the main difference being that castle actually has the means to go with her if he wants to

The 1 Thing Your Scenes MUST HAVE

Sully is a good representation of how I want people to react when enthralled by a story I’ve written:

But more often than not, I get a reaction more like this:

Or at least, I did. I couldn’t understand why my writing produced these less-than-stellar responses. I had meticulously worded every sentence. I’d made sure there were exciting parts. I had parceled out backstory, setting, and exposition so the reader could understand what the heck was going on. So why did eyes glaze over while reading my book? Why did MY eyes glaze over while reading my own work? 

The problem, I finally found out, was that my scenes didn’t turn. 

I was cramming all that exposition in right out of the gate, so the reader knew absolutely everything … which meant there wasn’t anything to find out. The scenes were just tiny chronicles where the main character set out to do something and accomplished it with flying colors. Nothing ever happened that surprised him. And consequently, nothing ever happened to surprise the reader.  

I wasn’t withholding information, and revealing it methodically. 

I wasn’t letting the story spin in new directions. It was always chugging along the straightforward track where I’d dropped my reader.

I wasn’t letting my scenes TURN.

To illustrate what I mean, here’s an example of a great scene with a great turn from a wonderful movie: Beauty and the Beast

*Opening music that makes me want to cry from how beautiful it is*

Beat 1:

“Once upon a time, in a faraway land a young prince lived in a shining castle…” (Action: Apparently the world takes action to make sure this prince lives a cushy existence.)

“Although he had everything his heart desired, the prince was spoiled, selfish, and unkind.” (Reaction: And he acts like a brat anyway.)

Beat 2:

“But then, one winter’s night, and old beggar woman came to the castle and offered a single rose in return for shelter from the bitter cold.” (Action)

“Repulsed by her haggard appearance, the prince sneered at the gift, and turned the old woman away.” (Reaction)

Beat 3:

“But she warned him, not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within.” (Action)

“And when he dismissed her again …” (Reaction)

Beat 4:

“The old woman’s ugliness melted away to reveal a beautiful enchantress.” (Action)

“The prince tried to apologize …” (Reaction) 

Beat 5:

“But it was too late, for she had seen that there was no love in his heart. And as punishment, she transformed him into a hideous beast and placed a powerful spell on the castle, and all who lived there.” (Action)

“Ashamed of his monstrous form, the beast concealed himself inside his castle, with a magic mirror as his only window to the outside world.” (Reaction)

Beat 6:

“The rose she had offered was truly an enchanted rose, that would bloom until his 21st year. If he could learn to love another, and earn their love in return, by the time the last petal fell, then the spell would be broken. If not, he would be doomed to remain a beast for all time.” (Action)

“As the years passed, he fell into despair, and lost all hope.”  (Reaction)

“For who could ever learn to love a beast?”

Turn: The 6th beat is the turn. The story has spun in a new direction, the direction the WHOLE STORY will motor towards. 

Revelation: There’s the big one of the scene turn, but I love how every action and reaction in this prologue feels like a revelation. Each one feels like it could be a scene on it’s own, but it’s told in a just few words, with beautiful imagery. There’s no fluff in this, nothing unnecessary, everything is perfectly needed. (Sorry, I just really love this opening. I can remember sitting in my little wicker rocking chair when I was four watching this in awe. This movie is one of the reasons I’m story obsessed.)

NOW let’s remove all curiosity and surprise from this scene. 

We’ll take away the atmosphere of “all is not as it seems”, the “seeking and learning significant information” feeling, the sense that we’re climbing to something significant. Instead of withholding and revealing snippets of information, after gradual beat-by-beat escalation of curiosity, we’ll dump all information right away. We’ll take this beautiful scene, and make it distinctly not a scene by removing all traces of a turn.

So! The purpose of this “section” of story is to communicate necessary information. What info? The guy used to be a terrible prince. Someone cursed him to be a beast. His castle and the people who live there are also cursed. He’s got a rose that will bloom until he’s 21. He’s supposed to fall in love with someone and get that person to love him back.  Or he’s going to be a beast forevermore. So, let’s give it a whirl.

Let’s say it opens up on Lumiere and the Beast. They’re just hanging out in the West Wing, the Beast watching the rose sparkle, Lumiere extinguishing and reigniting his left candle/hand for something to do.

LUMIERE: “So Master, it’s been years since you were turned into a beast and the castle staff was turned into objects.”

BEAST: “Yup.”

L: “I wish you hadn’t have upset that enchantress, and been a bit kinder.”

B: “Me too. Don’t know how.”

L: “Now our only hope to return to our human forms, is if you fall in love and get that person to fall in love with you.”

B: *Noncommittal grunt*

L: “Better happen soon, before that last petal on the magical rose falls. When you turn 21, it’s going to fall. And if you haven’t learned to love by then, well, we’re stuck.”

B: “I’m aware." 

L: "Yup.”

B: “Yup.”

Well, that was extraordinarily awful. 

So what about these scenes is different? (Besides one being a work of art and the other being agony in text form.) 

