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Hi there I'm looking to get into practicing Shinto as my main faith and I've seen some rather conflicting things about getting a Kamidana. As of right now I don't have one nor do I have any thing to go with it however I am soon getting one. I was just curious if you could perhaps clear up what and how exactly a Kamidana should be cared for and placement and all of that stuff. Also if creating my own Ofuda rather than purchasing one would upset the kami, In particular Inari Okami. Thank you!

Hi there!

A Kamidana is a household altar - it originated around the Edo era  (1603–1867) when it was popular for ko/parishioners of the Ise faith( Amaterasu Omikami was a highly revered kami, but at the time Shinto was really made up of parishioners/Ko groups of each individual Kami’s faith - not the united Shrine Shinto we have today that places Amaterasu Omikami at the top)

 They would make pilgrimages to Ise Jingu on foot from anywhere in Japan. Pilgrims would bring home an “Oharaitaima” (blessings tablet) the proto type of Ofuda -which carried the essence of Amaterasu Omikami. And also a Daijingudana (lit. Great Shrine shelf, but the name meant you had a small representative shrine of Ise Jingu), a proto type kamidana to enshrine this Oharaitaima. 

People would also come home with devotional scrolls that had calligraphy of Amaterasu Omikami-sama  or Toyouke Omikami-sama’s name to worship at if they could not afford the Oharai tama or Daijingudana. 

So the origins of Kamidana begin there, and then carried over into modern times - after the Meiji Restoration we have the modern rules of Kamidana today for Shrine Shinto (Amaterasu in the front/center), certain way to place offerings, what offerings, etc.

However a Kamidana is not a necessary part of Shinto worship. Shinto has always been about communing at the local shrine of the local kami, or the kami closest to you, and praying/building the connection of the local kami and the great nature surrounding you, of daily life. 

So while having a Kamidana is especially handy for the modern era (especially living far from shrines), it’s not an extremely important “you must have one to be considered Shinto” item. It just helps a lot with daily faith practice, especially being far from your home shrine or local Kami’s shrine (as in Edo period, they of course were far from Ise Jingu!)

And especially for being outside Japan, it is extremely far!!! And Kamidana are expensive items to buy, let alone import. 

So really with all of this in mind, I say kamidana are extremely helpful to keep as a reminder for daily worship, but they are not so necessary to worship, especially for those in our situation, hard to afford and outside of Japan. 

However it’s awesome that you can get one! 

The rule for Kamidana of Shrine Shinto, is that the area must be cleaned physically and spiritually by cleaning of the room it is to be put in, and throwing salt in the five corners of the room. Place the Kamidana on a  high place or shelf. If there is a room above the kamidana, put the kanji for 雲 (kumo, cloud) or 天 (ten, heavens) above on the ceiling. This can be written on a piece of small paper or they also have wood-carved versions. It must be facing the East (the rising sun) or to the South. (Based in ancient Lucky-Unlucky directions/Onmyoudou of  the Heian era, they believed South and East were good directions) 

Once you have completed this, then this is the general set up of Kamidana

or if you have a square tray, for offerings its this

That’s sake closest to Kamisama, Water in center, then salt on the left and rice to the right. 

If you have a single-door Kamidana, Amaterasu Omikami-sama (Jingutaima) is in the front, then it’s the shrine of your faith (In your case Inari Okami-sama), and the gaurdian kami of the region

HOWEVER all this being said, since you worship Inari Okami-sama all this doesn’t really apply. Inari Shinko (faith) is actually a sect Shinto and does not adhere to these rules of kamidana.

Inari Okami-sama *must* according to Fushimi Inari Taisha, go in the center/front of your Kamidana, preferably Inari Okami-sama has their own kamidana. This is also emphasized by the traditional sizing of kamidana will not fit an ofuda from Fushimi Inari Taisha. Inari Okami ofuda usually only fit Kamidana for Inari Okami-sama.  (Usually bought at Inari shrines or within a set) 

Generally the standard size kamidana will tend to fit an Inari Okami ofuda, but please check. A lot of friends have brought one home to find it cannot fit inside. 

(If you worship Inari Okami-sama and Amaterasu Omikami-sama, the order or style of worship you do - Inari Shinko or Shrine Shinto - is completely up to your feeling and thoughts. Though these are all the officially stated ways, a lot of native Japanese people don’t follow these rules at all, so don’t worry too much about it.)

