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Why Phichit is my Favorite Character

In honor of reaching 500 followers, I decided it was about time I made a post that shows that this blog is actually what it sounds like. This is going to be a long ride full of incoherent rambling, so hold on tight. Yes I am listening to Shall We Skate and Terra Incognita on repeat while writing this

Lets start from the beginning. The first time we see Phichit, we see him for only a few seconds, where he only says one line of dialogue, ¨Yuuri!¨, which was preceded by a giggle. We don’t see him again for the rest of the episode, or the next. Or the next. There is nothing that you can glean from this character at first glance.

But that was the moment I fell in love with the character that is Phichit Chulanont. 

See, It wasn’t his first official appearance that made me fall in love with him. The reason I liked this character so much was because I understood he was close to Yuuri and cared about him. Now, for those of you who don’t know, I became invested in Yuri!!! on ICE because of Yuuri and the premise + figure skating. Not victuuri, although that was wonderful because!!! Representation!!! I was just glad there was a main character I, and many others, could deeply relate to. But this post isn’t about Yuuri. Its about Phichit. And because I could see he cared for Yuuri, I got interested. 

So I watched the scene again to figure out what I could. And here is what I was able to come up with.

He lives in Thailand, but has just arrived home after being somewhere else, or is leaving. More likely the former. He is cheerful, and invested somewhat in social media. He is close friends with Yuuri, or at least acquainted, and is likely a figure skater. 

I looked him up after that, and my love only grew. 

Also, we had this picture in the ending

God I love him

The next time we see Phichit, we see him in a video call with Yuuri in episode 4. His first appearances are all very Yuuri-centered. 

But boy did this scene deliver a BIG LOAD of information. 

I had been right about quite a few things from my first guesses about Phichit. He just arrived back in Thailand and likes social media, as seen by the literal touchscreen gloves and multiple IG posts. He is also very close with Yuuri. VERY CLOSE. I damn near cried over how comfortable and happy Yuuri became when he was talking with Phichit. And how comfortable PHICHIT looked when he was talking to Yuuri. 

They had clearly been friends for a long time, Yuuri even knew phrases in Phichits native language, and I have no doubts that Phichit knows phrases in Japanese.

This sort of familiarity and calm interaction is something we only really see Yuuri take part in when he is with his family, +the Nishigori’s, at least at the beginning of the series. 

When Yuuri starts talking about composer girl, Phichit is able to immediately understand what Yuuri needs without even having to hear Yuuri say it. That is the kind of friendship some can only dream of. 

We already know Phichit is a wonderful, reliable friend from less than a minute of interaction. Less than a minute. I counted. I have seen dozens of shows where it takes multiple WHOLE EPISODES to understand the relationship between two characters, but with Yuri on Ice it takes less than a minute. This is a result of good writing and good, rounded characters. 

Which leads to my next topic of discussion.

Phichit is such a well-rounded character holy shit

There are no lingering doubts about Phichit’s character. There isn’t a scene where you are left wondering, “Why did Phichit do this” or “What is Phichit thinking” because we know, at least in my case. As long as you understand Phichit as a character you can understand the motivations behind his actions. 

Episode 6 is a beautiful Phichitfest and I was having a good ol’ time. 

Now, for reference, episode 6 is when I really got into Yuri on Ice as a show. Characters I didn’t really like were starting to have more appeal, like Viktor, and characters I loved got better, somehow. 

Bonus points for fashion goddamn


His constant need to document everything on social media is also much appreciated. 

also this

Captain of the #victuuri ship honestly same Phichit

So,as I’m watching this episode I’m just waiting and thinking 

when do i get to see Phichit skate?? when??

I find out Phichit skates first and Im !!!!

then he skates. 


Phichit steps out onto that rink in his princely attire and I am gone then and there.

Shall We Skate? is such a masterpiece and I LOVE IT

You can say what you want about Phichit, but if you cant see how much Phichit adores skating through his performance than you clearly haven’t watched the series. 

I have a record of crying every time I watch Phichit skate when I watched the episodes he was in for the first time. Every time. This one is no exception. 

The fact that the audience is shown to get very caught up in Phichit’s performance made me so happy? These people, who are all there to support the more popular skaters, are getting caught up in the dance of a skater who hadn’t even been on their radar. 

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what a good friend fukc i love him

What I wouldn’t give to have a friend like Phichit


Terra Incognita. 

me too ciao ciao

This performance showed how much you can glean from a person while watching them skate. And yes. I cried. 


His motivation for skating is so fucking clear. 

He wants to make his country proud.

And he does. 

The audience is rooting for Phichit, he gets the crowd hyped up and he delivers. 

He worked his ass off for this performance and it pays off

He nails all of his components and scores higher than he ever has

He is so confident that hes won and he WINS






And that’s why it made me so mad when he lost the Grand Prix Final. 

Sixth. Place. 

I love the other skaters. I really do. But JJ did not deserve a bronze medal. He was way over scored and should have gotten last place. Phichit scored about as high as the previous years third place winner. JJ. 

His Shall We Skate made me hella emotional and sob along with him at the end. He is SUCH A GOOD SKATER. 

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I never cried as hard during the entirety of YOI as I did during Phichit’s Terra Incognita performance. He was so happy to just be performing. Even after he messed up one jump he continued to smile. 

That is what makes a performer. 

Phichit entertains the audience. He holds their attention and gets them hyped up and on the edge of their seats. 

He has fun while he skates and just genuinely loves his sport. 

This gif sums it up pretty well

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The scenes he got outside of the competition made me happy at least, and some of the flashbacks provided some nice information and depth

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and the iconic #victuuricaptain moment

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and I may be really salty about his loss but i am SO PROUD OF HIM

I am going to quote something I said when I first made this blog. 

“Just by qualifying for the Grand Prix Finals, Phichit won. He may not have won a medal, but he achieved not only one of his dreams, skating “Shall We Skate” in a major competition, but also made history by becoming the first Thai skater to compete in the Grand Prix Finals. WE should all be extremely proud of him, and hopefully watch him continue to made his dreams reality in the next season!”

I stand by this statement fully and wholeheartedly. Yes, Phichit deserved to be placed higher, and yes, it was completely unfair. But lets be proud of what he did achieve, and appreciate him for the amazing character he is. 

tldr; Phichit is a wonderful character and I love him. Thanks for 500 followers!

davey x reader college au headcanons

still working on the fanfic, just wanted to get these out today because i have a lot of feelings and ben fankhauser is the love of my life

-The first time Davey sees you is in Intro to Government, the first class of your first day at university

-He’s a political science major, with focus in English

-He was very nervous about starting college. He had been on campus for a week already but besides his art major roommate and the rest of the guys in his dorm hall, he didn’t know anyone. You on the other hand, were excited to meet new people and have a fresh start

-You were both so nervous because you had heard the professor had a reputation for being a hardass that the two of you had gotten to the building before was even unlocked

-You introduced yourself to him, and he could barely do anything but smile and nod. You were the cutest person he’d ever seen in his life !!

