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Too many selfies, don't you think? I understand the self love, which is nice and much needed every once in a while, but this is grotesque.

Grotesque! How heart-warming! Okay but REAL talk, this is kind of my blog and it is not really run to amuse and please the people following it, you know? My blog is for my choices, expressions, ideas and ultimately my face if I decide that I want it on here! So here’s a little thing my grandma told me the other day: there’s two little spirits within you, one is the mean spirit and one is the kind one, and the more you feed one kind of spirit, the more it comes to surface! You have fed the mean spirit so much that it has come to surface, and I am so sorry that has happened :-( you seem to be angry at things that have nothing to do with you, just to come on anon and tell me that my blog is grotesque because of my face all over it :-( go make a smoothie and listen to some Stevie Wonder! It’ll make your life feel sunnier maybe!

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How much do you appreciate the khonjin house fanbase?

I appreciate them more than I can begin to tell you. I like to think that the majority of my fanbase is sort of quiet. They don’t have a comment terribly often, but when I’m ever in a pinch they are always there. I don’t consider the ridiculously stupid comments/asks/ect as representative of these people. Even if it seems like I get a lot on here, it is worth noting that this is still out of a pool of 22,000 people. While certain fans are busy asking me stupid questions, the rest are going out of their way to make sure I survive.

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Hello! I'm bulding a self-governing city inside a mountain for a story, with a population of about 50,000. What major areas do I need to include, city-planning wise? How would you recommend I split the city into multiple levels? I'm working out most of the problems like air flow, transportation, and farming, but the actual city structure is giving me a lot of trouble. Any help you could give is much appreciated!

constablewrites: I was gonna try to do a layman level write-up of urban structure and city development models, but someone did it for me! Clicky clicky! It’s a bit of a long read, but it covers most of the relevant ground with good illustrations and some great questions to help you think through your city development.

Bina: One thing for you to consider on top of constable’s article is what relationship elevation and social class have. Do the richest people get the smaller, less-available real estate at the inner peak of the mountain? Or is depth more desirable? Or is the peak reserved for certain political positions? Or is it only functional for farms/airflow/etc? If there’s a gradient of elevation to social class that’ll help you section up the mountain.

Sorry this is a bit late and isn’t very detailed, but we hope it’ll get you started. Let us know if you have any follow-up questions!

Guys, look what’s happening here.

I’m going to do a mini giveaway once I hit the number. It’ll only be bust sketches, but  I tend to do major giveaways when hitting numbers such as 500, 1500 etc.

Thank you all for being here. I’ll try not to let you down.

M'kay, so tomorrow, I’m gonna host a livestream for “Through Imperial Eyes” when it gets put up on kisscartoon or something. I figure it might be a little fun for us to do as a community.

If you want in, then what’s going to happen is that you’re gonna refrain from looking up spoilers for the episode or watching the episode for the day until I put up the livestream.

Since I don’t know how long it will take for the episode to be uploaded to kisscartoon, it might take a while.

So then how would you know when I’m going to livestream? Reblog this post and say that you want in so that I know who to message about a few minutes (that I’ll discuss later) before I start playing the episode.

ALTERNATIVELY, follow my Twitter account (@Major_Namada) and turn your notifications on so that you’ll receive my alert tweet about the livestream instead.

I’m going to be livestreaming it on, but if you’re on mobile, you’ll need to download the app (which is free).

But remember, when you can, please watch the episode through official means (ex. your cable, the DXD app, buying it, whatever, etc.). The reason why I’m using a pirated version is because I don’t trust’s browsers with my passwords and such, and I can’t access the episodes through DXD anyway.

Also, don’t be a dick and messaging these people about spoilers of the episode.

So yeah, pretty much a blind reaction to the new episode. You are welcome to join.

TOS Fic: Winter Blues Writing Challenge

This is my contribution to @outside-the-government‘s Write Away the Winter Blues fic challenge. 

My Prompt: “I cannot be held accountable for the things I said under the influence of those painkillers.” 

TOS ‘verse, Spock POV. Takes place sometime near the end of season two. Knowledge of 2.04 - Mirror, Mirror, and 2.18 - The Immunity Syndrome recommended but not required.

No real warnings - this is pretty mild, for me. Just some major science fudging.

Sometimes, you really surprise yourself. 

Notes at the bottom, as always. 

