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BTS Reactions To Catching You Pleasuring Yourself


Jin thought his ears were playing a trick on him, when he heard the distinct sound of your high pitch moan resonate through the house. He had just been on his way to meet the boys  when he realized that he had forgotten his wallet. He had expected to find you on the couch either talking to a friend, or watching your favourite drama, but was surprised to be met with silence. That was until he heard it. Your moan. He had heard it too many times before to not be able to recognize it. 

He was quiet as he neared the bedroom you two shared, your moans getting louder and louder the closer he got. He could feel himself immediately becoming hard when he heard his name leave your lips in a breathy moan. His lust getting the better of him, he couldn’t stop himself as he pushed the door open. He gave you no time to react to being caught, as he quickly made his way to you, pinning you to the bed. 

Fuck baby, is this what you do when I’m not home?” He whispered into your ear. At the question, you could feel your cheeks flush as you shyly tried to look away, but Jin was having none of that. 

Gently gripping your chin, he turned your head so you’d be looking at him, “am I not satisfying you enough?” However, the question was not posed at you but rather himself. Before you could respond, his lips were already molded to yours. With only thoughts of making you feel good running through his head, his hand caressed down your body to replace where yours had been seconds ago. 

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You let out a frustrated sigh, as you thought back to the morning.

“Mmm baby,” you heard Yoongi murmur against you, his arm around your waist loosening.

“Hmm?“ You  mumbled, curling more into his chest.  

You were answered by silence. You smiled, as you began wonder if he had fallen back asleep. Before you could turn your head and check for yourself, you felt him press his lips against your bare shoulder. You were wide awake as he continued to kiss along your exposed back. As you felt the hand that had been around your waist begin to slither down in between your thighs, you couldn’t help but wait in anticipation. But nothing came. Instantly, all sensations were gone as the bed dipped and he got up.

You swiveled your head to look at him, "Yoongi what the hell?”

“Sorry Y/N, I have dance practice I can’t be late,” he smirked.

Your eyes narrowed at the memory; because of your teasing boyfriend you had been feeling beyond needy the whole day. However, you refused to play his game.


You had thought you’d be fine. You had sworn to yourself that you’d be fine, but the effect he had on you was strong. You tentatively turned your head to the side to make sure Yoongi was asleep before you slipped your hand down your pj shorts. 

You were close when you suddenly felt the heat of Yoongi’s intense stare on you. No words were spoken as he moved down your body, his head coming to rest between your thighs. 

“Jagiya, if you were this horny you should’ve just told me,” he smirked.

You were just about to tell him it was his fault when you felt his tongue against you, instantly shutting you up.

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“Jagiya wake up,” you heard a voice call as they shook you awake.

With your cheeks flushed, your eyes slowly opened to find Hoseok hovering above you. He looked worried.

“Oh thank God. Were you having a nightmare Y/N?” He asked, relieved to finally see you awake. Your tongue practically dried as you recalled very vividly what your dream had been about, or rather who it had been about.

“Uh,” you said awkwardly, “no…why?”

“You were making strange sounds,” he pointed out. With a puzzled look he continued, “well if it wasn’t a nightmare then what w-oh.” He abruptly paused as the realization dawned on his face. You were far too embarrassed to say anything. You couldn’t even look Hoseok straight in the eyes. You bit your lip hoping you could just disappear when you suddenly felt Hoseok press a kiss against your neck. 

“You have nothing to be embarrassed about,” he reassured you, “however,” he paused, “I’d like it if you could tell me what it was about.”

Your eyes widened in surprise. Your mouth formed words before you could even think, “I-i had been uh…touching myself when you walked in and um you kind of helped me with that.” 

“How?” He asked with blown pupils. You hesitantly looked towards the zipper of his pants. Following your line of vision he understood.

“Would you like me to turn that dream into reality Jagiya?” He whispered into your ear.

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If you had asked Namjoon what was going through his mind, when he heard your soft moans coming from the bedroom, he wouldn’t have been able to tell you. He wasn’t even sure himself. 

You had been so lost in your own euphoria, that you hadn’t heard the door open. All you know is that you had been in the process of pleasuring yourself when Namjoon suddenly burst through the door. 

Startled, your eyes were wide as you looked at him. The second you saw his face you could feel yourself shrink back. He looked absolutely furious. You watched as he crazily searched your room trying to find something or someone. However, he found nothing making what you had been doing to yourself only moments ago crystal clear.

“Namjoon?” You called questioningly, as you finally understood. You had initially thought that his anger was due to you pleasuring yourself without him, but were slightly hurt as you began to understand what had really upset him.

He ran a hand down his face and you couldn’t help but notice his jaw clenching, “fuck Y/N, I thought-I don’t know what I was thinking-fuck I’m so stupid.” 

“Namjoon do you not trust me?” The hurt on your face instantly sprung him into action as he got on his knees and began apologizing, “I do! Jagiya I do! I’m just stupid okay? You’re so damn perfect, that I can’t help but get worried sometimes.” 

Your eyes softened as you felt the sincerity in his words. You’d forgive him just this time. 

However, when he heard you say nothing he panicked,“Y/N, let me make it up to you.”

Curious you raised an eyebrow at him, “how?”

He looked as if he was in pain as the words left his mouth, "I’ll let you be in charge today.” You nearly laughed at how desperate he was to get you to forgive him. For someone as dominate as Namjoon, letting you have control was crazy. You couldn’t let this opportunity slip by. With an eager smile, you agreed.

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tbh i don’t know whether this turned out good or not but i hope you enjoy<3 

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Dating Yugyeom Would Be Like

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  • The giant maknae
  • Always hugging you
  • Back hugs
  • Frontal hugs
  • Side hugs
  • Infinite hugs
  • Because he’s way taller than you
  • He likes when you bury your face on his chest
  • Being all over you
  • Being teased by his hyungs
  • But they’re actually proud of him
  • Because he’s such a good boyfriend to you
  • Always want to see you smiling 
  • Likes when you initiate skinship
  • Shy maknae whenever you kissed him
  • Loves cuddling
  • Neck kisses
  • Listening to his R&B playlists
  • Him not being able to control himself and dancing
  • Which can be very sexy if you’re cuddling at the time
  • I mean, all those hip thrusts
  • Combined with that sexy music
  • Hot make out sessions
  • Lightly pulling his hair when he kisses your neck
  • Would take you bowling
  • Even if you were terrible
  • Holding your hand 
  • Warming your hands if they’re cold
  • Loves your hips
  • And thighs
  • Always have his hands on them
  • Always whispering in your ear what he wants to do to you
  • Convincing you to go home just so he can make it happen
  • Low moans
  • Light spanking 
  • Him falling asleep right after
  • Even if you were at a bus of car, he’d fall asleep
  • On you 
  • Usually he’d lay his head on your thighs while you play with his hair
  • But on a public place he would only sleep on your shoulder 
  • Has a love/hate relationship with your aegyo
  • Asks you to video games with him
  • Chooses Just Dance
  • -_-
  • “If you win I’ll let you choose another game!”
  • You end up playing Just Dance the hole night
  • Showering together after the game
  • Relaxing in the bathtub
  • Talking about random things while playing with the foam
  • Giggles and innocent kisses 
  • Cuddling when you go to bed
  • Lazy sex
  • Laying on his chest afterwards 
  • Just to get to hear his heartbeat
  • Feeling the vibration of his voice while he says how much he loves you 
  • Not letting you leave the bed in the morning
  • Random singing 
  • You laughing at him
  • Him pretending to me mad at you
  • But he ends up laughing about it too

