the man im gonna fall inlove with

The Firsts

May 24 and 25. Coronation Night of Mutya ng Trece 2012. Sleepover with friends and him. Meeting my mother and the asking of permission. First hug, holding hands, and night together.

This two days have been the best days of my 2012, so far. Finally, after almost one month of craving to see each other, we finally did. 

My day started with our final rehearsal at the provincial gym of Trece. I was too excited to see him that I went home so early to prepare for his arrival. The coronation of our pageant actually didn’t matter. Seeing and being able to hug him the moment I see him has been my thought all day. 

2:00 in the afternoon. I finally got his text that he has arrived in Trece. I was rushing to get dressed and look pretty when I finally see him. There wasn’t any nervousness in me, only happiness and excitement. Finally left the house, rode a tricycle, and went straight to where he said he was. I was walking, and didn’t have the thought of what I would really do when I see him. I was just too worried that the afternoon’s heat is gonna make him sick. Nearer and nearer, I’m getting to the place.. Nervousness filling up my whole body, slowing down my every steps, and thoughts of what will happen when that moment comes. Slower and slower I went, and finally, he was there standing. Nothing has changed. He still looks great as when I met him the very first time. I was hesitant but, his vision spotted me. The smile on our faces showed that everything was finally real. Walking towards each other, his arms out wide and me ready for what will happen. He hugged me, and I did too. Tighter it got, with the crowd staring at us, but we pretended not to care.  It lasted for two minutes. Then he finally let go and handed me the flowers which he bought from Manila. And there we were, not a care in the world. Walked out of the streets and rode a tricycle back to our house. I was too much happy that I wasn’t able to speak. But our facial expressions talked our feelings out :)

We arrived at our house with just three hours remaining before our Coronation Night for the pageant. He finally met my mom. No sign of disappointment showed in my mother’s face. I think he loves this guy, and is ready to approve the future we have for each other. My two other friends finally came, and was so shocked to see us together. It was a surprise that I was so excited to show them. They were speechless, and so was I. I know I have some explaining to do, I was ready. Haha. We all finally headed to the provincial gym where the big night is gonna happen, and where people who’s expecting so much from me is going to be so disappointed. I was worried, not because of what will happen but because of him who’ll be left with my mom. I didn’t have a choice. I had to do this and everything finally happened. The pageant was over, and so was the people’s expectations of me. I admit, I was slightly sad and disappointed about myself because I didn’t do the best that I could show, not until the Q&A portion. But with my family, friends, supporters, and him supporting me, I was able to accept everything and that I didn’t have to be like this because for them I’m still the winner and they’re satisfied. They entered the dressing room and I was there standing with a fake smile. He came towards me, gave me a big hug which made all the people in the room shocked. Telling me that I was so pretty and I did great for the pageant, I felt my fake smile transform into something real and there was my mom and friends, and the people smiling at us. I actually forgot I lost the pageant, and remembered that I was a big winner myself for having someone like him with me. 

We headed home and got ready for sleeping. That very moment I think I fell inlove with him a little - how simple he can be around people, without any trace of living in the States for the past 18 years of his life. I was so embarrassed infront of him, for not being able to talk to him that much, for everything but there he was still smiling at me every time I take a glance at him. All of us went to bed now and was so exhausted. Had a little talk, and soon went to sleep. We slept beside each other, the reason why I wasn’t able to go to sleep early. I just want to spend the whole night aware that he’s really with me now. I was happy, and losing the pageant didn’t matter. For a moment, I was out of myself and I did something I never thought I would do for that night - I hugged him. He was like waiting for me to do that ‘cause he instantly faced me and hugged me back. Satisfaction was there, I was finally ready to sleep. But I didn’t want to end that feeling, so I stayed up for a little much longer. I hugged him tighter and so did he that made us so much closer to each other, I can almost hear his breath and his heartbeat. And he whispered, “Goodnight” which made me the happiest person that very day. I can’t believe that things like this will actually happen to me. We both fell asleep, unaware that we did. 

The next morning came, I was the first person up among us five - including my youngest brother. I wasn’t hugging him anymore the moment I woke up, but he still was which made me smile so early in the morning. Not being able to move because of his hands, I decided to face him and just watch him sleep. After some time, he finally moved and I was able to move too. I tried to go out the room but I saw how difficult it was for him to sleep because he’s feet was hanging down the bed 'cause of his height. So I didn’t but just stayed and waited for him to wake up even if I was really shivering because of the coldness. I found happiness just by staring at him. Thoughts of why he really is here have been running through my mind at that very moment. Why a guy such like him likes a girl like me? How come there’s still a guy like him left in this world? Why of all the pretty girls in UST does he have to choose an average girl like me who isn’t even that classy? Why does he have a vision problem? LOL! Just kidding. But still, I can’t believe that he was actually there with me. After almost three hours of waiting, he finally got up. All of us was up, he was the last one to wake up. I greeted him a real Goodmorning this time, had breakfast with all of them, and just sat and watched TV together. 

We decided to show him our barangay’s river, which is something I am proud to promote to the visitors such as him. On our way there, his being a gentleman just shows every single time. How awesome can this guy get? We finally reached the river, took pictures, and played in the water. We talked and I learned that it was his first time going to such place. I was a bit happy about it, 'cause I’m with him in this first time of his. Sitting next to each other, I didn’t have the courage to talk and face him. I was staring out of his place and was smiling, my hands dipped in the water. He was playing with the water, while I was looking elsewhere. I felt his hand slipped through mine in the water, and next second we’re holding hands already. Our very first time. I wasn’t looking at him because I can feel my widest smile on my face, I didn’t even react to it. I just held him tighter to give him the thought that I was happy with what he did. Every now and then I would take a glance at him, and I could actually spot him smiling. That visit at that river has been the best I’ve had so far. 

Went home after an hour and a half, with our wet clothes on, he quickly approached my mom and talked about us. He was asking permission to court me and was talking about alot of stuffs. I didn’t get to hear their conversation 'cause I was so nervous about him and my mom. Fortunately, everything went well and I think my mom approves of him so much. At around 2:30 in the afternoon, they decided to leave so I went with them to bid them all goodbye. I hugged him one last time for this meeting. Best two days of my life.

I got to talk to my mom today about it, 'cause I was out since yesterday afternoon because of our outing with the organizers and other candidates in Manila. She was so happy about us. They told me that during the pageant, he was the person who was really supporting me so much 'cause he was screaming his lungs out all throughout the event. Even my brother approves so much of him, and was so amazed at how great a man he is. They’re happy that I found someone like him, and I am too.. much more than they do.