the man is an imposter




Disclaimer: Before you write this theory off as crazy, like I myself did two years ago, please have an open mind and consider all of the following evidence before forming your opinion.  And although I am a Lizzington shipper, this post is not overly or strictly Lizzington in it’s design or belief and does not intend to use this theory just to promote my ship. One final note, it is long, and contains spoilers.

This theory is not a new one, and as stated above, has actually been around for quite some time, albeit existing on the far edges of the fandom.  I myself did not jump onto this bandwagon until Season 4, Episode 8, when we heard the now famous statement from Red, in which he told Alexander Kirk that indeed, ‘Elizabeth’ was Red’s daughter.

For a few days following this bombshell, like many in the Lizzington shipper boat, I was devastated and disheartened by a show that has been adamant from the very beginning that they have never lied to us, only to hear those horrific words from Red stating that he was indeed Lizzie’s father.  (All shipping aside, many fans simply couldn’t accept the idea that Red lies to Lizzie as this has been one of the very few things that has remained constant throughout the show since it’s creation.)

However, here’s where things get interesting.  Daniel Cerone, the writer of the now infamous S4E8 episode, released several live tweets that night during the broadcast, that painted a very contradictory scene for me and which ultimately led to this post.

So without further ado, let’s jump right into this clusterf$%k and solve this riddle….

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that guy: “someone serves to save the main character at the end” is suppose to say “somehow survives to save the main character at the end”

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mama bring new imposter hoo-man in the house. called "goywle-frend". i does not like her and show dis by hissing and chewing on her shoes :3


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Episode 4.17 shows us an affair between Red and Katarina (Kate's memory). However episode 3.19 (Cape May) shows a completely different relationship between them. (Red's memory). It was not a romantic one! What could explain that?

Hey Anon!

Well my personal belief is that the man WE know as Red is in fact an imposter, who took over the REAL Raymond Reddinton’s identity after little Lizzie shot and killed him the night of the fire. I have an extremely long post “proving” that theory if you’re interested.

As to what Kate “saw” in last night’s episode, it’s like Red told Kirk earlier this season - “we see what we want to see,” which is not necessarily reality.

For example, in last night’s episode Kate talks to Katerina several times about her affair with “the American.” Katerina says the man is blonde, and has a wife and child.

Katerina then gives this man a name - Raymond.

So for a long time, all Kate has to go on is WORDS. No images.

She then “sees” Katerina being intimate with a blonde man in a car on the property. But here’s the kicker - KATE NEVER SEES HIS FACE, and more importantly, neither do WE.

Katerina tells Kate that the man she saw was Raymond. But Kate didn’t really SEE anything. She just saw probably a moving, blurry image of a blonde man inside a steamed up car.

Fast forward to after the fire and Kate has already handed little Lizzie off to Sam. Sam all of a sudden shows up and says a man wants to meet with Kate, and he tells her the man is Raymond Reddington.

Kate, without ANY PROOF, takes this at face value and simply believes what SAM tells her - that this man she has NEVER actually seen - happens to be Raymond.

That’s like me telling you all about my best friend named say, Jessica. I’ve talked about Jessica FOREVER, and then one day bring in a girl and just tell you it’s HER. You naturally don’t question it, because you know me, and why would you doubt me? So you take what I show you as reality, without question, and without PROOF. Little do you know, the girl I just introduced to you is actually some random girl I just met on the bus stop named Kathy.

IF my theory that Red took over the real Raymond Reddington’s identity proves true, Kate wouldn’t know it, as she herself never met Raymond until after the fire, when SAM brings him to her.

She simply has believed the Red she knows IS the real Red.

I DO believe Katerina had an affair with Raymond Reddington, and Lizzie was the product of that affair. That’s why Katerina talks about it.

But OUR Red doesn’t talk about it bc for HIM, it never happened, as he isn’t the real, original Raymond Reddington.

That would explain why there are two VERY different contradictory stories going on there. Does that make sense?

And below is my “imposter” theory post…


And think we did too…

Harold admitted in ‘Gregory Devry’ that it is ABSOLUTELY possible that the man we know as Red is an imposter.

So logically (dripping sarcasm) he uses a 30 year old DNA sample to test Lizzie’s paternity…

Instead of simply drawing blood from Red on any of the COUNTLESS times he walked into Post Office to help with a Blacklister.