As for making your own ofuda -  I actually advise not to. It’s fine to write Inari Okami-sama’s name in calligraphy and have it within the kamidana as a reminder. But after learning the process behind creating an ofuda and how wrong it can go, it’s not good for people who haven’t been trained on ceremonies to do so. In the past I thought it was not too bad as a replacement for the time being, but now I realize if not done professionally it can either be OK or just invite the wrong energy. So I’d advise to simply just write the name and have it within the kamidana or displayed, but not try to bless it with the kami’s energy to act as a true Ofuda. 

If you need an Inari Ofuda, I’m able to get one for you,  but I’d have to give you details privately and I can’t on anon ! ;; 

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pardon me, but you once said to someone you didn't like the idea of AU Lord Wander, and now you seem okay with it?

((I said I didn’t like the MAIN Lord Wander AU because Tall Sexy Evil Wander makes me super uncomfortable. I made up my own take on the idea a while ago where Wander is still small and goofy and basically has the same personality, only his goal is to forcibly Wanderize everyone in the universe through mind control. And Dominator is still a tall, cool badass who doesn’t care about anyone, but she’s a wandering mercenary who only helps people if they pay her. It’s kinda turned into its own thing, you can see more about it in the Dom the Wanderer tag.))

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I just want to say that I seriously respect you for not being afraid to admit that you're anti-Regina and anti-Lana. I am as well, and it's a hard thing to admit since "antis" get so much shit, even when their distaste of something IS GROUNDED UPON FACTS. Lana constantly baits $Q fans just to get praise, and Regina is just an atrocity of a character. I'm so glad you are forthright and not afraid to speak your mind. Have a lovely night ❤️

Thank you and I’m glad you’ve seen the light.  Honestly I just don’t care about the antis hating on me because of my beliefs.  I don’t like Regina because she literally takes story time away from the main character and it seems like A&E are obsessed with her for some odd reason.  She literally whines about everything and thinks that nothing is her fault.  And Lana, I don’t hate her so much but when she baits $Q fans and constantly gives bullshit answers to please the majority of her fans it pisses me off as it is extremely unprofessional and it makes her look bad.  I mean can you imagine how Jen feels because she is the one who gets the hate because of Lana!  

So, thanks so much for saying this!  Hope you have a great day!

I feel like it doesn’t get enough attention that patrick stump literally wrote a song called coast (it’s gonna get better). Like the entire song is just a message to his fans that even though their lives might suck atm to stick with him and keep going. No digging around for the meaning, no single lines that might be about one thing might be about another, it’s written simply in every lyric. I honestly can’t name one other musician ever that has done that and it’s one of the main reasons I care about him so much

Great things about cheer boys:
  • Such beautiful animation. The care put into it really reminds me of haikyuu.
  • I LOVE all the music in the background, I can’t wait to listen to in on its own when it releases.
  • It destroys gender roles in such a down to earth way. It takes itself and cheerleading seriously.
  • All the character are so likable it’s unreal. They all feel like real people with complex personalities.
  • The friendship between the two main characters is so sweet. It feels really natural and it just makes me smile whenever they are together.
  • Again, Kazu, the destroyers of gender roles, bless him.
  • Unlike most sport anime that revolve around high school, it’s about kids in collage, which is such a breath of fresh air tbh.
  • Mizoguchi is so precious, he needs to be protected at all cost. I love him and want him to succeed in life.
  • No, but, seriously, seeing this kid getting super excited about a group chat because he has never been in one before makes me simultaneously sad and happy. I love the way he interacts with the other members and the way the other members interact with him, and I’m so happy that he is finally making friends, because his reactions to normal friendship things make it really obvious that he missed out on that a lot in his life.
  • Toono Kouji. TOONO KOUJI. This is maybe the first time I’ve ever seen a chubby guy on a sport anime team, and he is just such a sweetheart. It’s really great that the anime doesn’t treat him differently just because he has a little bit more weight, and it’s great how the other members keep reminding him of this strengths, because this boy could really use a little bit more confidence. I mostly adore his interactions with Mizoguchi, I can see these two becoming really good friends.
  • They are all so determent to do this thing, they make cheerleading look cool, which is everything I wanted from this anime.
  • I love that there is more going on than just boys cheerleading. All the characters seem to have more going on in their life, and it all has effect on the way the perform.
  • The judo backstory from Kazu and Haru creates a really interesting storyline. I like the whole ‘turning away from something that you are expected to do to do something you like to do’ theme. I think it’s something that quite a lot of people relate to, at least I do, and I am very interested to see Haru learn to stand up for himself and find the courage to do so.
  • It is apparently based on a real cheerleading group!

I could really ramble on forever about this, but the bottom line is, this show is really good, go watch it.

