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if he puts a dedication to her on his new album, it will definitely kill me. And I already almost died when saw how much this man loves this woman this weekend. Just... who would be thought several years earlier that something this would happen? That we'd see with our own eyes how happy and together these two are? I grew up with them watching xfiles and they made me the person I am right now and seeing them finally happy together in real life, it's just too much...

They are so in love with each other. It’s so damn adorable. ❤️


Q: Then what is your goal as a human Min Yoongi?

YG: To be a good man. But how can one be good to everyone? That would be too much of a greed. At least I want to be an honest man who does not lie. I want to live the way just like my lyrics. So that I can be proud of my lyrics no matter how much time flies. [trans.]

anyway I just think it’s really neat how Ghostbusters has four women are LOUDLY and PASSIONATELY interested in STEM and history and talk about their interests a lot and are very good at/knowledgeable about what they do. 

and also how it never uses that ugly trope where women dumb themselves down to be more ~likable~ like even when Erin is introduced denying ghosts there’s no question that she’s still a brilliant physicist and has a very prestigious job that she cares a lot about

or that equally ugly trope where a Woman Can’t Get A Man Because She Works Too Much And Her Life Is Incomplete, like fuck that none of these ladies are worried at all about loving their job too much or being too off-putting. 

Patty introduces herself telling the Ghostbusters the history of their building. Abby doesn’t give a shit about having a good public image as long as she can do the work she loves, and on the flip side of that is Erin who refuses to take shit and doesn’t stop until people believe her and take her seriously. Holtzmann couldn’t be more in love with her work if she tried; I can’t remember ever seeing a woman scientist character be so unabashedly and straightforwardly in love with what she does.

on top of like 82 other things I really like about how Ghostbusters portrays women there’s these four women who wholeheartedly love being physicists and engineers and historians and huge fucking nerds, basically, and bonding over their work and how much they love it and saving the day because they love what they do. which is rad. I hope Ghostbusters spawns an entire new generation of little girls wanting to be physicists and engineers and historians. 

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Top 5 Luke Garroway moments?

My Top 5 Luke Garroway Moments

1. Luke Being A Walking Talking Treasure Chest Of Goodness

From taking Simon under his paw and helping him to adjust to his new vampire life, and respecting and treating Alec as a leader where his own people didn’t, to still loving the man who was once his Parabatai even though he’s now a sociopath, and still calling Hodge his friend even after his werewolf transformation legally separated him from Shadowhunter society years prior, Luke Garroway is simply too pure for this world. It’s not so much a specific moment as it is a character trait, but after everything he has been through and all the faith and hope he lost, Luke still has a natural instinct to see the soul in people, and he speaks to them on a basic human level with kindness and humility. Basically a giant chocolate teddybear. He gives you warm and fuzzies.

2. Luke Reuniting With Jocelyn

The way he handled Jocelyn so reverently, like she were a goddess who had saved him a thousand times over gave me all the feels. Then he watched like a proud dad with hearteyes as his two favourite girls reunited with each other, and his little fist bump with Magnus in the background for a job well done was everything. Not to mention, he got to say what is in my opinion the sexiest, most romantic, protective, comfort-inducing three words anyone could ever hope to hear from the one they love: “I’ve got you.”

3. Punny Luke

Raphael thought he could knock the werewolf alpha down a few pegs, but he didn’t realise that Luke has probably spent years bantering with Simon and you just can’t beat Simon in a game of words. Luke showed the kids how it’s done and Simon approved like a bro with a fist bump and a hearty ‘BOOM!’

4. Alpha Luke

This covers a few moments, like alpha-ing the shit out of those circle members in the pilot, telling his own pack to knock it off, sending his pack out on the hunt for Hodge all super pissed like, and ripping Theo to shreds because like hell he was going to let an alpha and his entire pack hurt his little girl. Duuuuude.

5. Super Awkward, Adorable, Avoiding-Sex-Talk Luke

The facial expressions alone. Hi-larious.

Let’s play Guess the MCU Character

My name is James, but my best friend, who is one of the original Avengers, calls me a nickname. I’ve got military experience as well as powers similar to those of my best friend. My best friend watches me fall from a height that should killed me, but I end up surviving due to my abilities. In my best friend’s second movie, we fight, and I win, but in the third movie, we fight together against a common foe.

There are two answers.

Jack Harkness should be dead and I want him dead

Look I love Jack. He’s a beautiful man, I love him, he’s my favourite ever Doctor Who character save for the Doctor.


He lives too long.

He suffers, he cries, and he bleeds. And he does it too much.

And Jack Harkness is still and always will my one true immortal love but goddamn it.
Kill him. Please.