– One withholds information and reveals it slowly, turning the story at the end. 

– One is just an info dump. 

So how can a turn be accomplished?  There are four types of turns: 

– Surprise

– Amplified Curiosity 

– New Insight

– Spin in New Direction

A SURPRISE turn is the difference between what the character expects and what actually happens, surprising them, surprising the reader/audience that is enthralled by your story. A CURIOSITY turn is when a new mystery is presented to the reader, increasing their drive to find out what happens next. An INSIGHT one is when a scene ends by solving a mystery, answering a question that the audience has been wondering about. And a SPIN is just that, a turn that jolts the story into a new unexpected direction.

And how do they work in a scene? 

The turn happens at the end. It’s the point of the scene. Everything’s leading to it. Think of it as the period punctuation mark on the end of the sentence that is your scene. But really your reader is anticipating that turn throughout the scene.
It’s this anticipation and “gradual illumination” that’s crucial to a story turn. This is the wonderful curious feeling that keeps us turning pages. That sense that “all is not as it seems, and if I keep reading I’ll find out the truth.” which is so intoxicating. And this is accomplished with beats, the exchanges of action and reaction, each acting like a escalation on a roller coaster, each increasing anticipation for the drop. 

Turns and revelation anticipation are rather magical when you think about it. They really are (as Robert McKee says) the substance of story. (Or they’re magical to me. I said I was obsessed. Blame this movie!) 

Now I’m going to go watch Beauty and the Beast again.


Day 7

Imagine Being The Volturi’s Secretary

For My Followers

Part 1

Signing up for a shady secretary job is one thing but said shady job actually being offered by vampires is another thing.

You’re not a skeptic and you’ve never exactly valued your own life very much so you took the job.

You quickly find out that the Volturi value your life about as much you do.


“Your job here is to organize the schedule, pass messages onto the masters, welcome us as we come in, say farewell as we leave, do anything we ask, and collect the mail. You are not to open any mail you must pass it onto the masters. You are not to interrupt when the doors are closed, and you are not to divulge the secret. You can continue living your life in town but you’ll find you won’t have time to return to your social life. You will call members of the guard sir or ma'am and the three kings master,” the tall beefy guard explains as he leads me through the old castle. His name is Demetri and he seems annoyed at being given the task to play tour guide.

“Yes sir,” you reply. He grunts and leads you to a nice mahogany desk.

“This is your desk,” he says and gestures for you to sit. You nod and sit down at the desk. There’s a set of pens and pencils on the desk in a straight line and a mac computer. You fold your hands and look up politely at your red eyed boss. “You are to be here at seven sharp every morning and you leave at three unless instructed otherwise. You may have days off if you request them a week in advance. Any questions?”

“None sir,” you answer politely and smile. Demetri rolls his eyes and stalks away. Once the blonde vampire no longer watches you scribble down all the rules he said and place them in the top desk drawer.

You may not value your life but you value work ethic.

So begins your first day as the Volturi secretary.


You quickly learn names and abilities of all the guard except who don’t seem that bad at all. Of course they’re all horribly frightening and don’t care for you at all but they aren’t rude.

You’re good at your job and you assure to follow all the rules laid out. Even though your job is easy you never slack off in your free time. To keep busy you start hand making a calendar for the Volturi. Each month has a guard member or two sketched out on it while the three kings stand as the cover.

Your main task is organizing fake tours for Heidi to lead so the Volturi can eat without suspicion being raised. Though the screams haunt your dreams you manage to stop flinching every time a tour comes through.

Other jobs include scheduling trials for vampires who’ve broken laws, planning parties, handing on letters, sending gifts to friends of the Volturi, and anything else that is asked of you. Once you had to learn how to fishtail braid so you could braid Jane’s hair.

Overall you’re not happy, you ever are, but you don’t hate your job. The pay is nice and it keeps you busy.


“(Y/N)!” Jane snaps and you instantly bounce to attention. The blonde vampire is storming up to your desk with a murderous look on her face.

“Yes ma'am?”

“A trial is scheduled for the day of my and Alec’s birthday!” she hisses. “We were supposed to have a ball.” Jane is furious and looks ready to kill.

“I’m sorr-”

“I know it wasn’t you! You keep track of the birthdays ritualistically.” It’s true you have all the birthdays written down and you always plan something if the particular vampire cares about their birthday. “I want to know who told you to put a trial over it!”

Jane is glaring viciously and her hands are clenched.

“Mr Demetri requested it,” you answer calmly.

“I’m going to rip his head off,” she growls. “Thanks.” You’re stunned, none f then has ever shifted blame from you to another member of the guard, and no one has ever said thanks.

“Your welcome but ma'am, is the fault not mine?” you ask curiously.

“It’s not because I know you were ordered explicitly to follow all orders. I also know Demetri is mad because I stole his favorite cloak,” Jane replies curtly and then storms off.

You wonder silently if they’ve started to like you.


