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Behind the Scenes of 'Beauty and the Beast'
The film’s stars and creators share memories of shooting in a French village on a stage outside London

Before production began, Emma Watson worked closely with Bill Condon and Dan Stevens to polish the script, adding what she calls “detail and depth and fullness and wholeness to the scenes.” She also focused on fine-tuning Belle’s character, expanding beyond what little was established in the 1991 film. Says Watson: “There was never very much information or detail at the beginning of the story as to why Belle didn’t fit in, other than she liked books.” Lots and lots of books, like the ones she’s holding here as she takes direction from Condon in the library. Later in the movie we also learn where Belle and her father lived before moving to the “little town full of little people.” It’s a city that holds special meaning for Watson. “l sing a song called ‘Paris of My Childhood,’ which was odd for me to sing because I was born in Paris and my childhood was in Paris,” she says. “It’s a sweet melody, a really lovely song.”

For the “poor provincial town” that Belle longs to escape, the crew built a real French village on the Shepperton back lot, providing a dramatic contrast between this cozy setting and the imposing castle nearby. Greenwood says her team combed French towns looking for a place to shoot, and though they found candidates in Conques and near Paris, when it came time to discuss bringing cast and crew to these actual villages, they realized it would be easier to create one from scratch. “As much as I thought it should be real, how could you say, 'No, I don’t want to build a French village on the back lot’? So we built it,” Greenwood explains. “That was great because we could then hybrid all the things we’d seen and put all the best elements into our village.” Including a wandering French rooster. Cocorico!

Kevin Kline’s wayward Maurice, Belle’s father, finds himself lost in the woods near the Beast’s castle on his way to sell his music boxes at the market. If he looks safe here, he won’t be for long. “I spent so much time getting pushed around,” Kline says with a laugh. “I noticed it after a couple of weeks, and I said to Bill, 'I’m on the floor again.’ [Maurice] is sort of the fall guy, so I get roughed up a lot!” As fans of the fairy tale will remember, Belle’s papa eventually reaches the Beast’s castle, a majestic but creepy estate Kline describes as “disquieting” to see in person. “It wouldn’t be my first choice if I weren’t stuck in a snowstorm and being pursued by these ravenous wolves,” he quips. Production designer Sarah Greenwood says she and her team emphasized the castle’s magic and grandeur in the grounds and exteriors nearby: “The whole landscape became part of the enchantment.”

It’s easy to become blasé when you’re an actor used to working on lavish productions. But the Beauty and the Beast cast never tired of their surroundings. “I remember the first time Emma Thompson and I saw the ballroom set and our jaws dropped because it’s just so gorgeous,” says Gugu Mbatha-Raw, who plays Plumette. The majestic ballroom was the perfect setting for the final number, when the Beast and all the household objects return to their human form. “Just breathing it in, from the costumes to the flowers to the music, and everybody dancing and swirling around in unison, there was a real magic to it.” The room also evolves with the story. “In the prologue, before he gets transformed into the Beast, it’s almost as opulent as Versailles,” set decorator Katie Spencer says. “Then it’s an echo of what happens to him, and then it comes back for the big celebration at the end.”

Filming Beauty and the Beast can be, well, a beast — at least for Luke Evans and Josh Gad, whose extra-macho Gaston and less-than-macho Le Fou shared bombastic scenes that sometimes led to mildly painful accidents. “We slapped hands so hard, [Josh] burst a blood vessel in his thumb,” Evans (right, with Gad and producer David Hoberman) recalls, laughing. “We had to stop rehearsals, get the medic in. He thought his finger was going to drop off, but I think he’ll survive. We just slapped hands hard, but obviously we just caught our thumbs at some point, and he’s a delicate flower.” But if they’re sounding too similar to their characters here, don’t worry: At least Gad can confirm that his hair in the film is completely fake. “If I had hair this good, I would not be doing Beauty and the Beast right now,” he deadpans. “I would be modeling.”

