the maknae is out of control

BTS Scenario: Controlled Chaos.

Request:  A scenario where the Maknae line volunteered to babysit Jins babies while he goes to a photoshoot and Seokjins twins turns out to be a prankster. While Jin is busy they cant call him so Taehyung decided to call you and asks you how to tame your little twins please? ^u^

Genre: Fluff / Friendship

This was supposed to be easy, to take care of the twins wasn’t going to require even an eyelash batting, they were little angels dressed in pink and white dresses by the time Seokjin opened up the door and invited them in, giggling behind braids and ribbons and of course they were going to help out their hyung. Taehyung had tagged along with Jimin and half dragged Jungkook there, he’d said he was going to help as well but started having second thoughts about it.

This was going to be oh so easy, so why was Taehyung practically sweating cold while trying to get Jimin out of the little seat he was stuck in. Jimin had fallen and the seat’s hold broke resulting in him stuck in the base.

– You’re crushing me! – Jimin complained while Taehyung pressed one foot on the edge to pull him. He looked stupid being all bossy with a princess costume hanging all crumpled from his neck and the little plastic tiara with glitter attached to his head only by Eunji’s willpower.

–Well why the hell you fell exactly there? – Taehyung opened his eyes wide and looked around, none of the twins were near enough to hear him swearing, that was good, but also, that was the bad part of this, they weren’t there and none of them were supposed to lose sight of them, Seokjin was going to chop them in pieces if something happened to the twins.

–This is your fault! I told you to go after Eunji first–

Taehyung groaned if only to not hear Jimin complaining anymore and could finally take Jimin out from the little chair trap while he fell on his bum, at that same time Jungkook screamed.

Jimin opened his eyes wide and ran towards the sound of Jungkook’s voice, Taehyung got on his feet as well, the array of silly necklaces around his neck that were the proof of the craziest tea party he’d ever had to take part in his life were almost choking him and he made a mental note to take them off after he got the twins together and calm again.

–Wait! – Jungkook screamed when they appeared at the kitchen threshold, he wasn’t looking any better than the other two, walking ridiculously around with his black hair adorned with a variety of hair pins and ribbons of all colors, at some point Taehyung and Jimin had thought of taking a photo of him for future blackmailing purposes.

Jungkook was supposed to fetch the juice after the twins forced them to drink half a carton as if it was tea. Jin had told them to take care of his princesses while he finished his photoshoot and the twins were definitely princesses, princesses who believed in the fine and effective art of dictatorship.

–Where’s Soojin?! – Jimin squeaked next to Taehyung and they both observed the trail of foot prints covered in the smashed strawberry pie on the floor.

Jungkook’s eyes were rounder than they’d ever seen them before. –I left her for only one minute I swear, she was here, and then she was not! –

–What! Jungkook she’s three, you weren’t supposed to take your eyes away from her until we caught her sister –

Jungkook suddenly seemed to realize something and Taehyung stopped talking. – Oh my god, oh my fucking god hyungs….–

He had his hands pressing against his hair and Taehyung got scared right then, usually Jungkook was good at keeping his cool.

–What now? – he almost didn’t want to ask, Jimin was busy shoving together all the crushed pie and probably making a bigger disaster out of it.

–The knife….–

–What knife? – Taehyung cringed, doubting Jimin’s voice could ever get higher than that. Jimin stood frozen glaring holes at Jungkook and Taehyung was honestly feeling one step away form a nervous breakdown.

–Are you trying to tell me that Soojin got a knife Jungkook? – Taehyung talked calmer than he felt, and then Jimin started to hyperventilate while looking everywhere around the kitchen, Jungkook was growing pale and the next second Taehyung was running away from the kitchen with the stupid necklaces dangling from his neck. –Soojin! –

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I keep hoping that things will change.

NCT Chatroom: Control the maknaes #Part 1

/Ayo_its_Jeno logged in/

/moon_taeil logged in/

*moon_taeil started a conversation with Ayo_its_Jeno*

moon_taeil: kiddo!

Ayo_its_Jeno: Hyung!

moon_taeil: it’s 9am you know where you’re supposed to be right now?

Ayo_its_Jeno: is that why you started this damn conversation -_-

moon_taeil: I started what?

Ayo_its_Jeno: this sweet morning conversation :)

moon_taeil: I think you’ve been hanging out a lot with Donghyuk these days

Ayo_its_Jeno: Not at all, I swear I’ve been practicing

moon_taeil: who’s next to you right now then?

Ayo_its_Jeno: nobody, I’m on my way to SM building, trust me hyung!

moon_taeil: okay I’ll video call, answer

Ayo_its_Jeno: wait , no I mean …

moon_taeil: You mean?

Ayo_its_Jeno: Well I’m in the house of Donghyuk’s grandma

moon_taeil: figured, listen Donghyuk’s goodbye stage was last week, and you young boy you’re about to debut

Ayo_its_Jeno: I know…

moon_taeil: so stop hanging out with him in this period, go meet Jaemin I bet he’s practicing right now!

