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American candy is the junk they get you hooked on. Anything without a heartbeat. The manufactured, manipulative, soulless garbage that is fed to us daily. It is anything that attempts to entertain or please or persuade with complete disregard for integrity and character. It’s everything I don’t want to be or be a part of. I tried to keep this concept in mind when writing the record. Mean what I say and make sure its from some place tangible, some place real. All that said, I didn’t want things to be so heavy this time around. This record is not some political statement or guide to live life by. It’s simply honest. I wanted to keep things mostly light and groovy. If for nothing else, for my psyche. I needed to be better, I needed to feel better. I’m definitely not the phony, bubble gum depiction of happiness they sell you but I’m in a better place nonetheless and I can only hope that is translated through this album and in turn it can brighten someones life or day or moment.   We set out to make a record to let you know that you aren’t alone in feeling lost, and that to be found might not be the point. Maybe it’s merely just to be whatever it is you aim to be.
—  John O'Callaghan (x)
[TRANS] 170313 Daesung Interview for BARKS

Translations by: mshinju

D-LITE, vocalist of BIGBANG known for his powerful vocals and his charismatic, warm smile that enwraps everyone around him in a calm, happy aura, releases his new mini album “D-Day” on April 12 (Wednesday).

Two and a half years have passed since his last solo release, and for his upcoming album D-LITE’s heart’s wish of a collaboration of Japan’s top creators Ayaka, Motohiro Hata, and Yoshiki Mizuno (Ikimono Gakari) whose songs he has covered in his first solo album, “D’scover” was realized. D-Day has turned into D-LITE’s most refreshing, energetic and dynamic work, a perfect fit for the upcoming spring.

D-LITE will hold his first solo dome tour starting on April 15 (Saturday). We have asked him questions about his solo work, back side stories about BIGBANG who celebrated their 10th anniversary last year, his relationship to T.O.P that attracts attention, and he has answered in below long interview all in Japanese without the assistance of an interpreter.

“I have never imagined that I would become a singer that’s loved by fans for 10 years and holds concerts all around the world.”

In the beginning, could you please tell us your impressions of the now finished BIGBANG 10th year anniversary project?
Of course. Looking back now it was really a lot of fun, and the feeling of being thankful is what remains most strongly in my memory. I felt just how much our fans have supported us all this time for 10 years, and I feel thankful to the staff who has been supporting us all this time as well. Lately, I feel full of thankfulness to the people around me.

If you hadn’t become a member of BIGBANG, what would you be doing now?
Now? I’d be playing games at home. Yes, I guess I’d be playing games and getting beaten for it by my mom. (laugh) Ah, I would probably have tried to become a security police officer. My dad and I have sports in common, so I think I would have focused on that.

So has your life changed from one moment to the other once you became a member of BIGBANG?
Of course it changed. I have worked very hard to become a singer, but I never thought I would become a singer that is loved by fans for over 10 years and holds concerts all around the world, I hadn’t even imagined it.

What are the moments when you realize just how big BIGBANG is?
When we hold a world tour and come to South America, for example, there are times where I realize that people in places so far from us are listening to our music. When we hold concerts in America, a lot of local people gather to see us, but if you think about it, we have aimed to become singers listening to music that’s from America. We still listen to American pop music now to get inspired, so it’s a very strange feeling.

So was it American music that inspired you to become a singer?
No, actually the reason why I came to like music is my family. Everyone in my family loves music, so we often used to got to karaoke all together. Also in middle school, there was a school festival and my class teacher nominated me after a secret audition. (laugh) So, I had no choice but to go out and sing at that festival. Singing on stage left such a huge impression on me, I just couldn’t forget it. Since then I started researching about ways to become a singer and began working towards that goal.

“I hadn’t planned to start a solo at all, I was seriously thinking about just secretly running off (laugh).”

So thankful to that class teacher! After that school festival stage, you took flight with BIGBANG to the whole world and are now even taking off on a dome tour as a solo artist.
Originally, I had never considered to have any solo activities (laugh). Personality-wise, I’m not the type of person who stands in the very front. With BIGBANG, I also tend to stand back and watch over the other members, so I never had any plans for solo activities myself. So rather than being my own wish, the very first time the conversation actually came up was thanks to the CEO of our Japanese company [YG Japan] who suggested a solo to me. “How about covering J-Pop songs?” That’s how my solo started.