In this scene, Audra McDonald’s Madame de Garderobe sings for the prince just before he’s transformed into a hairy horned creature. De Garderobe craves attention, but McDonald herself responded a bit more modestly when she learned she’d won the role. “I was just shocked I was asked to be involved, to the point that when I was flying over there, I was like, 'Do they really want me to play her?’” she says. “I was pretty much in disbelief until they put the costume on me and shoved me out on-set.” Which then just made her even more speechless, of course. “When I walked on-set, it felt like I was walking into a dream.” Stanley Tucci, who plays de Garderobe’s maestro and husband, Cadenza, was also humbled by the splendor. “The scope of the set was enormous. They had these candelabras, these chandeliers coming from the ceiling with real candles. It was just stunning,” he says.

Sir Ian McKellen couldn’t wait to slip on that wig and mustache, especially since it meant working with a director he knows well. “I’ve done two films now with Bill Condon, and we’re always looking for a third,” the actor says. “It was absolutely typical of Bill that he wanted to have a few friends with him, so I was very, very thrilled to suddenly be in my first Disney movie.” Though most of McKellen’s work involved voicing his character Cogsworth, the actor says his favorite moment was finally meeting the cast in person for the final celebration. “There was one absolutely glorious day when went out and joined all the actors in doing the final scene, when all the characters in the castle come back to life and become real people,” he says. “So I did feel I was in the thick of it for at least a day, and singing and dancing was an absolute joy.”

A letter sent by George Harrison in reply to a fan letter from Carol, of Liverpool, auctioned by RR Auction’s Fine Autographs and Artifacts Auction, 12 August 2015.

It reads:


Dear Carol,

Many thanks for the letter and the “lovely” photographs of us at the Majestic. You were right…. I hadn’t seen them before and I usually see them all! If you can send along the others sometime we’d love to see them.
By the way, John says hello and thanks for his photo and card. Maybe next time you’ll send him his hat!! [Just kidding!]
Sorry for such a short letter Carol. It’s late here, we’ve been playing quite a bit and we’re all very tired. I promise to write again soon.
Hope to see you when we get back home.
Lots of love from,
George Harrison

Paul and Ringo say hello too!

Midnight Mission: Coffee


Word Count: 2.316
Warnings: love? this is fluff with the potential to knock you off your feet. 
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I love you, sweetie. And I hope that you’re gonna like this thing I shamelessly call “drabble” (which it is not, by regulation, since it (by a few words) crossed the 100-word limit, but if you feel extra today, which you should, you can count this thingy as 23 drabbles). Have fun! And have more Seb, and hugs and birthday happiness! :D

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Your heart leaped in your sweat-gleaming chest when a thunderous noise rose in the darkness before you. Still out of breath, the adrenaline almost overwhelmed you. This was such a rush. A hand landed on your shoulder. Well done. You donned your widest smile, put one foot in front of the other, and bowed, along with the other dozen girls and guys in the row.
The applause still filled the majestic ballroom with the ornamented balconies and the wonderful, wide stage you had admired since years. Today, you’d done your best, even written ballet history on it, with your academy’s class. Glancing at the audience told you you had performed not only in front of the usual, sophisticated assembly of artlovers and philanthropists, but also mere meters away from royalty.
Only moments later, the glamorous swell of applause and praise ceased, and all performers left the stage, giving room to the antecedent artists. Bouquets of white flowers were handed to you and you and the other ballerinas gracefully posed for the journalists with the exclusive access to backstage.

Although being on stage and dancing was your passion, your body felt amazing when you finally wriggled yourself out of the silk and muslin bodice that clung to your warm skin. You swapped it for a pair of sweatpants and that oversized hoodie of pure goodness that you’d stolen from your brother last week, before you had left for your academy’s tour. The girls in the changing room chatted and giggled, just enjoying their time together as much as they could.
When your sneakers were on, your bag packed and on the way to your hotel, where you knew some celebration would be happening, you decided to be yourself. It didn’t take long to sneak out of the auditorium, only armed with your phone and some money, but ready to attack the metropolitan area at night. You’d seen the long streets glowing in the dark yesterday, from your hotel room, and you’d longed to exchange early bedtime for midnight stroll adventures. Now, finally outside, your breath hitched when the soft breeze blew midnight air over your face, when it got caught in your hair and made it dance. Despite the traffic and the lights everywhere, you caught a glimpse of a star. Different scents mixed together in a whirlwind of air, inviting you to different places, to a fast-food-place, to a brewery bar, to a perfumery that was still open, but you stayed on your course. Shops and parks lined up along the sidewalk and you casually strolled past them. Street artists lured sweet melodies out of their violins and guitars and you blessed them with kind smiles, which they returned.