About Deadpool

Am I the only one who is worried about how Deadpool feels inside, whit all these things happening to him? the mercs for money failure, the relation with his daughter (specially in the last issue Deadpool #17 in which I saw a distant Ellie with his father) , catching his wife with another man in the bed and the reaction of Shiklah with it like, she don’t care and she don’t love Wade anymore or something like that and also there is the avengers issue…
I know that people thinks and Deadpool himself thinks that he deserve all of that but I think is too much, and Wade is a problematic person and don’t usually do the right things but he has been trying to be a good person for a long time, and also he has feelings, even if he don’t show us his feelings I know, he is suffering and swallowing all.
And of all of that things, i’m kind of glad that he discovered that Shiklah is cheating on him because I don’t like Shiklah, at first I did but then She became cruel at least for my point of view. 
And I know that is kind of impossible but I wish in a near future, Siryn come back to Deadpools life and he has a chance with her, with her irish love, and also, that Deadpool never have a bad relationship with his daughter because is something old in the marvel universe and I think that deadpool don’t deserve be one of another bunch of superheroes who had a bad relationship with his daughter or son. 
And that’s my opinion, what’s yours? I would like to know your opinion about these things or another about deadpool ! <3

I still cant get over the fact that chanyeol is allergic to cats?? but he still loves them so much??? like he literally goes and buys food for a stray cat??? and that other time he went up to a cat petting her???? even tho he knows he could get an allergic reaction????

hes an angel too pure for this world we dont deserve him like how do people call him a bad human?
leave pcy alone,, his just a really tall lanky man who loves to pet his kittens 

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Why do you like it when a man orders for you?

There are lots of reasons.

The primary one is that it means he knows he is (according to rules of etiquette) supposed to order for a lady.

That suggests that he has very good and very old fashioned manners which means my chair is going to be pulled out for me, the doors will be opened for me, and he will treat me like a queen who is far too good for this earth. I don’t know (or particularly care) about the rest of your feelings, but I love being treated as if I’m so precious that I shouldn’t have to trouble myself with anything that isn’t of the utmost importance.

Have you ever had someone love you so much that they want to put your coat on for you?

It’s an amazingly intimate display for a man to practically suggest that he is meant to be your servant and that he desires you so aggressively and so passionately that he wants to do everything he possibly can to display this.

Not to mention, there’s something very sexy to me about a man who is confident enough in himself to make such a public claim on a woman without having to stoop to the immature emotional levels of the dreaded ‘PDA.’

You don’t tend to go around ordering for someone who you aren’t intimately acquainted with, so it gives a pleasant thrill that he is suggesting I am his in the most possessive sense without appearing declasse.

My best friend found herself a boyfriend!! Oh dear, I hope he is a good man. She deserves a Boy who will love her laugh as much as I do. Boy whos spine will be in shivers, like mine, everytime her hand is touching his hand. A Boy who will daydream about her brilliant future and will remember about all the small things she said… And will love her by all his heart and… Haha, why am I crying you ask?? You see,,,, I am friend of this gorgeous woman since middleschool! I am so happy for her!!!!! And a very very jealous… that’s probably because I want a boyfriend too!!!!!!!!!!!

Request : Kakashi asking his crush out or first date 💕💕💕

Kakashi makes me weak tbh I love him so much

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“Ōi, Kakashi !” a cheerful voice called, making the masked man look up at his friend – his friend who stood way too close to his face for comfort, must he add. Kakashi looked up at Gai with his usual bored expression, wondering what his best friend would come up with this time. “You seem pensive,” Gai added. “What’s on your mind ?”

“Huh..?” Kakashi hummed in confusion. He wasn’t really paying attention to whatever Gai was doing. No, his attention was focused on a certain ninja Kakashi had been crushing over for quite some time now, who seemed to be engaging in a conversation with a friend in the shop on the other side of the street.

As much as Kakashi would’ve hoped that Gai would be too clueless to figure out what was going on, his eternal rival quickly caught on what was going on. A gigantic smile appeared on Gai’s face, which meant anything but good in Kakashi’s mind. He was up to something.

“You have a crush on (Y/N), don’t you ? Why don’t you ask her out ?”

“What ? No way–”

“Kakashi, enjoy your youth while it’s still there !” Gai cheered, holding his friend by his shoulders. “If you don’t do it, then I’ll ask her out.”

If looks could kill, Gai would’ve been pulverised by now. ‘Don’t you dare’ Kakashi’s only visible eye screamed, which only seemed to amuse Gai, who pushed Kakashi towards you. Fortunately, he was able to catch himself before he bumped into you, but he was now close enough for you to notice him.

“Hey you two,” you greeted them, oblivious to what was going on. “It’s been a while. What are you guys up to ?”

