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Main Street USA

Well first of all, the name “OMG holy shit, never compile these” is a great name for a virus folder”

But let’s talk about this mysterious subprogram. 

Its main loop is tied to the lifespan of the universe. When the universe dies, a mysterious subprogram will be executed. You have no way of knowing what that subprogram does. It runs on a protected part of the server.

First of all, it’s pretty obvious that this has something to do with The Felt and Lord English, what with the billiard balls and all.

Secondly, what ever this program will do, it’s already been done in the kids’ universe. Maybe it brought Lord English into being?

Second year OT3 headcanons
  • Chika and You exchange increasingly terrible pun pickup lines until Riko’s laughing so hard in a mix of fondness and embarrassment  that she has to muffle it by burying her face in her hands.
  • Riko and Chika like to hold hands but Riko’s a bit more hesitant in initiating while Chika has no qualms in grabbing her gfs’ hands when she wants to. You prefers to either bring her arm around their waists or to loop arms together bc that lets her be closer to them.
  • You raids their wardrobes to dress Riko and Chika up. She really enjoys making them fashionable. Riko takes note of You’s favs (and by extension, Chika’s favs too bc You’s fashion sense is A+) and wears them to their date nights.
  • Chika ‘steals’ their clothes. Or rather, Riko and You sometimes leaves some of their stuff behind from the sleepovers they do and Chika uses them bc why not
  • Chika once showed up to practice wearing You’s snapback and Riko’s sweater. Let’s just say that practice didn’t turn out to be very productive and Mari has a new set of bruises bc Kanan keeps elbowing her when she opens her mouth to tease the 2nd year trio.
  • Chika and You (separately ofc)  go to Kanan for advice. Or really, just to gush about a thing their gfs did. DadKanan is very supportive and helpful and very proud of her two kids
  • Riko somehow ends up going to the other members of Guilty Kiss for relationship advice. It starts bc Mari overhears things from ProudDadKanan and wants to tease Riko about it bc she’s being ‘too serious’. “Riko-chan says the lyrics are ‘shameless’  but Riko-chan was also flexing her arms for You-chan yesterday hmmm~?” (shoutout to this fic) Riko was going to scold Mari for being a gossip but then realizes that she can actually ask for advice bc Mari has experience with having two girlfriends at once so that counts as something, right? 
  • Yoshiko gets involved bc this all happens in a GK practice. Hence the start of “Operation: Get Riko-chan a girlfriend!” “They’re already my girlfriends though?” “Oh. ‘Operation: Get Riko-chan laid’ then?” “Mari-san!” “Oh wow can u pls get your gross ass domestic problems out of practice k thanks” “Yoshiko-chan that’s not very nice.” “Hey, I’m just saying a blood contract would be better-” “tHANK YOu for your suggestion Tsushima-san but No.” Riko thinks it’s like gaining two siblings that just won’t stop about giving you helpful and Not Helpful advice.
  • Chika and You are very touchy feel-y and Riko’s not used to getting this much attention? A surprise ChikaYou double team attack of hugs and kisses turns Riko into an awkward blushing and confused mess bc she doesn’t know how to ‘properly’ respond? So ChikaYou generally try small contact first until Riko gets used to it and then it devolves into a gayass cuddle pile after.
  • Movie nights start with Riko in her own bubble of space between Chika and You before the two start inching closer. Chika starts playing with her hand and You slings an arm over her shoulder in a classic yawn-half hug move. When Riko’s fully relaxed, Chika just flops over RikoYou’s laps, You’s leaning fully into Riko with her head resting on her shoulder, Riko’s hand is gently combing Chika’s hair while Chika reaches up to feed You pieces of popcorn. They fall asleep like this. When they wake up, You can’t feel her arm, Riko’s p sure her legs are dead, and Chika has a bad crick in her neck. They regret nothing.

Bubble Pond by baobaomao
Via Flickr:
Didn’t see anything with heavy fog. Took the bus to this place right before the thunderstorm.

Hey there!

Finally put the Hub room in-game with some new animations on some of the assets and it’s also semi-functional! All that’s left now is to add a simple UI to choose a dungeon from three or so options, Maybe even add a way to enter a dungeon seed but that won’t be functional for a while so I’d rather focus on some more pressing stuff.