Finally, you laid eyes on a coffeeshop with a wooden door frame and beautiful feeling of vintage. You felt it the third time this evening, the tingling buzz of anticipation, when you put your hand on the door. Stepping in was rewarded immediately, by the wild, fragrant notes of coffee streaming into your nose and by the smooth music creating an atmosphere of relaxation.
Not many midnighters, as you called yourself and everyone more appreciative of these wonderful hours in the middle of the night, were seated in the lounge seats, but that was completely fine to you. The barista gave you a welcoming nod and a smile when you watched as he made a cappuccino for another customer.
“Hi there”, he said softly, “what can I do for you?”
It wasn’t hard to pick what you wanted, but you felt adventurous, you wanted to try something new. You quickly scanned the shop’s chalkboards with the creative hand-lettered list of coffee beverages.
“The one with apple spice, what is it?”
“Good pick. It’s a limited edition, but it’s what I would recommend.”
“I’ll try it, then.”
When you chose your seat, you noticed the fairy lights around the seating area and were immediately reminded of your best friend. You wondered what they were doing right now. Probably sleeping, considering the time zone shift and all. Your gaze wandered beyond the glass of the windows and towards the streets, where the ground glimmered like it was wet from this angle. Some people just walked, others stood there, chatting and others just drove by. The harmonious music around you made you feel like a film character, waiting in the gloomy coffeeshop for their perfect date. But you weren’t waiting for anyone, quite opposite of that guy your eyes had spotted, on the other side of the street. He seemed to be watching the street in both directions, not overly obvious, but to you, it was clear he still had hopes for his night to change in tone.
A sigh of bliss escaped you when your order was brought to your table. It was not the barista from before who approached you now, but his coworker, the one who had been serving the couple on the other side of the shop when you came in. His eyes were blue in a face that was surrounded by loose brunet strands of hair that had fallen out of his man-bun, but their color was not their most striking feature. No, they seemed to sparkle with radiant energy and wonderful joy, and you could tell he enjoyed being here, even so late at night.
“You look cozy”, he smiled at you and nodded at your hoodie-outfit, gently setting your cup of late night goodness down. “How was your day?”
You smiled at the young man, who seemed genuinely kind.
“Better than I hoped. A lot of work, but hey. I got my reward”, you grinned and noticed the brunet sending quick glances out the window before focusing his attention back to you. He must’ve spotted the waiting man as well. Something changed in the way the waiter stood, so you asked.
“How long has he been standing there?”
The waiter sent you a look that showed less kindness and more concern than before.
“He is waiting for someone”, the waiter answered, slowly, still keeping an eye on the man in the coat, who now pulled out his phone, typing something in. Suddenly, the waiter looked at you, his face going blank for a second.
“Shit”, he whispered. What? “You need to get up.” The waiter, his name tag shining in the dim light, saying Bucky, touched your shoulder.
“Excuse you? What is going on?” You mustered him, but his expression remained serious. he was completely serious. Was he kicking you out? For what? Mentioning the man outside?
“Get up”, Bucky said. “I need you to hug me.”
That was it. Confusion had replaced peace and it was all this weirdo’s fault.
“No way”, you protested.
“You gotta help me out here. It’s just pretend, I swear. I’m sorry you walked in here at this time, this is all very unfortunate.”
“What? You got some serious explaining to do, you-”
“He’s got a live gun.”
The statement hung in the air while soft piano continued to play in the background. Your thoughts were racing.

