his arm over Joaquin’s shoulder.

“He totally banged Betty.”

Jughead just groaned. “Sure Arch, whatever you think man.”

Two men protecting Muslim women murdered in Portland

Two brave people stepped in to protect two women against a man spewing hate speech yesterday afternoon in Portland and were murdered. When people in power normalize racism and xenophobia it emboldens those with similar beliefs. This is why Trump and this entire xenophobic, hate filled racist “conservative” movement ( among many other reasons ) needs eradicated.

Two men were killed in a stabbing on a MAX train Friday when they tried to intervene as another man yelled racial slurs at two young women who appeared to be Muslim, including one wearing a hijab, police said.

A third passenger who tried to help was also stabbed, but is expected to survive, said Portland police spokesman Sgt. Pete Simpson.

Officers arrested the suspect as he ran from the Hollywood transit station into the neighborhood near Providence Portland Medical Center in Northeast Portland, Simpson said. Police are still working to identify him and the three men stabbed.

Fuck xenophobia. Fuck racism. If I see someone yelling at anyone non-Christian or of color in public, I’m kicking them in the face. #Racism #Amerikkka #Xenophobia #TrumpEffect #Portland #PunchNazis

MUCC Uka in Osaka

MUCC 20TH ANNIVERSARY 97-17 羽化 -是朽鵬6極志球業シ終T脈殺-

Setlist in Zepp Osaka Bayside 2017/04/09

01. 脈拍 (Myakuhaku)
02. 絶体絶命 (Zettai Zetsumei)
05. 我、在ルベキ場所 (Ware Arubeki Basho)
06. 悲観主義者が笑う (Hikan Shugisha Ga Warau)
07. 商業思想狂時代考偲曲 (shogyo shisoukyou jidai koushikyoku)
08. 死して塊 (Shishite Katamari)
09. BILLY×2 ~Entwines ROCK STARS~
10. 勿忘草 (Wasurenagusa)
11. EMP
12. コミューン (Commune)
13. 狂乱狂唱 21st Century Baby (Kyouran Kyoushou)
14. シリウス (Sirius)
15. ハイデ (Heide)
16. 茫然自失 (Bouzen Jishitsu)
18. Mr Liar
19. 蘭鋳 (Ranchuu)
20. 孵化 (Fuka)

EN 1. 誰も居ない家 (Daremo inai ie)
EN 2. 名も無き夢 (Namonaki yume)
EN 3. 故に、摩天楼 (Yue ni, Matenrou)
EN 4. 1997
EN 5. フリージア (Freesia)

During the first short MC, Tatsurou stepped forward, picking at his nails and not looking at the audience at all.
Tatsurou: We’re Mucc~
Audience: (cheers)
Tatsurou: (keeps picking at his nail, mildly uninterested voice) Is this fun? Are you having fun? (audience cheers, Tatsurou doesn’t even look up)

Tatsurou: Who went to see L’Arc yesterday? What did they play?
Audience: (calls of “Fate”, “Caress of Venus”, “Niji”, …)
Tatsurou: (finally looking up) NIJI?!?!? How nice~
Miya: (plays some niji riffs)

Yukke was talking about the restaurant he went to last night and
Yukke: The young granny there-
Tatsurou (and audience): What the fuck? What do you man by that? Which is it?
Yukke: Well she was an older lady who was made up very pretty, (gestures to audience) like you
Tatsurou: You’re horrible, man! That was so mean! (Yukke getting very flustered)

Usually in Osaka, there are always many younger bands who will come and watch MUCC’s concerts. Yukke had kept spots on his guest list for a couple of them (mentioned umbrella and XaaXaa specifically), but
Yukke: They didn’t contact me ahead of time, but I put them on my guest list anyway. And then the day before they still hadn’t contacted me, which made me wonder what was going on. Turns out they play their own lives today (laughs).

