the maknaes of the group are so precious

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Ahhh thank you for answering my rant with such sweet headcanons you have no idea how much I love soft!Tae it literally makes me cry like I'm not even trying to put him in a box, but it's so canon now he likes cuddling with members, he loves animals (esp the super fluffy kind!!) and he's always so pliant with the members and even other males (hwarang hyungs) and he naturally does aegyo everywhere like !!!!!! Cry with me pls ㅠㅠ and man just the hyungs and Kookie def baby him a lot!!

omg your welcome!! thank you for sending it in! i really loved it <3

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soft!Tae is life i stg and i really don’t see it as putting him in a box or trying to force him into some sort of mold/ steriotype, i mean how can anyone deny that he isn’t affectionate and touchy af and so cuddly irl~ 

and yes that time he was on that pet show with that super fluffy dog will forever be my favourite thing (although his love for dogs in general is so precious)

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he’s just so good with animals <3

taehyung being the maknae of a group was something i didn’t really know i needed in my life until hwarang came around??? like to see everyone priaising him and doting on him and generally just showering him in all the attention and affection he deserves just warms my heart. they all just have such heart eyes for him esp jihan omg

i am definitley crying with you :’) they baby him so much and i won’t let anyone tell me kim taehyung doesn’t love it (side note taehyung making men fall in love with him and having 100+ guys on the side is the best thing ever and never ceases to amaze me) 

PRODUCE101 – How the perfect boy group would look like

Only one day left, and I literally can’t wait to know who’s gonna make it into Produce 101 Season 2′s final boy group. However, I know that not all of my favorites will make it. To be honest, I wish they would just debut with 20 members –  but that’s not going to happen. But hey… that’s how survival programs work. 

Still… a girl can dream, right? That’s why I’m going to show you which 11 trainees of Produce 101 would form the perfect boy group (in my opinion of course).

For me, a member of a boyband has to fulfill his role. However, these days members of boy and girl groups have much more roles to take than just rapper, dancer, vocalist, leader and face.


The face is the one that inherits automatically the center position, which leads to acting as the signature member of the group. A perfect example is Sungjae who is (not the visual but) the face of CUBE’s BtoB.

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For me there’s only one that would be able to pull this role of, and it is without any doubt MMO’s Kang Daniel. He has the personality, the charisma, the skills, the sex appeal, the body, the stage presence and of course the face to take over the center position. Yeah… it should be illegal to be this perfect.

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If you need a detailed explanation why I would love to see him as center (and why I have serious ovary issues), check this out.


Every bunch of half-crazy boys needs an exemplary leader who is able to keep everything and everyone under control. A popular example would be B1A4′s Jinyoung

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Assigning this role might be the easiest, right? PLEDISKim Jonghyun proofed so many times that he’s perfectly capable of motivating and guiding others. No one would make a better leader than him – who already has enough leading experience thanks to NU’EST.

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Again, if you want to know a detailed explanation, why I love this sexy fella so much, read this.


A boyband without a main vocalist? No way! Every group needs at least one singer that is able to hit high notes and breaks listeners’ hearts with his voice. One of my favorite main vocalists of all time is for example Block B’s Taeil.

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Under the last twenty Produce 101 trainees are two I would love see as main vocalists. But there can only be one – and it breaks my heart to make the decision between Starship’s Jung Sewoon and individual trainee Kim Jaehwan. I’ve tried to be as objective as possible, and chose Jaehwan as my dream main vocalist of my dream Produce 101 boy group.

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As much as I like Sewoon’s voice and personality, I can’t deny that I prefer Jaehwan’s skills a little bit more. His range is incredible, and he would make more than just a solid main vocalist.


If I would be in a girl group, I would definitely be at least lead dancer – yes, we are talking about my usual favorite position. However, in this Produce 101 group we need a main dancer that is able to inspire others with his sick moves like SHINee’s Taemin.

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My original dancer pick for the Produce 101 boy group has been someone who already got eliminated (Yes, it was Taehyun). So I decided to go with the sweet and extremely talented Kim Samuel from Brave Entertainment.

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You can’t deny it: he’s more than just passionate about dancing. He masters choreographies as easy as freestyle. Yes, this kid got the moves! And that’s why he should be able to dance the shit out of this project. 


Sometimes all those hyungs need a precious baby boy to take care of. However, this can be quite nerve-wracking since some of our most popular K-Pop maknaes are from time to time wicked brats. The probably most popular example for an annoying and evil maknae is Jungkook from BTS.

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After watching last week’s Produce 101 episode, I’ve finally found my perfect maknae. Even though CUBE’s Yoo Seonho is only eleven days younger than Samuel, he has all the – let’s say – qualities to be Produce 101′s ideal maknae.

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On stage he tries to be sexy as fuck, but among his hyungs he acts like the cutest little brat that actually annoys the shit out of everyone. All this skin ship, all this bromance… How can Seonho be such a perfect maknae? 


Almost every single boyband has its rapper – sometimes even more than just one. There are some extraordinary main rappers that support their group with their insane skills – like iKON’s Bobby.

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In Produce 101 Season 2 are many trainees who call themselves rappers. Well, I’ve already mentioned two of them. But my number one should be Brand New Music’s Park Woojin.

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Although he took part as a dancer in the position evaluation, he’s still the one I would definitely choose as rapper for this group. His super deep and husky voice combined with his badass expression is what a boy group’s main rapper definitely needs. 


I’ve already mentioned it before, but the face isn’t automatically the group’s visual. However, Infinite’s L is actually both. No wonder with that face.