The waiter put down the tray in his left hand and pulled his serving glove off. Your breath hitched when metal appeared instead of flesh and moved with little whirs.
“Stay calm”, he whispered and nudged you. “Get up and hug me. I won’t do anything without telling you, okay? I know this is very strange, but I need you to pretend like we’re friends and haven’t seen each other in a long time. I will get you out of here, I promise.”
And there it was, for the fourth time, the adrenaline, but this time, it set your mind on fire, drowning it in panicky thoughts and short prayers. Please, let me get out of here alive. But Bucky had promised he’d get you out. So you did as he’d told you; you stood up, got on your toes and did your best to not seem hesitant as you pressed yourself against his torso. He was definitely better at this, this pretending, because he didn’t just hug you, he spun you around, eliciting a squeal. Next, you found yourself buried into his chest, his nice, toned chest, and completely drowning in the mix of cologne and coffee aroma.
“Good job”, he whispered next to your ear and still didn’t let you go. The blond barista walked past you and the waiter.
“Back door is under surveillance”, he said, his voice somber, but not laced with fear at all.
“Steve. Let’s do Sevilla.”
“What’s Sevilla?”, you asked.
“The guy is staring. They’re not sure if it’s really us. We’re gonna have to give him a show. Sorry, doll. Do you happen to be a good dancer?”
“Depends on you”, you smiled. Maybe this was gonna be great. Maybe this was gonna be fun. You hadn’t danced with a male person yet, not in public, but if Bucky was a good dancer?

A little shiver escaped you when the metal hand grazed your skin when your hoodie had been pulled up in the back. You wondered how Bucky got it, a hand of metal. When your hand carefully wandered up the hand, along the lower arm, the upper arm and came to rest on his shoulder, you noticed it must’ve been all metal, because no muscle was this hard. Bucky smirked when your curious eyes met his. He started swaying to the music that Steve had put on.
“You’re cute”, he said and suddenly, every thought of danger was blown away by those two little words. The brunet pulled you a little closer, smiling softly when you blushed.
“Thanks, stranger”, you answered with a grin. This did feel good, albeit completely different from dancing on stage. Bucky was massive, had shoulders like a bear and arms like you had never witnessed in real life, but he felt soft. And, which was surprising, his moves were smooth, every part of his body seemed perfectly relaxed and stretched - and you doubted he’d done warm-up stretches behind the shop’s counter. When he rested your head on his shoulder, his breath caressed your neck.
“Bucky Barnes, at your service”, he whispered, donning a posh accent, which was charming.
A warm stream of delight captured her body then, because the moment was perfect, in a way. In secret, you had always imagined your first date as something silently romantic - with a guy who’d offer you a dance. But now, this was much better. This guy in front of you hadn’t even said anything special, hadn’t poured out his life in front of you, hadn’t tried to woo you with some crazy pick-up line, but he made you want to drown in him because this moment felt so light. When he moved with you, the fairy lights shimmered and the music guided you. Coffee hung in the air and another couple started to dance a couple of feet away from you.
“What are you thinking, doll?”
“That I could do this forever. You’re an impressive dancer.”
“Good to know you think so. When all this is over, would you be so kind to repeat that in front of Steve?”
“Barista Steve.”
“Captain America Steve.”
You grinned. This kept getting better.
“Life is crazy”, you muttered and watched the brunet smirk. Again. It was agonizing. His eyes sparkled like he was having the time of his life. He made your stomach tingle, even raised all the little hairs on your arms and your neck. And every time he captured your eyes, it irked you that he knew exactly what he was doing to you.
“What do you want to say?”, he whispered.
“Nothing”, you lied, but not because you didn’t want to tell him, you just didn’t know how. “You owe me that apple spice latte.”
“No, that’s not it”, he mused. He was an assassin, dammit, why could he read you like that? The music changed and Bucky changed the dance, into something even closer.
“Is that guy still watching?”
“Everyone is watching, love. And I don’t blame them. You’re gorgeous.”
“It doesn’t feel like a pretend date anymore”, you whispered, carefully, while searching his eyes. Slowly, he rested his forehead against yours. The cheeky delight seemed to wander from his eyes into your heart immediately. His voice was husky when he spoke again.
“Would you rather it did?”