Satochi: I went to a big bathhouse. And a young guy new to wearing glasses came it, together with a senpai I think? He asked him “Is it ok to enter while wearing glasses??” and the senpai said “When you’re wearing glasses you must not take them off!!” “OK!!!”, but… does anyone really wear their glasses in the bath?? (some “yes”es from the audience) What, really? Don’t they get cloudy?? (audience calls out something he couldn’t catch) I CAN’T UNDERSTAND YOU
Audience: It’s ok once you dunk them in the water
Satochi: What, you put them in the water? That works? My eyes are horrible, less than 0.01. When I don’t have my glasses it’s impressively bad. Everything around is jungle!
Satochi: A long time ago now, when I had to go to my part time job, I had just lost a contact lens so I called the manager and said “I lost my contact lens so I have to take today off” to which he said “what a shitty excuse, get your ass over here!”, so I went all the way to Shinjuku but it was reallllly scary.

Miya: My eyes are not as bad as Satochi’s, but they are pretty bad. When I was a little brat- I mean, when I was about 18, I left in colour contacts for several days and ended up with a peeled off retina. I had to wear an eyepatch, even for concerts at the time. So now I always use 1day lenses and usually during a tour, I just throw in a handful of them into my luggage but this time I forgot to…
Yukke: What, so what are you doing today?
Miya: (in a tiny tiny voice) wearing yesterday’s contacts again…
Yukke: Second day??
Miya: (still worried small voice) yes…
Yukke: Everything ok? Like normal?
Miya: Yes, all normal.

Miya: Back when we were touring in Europe many years ago now, in France, I was around the Palace of Versailles with the crew and we saw some people dressed like real nobility, playing with a butterfly toy going “ahaha~ ahaha~” ヽ(´▽`)/ (Miya imitating the jumping around and the laughter was SO ADORABLE OMG)
Miya: Anyways, we were watching that happen and someone came up to us and got reallllllly angry at us in French, but we didn’t understand a word. And we only found out about this later, but apparently at the time Marie Antoinette was filmed! So somewhere, there is some unusable tape of that scene with 10 Asians in the background just staring with their mouths wide open.

Since they were playing in the Zepp Bayside, only one station apart from Universal Studios Japan, USJ had to come up during the MC.
Miya: I don’t know if it’s ok for us to talk about USJ here, but I saw something on the news.
Tatsurou: If it was on the news, why would it not be ok? It’s not like we have a contract with Disney Land or anything.
Miya: Some years ago USJ didn’t have that many visitors, but in the past years they are setting record after record, it’s amazing. I’ve never been but I’m curious about it.
Tatsurou: USJ is really close right? Has anyone gone to USJ before the concert? (quite some people cheering yes) Wow, you guys must be having the best day ever!!

Miya: I’ve never been to USJ, and I’ve never read Harry Potter, but I’m so curious about Butterbeer. I always hear that everyone only drinks it once, so… (shouts from the audience that it’s sweet) Sweet? Oh, I will like it.

Tatsurou had trouble with his monitors on and off during the concert and disappeared for a big chunk of the MC, I think all of Satochi’s part and some of Miya’s too? Seeing how he still was missing from the stage center,
Miya: When will that tall one come back. Ooooooy~ (calls to Tatsu at the side of the stage)
When Tatsu was back,
Tatsurou: Fixed it. The main set was supposed to end before 7pm, but we are already past that. Your last trains might go! Are there people who have to take the Shinkansen afterwards? (quite some “yes”es from the audience) Alright, we’ll continue so you can make your last trains!! Let’s go!!! (and started Heide, song 15/20 of the main set..)

