the making of strange brew

Surprise, surprise!

Fandom: Mamamoo

Pairing: Moonsun/Slight Hanimoon/Wheesa

Rating: PG

Summary: Byulyi wasn’t alone when Hani called her in for the quiz that night. (feat. slight Hanimoon)

The one thing Byulyi thinks Yongsun will never be is jealous.

Because it’s Kim Yongsun she’s talking about.

It’s the same Kim Yongsun who laughs and teases her when she flirts with Wheein with cheesy pick-up lines, who claps her hands in wonder when Hyejin makes her flush red with sultry glances and wandering hands.

So the one thing that Byulyi is sure she’s figured out about Yongsun is that jealousy isn’t something that exists in the older girl’s dictionary.

Of course, that theory goes out the window when she gets a call during practice one night.

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elijahrose  asked:

Malec prompt: "What the hell is that thing, and what is it doing in our kitchen"

This is super late and I’m very sorry, I started working on this the night after you sent the prompt but my friend sporadically visited for a week and a bunch of other stuff happened in between, so I’ve only just gotten round to completing it. I hope you like it, feel free to message me with any other ideas you have in the future. Sometimes I can take a while to finish a piece of writing but I will always, always complete/upload it :) 

Alec dropped his bag of weapons wearily by Magnus’s collection of sequined boots and stumbled into the living room. He’d been called out with Jace, and Izzy to dispose of a common demon lurking behind an office block and unfortunately, that common demon was poisonous. The poison wasn’t lethal, it had just enough kick to temporarily knock you on your ass, but three days shivering on a sofa and running a fever was not something that Alec was looking forward to.

He rubbed the bite on his shoulder grumpily before suddenly becoming aware of the fact that Magnus was still stood at the kitchen counter. Usually, after Alec had completed a demon dispatch he would come running up to his boyfriend, a dangerous mixture of worried and flustered. He’d make him a coffee and run him a bath or brew some strange combination of herbs to fight fatigue. But now, as Alec watched the warlock he was completely oblivious, leaning over the sink and cooing softly.

Kicking off his muddy boots he wandered over to where Magnus was standing, leaning over his shoulder to kiss him on the cheek. But the moment he touched his boyfriend he was startled by a sudden noise. He jumped back just in time to avoid a splash of soapy water as bubbles flew everywhere. Magnus hadn’t even turned around but he seemed to be wrestling with something. Alec watched the chaos with a sinking feeling, he already knew that Chairman Meow was crouched indignantly under the coffee table, so what was in the sink?

Eventually everything calmed down and Magnus took a deep breath, spinning on the spot to reveal a very soapy alley cat clinging on to his shirt and dripping water onto the floor. Alec took another hasty step back as the cat tried to swipe him, despite him being out of reach.

“By the Angel, Magnus!” He looked at the cat in horror, “What the hell is that thing, and what is it doing in our kitchen?” He demanded. Magnus shifted and covered the cat’s ears with one of his hands. Well, what was left them. The animal had clearly lost a good few fights in its lifetime, the remains of its ears were jagged and scabbed, it’s ginger fur was matted and stuck up in tufts, but also missing in a few places, revealing scratched and scarred skin. It’s claws were digging into Magnus’s arms and they look positively deadly, already drawing blood. It hissed again and twisted in Magnus’s arms baring its yellow fangs. It looked more like a demon than a potential family pet.

“Shhh,” Magnus whispered dramatically, still struggling with the animal. “She can hear you!”

She?” Alec asked in disbelief. “Why is she here?”

“I caught some strays picking on her in the backstreet outside, the poor thing. I thought I’d bring her in, clean her up, give her some food and then the Chairman could have a friend to play with.”

Alec stared at his boyfriend with an mouth open. He was completely speechless when a thought suddenly hit him. He jumped forwards eagerly, waving his hands at the cat, hesitantly touching it’s fur and testing the air around it, certain that this was a trick.

“This is a real cat, right? This isn’t some vision you thought would be funny to conjure up or some-“ He yanked his hand away as the cat swiped him, leaving two deep scratches across the back of his hand. He rubbed the blood welling from the new cuts onto his sweater which was already ruined, he was really starting to feel the effects of the venom.