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I have a question and I don't mean to bother you but how come when you good Lee Taeil it will say "Lee Taeil gay" why is that a goggled thing? What happened to make people google that? I mean obviously it wouldn't matter if he was but I just don't know why people Google it

One of the biggest facts is he asked Zico if he could kiss him

He has said he wasn’t interested in girls in Match Up but to save his butt he changed it that he was.

His songs never refer to a gender.

Those are the three main factors and you can choose what you want from there. He hasn’t said anything about his sexaulity yet.
Me I don’t care I would still holla. He can tell me he not interested and I will more then respect him but still be screaming bloody murder LEE TAEIL YOU ARE FUCKING SEXY AND WHEN YOU GET FREE TIME PLEASE RUIN ME in my head

But like I said Taeil is who he is and I love him and I hope everyone will to with this knowledge….and I would let him destroy me at any given time at any given moment if he up to it.

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Mama, I believe that your choices on who dies on SnK are very important. Of course a lot of people will get mad and sad but I personally believe that killing main characters is key to a good storyline. A series that has all the main characters survive is just as common as every other series. I love how you don't care about the negative reactions and you keep on doing your thing. This is what really makes SnK so special. I love you mama, thank you for this amazing story.

Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoy it!

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IR shippers insisting that RenRuki (& even ichihime) would be better as ""friendzz"" is the most ironic thing because this is exactly how their ship has been described since forever.

The irony….like I can’t believe I’m actually seeing posts from them saying “um :) a guy and girl can be close and care about each other without it being romantic sweaty :) platonic friendships do exist y’know!!” and it’s like….yes? we know?? we’ve been telling you this for years?? And even Kubo alluded to that exact same thing when talking about your ship??? That it was different from other series where the main male and female fall in love, because “despite standing in a close position with each other, it is not romantic.”

The difference with RR is, it’s already been made apparent that Renji’s feelings for Rukia are romantic.

What’s amazing with TVD, it’s the fact that is something that we won’t see in television EVER when it will be done.

Kind reminder that it began in 2009 before we had #OscarsSowhite #AsianMatters #BLM etc. If you pitched the vampire diaries today without proper respect for #representation, you would be slapped. So never forget that  humanity learns from its mistakes. TVD was a huge mistake. A case to study. No more irrespect for people of color. No more powerless women where the only thing they care about is to get into a hottie pants. No more misogynistic assholes as main character. No more. 

It’s a new era  and JP will have to submit or disappear. Because when you have a show like Quantico, or shows by her majesty shonda rhimes, or I don’t know… FUCKING GAME OF THRONES. YOU EVOLVE.

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You know i really like recent chapter i felt that renji really care about rukia and rukia is just like starring her own reverse harem XD but still ichigo is rukia's number one man

Haha. That’s actually one of the things I really like about Bleach and Ichiruki. They got their own harem.

You can clearly see how they stand on equal grounds. In any other anime or manga, multiple love-interests is usually concentrated with only one of the main pair (and in shonens, girls always have to be jealous or angry of the oblivious boy MC). I usually hated those situations. Ichiruki is not like that. They may be completely opposites, but they share similar traits that binds them together and makes them complement each other. Ah well, one can see clearly that Ichigo and Rukia see each other on equal grounds. They really parallel each other, even with their character relationships xD

If Ichigo has his own harem, then so is Rukia. Actually, the reason why I don’t really mind Orihime much is because of this. I see her as part of Ichigo’s harem (or love-interest) but … Rukia will always be His Queen. 

… And the same can be said for Rukia ;)

dazai cares about atsushi

Whether or not dazai cared about others was a big thing for me to try and figure out. And atsushi in particular because, well, main character and all that. And I think he does. At least, we have every indication that he does.

Does dazai care about other people? Does he care about atsushi, kunikida and the others at the agency? Yes. Absolutely. What about the members of the port mafia? When he was there, yes. Clearly, as odasaku, who he considered a friend, obviously made such a big impact on him and ango’s betrayal still angers him. Now? It’s touch and go, but he certainly hasn’t just forgotten about them. And were they to die, I do believe he’d mourn at least a little. So it’s not that he doesn’t care about people, he does.But it’s too much of a stretch to say he cares about all people. For dazai, unlike atsushi, you need to give him a reason to care about you. That could be friendship, time spent together, something about your personality, anything–but there needs to be a reason. He doesn’t just universally care. And also, unlike kunikida, once he does care about you, your life is put above the ideal of ‘everyone else’. He’s no moralist. He’s not as extreme as tanizaki, but he will put certain people’s lives and their worth above others. 