The question left you breathless. You were captured in that one, tender moment, in arms that held you like a precious discovery, in music that softened your heart. Bucky’s eyes filled your view, the blue a promise of genuine delight, of truth and kindness. You couldn’t help but marvel at his beautiful face, at his cheeks, his nose and then, those lips that were halfway open, tender lips ready to shower you with affection.
It seemed Bucky read your mind, in this state of connectedness, because as soon as you’d imagined it, his hand touched your cheek, taking the lead. Your eyes closed, the magic unfolded and in a second, your body was overflowing with sweetness. Bucky’s lips were on yours, guided by magic and precious harmony. The fairy lights dipped his face into a golden shimmer when you separated.
“Me neither”, Bucky breathed and placed a kiss on your forehead while pulling you against his torso. “Did I mention you were cute?”
“I bet Steve doesn’t tell you how good of a kisser you are.”
Bucky chuckled.
“She’s charming, too. Who would’ve known, the hoodie princess saved my entire mission.”
“Well, what can I say”, you grinned and spun, “dancing is my specialty. Right after saving helpless supersoldiers at midnight.”
“I wasn-“
Before he could say anything, you placed your lips on his and initiated what you later called one of your most precious memories in decades of happiness with the charming stranger from the moonlight coffeeshop.


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Cilla, John and Paul on the set of the Beatles: ‘The Music Of Lennon & McCartney’, on 1st November 1965.  

“It was thanks to John Lennon that I got my big break in music. I first met John when I was fifteen years old and attending the Anfield Commercial College. My girlfriend Pauline said to me that you really ought to come down and see my boyfriend play at the Iron Door, which was a sort of glorified youth club there at Anfield. Well, her boyfriend was George Harrison and the band was the Beatles. We went in a crowd of girls from the school, and they all said to the boys onstage, “Give Cilla a go!” because I had been singing at lunch parties and clubs in Liverpool, wherever I could, so they said, “Let her have a go!” and from the stage John said “Okay, Cyrill”—he called me “Cyrill,” the man’s name, he was always calling me that, his little joke because of course he knew my real name—John said, “Okay Cyrill, show us what you’ve got!” So I got up and sang a version of [Gershwin’s] “Summertime,” the Porgy & Bess number.
Some time afterward I was at the Majestic Ballroom in Birkenhead, and Brian Epstein came up to me and said, “I’ve never heard you sing, I want you to sing with the boys tonight.” So I sang “Summertime” again, with the Beatles playing behind me, but I was terribly, terribly nervous, and Brian was not at all impressed, and I thought, well okay, that’s that, I’ll just be singing around the clubs in Liverpool.
A few months later I was singing in a club called the Blue Angel and after I finished my set Brian came up to me and said, “Why didn’t you sing like that at the Majestic Ballroom?” I had no idea he was even in the club that night, but he loved what he heard and asked to manage me right then. I later asked Ringo if he had asked Brian to give me another listen, because Ringo and I were friends, but he just looked at me and said, “It wasn’t me, it was John.” I thank him to this day, because but for John, Brian never would have given me a second shot after that awful first audition. It truly changed my life.
He did stuff like that, which you’d think was totally out of character for him, because he liked to put on this angry young man front, you know, a man’s man, aloof, but behind that was a very warmhearted guy, and really quite shy, and with an acid sense of humor. I remember I did a big TV special, called “Around the Beatles.” I sang a song John and Paul had given me, “Love of the Loved,” while standing at the top of a flight of steps and wearing a very short miniskirt. Sitting at the bottom of the steps were the Beatles, and afterward, during the applause, John whispered mischievously in my ear, “I could see tomorrow’s washing,” meaning he could see my underthings, of course, and normally I’d have been mortified, but there I was on TV, so I just laughed. He was always trying to throw you like that.” - Cilla Black, Memories of John Lennon 


Brian Epstein with The Beatles: The Majestic Ballroom, Birkenhead, 15 December 1962; North America, 1964; and Shea Stadium, New York City, 23 August 1966. Photos © Curt Gunther; Koh Hasebe/Shinko Music/Getty Images.

Remembering Brian Epstein.

“[After being turned down by Decca Records] We didn’t think we were going to make it at all. It was only Brian telling us we were going to make it, and George. Brian Epstein and George Harrison.” - John Lennon, The Beatles Anthology [x]

“Brian put in a lot of time getting us off the ground. He believed in us from the start.” - George Harrison, The Beatles Anthology [x]

“I tell you, Larry… there is no other band, there will never be any band like them, ever, for eternity. They are… the best… I say to you, Larry, here in 1965, that the children of 2000 will be listening to the Beatles. And I sincerely mean that.” - Brian Epstein to Larry Kane in 1965, When They Were Boys [x]



April 10, 1963. The Beatles perform at The Majestic Ballroom in Birkenhead.

