the male pill

when i was a child i thought ‘male enhancement’ pills just made you a better guy. they made you pleasant to be around. the man on the commercial had a big smile on his face and they made a point of how happy his wife was and everyone loved him. this is honestly what i thought

The official symbol of the inequality movement. Show your support for sane, natural order based sexuality… Aspiring to be less… Red pill, pink pill… Male superiority… Nuclear housewife/Man of the house lifestyles… By reblogging this symbol, and subtly using it in public, so we can see each other. Spread the word!

Omega Verse - MiniCat

You guys seem to really like MiniCat so here we go, the first drabbles of prompts I found on this Tumblr right here:

-By the way, I’m doing omega verse drabbles for as many pairings from the banana bus squad as I can XD I’m not doing just one for each pairing, but multiple drabbles on the same post.

Prompt used: 25-: “Do you really think all omegas want to be fucked by you? Sorry to break it to you, but you can fuck off.”

Craig was used to his heat at this point. He didn’t want to take the little rainbow colored pills for male omegas, but he literally had no other choice.

He didn’t want to be fucked by another male, Craig wasn’t attracted to guys. He wasn’t sure if he was attracted to girls either. The boy barely had time outside his career and jobs to find a lover.

However, you couldn’t necessarily blame him when he and his best friend, Tyler, shared a room for a convention to meet their fans. He watched the man peel a shirt from his torso with great interest. He felt like his heat was trying to talk to him but he was on those stupid pills.

“What’s up, Craig? Don’t tell me your Omega is trying to get something from me.”

Craig snorted and glared harshly at him, “Just wondering what the fuck you’re doing, prick.”

Tyler held his hands up defensively, “Right, right. Sorry, forgot the little Omega hates his role in society. I’m going to take a shower, okay? If you need an-”

Craig butt in, “I don’t need to be protected, asshole. I’m on suppressants.”

Tyler smirked, “Uh huh. The one who never wants to be fucked and claimed got it.”

The alpha was rewarded with a glare that could cut off his hands if he dared to touch Craig. He chuckled, “Okay, okay, I get it.”

Craig’s response came quick,

“Fuck off.”

Next Prompt: 45-: “Please, protect me while I’m in heat. I’m not ready to be claimed.”

This 4th of July was meant to be a blast, but for Craig, it became hell on Earth. He woke up in the morning, the 3rd day of the month, with his heat rousing in his gut.

The heat left him sweating under the bedding. He didn’t know why or how it started so suddenly, but all he knew was he was practically surrounded by his obvious alpha friends. They were in the rooms just to the left and right of him.

He didn’t know what to do until a soft knocking came on his door from an exhausted male. But it was an alpha, Craig could smell their scent drifting beneath the door.

“Y-Yes?” Craig’ voice was barely confident, the world spinning around him as he tried to get up from the bed sheets.

“Craig? Are you… um… okay?”

Craig expected him to ask an obvious question like, are you an omega or are you on your heat or some other stupid bullshit like that.

“Uh huh! D-Don’t mind me.” Craig groaned and shoved his face in his pillow at how pathetic his voice sounded.

The door creaked open and a gasp was heard before it shut. Craig glanced over, his hands bunching up the blankets within his grasp. Tyler stood by the door, his eyes trained on the Omega.

“I need to leave,” Tyler spoke suddenly, his eyes shifting to the floor as he turned away.

“W-Wait. T-Tyler, please… I need help.”

“W-What are you asking me?!”

“Just… protect me?”

Tyler let out a sigh of relief, “Yeah, sure. Okay, buddy..”

New Prompt: 57-: “Dude, calm the fuck down. Are all Omegas this easily scared?” 

Craig wasn’t comfortable at this convention at all. Sure, VidCon was the best but the alphas were the worst. They touched any Omega, whether they were claimed or not, and sexually harassed them.

Craig, however, was more popular and famous so he wasn’t touched. Thanks to his best friends, that is. He and Brock and Lui stayed near their best friends the entire time.

But a certain alpha kept nudging Craig and scaring the absolute piss out of him. “Dude, shit! Calm the fuck down!” Tyler laughed, Lui glaring at him for a split second as Craig rested a hand over his heart.

“You smell really fucking strong, Tyler, I can’t fucking help it, you asshole!”

“I’m the damn best alpha out here, so of course I smell the strongest!” Tyler smirked at the Omega who only glared in response.

“Shut the fuck up.”