  1. Dating Bambam
  2. Dating Jaebum
  3. Husband Jackson
  4. Husband Jinyoung
Goldilocks || 04

Rated M (language and smut)

Warnings: dry humping, breast play

Summary: After getting evicted, your two best friends Jimin and Taehyung offer you a place to stay until you get back on your feet. Needless to say, with a part time job and a mountain of student debt, that’s not happening any time soon. Eventually, they DO become really fond of having you around, helping with chores and even splitting rent. So when you come home one day to find someone has been sleeping in your couch-bed, well… it’s something you won’t take lightly.

Out of context Goldilocks quote:
“If you guys are done making butt jokes I’d really like to watch this movie.”

Link to: Goldilocks Masterlist || Previous Part || Next Part

not my gif, credit to owner


A/N: OH LOOK THE RATING CHANGED. Yeah so imma just leave this here and run. No EOPQ, but feedback is appreciated and depending on the reaction, I might be a hoe and drop 05 tomorrow. If you’re someone who doesn’t like smut, asterisk* is where it starts, skip until the *asterisk where it ends. You won’t be missing plot stuff. I made sure of that. NOW I’M GONNA RUN BYE~~


Taehyung has always loved boobs.

It has become apparent over the past few years of your close friendship that it isn’t even a sexual thing sometimes. He simply loves boobs. Perky, droopy, big, small, even man-boobs. He’s explained several times that “they’re just like, really comfy, okay?”

The sad thing is, you can completely believe him, and this is one of the main reasons why you choose to cross your arms when he begins pleading, unabashed as Jungkook and Jimin look on.

“Baby, just come cuddle with me,” Taehyung laughs, gesturing in a pitiful attempt to persuade you to join him, speaking loudly to be heard above both the pouring rain outside and the dialogue of the movie.

“Go take care of your boner first,” you retort.

Taehyung’s lips slip into an easy, suggestive smile, “Wanna help me with that? Or should I say… give me a hand?”

You stifle a laugh, “The only hand I’ll be giving you is my entire fist up your ass.”

“Damn baby, that’s a bit much. Can’t we just start with a finger?”

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Monsta X reaction to their s/o kissing their nose

requested by anon~

credits to the owners for these gifs


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Shownu; Just staring at each other’s eyes, the morning was absolutely peaceful. The birds were happily chirping and the sun was shining brightly. You didn’t know what’s gotten into you but you kissed Shownu on the tip of his nose. He would have an ear-splitting grin plastered on his face and he’d literally be giggling, unable to contain his feels.

Babe~ haha what was that for?”

“You looked so freaking cute so I couldn’t resist hehe.”

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Wonho; This boy would love it. Like love it love it. Just a simple kiss on the nose would make his heart flutter. And when you’d kiss the tip of his nose, he’d shyly look away while chuckling, asking you why’d you do that and he’d be beet-red before you know it. When you’d try to do it again, Wonho would literally laugh out loud, trying to stop you since he couldn’t handle it.

Babe, don’t– HAHAHAHAHA please~~~”


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Minhyuk; This ball of sunshine would be asking for more. By the second you kissed him on the tip of the nose, he would squeal in joy. Asking for more kisses on the nose, you’d actually refuse since you find it embarrassing to do. But that won’t stop Minhyuk (lol), he’d constantly persuade you until one day, you’d kiss him on the tip of the nose once more he’d be so freaking happy.

Jagiyaaaa~ You’re so cute.”

“…. stop….”

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Kihyun; It was just a fine morning, the two of you having breakfast on your bed. Feeding each other a forkful of pancake, you couldn’t help but tell Kihyun to close his eyes which he’d actually do. Making ‘aaahh~’ sounds, you acted like you were going to feed him but quickly kissed his nose, making him flutter his eyes open and shyly look away while laughing. He’d be pretty shy for a couple of minutes.

Omo… babe… why… hahaha…”

“I couldn’t help it hahaha”

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Hyungwon; Well, you better expect a Chae Pepe to appear. When a simple cuddling turned into a meme one is pretty awesome to be honest. You were nuzzling your face on his neck and the two of you were having just the most random conversations in your entire life, you lifted yourself up and planted a kiss on his nose. He’d be blank for a second before bursting out laughing and making that meme face on the gif.

…… LOL What was that for?”

“LOL *mimicking him* I actually don’t know.”

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Jooheon; You were both busy listening to the new song that Jooheon made. You didn’t know what’s gotten in to you but while staring at Jooheon, you couldn’t help but kiss him on the nose. Jooheon, on the other hand, would literally be all smiles, his dimples would be out to say hi and he’d be really giddy.”

Aww, babe~ You… hehehehehe”

“You’re so cuteeeee *pinches his cheeks*”

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I.M; Well, expect this boy’s expression to be different from the others. Both of you were studying nihongo and it was already one in the morning. Being the maknae, he would actually whine. He’d whine on how much of a hassle it is to study that late and whatnots and you’d find it cute. Since you couldn’t control yourself, you placed a kiss on his nose and was expecting for him to react like a shy girl but he’d literally go ‘raawwwrrr’.

Rawwrr~ I’m really cute, aren’t I?”

“Okay, that wasn’t the reaction that I was expecting.”

Got7 Reacting

 To s/o asking to kill a house centipede.

Thank you for requesting😳
I hope this fits your liking❤

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He’ll be worried at first. Running towards you as he heard you screaming. As he saw your shook figure near the window, whimpering about a centipede and how he should kill it. He’ll calm you down and immediately go and terminate this pest.

“It’s okay now…Its okay….”

He wouldn’t tease you like the rest so….. All is good with this one.

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This tough cookie would not be fazed by your begging about a centipede that needs killing so he would tease you about being afraid at first. He’ll still end up killing it for you because he wants to show you how dependent and manly he could be. After his teasing though, he’ll just chuckle at your flustered state and mumble a….

“Look, its out of your hair now…”

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This fluff ball would be quiet at first, thinking to himself whether to show you how manly he is or to just wimp out. While in deep concentration, his facial features would grow solemn and he’d stammer,

“Should i….that centipede is pretty big though…”

But after seeing those infamous puppy eyes of yours he’d sigh and suck it up.