And as for atsushi in specific, I think he likes atsushi. There was something about atsushi that attracted him right off the bat. He considers him a colleague and a friend. And, to the best of his ability, dazai seems to try to protect atsushi. Of course, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t use him. And manipulating is simply how dazai fights, it’s almost a given. But he’s not using atsushi any more than the rest of the agency is. He himself is arguably being used more than atsushi by the others. And that was something everyone who joined that agency knew. Atsushi was told he wasn’t a charity case. I do think dazai is interested in atsushi, but it seems to be atsushi’s goodness and strong sense of morality that intrigues dazai the most. In other words, he’s interested in the kind of person atsushi is and for atsushi to meet dazai’s standards it seems all he has to do is be himself. So, like I said, dazai likes atsushi. So I do think dazai cares about atsushi, way more than he does about most people. I’d say it’s about as much as he cares about the others at the detective agency, but I could also see the argument that he cares about atsushi a bit more. And then I think part of him is also aware he’s responsible for atsushi–that he’s the one that brought atsushi into the fold and hopefully it was for a reason–so he’s more likely to look out for him. All his words and all his actions have pointed to dazai genuinely caring about atsushi though.

The Joshifer Fandom: Tea Edition

Hello, everyone. Delaney here.

So, as some of you may or may not know, when I originally started this blog I posted pretty much exclusively in the Hunger Games fandom. More specifically, I was very active in the RPF section of this fandom that shipped the two main leads, Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson, or Joshifer. I wrote hundreds of thousands of words of fan fiction, made headcanons, gushed over the actors individually and as a ship…I did all the usual fun fandom stuff, is what I’m getting at.

Since I (pretty much) left the fandom, I’ve had some thoughts about things that I saw while I was there, and tonight, they have flared massively to the surface. So I’m going to go off a bit.

Now, you may be asking yourself, why does this bitch even care? She jumped that ship like it was the damn Titanic and she didn’t have time for no Jack a long time ago. And yes, I’m no longer in the fandom. I’m not really even a fan of Jen, Josh, or THG that much anymore, though they still hold a special place in my heart. And I’ve already stated my opinions on their relationship above, so if you think I’m wrong, cool, great, that’s chill, my guy. But, I’m here because I still have several friends in the fandom who I still follow, and I like to keep up with what’s been going on with them. And sometimes that stuff pisses me off, which I think I have a right to be since I did spend so long in this fandom. So here we are.

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Hi Angela! This year for the first time in 10 years I'm not going to wear a school uniform. And I was wondering if you have some tips? Since you always look so pretty

I mean right now I’m wearing a Jurassic World top and leggings that are two sizes too big and they also have about 6 holes in them. I like a casual look.

One of the main reasons I hate college is because it means actually having to wear clothes and like, i’m just not about that life. When I go to college, I like being comfy. I’ll be stuck in a room for 7-8 hours, why would I torture myself with dresses and tight things? Nah man. 

I like to wear jeans, baggy shirts, thick cardigans, loose fitting clothes. I mean, I wear nice clothes but I don’t really care about style or fashion at all, especially at college. I would turn up in pyjamas if I was allowed. I might wear a loose dress with tights if I felt prepared enough to deal with tights falling down constantly.

Wear what you want. Wear what you feel comfortable in. Who cares if it’s not the most fashionable or expensive outfit? Who cares? As long as you’re comfortable and happy then you should wear whatever the hell you please! No one can stop you from rocking a Jurassic World tee and ripped leggings. ;)

where am i?

hello everyone you may have noticed that ive been slightly inactive lately and thats been because of a mix of different things going down at the same time. basically i was doing a summer course thing so couldnt be online. also i am watching every tv show on netflix so thats pretty time consuming too

however, the main reason why im gone is because i am so so tired of tumblr. man its exhausting im fucking tired of callout culture and drama and people just being awful to each other all the time. i also get stressed trying to keep up with expectations and due to becoming a slightly bigger blog who makes things, tumblr now gives me major anxiety and i dont even have the energy to get excited about the good things anymore. also i occasionally have months where i dont care much about anything and this is probably one of those moments. i dont know what that means, usually when that happens my mood comes swinging back in like a month later but still, at the moment i dont care enough.

i hope this kind of makes sense. im not going to delete my blog because ill probably come back sooner or later. and if im bored i might just come back for a sec to see how things are going, but i doubt ill be making posts for a while. we’ll call this an extended hiatus or some bullshit whilst i take a well needed breather. if you have any questions ill probably hang around for like the next hour just to answer them. my snapchat is cat5naps if you want to keep up with me. i hope you all have an excellent summer!! see you around.