With a new mischievous smirk plastered on his face, he walked away and trailed after the group of huddled friends. Per usual, the Omegas were in the middle while the Alphas and Betas masked their scents on the outside.

Tyler snuck up behind Craig, his hands dropping to his waist as he crept quietly. The others watched him with annoyed expressions, this was the fifth time he’d done this at a convention with Craig.

But he changed his antics this time. Instead of grabbing his shoulders, Tyler’s hands traveled to his waist. He grasped the Omega’s hips tightly and pulled him flush against him.

A sharp yelp was heard from the Omega before he jabbed his elbow into Tyler’s ribs. Tyler cried out, the others laughing at him as the man fell to his knees. “Oooooooowwwwww!!!!”

Last Prompt: 70-: “I got into some trouble today. I sort of punched an Alpha in the face when he touched me. Long story short, there’s a couple of officers at the door who would like to talk to you about getting control of your omega.” 

Craig groaned, Tyler standing with an exhausted, annoyed expression on his face. “What the fuck did you do to get the cops findin’ me, Craig?”

“I kind of retaliated against an alpha for fucking touching me.”

“And why do the cops need my attention?” The Alpha sighed.

Craig snorted, “The mother fuckers want you to put a god damn collar on me with a leash.”

Tyler flushed red, “Wha? Why?”

The cops looked between the two, “Uh, sir. We need you to make sure your Omega here doesn’t retaliate physically from now on.”

The  Alpha groaned, “Yeah? Well, I don’t care, officer. My Omega was assaulted and touched, he didn’t want to be touched, common god damn sense.”

The officer stuttered a bit, “Um s-sir, please make sure to be with your Omega at all times during their heat.”

“Craig, I didn’t know you were in your heat.”

“I’m on suppressants, right now.” Craig bluntly stated.

Tyler face palmed, his glare sending the officers from the door swiftly. He slammed it shut and sighed before high-fiving his lover, “Good goin’, buddy.”

a-floral-ghost  asked:

I saw a picture of someone's birth control that had been chewed up and partly eaten by a dog and the caption "at least my dog won't get pregnant" but is that dangerous to the dog? It seems like it would be dangerous

Well it might be dangerous, but it also might be fine.

Oral contraceptive pills do have hormonal effects, but are generally fairly low toxicity overall. Dogs will also commonly chew packets without swallowing pills, because they’re seeking a novel texture and many pills taste bad. Oral contraceptive pills are usually a fairly low dose of hormone overall, but this will depend on the brand.

Now if a male entire eats these pills, the amount of hormones they contain is likely to be just a drop in the ocean compared to the hormones already in his body thanks to those testicles.

If a desexed animal eats these pills, it’s possible for them to have some behavioral changes or diarrhea, but htey don’t have a reproductive system to act on. You can’t have uterine side effects if you haven’t got a uterus.

If an entire female dog eats these pills, it will probably have effects on her cycle and she may be more at risk of pyometra.

The amount of progesterone or oestrogen a dog has to consume to develop signs of toxicity (eg bone marrow suppression) is actually really difficult to achieve in the real world. Still, it’s generally advised to bring the dog into a clinic and induce vomiting, just in case. Besides, if they’ve chewed up a packet, what else have they eaten?

Disney cmon, I just want an animated movie about a girl who is transgender is taking male hormone pills to be who he truly is, and everyone makes fun of him and calls him a freak. At first he sings sad songs about his depression with a female voice, but as the movie progresses, his voice gets deeper due to the pills and he has an amazing voice (voiced by Brendon Urie), and he meets a girl who is pansexual and they fall in love and nobody accepts them, but that’s okay because they go to college together and everyone accepts him even though he’s still going through his transformation.

greater-nuggalope  asked:

Zenyatta has been infected with some sort of computer virus, what kind of shenanigans occur?

//holy shit I am dying

• Zenyatta comes into the break room where a bunch of people are chilling. he’s floating pretty high in the air in his Transcendence pose and everyone eventually stops to stare at him, because he looks like he has something to say. the room collectively holds its breath. “dearest friend, this may come as a surprise, but I am a Numbanian prince who has a great sum of money to give to you from my father’s inheritance…”

• Reinhardt wakes one night to find Zenyatta in his room floating ominously in the corner offering him ‘male enhancement pills’. he throws a pillow at him but this seems to make him even more determined to get Reinhardt’s credit card information.