“Dear (Y/N) I wonder if you could help me choose a table cloth for Jane and Alec’s party?” Aro inquires with a sickly sweetness. He called you into the throne room for this express reason apparently.

“Yes I can master,” you say and walk forward. Your heels click on the granite floor loudly, too loudly.

“Never wear heels again (Y/N) they are intolerable,” Caius demands.

“Ah but sweet (Y/N) looks so delicious in heels,” Aro muses. “Felix, and Heidi certainly think so.” The referred vamps immediately hiss and scowl. You feel your face heat up in betrayal to your mind.

“How can they stand the sound?” Caius mutters but everyone disregards him.

“Oh hush brother. Now (Y/N) tell me which table cloth is best?”

You choose the red one which pleases Jane and Alec.

On your way out you purposefully take light steps to cushion the sound.

“Aro this girl has been here for months when will we kill her?”

“Caius we also discussed turning her.”

“We always say we’ll turn them but we never do.”

“This one is different.”


“(Y/N) will you come to our party?” Alec asks suddenly appearing behind you. You squeak in surprise and whip around to find Jane and him looking at you expectantly.

“If you request I come then I shall sir. Unless I’m indisposed,” you reply nicely.

“What do you mean? What could possibly make you unavailable. You have nothing to do outside this job,” Jane remarks bluntly.

“Ma'am the only way I would miss your party is if I was dead. In my line of work I understand that my death could occur at any moment.”

Jane and Alec both stare in shock and then a certain emotion you couldn’t figure out.

Before you know it Jane grabs your arm in a bruising grip and roughly pulls you to the throne room.

So it’s finally happening, your death.

Cannon Star Wars facts (not opinions)
  • The main series films are officially called “The Skywalker Saga”, meaning the Skywalkers are the most important part. If the planned Episodes X-XII actually happen this means one of two things: Kylo lives to carry on the line/there is another Skywalker among the main cast (most likely Rey in this case)
  • The newly added main characters are Rey, Finn, Poe, and Kylo. Those are the important characters.
  • Rey, Finn, and Poe are the “hero trio” if such a thing must exist. They are the good guys. They work for the Resistance, which from the perspective of the story are the heroes. All important to the continuation of the story
  • Kylo is the villain. He antagonizes the heroes, he is on the opposite side. That’s his role, still important but a different role than the hero
  • Finn didn’t murder anyone. In fact he explicitly didn’t in his first scene. 
  • Kylo did kill people. He murdered two (2) named characters in one movie.
  • Luke didn’t kill the younglings. That isn’t what happened, cannon isn’t lying to you, why would it do that
  • Luke has shown disdain for the “Old Jedi ways” in Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi when Obi and Yoda wanted him to abandon his friends for the greater good. They wanted him to give up his attachments but he didn’t and he was stronger for it. This fact helped defeat the Empire (the only reason I bring this up is why would he go back to the old Jedi code?)
  • Obi-Wan was a strict supporter of the Jedi Code, Anakin and Qui-Gon were his deepest and most important bonds. 
  • After Anakin turned to the dark side Obi dedicated his life to watching over Luke (Rebels literally had a scene where he sat in the desert watching Luke watch the sky)
  • Rey and Finn form a strong bond immediately. JJ Abrams confirms attraction (jediknightreys has the sourse on that)
  • There is one kiss in Force Awakens and it is Rey kissing Finn’s forehead
  • The TFA script explicitly states Luke knows who Rey is  
  • All of the scenes in Rey’s vision at Maz’s castle specifically relate to one or more Skywalkers: the Cloud City duel between luke and vader, Luke in shadow with R2, Knights of Ren massacre, Kylo in the woods. This leaves Rey being left on Jakku, which is this only one without a currently CONFIRMED Skywalker shown
  • The Skywalker family lightsaber flies by a currently CONFIRMED member of the Skywalker clan to fly into the hands of a character looking for her family
  • Rey dreams of Luke Skywalker’s exact location, even before the events of the film
  • Being able to wield a lightsaber in battle is a sign of Force sensitivity. (just saying)

anonymous asked:

Not to bash your ship or be an asshole in general (call me out if I am *sweats*) how come you ship pidge x shiro? I'm hella curious, it's not a ship I've really seen anywhere before?? Love your art xx

No worries! Nothing wrong with being curious (there’s a big difference between “why do you ship xyz” and “how dare you ship xyz”). And ahhhh thank you, that’s so sweet of you to say!!! @’w’@

As to why you don’t see a lot of it, it’s not one of the top ships, and with all the ship wars in Voltron a lot of people tend to lie low lol.

As for why I ship it, STRAP IN, IT’S STORY TIME

(also disclaimer: I ship almost everything in this fandom, so if people don’t ship Shiro/Pidge, or ship something else, or whatever, that’s cool with me. No hate, bros)

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Her Heart on its Knees

AU thing I thought of… Cause y’know lmao

Sooo basically Arian and Cullen exist in a variety of different universes, one where she meets him in Kirkwall, one where she joins the Inquisition as a member of the inner circle, one where she stays with her clan, one where she becomes Inquisitor, etc. etc. etc. This takes place in the second one. Evelyn Trevelyan is Inquisitor, and Arian, curious about human society, joins the organization in hopes that her clan will warm up to the idea of becoming its ally. 