During the encore, Namonaki Yume,
Miya: OsakaaaaAAAAAA! LET’S WRECK THIS NEW VENUE~!! ARE YOU READY~! LET’S GOOOOOO (to tons of shouting and cheering from the audience)
And after the 目を閉じて明日を思い描く line (close your eyes and picture tomorrow),
Tatsurou: And from tomorrow onwards, please do you best at school or work again ok~! (too real ;_; )

“You who never arrived
in my arms, Beloved, who were lost
from the start,
I don’t even know what songs
would please you. I have given up trying
to recognize you in the surging wave of
the next moment. All the immense
images in me – the far-off, deeply-felt
landscape, cities, towers, and bridges, and
unsuspected turns in the path,
and those powerful lands that were once
pulsing with the life of the gods–
all rise within me to mean
you, who forever elude me.

You, Beloved, who are all
the gardens I have ever gazed at,
longing. An open window
in a country house– , and you almost
stepped out, pensive, to meet me.
Streets that I chanced upon,–
you had just walked down them and vanished.
And sometimes, in a shop, the mirrors
were still dizzy with your presence and,
startled, gave back my too-sudden image.
Who knows? Perhaps the same
bird echoed through both of us
yesterday, separate, in the evening…”

Rainer Maria Rilke

Here’s what I started yesterday…. It’s kinda a Mystic Messenger AU/Crossover based on Star Crossed Myth…

Rip me lol

Before you, there were seven people stood, giving you a strange look because of your panicked reaction to their presence. Two possessed red hair. There was only one woman. One man had shockingly red eyes. Another man was so very… cute. A different one had a stern look on his face. The last of them was wearing what seemed to be sunglasses.

“Wh- Who are all of you, and wh- why are you in my apartment?!” You then took a few steps back, and only stopped when you bumped into the wall. That made you gulp, and what made the situation worse was that the white-haired man with the red eyes approached you, and took hold of your chin.

“Well, she has the beauty of a goddess… But does it compare to the beauty of a god such as myself?” He pressed his forehead against yours, and smirked. “Why are you staring at me with such wide eyes? Most women can relax in my presence…”

The stern looking one sighed, and approached the one stood by you. He shook his head, and forced him to back away. “Zen, that isn’t appropriate for the situation. We need her to cleanse us of our sins so that we can return home. That is all.”

“God, Jumin… You’re such a jerk.”

I’m Low on Gas and You Need a Jacket

Pairing: Jake X Female MC

Fandom: Endless Summer

Summary: Continuation of my one shot Apocalyptic, takes place just after Jake reads MC’s note about her leaving. Goes with the lyrics for I’m Low on Gas and You Need a Jacket by Pierce The Veil.

Word Count: 1, 944


Jake’s hands curled into fists, crumbling up the note. He threw it across the room. Rage built up inside him. He grabbed a chair and threw it into the wall with such force that a few pieces splintered and broke off. He picked up various items in the room, throwing them and breaking them. Letting out a triumphant yell, he hurdled another chair into the big window, shattering it.

He kicked and punched holes into walls. The rage only continued to build inside him. He walked out of the room, slamming the door shut. She was NOT staying with those fuckers. Not if he could help it. He ran down the stairs into the lobby. Nobody had seen him yet. He walked out of the hotel only to hear a voice yelling behind him.

“Flyboy, we made a promise to her and we intend to keep it.”

“Don’t fucking touch me, Steve Rodgers. I’m going after her and bringing her back before she makes it to them.” Jake growled.

“Don’t make us do this, man.” Sean said softly.

“Go boss someone else around.” Jake said, about to go through the fence to search for his girl. Before he could arms wrapped around his waist, pulling him back. He fought back, eventually getting out of the person’s grip only to find it was Craig. Craig, Estela, and Sean blocked his path now. “Get the fuck out of my way.” He growled.

“No, Jake.” Estela said. Jake reacted quickly. He kicked Sean back, only making him stumble a bit. He went to punch Craig, but Estela swept his legs out from under him and he fell to the ground on his ass.

“You’re all just gonna fucking let her do this? Go on that suicide mission?” He asked the three. He understood Sean wanting that; hell, he was probably the one who told her to go.

“C’mon, Jake, like I said yesterday: you’re the one that said she calls her own plays.” Sean said softly.