-Not wanting to stand for the 20 Minutes, you suggested the two of you sit down on a nearby park bench

-He followed you, super confused

-like, here was the most beautiful person he’d ever see, and you actually wanted to talk to him and sit next to him


-As you two begin to swap stories about high school and your hometowns, you start to see just how much you have in common

-You offhandedly mentioned your favorite book character, and he could of married you on the spot because it was his too

-he couldn’t help but notice how you played with your hair and how you grinned as you laughed like the most perfect ball of sunshine had been made into a tiny little human

-and you couldn’t stop watching the way he moved his hands when he talked or how his eyes sparkled when you mentioned literature

-The two of you could have stayed on the bench talking for forever, but the professor arrived and thus began your first class

-the minute class was over, you asked him if he’d like to study some time together for this class, as you know it would probably be the hardest class of your semester and he immediately agreed, admiring how on top of everything you were

-Studying for the first test involved hesitantly correcting each other and trying your hardest to eat properly and take perfect notes

-but one test quickly became multiple tests, and then it was every Thursday night

-Now it was deciphering scribbled notes and seeing who could intake more caffeine a day, yelling over each other trying to formulate answers to the homework

-It became you sprawled out on his bed listening to him recite essays and speeches that gave you goosebumps because damn that boy could write

-and him hosting Netflix nights when you just needed to relax, letting you cry into him when the stress was just too much

-Jack came in multiple occasions to find you two laying besides each other trying to keep distance between your hands and his, laughing about how yall should just hook up already. You both laughed, but you were both blushing

-Jack and the gang love you btw, the first time they met you they were searching the library for Davey, and tried to pull him out of his studies to go to a party

-when they finally find the secluded area you two were sat, the boys were shocked at how “Daveys study date” was actually gorgeous and funny and a great addition to the group

-Davey had refused to go because “Jack who in their right mind throws a rager on a Thursday night”

-But you convinced him to go hang out with his friends and he only went because he brought you along with him

-the boys liked to make fun of you for being as big of a nerd as Davey, but your wit could match Jacks and it was obvious how happy you made Davey so you began to hang out with the gang

-The first time Davey got an F on a test, he just stayed in his dorm the rest of the night just staring at the ceiling mad at himself for not doing enough

-Jack texted you because nothing he was doing was helping, and so you trekked across campus, hands full with Daveys favorite snacks from the dining hall and your favorite book that you had picked up from the bookstore for him

-You walk in to find him laying on his bed just staring at nothing

-so you just kinda hop on up and not saying anything, wrap your arms around him and put your head on his chest

-You stay like that for a moment, worried you might be crossing a line, but eventually he pulls you closer and wraps his arms around your waist and closes his eyes, breathing deep into your hair

-the two of you stay like that in silence until you both fall asleep

-because that’s how the two of you were, you didn’t need to talk. You understood each other more than yourselves. You were each other’s biggest competition but even bigger supporters. You were best friends who were in love and that was fine enough for the both of you

-when you woke up, you met his eyes and they were so full of love you could have died right there in his arms

-He quietly said thank you, and you responded by snuggling into his neck. The two of you stayed like that until morning, just making sure he felt loved. And boy did he feel loved.

-So now cuddles are a very common thing between you when one of you has a bad day. Or a good day. Or any day really

-you two were so close now that personal space wasn’t really a thing. You finished each other’s sentences, it was like you were psychically linked at some points and you knew things about him that no one else did

-in conclusion you two were in love and im emotional

this sets up my requested fanfiction that will be posted tomorrow so stay tuned for that! thank you for reading and please request!!


Missed connection:

You, with the bloody knuckles, angry and wound up like you were set to burst.

Me, blue balls, and bluer, hypothermic, balls.

It’s Marco who leans over to whisper conspiratorially in his ear, “That’s Eren, you should talk to him.” He says it with a smile that dimples both cheeks, and if it wasn’t for the fact that he’d funneled vodka down Jean’s throat like it was going out of style, he could be mistaken for the picture of angelic innocence. 

As it is, he’s funneled vodka down Jean’s throat. As it is, Jean’s spent the better part of two and a half years in love with him, wasting his lit major on truly terrible poetry about longing and unrequited love. Not that he thought it was terrible. His professor told him that.

“Nah,” he says instead, glancing quickly over at Eren – eyebrows knitted, frowning, fingers clasped around a dart – “I’m here for you, babe,” he winks, and it feels less stupid than it is because Marco laughs and because he has half a bottle of hard liquor sloshing around in his stomach.

Regrets, like hangovers, are saved for morning afters.

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Fanfic Writers Appreciation Day

I started to write personal comments for all of my favorite fanfic authors, but it occurs to me that I should not keep them to myself. I should share them all with you.

@rhiannon42 is an amazing author. You should read her fic. I don’t care if you’re in the same fandoms, just pick one and read it. Today she posted her foray into Cosmic Horror for Star Wars with Relego VI. It’s a good place to start. Of course, I started following her for Alexandra Shepard. I think my favorite fic is Resurrection.  I cry every time I read it.  I narrated it once for a fanfic tumblr meme and had to get up and take a walk. Twice.  [x]

@aicosu has a knack for detail. Gritty details. The details that get stuck in your head like misplaced song lyrics: you chew on them for days until they become so routine that they’re part of you. Yeah. It’s like that. Like everything Aicosu does, it’s a joint effort – I like to try and tease out which scenes are Sheila and which scenes are Sylar. I’m pretty convinced the worldbuilding is Sheila and the sexy dialogue is Sylar, but I could just be reading it in his Fenris voice. ;) If you haven’t read Message Sent, you’re doing yourself a disservice. It’s a modern AU of the Solas/Lavellen relationship from Dragon Age Inquisition. I don’t like elves. I read it. In one sitting. Much like the Solas romance, we’re still waiting for answers. (Stares at the camera.) I also personally love Jenny. It’s dark and twisted and beautiful and cough may have inspired me more than the source material. [x]

@cherith is so good, you guys. I don’t have a favorite fic, because I’m a horrible friend, but let me tell you a thing: Cherith is always there. Every time I turn around, I see her name. She’s that hero that swoops in and scoops up the abandoned fic requests like a champ, cape flapping in the god damned wind. She huddles those fandoms close like a mama hen, lets them hatch into actual plots, and releases them into the world when they have legs to stand on. She’s just … one of those people that makes fanfic work. Read her stuff. Comment on it. Don’t let her go.  [x]

Which brings me to @andspiders, because saints be praised, she’s pulled my ass out of a fire so many times I think I’d cry if I met her. Spiders has this gift for pulling fic out of thin air. I swear to all that is holy, it’s a gift. I once gave her a three word prompt and within 4 hours she had a 1,000 word fic in my inbox. She’s fucking magic. Don’t let her tell you otherwise. [x]

@ir-anuk is also amazing. I don’t understand a majority of what she writes, but it’s always well written and worth reading. I think I’ve read most of her Destiny fic. I don’t remember any of the details she highlights being in the actual game but she does. And that’s what’s important. She remembers it all.  [x]

There’s @kyeshgall, who may or may not ever see this because life sucks. But I wish you all could read her work because she’s the kind of magic unicorns wish they could possess and she deserves all the love you can send her.  [x]

And there’s @everkings who writes as well as she draws and oh my god I wish I had a modicum of her talent. And Yonwords doesn’t apparently write fic anymore but she has always delivered solid gold and solid advice. I have no words for how much I love her writing and style, you guys. Maybe if I clap my hands while you tell her you love her, she’ll come back to fandom. [*] And @galleywinter who I lost to Warcraft but I’ll catch up with her some day!!! [*] and oh my stars and garters did you know @shadesofmauve has now written 200,000 words of Joker romance? Seriously, guys, I am a slacker. That is some serious dedication. Go read A Star to Steer Her By and Sunset and the Evening Star, because damn. Goals. [*]



   … and I’m falling asleep. The sun has set and my body says ow. I just. I just wanted to thank you guys for being you.

              …don’t ever stop.

“I thought you loved me...”

Jungkook Angst (have mercy it’s my first one)

Word Count:1,813

“I… I thought you loved me Y/N… what..what happened?” Jungkook looked at you across the table helplessly, “What did I do wrong, I promise I can fix whatever it is, let me fix this. Let me fix us.”   

You shook your head lightly, “You can’t fix this Jungkook, not this time.”
The relationship hadn’t always been this dismantled and destroyed, but Jungkook had managed to break it up little by little everyday through his work. You loved Jungkook being an idol, you loved the way he changed on stage the minute the first beat of the song turned on, the way he flowed through the choreography like he was born for this. But you hated the fandom, you hated the beautiful long skinny gorgeous girls that would hold his hand at fanmeets, make him blush, and shower him with expensive gifts. It made it so hard for you to compete with, especially with his birthday coming up. How were you supposed to compete with 3,000 dollar shoes and a 1,500 dollar shirt. You could barely afford college or your rent for that matter.