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When it comes to my favorite visual member, some of you might disagree with my choice. But this is just my personal preference, so deal with it. Anyway, I think there is not a single trainee that is able to keep up with Choi Minki’s visuals.

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He looks more like a fairy than an actual human being. Some of the younger K-Pop fans might not know this, but when NU’EST debuted, the community went completely crazy because of Minki’s aka Ren’s feminine look. And you guys cannot imagine how many hilarious memes were created just because of his absolutely unbelievable pretty face. Yes, he is indeed the perfect visual.


Besides all those usual positions I’ve mentioned, there can be other roles for additional members of a boy group. One of my personal favorites is the respective role of the handsome gentleman. Sometimes this gentleman is someone who is actually a little bit older, and looks freaking hot in a suit – like Yunho from TVXQ.

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There’s only one candidate of Produce 101 I can think of as the perfect gentleman – and that’s obviously PLEDIS’ extremely good-looking trainee Hwang Minhyun

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Besides his fantastic visuals, he’s charming, smart, reliable, talented and hot as hell. If you’re interested why this guy is so sexy, you should read my latest blog post about him.


The term asshole is not meant to insult anyone – it means this member is just savage as fuck and doesn’t give a shit about anything or anyone while mentioning all the time how perfect he is. I think I just described Super Junior’s Heechul pretty well.

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And come on… you already know who I picked. There’s only one trainee that would fit perfectly for this kind of role – and that’s Fantagio’s Ong Seongwoo.

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Like Heechul, we all know that Seongwoo’s just trying to be funny – and it works. Honestly, I can’t imagine the future Produce 101 boy group without Seongwoo. This group needs its sexy asshole. Why? Here’s the detailed explanation if you’re interested.


After over a decade of being Hallyu infected, I’ve realized that there are so many boy groups who have a member that appears super bad boy-ish on the outside, but is actually all cotton candy sweet on the inside – like my SF9 bias Zuho.

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To complete the PLEDIS family, I obviously chose our sexy bandit Kang Dongho as sweet bad boy – because we all know that he just looks like a wild beast, but is actually the softest and cutest little puppy you’ve ever seen.

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I could now tell you why this sexy bad boy is actually the cutest daddy among the Produce 101 trainees. But I already did. Feel free to check it out.


Last but not least, the perfect boy group needs someone who makes everyone laugh. This is usually the member that is – because of his hilarious kind of humor – perfect for variety shows. A wonderful example makes of course ZE:A’s Kwanghee.

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And there’s only one that brightens my mood every single time he appears on screen: MMO’s Yoon Jiseong. Some hate him, some love him – I simply adore this honest and emotional human being. However, it is a matter of fact that he is number one pick among your favorite Produce 101 trainees. They want him in the group, I want him in the group. Just deal with it!

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Besides being number one pick, he’s the oldest trainee right now. And yes, he should debut to give old bitches like me the opportunity to stop finally creeping on baby idols.

With Kang Daniel, Kim Jonghyun, Kim Jaehwan, Kim Samuel, Yoo Seonho, Park Woojin, Choi Minki, Hwang Minhyun, Ong Seongwoo, Kang Dongho and Yoon Jiseong, Mnet would form the perfect boy group – for me.

Countless of you might think – Where the hell is Daehwi? What did you do to Jinyoung? And why the fuck is Jihoon not on this list?

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Please, look at most of Produce 101′s trainees. A cute concept with this group wouldn’t work. There are way too many manly, sexy and older contestants. Although I really really like them – in my opinion, there is no place for someone like Daehwi or Jihoon or any other trainee that looks like grade schoolers.

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Maybe I’m a little bit biased because I’m way older than any of these guys. Yeah, it kinda sucks to be in this community for so long. Idols get younger, and the groups you – let’s say – grew up with, start to disband one after another. That’s not a joke. I’ve experienced Music Bank live once. And the only girlband I’ve seen there that hasn’t disbanded yet is SNSD.

So yes… I want these eleven boys to debut together. BUT IT WON’T HAPPEN! Because the majority of votes comes from teens who prefer a cute and pretty image over fucking sex appeal and charisma. And that’s okay! You can’t make it right for every single one out there.

I just want to let you guys know that I am really looking forward to this future boy group – although there won’t be all of my favorites. And I can’t wait to watch tomorrow’s final episode. 

Prepare some tissues, ladies! We are going to cry rivers!

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Let's be happy for the final 11

Even though is a shame that either Our National-leader-deserving-Boy-Kim Jonghyun and the most-than-deserving-fellow-Latin-multitalented-boy-Samuel-Arredondo-Kim couldn’t make it, we need to get over it, because even though I feel broken inside, the rest of the boys do not deserve any kind of hate, because they made it to the top 11 we have to Congratulate them!! And to the 12-20 and 21-98 trainees your day will come and we will wait for you.
But right now we need to be happy and support the final 11 boys, so I have to say this in my ideal top 11, 8 made it to the final 11 so I’m happy for them!!

•OngNiel are gonna debut together!!
•Our precious jewel Park Woojin made it at 6th place coming from a low rank in the first week! He is now known as the Legend Park Woojin!
• Jisung will debut! I think he will be the leader or maybe Sungwoon, you know the eldest hyungs
•sungwoon did it! I wasn’t so into him
at first cuz they were like a lot, I couldn’t distinguish him at first! but he had me at downpour! He was impressive at the beginning with his performance with the incredible Noh Taehyun(I was sad when he didn’t make it to top 20)
•Jaehwan made it without a company!! A Legend!
•our daehwi!! I’m happy for our precious first center!
•Jihoon is not a surprise he is definitely a talented boy!
•Bae Jinyoung! The looking floor kid improved so much
•Minhyun I’m happy for him but at the same time i think he will feel alone without his members. I hope they all get close!
•Guanlin, the baby chick trainee, the maknae of the group!!