“But was this really her own call? Or did you convince her it’s what she should do?” Jake growled. He stepped up so he was nose to nose with the quarterback.

“Jake, it was her call, man.” Craig said.

“That’s bullshit!” Jake yelled. He couldn’t believe that. He wouldn’t believe that. She would never do this.

“Jake, I need you to listen to me.” A voice spoke behind the pilot. He turned to find Diego. Diego looked worse than how Jake felt. He looked so broken and devastated.

“Don’t you join in on this.” Jake growled, holding back tears. If Diego said it was her choice, then it was her choice. Diego was her best friend. Out of anyone, he would be the one to know why or what she chose.

“Come with me, Jake. Let’s talk.” Diego whispered his voice breaking. Without making sure the pilot was following, he walked off. Jake’s legs carried him after the younger man. He was lead to the bar by the pool. “Have a drink. It’ll probably help.” Diego said dryly, pouring himself a shot of Crown Royale. He forced a smile to the pilot as Jake poured himself a glass of whiskey. Jake quickly downed three drinks of the whiskey before turning to Diego.

“Don’t tell me she chose it.” Jake pleaded.

“I’m not gonna lie to you, Jake. She talked to me about it first. I tried my hardest to talk her out of it…but she wanted to do what was best for the group. This is what she thought was the best. Diego said softly, yet there was a numbness to his voice.

“Why aren’t you mad?” Jake asked.

“’Cause there’s no controlling that girl. There’s no changing her mind. She wanted to do this. There was nothing you or I could say or do to stop it.” Diego whispered as a single tear slid down his cheek.

“So she just said she was leaving us and you didn’t do this?” Jake asked, standing up. He wasn’t mad at Diego. He was mad that she didn’t at least talk to him personally about it, but she talked to everyone else. He walked away, the anger spiking in him once more. He took the elevator and went to his room, smashing everything he could.

“Choke, tried to wash you down with something strong. Dry but the taste of blood remains. Cold, empty mattresses and falling stars. My, how they start to look the same.”

He searched and found the strongest liquor he could find. Nursing most of the bottle, he went down to the pool and lay in the hammock, the bottle by his side. He tried to forget her; forget how she smelled, how she looked, how she was, how she tasted. He just wanted to forget everything about her; drift off and wake up back in Costa Rica. He wanted everything that happened to be some realistic, fucked up nightmare he could wake up from.

It was late now and he saw a few falling stars. He wished he could see her again. He felt tears prickling at his eyes, but he didn’t want to cry. He bit back the tears and went back to his room, locking himself inside. He wanted so bad to fall into bed and pull her into his arms, but he doesn’t get to do that anymore. Instead, he got in bed and shivered at the cold of it. After tossing and turning for a few hours, he went back to the hammock. Once there he fell to sleep almost instantly.

“No, no more eyes to see the sun, you slide into bed while I get drunk. Slow conversations with a gun mean more than I’ve ever said to anyone.”

A few weeks had passed and they still hadn’t heard anything from MC. Jake felt like he was losing his mind once again. This is what happens when you get close to someone, he remembered. His mind went back to war days with Mike. Days before they found out about Lundgren’s traitorous ways.
He remembered the times that Lundgren would bully others. When he would capture what he said was the enemy and just torture them, holding a gun to their head. Jake could remember how easily the, supposed, enemies would share what they knew when their life was on the line. No actual soldier would give in. He remembered all his time spent behind enemy lines after losing Mike, trying to get back and confront Lundgren.

Suddenly his memories switched to nights that MC would specifically go to bed early. He could always picture her going to bed alone while he continued to drink. That was before their first night together. He always felt bad imagining her going to sleep alone.

He pulled out o the memories and realized it was night and he was on the roof. For some time he had been sleeping all day and staying up drinking all night. He didn’t want to be around her classmates. All those college kids looked at him with pity. He didn’t need their pity.

