the man of spiders

Tony: Might we ask for your name?
Stephen: Doctor Strange.
Peter: No, we mean like your hero name. You know, what do people scream when they see you coming? Like “Look out! Here comes…?”
Stephen: Doctor Strange.
Tony: Really?

Going to fight Thanos

Peter: Is anyone else scared?

Tony: Not really. I’ve already lived longer then I ever expected.

All the Avengers in unison: Agreed

Thanos better look out for these four

long nights → holland

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→ summary: when y/n comes home from a long day at work to see tom asleep out on the couch. she decides on joining him

→ word count:

→ warnings: fluff, soft tom, nothing much


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Tony: I don’t know! I didn’t carbon date him; he’s on the young side!

Me: really? Cuz I’d totally carbon-date him for you.

Dating Tom Holland would include...

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-him always saying cute things in your ear when your in public and it making you blush

-him getting self conscious when you wear heels with him in public because of his height

-but him loving to see you in them because lets be honest they really compliment your legs

-when he gets home from working out he will always try his best to hug you but because he will run to and from the gym he’s drenched, he smells. 

-he will eventually hug you and your squirming 

-but he never fails to make you laugh

-he idolizes your laugh 

-and your entire body

-in his mind, there is no flaw on you

-you are perfect to him

-he loves your thighs and legs most

-and he will never let you forget that

-when you two are at an event, if he some how strays away from you, (which he rarely won’t) you can feel his eyes on you, and when you lock eyes, oh man, talk about eye sex

-when you get home from what ever event or night out, he will tell you sensual and seductive things that leave you soaking

       ~’that dress looks amazing on you, but you look even better with out it’

       ~’oh the things I will do to you darling’

-and not to mention the way he talks to you during sex

        ~’talk to me babe’

        ~’you feel amazing’

        ~’let it all out baby girl’

-thats another thing, nicknames

-baby girl, love, darling, love bird

-and you and Tessa get along great tbh

-he will always cuddle you when you are sick

         ~’tom I dont want you to get sick’

         ~’rather me than you love’


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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warning(s): Language that Steve would smh at

World Count: 1817 words

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Author’s Note: This is so friggin short bc I think peter is the cutest, most sweetest, and purest little BABY in the planet — BABY — the only issue is that I think he’s so young tho like i physically could not. So, like, super sorry but I couldn’t pda much so I was left with this. 

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“Shhh,” You hushed your baby brother quietly. Thomas — or Tommy — was the only person you’d burn the world down for. He was your world. For three years, it was only you and him, and him and you. It was your job to look after him, and lately, you’ve been doing a pretty shit job.

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