the making of a diamond in the rough


a rough estimate as to how tall all of the gems are ✌️

i imagine that the diamonds are the largest solo gems, but not the largest gems total, bc fusions can probably get fucking gigantic lmao (it’s very likely that a fusion between rose, pearl, and some other gems (possibly bismuth) shattered pink diamond)

i did……a lot of considering when making this……..

i determined that sapphire (despite the organization bc im dumb) is the smallest, and rose is the tallest (garnet being slightly shorter)

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Barbarian Week: Fleshing out the Barbarian

Many times when making a character whose main focus is just being angry and hitting things (barbarian is as barbarian does), we tend to forget about what makes the character unique. We fall back on tropes like “Grog the barbarian likes his grog” and “Axenar has an ancestral axe that she carries with her” and “Buhbarry-An is a barbarian who likes sex, gambling, drinking, and killing.” Unfortunately, this is extremely boring and cliche to build an entire character around. Your character can enjoy those things, yes, but so can literally everyone else in the party! So I will try and offer some thoughts on how to make your barbarian truly a diamond in the rough… or at least a gold piece in a pile of bloodied corpses.

I plan to go more in-depth on characters and story over the next few weeks. Therefore I will go into the more superficial characteristics.


Just because your barbarian doesn’t wear armor doesn’t mean they are naked all the time! Although…

I guess nudity does have its merits.

Try to come up with an outfit that speaks to who your character is; what they like, how they act, what they are afraid of… show the character’s history through what they wear. Here are some examples.

  • You wear a thick leather vest. It used to have arms but one was damaged in a previous battle, so you tore the other one off to match.
  • Wolf leather shirt studded with polished wolf bones. You made it from the first creature you killed after your rite of passage into adulthood. You believe its power runs through you.
  • You cover yourself with a patchwork cloak made from creatures you have killed. During every battle that matters, you dramatically toss your cloak to your feet to bare your chest at your foes.
  • You have a high metal collar from a set of full plate that you wear over your leather armor. You were once struck a near-fatal wound to the neck, and are always wary to avoid another such blow.
  • You wear metal bracers padded with feathers from a Peryton that you saved a traveler from. You wear them as a reminder of what you’re fighting for.
  • You have a necklace of large scales were given by your parents, to remind you to return to your fishing village one day once you have enough wealth to save them all.
  • A helmet you wear is covered in spines of a manticore. You are afraid of manticores after one attacked your tribe when you were young. You wear the spines hoping to strike the same fear into your enemies.
  • You wear the fancy clothes of nobles you’ve killed to mock the ruling class, and the idea of society as a whole.
  • After befriending some dwarves and saving them from bandits, you were rewarded with lots of gemstones. You fitted your armor with them so the items appear magical.
  • You wear a pelt of a creature that was killed for sport by some stranger and left to die. You made use of the entire creature so its life wouldn’t be wasted.
  • You wear a ring left behind by a one-night-stand whom you fancied, but left who before you awoke. Should you ever find them again, you can give it back to them.
  • Your boots are in constant state of half-repair as you refuse to get new ones. Your constant travel by foot keeps wearing them out so you strap or tie new leather to them.

These are just a few ideas but you can start to see how they hint at the rest of the character. Some show their fears, their flaws, their traits, their ideals, their bonds, and their story. Keep this in mind while describing your character.


Barbarians, like everyone, have quirks. They aren’t just piles of muscle for the party to use as a tool for lifting rocks and absorbing damage. Think hard about your quirks. You can try turning the barbarian trope on its head with an ironic quirk or else highlight your background and personality.