“This is all your fault,” Leonard hisses. He glares up at Spock from his spot on the stone floor. “If you hadn’t gone sneaking around the back –“

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Hi, Judy :). I want to applaud you for coming through with tour decision to stop the Bill videos. I ( Of course ) will be sticking around for eternity! You're fantastic! I'm just curious if you're still a Major Gravity Falls fan, and if You'll still be making GF videos? If you aren't a fan, and won't be making GF content, I will still never ever EVER leave :) Can't wait to see what you have in store :)!

I still love Gravity Falls as a whole yes, and it’s still very important to me. As for if I’ll be making videos on it, that just depends on what inspiration comes to me. So I’m not entirely sure. Regardless I appreciate your support!!!

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By the way when you played inquisition did you do that thing I did where your chara started off with like one tiny faded scar and then after every major event you'd go to the black emporium and use the mirror to give them more and more scars until they were practically covered by the end

holy moly, YES i feel this hardcore

my partner gets annoyed at me sometimes because im notorious for staying in the chara creation screen for hours at a time and then im constantly going back to change their face! i like to even tweak the complexion and skin tones if they’ve been in the western approach and need a slight tan TvT

A Standing Ovation Ch. 5: Game Abandonment, Pt. 4

Refer to: Cast, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

MAJOR SPOILERS from here on out. Please make sure you have caught up with the entire story before reading further.

Ryuusei’s Office

“So then….you think you won against me? Izaya Orihara.”

Ryuusei wrings out a deeply resentful voice from his throat towards Izaya patting his red swollen wrist.

There is a few meters of distance from the gun Sozoro is pointing towards him, but even so there is no mistake by seeing his previous skills he could easily hit him.

Izaya told Ryuusei unable to move.

“It’s not a victory or defeat. I only came for negotiations.”

“I’d agree if I employed that monstrous old man. And being able to remain dignified in this kind of situation. Then the one who killed Hiura-san’s guard during that blackout really is…..”

“It’s not us.”


Having an answer beyond his expectations Ryuusei was wrapped in bewilderment.

“We certainly moved in legitimate self-defense, but we do not do something so cruel as break his neck. Besides, the negotiations with Hiura-san went well, so would there be any reason to kill his subordinate?”

“Hold on……what do you mean self-defense?”

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the world of this blog

  • park jimin and jeon jungkook are besties &/ lovers
  • you can ship them either romantically or platonically or both
  • the other members can be mentioned as they are literally best of friends but since its a jikook blog it circles on jungkook / jimin / jikook
  • no other ships related to jungkook/jimin are allowed, though other ships can be asked via jikook (namjin, taegi, etc) but not v often
  • jikook are busan born, but is now in seoul
  • they live together in one apartment, the other members live next door
  • minor nsfw requests are accepted btw //winkeu//
  • ANY AUs ARE ACCEPTED HERE!! so ya’ll can request any prompt/au for them

if no requested AU, i’ll go with this:

  • park jimin is a dance major, part time barista at starbucks
  • jeon jungkook is an art major, part time sports coach           

the admin

  • you can call me kila
  • this is my main account
  • i lov making friends so dont be afraid to message me
  • is a jikook trash ///// (i view them kind of romantically tbvh)
  • currently in college forgive me for unanswered asks
  • my general art blog is @kilachu / trad art is posted in my instagram
  • if you wanna talk to me on private, lets talk via kkt <3

dats it if you have any questions for me or jikook bbs dont hesitate to ask!! pls send us asks a lot!!

* i might update this from time time ~

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Kookfairy, you're a psychology major? I'm a forensic psychology major. It's kind of cool finding someone who likes psychology too. ^^ ~Crushy anon

Omg! I was actually thinking about majoring in forensic psych! Eventually chickened out but heyy nice to meet another psych major!
-Admin Kookfairy

I’m certain not everyone knows this, so I’ll make a quick post… 

The tumblr search does not function the same was as the tag okay? <3 If you want to avoid  The Discourse ™ but still want to browse via the search, include a hashtag in your search string ie: #ThingIWantToSee. Of course there will always be cross posting, but you’ll negate the majority of posts where the subject you’re trying to mention is only in an ask/reply/body of a post and not in an actual tag. 

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You're seriously like one of the major highlights on this site, you're so accommodating and amazing just like our queen herself! (Stevie) anyways I just wanted to express some gratitude because you deserve it love!

Wow anon, this is such a humbling message. I can only dream to be like Stevie, to have a heart that big… Thank you so much, you’ve made my weekend bright.