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This boy would judge you so hard. He’d sigh, thinking that you were overreacting when it came to a small pest. He’ll sass you when you yelled at him to go an kill it or else so he would end up sighing tiredly and go and kill it. coming back in the room you two were previously in too sarcastically mumble,

“Wow….that was really big (y/n). Now i understand why you’re so afraid..”

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My sunshine will be lost at words because you’re normally the one going around killing all the pests, and if you ask him for help…..this problem must be really major. He’ll stumble over his words as your beyond terrified eyes glanced over his figure. Youngjae would end up calling after Mark or Jaebum to kill this centipede because this would be too much for his heart.

“uh…um…Maybe i should call hyung..”

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This dab machine will totally freak the flip out! He’d scream when you came in screaming about a centipede and how he should go and kill it. Bambam would just stare at you with widen eyes as tho you were growing a third eye.

“Me! Kill what!?! I think not!”You two would end up looked up in your bedroom until one of the members call, only with your boyfriend telling them a very over-exaggerated, untrue story about some centipede that’s out to kill you two.

“uh. yeah hyung! i’m telling the truth… it held unto to my wrist and slammed me into the kitchen counter! come right away!!”

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Giant maknae would not hesitate to do whatever you told him to but before he goes to find this creature, he’ll comfort you and ensure you that you shouldn’t worry about anything because he had it under control. When he found the centipede, he’d catch it and throw it outside or something because he doesnt want to hurt a harmless creature. He’ll shyly come back and envelope you in a hug, placing a short peck on your head.

“hey….I’m back and i’m safe babe. Everything’s okay now.”

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BTS Scenario: Controlled Chaos.

Request:  A scenario where the Maknae line volunteered to babysit Jins babies while he goes to a photoshoot and Seokjins twins turns out to be a prankster. While Jin is busy they cant call him so Taehyung decided to call you and asks you how to tame your little twins please? ^u^

Genre: Fluff / Friendship

This was supposed to be easy, to take care of the twins wasn’t going to require even an eyelash batting, they were little angels dressed in pink and white dresses by the time Seokjin opened up the door and invited them in, giggling behind braids and ribbons and of course they were going to help out their hyung. Taehyung had tagged along with Jimin and half dragged Jungkook there, he’d said he was going to help as well but started having second thoughts about it.

This was going to be oh so easy, so why was Taehyung practically sweating cold while trying to get Jimin out of the little seat he was stuck in. Jimin had fallen and the seat’s hold broke resulting in him stuck in the base.

– You’re crushing me! – Jimin complained while Taehyung pressed one foot on the edge to pull him. He looked stupid being all bossy with a princess costume hanging all crumpled from his neck and the little plastic tiara with glitter attached to his head only by Eunji’s willpower.

–Well why the hell you fell exactly there? – Taehyung opened his eyes wide and looked around, none of the twins were near enough to hear him swearing, that was good, but also, that was the bad part of this, they weren’t there and none of them were supposed to lose sight of them, Seokjin was going to chop them in pieces if something happened to the twins.

–This is your fault! I told you to go after Eunji first–

Taehyung groaned if only to not hear Jimin complaining anymore and could finally take Jimin out from the little chair trap while he fell on his bum, at that same time Jungkook screamed.

Jimin opened his eyes wide and ran towards the sound of Jungkook’s voice, Taehyung got on his feet as well, the array of silly necklaces around his neck that were the proof of the craziest tea party he’d ever had to take part in his life were almost choking him and he made a mental note to take them off after he got the twins together and calm again.

–Wait! – Jungkook screamed when they appeared at the kitchen threshold, he wasn’t looking any better than the other two, walking ridiculously around with his black hair adorned with a variety of hair pins and ribbons of all colors, at some point Taehyung and Jimin had thought of taking a photo of him for future blackmailing purposes.

Jungkook was supposed to fetch the juice after the twins forced them to drink half a carton as if it was tea. Jin had told them to take care of his princesses while he finished his photoshoot and the twins were definitely princesses, princesses who believed in the fine and effective art of dictatorship.

–Where’s Soojin?! – Jimin squeaked next to Taehyung and they both observed the trail of foot prints covered in the smashed strawberry pie on the floor.

Jungkook’s eyes were rounder than they’d ever seen them before. –I left her for only one minute I swear, she was here, and then she was not! –

–What! Jungkook she’s three, you weren’t supposed to take your eyes away from her until we caught her sister –

Jungkook suddenly seemed to realize something and Taehyung stopped talking. – Oh my god, oh my fucking god hyungs….–

He had his hands pressing against his hair and Taehyung got scared right then, usually Jungkook was good at keeping his cool.

–What now? – he almost didn’t want to ask, Jimin was busy shoving together all the crushed pie and probably making a bigger disaster out of it.

–The knife….–

–What knife? – Taehyung cringed, doubting Jimin’s voice could ever get higher than that. Jimin stood frozen glaring holes at Jungkook and Taehyung was honestly feeling one step away form a nervous breakdown.

–Are you trying to tell me that Soojin got a knife Jungkook? – Taehyung talked calmer than he felt, and then Jimin started to hyperventilate while looking everywhere around the kitchen, Jungkook was growing pale and the next second Taehyung was running away from the kitchen with the stupid necklaces dangling from his neck. –Soojin! –

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anonymous asked:

Hey what do you think monsta x will do if their girlfriend is falling asleep when eating snack in the sofa(?) Thxxoxo

I snorted, reading this lmao. I’ve actually slept whilst eating once and I got food all over me hahaha



GIFs aren’t mine~

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“Oh she’s asleep?”

Hyunwoo would comeback from work, to see you lying on the sofa, a bag of chips in your hands. He finds honestly adorable and since he’s tired, he’d just set the bag of chips aside and would just sleep on the sofa with you instead.

Originally posted by sonhyunwoomx


Hoseok would be so surprised, seeing you asleep, with fries in your mouth. He never expected you to fall asleep whilst doing what you love most–eating. He’d probably think about how much alike you are to Hyungwon with this new habit of yours.

“Omfg this is amazing…”

Originally posted by beastdw


This soft bean won’t be able to contain himself, looking at you still eating your snacks whilst dozing off. Minhyuk would probably take a lot of pictures of you and keep it in his photo albums of all the candid photos of you that he thought were cute. After that, he’d probably put away your snacks and carry you to bed.

Originally posted by kihyunmonstax


“Jagi, wake up. Let’s go to bed now.”

Kihyun would gently rub you awake, softly whispering you to wake up. He would be a little worried, wondering what made you so tired that you slept whilst eating and also the fact that you are eating whilst sleeping. He’d probably nag you the next day about it, so be prepared.

