the maine in the philippines


MC and Seven in the Philippines, yo! they’re just chilling in Intramuros eating kwek kwek and riding around the karitela!

for hopefully my new series in which the MM crew visit the other countries around them and immerse in new cultures!!! aaaa which country will they explore next? ; v ;


No, this is not a scene from a drama or movie. This is a guy serenading a girl in front of everyone on National Television.

If you are active on Twitter, you may have noticed hashtags with the word “ALDUB” everyday (except Sundays) on the trending list. Many have been wondering what/who they are since they have been trending with at least 1-2 million tweets from Monday-Friday, and then every Saturdays, they break records just like yesterday wherein the hashtag #ALDubEBforLOVE accumulated a whooping 25.6 million tweets for 24 hours.

I am proud of being part of this history as this local pairing (or Love Team) from my country, the Philippines, had their second date for their “Kalyeserye” or “Street Drama”, since everything happens on the streets.

So what is so special about the “AlDub” pairing?

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Panatang Makabayan (Instructional comic plate) Ink & Photoshop, 2015.

The Patriotic Oath is recited as implemented by the Department of Education’s Department Order No. 8, approved on July 21, 1955. The Oath, known as the Panatang Makabayan in Filipino, was revised in November of 2001 by former Secretary of Education Raul Roco.

What started out as a class requirement turned out to be the answer to a very elementary question - “How do you show love for your country?” I never thought I’d take exhibiting my nationalism through what I love doing or through what I believe I can do best so seriously.

This piece (the final product is a one-sheet booklet) I started out with a lot of adult themes, but since the project was aimed for kids, Sir DJ advised that I make it more kid-friendly. My main personal objective was to show as much of Philippine culture through the eyes of children as possible… and while what I was able to fit in is just the tip of the iceberg, I hope this tiny comic succeeds in resonating with the youth and inspiring them to truly love their country. :)

1st date of AlDub

These are my favorite parts from today’s episode:

When Alden raised the glass for a toast and Maine thought she could swallow the whole thing. 

Sobra akong nakyutan kay Meng dito kasi nako-conscious siya kay Alden.

Pero eto talaga ang most epic moment. Nung nahulog yung pugo sa bunganga ni Menggay. HAHAHAHAHA! Pero bakit ganun?! Ang cute pa rin niya! Asaan ang hustisya! 

In defense of Leah Olivar Medina

In the OTWOL fandom, I’ve seen a lot of criticism of Leah lately. And I get it, I do. I’ve been a little frustrated with Leah too, especially when Clark is being so preciously, adorably sweet and perfect. But Leah’s arc lately is not only really in character but it’s also a brilliant twist that throws back to the beginning of the show. OTWOL has somewhat restarted itself by bringing the two main characters back to the Philippines and the dynamics that we saw in the beginning of the series has now been turned on its head.

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Super Typhoon Maysak

Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti and NASA astronaut Terry Virts aboard the International Space Station recently captured these incredible images of Super Typhoon Maysak. As it has moved over the Pacific Ocean, the storm generated winds of more than 140mph (225km/h). It is expected to weaken once it hits the central or northern parts of the main Philippine island of Luzon on later this week.

Tiffany Becomes Highest Charting Korean Artist On iTunes Worldwide Album Chart

Within minutes of her solo debut, Girls’ Generation member Tiffany has shown the music industry that she will be a force to be reckoned with.

On May 11, Tiffany released her first solo mini album “I Just Wanna Dance” with its titular title track. As soon as it was released, it took over the top spot of several real time music charts in Korea.

Then, at 10 a.m. in KST, it entered the Worldwide iTunes Album Chart at number nine, becoming the first album by a Korean artist to ever enter the top ten. Currently, the other artists on the chart are Radiohead, Drake, Prince, Adele, Beyonce and Coldplay.

Her album also took the top spot on the main iTunes album chart in 13 countries, including Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand. At the same time, her album entered the Top 200 Albums on iTunes at number 19 and has risen to currently sit at number 17.  (x)

I am so proud of you, Tiffany. You deserved it.