the making of the wheel

mom and i are watching lets make a deal and they just gave away a three wheeled scooter that they called a “trike scooter” so of course all i could think about is trevor and michael driving away on it after robbing some place lol

@gorgonsach it’s just so…. mediocre like it took all my problems with skyrim (empty feeling world, alright at best questing, boring characters, factions with the depth of a kiddie pool) and amplified all of them and THEN gutted any chance to maybe roleplay and make the story your own with the dialogue wheel which like skyrim had already severely diluted conversation options but fallout 4 truly stomped on it

all that on top of them removing any semblance of it actually being an RPG and not just a shooter with the occasional upgrade


Imagine waking up to this voice…

Date a boy who makes you feel relevant, wanted, and involved, when you’re hanging out together with a friend of his. Date a boy who won’t make you feel like a third wheel


Its been one year since I made my first vine! S to celebrate I did a remake!

  • What he says: I'm fine
  • What he means: love triangles completely swamp the film industry and are an extremely overused trope meanwhile actual non monogamous relationships are hardly ever shown because they make monogamous people uncomfortable™ because they think polyamory and polygamy are the same thing but in the popular 80s film Ferris Bueller's Day Off, we see three teenagers who never get envious or possessive (except over a car) and take care of one another without making Cameron feel like the third wheel when they could of easily made jokes about that and we need more poly or hell even just healthy friendship triads that work desperately because they exist in real life.
peeping steve.

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authors note: this is my first try at smut and im hoping it isn’t too embarrassing. 

reader x bucky, (steve)

 warnings; daddy kink, steve watching without them knowing, swearing, smut.

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Hey you, let go of the wheel
Let someone cut the breaks loose, let’s get lost for real
I know that love will find a way to you, but would you trust me
If it took a leap of faith to make it real
—  Let go of the wheel - Mako
Giving a Little Extra at Extra Life

A Team Big O fanfic written by Achievement Hunter’s very own Larry Matovina.

Transcribed by Mod Friend (amythestquill).


Finally, the annual Rooster Teeth Extra Life stream, the day so many Rooster Teeth fans had been waiting for. They never knew what kind of shen-hooligans to expect from their favourite RT staffers. Would Gus die of alcohol poisoning? Would Matt and Jeremy up the ante this time by making out with tongue for three minutes straight? Or would something totally unexpected happen?

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Yuri!!! On Ice - Character Headcanons: For The Love Of Phichit Chulanont!

I love this boy. No need for any other explanations.

  • You can never make this boy feel like a third wheel.
    • He loves being around couples.
    • In fact, he encourages you to make as much PDA as possible so that he could post it on intagram
    • He is the guy behind the camera for all those Victuuri pictures we see during the credits.
    • He will borrow/steal your phone and scream at the couple to do something cute to take a picture.
    • He will hang out with couples and gladly take pictures of them and shamelessly promote himself through their Instagram

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