Originally posted by sehuns-bubblebum


“Wow this tastes good. I wonder where she bought this from…”

Hyungwon would probably steal your food and eat it, I’m not gonna lie. After that, he’d leave you to sleep on the sofa whilst he went to bed. Jk. He’d steal your food first, then pick you up bridal style and throw you onto bed.

Originally posted by monstaxstuff


“Omg why is she being like this…”

Much like Hyungwon, he won’t be able to control all the feels that were hitting him like a truck. He didn’t want to wake you up or anything, so he’d just put away your pepero box and threw a blanket over you, opting to sleep on the floor right next to where you were.

Originally posted by eddycakeway18


Here comes the mischievous maknae. Changkyun would be so pleasantly surprise, seeing you with your mouth open and a chocolate bar in your hands. Since this was probably the last time he’d see you like this, he thought that it’s better to take advantage of this rare opportunity. So he’d take some sharpie out or what not and began doodling all over your face, remembering to record your hilarious reaction the morning after.

BTS Reaction: They get jealous when you dance with another guy

Request:  Hey 🌟🍃 A BTS reaction with the guys beaing jealous over you dancing with another guy at your birthday party?

A/N: Hey there anon, thank you for the fabby request, hope you enjoy! xx

Warning: There are parts of this which are a tad explicit so if that’s not your jam then feel free not to read ^_^


Originally posted by missbaptan

When Jin turned around from talking to Jimin to see you dancing with another guy he would become tense to say the least. He would watch you both from the sidelines for a while, tracking exactly where his hands were and how you reacted to him. While you seemed fairly uninterested he certainly did not and so after a while, he came up to you and pulled you closer to him so he was now dancing with you, whispering in your ear that you should take a break and go somewhere more private. When he put his arm around your waist and guided you away from the party he made sure to turn to the guy who had been dancing with you and blow him a smug kiss before turning back to you.


Originally posted by haninnoona

It seemed you were having far too much fun at your birthday party to notice the guy you were dancing with literally eating you with his eyes. Yoongi on the other hand was significantly more sober so to take care of you and so he wasted absolutely no time in storming right over there and pushing him away from you, telling the drunken creep to go slobber over someone else because you were taken. As the drunken man stumbled away into the crowd Yoongi pulled you close to him and shouted in your ear to be more careful and that he was the only one you’d be dancing with tonight before planting a cheeky peck on your liquor stained lips.


Originally posted by itsrapmonster

As if he was going to let himself be out danced by some classless creep. He hit the dance floor so hard that with in seconds all eyes were on him and yet the only person his eyes met was you. He felt the music guide his body and before he knew it the guy who had been dancing with you previously had slunk away out of his view. That didn’t stop Hobi who was enjoying having your attention and so he beckoned you forward to join him, you two dancing in a way that had everyone’s envious eyes drinking up your moves and electric chemistry.

Rap Monster:

Originally posted by jiminrolls

Just because it was your birthday that doesn’t mean you can get away with making Namjoon look foolish like that. Even though he wasn’t the greatest of dancers on his own, he didn’t hang about when he joined you two on the dance floor, making a point to stare down the guy who thought it was okay to dance with his girl. He would pull you against him purposefully and feel your body dancing against his, staring into your eyes before whispering that you weren’t to dance with other guys in front of him- not that you’d want to after that performance.


Originally posted by gotjimin

You dancing with someone else? Not with Jimin there you’re not. He’d watch you for a little while, making eye contact every now and again to see you smirking at him deliberately. You were trying to make him jealous? Fine, you’ll see what jealous Jimin can do. He’d stroll casually to you and grab your hips forecefully trailing sloppy drunken kisses down your neck as you leaned back indulgently. And then, just like that he’d be gone, sauntering off to the other side of the room to the bar, leaving you stood there perplexed, still feeling the lingering touch of your boyfriend’s electric touch.


Originally posted by pjkook

Tae would see this is an opportunity to get you to come to him instead of the other way around and so he approached you slowly like a lion stalking his prey before turning his attention to the girl next to you, dancing as if totally oblivious to you and the guy you were dancing with. In his drunken haze he never went too far but just far enough to see you overcome with a green haze that had you grabbing his hand and leading him from the dance floor to a place where it would safe to release the sexual tension built up between you both.


Originally posted by pjmjjk

The golden maknae was not used to losing at anything, let alone losing his girl to some slimeball who thought it was okay to dance with you. In his drunken stupor his liquid courage would take control of his body as he walked over to you and the guy, pushing the guy out the way gently in order to take your face in his hands and kiss you with a passion that was usually reserved for the nights after long tours or particularly long days. He showed the creep behind you who’s girl you were and with his hands gradually travelling down your body served as a warning to anyone else who thought about going after his girl.

Concert Blues | min yoongi

Originally posted by gotjimin

Pairing: yoongi/suga x reader
Genre: one-shot, idol!au, FLUFFY FLUFF
Length: 3.0k
Warnings: some strong language, slight angst, slightly implied smut
Summary: You are a member of a 4-member K-pop girl group and you are performing your solo from your group’s debut album. You get emotional, all while you fail to realize that someone came to surprise you.

A/N: I feel like Yoongi might be slightly out of character, BUT I’ve seen a lot of scenarios of him being portrayed as cold, so I decided to sprinkle him with a little bit of sweetness for a change! I hope you guys enjoy this one; I really enjoyed writing this one out.

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MTL to lose his temper

Anonymous ask: 

Bts mtl to lose his temper? (Wolf!Au) Thank you~~

Originally posted by kpophasmyseoul

1. Most likely: Rap Monster. He has a strong personality who can easily disagree with someone who he does not share the same views with (as opposed to say, someone more soft-spoken like Jimin). Especially since he is an alpha, he thinks that it is mandatory for a leader to express any concerns he has with the members of his pack. 

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My Bad (wrong chat pt.4)

neutral POV; Jimin x Jungkook; 454 words

I’m sorry for all the mistakes. Please, enjoy!

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“Can’t you be more private?” Jungkook asked later that night. For the shooting they were in small guest house, far away from the noise and everything that a 5 star hotel can offer. And finally, after the long day, the two boys were alone in their room, thanks to Namjoon, who agreed to share room with Jin instead of Jungkook. (‘I have my own reasons” said the hyung and smirked).

“What do you mean?” Jimin asked innocently.

“You can’t control yourself. Three hyungs already know about us just because you’re so needy”

“But you don’t pay me enough attention. You always leave me at the edge. That’s why I’m so sensitive.” Jimin protested in a tiny voice, which was making him even more cute and innocent. And at moments like this the maknae wanted to break him. To make a yelping mess out of him.

“I don’t… I never…” Jungkook stared at him with anger. “Someone was a very bad boy these days. You need punishment” the boy got closer to his boyfriend pushing him against the wall.