“Babe! What do you want to do for my birthday next next weekend, the boys want to know if they can tag alone OOORR if you have something special planned.” Jungkook called out to you from the living room as his favorite game blasted through the speakers.

“Uhh..uhm, let’s put a pin in that yeah? I’m not sure what we’re doing just yet okay?” You started to feel anxious, how am I supposed to give a present to the boy who has everything..what do I do. He’s not going to want anything from me, he probably doesn’t even want anything, maybe he should go with the boys. “Actually Kookie, go with the boys on your birthday, we’ll do something small after okay?”

“Oh..oh okay, I’ll let them know.” You didn’t see the flash of disappointment flash across Jungkook’s face as his hopes to spend his birthday with you were cut to pieces right in front of his eyes. You didn’t realize how much this boy was stupidly in love with you and just wanted a simply evening just the two of you at home, wrapped up in a blanket watching your favorite movies together. You were over in the kitchen, stressing about what to get the most perfect boy who had nearly everything, when all he wanted was..


A week had passed and you still had no idea what was going to happen for Jungkook’s birthday, you thought maybe cooking him breakfast! couldn’t go wrong with that, so on the morning of his birthday you woke up early and cooked him breakfast, a whole entire buffet, fit to feed the hungry appetite of a 22 year old boy.

“Hey.. babe where’d you go-“ Jungkook stumbled down the stairs half-awake to see the buffet before him and dropped his jaw, “Oh my Lord is this all for me?”

Giggling you ran up to him and wrapped him in a giant hug, “Happy birthday kookie, thanks for staying by me all this time… don’t know where I would be without you.” The two of you spent the majority of the morning munching on breakfast while talking about how excited you were for the brand new comeback and how gorgeous he looked on the new Love Yourself posters.
“Kookie, you looked sooooo nice in the highlight videos. The girl was pretty too! Who is she, I heard she’s a JYP trainee is that true?”

“haha yeah, she’s pretty and yep! A JYP Trainee, she’s really cool. All the girls were. Jimin-hyung got the prettiest one I think, she danced really well too. We had a lot of fun on set.”

“Ooh.. that’s that’s nice!” You tried to shake off the nagging feeling of feeling insignificant in his life, you weren’t pretty, you weren’t some model or actress or dancer for that matter… but Jungkook had chosen you.. why? The question nagged you throughout the day as the two of you went out and spent the afternoon shopping.

“Y/N! Try this on, this would look gorgeous on you!” It was a tiny jean skirt with a tight white tee with a leather jacket on top.

“Uh..uhm Jungkook I don’t think so haha I don’t have the body type to pull it off. Come on! We came for you anyway.. you pick an outfit I’ll buy it for you.”

“Nooooo let’s do couple clothes yeah?” Jungkook pulled out a similar style to yours and dragged you to the dressing room, “Huuurryy I want to seee it come out fast okay??”

You grudgingly dragged yourself into the dressing room and put on the clothes Jungkook so desperately had wanted you to wear. Your thighs were enormous, why were you growing horizontally… why were you about as flat as the world when people first discovered it… what was WRONG with you.

“BAAABEE, come out!! I want to seeeeeeee.” Dragging yourself through the door you stood under Jungkook’s gaze and squirmed uncomfortably.

“I told you I looked bad, why’d you make me do this.” You started to turn away back into your dressing room before Jungkook grabbed your wrist.

“You… look hot. Like you always are beautiful in my eyes but God you’re HOT right now Y/N.. Let’s take a picture I want to keep this forever.”

“Do… we have to? I feel uncomfortable..”

“Nonono I promise, it’ll only stay with me okay? Pleeeaaaassee, it’s my birthday” Jungkook batted his stupidly cute puppy dog eyes at you and pouted, “it’s my biiirrrtthhhdaaay.. yeah? YEAH?” You nodded shyly before posing in front of the camera with Jungkook. Half the time you hid behind him shyly much to his dismay and frustration, “Y/N, come on! I want a good picture of the both of us..”

“You do enough of the pretty in the relationship, I shouldn’t even have to be in the picture and it would glow.”

“Why do you drag yourself down like that, you’re beautiful!”

You smiled softly before running your fingers through his hair, “No sweetie, you are.”

Jungkook disappointedly looked at you frustrated, why didn’t you understand how beautiful you were! He was determined that you would recognize the beauty that he saw in you.

The rest of the day passed without a hitch, the two of you ended up buying the outfits you could wear it together later on a date… which was NEVER going to happen. But you agreed for the sake of your boyfriend’s pleading looks. You quickly shooed off Jungkook so he could spend the night with the boys, drunk nonetheless. It was all fine until you got a twitter notification with a post from @BTS_twt, Jungkook never posted and assumed it was just another #RMusic recommendation or Jimin posting YET ANOTHER selfie. But much to your dismay it was Jungkook… and you.

BTS had a twitter follow of 7.62 Million followers. 7.62 MILLION FOLLOWERS. Jungkook had posted the picture of the both of you today ONLINE to his FANS. He had to be drunk, you frantically texted your group chat with BTS demanding answers. When no one answered you called Namjoon, the ever-so reliable leader.

“KIM NAMJOON WHERE THE HELL IN JEON JUNGKOOK” you screamed into the phone.

“Uhm uh he’s right here what’s wrong.”

You gritted through your teeth seething in rage, “check.twitter.” Before hearing Jungkook scrambling to answer the phone,

“Hihi! What’s wrong. Are you okay? Do you need me back at home?”

“Jeon Jungkook what the HELL did you post on Twitter? and WHY.”

“That..? It literally says happy birthday to me! With a picture of me and you! Isn’t it good, I love it… well-taken I must say.”

“SERIOUSLY? You posted a picture of us to 7.62 Million people? Do you see the hate that I’m getting? I cannot believe you, didn’t you think about me? You know what.. whatever just… have fun with the boys I’m done.” You slammed the end call button before running up to your room to cry out the little amount of self respect you had left.

Less than an hour later you heard Jungkook slam the door before sprinting up the stairs and banging on your door, “Y/N, what’s wrong. Tell me PLEASE so we can fix this. I’m sorry I just…wanted to show the world how beautiful my girl was.”

“Didn’t you think about me? Why didn’t you think about me, my self-confidence is already rock-bottom because of those beautiful fangirls you spend time with at fanmeets. They’re going to berate me, torment me, abuse me emotionally. Didn’t you think about that?” You quietly whispered through the door… yearning for Jungkook’s embrace but also flinching at the idea of his comfort right now. “You know me better than that, or I at least thought you did.”

“I… I know I’m sorry, but I thought you could use words of affirmation not from just me alone. But from everyone all over the world who sees the beauty I see in you.”

You opened the door to come face to face with the look of distraught and anguish splashed across Jungkook’s perfect features. He didn’t deserve this, he didn’t need a  girl who would yell at him for posting a picture of the two of you on social media because she had no self-esteem, he didn’t have time to reassure a girl all the time, he didn’t have time… for you.

“Jungkook-ah… let’s… let’s end this.”

You watched as Jungkook’s face fell apart right before you, “No, don’t you dare give up on us Y/N, don’t you dare give up on me…”Tears streaked his face as he struggled to reach your hand, to bring you back to him. You knew the minute he held your hand you’d give in so you shook away his grasp and faced him head on.

“This isn’t going to work between you and me. We’re too different, it..just doesn’t work. And I’m done trying to make it work, I’m not good enough for you. You’re the sun, moon, and the stars. You’re a sight to see, a wonder. I’m the tiny blade of grass desperately reaching out, clinging onto hope and I’m tired Jungkook. I’m really..really tired. So.. let’s be done. You need someone who is the sun, moon, and the stars too. You need someone who can adore trying on clothes for you and taking pictures with you.. I am not that girl for you.”