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BTS Reaction to You (idol) Surprising Them On Tour



You had always told Jin how you wanted to see him when he was on tour and he agreed that you visiting would be amazing but, it could never happen due to your group debuting and his schedules. Well, one day you were given a three-week break before starting your first world tour. You had decided that you would visit your boyfriend, but you wanted to surprise him after a concert. You started your plan and Hoseok helped. Hobi helped you get backstage at the concert but instead of you surprising him after a concert you surprised him before. As Jin sat in the chair waiting to get his makeup done, you walked over to him. You had your back turned and your hair in your face so he couldn’t see you in the mirror.

“Look at me,” you said to him with the beauty blender in hand. His head snapped up and he wasted no time jumping up and hugging you. He was just glad to have you back in his arms.

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Yoongi hadn’t seen you in a long time since you were on your American leg of the tour and he was stuck on his tour in Asia. He was never demanding of your time and you were never demanding of his since you both knew that your jobs were so important.

But when Yoongi and you were able to be together it was like watching a romance but never ending. Yoongi without you, though, that was a different story. And you without Yoongi was a different story as well.

Yoongi was forced to go out to eat with the other boys, and it’s not that he didn’t want to, it was just that the other boys would pick on him a bit if he was texting you. But, there he was sitting with the boys at a restaurant in the city where they were performing. He felt a hand rest on his shoulder and when he saw that it, he didn’t think much of it, just figuring it was Jin who was sitting next to him. But it came down his arm he saw that it was a woman’s hand. He was about to tell the woman that she needed to stop. But he was taken by surprise when he saw you. His gummy smile was shown and he leaned forward to kiss you. He ignored the other boy’s teasing and just focused on you.

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You didn’t really surprise him when you came to visit him on tour. You and he had been talking about how he was missing you. So when you were given break from promoting for your group; you took the opportunity to visit him. He had picked you up from the airport and some of the other boys had come as well. You had run to him and he picked you up and twirled you. You got a few glances from people but neither of you cared. He buried his head in the crook of your neck and you were so happy you couldn’t think of anywhere else you would rather be.

You and he heard a chorus of ‘awws’ from behind you guys and you turned to see both of your guy’s fans in a big crowd. There were a few of disgusted glares but that was expected. You and he smiled and walked out after signing a few things and taking pictures with fans.

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Yoongi had been talking to you lately about Namjoon. Namjoon had been acting weird and a more snappy than he ever had been before. Yoongi and you had set up a plan where they would go the hotel room and Namjoon would have a room to himself. You would arrive at the room before he did, and surprise him then.

You stood impatiently waiting for Namjoon, when you heard the door beep, signaling that it was unlocking. Namjoon was early and you still hadn’t completely thought about what you were going to do when you saw him, again. But when the door open you couldn’t think of anything to say, all you could do was run to him. He had smiled so wide that you were sure his face would be sore after a few minutes.

Behind him were Hoseok and Yoongi, but Namjoon had closed the door on them.

“I don’t think we will want observers,” Namjoon said with a smirk.

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Jimin: (i lowkey got carried away) 

Jimin and you had met when you and Namjoon collaborated to work on a song for their new album. You were the main rapper in your group and so Namjoon got a hold of you and your manager to set up a time to write together. Well, you ended up meeting Jimin and who can resist him?  

“Jimin, I don’t think I’ll be able to meet you for dinner. I need to stay longer to help with choreography,” you said through the phone. You were hiding in line at a fan signing. You were trying to keep your face hidden. None of his fans suspected anything since you and Jimin weren’t public, yet. Jimin wanted to go public and everyone around you guys supported you (surprisingly).

As you made your way down the fan signing table, one by one the members recognized you. Jimin was at the end of the table and he had yet to see you. You kneeled down and kept you head down. He was smiling and talking, and when he asked your name you looked up and smiled.

“Y/N!” He happily giggled. He was beyond delighted to see you. But he quickly regained his composure and silently laughed. He tried to hide your face from very observant fans but they caught you. You heard yelling and shouts chanting your name. You smiled but tried to be as casual as possible.