“I want it so bad” the words got out of his lips fast.

“You sure? It will be really rough. Once I start, I won’t be able to stop until I completely break you. You probably won’t be able to move tomorrow” his voice was low but imperious. Full of lust and sinful promises.

And Jimin was rock hard just by hearing them. “Please, daddy” he begged, out of his breath.

Jungkook grunt and their sex session begun.

The night was hot. Jin awaked from the heat. Unable to fall asleep again, he got to the kitchen for a cup of water. And half asleep, on his way back, he opened the wrong door.

Jimin was pinned to the bed, biting the pillow, trying to stop his moans. Jungkook’s fingers gripping tight Jimin’s tights while he was balls deep, thrusting as hard as he can. They were so into the feeling, they at first they didn’t saw their hyung.

“My bad” said the oldest boy and closed the door.

“Hyung?” Kook slowed down his thrusts but never stopped.

“T-tomor-rrow” Jimin whined and they continued.

“Hyung?” a few hours later Jungkook appeared in the kitchen where Jin was making the breakfast. “I’m sorry you had to see that. I can explain” his voice was shaking.

“There’s no need. I understand” the older’s voice was calm and warm. “It was my mistake anyway”

“You’re not mad about it?” the maknae was surprised.

“Yeah, do as you like as long as it’s between the walls of your own room”

“You’re the best, hyung” Jungkook hugged him and got back to his room with a big smile on his face.

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Mario Kart (m)

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pairing: mark x reader

word count: 1,911

Mark had been blowing up your phone since 1 o’clock, asking you to come over because they just got back from wherever they were in the world a week ago, and he still hadn’t seen you. And yeah, sure you’ve missed him, he’s a great friend. But today was supposed to be a lazy day, you’d been looking forward to it. Chilling at the crib in some sweats and a sports bra, hair up, no make-up, looking busted. And you had told him this several times already, he just wouldn’t leave you alone! Texting you stuff like ‘i’ve already seen you at your worst,’ ‘i missed you,’ and ‘what are bff’s for?’

And that’s what led you to where you are now. Since you had adamantly refused that you would leave your flat at any time today, he he decided to take that as permission to come to you instead. And not only did he bring his uninvited ass over, he also brought the maknaes. Imagine your surprise, when you heard a knock on your door, knowing it could only be Mark wanting to be annoying. 

You got up to answer the door not really caring about your state of undress, since it was just Mark, he’d seen less than that. The first person you noticed was Mark, and he was already eyeing you up & down, admiring your cinnamon colored skin, smirking, not even a hello. Then Bambam and Yugyeom, who were trying at least to be respectful and avert their eyes with rosy cheeks. Mark finally noticed your glaring at him and threw his hands up with more enthusiasm than necessary, “Surprise!”

Not even bothering to give a response or cover yourself, you immediately tried to shut the door back, but someone shoved their foot in between the closing object, “Woah! Hey that is no way to treat your friends, that came all this way to come see you, who missed you dearly.” Mark said with the greasiest smile knowing it would piss you off more. But the maknaes were there, they didn’t need to see their hyung get his ass handed to him. So you just let out a deep sigh from your nose, and stepped aside for them to come in. The maknaes stumbled in, in a rush of flailing limbs and loud greetings, even though they were still blushing a little. 

You just smirked at them giving them a small ‘Hey.’ Turning back to Mark, who had a smug smile on his face with arms spread open to initiate a hug. You just stared at him a little longer, hoping to make him feel at least a little guilty about barging in, but his smile grew and he just wiggled his fingers as a sign of impatience. You gave into the hug, burrowing yourself in his chest, head tucked under his chin, inhaling his cologne. His arms came to wrap around your curvy frame squeezing you, as he ducked his head down to your ear, “I missed you  >>>.”

Not saying anything in return to piss him off, you quickly ducked out of his arms skipping towards Yugyeom and BamBam who were making a commotion in the living room, with a dismissive arm flick, “Who wouldn’t miss me Bro?” Letting out an indignant noise, he just followed you , causing you let out a laugh. You saw the maknaes pulling out the Wii, it was almost tradition at this point to start with that gaming system. Plopping yourself on the couch, and Mark dive bombing next to you. “So what game are we playing first boys?”

They both turned to look at you, one with a pout, and the other a grin, “Mario Kart!” You let out a groan, knowing it was going to be nothing but chaos for the next couple hours


Mark was very done with with BamBam’s antics. Mark had been on a continuous losing streak, it only served as entertainment for you and the maknaes though. But starting to fear for BamBam’s safety, by the gleam in Mark’s eye, you start to intervene. You paused the game, and tossed the controller, ignoring the shouts of exclamation, “Hey Boys, can you go get a pizza from the place down the street,” they had already started making small noises of protest, “I’ll pay damn!”  They agreed after that of course. After giving them the money, they filed out of the door with calls of, “Don’t miss us too much!” and “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” 

As soon as the door slammed shut, Mark’s mouth was on you. “Dude what the fuck?” you spluttered trying push him a back a little for an explanation. Looking at him, his pupils were dilated, and he was already sporting a half chub. “I haven’t had a good orgasm in like 2 months >>>, come on! At the most, we’ve got about 30 minutes before they come back.” he groaned out, already slipping your sweatpants off. You just laughed at his desperateness, “Awe, Markus was your right hand not enough?” teasing him.

“Shut the hell up.” he called as he slipped his tank top over his head, and grabbed your neck with one hand to bring your lips back to his, you let him this time. Slipping your hand down in his joggers and boxers, palming his hardness to a full. He moaned into the kiss, nipping your full bottom lip, and slipped his hand into your panties thumbing your clit to get you wetter. You let out a whimper against his lips, and pulling off to skim your swollen down his jawline to his neck, adding sucks and nips trailing down to his exposed collarbones. He grunted pulling his hand away from your neck, and started pushing the joggers down, you stopped him, “Don’t take them all the way off, they’ll be back soon. Plus i’ve always wanted to have sex with my clothes on.” winking at him. He let out a choked out noise, that was caught between a laugh and a moan.

You got down on your knees pushing his legs apart to get in between them, looking up at him. He already had his erection out, pumping it up and down, you could see the beads of pre-cum and licked your lips, “take your hair out, I want something to pull on.” he grinned down at you, eyes already half-lidded, as your breath caught in your throat thinking about what he was meant. You could feel yourself dripping now, you reached up to your hair to pull it out of it’s messy bun, letting your curls fall. 

You moved in towards his erection still looking up at him, palming it in one hand first, then licking the tip. Mark let out harsh breath, head falling back to the edge of the couch, you could see his adam’s apple bob. His hand reaching for your head, not gripping your hair yet, but just running his fingers through it for the time being. And without warning, engulfing him all until he hit the back of your throat and moaned. He let some curses, looking at you choke yourself on his dick, his thighs automatically tightening around you, and pulling on your hair to keep you there a little longer.

