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Jonghyun covering “This Woman’s Work” is so beautiful, i started crying. It’s so beautiful in fact, that’s it’s blocked in Korea. I know a lot of you guys haven’t seen it, because if we had, we wouldn’t be able to shut up about it. Watching this would be 4 minutes of your life well spent.

Steve “No One Touches My Kids” Harrington was one of the best things that came out of Stranger Things 2. | Redbubble


Christmas Klance!!!!! also no more pining they are ALREADY BOYFRIENDS HERE  sdfgsasssfaffsss

The gifs are quite big, so click if they’re not working!


PLEASE check out the prologue(?) here I made 3 parts in the end, not 2 haha (part 2 is this).

Perfect, Ed Sheeran

Part 2 of 3. -3,1,2

Hey, if you happen to know a trans person’s deadname, for any reason? Whether it’s because you knew them before they came out or you accidentally found out or they trusted you enough to tell you? Don’t tell anyone else. It’s not your information to give out and literally nobody needs to know a trans person’s deadname. If you tell somebody that without explicit permission from the trans person, then you’re an asshole.


Spider-Man: Homecoming + Textposts (2/?)

For telling the story of a boy and his journey to discover self-worth, thank you ONE ♥


Tfw you’re casually enjoying your evening and an angel falls through your ceiling and is super hot oh no

I’m calling this one the Angelfall AU! Keith has to learn how to live with an angel who is way too egotistic about his one (1) wing and angelic powers even though he has no memories whoops