(Or the fact that they would have drawn blood from him the day he turned himself in to the FBI and tested that EXACT thing immediately to figure out their possible connection.)

But yeah, let’s ignore both THAT and that they used the 30 year old DNA loophole sample instead bc that makes TOTAL sense…

At Home

((A/N: A Bucky fic! It’s one I’ve worked on for a while. It’s sort of my own visual sanctuary. I imagine holding conversations and this seems like a fun way to share it. Plus… Bucky fic. And I love Bucky.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language 

Word Count: 2k ))

It was a simple sort of quiet as you walked through. You’d lived in the city your whole life, but the close outskirts sometimes rivaled in their mystery. This was no exception. The Avengers had gone out once more on a mission and you had been tasked to stay behind. Your team trusted you enough to leave you in charge of making sure New York didn’t burn to the ground. Whenever they came back, however, things were always electric and you always felt like you were one spark shy of their shock.

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The giant held his gaze
and looked straight into certain death
he said in a voice
that rumbled from his huge chest,
“I’m an old man who’s been dreaming of you
for decades, like a tidal wave of fire.”

“You are mad!” I shouted.

He held his gaze mercilessly;
he’s not a holy man
and he’s not an imposter,
“I want your ass, on a silver platter,
but I’m scared shitless of butterflies.”

I reached up to touch his face
then I pulled his belt free,
a flare burst away with a hissing bellow
and exploded with bright blue flames
in his trousers.

Alternate “You”niverse *Avengers x Reader* (3/?)

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Summary: Another one of Starks failed experiments causes a rift in Universes causing their Actor selves from another Parallel Universe to come through. Steve has to face Hayley, the women that looks like the girl from his past, Tony has to deal with another him & you have to put up with another set of Avengers. 
Warnings: Swearing, fluff moments and breaking the 4th wall A LOT!
Admins Note: I had a dream about this, I told Angie and she has basically helped me write it by giving me title ideas, ideas in general and telling me what I should and shouldn’t put in. Not really a specific plot, just that Steve doesn’t know whether to move on and it’s made more difficult with Hayley Atwell coming through the portal also, Bucky has to put up with being in love with you but seeing Sebastian make better ground & Wanda is forever crying over Aaron & Everyone keeps getting Scott Lang and Paul Rudd mixed up.  This will probably end with Bucky x Reader getting together, also be prepared for me to mess you up- Rosalee

Alternate “You”niverse Part Two
Alternate “You”niverse Part Four

You stood beside Scarlett and Jeremy as everyone placed bets, it was funny to see Thor set the hammer down on the coffee table and look at his double with a challenging smirk; you had witnessed the Avengers try and fail to lift the hammer. 

Although you had a sneaky suspicion that Chris will be able to lift the hammer, considering he is Thor from the alternate universe it would make sense for him to be able to lift it, right?

 You watched as Chris Evans gave a good luck pat on Chris Hemsworth broad shoulders, he stepped forwards as Thor crossed his arms over his chest, it was like they were looking in a mirror; only Chris has shorter hair and normal clothes for this world, whereas Thor was still in his usual get-up, cape and all. It was silent as they both shifted their eyes to the hammer; Chris held a cocky grin as Thor just let out a loud chuckle, he was dead certain on the fact this moral wouldn’t be able to lift the hammer.

“There’s no way this man can hold the mighty Mjolnir” Thor chuckled deeply with a grin, arms still crossed over his chest, he gestured to… himself with the cropped haircut and strong Aussie accent “he is but an imposter in that Universe, a man merely playing a God, he is not worthy” Thor concluded and Chris asks an eyebrow at him. 

“Listen to mate” strong Australian accent bearing through “I’d hate to embarrass you in front of your little Avenger buddies but I am you” Chris states firmly to Thor who rolls his eyes, Chris lets out an exhausted sigh “I don’t remember playing him this arrogant” Chris comments. 

“I do” Jeremy mutters back, you let out a soft chuckle as Thor uncrosses his arms and picks up Mjolnir and holds it out to Chris, waiting for the man to take the hammer he shakes it slightly in a teasing motion. 

“Are you sure about this?” Chris asked and Thor nodded in silence, Chris lets out a long sigh and lifts his right hand and takes the shaft of the hammer, holding securely the nods for Thor to let go. 