  • You collect a trophy from every kill, provided you dealt the killing blow.
  • You have no respect for the dead, and find the idea of memorials or burials ridiculous.
  • You have tremendous respect for the dead, especially those fallen in battle. You will bury and say a few words for anyone you have slain.
  • Despite being a barbarian, you have a mature concept of honor and will not fight in a one-sided fight, sometimes ending your rage early if someone isn’t putting up a good fight or lost their weapon.
  • Unlike most barbarians, you enjoy the idea of observing your enemy before rushing into combat. It gets your blood pumping and you share a kinship with rogues and assassins this way.
  • You have a comically small pet that you care for and will viciously protect from harm.
  • You leave a signature marking on every kill, drawn in the victim’s blood.
  • You are very hygenic, often stopping mid-adventure to clean off your weapon, hands, and face.
  • Your character has a thing for big ole’ cigars. You hold that cigar in your teeth until you meet a challenging foe, then you dramatically spit it out and tighten the grip on your weapon.
  • You love trying new things, especially exotic or weird food, even if it seems gross.
  • You keep a journal despite being unable to read/write. You instead doodle little images to remind you of what things happened that day. Your drawing skills are actually improving.
  • You thrive for excitement and danger. If there’s a choice between stairs and a ledge, you hop the ledge. You grab the Gorgon by the horns.


People often forget that even big strong burly barbarians have fears. Those fears and flaws should guide the way you roleplay and interact with other characters.

  • You have a gentle side that you keep hidden from others. You are afraid if others discovered this, you would lose your powerful presence.
  • Your race does not have darkvision and after living alone in the wilderness for so long, you have a cautious fear of the dark.
  • You have an irrational fear of a harmless and adorable creature.
  • You have a completely rational fear of a terrifying and deadly creature.
  • You do not trust magic, even magical forms of healing. You claim it’s because only weaklings use magic.
  • You dislike a particular race and have trouble interacting with them. You didn’t have the best upbringing. Through your adventures, though, you are learning to tolerate them.
  • You are afraid of harm befalling your friends. You lost someone once and don’t want it to happen again. This also makes it hard for you to get close to anyone.
  • You have a fear of not being remembered. You often take steps to preserve your memory and are nice to others so they will tell your tale.
  • You reject responsibility. You know that you have duties to fulfill, but you often avoid or run away from them. Your life of adventure started by running away from your old life. It often haunts you.
  • You are wary of religion or whatever higher power is out there. You respect clerics and clergy if only to save your soul. This sometimes affects how you make decisions even when no one is watching.
  • You have trouble talking to people you are attracted to, despite your great strength and combat ability.
  • You don’t trust society and assume the worst from people in authority positions. You often spin tall tales of conspiracy based on shreds of evidence.

So make your barbarian something special! I hope you all enjoyed barbarian week and took something away from it. Those Magic Items will always be an interesting add to any campaign, if anything. Next month I will assume the correct alphabetical order and do a Cleric week! Expect new deities/domains, more new items, and ways to use fantastic religions in your game!

anonymous asked:

hi i saw your requests are open and i love your blog!! so like, i was wondering, if mc had older brother(s), what would the rfa act or be thinking when meeting them?

I live for this ^^


  • scared shitless before he met them
  • and scared shitless during the meeting
  • he keeps hearing how protective they are over you
    • and the infamous stories of “taking out the trash” anytime you had a crush on someone 
  • am i the next trash???
  • they were all bigger than him in almost every aspect
  • ends up stammering over his words or sweaty
    • his hands got very clammy
  • but your older bros gave Yoosung a huge ass bear hug
  • they heard all about the business with the RFA and Mint Eye
  • this nugget is a fucking hero to them
  • your bros are quick to even call him brother
    • makes him glad yet so nervous at the same time
  • to them any other man on the planet is trash
  • yoosung is a fucking diamond in the rough


  • she has a pretty calm composure,
  • even when you tell her that your older brother is very protective of you
    • regardless of gender >->
  • when she meets him, she can tell he’s a bit wary of her
    • like who put the stick up her ass?
  • but when you tell him that she knows taekwondo
  • your bro wants her to fight him???
  • sweet precious baehee is reluctant to pummel your brother
    • because he’s your brother
    • and perhaps future brother-in-law
  • but he insists…
  • he puts up a pretty good fight, but no match for this gelato
  • SUPER impressed
  • tells you to take some notes
    • um excuse you
  • asks Jaehee if she has any brother or sisters with he can go toe-to-toe with  (・ω<)☆