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What's your favorite Harry ship?

my thing with hp ships is that i really don’t have any main ones other than jily because when i read the books romance wasn’t really a big priority for me bc i was really small and idk i thought of all the characters as my friends and didn’t really care about romance. so i don’t have really strong feelings towards harry ships but i do like hinny! i thought it was great in the books and i read the occasional fanfic

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It bothers me that all people talk about in regards to the new Iron Man is that she's a woman and black. Is that all that matters to anyone? Tony Stark is a philanthropist but arrogant, a hard worker but with a drinking problem. What's this girl like? No one cares. Even her name is barely mentioned.

Yeah and we got to know all that about Stark through decades of comics. Hopefully we’ll get that with her. People are excited about getting fresh representation. It’s the sort of thing that happens when 99% of media we get is about straight white guys, that’s sort of why people are always excited about these sorts of things.

I imagine it’s hard to get that when you get to be the main character in everything all your life. Let them enjoy their victory. We didn’t know much about Kamala Khan when she was introduced either and people were excited that she was a Muslim girl with a Pakistani family. And then we got to love her more when we got to know more about her. With time.

This barely started, let people have their initial excitement, it’s extremely important for people, especially comic geeks who don’t get to see much of themselves and also tend to get marginalized and pushed aside by people that think this kind of thing doesn’t matter.

Writing is so much more fun when you stop worrying about what book snobs will think

I know the snobs are going to be pissed about all the lgbt+ and poc+ in Epic (they’ve already started saying nasty things about it!) and they’re gonna hate that the main couple is wlw and interracial and that the white/straight characters don’t get as much page time as the poc or lgbt+ characters. They’re going to be calling every female a Mary Sue and be so far up David and Ethan’s asses that they ignore anything wrong that the two swb’s do.

But I literally cannot bring myself to care about those negative opinions because I’m proud of the story I wrote and glad to give marginalized groups a book about themselves. When I started ignoring my thoughts of “what if people call Anna annoying or a Mary Sue” and so on, Epic became so much more fun to write.

In short, book snobs can fuck off :)

My main blog is not a taylor fan blog, but I’m a taylor fan. I have this blog as a side project I never finished, lol, was going to dedicate the whole thing to Andrea.
News at hand:
I don’t care about any of this. Of course Taylor doesn’t behave completely genuinely to the public all the time. She does not owe the world anything other than the ENORMOUS amount she GIVES. I defy any of you gossip mongering, salivating HATERS to live life under a microscope and behave completely genuinely, as if no one was watching. OF COURSE she manages her image, she’s HUMAN, she’s sane, and it’s what makes her GREAT.
I don’t care what she does or who she dates.

I do care about every single song/lyric she’s ever shared with me. I care about kids whose lives she’s brightened.

I care that when I had to take my mom off of life support after a failed bone marrow transplant, I held her unresponsive hand in mine and sang “The Best Day” from start to finish to her, and it made it easier to watch her breath leave her body. It even made it beautiful. The last birthday present my mom ever gave me was a ticket to the 1989 tour, which I went to alone, because she was stuck in the hospital. But I didn’t feel alone, because I was there with 55,000 other people who feel spoken for, represented by, and love Taylor. I would never want to be a celebrity. I don’t have the backbone. Also, I can’t write songs. But in a world where financial disparity this large exists, I feel fucking PLEASED that I am so accurately represented in the billionaire class by a girl who shares my spirit, whose heart is a familiar shape, who has the power to report experiences and feelings to the entire world that feel so resoundingly, achingly familiar to mine. Because she writes songs, Taylor was with me during the most wretched and painful moments of my life, and that’s more real and important than any press release or celebrity feud.
I love her forever. @taylorswift

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First, I’m going to cackle idiotically at the “Pearl having a crush on Greg” thing. Mainly because she’s shown time and time again she doesn’t care much for Greg. My main idea is that Pearl doesn’t want to get close with Greg at all because she blames him for not only “stealing” Rose from her but also being partially responsible for Rose’s death in the first place. She’s already discussed her feelings with Steven about how she felt about Rose and what losing her was like. We haven’t seen Pearl confront Greg about it yet. The man that stole Rose’s heart from Pearl. I think we’re due for a Greg and Pearl have a talk about how they both loved Rose. And someone pointed this out to me, a line that could very well be used would be “WHY DID SHE LOVE YOU MORE THAN ME?!” From Pearl. We need to have some feels and this issue has been bugging me for a while. So I’m excited.