“So keep in happiness and torture me while I tell you ‘let’s go in style.’ A million hooks around a million ways to die. Darling, let’s go inside. It’ll be alright.”

He thought back to conversations with MC. They used to talk about what they wanted in life. They talked about everything it seemed. He told her how he imagined having a normal life again, maybe get married, have a kid or two, but he knew that couldn’t happen. He told her about all the times he almost died during war.

He remembered her saying her saying that there were so many ways they could die in life. He knew she loved him the minute she told him that she was glad he hadn’t died all the times he could have. Most of those conversations would be while they were cuddling in the hammock at night. After talking for so long and finally feeling tired, he would always suggest they go inside. She would always smile and say she liked it outside, but would follow him inside.

“But last night you said you ended up in Palm Springs dancing on tables, almost fought some bitch at the club, got kicked out of your hotel and lost your shoes. Well, fuck, what am I supposed to be, impressed? You’re just another set of bones to lay to rest, I guess it’s time I’ll say goodnight. Hope you had a really good time, good time.”

The thoughts turned into a memory of one of their last nights together. He tried to fight the memory back. That didn’t work out too well.

“What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?” She asked him with a small smile. He chuckled and looked over at her.

“You mean crazier than being on the run? And crazier that my war stories I’ve told you?” He asked with a raised eyebrow. “Princess, my whole life is filled with crazy experiences.”

“Right. Sorry.” She giggled, softly placing her head on his bare chest. His hand slowly moved to her hair, running his fingers through it slowly.

“What’s your craziest story? Anything to match up to mine?” He asked, genuinely curious.

“Well…there was this one time I was really drunk.” She whispered.

“Oh, this I gotta hear.” He chuckled.

“Well, um, this one time Diego and I decided to take a quick and random trip to Palm Springs during…I think it was summer break.” She said, thinking hard for what to say. “I honestly don’t remember anything that happened. I just know what Diego told me the next day. We were illegally drinking and I guess I drank more than anyone thought I did because I was legitimately hammered. It was bad.”

She giggled before continuing with her story.

“I guess I decided it would be a great idea to dance on some tables. Then I almost fought some bitch for saying something rude to Diego. Diego and I ended up having to go home because I got us kicked out of our hotel. I also lost my shoes somewhere that night. Those were my favorite shoes too. I guess I was being super loud and rambunctious and that’s why we were kicked out of the hotel.”

“Damn, Princess.” He said with a chuckle. As he chuckled, her head bounced a bit as it laid on his chest.

“Apparently we ran into the bitch again from the club or whatever. She was sayin that I was throwing my life away. She thought I was an alcoholic, when in reality I just didn’t have a high tolerance to alcohol, she also said that I was just another set of bones to bury if I didn’t stop drinking. I tried to fight her again, but Diego said goodnight and forced me into the car.” MC explained.

“So you’re feisty, eh?” He asked with a laugh.

“I guess you could say that.” She said with a smile. She turned and softly kissed his lips.

He shook away the memory. That was a good night, but now it just made his heart ache. She was gone and there was nothing he could do to change that.

“And I will soon forget the color of your eyes and you’ll forget mine.”

He nursed a bottle and stared out into the forest. He hoped a day would come when he forgot about her. When he forgot how they bonded, how the ocean made her eyes shine brighter. He wanted to forget her mannerisms. Maybe then he would be able to sleep peacefully at night again.

greaser boy - part VIII

High school AU - bad boy!Bucky

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Characters: All the avengers, Peggy Carter, Loki

When a new student from Brooklyn joins the reader’s school, she doesn’t know what is in store for her. He is the epitome of trouble and she finds herself caught in his headlights. The more she resists, the harder it gets. Limits are tested and so is patience. Will she fall for the greaser boy with the bad reputation?