Our WannaOne boys!! please be supportive and let’s love them!! They worked so hard for this! Please be kind! They deserve all the love of this world!

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I love jikook but i find it cuter how that jacket actually belongs to tae (he was the first one seen wearing it) so maknae line sharing clothes is so precious <3

Idk who this bomber belongs to and it doesn’t matter to me honestly, like I said I usually don’t care about the sharing clothes concept cause they all share clothes within the group really.
BUT the fact that Jimin’s wearing a jacket that is wayyy too big for him that Jungkook wore just yesterday when they were being all over each other is what really got me. Like I’m pretty sure it still smelled like jk and Jimin was out without him.. I .. it’s great

My 20 Year Old Idol Husband - Day 12 [ Together]

20 yr old Jungkook, at the top of his idol boyband career, has a secret only he & his bandmates know – An underground relationship, with you, a girl he met at a fanmeeting. Things get a little out of hand and you find out you’re pregnant.

Read: Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3 / Day 4 / Day 5 / Day 6 / Day 7 / Day 8 / Day 9 / Day 10 / Day 11 / Day 12 /

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Don't tell me you love BTS and then trash talk the members.

Today my friend, a fellow BTS fan, was talking to me about BTS. I had shown her the very nice pictures of Jungkook from the naver x dispatch photos since he is her bias, when she asked me who my bias was. I responded with J-Hope and she instantly wrinkled her nose and told me she hated him. I was immediately taken aback at her response. She then continued with “Jin too, I don’t like Jin”. Today being Jin day, I was particularly upset with that too. I responded with “what are you talking about? He’s worldwide handsome.” She shot back “he’s ugly”. At this point, I was pissed. She then continued with “but I do like the rest of them. They’re all hot.” In the matter of a few minutes, this girl, who calls herself a BTS fan, had just taken down my bias and my bias wrecker. I was insulted and angry. How can you call yourself a fan if you bash other members? The rest of our conversation went a little something like this: “How can you say that? They’re both so talented.” “No, they’re not.” “What do you mean?” “J-Hope’s rapping sucks. *mocking of his rapping ensues*. Jin’s voice is too nasally. Both of them can’t dance.” “What the hell do you mean, they can’t dance? J-Hope is the DANCE CAPTAIN.” “Well, he can do better.” “There’s a reason he’s the main dancer. Also, Jin puts in so much work to take care of the group and he’s the oldest. BTS would not be the same without him. So what if his voice is nasally? It’s unique. He works just as hard as the rest of the members.” “Well, he’s not as good as Jungkook.” I was RAVING at this point. I called up one of our mutual friends to complain after that, actually kind of hurt at the things she had said. I cherish these boys a lot and hearing someone trashtalk my bias and my bias wrecker was infuriating. DON’T YOU DARE TELL ME YOU LOVE BTS IF YOU HAVE A MINDSET LIKE THIS GIRL. DONT YOU FUCKING DARE. All of the members are unique in their own ways. They all have their special quirks and talents. They wouldn’t be BTS if one of them were to leave. They’re different and special in their own ways, contributing to the group all the same. All of them, whether it’s the vocal line, rap line, hyung line, maknaes, your bias, ALL OF THEM PUT IN SO MUCH EFFORT TO MAKE BTS WHAT IT IS. NAMJOON WORKS HIS ASS OF TO LEAD THEM. IT’S HARD FOR HIM TO SPEAK ENGLISH AND PRODUCE AND STUFF FOR THEM, BUT HE DOES IT. Does anyone remember the hidden camera prank they pulled on him where they asked him to choose between BTS and a solo career? He chose BTS without missing a beat. He is loyal through and through to the guys and would literally take a bullet for them. BTS is his priority and his job which he takes seriously. BTS would not be as successful without him. JIN FREAKING TAKES CARE OF THEM AND COOKS AND CARES FOR THEM. He gets so much hate because of his voice but HE HAS WORKED SO HARD TO GET TO WHERE HE IS. Does anyone remember the story he told about how his mom always used to listen quietly when other people bragged about their sons? How he hoped his mother was proud of him how? He puts others before himself. He’s selfless. How the hell can you hate him? I don’t care if you don’t think he’s handsome or you don’t like his voice, the moment you say you he’s not important, you’re not really a fan of BTS. Also, he tries his best with his dancing, and he knows he’s not the best. BUT HE STILL WORKS HIS ASS OFF TO IMPROVE AND THAT IS INCREDIBLY ADMIRABLE. SUGA WORKS HIS ASS OFF TO PRODUCE MUSIC FOR THESE GUYS WHILE ALSO PURSUING HIS OWN DREAMS. His rapping is amazing (one of Korea’s best). He may seem really quiet but he tries so hard to do everything he can for the group. He knows a lot more than he lets on (i.e. When he spoke English on some of the interviews after the BBMAs). Lots of the music BTS has released would not have been possible without, that’s right, MIN YOONGI. So next time you listen to your favorite jam from them you sure as hell better be thanking Min Yoongi in your mind. JHOPE IS A LITERAL RAY OF SUNSHINE THAT ALWAYS TRIES TO CHEER EVERYONE UP WITH HIS HUMOR. He draws attention to himself by being weird TO MAKE THE OTHER MEMBERS LESS EMBARRASSED. THIS GUY LITERALLY SACRIFICES HIS SELF IMAGE AND PRIDE SO THE OTHER MEMBERS LOOK BETTER. He was originally supposed to be a vocalist but was put on rap. Sure, his voice may seem peculiar, but like Jin’s it’s very unique and it suits him very well. ALSO HE WROTE A SONG FOR HIS MOM. HOW CAN YOU HATE LITERAL SUNSHINE JUNG HOSEOK? I don’t understand. He brings lots of positive vibes (and smooth dance moves) to the group. JIMIN ALWAYS MAKES SURE THE OTHER MEMBERS ARE DOING OKAY. He checks in on them, offers them hugs, reassured them. When another member is feeling discouraged or sad he is almost always the first to make sure that they’re okay. HE IS WARM AND FUZZY WITH A SEXY SIDE. Inside, he is caring and sweet. Also, he hits some super high notes with is impressive!! And his dancing is awesome too!! TAEHYUNG IS THE ONLY BASS OF THE GROUP AND HAS AN AWESOME RANGE (like literally his range is super impressive). He also does this growly things that are really hot (some people don’t like him but it’s a Tae thing). People always insult him for being spacey but he works just as hard as anyone else, even starting his own acting career ffs, which he was great in. HIS SMILE BRINGS HAPPINESS TO THE OTHER MEMBERS. SO SHUT YOUR MOUTH IF YOU THINK HES NOT WORTH ANYTHING. JUNGKOOK HAS A GORGEOUS VOICE AND HES THE MAKNAE. He freaking wrote a song about how thankful he was for the other members growing up with him. HE CALLED THEM HIS BROTHERS. That’s what they all are to him. He may make fun of them but he loves them all to death… he is so precious. BTS IS NOT BTS WITHOUT THE OTHER MEMBERS. DON’T CALL YOURSELF A FAN IF YOU CAN’T APPRECIATE ALL OF THEM. ITS NOT “JUNGKOOK AND THE OTHER GUYS” or “YEAH JIMIN AND THOSE OTHER ONES”, IT’S BTS AS A WHOLE GROUP. YOU CAN HAVE A BIAS BUT THAT DOESNT ALLOW YOU TO SHIT ON THE OTHER MEMBERS. BTS IS A GROUP, A HARDWORKING GROUP NONETHELESS, WHERE EACH OF THE MEMBERS MATTERS JUST AS MUCH AS THE OTHER ONES. TELLING ONE THEY DONT BELONG IS AWFUL. NAMJOON HAS ADMITTED THAT HE HAS BEEN HURT SO BADLY BY THESE COMMENTS AND IM SURE AS HELL THE OTHERS ARE TOO. IF YOU SAY YOU LOVE BTS, IF YOU TRULY LOVE BTS, IF YOU REALLY ARE A FAN… DON’T YOU DARE SAY ONE MEMBER SUCKS OR IS WORTH LESS THAN THE OTHERS. DON’T YOU DARE BASH ANY OF THE OTHER MEMBERS. BECAUSE THEN YOU’RE NOT A FAN. Rant over.