• Winston has a go at running an antivirus on him, but this just results in Zenyatta’s lights turning completely dark blue and him yelling about System32 in his eerily calm voice, but just like someone has cranked the volume up to 100.

• his team are fighting away begging for a heal or an Orb of Discord on the enemy or SOMETHING and all he does is look calmly down at them and respond ‘there are hot singles in your area’.

• he flits into the canteen with a loud shriek and then flies out again. Traced merely keeps eating with a disgruntled muttering of 'damn pop-ups’.

• eventually Genji succeeds in running the right kind of anti-virus on him. when Winston asks why he knows this, Shimada just stares into the distance and says 'I once spent a week trying to sell my brother a penis pump because of a virus’.

Gift Fic: One Last Push


Rated: T


One Last Push

Requested by: @capaleran2

Vacation Modern AU

It was the beginning of Winter Vacation and everyone was heading out to the massive rented out house for Christmas and New Year’s holiday.

It had been Levy and Lucy’s idea and everyone happily agreed. The two paired up with several of their friends and decided to do something fun for Winter Vacation.

“Everyone is joining us for their vacation days, right?” Lucy asked, as she packed up her clothes while she had Levy on speaker phone.

“Yep! Gajeel, Natsu, and all the others are confirmed and packing. We leave in the morning!” Levy called to her phone as she sat folding up some of her winter clothes.

Everyone was going to Aspen. They had rented out a massive house that sat on a river for two weeks. From the images both girls saw, it was beautiful. It was the perfect get-away for everyone. A way for everyone to actually enjoy a vacation and hang out.

They’d leave in the morning to the vacation home in Aspen. They’d travel by flight.

“Remember to pack extra motion sickness pills!” Levy’s voice called through the phone to Lucy. “Gajeel and Natsu really get sick on planes.”

“I remembered! I have a bottle in my purse, and besides, I know you keep an extra bottle on you.” Lucy laughed.

The guys occasionally got car sick too, but it didn’t hit Gajeel as much as Natsu. The poor pink haired male usually spent car rides with his head between his knees if he forgot his medicine.

“I’m going to catch a shower after I put everything by the door. Metalicana, Gajeel, and Juvia are picking me up tomorrow!”

Lucy smiled at her friend’s words. “That’s good. Igneel, Gray, Natsu, and Erza are grabbing me. Lisanna and Bickslow are getting dropped off by Elfman and Mira, right?”

“Yep. So… Igneel’s driving?” Levy’s voice came through with some shuffling in the background.

“Yeah…” Lucy drew the word out. “Why?”

“Hold on tight! He was the reason we always made it to school on time, even with Gray and Natsu running late as kids.”

Lucy blinked, “Well, that isn’t so bad.” She had never ridden in a car with Natsu’s before

“Ever seen that movie, The Pacifier?” Levy questioned, dropping her bag by the door. “Igneel’s like that. Metalicana isn’t really too far behind in driving skills.”

Lucy paused in thought. “Maybe that’s why they have motion sickness.”

“You know, I never thought about it that way.” Levy paused. “Well, I gotta go get my shower. Talk to you tomorrow, Lu!”

“See you, Levy!”

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anonymous asked:

what do u think is the biggest problem males face today?

Selective service: If someone in the United States is born male, from the age of eighteen to twenty-six they are considered government property. If World War III broke out right now, the government can take any born male they want, including (but not limited to): trans women, physically disabled men, mentally disabled men, single fathers, and only sons. Women don’t have to do it. Why? Just because. They even require illegal immigrants to sign up, and say nothing about providing them with citizenship. As a man, if you don’t sign up before the age of twenty-six, you can be fined $250,000, denied a trial, get up to five years in prison, are denied student loans and federal job training, and you are technically not a citizen. It can make it harder to get a driver’s license, financial aid, and to pursue employment. 

Circumcision: It’s male genital mutilation, let’s be frank about it. Female genital mutilation is completely illegal in first world countries, while circumcision is still legal. It has little to no health benefits, and it’s primarily done for religious or aesthetic reasons. Basically, some Jewish doctor made up a bunch of fake health benefits back in the ‘50s so he could keep cutting off parts of a baby’s dick. It kills around 117 infants a year and has many adverse affects on the psyche and body. Eleven babies in New York City contracted herpes from a Jewish circumcision ritual. Here’s an article about the myths doctors will tell you about circumcision. Circumcision is harmful, and violates a man’s right to bodily autonomy.

