the mammoth cheese


Mammoth Cheese: The Movie AKA my cinematic debut

This is a 100% historically accurate account of an incident that happened during Thomas Jefferson’s presidency. More info here

Mammoth Corpse Pt. 2 Cheese Powder

After Demagol (Gunslinger) scared off the chimera, the party gathers around the dead Mammoth.

Arcanite (Elementalist): I want the tusks, those are worth something I bet

GM: Okay, first of all they are huge, if you wanted to pick them up they’d weigh… *thinks for a minute* like 10 weight.

Everyone but Demagol: Okay that’s ridiculous, we need to find something else.

Lewick (Alchemist): I’m going to turn one into a feather… no wait CHEESE, I’ll turn it into cheese.

Demagol: I love cheese, that’s a great idea. Let’s do it, but only with one tusk

*Lewick rolls to transmute, gets a 5.*

GM: The tusk transforms into a cheese powder substance and fades away with the wind, spreading it all over the area.

*Demagol gets frustrated at this and just picks up the remaining mammoth tusk and carries it to the next town, having just enough weight distribution to carry it without going over his limit.