You started taking deep breaths through your nose, and waited for his grip on your hair to loosen so you could pull back. When he finally did, you pulled up but not without dragging your tongue up the vein on the underside of his erection. “Fuck my mouth.” you demanded, letting your hand fall down to your core, where you were steadily dripping, and started pumping your fingers in and out, moaning. He wasted no time dragging you back to his erection, one hand gripping your hair, the other hand on your head pushing you down. 

Hips set at brutal pace, he loved seeing the tears at the corner of your eyes, and hearing you slurp, and gag for it. All you could do is moan, loving the feeling of being under his power, and hearing all the pretty noises he made in pleasure. Mark finally pulled you off him, your lips slick with a trail of cum and saliva connecting, “I don’t wanna come like this.” he panted out. He let go of your hair, and pulled a condom out of his pocket, bringing it to his mouth to tear it open. You quickly got off your knees, watching as he rolled it on, in disbelief and amusement. “Oh so you knew we’d be fucking today, huh?” you asked with a small laugh. “I really didn’t, but I had high hopes,” he shot back with a smirk of his own.

Making eye contact with him, you could see his adam’s apple bob again, he was flushed, hair all over the place, and the sight of him made your mouth water slightly. “Shit you so look good,” he mumbled. You could imagine how you looked, cheeks red, your breast rising and falling heavily with your chocolate colored nipples peeking out of your sports bra , hair damp and disarray from all the tugging, and lips slick and swollen, glistening core, what a pretty visual indeed. 

Snapping out of your trance, you moved in for a quick dirty kiss, “We gotta hurry.” You straddled his lap, licking along his neck, holding your hips up so he could position himself, the other hand on your hip, you were starting to get impatient. Angling your hips down to meet him half ways, and when his tip finally pushes into your entrance, you both moan out in relief. Feeling the slight burn at the stretch, only made it better, the feeling of being full was just too good. When you met his base, you let out a quiet groan, you could literally feel Mark restraining himself from giving it to you. But you were having none of that gentleman bullshit.

You looked him dead in the eye, “fuck me like you mean it, don’t hold back now.” His eyes were black and clouded by lust at this point, but he nodded. With your arms placed on his shoulders and both of his hands gripping your hips tight enough to leave bruises, snapping his hips up. A whimper escaped your lips, you meet him thrust for thrust, grinding back every time you meet again. The only thing that could be heard was the slapping of skin and both your cries of pleasure, and your hands were leaving scratches all along Mark’s back. 

You were both so close, he was filling you up so good, your slick walls clenching around him, was almost too much, but he wanted you to come first. So taking one hand off your waist, he brought to your front to pinch your clit. Your breath punched out of you, as you felt the orgasm ripped through you in waves, and your walls rippling around him was the tipping point. He came into the condom with grunt. 

You climbed off his lap, falling beside him on the couch, both of you trying to catch your breath. Before you could say anything, you heard a gasp from the doorway. Both your heads whipped around to see BamBam and Yugyeom with pizza in hand. Faces red, flushed and shock written all over them. Yugyeom controlled his expression into something cocky, “So is this what we get if we lose?”

Confession gone wrong (Mark x Y/N x Jackson)

“Ok fine fine! Stop pushing me!” Y/N aggressively whispered at Yugyeom, who was right behind her, shoving her to move forward. BamBam chuckled as he followed Yugyeom.

“The first person you see will be the one you have to confess to.”

“Aissshhhhhh do I really have to?”

“Ah ah…. noona and it has to be authentic.”

Y/N regretted playing games with only these two because she’d always end up losing. At times she doubted that there may have been some kind of foul play but she had no proof and with Yugyeom shouting out “Loooooooooooser!” above her voice, there was no point in retaliating.

As soon as they made the turn around the corner of the hallway to enter the living room, the trio saw a freshly out of the bathroom Mark, resting on the couch. His hair was still wet and the towel gracefully hung around his neck, hiding a part of his bare chest.

Yugyeom violently shook his fisted hands in the air, with his tongue stuck out the whole time, while BamBam wriggled his eyebrows suggestively at Y/N.

“Noona, fighting!” The two cried in whispers.

Y/N, pouted as if on the verge of tears, “Do I really have to do this?”

Both the boys nodded their heads in unison.

Y/N snuck a peek at Mark and gulped. He was of course looking fine as hell, but when didn’t he?

“I’ll get back at you.” Y/N mouthed out these words as she made her way to where Mark was sitting, while the rest hid behind the wall.

The target was playing with his phone when Y/N approached her.

“Hey Mark.”

“Oh, morning Y/N.” He looked up and gave her a cheerful smile.

Y/N immediately blushed at the thought of having to confess to Mark and looked away.

‘Oh my god, this is more humiliating than I thought.’

“Is something wrong?” Mark interrupted her trail of thoughts.

“Huh? Ah…. it’s nothing.”

‘Cmon ! You can do it.’

Somehow although it was just a game, her heart was beating so fast like as if she was confessing for real.

Y/N looked at Mark who had now lowered his head to play with his phone again. It wasn’t like she had a deep feelings for him, but there was something mild and faint, like muffled music, coming from far away. Something, not so strong to be conspicuous enough, but still there, bothering her whenever the two were alone. It was easy for her to ignore those feelings, but today she had to acknowledge it’s presence.

While Y/N had been zoning out, a frustrated Yugyeom threw a plushy pillow at her to get her out of her day dream.

Y/N shrieked in surprise.

“Y/N are you really fine?” Mark startled by her reaction immediately stood up and caught her shoulders.

“Um…. yeah I’m fine.” Y/N cursed below her breath at the two maknae’s.

“Excuse me?”

“Ah… ah….. nothing.” She awkwardly replied, scratching her head and smiling stupidly like a dork.

Seeing her bright smile, Mark’s lip broke into a light laughter, which made the other flush all the way from her neck to her cheeks.

When his laugh finally subsided, he spoke, “Are those two bothering you again?”

Yugyeom and BamBam who had been eyeing from behind the wall, immediately turned around to hide themselves from Mark’s view.

Y/N ignored Mark’s words and closed her eyes shut, blurting out her confession in one swift breath.

“Mark, I have feelings for you.”

Heavy silence engulfed the air.

Y/N slowly opened her eyes, very very embarrassed at what she had just done. She cursed her fate for Mark being the one to witness her humiliating disposition.

‘I wish it was Youngjae.’

Mark lifted his grip from Y/N’s shoulder, which sunk the latter’s heart.

'Why?!! Oh god ! Why Mark!! I’m not even so close with him for him to take all of this lightly once it’s done!’