It happens slowly but the hammer falls to the floor, Thor lets out a booming laughter along with some others, a few groans as people start to fondle for their wallets… only Chris starts to laugh too and everyone is silent, even Thor quietens down.

“I am such a talented actor” he flaunts as he stands up, throwing the hammer up and it spins and he grabs it again, cocky grin as he flashes his skills to everyone and it’s just silence as the Avengers take this in; first Vision and now Chris Hemsworth? 

“Not worthy?” Chris scoffed at Thor’s words from moments ago “I have three children and pestering younger brother, you really think I am not worthy of this hammer? I’ve lived your life, my friend, if anyone is more worthy of holding this other than you, it’s me!” Chris beams holding Mjolnir back to Thor, who narrows his eyes but takes the hammer, he slowly starts to smile at Chris before chuckling. 

“You make a fine Thor, brother” he concludes loudly, you watch as people bark up their payments, a few grumbles from some and others beaming with pride over their choice. 

“And the Oscar goes to; Chris Hemsworth” Paul Rudd cheers, holding Chris’s arm up as he bows in thank appreciation. 

“I’d like to thank my parents, my family and just… I’m kidding” he joked “although for a moment it was a little heavy and I thought this could be embarrassing, thankfully… it was a good day” you chuckled at that “I now want to see everyone try their other’s stuff” you nodded in agreement “well, Sebastian can’t because… I don’t think the arm comes off like yours” Sebastian chuckled at that. 

“I also don’t think Bucky would want me snooping for his mask either, I’ll let him be Bucky” he shrugged and you nodded at that.

“I have no idea what was wrong with Steve,” you tell Chris and he shrugs “I guess this whole thing has surprised everyone, it’s making everyone act insane, I’m sure he’ll ease by tomorrow” you smile and he nodded with a small sigh. 

“Hopefully” he looks at you “I always thought we’d get along, I mean he’s one of those characters that as an actor you dream of playing, then you get it and you have this overwhelming feeling of I gotta make him good for the fans and that puts pressure on you” he sighed out again, running hands down his face as you nodded in sympathy “I almost didn’t take the role because of the anxiety then Robert phoned me, told me I’d me crazy not to, that he’d be beside me to help me through the thick of it and I went for it; And the one guy you’d want to approve – which is him, he doesn’t” he flailed his arms out and let them drop to his sides. 

“When Steve has calmed down talk with him” you nudge with a small smile “the best way to get through to Steve Rogers is by talking” he nodded lightly at that “besides the tension and stress of today is just riding on him, he probably just flipped on you because you were the closest, it could have been anyone” you rolled your (E/C) eyes at him and he chuckled. 

“Thanks, honestly I swear myself and other you have these kind of conversations all the time” you chuckled and smiled at that “we’re hoping that in the next Avengers movie you are in it, inside you just being Agents of SHIELD, I think Robert has started a petition for it actually” you laughed at him and he chuckled alongside you. 

“Well I’ll pray for me” he chuckled “I have to go check on Bucky, I’ll see you later” he nodded and let you leave to go see how Bucky is.


Bucky wasn’t in his room, in fact, through the rest of yesterday and throughout the morning of today you hadn’t seen him, you thought that maybe he requested for Steve to take him back to his apartment; which bummed you out because you hoped he would ease into everyone.

 You walked through the tower, you don’t think you’d get used to seeing any of the other Avengers, it was weird to see Bruce down in the lab and then walk upstairs and see Bruce in the kitchen; it gave you a headache in fact. 

“Wanda” you skipped up to the petite women she grinned, linking arms as you walked down the hallways, conversing about random topics “So, tell me have you talked to Aaron?” you asked and she shakes her head.

“He actually knocked on my door last night but I pretended to be asleep, I guess I could be actress” she chuckled and you grinned at her “I just need some time it’s still a little new to me, especially with his… death so fresh that it just brings up unwanted thoughts” you nodded in understanding “how are you and Bucky?” she asked, you rolled your (E/C) eyes at her, she was certain that yourself and Bucky would be a couple soon and you often called her crazy for that. 

“I haven’t seen him since yesterday, well I’ve seen Sebastian but… our Bucky” she then comments with ‘your Bucky’ and you punched her shoulder playfully “naa he’s hasn’t shown his face” you shrugged, 

“I’m sure he will” Wanda patted your shoulder “he follows you around like a lost little puppy-dog, he’ll show up to follow you around like the nerd he is” you chuckled and nodded in agreement. 