  • this guy oozes confidence
  • meeting your brothers would be a piece of cake right???
  • yeah no
  • they took a good long look at Zen and just brushed him off
    • uh
  • yeah your parents LOVE Zen but your bros don’t seem to be impressed
  • they think Zen is one of those fuckboys trying to get with their little sibling
  • all guys are dogs they said
  • this marshmallow is appalled
  • kind of feels like he’s trying too hard to impress them
    • even YOU tell him to tone it down
  • but after seeing how much of a gentleman he is to you and how much he freaking loves you
  • they start to let him in their inner circle
  • you also failed to mention you have a younger brother
  • who by the way HATES Zen’s guts
    • taking his beloved noona away from him (。╯3╰。)
  • it takes him YEARS until he starts to even have a kernel of respect to your marshmallow


  • externally he was confident
  • but internally he was screaming
  • because you got this older brother who is super protective of you
  • at first he just brushed it off but he began to think
  • what if he wasn’t truly good enough for you???
  • this donut can be charismatic af…if he wants to
  • but in order for him to feel accepted, he has to get approval from your bro
  • their first meeting was a lot of staring into each others’ souls
    • it was very spoopy
  • your bro was not willing to give in because his little sibling must be protected at all costs
    • thankfully you didn’t mention anything about your donut practically locking you in his apartment for a few days
  • eventually Jumin kind of stops caring because he knows he loves you and shit
  • then your bro starts to cave in
    • sees how this donut looks at you and how you look at him
    • it’s almost like a fucking disney movie


  • has twenty mini panic attacks
  • you don’t just have one, but THREE older brothers
    • all of which look out for their little sibling
  • has some regression going on since he’s been a terrible older brother and your THREE bros have always been there for you
    • cue flashbacks as he’s driving the car
    • “are the flashbacks frequent?”
    • increasingly…today.”
  • you have to hold his hand to give him your support
  • your bros are pretty engaging with Seven while he’s a stiff twigbean
  • but Seven just tells them he just doesn’t deserve you
  • and her brothers snap back before you could say anything
  • wow didn’t think he would get that much aggressive support
  • after that Seven eases into the conversation, being the quirky, humorous jellybean he is
horoscope as lines from "My Shot."

aries : “When I fight I make the other side panicky with my shot!”

taurus : “You keep out of trouble and you double your choices”

gemini : “Oh, am I talking too loud? Sometimes I get overexcited, shoot off at the mouth.”

cancer : “I will lay down my life if it sets us free.”

leo : “I probably shouldn’t brag, but dag, I amaze and astonish.”

virgo : “For the first, I’m thinking past tomorrow!”

libra : “I’m a diamond in the rough, a shiny piece of coal.”

scorpio : “I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory.”

sagittarius : “Ask anybody why we livin’ fast and we laugh, reach for a flask.”

capricorn : “Don’t be shocked when your history book mentions me.”

aquarius : “when your living on your knees, you rise up!”

pisces : “Or the blood we shed begin an endless cycle of vengeance and death with no defendants!”


When I just a kid
I couldn’t wait till I grew up
Tried walking in your shoes
But couldn’t even tie them up

No matter how big and tall I grew
I was always looking up to you

You showed me that I was just a diamond in the rough
You helped me to grow into the man that I’ve become
We’ve been down, we’ve been up
I hope I’ve made you proud enough
You make it look easy
Even when I’m hard to love

When I dropped out of school
You told me that my time was up
I was a rebel with a cause
Just didn’t know quite what it was

So I got a job that barely paid
You said you did the same thing at my age

You showed me that I was just a diamond in the rough
You helped me to grow into the man that I’ve become
We’ve been down, we’ve been up
I hope I’ve made you proud enough
You make it look easy
Even when I’m hard to love

