the mall with my daughter

Looks like we need mom here to show daddy how it's done.

I decided to give my wife a break and take my almost two year old out for the day. I had some things to return to the mall, so we went there first. As we drive into the parking lot, I can already tell it’s going to be a good day. The coveted front row spot was waiting for us. My daughter is in a great mood. I’m in a great mood. Life is awesome. We bought stuff, rode the carousel, rode 50 cent rides, Disney store, Build a Bear, we had a near perfect day… until we left.

Walked out of the mall and got to the minivan. I put my daughter in her carseat and proceeded to unload our loot into the back of the van. During this time, a car with a 45+ lady is waiting for my front row spot. I can feel her tapping her foot in her car. I start to fold up the stroller and forgot to unpack the little things (hairbow, snacks, random things) from the holder on the stroller handle. I stop to take out that stuff and put it in the van when I hear the lady say from her car to me, “Looks like we need mom here to show daddy how it’s done!” I can tell she’s trying to be funny, but this pissed me off. I give her a fake smile and go about my business.

This lady doesn’t know me. She doesn’t know if I’m divorced or a widower or anything. People make comments like this all the time to dads out spending time with their kids and it gets under my skin.

So, I slowly pack the rest of the stuff, go around to the side door and get my daughter out of her seat. I start to walk back to the mall right beside this lady’s car. I look at her like I’m surprised and say, “Oh I’m sorry! Were you waiting on MY spot? We’re just dropping off some stuff in the van.” I can see that she’s perturbed. I finish it with a “Happy New Year!” She speeds off and I watch her from the front door of the mall. She has to park towards the back of the parking lot. I walk right back to the van, pack the kid, and drive away. I guess daddy showed her how it’s done.

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Let me put it this way, After Romeo was doing concerts in mall food courts and at my daughter’s middle school during an assembly last year. There is no freaking way they had to be escorted out of a 1D concert.