“Can you believe Chris can lift the hammer?” you freaked and Wanda laughed “I mean I get he is Thor but still, surprising” you both entered the kitchen and see; Natasha, Scarlett, Elizabeth, Jeremy and Clint all sat around the breakfast bar chatting away. 

Aaron was stood buttering toast, everyone muttered mornings, Wanda excused herself to the gym to train with Sam- although you knew he was too busy with Hayley and Anthony, and you believed Chris also. You watched as Aaron left quickly after her, hopefully, they sort this out.  


“Hey, Sebastian” you chime and he turned with a grin “what you up to?” you asked and he shrugged, he began to tell you that he got lost twice on the way back to his ‘room’ plus he couldn’t find the toilet, or the kitchen for a good hour and that made you chuckle “don’t worry I got lost all the time around here too” you shrugged with a grin and he nodded. 

You frown when you see someone in the shadows, they were lingering behind Sebastian and watching him, peaking every now and then around the corner “Um, I think Bucky is either stalking me or you” you whisper and Sebastian chuckled. 

“Me” he confirms and you frown “he has been since last evening” he tells you with a shrug and you chuckle at him “he keeps getting closer and I think that either means; he is slowly figuring out how to kill me or he is slowly trusting me” he smirked smartly “either way I am excited” you raised your eyebrows “I don’t think he knows I know he is there, I thought he was a master assassin, unless I just him know so well that I just sense his presence” he shrugged and you smiled, you peaked behind him and see Bucky frowning, he obviously overheard some of the conversation. 

“How did you know?” Bucky stalked over, Sebastian turns his torso to look behind himself and shrugged “I’m losing my touch” Bucky mutters and turned to stalk off, you skipped after him and pulled his hand, dragging him towards Sebastian with a bright grin and Bucky trying to gently pry you off him. 

“Bucky this is Sebastian” you gesture.

“I know” Bucky tells you, Sebastian watches as Bucky stares down at you, you give him a narrowed look telling him with your eyes to play nice and formerly introduce himself “Hi, Sebastian” Bucky grumbles, refusing to look at him but his feet like a child, you grin clasping his human hand in both of your hands and nudged him to look up. 

“Hey, Bucky… can I call you Bucky?” he asked and Bucky nodded at him “sorry if this freaks you out, it is just as freaky for me as it is for you, trust me” Sebastian chuckled and Bucky frowned slightly “you are just a character in my world, not a real person, so to see you walking around and… talking it’s kinda weird; especially since I do that for a job” he chuckled nervously and Bucky nodded in thought. 

“I suppose it is weird for us both” he commented, you slowly let go of Bucky’s hand hoping he wouldn’t notice you sneaking out of the room, he did but he didn’t stop you; he watched as you left quietly and looked back awkwardly at Sebastian “Is she more annoying in mine or your universe?” Bucky asked and Sebastian chuckled,

“You find her annoying?” Bucky shrugged “she’s just the same really” Sebastian shrugged “I think the only annoying thing about (Y/N) is the fact she puts everyone before herself, that irks me a little, more times I have to remind her to look after herself” he shrugged and Bucky nodded, always having to remind you that he is okay, or he can survive long enough for her to shower and eat. 

“Is she like Mark? Does she have a family, children and husband?” Bucky asked, eyeing Sebastian as he grinned,

“Not a husband, yet anyway” he shrugged and Bucky nodded, a familiar knot tightening in his stomach, a feeling of deep anger bubbling inside him and he didn’t understand why “she’s happy, I mean it was a whirlwind relationship, it happened so suddenly and now a year later… she may be getting purposed to” he grinned and Bucky nodded “you okay?” Sebastian asked, a frown settling on his face.

“When am I ever okay?” Bucky chuckled but it came out forced and loud, his eyebrows furrowed and he looked sad more than angry “I’m happy for her, she deserves to be happy, too long she has been looking after me” He began to edge away from Sebastian before turning around fully and leaving “Nice talking to you” Sebastian called after him but he kept walking, shoulders hunched and anger boiling inside of himself, he can’t even get you in another universe? How was he meant to have you in this one?.

(Let me know what you think of this part! I tried to make it funny and have some character development with Sebastian x Bucky, let me know what you think is going to happen or want to happen. Share and heart - Rosalee)