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that guy: “someone serves to save the main character at the end” is suppose to say “somehow survives to save the main character at the end”


Disclaimer: Before you write this theory off as crazy, like I myself did two years ago, please have an open mind and consider all of the following evidence before forming your opinion.  And although I am a Lizzington shipper, this post is not overly or strictly Lizzington in it’s design or belief and does not intend to use this theory just to promote my ship.  One final note, it is long, and contains spoilers.

This theory is not a new one, and as stated above, has actually been around for quite some time, albeit existing on the far edges of the fandom.  I myself did not jump onto this bandwagon until Season 4, Episode 8, when we heard the now famous statement from Red, in which he told Alexander Kirk that indeed, ‘Elizabeth’ was Red’s daughter.

For a few days following this bombshell, like many in the Lizzington shipper boat, I was devastated and disheartened by a show that has been adamant from the very beginning that they have never lied to us, only to hear those horrific words from Red stating that he was indeed Lizzie’s father.  (All shipping aside, many fans simply couldn’t accept the idea that Red lies to Lizzie as this has been one of the very few things that has remained constant throughout the show since it’s creation.)

However, here’s where things get interesting.  Daniel Cerone, the writer of the now infamous S4E8 episode, released several live tweets that night during the broadcast, that painted a very contradictory scene for me and which ultimately led to this post.

So without further ado, let’s jump right into this clusterf$%k and solve this riddle….

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Clowns are Funny for Once
  • I don't like clowns
  • I don't think they're scary, I have no fear of them, I just think they're stupid
  • But this whole thing with America, with all the clowns running around?
  • Its fucking hilarious
  • THEY'RE LIKE A SPECIES IN A DIFFERENT ECOSYSTEM. Everyone's getting warned to stay away from them and not shoot em, and people are like "Holy shit, Will, IS THAT A CLOWN?"
  • "These people aren't clowns. They're imposters."
  • You can't imagine a grown man saying that in an upset tone without laughing.
  • America: (Drinking pumpkin spice latte)
  • Britain: So, America, what's going on with you? (Takes a sip of tea)
  • America: Ah not much, just being overrun and terrorized by clowns-
  • Britain: (SPITS OUT TEA)
  • Canada: (SPITS OUT SYRUP)
  • France: (Drops baguette dramatically and watches it crack down the middle)
  • Mexico: (Crumbles taco) Los Payasos...
  • America: What? This isn't normal for you guys-
  • America: Well god damn, okay
  • Its so ridiculous, it's hilarious

With the digits of one hand curling into his hair, the fingers of the other slid firmly around his throat to feel his quickened pulse beating against your skin before leaning forward and sinking into the depths of that enthralling blue stare… It didn’t matter if this man was an imposter pretending to be your brother’s mentor and friend and it didn’t matter if he’d robbed both you and Barry of a relationship with your mother because Harrison Wells, or rather, Eobard Thawne, was obsessed with you and the worst part was, you didn’t care. You stopped fighting it a long time ago and so did he if the way he’d backed into the wall and given you full control over him was anything go on.

“I hate you.” You growled out, causing his eyes to drop to your lips before swallowing beneath your grip and forcing a slow nod… Broken and nearly a whisper, you shook your head and breathed, “I should hate you.”

“I know.” He conceded in a low tone. “But I don’t want you to.”

Wrestling down the urge to kiss him, you pulled back, which only made him drop his stare and hunch forward; the rapid rise and fall of his chest catching your attention. He always gave the impression of being calm and controlled but now…? Whenever you were near, he seemed to lose balance and no longer have sight of his main goal. “Why?”

“You make me crazy…” He said, slowly pulling his gaze away from the ground and finally meeting your eyes. “And I’m never letting you go.”

(X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine Eobard being obsessed with you*

(1) Request: Could you do a Eobard Thawne X reader, where the reader is Barrys younger sister. Eobard soon becomes obsessed with her.

(2) Request: Can you do an Eo x Reader based on the song Given The Chance - The Kite String Tangle

Looking to lose all faith in the people responsible for keeping the children of the world safe and secure? Then by all means, give The Imposter a watch sometime. If you’re one of those Trump supporters / xenophobes I mentioned in the previous entry, you probably now think I’m going to say this is a documentary about an illegal immigrant who came to the United States to kill kids. You’re wrong, and almost certainly super-duper racist. Instead, The Imposter tells the story of a man with an extremely weird obsession. To put it as plainly as possible, he enjoyed tracking down parents who’d reported a missing child and claiming to be that missing child. 