Over the months, Arian falls for Cullen, and the two become very close - though she’s convinced he’s involved with the Inquisitor. When Perseverance rolls around, Evelyn does what she believes is best, and Arian takes immediate action.

“How could you!?”

Evelyn glanced up from her stack of reports to find Arian, the young Dalish woman who had joined them in Haven, standing in front of her desk, looking angrier than the Herald had ever seen her. 

“How could I what, Arian?” she asked, genuinely confused.

The elf just inched her way toward the Inquisitor, her crystalline eyes sparking like flint on steel upon closer inspection.

“You said you would look out for him; you told me outright that you would help him in anyway you could. How does telling Cullen to go back on lyrium accomplish any of that!?” she barked, her bared teeth only adding to the effect.

Evelyn just blinked, setting down the quill she’d been writing with. “Arian. The man was visibly troubled, and he wanted to continue leading the Inquisition’s army. I did what I believed best. We will figure out a better solution once-”

“No!” Arian interrupted, slamming her hands down on the desk’s surface. “You don’t get it, do you? Cullen has one chance to be rid of everything he’s faced, and it needs to happen now. I don’t care if lyrium is easing the hardships of his position - it’s the one thing still leashing him to his past. If you cared about him you would believe in his capability to overcome this. Instead you’ve given up on him, and for what? Your army?” She rose from where she’d been hunched over, flinging her arms outward. “I hope you’re happy with the choice you’ve made.“ 

"Do not question my means of solving matters, Arian.” Evelyn seethed, standing from her desk and towering over the elf. “Cullen could very well die if he continues abstaining from lyrium. Would you rather that happen?”

“You don’t know that. Cullen isn’t like the other templars who have quit. He’s proven himself time and time again.” Arian argued, her voice tight.

Evelyn really didn’t have time to be lectured by the girl - instead pinching the bridge of her nose in frustration.

“The decision has been made, Arian. Now I suggest you leave me be. I have a multitude of reports to finish up.”

The elf, her expression completely wounded, slowly shook her head. “Fen'Harel ma ghilana,” she whispered, then turned on her heel and stormed out of the room.

Evelyn plopped back down into her seat the moment the door to her quarters slammed shut, a tired breath passing through her lips as she stared up at the rafters of the ceiling.

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Two Voltron Trailers thoughts

So for the official trailer:

We start off with a ship coming at a larger space station like ship, let’s just call this the Deep Space 9 space station since I don’t know exactly what it is.

It’s clear that the focus is on the ship coming in and coming to the ship. Could this very well be the ship that is bringing Prince Lotor to meet with Haggar? I’m pretty sure that’s what’s going on here since this trailer is clearly about him and all aspects seem to indicate some sort of connection to the Prince. So keeping this in mind. Let’s talk about two things here.

Firstly we see that the ship is smaller, a nonmilitary vessel. This very well could be connected to the second trailer where we see the two Galra commanders, one which is Throk (thank you @aquaburst07 for the reminder) and the other whom we don’t have a name for. (I’m going to hazard a guess and say Commander Holtis who was in charge of the outer planets defense) watching Lotor in an arena. This could very well be after those events and the duo have dragged (persuaded) Lotor to come with them back to the ship and see Haggar. I get the feeling that if she did hail him he ignored that and she had to send others to find him and get him to agree to come back.

Secondly, let’s talk about the size of this ship. While previously we’ve seen the space fortresses that Zarkon has mobilized, this is almost a cross between a station, white base from Gundam, and the Macross. 

A large city like structure that seems to be a hub for a lot of activity. This brings me back to a theory I’ve had for a while, that the Galra don’t have a home planet base, but like the Quarians from the Mass Effect franchise, they’re mobile in nature and willing to invade to find a place to live.

Which brings us to scene two, the discovery of Haggar watching over Zarkon.

This is a rather powerful scene. Haggar is set distantly for a reason, clearly she’s trying to decide how to approach Zarkon. She knows he must rest, but it also seems like she’s waiting for Lotor to come and join her there. Normally in a sequence like this the child, in this case Lotor, is sent to see their dead, or injured, parent alone and the nurse or aid, or in this case vizer of sorts, waits off to the side to give them some privacy. I have a feeling that that is what we’re seeing here. Haggar is waiting on Lotor to come and see Zarkon and say his thoughts or prayers or whatever that Galra will do.

This is probably going to be a moment where Lotor makes a pledge to take on the role as ruler, although he will probably still come in conflict with Haggar over things. This is probably going to be an emotional scene, though we have no way of knowing for sure as of yet.

Following this we have a bunch of jet fighters getting ready for a flight in the hanger area.

We see that the red lights light up as they are switched on, so there’s going to be a war going on very soon. Someone is sending in the troops, that much is clear.