He too was of course embarrassed at what had just happened and honestly very taken aback by Y/N’s sudden confession. But just when he was about to take this all seriously, he saw Yugyeom’s bobby head from the corner of his eye. The latter was covering his mouth, not allowing any sound of laughter to escape, while violently trembling, along with BamBam, who was also having the time of his life, seeing Y/N in such a condition. Their ruse to trap Y/N had worked, like always.

Mark’s lips curled into a smile, which made Y/N bulge out her eyes.

He placed his finger on his lips as he gestured Y/N that he knew what was going, but the latter was too taken aback by his reaction to realise what he was doing.

Mark suddenly pulled Y/N into his embrace.

“Ah… I’m so glad that you finally confessed, I feel the same Y/N.”

Y/N shocked by Mark’s reaction tried to pull back from the hug and see his face, but the boy’s hand was wrapped so tightly around her body that it was impossible. So unable to get away Y/N looked up and saw a grinning Mark.

“They are after you again, aren’t they?” He whispered.

It then dawned on Y/N that he was playing along to get back at her culprits.

A warm feeling flowed into Y/N’s tummy as she realised Mark’s intention and she gave him a thankful smile.

While back there with Yugyeom and BamBam, things weren’t going as expected. They too had their eyes popped out and jaws dropped.


Suddenly the couple heard an annoyed Jackson shouting from the main door.

Immediately the two separated.

BamBam wanted to get up from his hidden spot and smooth things out but Yugyeom pulled him back down.

“What are you doing? Sit back here. Let’s see where this goes.” An evil smile spread across his face, which made BamBam gulp in fear.

“I haven’t been gone for a second and people already start loosing their hormonal control.” Jackson shouted trying to sound funny but one could hear the annoyance in his voice.

“Ah… Jackson it’s not like that.” Mark tried to calm him down.

But Jackson ignored the eldest and walked straight up to Y/N.

“Have you seen anybody with such good face before?” Jackson pointed at himself. “Such abs? Sense of humour?”

Y/N raised her brows in total confusion and took a step back as the man got closer to her face.

Yugyeom’s eyes sparkled at the sight.

“Do you see what I see?” He whispered at his comrade, who was in the same mental state as Y/N.

“Whats wrong with Jackson hyung?”

Yugyeom rolled his eyes in irritation.

'Can’t with this boy anymore.’

“Oi! I am the one who accompanies you late at night to the icecream store. You never told me about Mark then?” Jackson was trying his best to hide the anger in his voice.

Yugyeom widened his eyes with sudden realisation, like as if he had finally connected the dots.

Mark could feel the situation slip out of control. So seeing no other way out, he shouted for the two youngsters.

“Yugyeom, BamBam! Come out of your hiding place.”

BamBam could almost feel his heartbeat stop, while the Maknae was disappointed that Mark had already busted them. They slowly tread towards where the love triangle stood.

“Sorry noona, Mark hyung, Jackson hyung.” BamBam lowered his head with guilt, while Yugyeom just tried to control his laughter.

“What is this?” A surprised Jackson asked.

BamBam was about to speak but Yugyeom took the stage.

“Noona had lost a bet so as a penalty she had to confess to the first person she saw which happened to be Mark hyung, who in turn confessed back"- “Ah… no no, it’s not like that. Actually I noticed that you two were pulling a prank on her, so I decided to get back at you two too by playing along.” Y/N nodded her head in agreement, still startled and scared by Jackson’s actions. She had never seen him this way before. “Oh…. anyway then you came and” Yugyeom stopped and gave Jackson a grin “started acting all weird.”

To Jackson it felt like the ground had slipped from his feet. Sometimes he hated himself for being so rash and jumping to conclusions without thinking twice.

Y/N stood there with her eyes wandering anywhere but at the group of boys. Her face was now blushing furiously.

Mark understood what Yugyeom actually getting at and tried to stop himself from smiling. The only one who was clueless was poor BamBam.

“Ah, don’t we have practice now?” Jackson broke the silence trying to sound as cool and casual as possible, like as if nothing had changed and swiftly walked towards his room. “We have to get ready.”

Yugyeom bit his lips to control himself from bursting out into laughter.

Mark silently followed Jackson with a slight smile on his face. He tried to make eye contact with Y/N, but she was trying to avoid his gaze for much long as possible, which made him snort.

When the seniors had left, Y/N tried to sneak out unnoticed from the group, but who could escape the evil Maknae.

“Aaaahhhhhhh……. Noona! Jackson hyping! I cannot wait to tell this to others.”

“Cut it out, I’ll never play with you two ever again!” She ran out of the room as the tall Yugyeom hung to her shirt’s sleeves.

As soon as they left, Jaebum made an entrance in the house.

“What is all this loud fuss I hear? Huh BamBam?” He said with that typical grandpa concern while changing into slippers.

“Aahhh… it’s too early in the morning to use my head!”

And with that, the youngster left the room leaving a confused Jaebum all alone.

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Hi! I was wondering if you could do Pentagon's maknae line +Hongseok and Shinwon reaction to you having thick thigh/being chubby please?

You being chubby/having thick thighs



Hongseok is from America meaning that he’s used to seeing a big variety of body types. I feel like his preference would be, however, girls on the thinner side but that doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t like you because you were chubby. He is old enough to understand that the personality is what counts.


Shinwon is a bit tougher because I’m not too sure about his preference but I do feel that he wouldn’t mind if you were chubby, thin or goat, if he loved you then he loved you. He would like it if you didn’t care about what other people thought about you, if you were healthy then that is all that matters.


This kid would love it if you had thick thighs, maybe it’s a dancer thing. He would love seeing you in shorts or tight jeans because your thighs would look amazing in them. He would be the one to sneakily put his hand in your back pocket, once he was sure that you were okay with it.


He wouldn’t have an obvious preference either. He would like you if you were thin and he would like you if you were chubby. However he would be the one to lay with his head on your thighs because loves the feeling of them and he would fall asleep super quickly.


Another one that would love your thighs, he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off of them, whether it was a hand on your thigh while watching a movie or gripping them while making out. They would be one of his favourite body parts on you. However, since he’s the maknae, he would try and control himself while around the other members because teasing.

Stress Reliever (M)

» youngjae, 3.1k,  sub!choi youngjae suddenly turnining dominate due to jealousy []

warning: smut (switch!youngjae, slightly public sex, fingering, yj’s a tease ffs)

“I think that you need to show me. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone heard, too. They’re all so close, just a room away. What are you going to do that will make them know I’m yours and only yours?”

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Bangtan Spells Compilation: Funny Scenarios.

Hi everyone! Here we go with the first compilation of 2017, hoping you can laugh a little with these. In this compilation we gathered scenarios that we think are funny, so we hope these make you smile. 

Also, the ones with a ♥ are some of our favorites, those make us laugh every single time.