“Jimin-hyung’s s/o is here!!” Jungkook outed and you were ready to slap the maknae as the crowd cheered. You got some nasty looks but it was expected. Overall, you were pretty happy. 

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Taehyung pouted as he was sitting backstage before the show. His tired eyes were struggling to stay open, he had been Facetiming you all night the night before, so when it came time to perform he was dead. But, he knew that he would get a burst of energy while performing.  

Taehyung was singing and he went to the side of the stage. He was a smiling mess as fans cheered. Jimin joined him and they started to mess around. Jimin looked into the crowd and he quickly tapped Taehyung’s shoulder. Taehyung started to search the crowd and when his eyes found yours he waved. The fans around you went crazy all thinking that he was waving to them. You just sang along and cheered like everyone else.

When the show was over you were found by security at the end of the show and before you even made into the dressing room Taehyung had his face buried in your hair. He was almost in tears from missing you so much. He hadn’t seen you in months due to your schedules and his tour. But he was just happy that you were there now.

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The boys practiced on the empty stage before the last show of the tour. Jungkook more distracted than ever since it was yours and his year anniversary. But he tried his best to focus on the dance and the music. You were busy with promoting for your newest album so he didn’t think you would have the time to visit him.

But while he was practicing Jin and Hoseok snuck you onto the stage during a water break and while Jungkook was drinking his water he noticed you. He dropped his water bottle and nearly choked half to death while rushing over to you.

He picked you up and spun you around. He couldn’t really do much since his hyungs would have chewed him out if he did.  

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The Ryden Truth

so in like 2003/2004 there was a amazing band known as fall out boy. there was also an amazing band known a s panic! at the disco but they weren’t called that yet and panic! did covers of blink 182 songs and ryan ross was the main vocalist. then one day brendon urine sang and they were like DUDE and brendon urine became the main vocalist. brendon and ryan soon fell in love because why not. then fall out boy came out with their record Take This To Your Grave and Panic! loved it and on Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III’s live journal page Panic! sent him their demo and Pete was like BRO and then he went to Vegas and signed them to his record label and they went to a hotel and wrote music and brendon stayed up all night because he wasn’t told to got to bed. then they all quit school for the band and started writing and their first single i write sins not tragedies came out and they were like YAS and that sing about closing the goddamn door became famous af. TO BE CONTINUEd
and then their album A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out came out and the band toured. on tour ryan and brendon got closer. both brendon and ryan had girlfriends with them on tour for some amount of time, but they each said on MySpace that Ryan and Brendon would rather be together/sleep in the same bed/etc. They each broke up and the tour ended eventually. After the tour, it was time for writing for the new album. Ryan, the main lyricist, and Brendon spent about a month in Myrtle Beach where they 100 percent fell in love. Pretty. Odd. (second album) was all about brendon + ryan. the most ryden song Northern Downpour was about when Ryan flew from NYC to Seattle for brendong
they went on tour for Pretty Odd and everything was so amazing. then in cape town ryan and brendon got into a really big fight and ryan and the bassist jon left the band. Brendon, was very sad and wrote an album about ryan. on tour for that album, brendon used ryan’s guitar+strap. then he wrote another album about ryan and got married. then he was in the process of writing yet another album about who? ryan ross. brendon went to a halloween party during that time and ryan was there!!!!!!! they saw each other and brendon wrote GOLDEN DAYS. In 2007 brendon called ryan a GOLDEN GOD. in The Good The Bad and The Dirty there’s a line “past lovers they always haunt me” past lover– Ryan. Haunt— halloween party
then death or a bachelor came out and ryan still supports brendong and ryan ross should rejoin the ban and kick out guitarist kenny harris

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So Taylor Swift was apparently seen shooting a music video in London in locations such as a double decker bus, a cab, one of the main bridges, and a kebab shop. Considering her new album is rumored to be super shady, think she's taking more jabs at Harry? Because when I saw the pictures, all I could think of was the Midnight Memories video. Seems an eerily similar concept, no?

hmmmmm seems that way….. do you have a link?

new alt j album - fucking beautiful as always

new all time low album - my main men have blown me away again

new halsey album - badass bitch with stunning music. i’m happy.

i love music, man