Gai waited for Kakashi’s answer, which never came. He cleared his throat before speaking. “Actually, I was wondering if you would–”

“(Y/N), will you go on a date with me ?” Kakashi nearly spat out out of nervousness.

You were slightly taken aback by his offer, but you replied without thinking much about it with an energetic “yes”. You could see how proud Gai was of his matchmaking plan just by looking at his glowing smile. He patted Kakashi’s back – a little too rough for his friend’s liking – before disappearing, saying that he shouldn’t interfere with the two lovebirds, but silently crying of joy from seeing his best friend in love with someone. Maybe now Kakashi could be truly happy, who knows what the future could hold for them ?

One of the reasons that I identify with Iris so much is her romantic relationships. Relationships on the flash are messy in general but that is how they are in real life. She’s a girl that had too much going in her life for a relationship. She’s a girl that was so scared of having her first real relationship be a failed one. She’s a girl who was too ready to try and please everyone in her relationship than face her truth. She’s the girl who knows so little about relationships that she doesn’t realise her best friend is in love with her. She’s a girl who might have ended up with the man that wasn’t the love of her live (something I worry about with myself a lot). A girl who would have rather held down her feeling than ruin the relationships she already has. Who didn’t want to loose her best friend again. Who would have gotten caught up in the moment and agree to things she would later regret. Who needed something to push her to make her realise her feelings. Who is shy about her feelings. Who figured out her feelings on her own terms. Who did that after all that has happened. Who took all the time she needed to figure them out. Who surprised Barry with them because it was when he least expected it rather than when he did. Who loves Barry Allen and is ready to express it.

Dear ichirukis

Please, please don’t burn your precious Bleach manga, fan art, posters, or anything Bleach related. I know you are hurt and disappointed but fuck guys even if ichihime became canon, ichiruki still the end game. Didn’t you see the way ichigo and rukia fought like a married couple? The way those cute dorks look at each other?? Man, I even feel bad for orihime and renji. So, please don’t burn anything. You may cause a fire and you are polluting the air. Think about those trees who had to die in order to make that manga. They don’t deserve this and neither you deserve to go this low. Is this how much you love ichiruki?? I mean I’m salty too but I fucken love ichiruki and bleach and no matter what ichiruki will always and always be my otp. My end game. No matter how the last chapter ended ichiruki is my canon. Don’t let those beautiful ichiruki moments burn like ashes. Don’t lower yourselves to be like anti-ichirukis sending hate emails.We are better than that. No one can take away our panels, poems, and drawings. Ichiruki 4 ever!!!!!

to the boy (man) with the high pitched voice who bought a beer from me at the movie theater: I see you. I respect you. you handed me your ID instantly, you were 25. short. dark hair. glasses. I smiled extra hard at you. I hope you saw.

to the woman (lady) who did not speak to me but let her much shorter wife/girlfriend do so when buying their tickets: I see you. I loved your nails, they looked like opals. I complimented you. you smiled, close mouthed, towering over me at six foot five. a little too much makeup on your jawline, a dress that was a little boxy on your frame. a throaty comment to your SO as you walked away. I hope my comment stuck with you, in a good way.

to the person with the dreads and snapback with Bob Marley on the front: I see you. you handed me a card with a rainbow flag to pay for your food. your partner was a gorgeous black woman in a tight red dress. she clung to your arm and you looked so happy. I wish I could have given you my discount.

to the couple who came in with tickets that I tore: I see you. you both looked nervously at me. one lady stood awkwardly in her light pink skirt and heels. you both made a dash for the women’s restroom when you thought my back was turned. the pink skirted lady went first, while her date stood guard in the doorway. then you switched. I wanted to tell you it was okay. I wanted to tell you I didn’t care.

I see you. I want to identify myself. I wish there was some sort of code, some sort of signal. a signal of recognition, a signal of pride. I wish you knew how much I care. I wish you knew how much I want to out myself, to label myself accordingly so that you do not see me and feel afraid. I am you. I am friend, not foe. I see you. do you see me?

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20 Arnold and Helga Please

Who greatly exaggerates being sick every time they feel even a little poorly just so the other will take care of them?

Oh man, I wanna say Arnold because I feel he’d love to have her fussing over him when he feels sick. He loves being taken care of by her. He’ll probs feel a bit guilty for pretending it’s worse than it is but he makes up for it ten fold when she’s sick. Sometimes a little too much. She probably has moments when she wants to slap him away but is too sick so she just rolls her eyes and accepts it, and secretly deep down does enjoy it but she’s Helga and doesn’t need to be fussed over this much dammit.

