the man who grew his beard

What love looks like

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Taylor woke up to the feeling of thousands of feather light kisses being planted onto her face. She smiled softly and slightly opened her eyes, squinting against the bright light. As she got used to the lightning, she opened them completely and her gaze was immediately met with the one of a very handsome, bearded man, who also happened to be her boyfriend of almost two years. Taylor’s smile grew bigger as she looked into his dreamy green eyes.
As she got used to the lightning, she opened them completely and her gaze was immediately met with the one of a very handsome, bearded man, who also happened to be her boyfriend of almost two years. Taylor’s smile grew bigger as she looked into his dreamy green eyes.

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I really love a man who is totally and completely comfortable with himself, whatever that means. If you like pink, cool. If you wear flip flops, cool. But I also need to be confident in the fact that if something happens, you’ll be able to whoop someone’s fucking ass. I grew up in the hood man. I need someone who is a real nigga at heart. Paint ya pictures, put flowers in ya beard. All that is cool, but I need a man who can handle his shit.

Man, this fandom got me fucked up.

“It should’ve been frank!!!”

“Laurel was being honest in the hospital bed!!!”

Wes literally added nothing to the plot besides being annoying and pretty to look at AFTER he grew the beard. He spent just about every season being the deciding factor of whether or not Annalise went to jail for shit she didn’t do INCLUDING her actually going to jail this season. He was obsessed with a girl who was his neighbor and could’ve fucked up everything to free, then find her.

Shit, the only person in this show who is relatively innocent is Annalise, but people want to take Frank to task for killing someone as if the others weren’t involved in a murder or killed someone themselves. They can’t be too innocent considering that they haven’t come forth about it AT ALL. But, yes, let’s be upset at Frank and want him to die instead as if Wes is some saint or doesn’t have–didn’t have LITERAL blood on his hands. I didn’t want his ass dead, but he fucking grated my nerves this entire series due to his wish washiness and hypocritical stance, especially the one he took with Annalise about Rebecca like he didn’t kill her husband.

Y’all can save that shit. I don’t give a damn that people liked him, but I’m trying to understand why Frank deserved to die. Wait, because he killed Wes’ rapist father who orchestrated for Annalise to get into an accident, which resulted in her losing her child??? Yes, that fucked Wes up and he had every right to be angry about that, but is our outrage only if the characters we care about are harm emotionally or physically? Did Wes not then proceed to help cover up another murder back in season two. Both are two for two in being involved in murders, but yes, Frank IS the bad guy here and why couldn’t Wes have lived???

I honestly don’t know if Laurel was being honest or not, but not only was that fucked up of her to say, it was undeserved. Did she forget that Frank tried to stay away or at least that was what others thought before she listened to Annalise and tried to search for him??? Did she forget that she’s directly involved in TWO murders herself to which she wasn’t/isn’t trying to come forward about? Is it different because it’s her, so she has the right to judge Frank despite him not being involved–she takes him at his word.

I’ll honestly be surprised if Frank doesn’t kill himself by the end of this series, which would make some people very happy. That man has been through so much shit most of his life and manipulated, and then emotionally abused by the women he cares about because he’s an easy scapegoat. I understand in Annalise’s case to an extent, but people viewing these characters through rose colored glasses they can overlook that person’s actions and vilify Frank’s. I’m not saying his actions aren’t messed up, but why is Frank the only one who should pay for his crimes???

cool game

a war orphan,

  • who gets his looks from his father
  • whose mother has long red hair and spent most of her life in danger because of her ancestry
  • whose young parents died trying to protect him with their bodies while he was still a baby, a night which left him with a special scar on his face
  • who grew up in a neglective and abusive space while a ridiculously old bearded man in position of extreme respect and power responsible for him sits back and does nothing, a thing which said old man never gets held responsible for and somehow still earns this boy’s respect
  • who only finds out what he really is before his real education begins
  • who teams up with a boy and a girl who are his first friends
  • who gets trained by a famous and powerful white haired old man before said man dies. a man who, again, should have been there for him in his childhood
  • who learns he has a godfather alive, only to lose him a short couple of years later
  • whose rival is a boy his age obsessed with his lineage, is heavily associated with snakes and even gets marked by a nasty pale snake man with a tattoo to match nasty pale snake man’s other minions
  • a boy, the child of the prophecy, who dies at the age of 17 and after a short intermission with an old bearded man in a bright space comes back from death to defeat the resurrected old man responsible for the war

harry potter and naruto