Ayo_its_Jeno: Jaemin’s with us tho…

moon_taeil: *facepalm*

Ayo_its_Jeno: :)

moon_taeil: the manager’s going to be so mad if she finds out none of you is in the practice room

Ayo_its_Jeno: can’t we rest for today only?

moon_taeil: is it the week-end? is it christmas? no so move your asses RIGHT NOW!! I’m gonna be there to check!

Ayo_its_Jeno: you’re not even the leader…why are you nagging?

moon_taeil: what?

Ayo_its_Jeno: I said okay fine, we’ll be there in 30min hyung :)

*Ayo_its_Jeno left the conversation*

*after 40 minutes*

*moon_taeil started a conversation with Ayo_its_Jeno*

moon_taeil: can I know why is the practice room empty?

Ayo_its_Jeno: well… so Jaemin got into this accident and he hurt his leg so we had to take him get checked up, he’s fine now thank god :)

moon_taeil: I ask you again, why is the practice room empty?

Ayo_its_Jaemin: okay fine! we stopped to get some ice-cream, happy?

moon_taeil: not at all, I give you 15 minutes, bye!

*moon_taeil left the conversation*

*Ayo_its_Jeno started a conversation with Capable_markLee*

capable_markLee: what’s wrong?

Ayo_its_Jeno: glad you know there’s something wrong

capable_markLee: it’d be weird if it was to simply say hi

Ayo_its_Jeno:okay hyung can you like get Taeil hyung out of SM’s building

capable_markLee: someone’s gonna kick some ass

Ayo_its_Jeno: and I lied about Jaemin being with me

capable_markLee: where is he?

Ayo_its_Jeno: he’s at some party, with his friends, I don’t know man, don’t ask me

capable_markLee: a party? at 10 freaking am?

Ayo_its_Jeno: as if we could party at night -_-

capable_markLee: is Taeil hyung looking for Jaemin too?

Ayo_its_Jeno: literally looking for everyone who’s not in the practice room!

capable_markLee: try to call Jaemin first, bro don’t waste my time, I have some work to do

/Jaeminiiie logged in/

capable_markLee: well Jaemin’s here, settle things with him, good luck!

*capable_markLee left the conversation*

*Ayo_its_Jeno started a conversation with Jaeminiiie*


Jaeminiiie: WTF calm down!

Ayo_its_Jeno: I’m in a deep shit and it’s getting deeper because of you, don’t fucking ask me to calm down!

Jaeminiiie: *checking if there’s any hyung in the conversation* now that cursing makes sense, what?

/ice_winwin logged in/

Jaeminiie: Winwin’s here, should we add him figure out whatever you’re freaking out about?

Ayo_its_Jeno: are you nuts?Taeil controls him very well, the dude can’t speak korean that well he’ll spit everything

Jaeminiiie: How good it is dropping “hyung” of each one’s name

Ayo_its_Jeno: you’re still in that party?

Jaeminiiie: I didn’t go to any party, what are you talking about? and what party starts this early wtf

Ayo_its_Jeno: what? wait OMG that’s Donghyuk, I FUCKED UP DUDE WHERE ARE YOU??

Jaeminiiie: the amusement park with some friends, where are you?

Ayo_its_Jeno: on my way to the house of Donghyuk’s grandma, but now that I know he’s in a party, what the hell am I supposed to?

Jaeminiiie: why did you reply to Taeil’s message in the first place?

Ayo_its_Jeno: cuz I read it and it marked seen for him dumbass

Jaeminiiie: Oh shit I need to get out of here

*Ayo_its_Jeno invited haechan_screwDisney to the conversation*

Ayo_its_Jeno: hello mother fucker

haechan_screwDisney: Hello spoil sport :)))

Jaeminiiie: guys we’re screwed, I can’t make it in less than 20 minutes

haechan_screwDisney:okay what’s going on?

Jaeminiiie: Donghyuk get the hell out of that party, Taeil’s looking for us!

haechan_screwDisney: Oh no, he’s gonna wushu our asses!

Ayo_its_Jeno: who taught him that technique for god’s sake?

Jaeminiiie: is that important right now?

haechan_screwDisney: who else other than Winwin

Ayo_its_Jeno: wait, but like, what kind of parties is it Donghyuk? the fuck you partying this morning?

haechan_screwDisney: it’s my friend’s birthday, his grandma doesn’t handle too much noise in the evening, well I guess that’s why

Jaeminiiie: did that answer your question Jeno? can we get to the main point again?

haechan_screwDisney: what was it?

Jaeminiiie: Oh my god *facepalm*

Ayo_its_Jeno: I’ll end up wushu-ing your ass myself Donghyuk

*moon_taeil asked to join the conversation*


maknae line finding out you’re bi! for a nice anon

none of them really have a problem with it. they all love you for you. & really, if anyone did have a problem with it, fuck them. They can’t control you. You love who you love, and fuck anyone who tries to tell you other wise.

