the maine saving grace

Well I’m on chapter 8 now and thank god we’re back to Emily because I cannot take Mike beating the crap out of Josh.

Lol I hate Mike so much he can fucking die and I hate the writers who make it justified for him to beat up Josh.

Also extra points for the whole “no one is gonna believe Josh when he says he didn’t kill Jessica even though it could mean that there’s someone else out there.” Like why can’t I be a voice of reason and choose to believe him?

So yea anyway I’m still annoyed and Mike still needs to die pls and thank you.


lost stars: a rebelcaptain playlist

angel with a shotgun - the cab // big ideas - the boxer rebellion // place for us - mikky ekko // falling for you - the 1975 // fall together - the temper trap // let love bleed red - sleeping with sirens // saving grace - the maine // let’s hurt tonight - onerepublic // lost stars - adam levine // safe and sound - taylor swift feat. the civil wars // heart like yours - willamette stone // run - snow patrol // i will follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie // to build a home - the cinematic orchestra // wait - M83 // i love you too much - diego luna // your father would be proud - michael giacchino

FULL BRIGHTNESS // a finchey mix (all the bright places)

01. drive — halsey (all we do is drive) // 02. sing to me — mary lambert (i’m miles away, but my voice carries) // 03. hospital — lydia (all we want is to be enough) // 04. dark blue — jack’s mannequin (have you ever been alone in a crowded room?) // 05. greek tragedy — the wombats (she hits like ecstasy) // 06. feel again — onerepublic (i’m feeling better ever since you’ve known me) // 07. colors — halsey (you’re ripped at every edge but you’re a masterpiece) // 08. style — taylor swift (he can’t keep his wild eyes on the road) //  09. force of nature — bea miller (i’m a caution taker, but baby, you’re a force of nature) // 10. saving grace — the maine (hearts so pure in this broken place) // 11. st. patrick — pvris (something to think about that’s not the shit in my head) // 12. ghost — halsey (my ghost, where’d you go?)

          She’s been eyeing him for perhaps hours now, her curiosity and wariness both quite the formidable foes. ‘twas only one ‘pire of which she trusted, after all——though it was not every day that she found herself grazed by the company of another. ( maybe he was like her…? )

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          She’s visibly dejected, sitting at the bottom of the worn Church’s steps as the sermon continued from inside.   ❝ Can’t hear anything… ❞   Came her murmur as she continued twiddling her thumbs, unsure of whether or not she’d want to stick around ‘til the services ended.


forge my fate with you; a fanmix for the two witnesses. (listen)

It seems that you and I, our paths were entwined from the very start. / And through these centuries against the impossibilities that we would find each other, we did.

one we found each other in the dark - city and colour two whispers in the dark - mumford & sons three gracious - ben howard four the devil’s tears - angus & julia stone five us against the world - coldplay six saving grace (take 2) - the maine seven all this time - onerepublic eight i need my girl - the national nine i will follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie ten poison & wine - the civil wars

 You and I will choose our own destiny. We have free will. I choose to forge my fate with you. / Remember our bond. I will come back for you.

          ❝ That’s such a cute skirt——I’ve never seen a pattern like it! Is it store-bought or did you make it yourself? ❞   It’s marvelous to her, and she’s hopeful that it’s that of the prior so she can ask Loverich to buy it as a birthday gift perhaps.

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