Next up I will be focusing on dungeons again, fixing bugs, make everything look better/smoother, and improve generation. Once the main game loop (Town>Dungeon>Town) is solid enough I will start focusing on Sound/Music and progress saving so you can quit while in the town and then come back to your same character and face your next dungeon (Until your character dies and you lose everything).

Anyway, there is still an incredible amount of work to do and content to add but WishGranter is finally feeling like an actual game. I will try to post another update sometime next week. Thanks to everyone who keeps sharing, spreading the word and giving support. Really means a lot!


Imagine: Going to the Zoo with Dean.

(Dean X Reader Fluff)

You opened the map. A colorful array of sections and lines greeted you. You pointed at the entrance where you stood waiting for Dean to go through the metal detectors. You ignored his suggestive joke at the security person with the wand. He’d charm his way through the check in no time, so you figured you work on the plan. A few minutes later,  Dean trotted up beside you. You glanced up from the map, a smile plastered across his face told you he was already having the time of his life. The innocent side of him was immediately endearing. You tilted the map to him.

“So, where do you want to go first? It looks like the monkeys are up just ahead and we can go this way and walk the main loop.” You explained the route, but his eyes didn’t follow your finger. “Dean?”

“Screw, monkeys! Let’s go see the tigers!” He grabbed the map studying the tiger exhibit.

“S-sure, but they’re right past the monkeys. Wouldn’t you rather…” You trailed off.

Dean was grinning without reserve, his eyes shining with the excitement. For a brief moment in time, you suddenly saw how he must have looked as a child. He indicated to the map again trying to earn your enthusiasm. Relenting, you smiled.

“Geez, you act like you’ve never been to the zoo before.” You teased taking the map back and sliding it in your bag.

He grabbed your hand, pulling you along, as he began walking. You squeezed savoring the rare gesture.

“I haven’t. I mean, one time we stopped by a petting zoo when I was… 8 or 9?” He chuckled to himself. “A goat ran up and knocked Sam down the moment we stepped through the gate. Sam just laid there completely scared out of his mind and the goat started eating his shirt. To this day he’s still nervous around goats.”

“Aw, poor Sam.” You leaned against him, then spoke in a low conspiratory tone, “Maybe we can buy him a little stuffed animal goat from the souvenir shop.”

Dean laughed, but stopped abruptly as you rounded a building. You stumbled against him. His eyes lit up and you followed his gaze. A lone tiger stretched in the cage. Her muscles rippled beneath her well groomed fur. Before the tiger could shift her weight forward and straighten her back legs out Dean rushed forward yanking your arm hard. He let go after a couple steps breaking into a jog. You huffed trying to catch up to him. He was pressed up against the glass wedged between toddlers when you arrived. You stood back trying to catch your breath.

“Did you know that tigers are the biggest cats in the whole world?” A little girl with wide brown eyes looked up at Dean. “They can grow 11 feet!” She kicked out a foot to emphasis her claim. “But not my feet, more like your feet cause their bigger.”

“That’s friggin’ awesome!” Dean replied causing the girl and another child to giggle.

“Which one’s yours?”

You looked over to see a father holding a baby close to his chest bouncing rhythmically from side to side. You nodded toward Dean.

“The big one in the leather jacket.” Surprise crossed the man’s face briefly, before being replaced by an accepting nod. “He’s never been to the zoo before.”

“Well, never too late. I hope your husband enjoys it. There’s a lot of great things to see here. Me and my kids have been here 3 times this year already. Be sure to check out the bird exhibit.”

You blushed unable to correct the man’s assumption of your relationship status. “Thanks, but we’ll probably be here for while.”

You looked back to Dean who was currently tapping the glass and waving shamelessly. The tiger gave a sleepy blink and padded over. Pure elation colored his face as the tiger sat before him and licked her paw. Even as the children lost interest Dean remained glued to the glass. You sighed happily. It wasn’t the playful romantic date you planned, but somehow you didn’t regret a second of it. When there was room, you moved to stand beside Dean and listened contentedly as he enthused about the big cat.