“But..but you’re more than enough, I don’t need that. I just need you. Don’t you get that? I thought you loved me, how can you just leave me like this? Let me fix this, let me fix us.”

You can’t fix this one this time Jungkook.

Prompt list! holy crap! 217 XD

I made a selection of prompts mixing the ideas from a couple of posts. I didn’t order it by ‘category’ because I like to write about everything, so feel free to tell me the direction you want for the fic and I will adapt ^^

Feel free to ask me one of those for any companion or major character of the series ;) I never wrote a fic with an ‘alien’ character as a main, but I’m open to it hahaha

  1. Already? Do I really have that much of an effect on you?
  2. Are you cold?
  3. Are you drunk?
  4. Are you flirting with me?
  5. Are you hitting on me?
  6. Are you jealous?
  7. Are you mad at me?
  8. Are you okay?
  9. Are you still awake…?
  10. Are you upset with me?
  11. As you wish.
  12. Before I do this, I need you to know that I have always loved you.
  13. Behave.
  14. Bend over.
  15. Bite me.
  16. Can I hold your hand?
  17. Can I kiss you right now?
  18. Can I sit here? The other tables are full.
  19. Can I touch you?
  20. Can we cuddle?
  21. can’t believe you!
  22. Catch me if you can!
  23. Come here.
  24. Dance with me!
  25. Did I say that out loud?
  26. Didn’t you read the sign?
  27. Do you like it when I touch you like that?
  28. Do you think they could have loved me?
  29. Do you think you can teach me that?
  30. Do you trust me?
  31. Do you want me to leave?
  32. Don’t die on me– Please.
  33. Don’t fuck this up.
  34. Don’t leave me…
  35. Don’t make me come over there myself!
  36. Don’t touch me.
  37. First one to make a noise looses.
  38. Fuck me.
  39. Give it back!
  40. Give me a chance.
  41. Go back to bed.
  42. Have you lost your fucking mind?
  43. He’s dead because of you.
  44. Here, let me.
  45. Hey! I was gonna eat that!
  46. Hold me and never let me go.
  47. Hold me back!’
  48. How did I loose it?
  49. How did we get here?
  50. I adore you.
  51. I am not losing you again!
  52. I brought you your coffee.
  53. I came to say goodbye.
  54. I can take care of myself just fine.
  55. I can’t believe you talked me into this.
  56. I can’t feel my legs!
  57. I can’t stand the thought of loosing you.
  58. I could kill you right now!
  59. I did it…
  60. I didn’t do it!
  61. I don’t care what they said, it doesn’t mean shit!
  62. I don’t deserve to be loved.
  63. I don’t know why I’m crying.
  64. I don’t love you anymore.
  65. I don’t need you anymore.
  66. I don’t remember that!
  67. I don’t want to think about what I’d be like without you.
  68. I fell in love with my best friend.
  69. I fucked up.
  70. I got you a present.
  71. I had a nightmare about you and I just wanted to make sure you’re okay.
  72. I haven’t slept in four days…
  73. I just need to be alone right now.
  74. I made a mistake.
  75. I may be an idiot, but I’m your idiot.
  76. I need a hug.
  77. I need you to forgive me.
  78. I never meant to hurt you.
  79. I see the way you look at me when you think I’m not looking.
  80. I shouldn’t be in love with you.
  81. I swear it won’t happen again.
  82. I think I’m in love with you and that scares me half to death.
  83. I think I’ve been holding myself from falling in love with you all over again.
  84. I thought you loved me.
  85. I want to protect you.
  86. I want to take care of you.
  87. I wish i’d never met you.
  88. I wish we could stay like this forever.
  89. I’m dying.
  90. I’m fine.
  91. I’m flirting with you.
  92. I’m going to keep you safe.
  93. I’m going to kill you!
  94. I’m going to take care of you, okay?
  95. I’m not going to apologise for this. Not anymore.
  96. I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me some attention.
  97. I’m not good enough for you.
  98. I’m not jealous.
  99. I’m sick.
  100. I’m waiting.
  101. I’m yours.
  102. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to seduce me.
  103. If you go anywhere near them, you’ll have to deal with me!
  104. If you’re bored; Wanna have sex?
  105. Is that my shirt?
  106. It isn’t what it looks like! Okay.. Maybe it is…
  107. It must be hard with your sense of direction, never being able to find your way to a decent pickup line.
  108. It’s a real shame nobody asked for your opinion.
  109. It’s lonely here without you.
  110. It’s not what it looks like.
  111. It’s okay to cry…
  112. Ive wanted this for so long.
  113. Just admit I’m right.
  114. Just how stupid do you think I am?
  115. Just once.
  116. Just pretend to be my date.
  117. Lay back.
  118. Let me help you with that.
  119. Let’s move in together.
  120. Lets run away together.
  121. Lets run away together.
  122. Look at me—just breathe, okay?
  123. Look, I don’t have much time, but I wanted to say I love you.
  124. Looks like we’ll be stuck here for a while.
  125. Make me.
  126. Mine.
  127. No strings attached.
  128. No way, that’s so lame.
  129. Not sure if you could tell, but I’m not exactly a people person.
  130. Of course I remembered!
  131. Oh my god! You’re in love with them!
  132. Oh, Are you ticklish?
  133. On your knees.
  134. Open up.
  135. Please don’t hurt me like this.
  136. Put me down!
  137. Run!
  138. Say it!
  139. See, now, what that so bad?.
  140. Shut up and kiss me already.
  141. So that’s it? It’s over?
  142. Stop being so cute.
  143. Stop hogging all the blankets!
  144. Stop teasing me so much…
  145. Stop texting me weird stuff so late at night.
  146. Take off your clothes.
  147. Talk to me.
  148. Teach me?
  149. Thanks for helping me back there.
  150. Thanks for nothing.
  151. That doesn’t even make sense.
  152. That wasn’t funny.
  153. That’s almost exactly the opposite of what I meant.
  154. That’s irrational.
  155. The food looks great but.. There’s something much more delicious i’d like to eat right now.
  156. The nights still young.
  157. There was never an us.
  158. There’s only one bed…
  159. These stars are nothing compared to the ones I’ve seen in your eyes.
  160. They’re going to love you, don’t worry!
  161. This is all your fault!
  162. This is awkward.
  163. This is delicious!
  164. This is why I fell in love with you.
  165. This is, by far, the dumbest thing you’ve ever done.
  166. This tastes horrible.
  167. This was fun— Lets do it again sometime!
  168. Was I really that drunk?
  169. We cant do that here!
  170. We cant keep this up forever.
  171. We finish it the same way we started—together.
  172. We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you want to stop and feel the rain?
  173. Well this is just great.
  174. Well, fine; just this once.
  175. Well, this is where I live.
  176. What a pretty sight.
  177. What are you afraid of?
  178. What are you listening to?
  179. What did you just say?
  180. What do you mean? It’s exciting!
  181. What on earth are you wearing?
  182. What time is it?
  183. Whats the matter?
  184. When I picture myself happy… It’s with you.
  185. When you love someone, you don’t just stop. Ever. Even when people roll their eyes or call you crazy… even then. Especially then!
  186. Where did all these puppies come from?
  187. Why are you bleeding?
  188. Why are you naked?
  189. Why do you hate me?
  190. Will you marry me?
  191. You are the single best thing that has ever happened to me.
  192. You deserve so much better.
  193. You did what?!
  194. You don’t have to stay.
  195. You fainted, straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention, you didn’t have to go to such extremes.
  196. You have no idea what you do to me.
  197. You need to leave.
  198. You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you.
  199. You owe me.
  200. You own my heart.
  201. You shouldn’t have even been there!
  202. You weren’t supposed to hear that.
  203. You weren’t supposed to laugh!
  204. You’re an asshole.
  205. You’re cute when you’re angry.
  206. You’re in trouble now.
  207. You’re making me blush!
  208. You’re one hell of a girl.
  209. You’re one hell of a guy.
  210. You’re safe now. I’ve got you.
  211. You’re so beautiful.
  212. You’re so beautiful.
  213. You’re so cute when you pout like that.
  214. You’re special to me.
  215. You’re teasing me again…
  216. You’re the best part of me.
  217. You’re the best!
We’ll Find a Way to Survive

Lardo and graduation. 1.8k, ao3.

