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Pop! Diana, Princess of Themiscyra, writes SuperBat in her spare time. Lois is her beta.

Tyger, you’re not thinking big enough! Diana is a *Princess*. She pens legendary fanfic epics that are then immortalized as plays on Themiscyra. She’s invited Bruce and Clark to come see them, even. (Clark is ten different shades of red and can barely watch; Bruce is riveted the entire time, and once it’s done he turns professionally to Diana and asks her what it would take for her to sell him the mainland rights so that he can get this thing produce on Broadway - making sure to edit out or alter any mention of secret identities, ofc).

Lois would be invited, too, since she was an invaluable source of details.

A Year in Language, Day 300: Breton

Breton, or Brezhoneg, is a Celtic language spoken by over 200,000 in Brittany, a extrusion of Northwestern France that lies just below Cornwall.

Though spoken on the mainland, Breton’s origins are in Great Britain. Two branches of Celtic survived in the British Isles after Latin drove the continental tongues into extinction; Goidelic and Brittonic. These two branches correspond to the two largest of the isles; Ireland and Great Britain, respectively. Goidelic would eventually push east across the Isle of Man and into Scotland, giving us Irish, Manx, and Scots, whose division was mostly geographic in origin. The Brittonic languages would be forced west and south by the arrival of Germanic speaking peoples (Angles, Saxons, Danes, Vikings, etc.) eventually getting cut off from one another (Welsh) and then being forced to straddle the English Channel (Cornish and Breton).

The French government has not been terribly kind to the Breton language as federal law requires all commercial signage be primarily in French and will not fund Breton language schools (though the regional government can and does). The number of speakers have rapidly declined in the 21st century, though enrollment in Breton schools is up and increasingly more media is accessible in Breton.

Like other Celtic languages Breton has inflecting prepositions (actually fused prepositions and pronouns) and initial consonant mutation. Phonetically it is much more like French than its sisters across the Channel, possessing rounded front vowels and the labial-palatal approximant.


A Banjo-Kazooie comic I made for an RP(?) with @therepairdepot (IT’S BEEN SO FUN).

Basically, Weldar gets thrown off the Rusty Bucket by my OC, Piper, and floats all the way to Treasure Trove Cove. Clanker and Gloop end up rescuing him, because sharkboy can carry Weldork back to the mainland (headcanon alert: Clanker was given a spell that lets him go smol or lorg so he can’t get trapped again).


This is my last Orkney post and also my favourite part of our journey: A walk along the dramatic coastline of Orkney’s Mainland. The colours of the sea were beautiful and the caves created from washed out sandstone looked majestic and mysterious. Hope to be back one day. 

  • Ruby: I can't believe we made it to Haven. Months of travelling on the road, facing dangers every twist and turn, nearly losing my Uncle along the way, starving for days on end until we could find a town to buy food and a soft bed to sleep in and we're finally here!
  • Oscar: You know there's a train you could have taken, right?
  • Ruby: ...What?
  • Oscar: Yeah, I took a train. It was a day's trip but they provided a three course meal and a cabin to sleep in. I got here in no time!
  • Ruby: Huh...excuse me for a moment while I go scream into a pillow about this major flaw.
Quick summary of the natural disasters that struck Japan this summer

June 18: M6.1 earthquake hits Osaka 

  • 5 dead, more than 400 people injured
  • estimated property damage: $1.8 billion

June 28 - July 8: Massive floods & landslides hit west Japan

  • deadliest floods in 30 years
  • 225 people died, 13 still missing, over 400 injured
  • estimated property damage: $ 6.7 billion

July-August: record-breaking heatwave

  • 133 people died in July alone
  • over 90.000 people were hospitalized with heatstroke in July-August
  • Kumagaya city (Saitama) marked a record temperature of 41.1°C (106F)

September 4: Typhoon Jebi (one of the strongest on record) hits west Japan again

  • 11 people died, more than 400 injured
  • massive power blackout & water supplies cutoff in large areas  
  • the Kansai International Airport was completely flooded and on top of that a 2600-ton ship crashed into the airport bridge (which btw was the only link between the airport and the mainland) 
  • the airport is now completely closed and it’s unclear when they’ll be able to open again
  • estimated property damage: unknown (the damage of the airport alone is enormous considering it’s the 3rd busiest airport in Japan)

Kansai airport & airport bridge

Nishihonganji (UNESCO world heritage site in Kyoto)

Other photos from Kobe & Osaka

September 6: M6.7 earthquake hits Hokkaido (*note: Hokkaido is actually the prefecture with the LOWEST earthquake risk)

  • 9 people died, over 30 still missing, more than 100 injured (*this earthquake just happened this early morning so the numbers are likely to go up)
  • UPDATE (2018/09/13): the death toll rose to 41 
  • massive power blackout in the whole area of Hokkaido (affecting about 3 million households)
  • a rural district of Atsuma town got almost completely buried in landslide
  • the Chitose airport (5th busiest airport in Japan) is currently closed

There were also two other big typhoons (not as big as Jeby but big enough to cause a huge damage across the country and kill some people) in July and August, a huge thunderstorm in Tokyo last week and some floods in north Japan last month which probably everyone has forgotten by now because rn the media is only reporting the latest typhoon and the earthquake. 

So yeah, that’s the summary of our summer 2018. 

Now imagine this all happened in 2020 during the Tokyo summer Olympics.



When I was over in Japan, a Hong Kong dude started jaywalking across a street to bypass the traffic, but his friend started yelling at him shouting in Cantonese, “Hey, don’t jaywalk! People will think we’re from the mainland!"