His whole body was aching, his eyes stinging with the effort of holding them open. He sighed, not sure if he was ready to have this argument yet, and leant on the counter behind him for support which was when Magnus finally seemed to notice his appearance. The warlock immediately put the cat down, rushing to Alec’s side. He ran his hands through Alec’s hair and across the back of his neck softly, looking at the black blood that now coated his tan skin in distaste. He worriedly held a palm to Alec’s forehead, frowning when he felt the beginnings of a fever.

“Oh, Alexander,” He said softly, following the red rash from his neck down to the bite mark on his shoulder. He pulled the collar of the sweater down to reveal angry, raised marks in Alec’s skin, his veins running black with venom and standing out stark. “What happened? Why didn’t you say anything?” Magnus said quietly, he looked up at Alec who smiled softly at how serious Magnus was when it came to his wellbeing.

“It was only a Gradula,” He waved Magnus off half-heartedly, “give me a few days. I’ll be fine.” Magnus still looked worried but he kissed Alec gently, moving in closer to the Shadowhunter. As tired as Alec was, he couldn’t help pulling Magnus closer by the bottom of his shirt and deepening the kiss. He made a soft sound in his throat, lazily opening his mouth and running his hands up under Magnus’s shirt. Magnus pulled away.

“Nu uh. I see where this is going. You’re sick! You need rest and blankets and soup. Not to mention the fact that you’re covered in Demon blood. Huge turn-off.” He smiled at Alec’s pout before moving towards the bedroom.

“Watch the cat.” He called over his shoulder. Oh right, the cat. Alec suddenly remembered the hideous animal sitting on the floor and eyeing him warily.

“I don’t believe this.” He muttered grumpily, fighting back a yawn and looking down at said demon spawn.

“You better not have fleas.” He muttered, crossing his arms to protect himself from such a judgemental glare. He glared back, making brief eye contact with the stray. But the moment their gaze met he felt his heart soften a little. He saw what Magnus must’ve seen. A little victim, sad, lonely and hungry. All of a sudden Alec felt bad for wanting the cat gone. He glanced over to the bedroom to see where Magnus had gotten to. When it didn’t look like he was returning any time soon, Alec bent down and hesitantly held out a hand. The cat eyed it for a few minutes, letting out an occasional hiss and swiping at him before pulling away again. Alec sighed.

“It’s okay, you dumb thing… honest, look… come here. I won’t hurt you.” He muttered in what he hoped was an encouraging voice. Evidently it was because the cat slowly began inching forwards until finally she rubbed her head along his hand, leaving behind a trail of bubbles and warm water, she was still growling quietly, warning him not to try anything but she seemed quite happy to get some positive attention. She chewed playfully on one of Alec’s fingers and he knew there was no going back now. In just a matter of minutes, she’d won his heart.  

“Fine.” He said in defeat. “You’re not so bad. I guess you can stay.”

“What was that?” Alec stood up as Magnus came back into the room, his arms full of herbs and potions, a blanket draped over his shoulders.

“Nothing.” Alec said a little too quickly, knowing how predictable his change of heart would be. Magnus looked at him curiously then saw the cat rubbing against his legs. He grinned knowingly but kept his mouth shut.

“You. Sofa. Now. You need to rest.” He said instead of gloating. Alec rolled his eyes but was secretly glad of the chance to sit down. He could feel his knees shaking trying to hold him up. He walked sluggishly into the front room and dropped onto the sofa, sinking into the cushions gratefully as Magnus threw the blanket over him.

“Thanks,” he murmured, already feeling the urge to sleep becoming ten times stronger than it was before. He shut his eyes and buried himself deeper under the quilt when he felt Magnus put his head in his lap.

“Mags, what are you doing?” He slurred. “Come up here.” He patted the sofa next to him then heard Magnus laugh from the kitchen. 

“That’s not me.” The warlock said. Alec opened his eyes a little to see the Ginger alley cat curled up next to him on the sofa, her head resting on his lap next to his hand as though she was asking him to stroke her. He could feel the water still coating her fur soaking through the blanket and into his jeans but he was too tired to care.

“Mags?” Alec muttered.


“I like her.” He said as he laid down fully, tucking an arm under his head as a makeshift pillow, being careful not to jostle the cat too much. “I like her… She can stay.”

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