Inspired by @jack-manpain-zimmermann‘s post about Lardo graduating. Hope it was okay to do this! 

It’s a Thursday evening and Lardo is sitting with her legs on her desk, a bowl of tomato rice in her lap that’s been in the fridge for at least four days and is starting to taste kinda funky, wrapped in a hoodie even though it’s warm because whatever. It feels comforting to be wrapped up. She has three texts from her mom and two from her dad that she’s been ignoring for three days, even though they’re just sweet updates on life at home.

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Not Only In My Dreams

I finished a JackCrutchie fic. Someone give me a cookie.

In all seriousness though. Youtube Christmas-y AU thing.

Crutchie doesn’t mean to do it; really he doesn’t.

But it’s been nearly two weeks since Jack last skyped him, and even though they text and email, it’s not the same. He knows Jack’s been busy with exams, but Crutchie could really use his voice right now.

Which is why he types “Jack Kelly” into YouTube’s search bar.

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“Stay There, I’m Coming to get You.” | Yugyeom Drabble

bye lmao i’m dead inside u all know Yugyeoms my ULT and u still asked this how dare u ~Admin Hedgehog

You were hanging out at your friend’s house, having a girl’s night with her and one other of your friends, painting your nails and having a, “Treat Yo’ Self” time. One of your friends suggested you watch a movie while your nails dry, and of course you all agreed! What better to do then watch a funny movie to top off your night of relaxation?

What you didn’t realize was that your friend had decided on a horror movie. You fucking hated the horror genre, didn’t matter what form. Horror games, horror movies, horror books, hell no. None of it. So of course, you could have left the house before the movie played, or protested, but your friends begged you to stay, saying that it really wasn’t that scary!

How wrong they were. You were nearly pissing your pants at every other jumpscare and you were loathe to think about going to be later that night, in your apartment with your roommate gone for the weekend at their parent’s house. You hid under a blanket for the majority of the movie, covering your ears whenever you heard a scream from the television. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, one of your pals tapped you on the shoulder to let you know it was over. Apparently your friends didn’t realize how scary it actually was, since they all seemed about as haggard as you felt. 

“Well it’s pretty late so…Y/N, do you want to sleep over here? You guys are all welcome to sleep over.” After that movie, all you wanted to do was hide under your covers at home and cry, maybe with a Disney movie playing. You shuddered as your brain replayed a scene from the movie. Yes, a Disney movie was a must. But you did have to get up for your date with Yugyeom in the morning, so..

“No thanks,” You took a deep breath. “I have a date tomorrow, and i have to be up early for that.” Your friends were hesitant to let you go home by yourself, especially after you all were shaken after the movie. “No it’s fine, if i get scared on my walk home I can call a taxi or something, so it’s all okay.” You gave a shaky smile at them. “I’ll even text you when I get home, just to let you know I’ve not been murdered.” After you said your goodbyes, and stepped out into the cold, dark night, you were immediately bombarded with feelings of paranoia. You walked maybe 5 blocks away from your friend’s apartment when you passed an alleyway, and heard sounds of struggle and breaking glass. You turned on your flashlight to see, just to make sure it wasn’t a zombie or anything, and you saw the glowing eyes of two stray dogs fighting, when one of them barked at you. You screamed and ran down the rest of the street, until you got to a relatively busy intersection. You leaned against a streetlamp, trying to get your heart rate back to normal, when your phone buzzed, making you jump in fear, again. It was Yugyeom. You breathed a sigh of relief, and immediately answered.

“Hey Jagi! Were you sleeping?” You leaned your head against the lamp post, feeling less afraid just by hearing his voice.

“N-no, I was with t-the girls tonight, i’m walking home now. “ You stuttered out, still treating heavily. 

“Yah! What do you think you’re doing, walking home alone this late at night?!” He scolded you. “Where are you? Y/F/N’s house isn’t too far from the studio. I’ll walk you home.” You panicked, knowing he would take one look at you and know you had watched a horror movie. Yugyeom had placed a heavy ban on horror movies after a movie night with the boys involved you going to the bathroom and BamBam turning the lights off while you were washing your hands, making you scream and have a panic attack.

“Oppa, you really don’t have to come get me, I’m almost home anyways.” But he stubbornly refused to listen to you, his ‘protective oppa side’ coming out.

“Where are you?” You told him the intersection you were at, and he had you repeat it so he could write it down. “Okay, stay there, I’m coming to get you.” He hung up, and you sighed, thankful that Yugyeom was coming to get you so that you didn’t have to walk home yourself, no matter what you had told him before.

When you saw him jogging up to meet you at the bench you had sat on, you got a good look at him under the dim streetlight. Even in his sweatpants and hoodie, sweaty from the run and bags under his eyes from the late night practice, he was still so stunning and handsome to you. 

“Hey Jagiya, are you okay, you didn’t wait too long, right?” He was always so sweet too you, and it made you blush. You grabbed his hands and you guys started walking to your apartment.

“Yeah, I’m fine. You didn’t have to come get me…” You saw him open his mouth to protest. “…But I’m really glad you did. I don’t think I could have made it until tomorrow without seeing you.” Yugyeom grinned and slung his arm around your  shoulders, bringing your body closer to his, and he placed a quick kiss against your cheek. 

“I’m glad I came to get you too, you gave me an excuse to end practice early tonight.” He said, giggling.

“You’re so bad!! Nice to know I’m your “get out of jail free” card.” You gently bumped your hip into his. he laughed as you guys reached your apartment building door.

“Nah, well, I mean that IS why I asked you out.” He dodged the punch you aimed at his shoulder, laughing that dumb adorable laugh of his. You hesitated going inside, fear from the movie still slightly present, but you also wanted to spend more time with Yugyeom. 

“Do you…” You hesitated. You had only been dating for about 2 months, would it be to forward to ask him to stay? 

“Do I what?” He cocked his head to the side, like a puppy. Your face heated up.

“Do you want to come inside and stay the night?” You covered your face with your hands and kept your head down. Yugyeom gently grabbed your chin and hungrily brought his lips to yours. When you parted for air, he put his forehead on yours and looked into your eyes, both of you panting ever so slightly. 

“I would love to.” 

I already made a post about INTPs, INTJs and INFJs but I wasn’t yellLING ABOUT HOW GREAT THEY ARE SO LISTEN TO HOW GREAT THEY ARE

INFJs = we all know INFJs are actually magical time lord wizards of space they have like That So Raven level psychic powers and are probably reading your mind and seeing into the future but they’re also giant dorks and have the cutest giggles ever and like reading and writing and probably like tea and candles anD they’re SO CALMING and good at listening  ? ?? ? they are like IRL Gandalfs - wise and baddass you know what I’m talking about. They also remind me of kind knights/princesses from fairytales that you want to hug and be best friends with forever ? ? ? ? like how could you not love them ? ? ? they’re always there for you  ? ?? ? always happy to help even when they are struggling themselves ? ?  no matter what they want to do what they can to create a better outcome? ? ? ?they’re so compassionate and nice  ? ?? ? always put others before themselves  ?? ?? ?  are INFJs real ?? ? are they actually angels ? ? ?? is earth the planet the place they meant to come to pretty sure they got lost on the way to heaven where these angels truly belong like we don’t deserve INFJ tbh