(Look forward to a date with Sam tomorrow)



With the conclusion of the international Cassini mission set for September 15, 2017, the spacecraft is poised to soon begin a thrilling two-part endgame.

Cassini will enter the first part of this denouement on November 30, 2016, when the spacecraft begins a series of 20 passes just beyond the outer edge of the main rings. These weekly loops around Saturn are called the F ring orbits, and they send the spacecraft high above and below the planet’s poles. During these orbits, Cassini will approach to within 4,850 miles (7,800 kilometers) of the center of the narrow F ring, with its wispy and ever-changing structure.

“During the F ring orbits we expect incredible views of the rings, along with the small moons and other structures embedded in them, as we’ve never seen them before,” said Linda Spilker, Cassini project scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California. “The last time we got this close to the rings was during arrival at Saturn in 2004, and we saw only their backlit side. Now we have dozens of opportunities to examine their structure at extremely high resolution on both sides.”

Cassini’s final phase – called the Grand Finale – begins in earnest in April 2017. A close flyby of Saturn’s giant moon Titan will reshape the spacecraft’s orbit so that, instead of passing outside the rings, it passes through the gap between the rings and the planet. The spacecraft is expected to make 22 plunges through this gap – an unexplored space only about 1,500 miles (2,400 kilometers) wide – beginning with its first dive on April 27.

During the Grand Finale, Cassini will make the closest-ever observations of Saturn, mapping the planet’s magnetic and gravity fields with exquisite precision and returning ultra-close views of the atmosphere. Scientists also hope to gain new insights into Saturn’s interior structure, the precise length of a Saturn day, and the total mass of the rings – which may finally help settle the question of their age. The spacecraft will also directly analyze dust-sized particles in the main rings and sample the outer reaches of Saturn’s atmosphere – both first-time measurements for the mission.

The mission will come to a dramatic end on Sept. 15, 2017, after more than 13 years studying Saturn, its rings and moons – and nearly 20 years since launch. On that day, Cassini will dive into Saturn, returning data about the chemical composition of the planet’s upper atmosphere until its signal is lost, after which the spacecraft to burn up like a meteor.

“While it will be sad to say goodbye, Cassini’s final act is like getting a whole new mission in its own right,” said Spilker today at the joint 48th meeting of the American Astronomical Society’s Division for Planetary Sciences and 11th European Planetary Science Congress in Pasadena, California. “The scientific value of the F ring and Grand Finale orbits is so compelling that you could imagine an entire mission to Saturn designed around what we’re about to do.”

Peeking into electronics prototyping with the Arduino Uno

With so many passionate engineers here at Tumblr, meetings can get a little, well, heated. When staff turns up the fire in the kitchen, it’s time to crack a window.

Open windows can have their disadvantages. Wasted heat, wasted cooling, and unexpected visitors.

Don’t let them in.

However, it’s easy to forget to close the windows when leaving the room. To that end, I decided to build a reminder system during our most recent Hack Day.

The system, as shown above, uses an Arduino Uno to which a flexiforce pressure sensor has been wired. When the window is opened, a “start up” tune is played, and a timer begins. Once a certain amount of time has passed (say, 30 minutes,) a warning sound plays. Then, a reminder sound will play at another customizable interval. There’s also a button that activates a snooze feature to mute the reminder sound, during which an LED will blink. The logic for the main loop is below. Since this is Hack Day code, keep in mind it may be a bit wonky.

void loop() {; 

  int sensorValue = analogRead(sensorPin);
  int buttonState = digitalRead(buttonPin);

  if (started && buttonState == HIGH) snooze();

  int difference = sensorValue - lastVoltage;
  if (difference < 0) difference = difference * -1;
  if ((difference < 150) && (lastVoltage > -1)) return;

  if (sensorValue <= threshold) {    
    //window is open
    if(! started) {
      started = true;
    if(! triggered) {
    lastVoltage = sensorValue;
  } else {
    //window is closed
    if(started) { 
      //reset everything
      open_start_id = timer.setTimeout(warnAfter, play_warn);
      triggered = false;
      started = false;

    lastVoltage = sensorValue;

And since we’d be remiss in not showing you this baby in action:

Apologies to Lipps Inc.

A list of components can be found here: Also,

- @aloria