Word count: 1.1k

A/N: I really like this part. It’s gonna break a few hearts but let’s be honest here, it’s what I’m best at. This isn’t the end of the story!! so don’t freak out. If you want to be tagged just ask! And if I forgot you plEASE ask. Also, the people who I am tagging will also be tagged in the rest of my future works. 

Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V Part VI Part VII

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*Three months later*

You didn’t know when everything went wrong. You didn’t realize when everything began to fall apart. It all seemed perfect at first. Bucky was kind. He still was, but there was a cold distance. There was something that wasn’t there four months ago.

Things were good in the beginning. You still remembered when he took you dancing. When you woke up the next morning, confused and unaware of what had happened the night before. Bucky offered to take you out to breakfast that morning, sure you missed school but you had fun with him. That memory seemed to be years ago.

It’s been months since the last time he took you to The Blue Peacock. You longed to go once more, to feel the jazz band music surrounding you. You longed for the old Bucky. The one that always smiled when he was around you. The Bucky that was unpredictable and brought you flowers. The Bucky that would sneak into your window and cuddle with you until you slept. That Bucky seemed to fade within the days. He seemed to disappear, leaving only a bit of his reminisce.

It seems like Bucky had stopped calling you ‘doll.’ He would, occasionally, but he would instead call you Y/N.

You didn’t like it. You didn’t like that he was distant from you. Bucky would still take you out on dates, but there was an uncomfortable silence that loomed over the two of you. Bucky felt it and you knew it too. You continually asked yourself why he continued to try to keep the relationship afloat. Why he continued to take you out.

Maybe he didn’t want to lose you. Little did he know, he was already losing you.

Your phone rang. It was Bucky.  You knew what it was for, but you still answered.

“Bucky,” You said.

“Y/N,” He slurred.

He was drunk, again. Of course. Another one of Thor’s parties. That’s all he’s been doing lately. Going to parties, getting drunk, smoking with random people. Leaving you to pick up his fucked up ass and drive him to his house.

You hated it. You hated how often this was occurring.

“How are you, baby?” He asked.

He only every called you that when he was drunk. When he wasn’t in his right mind.

“Bucky, you’re drunk again,” Disbelief seeped from your voice.

“I’m okay,” He laughed.

“I’m coming to get you Bucky,” You hung up and texted Nike to pick you up.

You suddenly remembered Natasha’s words. “Stay away from him, Y/N. I don’t want you getting hurt….Sometimes people’s true colors  come our in specific circumstances.” She was right. Bucky’s true colors came out. He wasn’t the person you thought he was. Well, maybe he probably was, but that Bucky was gone.

“What are you going to do?” Nike asked.

“I don’t know, but whatever happens,” You paused. “You’ll know.”

She nodded and you closed the door. You watched as Nike drove off, leaving you standing in front of the house full of commotion.

“Y/N,” You turned and were met with Peggy Carter. She smiled slightly at you. “What brings you here. Didn’t quite think you were one for parties.”

“I’m not,” You pulled your lips into a thing line. “I’m just here to pick up my boyfriend.”

“Barnes?” She asked. “He’s a wreck. Didn’t think a teenage boy can hold so much alcohol.”

You nodded, “I figured.”

“I can see how miserable you are, Y/N,” She gave you a sympathetic look.

“Is it really that noticeable?” You asked. “He doesn’t seem to notice, then again, he doesn’t  seem to notice anything about me anymore.”

“Y/N, a man who makes you miserable when he once used to make you happy isn’t worth your time.” She stepped closer. “You’re a smart girl, you’ll do the right thing.”

“Y/N,” Bucky stumbled over towards you. “Doll, did you come to join me?” He toppled to one side. You tried to lift him up but he was too heavy.

“Steve, help Y/N please,” You heard Peggy say.

Soon enough, Steve and Sam had their arms around Bucky and were carrying him towards his car. You felt embarrassed. People were watching your drunken boyfriend get carried away. It seems like only yesterday they were whispering things like, “They’re so cute.” “He’s so good to her.” Now they’re saying, “I feel so bad for her.” “He’s a mess.” “So glad my boyfriend isn’t like that.”  You were tired of this all too familiar routine.