INTPs = basically cats who know how to use the computer and are actually super nicE?? ?? ?very sweet ? ? ? ?? ? and hilarious ? ? ??  make perfect puns ? ? ? they’re giant memes ??? but also veRY VERY SMART they make amazing connections ? ? ?? could probably hack tumblr if one wanted to but they probably wouldn’t because they got better things to do ? ?  like ?? ? they are  geniuses but they’re so casual and laid back  ? ? ?? ? / ? ?? their smiles and giggles have been said to stop world crime and give angels wings and bring out sunshine on a cloudy day and cure any known sadness don’t argue with me INTPs I read this on a sciencey site thing it’s a fact you can’t deny it it’s science okay your smiles are blessings <333

INTJs = the dorkiest masterminds ever holy crap I always laugh when people say INTJs are like villains like have you met one ? ?? ? ??? I honestly think the only people who believe INTJs are villains are themselves like tbh INTJs listen to me you are the kindest people ? ??? ? you are such amazing friends ? ?? ? ? ?  like during an average day I’ll get texts from my INTJ friends and they’re all like “Have a good day!” “Hey, how are you feeling today? I hope you’re doing well!” “If you need any help with anything let me know.”  like I’m aCTUALLY CRYING you guys I cannot stress how much I love INTJs like they’re kind and so great and so funny ? ?? ? ? also major dorks omg ??? ? ? ? but they’re so cute ? ? ?? ? ? they get embarrassed over the cutest things ? ?? ? ? ? they sass everything that breathes and I love it ??? ? ? ? being an INTJs friend is like being a friend to the greatest person on earth ?? ?? being cared for and loved by an INTJ is literally the best feeling ever?? ? ? they’re so cute and protective of their friends too ?? ? ? ? like ? ? ?? ? I love them ? they’re the ones in the room who just come out and say what everyone’s thinking ?? ? ? ? ? they’re also super smart ?? ? ? ?? they also would probably start a fight but they aren’t really assholes they just don’t care much for ‘social rules’ and what people think about them which is actually kind of amazing ? ?? ? ? ? like I stare in awe at INTJs I bask in their glow

7 Years

Summary: Loosely based on the song ‘7 years’ so I’d recommend listening to that when reading this. Phil is a writer and Dan is a singer, they grew up together and both made it big, usually, time tears childhood people apart however for Dan and Phil, this wasn’t the case.

Genre: songfic, fluff, parent!Phan

Warnings: None really

A/N: I literally came up with this as soon as I heard this song (my chemistry teacher played it during class) but didn’t have time until now, hopefully, this isn’t a pile of crap like most things are. This may be a little jumbled because its kind of a mix of flashbacks but its Dan and Phil reminiscing on the memories.

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A continuation of this post suggesting aaron and neil become friends

so i added a bunch of hcs in the tags on that post but i wanted to flesh them out a bit more so here we goo! more fluff and domestic things bc apparently that’s my Thing now

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Tear In My Heart (Sebastian Stan Imagine)

Requested by @superturle : Can you do one about having a recent break up and being torn, but going on set for the First Avenger and meeting Sebastian Stan and slowly falling for him? 

Sometimes you’ve got to bleed to know,
That you’re alive and have a soul,
But it takes someone to come around to show you how.

“On the bright side, you’re finally getting your big break.” Y/F/N said over the phone. “So what that that asshole broke up with you? Who cares, Y/N? You’re gonna be in a fucking Marvel movie with Chris Evans, Hayley Attwell, and Sebastian Stan. Who needs him?”

Y/N let out a watery laugh, wiping away the tears under her eyes. “You’re right, Y/F/N, I don’t need him.”

“Keep that in mind, girl. Now, go kick some HYDRA ass. Bye, Y/N.”

“Bye.” Y/N replied, ending the call. She sighed, stuffing the phone in her back pocket and exiting her trailer. She was playing Bucky’s love interest, the one he had to leave behind when he went to war. It was her big break. She wasn’t a major character in the movie but it was the most screen time she got in her career. Y/N was nervous because she was going to work with such big stars. Chris Evans? Yes, please.

“Okay, Y/N, we’re shooting the scene where you find out Bucky is leaving the next morning.” the director instructed. “Stan! Get in here.”

Y/N had never met Sebastian Stan so when she first saw the Romanian man emerge from the dressing room, her heart stopped. He looked like a god who mistakenly arrived on Earth. She smiled at him, bouncing on her heels. 

“Hi, Y/N, I’m Sebastian, nice to meet you.” Sebastian held out his hand for her to shake.

“Like wise.” she said shaking his hand.

“And action!”


As the week continued, Y/N found herself hanging out with Sebastian more and more. They never took it outside of set, however. How could they? They went home at nocturnal times. 

Y/N was in Sebastian’s trailer, laughing at his horrible impersonation of a magician’s card trick. He took a sip from his water bottle, watching the beautiful girl laugh so hard that tears left her eyes. Sebastian was developing feelings for Y/N, there was no doubt about that. 

She finally stopped laughing when her phone buzzed letting her know she got a text.

From: Unknown Number

I’m gonna need all my stuff back, Y/N.

Even though it was an unknown number, she knew exactly who sent her that text. She bit her lip, wanting to stop the tears spilling from her eyes. This time, they weren’t from laughing so hard. Sebastian walked over to her, wrapping an arm around her shoulder.

“What’s wrong?” He murmured in her hair. He’d known this girl for roughly a week and she already affected him so much. He didn’t like seeing her upset.

“It’s nothing.”

“It’s not nothing if you’re crying over it.” Sebastian frowned, looking down at the small body in his arms. “You can tell me, it’s okay.”

Y/N looked up, her lips trembling, “It’s my boy-ex boyfriend. He uh, he broke up with me over text last week and he just texted me right now telling me that he wanted all his stuff back.” 

“Why did he break up with you?” He was genuinely interested on why he would let a girl like Y/N go.

“I honestly don’t know.” She sighed, getting up, preparing to leave. “I’m sorry that you had to see that, Sebastian. I’ll let myself out.”

But before she could leave, he pulled her in a hug. “You can talk to me anytime.”

She’s the tear in my heart, I’m alive,
She’s the tear in my heart, I’m on fire,
She’s the tear in my heart, Take me higher,
Than I’ve ever been.


Y/N didn’t know what kind of spell Sebastian put on her to make her agree to go dancing with him. She wasn’t a dancer. Embarrassing herself in front of him wasn’t exactly on her to-do list. 

Pleaaaasseeeeeee, Y/N.” Sebastian begged over the phone. “It’s been a month since we last saw each other. Plus, it’s the only night I’m free while I’m here in LA. Please, I miss you.”

His last words made her heart skip a beat. After shooting Captain America: The First Avenger with Sebastian for three months, she’d gotten attached to him. He helped her get over her breakup and was always there to comfort her. She couldn’t help but develop feelings for him.

“Fine.” Y/N gave in. 

“Yes!” He cheered. “Text me your address. I’ll pick you up at 7.”

He showed up at her doorstep at 7PM sharp wearing a blue blazer & pants set with a white t-shirt under. He rang her doorbell, a bouquet of flowers in hand. Sebastian didn’t know if it was date or just a friendly hang out so he came prepared. Y/N answered the door wearing a white halter, maxi dress, and he swore his heart stopped beating for a second. The life was knocked out of him when he saw the masterpiece in front of him. 

“You look beautiful.” Sebastian smiled, handing her the flowers. “These are for you.’’

“Sunflowers.” she grinned, looking up at him. “These are my favorite. How did you know?”

“Sunflowers are bright and beautiful, much like you.”

They arrived at the restaurant, sitting next to the dance floor. Sebastian couldn’t help but stare at Y/N while she stared lovingly at the older couples dancing to a slow song. She was glowing under the lights, literally. He took out his phone, snapping a quick picture of her, wanting to post it on his instagram later on. Then, a too familiar tune started playing. 

“Come on.” Sebastian stood up, holding his hand out for Y/N to take. “Lets dance.”

The songs on the radio are ok,
But my taste in music is your face,
And it takes a song to come around to show you how.

She’s the tear in my heart, I’m alive,
She’s the tear in my heart, I’m on fire,
She’s the tear in my heart, Take me higher,
Than I’ve ever been.