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I really enjoyed watching ikon on Weekly Idol. As a new fan I like getting to know more about their personalities. Yunhyeong and Donghyuk were precious and endearing as always. Hanbin was hilarious and squishy-boy had me dying-he is too cute. Junhoe is so extra, I can’t with him. Jinhwan has such a chill personality, but can be cute when he needs to be. I don’t know why I always forget he is the oldest. Chanwoo is adorable, but really quiet, which seems to be the case with the maknaes of groups. And Bobby, I just wanted to hug him. He seemed so uncomfortable, and awkward at times. Didn’t think he would be this cute and shy. Anyway, I hope they do more variety shows, so they can showcase how dorky and fun they are.

Getting to know GOT7

Welcome new IGOT7′s! I am making this post to let you guys know more about each member and why you chose the absolute BEST group to stan so let’s do this shall we~

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This is Im jaebum a.k.a JB, forehead Im, chic and sexy, got7′s leader.

- the love of my life, my ultimate bias.


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- the happier he is, the less he sees LMAO but it’s the MOST ADORABLE THING IN THE WORLD

- he was ½ of JJ project with his fellow member, Junior.

- he has acted in a number of dramas namely: Dream High 2, When A Man loves, and of course, Got7′s own mini drama, Dream Knight. DON’T MAKE HIM WATCH HIS OWN ACTING IN DREAM HIGH 2 OR EVEN SPEAK ABOUT IT BECAUSE HE WILL GO CRAZY

- His favorite color is grey. He LOVES CHICKEN. HE HAS A BART SIMPSON obsession, he even bought underwear with bart on it.

- He’s Born on January 6, 1994 

- has a lot of rage in his body. He is hot tempered, but has gotten better at controlling is anger lately

- He an undying love for Nora, his cat, but he couldn’t keep her in their dorm because his fellow member, Youngjae is allergic to cat fur. HE ALSO REALLY LOVES YOUNGJAE (2jae OTP feels activated)

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- Overall looks like he could kill you, but really is a cinnamon roll.

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Mark Tuan, a.k.a. got7′s main rapper and visual. in charge of Martial arts tricking with fellow member, Jackson.

- Real name: Tuan Yien

-he is the oldest member, but he’s always mistaken as the youngest.

- looks good it anything, even with his “bird’s nest looking hair”, in Girls Girls Girls era.

- as you can tell from that gif, he is a cutie patootie :3

- he is from LA. An American raised Taiwanese.