a list of important things about Hamilton
  • The only really negative thing about the new cast members is that there is no longer a thematic shift between ponytails and long hair- in fact the only one who did was john laurens
  • Lexi Lawson (Eliza) and Sydney James Harcourt (Burr) are amazing and too precious for this world
  • The entire chorus is great but in particular I am in love with Karla Puno Garcia (they’re all so good though)
  • Also phillip schuyler is hilarious and the same actor plays James reynolds (who wears a hat that has a comically large brim)
  • Lots of tricorn hats
  • Aaron Burr’s faces the entire time are iconic (so much sass in one man)
  • Also during My Shot he doesn’t sing but he does grumpily dance along
  • There are like a million costume changes?? like the leads wear a bunch of different jackets and dresses and the chorus has all these vests and jackets and skirts it’s wild
  • The cool thing about the lighting is that with the smoke effects or w/e you can see each individual beam
  • When King George says “I’m so blue” he stamps his foot and the lights turn blue
  • Peggy and John Laurens spend the entirety of “Helpless” together and it’s adorable
  • Peggy is hilarious and adorable in general
  • After Hamilton proposes The Schuyler sisters do this cute little high five and it’s so cute
  • I can’t say enough good things about the choreography but there is dancing all the damn time and it’s so good
  • The canon sounds shook the whole theater (also to be completely honest it may have just been my seat but in some song the bass was just a little overpowering)
  • It’s not my favorite song on the soundtrack but One Last Time is a legendary performance (we didn’t even have Chris Jackson)
  • Also again not my fav to listen to but That Would Be Enough is so precious
  • Javier Muñoz is an amazing singer (his rapping is eh but any short bursts of lines he had were so funny ex. “Oh shit”) Also his face gets red when he raps and during It’s Quiet Uptown I could have sworn he was really crying
  • Everyone puts on these white gloves for What did I miss?
  • The opening applause is deafening
  • I also really like how at the end they don’t do individual bows (other than a nod to Hamilton which I think is fair)
  • Due to some live recordings I had seen I was a little worried that some of the vocals would not deliver, but everything was beautiful and they even modified the harmony at the end of Schuyler Sisters to make it sound better (although Washington On Your Side was a touch messy)
  • Samuel Seabury tries to move his little pedestal away from Alexander when the second verse starts that whole exchange is so cute
  • The set is like? super intricate and beautiful like there are props all over and lights and moving pieces it’s incredible
  • After the show there was music playing and there was this dope guitar solo
  • During the Reynolds Pamphlet, at the part where they’re talking about it being in his own home, Phillip is in the front of the stage reading it as Jefferson, Madison, and Burr are reading and laughing and my heart broke then and there
  • The turntables make everything way better
  • I didn’t know this when I went into but they are singing pretty much the entire time (the soundtrack is missing very little of the show)
  • Just ugh it was incredible and 100% worth it and I’ve been waiting since Christmas to see it and I’m so glad
Your Best Friend - A Matt Brown Story (Part 1 of 2)

The reverend started speaking. “Dearly beloved we are…” But you didn’t hear much after that. You were too preoccupied looking at Matt, your best friend, the man you loved. He was so handsome all dressed up for today. You couldn’t take your eyes off him. But his eyes never left “her”. 

He had only known her for about a month when he asked her to marry him. Everyone thought he was crazy, even Bear, who had said on several occasions that he would propose on the spot should he find his extreme princess. After a long family meeting, that you were included in and not Matt, you were asked to be the voice of reason, much to your chagrin. Most, if not all, of them knew how you felt about him and hoped that he felt the same way. It was evident that those feelings might not mutual when he asked “her” to marry him after only knowing her 27 days. 

“Matty, can we talk?” You asked sticking your head into the tire shack. You voiced the concerns that his family and you shared. You hoped he would listen to you, his friend. After a long, mostly one sided conversation, he thanked you for telling him but said that he loved her. He wasn’t upset that you had come to him but he was still going to marry her. You kicked yourself for not outright telling him how you felt then, but you implied it hoping he would understand. You didn’t know if he would see it as a last-ditch effort to try and keep him from marrying her, even if they were your true feelings. Thinking back maybe he did get what you were telling him, but truly didn’t feel the same way as you. 

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Imagine Shiro holding his s/o's body after they die and then being told: "You've lost everything cause you don't deserve it. You can't even keep a good hold of your friends. Where are Matt and Sam? Hm? They could be dead for all you know. And your beloved? Dead. In your arms." Then after he starts sobbing, they kill him either quick or slow.


can you imagine tho like “you could have saved them but you are w e a k. you care too much and now look where you are. it was your downfall.”

and all shiro knows is putting others before himself but he didn’t do enough oh man let this poor boy rest

and def a quick kill shiro is used to the torture, but the emotional torture? thats done now that his s/o is dead

UNLESS you know fake shiro what if FAKE S/O who comes to shiro who wwas imprisoned after his s/o was killed and he just starts loosing it he can’t tell the difference between his hallucinations and the fake im sorry