So next we have a city. The architecture reminds me of a Middle Eastern, or South American village or smaller city from the desert area. There’s also roman architecture there as well, which is interesting since there’s a gate way (portcullis?) that’s leading to a walkway sort of like how they had it in Rome during the “great age.

We see a man on a roof dealing with some pots (the way they’re lined up remind me of a Zelda reference), and people walking a main road. There looks to be some larger buildings in the distance. The homes look to be a of rock nature, and there’s sand there on the ground (or at least something similar in nature).  We see a large shadow come looming over darkening the clearly bright day and the man has a look of shock and surprise on his face as he turns to look up at whatever it is that is flying overhead. My guess, one of the Galra fleets larger ships.

We also get the first words of Lotor, “My father built our empire on the back of (something, screaming gets in the way so I can’t tell what he’s saying there) our (his) enemies (?)”

We then get a shot of the fighter ships shooting and attacking civilians on the ground.

Take a note of the ship off to the right of the picture, that ship design will be important later because similar ships show up in a later scene that has me worried that since Zarkon lost control the Galra haven’t been so noble in their actions. Or that’s the rebellion attacking the allies of the Galra and not caring who they hit.

People are running away, there’s a woman with a baby on the right, a guy to the front of the screen. I’m not sure what the large silver things are, since they seem a bit blurred to me, but they possibly could be launch areas? Or defense stations –actually I think they are defense turrets since it looks like there’s someone on top shooting back.

The shot that follows is a cut from the ground being hit to an explosion and the city being blown up.

This is the same city that we see the man on the roof from, so we can hazard a guess that this is from the same episode. So the Galra, or someone, is blowing up this city. Possibly to get Voltron’s attention. Possibly to root out a rebellion.

Next shot is interesting because we see a ship going through a worm hole and it’s not the Castle.

What does this mean? Well there’s been a lot of speculation about the type of person Lotor is and I’ve been saying I think he’s going to be more science base then magic base like his father was. In this case this could confirm that the Weblum Galra that we saw was indeed Lotor and that he did take the scaultrite for use of creating a way to do a wormhole. The fact that it’s just this ship that goes through, also pretty much confirms that he’s doing it for his own uses rather than the Galra as a whole, which does show that he doesn’t view the whole of the Galra with the same respect that his father did.

This very well could mean that he doesn’t fully embrace that side of himself and that he’s willing to embrace part of his other side the Altean, something that his counterpart didn’t seem to want to do, and his Japanese counterpart, Sincline, didn’t known about and it drove him mad. This would be a very different take on Lotor if he’s not so unwilling to use that Altean side of himself for his own goals.

So the ship flys through the wormhole and ends up at the end in a battle area.

We see a gray moon sized planet in the distance as well as larger ships that are firing off at something. So clearly the Galra are trying to attack some planet. We can see that this ship has arrived and is heading towards the battle. It’s interesting to note that unlike Zarkon, if this is Lotor’s ship, then he’s willing to head out to fight earlier then his father and want to be involved. Making me think we’re going to see a sort of Char Aznable like character where there’s good in him but also he’s very much for his own cause and if that means killing and destroying things to get to his end goal, well then so be it. He also says during this moment, “The Universe can no longer doubt our strength.”

Next shot is a bunch of purple ships, more than likely Galra, flying away from a location.

 The weird thing about the shot is that the ground area reminds me very much of the shot from the ground with the teaser trailer had where the five lions fly past some mountains. This was later the location of the Olkarion, however this might not be the same planet. It’s hard to tell as we could be looking from a view port window as the ship goes up.

There’s one thing to note here, there’s no shooting so the Galra here are not fighting with others. So when these ships were made there wasn’t a war going on, or at least there wasn’t a fight going on at this moment in time. This also seems to allude to the fact that he’s not going to go out of his way to war with others as a later line shows this.

Next shot we see a new sort of ship flying over two horned aliens (one green male, single horn, and one duel horned pink female), who are standing with each other as this giant ship flies over head. The female is hiding behind the male looking over his shoulder at the ships as they fly over, and there are strange glowing lights, could be connected to the quintessence of the planet.

What’s interesting is that the two scenes are of the same ships. The first one is of them leaving a location, the second is of them flying over another area. These ships are far bigger than the smaller fortresses we’ve seen in the main story.

Again they very much remind me of the large world ships that the Quarians live in in mass effect. 

As the fortresses 

reminded me of the fortresses used in Escaflowne, 

these seem to be settlement ships as they are large, move slower, and are probably of limited fighting capabilities. The fact that they are so big makes me again think the population of the Galra home world had to leave the planet and was forced to see the world die. We know that the Weblum was found in the ruins of a planet that was unnaturally destroyed, and that the galra was there as they knew that would be where the Weblum was to be found. What’s interesting is that Hunk noted that the area was supposed to be in one piece and that it wasn’t, Keith then noted the fact that it seemed to have died unnaturally.

Could what we be seeing in these shots is the Galra having to evacuate their home? And then of them trying to find a new one?