False rape claims: Here’s a post debunking the “it’s only two percent” claim. And a masterpost of sources about false rape claims. If a man is accused of rape, he can lose his job, custody of his kids, and even his home. Not to mention that the family of the alleged victim might go after him. MRAs wanted a law passed that the accused name was not allowed in papers until he was charged, not convicted, but charged, but some feminists fought against this, causing it to fail. Also see here, the London Feminist Network campaigning for it to fail. Here’s an interesting article about false rape claims. Most famously, and most recently, Emma Sulkowitz lied about her supposed rape for attention.

Actual rape: Even by conservative numbers, male rape victims in prisons far outnumber female rape victims. About 7.7 percent of those in juvenile detention reported sexual contact with staff during the preceding year. The number of rape reports in prison is over 140,000 a year. Over 90 percent of these cases involved female staff and teenage boys in custody (this is from the same link). The UK’s biggest male rape center had it’s funding cut to zero, despite a 120% increase in reports. Here’s a petition to get funding for the center. Male sexual assault victims aren’t even accounted for by the CDC.

Domestic violence: Men want equal treatment when victims of domestic violence, and to not be arrested for the crime of “being male” under primary aggressor policies. Some feminists fought against this by trying to suppress evidence showing that half of domestic violence is done by women, by threatening the researchers with bomb threats, death threats, etc. Modern, younger feminists are doing it as well. The feminist definition of domestic violence has skewed arrest and prosecution philosophies, resulting primarily in having only male batterers criminally pursued. Women are actually more likely to be perpetrators, and it’s harder for men to be taken seriouslyMale victims of domestic abuse have a 47% chance to be threatened by police, 35% of being completely ignored, and a 21% chance of being arrested themselves.Of the abused men who called domestic violence hotlines, 64% were told that they “only helped women.” In 32% of the cases, the abused men were referred to batterers’ programs. Another 25% were given a phone number to call that turned out to be a batterers’ program. A little over a quarter of them were given a reference to a local program that helped. Sixteen percent said the people at the hot line “dismissed or made fun of them.”

Parental rights: Currently, in the United States, a man has two options if he gets a woman pregnant: pay child support and just assume it goes to supporting that child or go to prison. In France, a male asking for a paternity test is against the law. So a woman can name a man as the father and even if he isn’t, he still has to pay child support. The male birth control pill that goes around Tumblr every few months was not declined because men couldn’t handle the effects, instead some feminists fought against it because it would give a man too much power in the situation.

This is a link to my favorite article by Paul Elam, who has written some great articles about men’s problems.

TL;DR, men have problems, too. This is not meant to take away from female problems, but to bring attention to the issues men face.

A post feminist society

With the west on the verge of a financial collapse on a scale not seen since the fall of the soviet union, the days of feminism are numbered. Feminism is reliant of the redistribution of wealth from the productive class to the non productive class, so in the main, from men to women. Once our economies collapse, feminism will be exposed for the lie it always was. The money will not be there to fund the cushy government jobs and benefits/welfare that women enjoy now.

Women will abandon feminism. Women aren’t inherently feminist, they are inherently self interested and if an ideology is no longer benefiting them they will abandon it without a moments notice. In fact, many will say that they were always against it. This abandonment will consist of a greater push for traditional marriage, the exaltation of it’s virtues and far more support for the men’s rights movement.

Prostitution will increase significantly. There is a negative correlation between the percentage of women who are prostitutes and the prosperity of a nation. This will lower the value of sex and thus lower female power. Conversely, women who do not become prostitutes, (the vast majority) will be incentivized to withhold sex until marriage, due to advancements in sex technology this will not work. 

Anti male bias in the family courts will recede. In an attempt to coax men back into marriage and the newly gained support of our women folk amendments will be made to marriage laws and new guidelines on child custody and alimony will be set out, but all this will only happen after the bachelor tax fails.

Women will have a different attitude. Far more amenable and humble. With the nascent sex robots, virtual reality sex, artificial wombs and male contraceptive pill, women are about to experience a major loss of power and influence over men.  

So as you can see, poorer nations favor men in regards to the sexual market place. Men need to remember how women, in general, acted before their best of both worlds femtopia came crashing down and realize that their new found attitude is due to necessity and not some sudden moral awakening. If you suspect they were not traditional or libertarian before, disregard them.

anonymous asked:

I almost feel sorry for Hayden cause he is at that age where you explore a lot of different opinions and say really stupid shit and think you have the whole world figured out and probably do annoy and piss off a lot of older people near you. But also he has a whole celebrity twitter account to fuck up like that on. At the same time, omg he's annoying, you just wanna slap him.

