the maine new album

American candy is the junk they get you hooked on. Anything without a heartbeat. The manufactured, manipulative, soulless garbage that is fed to us daily. It is anything that attempts to entertain or please or persuade with complete disregard for integrity and character. It’s everything I don’t want to be or be a part of. I tried to keep this concept in mind when writing the record. Mean what I say and make sure its from some place tangible, some place real. All that said, I didn’t want things to be so heavy this time around. This record is not some political statement or guide to live life by. It’s simply honest. I wanted to keep things mostly light and groovy. If for nothing else, for my psyche. I needed to be better, I needed to feel better. I’m definitely not the phony, bubble gum depiction of happiness they sell you but I’m in a better place nonetheless and I can only hope that is translated through this album and in turn it can brighten someones life or day or moment.   We set out to make a record to let you know that you aren’t alone in feeling lost, and that to be found might not be the point. Maybe it’s merely just to be whatever it is you aim to be.
—  John O'Callaghan (x)

Apparently, we are getting *TWO* new albums! The TV SERVAMP Solo Character Song Mini Album will be released in two volumes as follows:

1.) TV SERVAMP Solo Character Song Mini Album Volume 1
*Price: ¥2,484 (tax inclusive)
*Release date: 22 February 2017
- Tsubaki (Tatsuhisa Suzuki)
- Alicein Misono (Shimono Hiro)
- Snowlily (Horie Kazuma)
- Licht Jekylland Todoroki (Nobunaga Shimazaki)
- Hyde/Lawless (Kimura Ryouhei)

2.) TV SERVAMP Solo Character Song Mini Album Volume 2
*Price: ¥2,484 (tax inclusive)
*Release date: 22 March 2017
- Shirota Mahiru (Terashima Takuma)
- Kuro (Kaji Yuki)
- Sendagaya Tetsu (Ono Yuki)
- Alicein Mikuni (Kakihara Tetsuya)
- Hugh the Dark Algernon III (Murase Ayumu)

Haha, I guess they separate Sloth Pair and Greed Pair since they are the top two popular pairs in SERVAMP. :’D Anyway, who else is excited about this?? X3

it’s nearly spring which means tour season is right around the corner !!! :) the maine are releasing a new album and touring said album and i literally could not be MORE STOKED because bad behavior is so good like ???? and i get to see these dudes again on may 5th with tons of my best friends that are flying in!!!!! you can get tickets at, and if you’re going to the Pontiac show, please let me know and we can meet up or something! ✩⃛ೄ

ur fav is problematic: Kraftwerk
  • they haven’t come out with a new album since 2003
  • they allowed Coldplay to use the main riff of “Computer World”
  • they’re not actually robots
  • neither are they showroom dummies
  • they are all old
  • all of their songs are earworms
  • like seriously you’ll be walking down the street when you suddenly hear “i’m the operatah with my pocket calculatah” followed by “boing boom tshack peng” followed by fukcing “WIR FAR'N FAR'N FAR'N AUF DER AUTOBAHN” and you haven’t listened to any of these songs today
  • i’m listening to Musique Non Stop as I’m writing this
  • high-waisted pants
5 reasons why you should give a listen to The Maine’s new album, American Candy

1. If you’re having a bad day, you’ll instantly feel good.

2. Your perspective will change and you’ll appreciate life even more.

3. Road trips will be freaking amazing with these songs.

4. You’ll cry and feel joy at the same time, but most of all you’ll feel as someone just told you everything you need to hear.

5. Last but not least, you will put yourself first and realize how beautiful, capable and amazing you are.