the main thing is gonna be not losing control of the ink

aight, with Sploon 2 being released a little bit ago, I wanted to make a handy dandy guide for new players (and experienced players, too). here’s some tips and tricks I want y’all to know!
  • Be vocal and communicate with your teammates. This is something I see a lot of people not do, whether they’re new or not. Although it may not seem very important, it really is in a lot of cases. “This way!”s can help your team group up and coordinate an attack, and “Ouch…”s you can use to let your team know that hey, this dude that got me is good, be careful. The ↑ and ↓ buttons on the control pad aren’t too hard to reach, so use them!
  • Don’t choose gear only for style. The abilities on your gear will have an effect on your game! Style yourself up, but also strategize with the abilities on the gear you’re choosing.
  • When someone Super Jumps to you, protect them!! This is really important!! Don’t leave your teammate to fend for themselves when they land, especially if there’s other enemies nearby!! People will camp when they see that Super Jump landing point just so they can get a krill (ha), make sure that doesn’t happen! We all hate Super Jumping somewhere and just ending up dying again.
  • Don’t rush into the battle. This game isn’t solely about how many krills (should i stop?) you get. The main point is to ink as much turf as you can (or defend the objective, in Ranked). Ink up all that turf as soon as the battle starts! It charges up your special, too, so you can have that ready as you work your way towards the battle!
  • Use your Sub and Special weapons strategically. Try not to launch your Tenta Missiles when they’re locked on one player. Don’t stay in one place while using your Inkjet, as it makes you an easier target, especially for chargers. Take a second to aim before throwing out your Sub weapon. Using your Special or your Sub in the last few seconds of the game is a really good way to score a few extra points (for yourself and your team) in Turf War!
  • Speaking of using Special weapons strategically, when you activate certain Specials, use it quickly or find a place to hide before doing so. I’ve had too many times where I’m aiming my Special and someone sneaks up on me and kills me before I can use it. Tenta Missiles and the Sting Ray are a couple you’ll want to hide first for. The Ink Storm is one you should use immediately, since the time you take aiming takes away from the time the cloud is active. The Bomb Launcher and Ink Armor are also ones that can be used immediately.
  • Talk to Judd and Lil Judd in the square. They’ll give you tips that will help you in battle! Seriously, I’ve learned so many things from Judd in the first game.
  • INK THE AREA AROUND YOUR SPAWN POINT ON TURF WAR. I’ve played with so many people who don’t do this!! Whether it’s just a little area like on Moray Towers, or a big area like Inkblot Art Academy, it still counts!! This should be like the first thing you do.
  • Don’t ink walls unnecessarily. Soooo many new people do this. Only ink the path on the wall you’re gonna climb. Walls don’t count as points toward your special or in the final results of a Turf War. For Turf War, always remember that everything that’s seen from a direct, overhead, birds-eye view counts!!
  • Suction bombs stick to trees. Careful when you’re aiming them, you wouldn’t want to waste that ink on a tree. 
  • Keep your guard up the whole battle. Even if you’re winning by a lot, there’s a chance the other team can come back while you relax a bit. Even if you’re losing by a lot, don’t give up! Fight aggressively and push them back!

feel free to add anything!! stay fresh, y’all