I don’t  feel sorry for him. I had enough sense at his age to not act like I knew everything. He’s old enough now, kid gloves are off, teen gloves come on. No time for coddling.

Anonymous said:                                                                      How do you think that’s going to play out? Callie and Jude used to be really close and I don’t see Maia and Hayden working together like that again. Maia really has had enough and to be honest it seems like most of the cast. Jude should go to study abroad or something             

I don’t think they’ve worked together much in a while. In fact, I think Teri was the only cast member he worked closely with, other than the other immature teenager on set (sorry guys).

What was shocking today was Sherri standing up for Maia. Sherri is super nice, and if she’s had enough, then … trouble.

Anonymous said:                                                                      Wow Sherri retweeted Maia’s shady tweet towards Hayden. I wonder if sherri knew she was talking about him             

I have to assume Sherri follows both people, so she saw it. Furthermore, Maia has since directed it at him, so she knows now.

Anonymous said:                                                                      Hayden use to be so sweet. I don’t know what happened to him. He’s just like his mom and it’s sad. His Dad might not be any better. Someone needs to set him straight. Is Jude rude to Callie because Hayden is rude to Maia. He’s young and ignorant but his parents are adults. They probably don’t care about how he acts. A while ago Jake T Austin liked a tweet about Hayden’s mom and her not be a good influence or something similar to that. So he must know stuff. No excuse for Hayden acting that way.             

I don’t know if he was ever sweet, but he used to keep his great “opinions” to himself. His ego grew through the course of the show which probably culminated in what he perceived as a win with the demise of Jonnor (total speculation). It also grew with people calling him mature, but he wasn’t. He was just opinionated. Hayden’s mom called Jake a drug addict on social media, everyone saw her fight with Jake, so that’s where his beef was.

Anonymous said:                                                                      I bet Hayden’s mom doesn’t care how he acts on Twitter. Someone needs to set his straight because I’m sure his mom won’t. Probably partly her fault hr acts like this.            

He is following her example. The thing is, if he wants to be an actor, he needs to clean up his act or he’ll never get another good gig again.

Anonymous said:                                                                      Wait what happened with Hayden? I don’t really pay attention to the actors, just watch the show and I’m curious           

Hayden read an article and thought that made him an expert on birth control. His male right activist self thought that women were mocking men for dropping out of a male birth control pill study due to side effects. Women, rightly so, have mocked this study because women have been dealing with these symptoms for decades. Instead of listening to women with personal experiences, he insisted that female side effects were either due to a placebo effect or “not a big deal.” Maia called him out on it, and he got pissy and how he’s asking why don’t more women become scientists and doctors if they care so much about women’s health.

He’s a misogynist.

So I made this post a while back and didn’t expect anyone to really see it or care. But the social justice haters have found me and they’re SO MAD.

I haven’t ignored the comments on this post because I “miss the point entirely” but because this is my personal stream-of-consciousness blog and I’m not obligated to explain myself to random assholes whose whole purpose on tumblr is to whine about how much they hate social justice. I don’t give a shit about changing anyone’s opinion, I blog for myself. If they have to seek out content they disagree with for the sake of starting arguments on the Internet, I’m not missing the point, I’m just not giving them the satisfaction of a response they so desperately seek. So there’s a difference there.

I completely reject the idea that men are helpless with no choices if faced with an accidental pregnancy; that they should just throw up their hands because it’s all in the woman’s control and thus all her responsibility. That’s the same attitude that perpetuates the status quo which tells men they can’t be active participants in child rearing.

But lets address some of the more valid arguments. I actually wrote this post as a response to someone but I’m going to put it here too.

1. Can the guy do something to actively prevent pregnancy? Yes. Condoms are very effective. The fact that they aren’t 100% effective 100% of the time is no reason to assume an accidental pregnancy is always beyond his control. If he uses condoms consistently and correctly, he’s being an active participant in preventing unwanted pregnancy. He can educate himself on proper use and make sure to use one every time. I would support a male birth control pill but so far the technology either doesn’t exist or is in its infancy. Advocating for a male pill is another way men can take an active role in preventing pregnancies.