- he came to Korea with no known talent. Basically, he thought himself how to rap, dance, and do awesome flips. HOW AWESOME IS THAT *claps loudly*

- BROS lovers with Jackson. Has extreme thirst for Junior. I MEAN LOOK AT THAT THIRST

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Jackson Wang a.k.a The rudest of the rude wang, wang puppy, Got7′s lead rapper & dancer.

- Real name: Wang Ka Yee/ Jia er
- From Hong Kong 852, he is very proud of where he is from… often wears 852 shirts/hats/clothing

- loves his family so much. He is a momma’s boy it’s so cute

- almost always wears black

- lifts like it’s nobody’s business, I’M MEAN LOOK AT HIS BODY

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- always promotes organic green tea any chance he gets

- bros with mark, thristy for Junior I MEAN LOOK

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- was a fencer, a member for hong kong’s national fencing team, also a gold medalist in that sport

- was a cast member of Roommate 2 that’s why he is arguably got7′s most popular member

- full of love in his body & is friends with EVERYONE even if he just met them 

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Park Jinyoung a.k.a Junior

- got7′s mom 

- a bookworm

- the other half of JJ Project with JB


- he once said his life was “a joke”… same

- he loves dogs, but dogs hate him


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- in a love triangle with Mark and Jackson

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- peach jinyoung

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Choi Youngjae, Got7′s main vocal


- very very precious and innocent looking

- his laugh and smile just makes you happy and fixes all your problems in life

- powerful vocal


- co FATHER OF COCO with Mark… loves coco very much

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-  lately everyone’s bias because ….*dead*

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Bambam/ Kunpimook Bhuwakul (try saying that 10x I dare you)

- Thai

- Rapper


- dab king… he dabs every morning when he wakes up

- yugyeom’s best friend

- girl group dance king

- moose mania

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- definition of transformation tuesday i mean look…

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Kim Yugyeom

- main dancer 

- dance machine

- choco shake enthusiast

-chris brown is his fave american artist


- savage maknae

- the victim for 2 hidden cameras and cries because he loves got7 so much and he thought got7 isn’t going to be a team no more if they fought…he is very precious pls protect him


- He’s 19 so he thinks he is allowed to do this

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STOP HIM he’s still a child….


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Dating Jimin would include:

- Small dick jokes.

- Small hand jokes.

- Small stature jokes.

- Drops kisses everywhere, cheek, temple, forehead, shoulder, etc.

- Blushing Chimchim 50% of the time.

- Other 50% is Jimin - The notorious tease of Bangtan.

- Jin’s favourite child.

- Replaces Jimin as the cutest in Bangtan just to spite him.

- Dying from his natural aegyo.

- Cringing when he’s trying to do aegyo.

- Cute jealous.

- Kisses like your in a movie.

- Exaggerates his dance moves when he knows you’re watching.

- Eating meals with him to make sure he eats.

- Cuddles all the time!!!

- Sweet, cute Eskimo kisses in front of the members.

- Taking care of him because he’s your baby and he’s so precious.

- Subtly takes care of you.

- Teaches you girl group dances so you two can challenge J-Hope and Jungkook.

- Teaming up to attack V.

- Teasing the Maknae together.

- Being precious to his hyung’s.

- “Babe I can’t sleep, wanna do it?”

- “It’s three in the morning, no!”

- Sex whenever you want.

- Quickies when you’re desperate.

- PDA rule does not exist.

- Inside jokes, lots of inside jokes.

- Whispering dirty jokes to each other.

- Wearing his clothes every day he’s on tour.

- Spoons you when you sleep.

- Playing footsy when you’re bored.

- Sex that lasts for hours.

- Enjoying his stories about Busan and asking him questions because you want to know more about where he’s from.

- Meeting his parents and having them love you.

- Getting along well with his brother and him being a little anxious.

- Piggy back rides!

- Lifts you up when he hugs you.

- Takes selcas and videos on your phone so you can see them when he’s on tour.

- He enlists Bangtan to join him on hate patrol, by getting rid of any hate or negative feedback from haters and fans before you see any of them.

- Wants to protect you from the world.

- Wants to take you on a long holiday to some far away exotic place, where it can just be the two of you.

- Doesn’t care about your other biases as long as you stan him the most.

- Buys you your own BTS merch.

- Really chilled dates like going to the movies or shopping or eating out at a nice restaurant.

- Conversations about anything and everything.

- “What’s the meaning of Stonehenge?”

- “Can you believe that video got over 60 million views?”

- Love that’s like sleep, takes you to amazing places and the ride is soft and comfortable.

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Ooh oh! how do you think Got7 would take care of/deal with another drunk member?

Ohhhh I like this topic! Thanks for an awesome request! :) Just a reminder in case you are ever in this situation where you’re taking care of your drunk friend, have water, gatorade, crackers, paper towels and a trash bag all near him/her just incase they get up in the middle of the night. Also tilt their head in a certain position so if they do throw up while they are sleeping they don’t choke on it!

Okay I honestly believe JB being the leader that he is would probably carry his drunk member so they won’t fall over and lay them down on the couch, cover them in blankets and sleep near them just in case they needed him.

Mark would most likely lay right right next to them and if he felt them moving he would look at them to see if they’re okay and probably turn on the tv to kill time. Jackson would most likely do the same thing as JB and sleep next to the person and have some water and trash bags near him so they have a place to throw up in.

Junior of course go all mom and make sure they are okay. He would have food, water, pain medication ready for them. He would mostly likely help them to the restroom and rub their back when whoever is puking their guts out.

Youngjae and Bambam would be so worried when he was given responsibility that he wouldn’t know what to do so he’ll probably call his dad or JB for advice and what he should do because he’s a precious cinnamon roll and just wants to protect his friend. 