During the next scene we hear this line from Lotor, “Each ally gained only makes us stronger.”

We see a number of Galra stand, three in the front stand out.

The first one has a red armor piece on his fore and upper arm and only on the right side of the body. The one next to him reminds me very much of Commander Mogor who helped out Lotor, and the one before him reminds me of Cossack, Mogor’s replacement.

I think at the very least we’re seeing a new type of officer with the red armed one. Also the shot is them standing up and saluting someone. My guess either Thork or Lotor. One or the other is making a rousing speech to get them on his side. Honestly I think this is where Lotor’s speech we’re hearing is coming from and we’re seeing the end reaction to it. There’s probably a “Join me” line in there at the end because this doesn’t sound like a complete speech.

Then following this shot we have the Voltron crew looking like they’re preparing to deal with trouble.

This shot I think is rather important. It frames things in a unique way, and possibly subtle look at some conflict to come up in the series, maybe?

So to break down this frame let’s start with what we see point blank. Keith is standing clearly center front where Shiro normally is meaning that he’s starting to embrace his role as leader. Then we have Pidge to his left, who is almost standing next to him, and slightly behind her is Hunk who is right behind her. Across we have Lance who is on his own, and behind him and Keith, framed, is Allura and Coran. Allura is before Coran, and Coran is in the back of them all.

Breaking the shot down even more it’s clear that they want your eyes to wander around the page from Keith’s side to Lance’s and then back to Allura. Leaving Lance on his own could mean a number of things. It could mean that it’s a visual cue that he’s feeling left out of the group and has embraced things having Keith be the leader. It should be noted that He and Keith are almost equal in where they’re standing. Meaning that while they may not be seeing eye to eye on things, they’re probably on the same wave length about whose the real enemy here.

Also important is how Pidge and Hunk are both set up. Pidge is nearly side by side with Keith which could indicate that he’s putting more responsibility in her and her role in the team. He’s also trusting her more as his left hand man, so to speak, in this case. Hunk is right behind her, showing that he’s got her back and that of Keith’s in this case.

Then you have Allura and Coran in the back, both are standing in a refined way, Allura in the front standing like a lady of the court would with Coran seemingly having hands on hips.

Now the interesting thing here also is how they’re dressed, body language and the hands in this case. Lance and Hunk seems to be sharing a curious but not trusting look as they stare at something. Lance’s hands are less clenched meaning he’s open to what they’re seeing, but that he doesn’t trust or believe everything that is being fed to him, which is good since Lance is far more trusting then Keith is. Hunk at the same time has learned from his time with the mermaids and is clearly not willing to buy in to things at sight. In this case he looks more like he’s questioning what he’s seeing and hearing.

Pidge and Keith on the other hand are not quiet opposite each other but they convey different emotions here. Pidge looks curious, almost sad. She’s the most relaxed at this point and seems less worried then the others are. It’s like she’s trying to figure out what she should believe in this case, or is curious about this. This makes me wonder if she knows the person that they’re looking at, maybe this could be a rebel who knows where Matt is? Or it is Matt? Conversely we have Keith who is clearly not buying any of this at all, he looks very untrusting and suspect of the person that they are with and seems to be giving them side eyes. His fists are also clenched, meaning that he’s being resolute and firm about something. The fact that his thumbs aren’t tucked in means that he’s not ready for a fight but he’s not going to back down either.

Allura and Coran are showing different meanings as well. Hands folded in the front as she’s doing means that she’s trying to show respect and confidence, but really at the moment she’s feeling very vulnerable and worried. Her face, though blurred, shows something of confusion or worry as well. Coran, I can’t see his face, but it looks like his hands are behind his back and that normally means confidence and that he’s being serious. He’s trying to show an air of intimidation, or protection over the Princess and the others there.

It’s also important to note that they’re in their normal attire. This means that this is not a mission situation, but rather someone has invited them some place as this isn’t the ship, and they left their suits behind. So this is someone they’re trying to show trust in, thus the whole letting their guard down in this case, but being on edge here. Again, I’m going to guess the Rebels or some similar group.

Lotor states over this and several other scenes, “All those who (something) appear (?) choose (?) to stand against us…Will be crushed.”

Following the shot of the Voltron crew we have a ship that looks like a gun that fires out a laser blast.

We haven’t seen this before. Most of the ships that engage in battle are the smaller ones or the Robeasts, so this is new and rather frightening that the Galra are now firing lasers. To make matters worse, it looks like the next shot shows them blowing up a bunch of civilian ships.

So remember that ship from earlier I mentioned when the smaller fighters were firing on the ground? 

Yeah I think that the ships that were taking off from there were attacked and what we see in this moment is what happened to them as they were trying to flee the planet. The fact that this shot with the “Will be crushed” line tells me at the very least that Lotor isn’t playing around and that he intends to destroy anyone that gets in his way, or at least that’s what he wants the Galra to think so he can control them. What that means for the character as a whole I’m not sure.

However this very dark shot is then followed by an even darker image. We see Voltron knelling down on rocks looking defeated.