 One particular case is at the center of this documentary. It starts in Spain, with him convincing police that he’s just escaped kidnappers who’d used him as a sex slave for the past few years – a ploy that quickly results in him living with a family in San Antonio, TX, pretending to be a relative who’d gone missing three years earlier at the age of 13. I know, it sounds like movie shit, and like any good movie, that’s not even the most interesting part.

Hell, it’s not even the most infuriating part. That award goes to the baffling series of oversights and mistakes that led to him being able to take the scam that far in the first place. For starters, he refuses to tell police in Spain his name. When they push him on it, he says if they let him sleep in an office overnight, he’ll probably remember in the morning … and they just fucking go for it! That’s it. The documentary could’ve ended there. It could’ve been called “The Guy Who Scammed His Way Into Sleeping In a Spanish Police Office Overnight” and I’d have been plenty riveted by the details up that point. But it gets so much crazier.

5 Infuriating Netflix Documentaries You Should Watch Tonight  

I was watching a Harry Potter marathon, all the eight movies in sequence to get back inspiration. And one thing bothered me a lot. I always thought that Bonnie Wright didn’t make justice to Ginny from the books. Obviously, some of the blame must be fault of the crew who produced the movie for treating the character so poorly. But Bonnie herself didn’t seize the opportunities she had. As this blog is centered on the twins, I watched the movies focusing on them. In the books Ginny is almost their triplet, but two scenes from the last two movies bothered me A LOT about Bonnie’s acting regarding Ginny’s relationship with the twins.

When George lost an ear.

Your brother got attacked and he’s covered in blood with a hole where he should have an ear. A brother with who you have a strong relationship. And what Bonnie does? Stand there with no reactions, almost oblivious to the fact. Then, a man point his wand to your lover, thinking he’s an imposter, almost hexing him. And what Bonnie does? Again, stand there motionless, asking Lupin what he’s doing with almost no emotion at all.

When Fred DIES.

Man, Ron was crying, George was crying, Percy was comforting George, Arthur was devastated, Bill is hugging Fleur (who looks sadder than Ginny), Molly is kneeling beside her dead son… And what Bonnie (Ginny) is doing? Standing there with no expression on her face, no body expression of sadness, no tears, no suffering, no anger… And she saw Harry and did nothing!

Oh, one more. When everyone thinks Harry is dead.

It seemed so, so, so fake her scream when she sees Harry’s body on Hagrid’s arm. And her attempt to run to him, but Arthur grabs her. Man, you’re Ginny fucking Weasley and after your dad pull you back you.. Settle down. You don’t struggle to free yourself to run to your DEAD LOVER. Obviously it won’t be rational to run to Lord Voldemort, but Harry is you lover, the guy you loved since you were a little girl and you react soooo poorly to his death…

I loved Bonnie on the second movie, but her acting is poor, is not what Ginny should’ve been…

*River dreams she’s addressing a room full of all the Doctor’s incarnations* Love…love. Quieting down you lot. Do you know who you all are? Ah, all of you. You’re an audience of my…my peers. Yes, you in the bowtie, pipe down, Sweetie. I’ll get to you in a moment. Oh, but look at all of you…all of you dressed like you fought in a charity shop and lost. But those faces, those intelligent faces, faces I can only love because of who you are…Doctor. Oh, my one impossible love, I love you all…I don’t know, I don’t know if I’m alive or dead. Or dreaming or waking.  But the one thing I hold onto. It’s really the last sense. Love. *the Doctors clap* Oh, you’re too kind. You’re all such dears. I know where I am with all of you, and I will follow you till the end of the universe.
—  River Song to the Doctor (in all his incarnations) in Signs (The Diary of River Song)

Presumably after a spirited marathon of Boston Legal, Kimberly Kitchen walked into a Pennsylvania law firm and applied for a job as “one of them lawyering fellas.” A forged law degree, license, and exam results were enough to land her a paid position at the firm for over decade before anyone caught on. To reiterate, Kitchen broke probably half a dozen laws in order to get a job prosecuting people who break laws.

And it’s not even like she kept up her ruse by being aggressively mediocre and flying under the radar. she was only discovered after the firm had promoted her to partner and she had served as president of the Huntingdon County Bar Association. When it was discovered that Kitchen was, in legal terms, a goddamned liar, her firm threw a suspension at her and vowed to double down and be sure there were no legal mishaps on any cases she’d worked on. But really, what could they have suspended? The license she didn’t have?

6 Horrifying Cases Of Authority Figure Impersonation

Imposter. Con man. Rip-off artist. Sham. They’re all words for those who faking it is an occupation. Some of the phonies on this list are fictional, while some come straight from real life. Whether you’re interested in teasing out the differences between appearances and reality or you just like a good thriller, our favorite scam stories will make you look at charming strangers in a whole new light.