Yugyeom even though he’s the maknae of the group he paid careful attention when JB would take care of the other so he would know exactly want to do.


Can we please talk about Seventeen’s maknae line because usually maknae line is hyper and problematic but look at our precious boys

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We have Seungkwan, who is the actual sweetest piece of sunshine to ever walk this earth. He loves his mama, he’s proud to be from somewhere that has a lot of misconceptions about the people who live there, and he wants to make the name Boo famous since not a lot of people know the family of Boo because it isn’t a popular family name. He’s so passionate and he works very hard towards his dream of being a variety star, but also has an amazing voice and a great talent for someone so young, keeping up the spirits of his members but also amazing us all with his vocal ability.

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We have Vernon, our precious 4D pretty boy who has faced a lifetime of racism and judgement only to walk away with a spunk and a swag and an overwhelming confidence that shines so bright that he gets noticed by some big names in the industry even though he’s just a kid. He has a big heart, and he loves his little sister, and his rapping and writing is so talented that he’s already getting attention in the industry only just after debut for his talent, but he still stays humble and kind.

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And finally we have the cutest baby Lee Chan, our Dino who is growing up so fast it should be illegal. Lee Chan is literally the best maknae to ever exist. He never complains about the chores his hyungs give him, even going as far as to assure us he’s a bright child. He’s very respectful and always smiles and greets the camera and the fans well, and he works hard at whatever he does, wether it’s playing around with rapping or working hard at dancing, which he learned from his father who he idolizes. He also stays true to his passion and his love for his favorite artist, but more than that to his love for his fellow members and taking care of them as well, keeping them smiling and dedicated with his work ethic, determined to learn all he can from his hyungs, who are some of the coolest people in the world to him. 

Seventeen’s maknae line is so precious and sweet and gentle and kind. Please love them. Please appreciate them. You don’t have to not stan someone just because they aren’t “legal” and you “can’t find them attractive” because they’re “too young”. There’s so much to appreciate and love about them, like their kind hearts and their dedication and passion towards what they do and what they love and all they contribute to the group. Please stan maknae line.

What BTS is thinking

Namjoon:  Why do hot dogs come ten to a package and hot dog buns only eight?

Hoseok: Puppies are great. Dancing is great. Sistar is great. I love my life and everything is great

Taehyung: Babies are amazing, I wonder why manager won’t let me near them though? So I accidentally took one home, that was one time. And the baby loved me so i fail to see the problem

Jimin: Jungkook, Jungkookie, Kookie, Bunny, precious golden maknae- WHY WON’T YOU LOVE ME?!!?!???!?

Jungkook: Why does it feel like I’m about to get jumped?

Jin: Did everyone eat yet? Did they get enough sleep? Being a mother of six is hard. What do I make for dinner; better yet did everyone put on SuNScrEeN BefoRE wE LEFT???

Yoongi: This group is literally a train wreck how do we even function

Babies unite

-Maknaes ONLY chat room-

Seungri: I’m finally the hyung of a group ^^

Taehyun: so only the maknaes of the groups got an invite hyung?

Seungri: Yeah so basically: Chanwoo, Minzy, Suhyun, You, Me and I invited Hayi so it could be 3 girls and 3 boys ^^

Chanwoo: Hi hyungs! And noonas and Suhyun :)

Minzy: what’s this chat room supposed to be for??

Seungri: we’re the maknaes so it’s like a support group for each other

Suhyun: we won’t get in trouble for this right?

Seungri: Noo of course not unless we plot against our hyungs/unnies/oppas

Chanwoo: Bobby hyung would be disappointed in me if I did that

Hayi: hm I don’t think anyone else thinks of mischief only you oppa

Taehyun: ok how do I bug Mino hyung

Seungri: this is what I’m talking about ^^

Seungri: but I think we should teach Chanwoo first

Chanwoo: what why me :(

Taehyun: because the only hyung I listen to is Jinwoo hyung

Seungri: and you do whatever your hyungs tell you to do

Hayi: like that time Hanbin made you go out and buy ice cream in the middle of the night

Chanwoo: oh yeah..

Minzy: you’re on board with this Hayi?

Hayi: I’m a bit bored so yes

Suhyun: ahh ok I’ll learn too

Seungri: good ^^ first off, Chanwoo you have to find a hyung that babies you

Chanwoo: okay that’s Bobby hyung

Seungri: OK so whenever Bobby tells you to do something you do it, for now, but when the other hyungs boss you around you pretend you don’t know how to do it or ruin it on purpose

Taehyun: and then Bobby will most likely help or do it for you

Chanwoo: what if I get in trouble

Seungri: you won’t if Bobby babies you a lot

Hayi: you’d probably need to make sure first

Chanwoo: oh okay.. They want me to make ramen right now

Suhyun: make it soggy so they won’t ask you again ^^

Seungri: I knew you had it in you Suhyun! ^^

-Jiyong joins the chat room-

Jiyong: I knew you were behind this Seungri

Seungri: it was nice knowing you all, the precious maknaes of YG, I guess our support group was only meant to last 10 minutes :’(

Jiyong: support? well I guess you can keep it if you’re giving each other support as the youngest of the groups

Minzy: in 10 minutes you taught Chanwoo how to disobey, make soggy ramen, and ruin things so he won’t have to do them again so it wasn’t that much of a loss ^_~

Jiyong: SEUNGRI!!!