I think this might be a volcano, maybe Keith’s lion will get some much needed boost ala Pidge, Lance and Hunk last season. Not sure what’s going on, but clearly there is going to be a hard fight for the group.

As for the speech, this I think is making things clear at least in regard to how Lotor WANTS to be seen by his men. He starts off noting the accomplishments of his father, whom is well loved among the general population as shown with the various officers in the army, although the Commanders have other thoughts, this speech though isn’t for them. As you see in that one shot there is no Commanders or Generals there, only officers.

The reason he starts off this way is to call to mind who he is related to. He notes “His Father” meaning he wants that connection in the minds of the officers. He goes on to list that his father built the Galra Empire on the backs of his (or our) enemies. If it’s his, then he’s trying to invoke the accomplishments that his father achieved against those that he warred with and that he built the empire on those that fell before him. If it’s our, then he’s indicating that the Galra empire has been built with the help of the people and that they have pushed down those that would oppose them to build a great empire (very much like the Roman empire in a lot of ways).

He then goes on to say that the universe can no longer doubt how strong they are. Meaning that at some point in time the Galra came off as a weaker group and that others didn’t believe that they could achieve what they had done. This indicates that he wants them to feel pride in what they have accomplished and that others now can’t reject them and that they are the ones in power. The other cities and planets will have to know their power and strength. Again very much like a roman Emperor here.  Note too he says Universe, meaning that it’s not just one solar system, it’s the whole of the universe, and even places they have yet to go to.

Then Lotor goes on to say that each ally that they gain makes them stronger. Again this seems to very much mimic some of what the Romans did during the time that they were the Holy Roman Empire. Lotor is telling us that each time they gain someone to their side it only makes them more powerful, stronger, and more capable of achieving what they need to achieve. He’s trying to show that there is strength in numbers and that the Galra should not reject or ignore those that are allied with them, rather embrace them and move forward using their abilities. (This has me thinking that the Pollux plot will either be in this season or the next since the notion of the Galra having allies means that he’s going to go for diplomacy which could help them out in showing that the Galra are more benevolent at points.)

Then he goes on to say that those that oppose them will be crushed. This is key here. I think again they’re trying to invoke a lot of Rome into the Galra with how they operate, and in this case Lotor is trying to get his men to not only feel that they have achieved something, that they’re strong and powerful, that others are willing to stand by them, but that if those who come after them try and defeat them, they will crush them.

Note though, crush doesn’t mean destroy. Crush means to violently control or subdue something. Break the will and they will follow you then. You don’t need to eradicate them. Destroy means to wipe them out completely, and I think this shows something about Lotor. He doesn’t want to destroy others, he wants to control them. So we’re not going to get a killer Lotor in this case, we’re going to get one that uses a lot of unconventional ways of dealing with issues.

What we can tell from the speech is that clearly Lotor wants to be seen as a powerful person and one that his troops can rally around and he can hold the empire together, and it looks like his men buy this. On the other hand we can tell from his choice of words that he’s not like Zarkon. Zarkon was serious, relying a lot on Haggar and was very contemplative about his actions. He wouldn’t engage with Voltron directly, rather he would let other things go after them. Lotor seems to be more proactive on this front.

However where they differ is that Zarkon, while he wanted Voltron, he had no intention of keeping the Paladins alive. This is where I think the difference will come into play. Lotor wants to control over possessing. He probably knows that the lions have picked their Paladins and will want to get the users under his control. It’s also clear that he’s not against making allies, which means that he’s probably going to be more diplomatic and making concessions, unlike his father who seemed to just invade and take over. This I think will make things harder for the Rebels as well as allow others to come join the Galra for not only protection, but to get some political power as well as land and colonization.

Then you have the April fools trailer, which has some key notes as well.

It starts off with the fighting arena. This I think is the same place that Shiro went to.

Note the four claw finger rocks that seem to form the barrier for the fight. We see two mini people in the area and it’s clear that one has been bested. People are cheering, so this is a normal fight night.

We then cut to Throk and another commander. They are watching the fight and the larger of the two says, “Who’s this little fella.” Meaning that he doesn’t recognize the Prince that’s in the ring.

This one is leaning back meaning he’s less impressed and that he’s relaxed, not as interested in what he’s seeing. Throk though is leaning forward, clearly interested in what is about to be revealed and wants to know what’s going on. By the way his eyes go wide then narrow as he speaks meaning he’s curious but also a bit annoyed by the fact that this smaller person won.

Throk says to his fellow commander, “I don’t know. I’ve never seen him before.”

This indicates that Throk frequents this arena, and that this is the first time that he’s seeing the Prince there. This could also mean that Lotor hasn’t come here often or at all and that he’s testing something out in a place of battle. What that could mean, who knows. New skill or a new item that gives him an advantage in a fight. Maybe a teleporting device based on teladove tech?

Next shot is of Lotor and we see him standing there in his armor.