Their other performances at the Birkenhead venue took place on 28 June; 5, 12, 19 and 28 July; 17 and 24 August; 8 and 22 September; 15 October; 22 and 29 November; and 15 December 1962; and 17 and 31 January; and 21 February 1963

Sara Mearns in Vienna Waltzes (2011). New York City Ballet. © Paul Kolnik.

The ballet — Balanchine’s homage to the pleasures and delights of an age that epitomized imperial grandeur — transforms from sylvan forest glen to sassy dance hall to glittering society café to, at last, a majestic mirrored ballroom. “The audience now knows and loves [Mearns’] burning Romantic intensity.” 

“The theater unusual”, unveiled in the early Depression Era, debuted in grand fashion to the likes of Charlie Chaplin and Albert Einstein. Now known as our city’s last great Film Palace, tucked away in the historic Broadway Movie District, this ornately magnificent monument is one of LA’s spectacular, hidden gems…

Inspired by the legendary Hall of Mirrorsin the Palace of Versailles, the devastatingly beautiful French Baroque interior lends itself perfectly to a playground of living dreams and fantasy. At the heart of the majestic, six-story foyer ballroom sits a tiered crystal fountain, glittering in sumptuous splendor… The mezzanine leads to our secluded Empyrean Level, overlooking the cavernous, two thousand seat theatre auditorium. In the very depths of this palatial hall, a glass-ceiling chamber elicits a darker mood; rich walnut panels and candlelight bring to mind adventures in storied ships and haunted mansions.

Royalty! Ashton (Au)

As you removed your head armor, the harsh sun beamed on your face glistening with sweat from exhaustion. You wiped the beads of it rolling from your forehead as you mentally assessed the damage of the flank you were leading. Most of your soldiers were defeated and tired and it wouldn’t take long for the other flanks to be also defeated.

You were outnumbered by the Northern Kingdom’s soldiers. Damn this greedy new king and his surprise attack to your kingdom. You haven’t seen the man but you assumed he was that, basing from his roots of viscous and ambitious bloodline there was no doubt he was also.

He sent battalions of his finest warriors and knights to make sure. A very clever move if you may say. It was clearly a planned attack which awoke and caused turmoil to your once peaceful kingdom.

Despite the disadvantages and the scenario laid before your eyes , you knew there is no backing out. This was not the time to lose hope. You wore back your head armour and tightened your grip on your sword as you marched towards your enemy’s direction.

You strode like you owned everything you stepped on, with authority and a hint of royalty. This caught the attention of a high ranking knight of your enemies, thinking you were also a knight with high regards he started to approach you. You weren’t a high ranking knight, you were more than that.

You were more than ready to slash him if he advanced any further, the knight took the hint and immediately dropped his weapons and ordered his men to do the same thing. He raised his arms to show he had no intention of fighting.

“What do you want?” You huskily inquired, not wanting them to figure out that behind the armour was a woman.

“Tell your King to surrender, there is no hope left. You don’t want any more bloody fights do you?” He also appeared to be tired of this fighting.

You were angered. Who does he think he is? But his last statement made you think more rational, he had a point, you didn’t want more fighting. But before you could answer, you heard a series of loud blasts coming from the other flank. You were in this kingdom for a long time and you knew that it wasn’t from your kingdom’s arsenal.

“So you’re tired of fighting huh? Then what was that?!” You furiously spat your words to the head knight.

He was just as confused as you are. He was the king’s right hand and that wasn’t part of the king’s orders. Apparently others are trying to get their own hands on the situation.

You were too angry and on rage that you tried to slash him with your sword. You were caught off guard, his men were quicker and they tackled you into the ground. You resisted and your head armour was removed, revealing to them your true identity.

They were stunned for a moment, not expecting a woman behind the armour. You silently prayed they wouldn’t recognize who you really were.