Seungri: I’m going to bury myself now

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please teach me about big star (you don't have to lmao)

Right so you’ve come to the right person because they’re my third ultimate group and also once when Raehwan was doing a mention thing on Twitter (because “it’s hot and Friday” and basically he was just bored) and I told him I was always trying to convert ONLYONE so he said to try harder so I mean

They debuted July 12, 2012 under Brave Entertainment. Pre-debut the participated in the show, Bigstar Channel in which previous members Yoohwan (now in SPEED) and Hojoon (now in Topp Dogg) were eliminated from the originally seven member group.
They debuted with Hot Boy:
(single album: Big Start):
Later that year they came back with their album Blossom, the title track of which was Think:
Full album playlist:…
The track Shut Up from this album came from some hate they had gotten (I honestly have never been able to find out exactly what happened, even back then). It’s also this that we got our name, ONLYONE. Which means that the fans’ opinions are the only ones they care about, according to them

Their next album was Hang Out (released over two years ago >__>). The title track was Run&Run and I think is probably the song that got them most of their current fans:
Dance practice is also very important:
And full album (Hooligan (날리리) and Be Brave are my favorite songs of theirs):

If there was just one video I would recommend to an aspiring fan, it’s this one:

Since Hang Out, they released two singles, Standing Alone, which was only performed on Simply Kpop once and not promoted further ( and Forget U, which was not promoted at all. It was written and composed by the members (

They did perform both songs on Arirang once however:

Let’s see from here. I’m not too great on picking out information for specific members so you might need to ask me questions for them if need be, but I think this much is more than enough.

Feeldog (Oh Gwangseok) is the one everyone usually knows. He’s the leader and rapper. He has appeared on shows from Mama Mia to being a regular on Dream Team. You may also know “You Got Some Nerve” which he did with EXID’s LE and B2ST’s Junhyung ( He’s got two tattoos now (one on the back of his leg and the other on his back) so if you watch recent videos that can help you pick him out I think

Baram (Lee Youngjun) is also a rapper. He’s the precious baby with the little eyes. He’s always posting to Instagram so I’m sorry if you bias him, you will suffer

Jude (Kim Donghyun) is a vocalist and the maknae. I usually just explain him to people as the one who looks like Sunshine. He speaks fluent English.

Jung Sunghak is just an idiot. I don’t know what else to say about him. The pictures will give ample example of this. Most people get Sunghak and Jude mixed up when they’re new to the group so remember, sunshine.

Last but certaintly not least is Kim Raehwan. He likes to be called Larry for some reason. His voice is beautiful and I’m going to link his Soundcloud later when I get to Social Media. He also speaks fluent English. From time to time the members have been known to answer fans on Twitter and this is just my favorite answer from his last time, I find it important, thank you:

Ships, for those interested: Bigstar is just one big gay orgy, good luck finding one ship and sticking to it with no deviation. They for some reason feel the need to always be touching people, wherever they are. However, the main ships are FeelRae/장어92 (names they call themselves, please enjoy the spam of FeelRae in the pictures) and SungHyun (Sunghak and Jude) but yeah no, there’s little reason in this group

For their anniversary last year, they were in Japan participating in a 100 concerts event so they went to a hot springs with their Japanese fans. Recently they went to the movies with fans, and also in January had an event for Japanese fans to come to Korea to get a tour with them. For their 1000th day recently they also had an event where they had fans write to them and they personally replied to each letter. (I never found the time to participate and I regret so much, you don’t understand). They are kings of fanservice to be honest. You can tell so much in everything that they do that they love their fans.

Social Media:
(some videos are subtitled, including Behind the Bigstar and their episodes of Channel Brave so look for CC)

Members’ personal Instagram:
           (and also:

Baram Twitter:
Raehwan Soundcloud:

They don’t really have active subbing teams, but there are some. If it’s not subbed on one of these nor on Brave’s channel, then it’s probably not subbed ㅠㅠ:
these are subbed in Spanish and English at once:
These have some other nugus as well but they went inactive sadly:…/UCJBwnsWS4uKh7pQypW8QX-w/videos

That should be enough I think?


Before I properly knew about Exo:

Kris: stap it! uff! my sexy bias! SO HOT!


Sehun: RAWR BOY! 

Xiumin: OMG! he’s just afgsk!

D.O: Ever So Squishyy~~

Chanyeol: *dies*




Suho: Our precious leader’s dashing smile! So sexy~

Luhan: YA! YA! STOP OK! cuteness! 

Lay: This beautiful creature! Lord!


Lay: Mr Fuck this shit. AKA, our JPG Yixing

Luhan: Mr Pervert face~ Manly man my ass!

Suho: Gramps’ Who likes to remake girl group dance parody's 

Baekhyun: A parrot who has no mute button.. Aiya~

Kai: OMFG WTF! Lol, a big baby that is a idiot cheapo~

Chanyeol: Exo’s reaction king + Happy virus! 

Chen: A complete idiot. Mr Trol.. 

Sehun: Dumb Maknae~ 

Tao: Scared of everything.. Who is believe it or not a martial arts genius.. 

Xiumin: A 24 year old man, who’s looks are fooling the world..

Kris: Mr Not my style.. You say tht & in the end it is your STYLE. 

The man who is loved by the variety god. 

D.O: Squishy. Derp. Lol that face tho bae! xD 


Regardless of this.. I am still hopelessly in love with these 12 idiots.. Aigo! Exo saranghe~ 

I love you to the moon and back.


25 problems fangirls at their early 20s understand: based on personal experience

“please let them be older than 18 please let them be older that 18″

*always falls for the maknae line*

“sTAY in YOUR LANEs you pieces of shit!”