We’ve been down, we’ve been up
I hope I’ve made you proud enough
You make it look easy
Even when I’m hard to love

Even when I’m hard to love

Hamilton — My Shot  {Sentence Starters}

  • “I am not throwing away my shot!”
  • “I’m young, scrappy and hungry.”
  • “I probably shouldn’t brag, but dag, I amaze and astonish.”
  • “The problem, is I got a lot of brains but no polish.”
  • “I gotta holler just to be heard.”
  • “With every word, I drop knowledge!”
  • “I’m a diamond in the rough, a shiny piece of coal.”
  • “Only nineteen but my mind is older.”
  • “Every burden, every disadvantage, I have learned to manage.”
  • “I walk these streets famished.”
  • “So there will be a revolution in this century.”
  • “Don’t be shocked when your history book mentions me!”
  • “I will lay down my life if it sets us free.”
  • “Eventually, you’ll see my ascendancy.”
  • “I dream of life without a monarchy.”
  • “When I fight, I make the other side panicky!”
  • “You and I. Do or die.”
  • “You keep out of trouble and you double your choices.”
  • “If you talk, you’re gonna get shot!”
  • “I think your pants look hot.”
  • “Give me a position, show me where the ammunition is!”
  • “Oh, am I talkin’ too loud?”
  • “Sometimes I get over excited, shoot off at the mouth.”
  • “I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory.”
  • “See, I never thought I’d live past twenty.”
  • “For the first time, I’m thinking past tomorrow!”

I know nothing of that new Dreamworks movie ‘Boss Baby’ other than i’ve seen it advertised extensively and in every single picture that smug ass baby is making the Dreamworks Face ™. (The ads I remember starting practically a year ago and when i went to the theater the other day the ads were EVERYWHERE.)

Dreamworks is hit or miss. They have some diamonds in the rough.

This looks nothing like one of those.

This looks like everything Dreamworks does wrong when things go wrong.

(Not so subtle) Hamilton shout-outs in the Moana Soundtrack

“Watch me dazzle like a diamond in the rough.” -Tamatoa, Shiny

“I can lead with pride, I can make us strong. I’ll be satisfied if I play along.” -Moana, How Far I’ll Go

anonymous asked:

Just want to say that I love you, so much. Thank you for being here. Thank you for making videos for so long. I'm a new fan, but going into your history in older videos and your current videos. Everything about you. Your voice, your humor and even your anger touch me in a way I cannot express. I'm so thankful to have found you, you're a diamond in the rough. Just thank you so much for being you and sharing yourself to us via videos and video games. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

thank you for these kind words. I’ll keep doing my best!


how can I sleep
how can I eat
how can I live
when freedom isn’t really free

‘cause I am a failure
not just me, but rather
we all fail if people don’t know
black lives matter

my money don’t mean nothing
if equal pay ain’t the standard
tryna tweet these changes
but 140 letters can’t change strangers
it’s not enough to be a diamond in the rough
'cause if you sit to be
at the bottom of the ladder

we got crowns and elections
never pay them no attention
but the hate is progressing
that’s a reflection of who we are

who are we?
we’re killing people for loving people
we don’t know how to stop it
we just making trending topics

why aren’t we aiding aids
when it comes to real problems
we need some hearing aids
some priorities
some respect
instead we’re reading about
which two celebs just had sex

girls are getting raped
that ain’t the fault of mini skirts
it ain’t because of alcohol
or because she likes to flirt
that’s because we made a place
where she has less of a worth
and offenders walk away
while the victims lay to hurt

you scared of muslims?
I’m scared of your mentality
your weak mind as well
we have so much damn brutality
our war in terrorism
bigger war in ignorance
nice muhammad ali tattoo
I guess ignorance is bliss

people are drowning in the water that we drink
tryna escape war
what more you got to think?
you would rather let them sink
than to let them in
borders, money, politics
at the human condition

that’s the world we live in
killing them, letting them die
now what’s the difference?
we are killers, we are hateful
are we blessed and ungrateful?

the solution and the problem
we can’t just pray
we gotta solve 'em
stop praying, shut up
and solve 'em

we are the problem to our goddamn problems.