He danced with her, making sure to catch her when she stumbled. He couldn’t keep the goofy grin off his face when he saw her laugh. The older couples watched the hopelessly in love young, couple in admiration. Sebastian picked Y/N up from the waist and lifted her up, making her squeal. At first she was stiff but she let go and hung her head back, closing her eyes as he spun her around in the air. He looked up at her, realizing that this was the girl he was gonna marry. Y/N was the one in the air so why did Sebastian feel like he was floating on air when he held her in his arms?


They walked out the restaurants after dancing to a few more songs, hand in hand. Y/N leaned against Sebastian, giving his shoulder blade a quick kiss. He smiled at the feeling, giving her a kiss on her forehead. 

“I had a really good time tonight.” Y/N said as Sebastian started the car engine. “I didn’t know dancing could be so fun.” 

“I’m happy you had fun. Does that mean you’ll go dancing with me again?”

She turned her head to look at him, “You already know that I’ll do anything as long as it’s with you.”

His heart swelled at her words. “It’s a date.”

You fell asleep in my car, I drove the whole time,
But that’s ok, I’ll just avoid the holes so you sleep fine,
I’m driving here I sit, cursing my government,
For not using my taxes to fill holes with more cement.

Sebastian walked her to her doorstep, his hands in his pockets. She leaned on her door, looking at him with a twinkle in her eye. 

“Thank you for saying yes.” he laughed, awkwardly.

“Thank you for asking me.” 

They stood there, just looking at each other for a full minute before Sebastian decided to go for it. He grabbed her face in his hands, pushing their lips together. She sighed into the long awaited kiss, looping her arms on his neck. The kiss became heated, turning into a full make out session. Y/N fumbled with the lock, finally unlocking it after three tries. She fisted his shirt, pulling him in her apartment. 

Sometimes you’ve got to bleed to know,
That you’re alive and have a soul,
But it takes someone to come around to show you how.

She’s the tear in my heart, I’m alive,
She’s the tear in my heart, I’m on fire,
She’s the tear in my heart, Take me higher,
Than I’ve ever been.

She pushed his blazer off, him shaking it off his body. His fingers found the tie of her dress, pulling it, making it fall on the floor. His lips found her neck, leaving soft kisses on it. Y/N moaned at the feeling. Sebastian pulled away when she intertwined their fingers and led him up to her bedroom.


Sebastian woke up next to Y/N who was sleeping soundly. He rolled over, careful not to wake her, and went on his instagram page. He chose the picture of her in the restaurant and wrote a caption before going back to sleep.

My heart is my armor,
She’s the tear in my heart, she’s a carver,
She’s a butcher with a smile, cut me farther,
Than I’ve ever been.

Y/N woke to kisses on her bare shoulder blade. A smile appeared on her lips upon realizing who was kissing her. 

“Good morning, sunshine.” He mumbled with his lips pressed against her skin. “How was your sleep?”

“Good morning,” she rolled over, facing him. She traced shapes on his naked chest. “I had a good sleep, but I can use some coffee right about now.”

“You got it, princess. I’ll bring it right up.” He stood up, walking to get his boxers on the floor. She giggled at the sight of his bare ass, throwing a pillow at him. “Hey!”

Sebastian ran over to the bed after putting on his boxers, attacking Y/N with neck kisses and tickles. She laughed loudly, crinkling the white sheets even more than they already were due to the activities the night before. “Seb please! Please, I need my coffee. Stop tickling me!”

He placed a quick kiss to her lips. “As you wish.”

She turned on her phone, her lips quirking up to a smile when she saw the notification saying: “@imsebastianstan tagged you in a photo”

“@imsebastianstan: a masterpiece.”



Jongup- Let Go

It’s been a while since a scenario has been posted, so I apologize. Writing has been a bit hard for me lately. This request, for when Jongup falls for someone else but realizes that he still loves you, came easily to me as this is actually very much based on something that is happening in my life. That being said, some of this may not make complete sense…but when do break ups ever really make sense? Anyway, there is a little fiction thrown into this as well of course, but a  majority of this is true.

In fact, today would have made it two months of being with D (the boyfriend this is based on).

So, get another look into the complexity that is based on my love life. 

-Admin Em

You know right away when something is up.

Immediately you start to worry about if Jongup is going to leave you. You tell yourself to calm down and not overthink this, that just because Jongup hasn’t held your hand or anything during your time with your friends he’s going to leave you. You let the matter slide for the night until you text him to learn he was distracted that night. He doesn’t want to talk about it though.

You let go of the matter.


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tag yourself: larrie (& greater 1D fandom) edition

Inspired by this post.

The Analyst: Their blog is 90% asks and text posts. Whenever something happens, they’re hit with a flood of anons asking for their opinion. Generous, dedicates hours to their askbox each day. Discusses the stunts and has a lot of theories. People will argue will them no matter what they say. Gets called “big” regardless of follower count and doesn’t like it. Very organized tags that cross-reference everything past and present.

The Fandom Dentist: Has a profession that provides applicable knowledge. Ends up writing more than they intended to. Goes by a pseudonym, no one here knows their real name. No one in their real life even knows they like 1D. Part of a GC that meets up whenever a couple of them are in a major city and has drinks. Every three weeks an anon tries to fight them and claim they don’t actually work in their field. Witty.

The Gif Maker: Constantly in a race with the same five people whenever new material comes out. Their posts always blow up to several thousand notes but the vast majority know nothing about them as a person. Ignores drama in favor of making new edits.

The Shitposter: Part of a GC along with other shitposters. Irreverent but very passionate about what they believe in. Always online. Constantly gets into fights. Memes start here. Probably has a one sentence post that’s gotten 60k notes, few of those people realize it has to do with 1D. They have made you laugh to the point of tears.

The Heacanoner: Likes to make people cry. Usually has friends that yell their name in the tags, everyone tells them to shut up and take a nap every single post. Often sets the tone for what everyone is talking about for the day. Likes to try and cheer people up when there’s been drama. Good-hearted.

The Water Cycler: Trawls people’s archives. Digs up old posts and sets them moving again. Responsible for thousands of new notes but only gets a fraction of those notifications. Their queue is endless. Also often responsible for the topic of the day.

The Demon™: Knows way more than you can even imagine. Part of a GC that throws about absolutely wild ideas. Spends hours researching, a lot of the fun of the fandom is getting to the bottom of things.

The Writer: Get 30 comments on their 40k fic. Is obsessed with using tag viewer. Has a couple good friends who are their rock and their everything. Natural alliance with artists. Reblogs a lot of fic prompt posts. Writing is both their solace and the solace of the whole fandom. Still only gets those 5 comments though.

The Artist: Most likely to get their work tweeted at a member, least likely to get credit. Has a good internal sense of motivation. Processes their feelings through their art. Is more talented than this fandom deserves.

The Random: Reblogs a mix of everything. Has a queue set up where they carefully try not to have too much of anything in a row. Sometimes they’ve been online for hours but you can’t tell since they’re just quietly liking posts. Some uses their tags in a utilitarian way, sometimes talks in them. Probably has way more opinions than they blog about, has a small circle they message. Happy to get anons. This is their sideblog but they spend all their time here, rip.

The Historian: Been here way too long. Aged beyond their physical years. When someone asks about fandom history, able to pull out the whole story, five links, and the pictures without even trying. Their tags are unmatched, likely tags with the exact date. Has 100% no doubts about the central facts. Is Tired™.

The Educator: Wants to use their blog for the general good. Very organized, tends to be involved in fan projects. Steady stream of LGBTQIA+ posts. Researches like a pro, perhaps because they are a pro. Likely either not as active as they used to be or here as a witness/unpaid counselor.

The Bitter: Doesn’t want to be here but can’t pull away either. Has an incredible amount of salty reactions gifs. Goes from zero to Done™ and back again. Has reblogged all those Four Livestream/The Office posts. who hurt you? *under my breath* one direction. The most Tired™.