*has earned a “full benefits” spot at a psychiatric clinic or jail*

*will probably die screaming*

“look at how beautiful and perfect he is…he’s such an ass, I hate him”

*melts into jelly with high notes*

*bias hipthrusts* ,me: *pterodactyl shrieks*


*is younger that bias* my sweet baby too precious for this world, protect him

“what am I doing with my life”

*has a crush on every girl group out there*

“i need to stop stanning more groups”

new groups: *coughs* ,me: *has an aneurysm*



“he is prettier than me and im weirdly ok with that”

*cries daily*

“i need more holy water”

*feeling the urge to dance to a choreo you just saw and failing epicly*

*realizing your neighbors saw you a little too late*

*knows bios better than her parents’ names*

“I will go to Korea! There are so many things i want to do!”

*is broke af*

HAPPY 18th ANNIVERSARY SHINHWA!! Wow I can’t believe it’s been that long!! Shinhwa is 18 years young. Well, it’s been a year and a half since I’ve become a fan and I’m forever grateful that I’ve come across because they have made my life so bright. They have given me dreams and become such a huge inspiration for me. I love you boys so so much! And it’s also because of Shinhwa that I’ve met the most amazing people! My dear orange sisters… You guys are amazing and I admire your dedication! Thank you to you guys too <3

Eric, you’ve been the most amazing leader I have ever seen in Kpop history. You’ve kept everything going and you’ve made it work. You’re my handsome spirit animal and so help me, you are 4D af in which I looove. Thank you Eric!

Minwoo, our amazing dancing machine and producer! Your aegyo can make me faint and your charisma can make me swoon (lol) You make the most amazing albums and thank you so much for being the strong person you are!

Dongwan, my my you ero-wan. You are so precious to me and you give Shinhwa life. You bring so much happiness to everyone and you have such a kind-heart. Thank you for keeping the members healthy and reminding us to take our vitamins! XD

Hyesung, you little prince… Thank you so so so much for being born. I’ve fallen in love with Shinhwa because of you. You’re the first Shinhwa singer I’ve ever heard and I didn’t even know that was you back then. I remember thinking that “this guy has such a beautiful voice” and now I know, it belongs to you. There is so much I want to say to you. But I think that most important thing is that I think you are a great Mama Bird. Love you so so much and keep being awesome!

Junjin, dancing king!! The mood maker of the group! You are amazing baby bird. You always help bring up the mood, making everyone happy when you yourself were going through some tough times. I admire you so much. Thank you for being the mood maker and inspiring me to start dancing again!!

Andy, our cute maknae! I remember looking at your audition tape and thinking “holy moly those cheekbones damn” HAHAHAHA. Anyways, you are so precious to us all and there have been rough times but you’re strong and got through it! Thank you for being zomdy and bringing so much happiness to your hyungs and us!

And Shinhwa Changjo, a big thank you for supporting our boys! You guys are really amazing and have stuck with Shinhwa through thick and thin. I haven’t been a Shinhwa Changjo for long but I’m already so attached to them and you guys. THANK YOU!!

신화창조만세!! 신화만세!!

Cr: Owner of the picture.

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Hello! I just got into Day6, could you possibly tell me who the members are, their positions and personality? May be even good fanfic writers?

HELLO~ Welcome fellow Sunday^^

so we have Jae Park

Born September 15, 1992. Born in Argentina but his family moved to California when he was 5 years old and was raised here. Lead guitar, vocals, and rapper. Designated English speaker. Hashtag king. He’s even changed the Day6 Wikipage (more than once). Requested that GOT7′s Yugyeom rap twinkle twinkle little star on ASC. International KPop Fans Savior. Overall, he’s really adorable/hilarious and is just like us lol

Leada Sungjin~

Born on January 16, 1993. Busan Boy. Leader, Vocals, Guitar. He’s an angel to be honest. Super dorky and very talkative. Dancing Machine. I honestly think we should pay more attention/love him more he puts up with so much and come on he has to keep jae in line, that’s a lot of work~ lol (kiddingg)

InstaFairy Im Junyeok

Born on July 17, 1993. Keyboard and vocalist. He posts on instagram multiple times a day. “Fairy Im” Takes care of Dowoon the most. Has the cutest talking voice imo. Uploads cover on his insta and it honestly gives me life

Burger Young King

aka Brain Kang. Born on December 19, 1993. Bassiest, Rapper, Vocalist. I’m not too clear but I believe he was born in Korea, and his family moved to Toronto when he was a teen where he lived for 4ish-5 years before moving to Korea to become a trainee. Was part of a group called 3rd Degree, along with friend Don Lee (Don also trained with Brian, but later decided to pursue his studies instead). He also fell off stage once so dorky. He’s so adorable. Is believed to have wrote Congratulations. Once said he’ll write a song about falling for fan~

Kim Wonpil

aka onepeter. Born on April 28, 1994. Synth and Vocals. Ex Maknae. HIS SMILE COULD LITERALLY LIGHT UP THE WORLD??? is really fluffy, Jae says he’s like a pillow. is kind of chic, but is still really fluffy. His laugh is so cute so precious much angel. says the “SAVE ME~~” part in Congratulations.

Yoon Dowooner

Born on August 25, 1995. (((;u; admin anna’s 95 line friend))) Drummer, vocalist maknae. He’s really kind of awkward but really adorable. HE HAS THE DEEPEST VOICE it touches the depths of my soul~ smiles/laughs at everything. Likes watching drum videos in his down time. Wants to work on his singing~ was the last member to be added (May 2015) just four months before debut.


-admin anna