So it just dawned on me why Jay steals, and why Jafar makes him steal. Jafar was trying to turn Jay into another Aladdin. Because only Aladdin could get into the cave of wonders to get the lamp. If Jay could become just like Aladdin, he’d be able to find something just as amazing as the lamp, and he wouldn’t be denied entrance to somewhere for not being a diamond in the rough.

Idk why it took me this long to realize why he’d just be a thief. Though I’m still bitter he shows no sign of being able to use magic, considering Jafar was sorcerer.

To be a black girl like me

We’re all connected –

Black girls of my generation,

Like coiled hair in box braids,

Like the stars in a constellation,

Like we’re in on a secret

They’ve tried to bury,

But when we unearthed it

They started to worry.

Told us it doesn’t matter.

Told us it’s worthless.

Told us it was of no consequence

Because that secret was us.

And possessing this truth

Even though it’s no privilege,

It’s another obligation

We have to learn how to deal with;

To protect each other

Like the buried treasure we’ve always been,

To make sure the secret gets out,

To make sure we don’t fall back in.

We’re precious jewels,

We’re diamonds in the rough,

We’re under pressure to conform,

Because we’re more than enough.

We don’t fit the mold of


Our jagged edges

Can cut through anything.

We’re not angry, we’re sharp

And being silenced cuts deep.

The kind of power black girls hold

Is not a secret anyone can keep.

We’ve got dirt in our lungs,

We’ve got bruises on our skin,

We’ve got blood in our teeth,

You see, there’s pain in melanin.

Bruises are our heritage,

We’re hurt and we’re scarred,

But the ugliness of the world

Does not reflect who we are.

We are stars,

Burning bright, unheard

And untouchable,

We’re precious stones

Never left unturned

And unbreakable.

Black girls struggle.

Black girls rock.

Black girls are magic,

But black girls are not.

Black girls laugh.

Black girls cry.

Black girls go missing

And no one asks why.

Black girls are suffocating,

In ways no one understands.

Did anyone try to #BringBackOurGirls?

And #WhatHappenedToSandraBland?

It’s a big deal

To be born in this skin.

It’s not a club

To let Rachel Dolezal in.

There’s no instruction manual,

Just a lot of terms and conditions.

Rebellion is the biggest risk;

Freedom is the mission.

Black girls are Amandla, Zendaya

Keke, Solange, and Nicki;

Black girls are Laverne, Lupita

Quvenzhané, Willow, and Gabourey.

And you might think

In all your outgroup bias

That we’re all jealous of Kylie,

But she’ll never ever know

How awful and wonderful it is

To be a black girl like me.

A Desperation for Well Being

Yuri Plisetsky is one of the most complex individuals in this show. He has so many motives, so many causes to these uprisings, and just countless paths to look at. He’s a very visible diamond in the rough who just needs to be polished to their highest point. Yet even with his skill, his pride for the sport, and his ambition to continue, there is one thing that he differs from everyone else. His desperation is at its point. Unlike Yuuri who is desperate to make an image for himself and skating career, Viktor who is desperate for his passion that is seemingly leaving, Yuri is desperate to provide.

He is desperate to succeed to, to come out on top, to simply win and do well because he needs it to live. He needs it to help his family because he is the main source of their income. Figure skating is a very expensive sport, but it does not reward unless you’re at the top of the crop. Yuri is constantly under stress to provide so he, and his family can simply survive. He wants to win this GPF because it would be the paycheck on the table, and an image in his name. Yet if there’s an image then there’s expectations. With expectation there is fear of failure, and with failure comes confliction. A loss of passion for the sport much like Yuuri went through. Much like how Viktor began to grow weary of not being able to get the reaction he wished. Plisetsky can’t have that happen because he doesn’t have the option to. That’s why he wants Viktor as a coach so he supposedly has a one way ticket to winning one of the largest competitions in the season.