But not all prayers are granted, the head knight quickly realized who you were and escorted you together with the other knights to their nearest carriage as another explosion was heard, this time much closer to your position.

You were too confused why all of a sudden they were helping you.

“You may not trust us, but we don’t want you dead either your highness”

You could only nod in response, No words were spoken after that as you, the head knight and his men discretely abandoned the fight leaving your kingdom and their other allies behind.

As the carriage hastily advanced north, your mind began to raise questions. You didn’t know what they were planning and why they took you. And your family would be worried, a news of a missing princess is what your kingdom fears.

You learned that the head knight’s name was Calum who also turns out to be the king’s bestfriend and he told you his plan to stop the emerging war between your kingdoms and he needed your help to accomplish this.

“So you want me to talk to your King and convince him to stop?”

“Uh huh, Ashton would listen to you”

“How sure are you?”

“Your highness, I have no certain assurance on that. But this is your kingdom’s last shot.”

“What makes you think he would listen to me ?” You hesitated, thinking how absurd his plan was.

“Trust me your highness, he will” He said in confidence.

The journey took hours, and it gave you enough time to think about Calum’s idea. It could work, it could really work. You arrived at the Northern Kingdom and it was the first time you’ve set forth to this place. You never actually imagined to be on your top rival’s land but here you are.

You were escorted by Calum and his men to the palace. Fascinated by the grand architecture and paintings you didn’t notice you were already approaching the king’s hall.

“Don’t forget about what you’ll say” Calum whispered before the the gigantic doors opened.

You smiled sarcastically and rolled your eyes. You weren’t used on people ordering you what to do.

“I’m a princess, I’ll do it my way”

The doors revealed a majestic ballroom filled with things only royals could afford. But it wasn’t the lavishly adorned room you were fascinated with. It was the handsome king sitting on his throne at the end of the room.

“That’s Ashton? Why didn’t you tell me he’s hot?” You gestured and whispered at Calum who was now trying not to laugh at your sudden change of mood.

Everything you pictured of the king of the Northern Kingdom was in fact a total opposite of what you are seing before your eyes. How could this fine man be your rival? You suddenly wanted to swerve to his lane.

Calum cleared his throat to formally introduce you to Ashton who was gazing at you with curiousity.

“My king, may I present you y/n, Southern Kingdom’s only princess”

You directed your eyes towards Ashton’s direction and winked, you didn’t even bother with proper formality which was to curtsy. You weren’t the type of princess who curtsied anyway. You were still wearing your combat attire so a curtsy would look awkward.

He grined at you actions, he didn’t expect the princess of the Southern Kingdom to be this spontaneous. Little did you know he also was. You were shocked when he suddenly jumped out his throne and kissed your hand.

“So what brings a princess to my kingdom?” He stared at you, his hands still holding yours.

All you could focus was how good his hands felt and how his voice sounded like music to your ears. But your sassyness never left.

“I’m trying to lure and convince a king to stop attacking my kingdom” You lovingly whispered to his ear. You didn’t know that you were slowly melting the ice within him.

“That could be done, but I need a queen to help me decide on such important matters.” He suggestively implied , a hint of sarcasm on his radiant face.

So you replied with equal sarcasm.

“Then marry me.”

Part 2



April 24, 1963. Performance at the Majestic Ballroom, Finsbury Park, London

Another of NEMS’ “Mersey Beat Showcase” presentations. This Top Rank ballroom was situated close by the Finsbury Park Astoria cinema where the Beatles would play on many occasions.

Two thousand fans saw The Beatles perform at the venue. The other acts on the bill were Gerry and the Pacemakers, The Big Three, and Billy J Kramer and the Dakotas - all of which were managed by Epstein.

This was the only occasion on which The Beatles performed at the Majestic Ballroom. Prior to the show they met scriptwriter Peter Clayton to discuss ideas for a feature film, although the plans never came to fruition.

Call Your Name: Part 2 (SURPRISE!)

So, here it is. 

The long-awaited band AU returns! (First part: Levi is my bby.)

Now, here’s so many people to thank for wanting me to continue such a lovely AU, and I can promise that if you guys want another, tell me and I will try to do so!

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I hope you enjoy and keep shipping this amazing battleship! You guys are the greatest!

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