  • Daddy Issues ♥: Jin is terrified to meet your parents, luckily for him he has his friends to give him good advice, only that those don’t seem to work when he finally meets your dad. Genre: Fluff / Comedy.
  • Lovely Mishaps: You are newlyweds so you decide to cook him your first meal, you aren’t really a good cook but Jin isn’t one to refuse your food. Genre: Romance / Comedy.
  • Follow Me Down: Seokjin’s takes you to ski resort but you suck at, you feel a little better later when you discover he isn’t any better. Genre: Fluff / Comedy.


  • In Bloom: You own a flower shop, Yoongi comes storming in one day, slaps 20 bucks on the counter and says “How do I passive-aggressively say fuck you in flower?” Genre: Fluff / Friendship.
  • Hands Off: When a big bug appears you jump to Hoseok’s lap, Yoongi isn’t happy. Genre: Fluff / Comedy.
  • Playmates: Yoongi takes his two kids to the studio with him while you are at work, the six uncles are more than happy with the visit. Genre: Fluff / Friendship.
  • All To Himself ♥: Making pizza with the maknae line and having a jealous Yoongi around proves to be the recipe for disaster. Genre: Fluff / Comedy.
  • Say it Out Loud: You go out with Yoongi and the maknae line to eat ice cream, when the three notice your crush for Yoongi they start to tease you until Yoongi makes them silent with a sudden confession. Genre: Fluff / Comedy.


  • Now You See Me: You are a magician in Star King, Hoseok has a big crush on you, even if you try some scary tricks. Genre: Fluff.


  • Berry Kissmass ♥: Christmas themed scenario. You are holding a kissing booth and Namjoon is freaking out. Genre: Fluff / Comedy.
  • Parental Control: Namjoon goes to meet your parents for the first time. Genre: Fluff / Comedy.
  • A Little Too Friendly: Namjoon gets overprotective when his little sister, you, goes to the dorm to meet BTS. Genre: Fluff / Friendship.


  • Sneaky Hand: Jimin gets jealous when one of his members accidentally slaps your butt.
  • Variety Games: You two are idols and go to Weekly Idol together. Yes, you get to slap Jimin’s butt. Genre: Fluff / Comedy.
  • Two For Mischief ♥: Taehyung and Jimin are in charge of taking care of Jungkook’s son Junho, the little boy learns a bad word from them and then says in front of his father, when Jungkook hears him he knows who are to blame. Genre: Comedy / Friendship.
  • Three For Mischief ♥: Taehyung, Jimin and Hoseok are left in Yoongi’s house to take care of his two sons, disaster erupts when each of them try their best to become the best Yoongi copy cat, Yoongi isn’t happy when he catches them red handed. Genre: Comedy / Friendship.
  • Twice The Problem: Jimin and Jungkook have a crush on you, when both of them confess you realize you have a bit of a problem in your hands. Genre: Comedy / Friendship.


  • Jingle Bell Love: Christmas themed scenario. In which Taehyung wants you to hear his singing voice but it backfires him every time, you think he’s playing you but a little christmas pinch makes the two of you come together. Genre: Fluff / Comedy.
  • War of Hormones: Taehyung has the biggest crush on you, every time he sees you his body and mind go crazy, more over when he starts to suspect you like Yoongi. Genre: Fluff / Comedy.
  • Pregnancy Perks ♥: You are pregnant when you go visit your husband Taehyung backstage, only to see him cheerfully talking with his ex. A hormonal disaster erupts and the boys try to comfort you. Genre: Fluff / Comedy


  • Play Pretend: You ask Jungkook to play as your boyfriend in a family holiday party so they stop harassing you about having a boyfriend. Genre: Fluff / Romance.
  • Hangul Disaster ♥: When you nail your hangul test you start bragging about how much you know about  the korean language, your prankster boyfriend Jungkook change your phone settings to hangul to see if you really know as much as you say you do. Genre: Fluff / Comedy.
  • Not What You Think ♥: Jungkook and you are inside his room making some strange noises, the rest of BTS can’t help but think their maknae isn’t innocent anymore. Genre: Comedy / Friendship. 

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heyyy! can i request a mtl who would be more sexually active ?

Omg first request!! <3

This is based on my opinion :)


4-5 times per week

  • Kino: This boy is just so rude and sexual. I mean, have you seen how he moves? How he looks at the camera when he does it? Although he may look sometimes innocent, Hyunggu is definitely not. I think he’s a passionate lover who loves to make you feel good.
  • Shinwon: We all know how confident he’s with his looks, and his sexy dance moves, like Kino. He’s a flirt and very needy lmao. Expect to have sex with him pretty often.
  • Hongseok: He’s not innocent, and I feel like he’s the type of boy who has sex a lot but he rather has quick sex than romantic/traditional sex. However, sometimes you’d get romantic. I picture him having sex anywhere, basically. He only needs to be with you.

3-4 times per week

  • Wooseok: Definitely here. Maybe a surprise since he’s the maknae, but lemme tell you, his hormones are out of control lmao. He’s needy, naughty and loves doing it. Have you seen his lock screen? It’s a quote by Rocky (a rapper): “Pussy makes me smile, I love the different colours of pussies and I don’t care if the pussy is shaved or not.” Yup, totally in this place.

2-3 times per week (normal)

  • Yuto: Yuto is simple. Your sexual activity would be normal for young couples. Though I think he’s like Hongseok, more of a quicker.
  • Hui: Another normal guy, but unlike Yuto and Hongseok, having sex with him would last way longer, so it would normally happen at night, in a chilly atmosphere.
  • Yeo one: Changgu is a normal boy, I think he’s a little needy but controls himself well but sometimes he can’t hold it and you two make each other love. Romantic puppy, very vanilla, sex not very often but incredibly passionate, loving and caring.

1-2 times per week

  • E’Dawn: Hyojong’s priority is not sex, he prefers doing other things with you. He’s not needy at all, but he’s always in the mood. I feel like you guys would have sex if you proposed it or you started it. It’s not like he isn’t confident enough around you, he’s just “respectful”. Idek how to explain it but this boy respects you a lot and controls himself pretty well. Oh, and expect lazy sex.

Less than once per week

  • Jinho: This smol bean is mature enough to understand and believe that sex is an overrated thing in a relationship. He enjoys it, for sure, but as Hyojong, it’s not his priority. You two wouldn’t make it often, but each time you’d do it, it’d be different and very romantic.
  • Yanan: I don’t think I need to justify why I put there Yanan lmao. He’s just a pure, fluffy human being who I’m 100% sure he hasn’t kissed a girl yet (judging by how he holds people when passing papers with his mouth or when he plays peppero game, I’m sure he hasn’t had a kiss/makeout session yet). He’d be kinda awkward at first, but it’d get better and more comfortable as the time passes and you’d have sex much more often- but as I say, “little by little”, meaning this process would be slow. 


I hope you liked it, anon!! Also, excuse my English, it isn’t my first language.