“Y/N,” It was Wanda Maximoff. Her brother strolled beside her. “Will you be okay?”

You nodded, “Yeah, I think so. He’s just a bit drunk. Nothing I can’t handle.” You gave her a weary smile. Natasha’s bright red hair caught your attention. You approached her, your hands fiddling with each other. “You were right.”

“I’m not going to say I told you so, but it’s up to you on what you’re going to do next. Do you want to continue this relationship with Barnes?”

You ignored her question and instead walked off. You thanked Steve and Sam. Steve tossed you the keys and you got into the driver’s seat of his car. Bucky mumbled incoherent words, you didn’t bother to figure out what he was saying.

You got out of the car, furious, sad, and sick of it all. Bucky opened his car door and spilled himself onto the sidewalk. He was laughing, a bottle of vodka in one hand. you wondered where he got it. You were about to walk over and help him up when he vomited. He coughed and groaned.

You threw the keys are Bucky’s chest, they bounced off and onto his lap. He looked up, confused at your action. “I’m sick of this James! Sick of it!”

You never once called Bucky by his real name. This startled him. “Wh-what are you talking about?”

“Of this!” You motioned towards him. “You’re not the same anymore, James. You never smile around me anymore. You don’t put any damn effort, not anymore. You don’t see how it pains me to see you like this every fucking day! To see you find comfort in the arms of alcohol instead of my own. For you to get fucked up each night, avoiding me. Ignoring my damned calls. Replying with one-word texts. You’re not the same person that I fell in love with.”

“Love?” he asked, astonished.

“Yes, love. I fell in love with you, James. I was fucking stupid enough to.” Tears welled up in your eyes but you didn’t let them fall. “Natasha warned me. She told me to stay away from you. She was right. I should’ve never let you in.”

“Y/N,” Bucky said softly.

“No. Your actions spoke louder than your words,” Your vision was blurry and you frantically wiped your eyes. A look of pain flashed across his own face. “We’re done.” You turned on your heel and walked away. “Goodbye James.”

“Y/N,” He called. “Don’t go. Please.” But you were long gone by then

His worst fear became a reality, he lost you.

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Anything about how Sakura got the Uchiha Crest?

Rated K.

It doesn’t hit him as quickly as it probably should have; it is only on the eleventh day since they’ve been married that he realizes his wife is not wearing the traditional crest of the Uchiha clan. 

Part of him wonders how it could have slipped his mind for so long, when not so long ago, no other thought was more prominent during the nights he couldn’t sleep. He’d spent hours staring at her slumbering form, tracing the symbol his shirt imprinted on her back, soft pride bubbling in his belly. He had never been more certain he wanted to marry her than in those moments.

It is a conundrum how he has not taken notice before now.

Blinking, Sasuke watches his wife cheerily chatting with a market fruit vendor, eyeing the proud Haruno insignia prominently splayed to her back with a slight frown, before shifting his gaze back to her smiling face. In their eleven days married, she has happily grown into the habit of introducing herself as Sakura Uchiha, yet somehow, sewing his clan’s crest to her clothes doesn’t seem to have crossed her mind yet either.

This makes him frown more noticeably, puzzlement deepening.

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Coffee shop AU (125) & Bucky Barnes! Pleaaase make it fluffy

125. Coffee Shop AU

In where you are having a pretty strange week, and you just happen to run into Bucky every single day at the same coffee shop. He could be stalking you, or it could be fate. You aren’t totally sure.

Word Count: 2,652 (someone got carried away)

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The Joffery Lannister of days.

It didn’t help that you were hungover; head pounding and screaming at you to go back to sleep. But your phone continuously reminded you that you needed to get up. Right now. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

Because you had about eight minutes before you needed to leave your apartment in order to make it to work on time.

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