the man pride

Honestly who gives a fuck if I as a trans guy don’t “look cis” like. I’m a boy. I know I’m a boy, no one can take that from me. So what if I’m not a cis boy, shit if anything I’m like a boy 2.0, New And Improved Boy, latest model Man. Heck off with your cis supremacy man I look amazing and so do all my other trans brothers.

boys are so cute?? like when they turn away laughing at a joke you made or how tall and lanky they are or how their eyes light up when they smile???

but also

girls are so cute??? they’re so soft and their hands are so small when they’re cupping your face and their hair smells good??

There will come a day when

  • Everyone will use your correct pronouns
  • No one will use your deadname
  • You will be able to be fully, unabashedly yourself

If for no other reason,

Stay alive for that day

PSA: Trans people don’t owe you anything!!

Things that are not your business; 

  • a trans person’s birth name
  • the status of a trans person’s transition (especially medical)
  • whether a trans person is transitioning at all
  • “comparison” photos of a trans person before and after coming out
  • what genitals a trans person has
  • what body type a trans person has
  • details of a trans person’s sex or love life
  • any type of “proof” that a trans person is trans
  • literally anything about a trans person’s life or experiences