As I had said earlier figure skating is an expensive sport. Averaging around 100,000 USD for a highly competitive skater such as the likes of Patrick Chan, Yuzuru Hanyu, Yuna Kim, and plenty of others. It is very very very expensive, and he already has the government backing his travels, but not for the food he puts on the table for his family. The government doesn’t care about that. They only care if you win, and if you put a good image on their reign. For he supposedly produces the highest favor of wiping the board clean just like Junior season. He wiped the podium clean for his whole time, and only gained $30,000 USD. I’m counting all three championships for first place. That alone would not be enough for his own career, costumes, and family. If he had gotten anything less such as third place he would’ve gotten around $15,000 within those three years, and if he had done the bare minimum (5th) it would’ve been $8,250. Barely enough to support. That’s why he’s desperate to win. He needs it to survive. He needs it for his /family/ to survive.

And if Yuri wins the GPF the prize money would be $272,000 MORE than enough to support his family. Why would you not think he wouldn’t want that? It could literally help him own family get to a better place. He can’t loose at all. No way. No how. This competition is his own way ticket out of poverty. This is his desperation for the well being of his family.

The government doesn’t care about his family. They only care that he succeeds in giving a good image to their country and immense training houses.

Yuri /needs/ Viktor as a coach to make an amazing program. Sure, he has Yakov but he’s only there’s as a coach and we can tell he is someone who does not allow someone to venture out of their zones and attempt the impossible. We saw it when Yuri did the 4S, though over rotated it still landed giving him a majority of the points, Yakov chewed him out. For he was not “ready” though he was completely capable of producing it. Viktor on the other hand is someone who allows Yuri to venture, and that’s probably what he wants. Plisetsky doesn’t want restrictions because restrictions are a seeming loss to the game. He truly truly needs this.

He isn’t just prideful about being an amazing figure skater nor is he boastful about it either. Yuri Plisetsky truly needs this. For it’s now or never.

Blog PSA

Woooo I have tomorrow off!! Idk how I managed that haha but I do!

Gonna try and get through a real good chunk of drabbles tonight, but as of right now I’m making a playlist in a feat to get inspired and just cause :) so hopefully you all enjoy that. I’ll be honest I’m not technologically knowlegable so there won’t be links haha. 

Other than that, I’m attempting to get fics done, it’s a slow but so far fairly successful process. Again, if you have ideas for any of my fics (especially Jungle Man, Strange Happenings, A Diamond in the Rough, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, Night Time My Time or You Really Got a Hold on Me) lay em on me! Please and thank you.

Hope you’re all having a lovely day :)

the signs as random things my friend has said throughout the year

CAPRICORN: “Even if I’m a diamond in the rough I’m a very low karat diamond”

LEO: “I snorted a ladybird once”

AQUARIUS: (Why she hadn’t slept for 28 hours) “I tried to fall asleep but then I fell out of bed and gave up”

TAURUS: (When a squad member forgot his friendship bracelet) “If we were power rangers we wouldn’t be able to make the giant morph ranger because of you!”

LIBRA: “You can’t say ‘is it a black person’ playing Guess Who!”

ARIES: (Squad members having a fight with pegs found around college grounds) “Stop! BTEC Sport can’t do their orienteering without those”

GEMINI: “She’s nearly single – she just cheated on her boyfriend”

CANCER: “I’m too lesbian to be squatted”

PISCES: “I spelled my name wrong once on an exam”

VIRGO: “Why are 1 in 3 men called Sam or Tom?”

SCORPIO: “I love how they’ve already given you 0/0 on your homework” (It was a percentage sign [%])

SAGITTARIUS: (Playing Post-It Headbands) “Am I a farm animal? (Yes) Am I a sheep? AM I A ZEBRA?”