The Burnt Out: Doesn’t post very much and when they do, rarely engage with stunts beyond reblogging one dry jab. If they post pap shots, they just tag them with how good the person looks. In a GC where they still keep up with everything, probably saltier there than they ever are in public. Used to be tired but has moved on to being numb. Maybe doesn’t want to care anymore but can’t find the exit. 

The Zen: Only reblogs graphics, never text posts. Does not get involved in drama or stunts. Has a better theme than you. They know peace but they also know how valuable that is.

The Indexer: Tags are extremely professional, reblogs every single pap shot because they want them in their tags. Must overlap with another category but may do it in secret.

The Lurker: Likes posts only. Probably has an aesthetic blog. No one who knows them either offline or online knows they like 1D. May later create a sideblog where they reblog posts without any tags just to have a better system to keep posts.

The Baby: God help their soul, they fell down the rabbit hole post-hiatus. Asks a lot of questions. Mixes up “Larry” and “Larrie”. Loves RBB. Still pure but give it time. Actually very Dark™.

The Other Side: This is their secondary ship. Lowkey dislikes the erasure of other members and other relationships but this is a natural alliance for them. Here for the business side and analysis. Has unpopular theories. Everyone forgets to list them on these fandom breakdowns but they expect that.

The *: Ships something everyone else thinks is ridiculous. Everyone adds a * to that pairings’ name to therefore not be associated with that.

The Anti: Lurks, likely to send anons whenever something controversial happens. Likes to feel superior. Smug but ultimately insecure. Cannot accept that someone has a fundamentally different worldview.

The Ex: Weird religious language. Too caught up to leave. A sense of community is actually the most important thing to them. Likely had people thinking they were going to flip months before they did.

The Neutral: They don’t know, man. Follows people who are funny. “Ships” even in this economy. Sometimes thinks they’re considered an “anti” but they’re really not.

The Chill: ???????¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿????????? Their blog is 90% Niall and 10% animal posts.

Joe Sugg imagine || Storm Part: 4 ||

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Storm part 4 PLEASE!!

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Anonymous said:

Storm part 4 will there be?? If not please:)

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Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

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It was crazy how quickly two weeks had gone by without much happening in your life. You spent a good majority of it on your couch, with your Macbook editing some pre-recorded videos you had never posted and doing your weekly ‘Twitter question Tuesday’.

The comments on your video had gone a little bit insane with people noticing you were back in your own flat and not The Jaspar house and how you were no longer wearing the birth stone heart shaped gem on small silver banded ring Joe had given you on your birthday the previous year; it always had a spot on your right hand ring finger.

You got texts from Joe daily saying how much he was sorry and he missed you…

“Hello?” You answered an incoming call on your phone from the one and only Caspar Lee. “Hey (Y/N) how are you?” He asked, it sounded like he was travelling. “Uh – okay, I guess.” You tried not to sound like you were lying but it was easily picked out by Caspar, he knew you.

“So still miserable.” He corrected and you sighed, rubbing your temple carefully. “Is there a particular reason you called?” You wondered, confused as to why he hadn’t just texted you… “Yeah, I was calling you to tell you to be ready.” He said and you felt a confusion wash over you. “For what?” You quizzed and he laughed on the other end.

“It’s Friday – we’re going out for drinks then pizza.” You could tell he was grinning on the other end of the phone. “Since when?” You sat up shifting your computer to the coffee table.

“Since thirty seconds ago when the Uber pulled in your driveway.” As he said that your eyes widened, looking out the window through the blinds you could see a black car parked in an empty space and Caspars head in the back.

“I’m no where near ready! I don’t even really want to go anywhere.” You protested the situation Caspar was forcing you into, “that’s okay – you have five minutes… Now go.”  He waved from the back window, before hanging up the phone, leaving you standing there stunned for a moment.

You hated keeping people waiting, you rushed into your bedroom and changed into your go-to somewhat cute/going out outfit and found some shoes. Grabbing your phone and your bag you ran outside to meet Caspar.

“Caspar! You can’t do something like this to me! You know I hate keeping people waiting and rushing.” You caught your breath as the Uber left your driveway, Caspar was grinning at you. “But where would be the fun in that?” He pointed out.

“I didn’t even wanna go out,” you crossed your arms over your chest. “I know – that’s why I didn’t give you a choice, you need to not be miserable anymore.” He explained, you finally noticed he was wearing dark blue jeans and a new looking black t-shirt with a blue hooded zip up sweater over it.

“Caspar. My boyfriend who I love with all my heart cheated on me.” You muttered. “Maybe I want to be miserable.”

“It happens all the time to people, but those people don’t have amazing friends like me, who take you got to get drunk.” He smiled and you rolled your eyes, “like that solved anyones problems, ever.” You said seeing as you stopped outside of a bar.

“Stop whining and come on, lets go have some fun.” Caspar got out of the Uber, grabbing your hand pulling him along with you into the building…

… “Here.” You held out a drink to Caspar as you went to the bar for your fourth. You started out not really into the idea but as Caspar got one then two drinks into you, you decided to embrace it. Maybe Caspar was right, you needed to stop being miserable, it wasn’t going to change what happened.

As you both sat there, watching the surroundings you watched people coming and going. “How is Joe?” You wondered finally cracking and asking about him.

“Even more miserable then you are.” Caspar admitted as he sipped his drink. “All he does is mope around and cry.” He explained, you felt a hurt in your chest thinking about Joe upset, but it slowly went again as you caught something from the corner of your eye, “oh, miserable, huh?” You asked Caspar, “what?” he followed your gaze to the bar.

Just having walked in and taking a place at the bar was Joe a fake blonde was hanging off him. “Oh dear.” Caspar was surprised and concerned. “(Y/N)!” Caspar said trying to catch you as you stood up and started walking toward them, he stood up following behind you but you didn’t notice.

“Is this her?” You asked darkly standing behind the two of them, Joe had tensed as he turned slowly seeing you, he looked very tired. “(Y/N).” He said surprised you stood there, not expecting you obviously. “You miss me – you’re sorry.” You said. “You fucking liar!” You snapped at him.

“I, I do! I can explain.” Joe assured as the blonde turned around to gaze over you. “What’s her? No wonder you cheated on her.” She laughed. “Shut up.” Joe said looking at her.

“I can’t believe I was almost going to forgive you.” You said looking at Joe. “I can explain – please let me explain.” Joe looked nervous. “Lets just go.” Caspar said catching your attention, trying to pull you away from the situation.

“Yeah, go – you know this is all your fault.” The blonde put her hand on Joes shoulder and he looked uncomfortable.

“MY fault?” You exclaimed and a few people glanced in your direction from around the bar, “obviously you couldn’t satisfy your man so he had to come running to me.” She smirked and you couldn’t control yourself, you snapped and walked forward punching this unknown blonde in the face hard enough she stumbled back into the bar. “Stay away from other peoples men!” You snapped at her as she held her nose.

(Y/N)!” Joe exclaimed after you hit her. “You can kiss my ass, too!” You snapped, “come on!” Caspar said grabbing you and pulling you out of the bar with him as he caught security coming from the corner of his eye.

On the sidewalk a few feet from the bar, you were angry, “Caspar!” You burst into tears, realising you couldn’t handle this anymore. “Oh, honey – don’t cry!” Caspar pulled you close against him tightly, rubbing your back. “Shhh.” He said.

“Why is this happening to me!?” You cried against him, “I don’t know – come on, lets go home.” Caspar felt so bad for you, as he held you close, ordering an Uber to take you both back to your flat.

“I love him, Caspar.” You whispered. “I wish this was one giant nightmare.” …

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Ur post abt Jensen irl is delusional he's a dick to fans at cons he acts like he doesn't even wanna be there n hardly talks to people he barely looked at me Jared n misha r the nice ones who actually like their fans Jensen probably only said 2 words to u n u say he's the greatest cus ur an obsessed Dean fan

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