2. Can a guy do something to actively influence her keeping or not keeping the child? Yes. Contrary to MRA dogma, women aren’t sperm jacking baby thieves with intentions to have unwanted children out of spite. Women consider multiple factors when deciding whether to have an abortion. She considers his financial situation as well as her own. She considers whether he is likely to stick around and help. She even considers his feelings about it. And these are things he can control. She may object to abortion on personal or religious grounds and these are things that need to be communicated before sex. I realize not every sexual situation is ideal to discuss these things beforehand but mature adults should weigh the risks and benefits. Men can choose not to have sex with women who they think are unlikely to respect their input should she become pregnant. This might mean he has to give up casual encounters and stick to sex within a committed relationship where lines of communication are open. That’s his choice. He fully knows the risk he takes every time he ejaculates in a woman. The argument I hear again and again is that women can choose to terminate a pregnancy but men don’t have that option. He has the option to not get anyone pregnant in the first place. Abortion is not something women take lightly or use as a main form of birth control. It’s not a glorified magic eject button women just press on a whim. The reality is that both partners need to be committed to preventing pregnancy in the first place. If you’re not sure she’s taking the right precautions then you can be proactive by not having sex with her. That’s the way the biological cookie crumbles but in no way does it mean the man has no control.

3. Can the guy do something to help with pre natal care and birth? Of course. He can start by being emotionally supportive since stress isn’t good for mom or baby. He can help pay for pre natal care. He can give rides to and from appointments. He can attend a Lamaze class and parenting classes. There’s plenty of ways for him to be involved.

4. Can he help raise the child? Yep he can. It’s a myth that women can circumvent the law and prevent good fathers from ever seeing their children. In fact in some states, even rapists have parental rights. Is there abuse of family court? Probably. There’s going to be some abuse in any justice system but to say its a pervasive issue is exaggerating. The parent who does the most child care gets custody and that’s usually the mother. Men are discriminated against in this area because american culture in general is not set up to be dad friendly. Men have a harder time getting flexible hours and paternity leave as a direct result of a patriarchal society that tells them child rearing is a woman’s job only and that they need to be providers. Men can take an active role in dismantling archaic stereotypes about gender. Mainstream feminism is already trying to accomplish this.

I don’t sit around making “passive aggressive” posts on my blog all day and expect it to affect change. I actually have a job in social work, do volunteer stuff, and am a grad student. My blog is just my personal thoughts, a fraction of which are social justice related.

I’m really glad this post got so many people to think about what they would actually do. I’m even flattered by the negative responses because that means I made someone think “what she said isn’t true, I wouldn’t just sit there doing nothing”. That is GOOD and that’s the attitude men need to have when it comes to accidental pregnancy.

punkxcroc  asked:

So Hank I've recently read a Tumblr post that claimed that male hormonal birth control has been around since 1970s but since they had similar side effects to menstruation it was deemed inhumane, is there any truth to this?

No. I just read the post you’re talking about and it seems to be entirely made up. If it’s based on any fact at all, I’d be interested to see what it is, but I can’t find anything.

We are very close to having a male contraceptive pill, and will probably see one in the next few years. There are already some countries where they’ve been approved for use, but the US FDA is a very cautious agency (and, yes, far more cautious now than they were when the first birth control pills for women were introduced.)

The history of birth control is REALLY interesting, both in ancient and modern times and, of course, it’s chock full of sexism, but there are also scientific reasons why it is much easier to prevent fertility in women than in men.

In order for a woman to conceive, conditions have to be perfect. The woman’s body is getting ready to build a human being…throw a wrench into that and the body is like “Nope…maybe next month.” And birth control is designed to make that month the month when you stop taking the pill.

Men, on the other hand, produce about 1000 sperm per second and that is not an easy thing to turn off. If you load a guy with testosterone that will shut off eventually, with about 90% effectiveness. But 10% fertility is not what most people are looking for in their birth control…especially if it comes with the side effects of completely drenching your body in testosterone. 

There is an FDA approved, reversible birth control system for men. The RISUG procedure injects a little plug in the vas deferens that can later be removed. The sad truth is that there hasn’t been a lot of demand for it. There’s a lot of cultural weight now that women have taken on the responsibility of family planning and if they could continue that…yeah..,that’d be greeeaaat.

So, yeah, if we lived in a less sexist culture we’d have a male pill by now…but the earliest we could have had one is more in the last 10 years than the last 50.