- admin e *:・゚✧


And now onto our leader, my lowkey spirit animal that I feel like is a lot of people’s spirit animal, Kim Namjoon aka Rap Monster aka Joonie

  • Part two is here, werewolf!joon as a father is here
  • He would be a very calm werewolf
  • He’s the type to have never lost control bc he’s pretty open about his emotions
  • He often goes to the older members to talk about things, anything that upsets him
  • They let him talk for as long as he needs, especially Yoongi since he knows what it’s like to have all of it boil up and snap
  • While he does have his serious moments, the maknae line drags the pup kid out of him again
  • They get him to play wrestle and roll around in the grass with them and they normally spend their time bothering him
  • “Hey hyung look what I can do!!”
  • “No no look aT ME !!!”
  • He’s more of a strength wolf than a speedy one
  • While Yoongi and Hobi are smaller and more compact and ready to sprint at any second, Namjoon’s legs are a bit longer, built more for being able to hold an opponent down rather than chase him
  • In the pack, he’s in the very front, leading everyone as their Alpha
  • Werewolf!Namjoon is a patient, calm wolf but can still be turned into a pup with the right button pushing

the best thing about the turbulence era is that we get to see new sides of the members, especially the ones that we don’t usually see or talk about, or already has an image cemented and that their slowly breaking that image day by day:

jaebum - everyone always thought of him as the chic and sexy one, the one who is stern and strict and always in control, who cringes when asked to do aegyo. but now he loves it and loves doing it, of course because they would ask him to do it but now he enjoys doing aegyo without hesitation. he’ll suddenly do aegyo without anyone asking. he also starts evolving as a meme. at first he’d look really charismatic and cool and the next second he becomes a dumb derp who enjoys being stupid with the maknaes. he’s the biggest most adorable most endearing dumbass out of them all and i love him.

mark - he’s the quiet one, the one who rarely speaks up or initiates. now he’s out here scolding his members, scolding the fans, being a literal sassy shit and im living every bit of this mark. he was even invited to running man and he was amazing despite being an awkward shit but i think that’s the charm, being the awkward sassy shit who doesn’t take shit from nobody. i love that he’s now standing up for himself and for his members instead of just accepting the shit everyone has been throwing at him. he also has been working so hard i’m shocked that he even helped wrote and produce in the album.

youngjae - oh he’s still the sunshine of the group, the brightest star of the galaxy. but he’s also so gangster and can be mean at times. he also has a tattoo??? and he has been hiding it since a i mean fjaslkdf also he started opening up to the fans more by producing music in his soundcloud and despite being the happy sunshine he is also experiencing troubles and sadness (listen to trauma) and you gotta realize that youngjae also needs comfort and love because this boy is still vulnerable to being hurt and being in pain. please @ jype please protect this boy he deserves the stars in the sky

yugyeom - yugyeom really blossomed in eyes. like when i started stanning got7, he was the one i usually ignore because i’m so sorry but he’s honestly too kind and boring? but now, wow, im just amazed and surprised every time yugiebear comes into my screen. like i always knew he was talented but man, he invented talent. and his sudden confidence really brought out his handsome and charming self. like did yugyeom get a girlfriend or something? is that why he’s like this? you can’t deny that there’s this really handsome, almost james bond-esque aura around him i swear i feel like im the only one who notices this.

jackson, jinyoung, and bambam is still here too, but i think they have blossomed a long time ago and we already welcome every side of the members (except for jinyoung. i think he still has a lot more that he’s hiding from us and i can’t wait for him to become comfortable enough to show us). im just glad that the other members are also blossoming this era. bless this era.


And now onto our precious lil sunshine, the man who can make everyone smile just by being himself, Jung Hoseok aka J Hope aka Hobi

  • Part two is here, werewolf!hobi as a father is here
  • Similar to Jin, he’s a gentle soul who could never hurt anyone, even his worst enemy
  • He’s never lost control since he’s pretty open about his emotions and can get them out the human way of crying on Jin’s shoulder
  • He was the playful wolf
  • He spent most of his time with the maknae line, goofing around and play wrestling and bugging the other members
  • Their favorite to bug is Namjoon bc he tries to stay in his Alpha mode and just focus on being serious
  • But then if they do it long enough, he just has to laugh and he eventually joins them
  • He wouldn’t be the biggest wolf but he’s also not the smallest
  • He’s got a good balance of speed and strength but speed is more his forte
  • We all know Hobi is an amazing dancer and that takes grace, it also takes grace to be able to run as quickly as he does and to be able to move as silently as he can
  • In the pack, he’s a lot more towards the back than Yoongi and Jin are but he still isn’t one of the defenders
  • He’s not enough of a fighter to be able to be able to walk all the way in the back but he’s strong enough to be able to help out if it’s needed
  • Werewolf!Hobi is basically just a puppy that wants to play and hang out and just be with his pack