This is interesting as it’s very similar to the Weblum Galra, but there’s some slight diffrences. Either because this was newly animated for this piece, or a different animator group (B group) did this shot for them. In any case what’s important is that the color’s match, as does the neck ring around the collar. What’s odd is that he doesn’t have on the shoulder pads, but does have on a waist cape. So we do still have some of that “I’m hot and I know it and I want to look fine,” aspect of Lotor still in there.

We see that the waist cape has the blue markings, much like the Galra from before, and now the arms are covered at the top, meaning that he changed his outfit some but is retaining that custom look that he has. His sword is also unique. It is similar to the sword that Lotor used in DoU, but has pink on the hilt showing the same glow as Allura (hints of them being related?) and on the top as well. This energy at least tells me that he can use some form of magic, after all why have it at all if he couldn’t?

Then comes the zoom in and the hair reveal.

And we at once see he has Altean ears, meaning we can at least confirm that he’s half Altean. We also get a sense of scale on him as well, and I think possibly his fighting theme. Also that hair looks great.

Since we don’t get his face, well we do get the front of the armor and that’s where things get weird.

While the neck marking is the same as the weblum with the orange V shape, the chest marking is different. 

This is either because it’s a different set of armor, as @aquaburst07 mentioned to me, which is the most likely, or the Weblum Galra and Lotor are two different people and they work for him. Either way we can at the very least say that the armor is similar.

Outside of that, it’s a animation error and will be fixed later. 

Not much to add on this speculation at this point. Other then I think he’s gonna look great and then Throk is going to recognize him and be like “Prince Lotor!” as if shocked to see him there. Question now is, what has the Prince been doing all this time?

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Why do you think the next episode will be a Beauty & The Beast parallel and how does it connect to Destiel? I have to admit I've never seen the movie. D:

Oh Chuck,

How long have you got?

Well I saw this post which seemed to give a clear BatB parallel. And I saw the new BatB (I went twice because I’m a saddo who can’t get enough Destiel trope parallels and my husband and mom both wanted to go, so hey!).

So… well. I wrote about it originally here but i have more :) I mean, some of the words are even EXACTLY THE SAME. Because its a classic love story

Originally posted by dan-radcliffe

- Supernatural being who falls in love with someone who personifies Humanity.

- Supernatural being who really is human all along deep down. ‘Falls’ for humanity through love and becomes human in the end because of it.

- New BatB: Person is twisted by their father to be something that they are not, other person brings the real them out into the open. Hatred of themselves and their father, idealisation of their mother…

Originally posted by sockslide

- New BatB: Person (Belle’s) mother dies, it changes their whole lives, father tries to protect them at all costs, though its not always the ‘right’ choice, ultimately leads them towards the other through accidental means. 

- Belle is ostracised for being different but actually she’s special and Beast recognises this as well as her embodiment of humanity and falls in love with her.

- Person who personifies humanity wants more from their simple life, doesn’t want to love the Supernatural being but is led to despite themselves due to their overwhelming ‘humanity’ coupled with ‘other worldliness’ and ‘excitement’.

- Toxic masculinity (Gaston) is shown as the general people’s end goal, then revealed to be NOT the goal for the main character. Clue: toxic masculinity dies.

- The classic love trope and the way it’s filmed so similarly to SPN - who could possibly love a Beast? Cut to Belle.  Who could possibly save Dean? Cut to Cas. Amara tells Dean he represents humanity? Cut to Metatron who literally said Cas was in love with Humanity… etc etc etc.

- Beast asking Belle if she’s happy and could ever love him - Belle responding basically yes BUT “how can you be happy if you aren’t free?” - Cas and Dean‘s whole narrative about them being the embodiment of FREE WILL.

- Belle and Beast sitting on the bench as she teases him about reading a romantic story // Dean ‘no chick flick moments’ Winchester.

- New BatB: After an emotional, tense moment. Belle to Beast: “Let’s go home”. Beast realises she means with HIM. THE LOOK. 12x12 AAAAAH!

- The WHOLE storyline of Belle and Beast paralleled: they meet antagonistically, get to know each other, fall in love, have to be separated for FAMILY, Belle thinks Beast will be OK but he isn’t because PINING and PERCEIVED REJECTION. Toxic Masculinity / Others come to persecute Beast and Belle has to save him and the whole castle while Beast is struggling because he’s becoming human due to ‘humanity’/Belle but thinks he is rejected etc etc etc. Basically the whole storyline of Destiel since season 4 til now in a movie, now up to the point that the villagers are lighting their pitchforks.

-OK generally its Belle / Dean and Beast / Cas but there are a few change arounds, just cos its obviously not a total copy, but they use the same tropes is all. And the way Belle embodies the SUN in the new BatB especially. Just YES.

I mean. Im sure theres more I just can’t remember it all.

The new film is even more Destiel than the old one with all the additional scenes totally paralleled to them. Im sure the writer is a Destiel shipper. LBR.

I have had a lot to drink. And i remember all this.

It’s a classic love story. End of. Go see it! :)

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Yuri on Ice BD audio commentary translation - Volume 1

Happy New Year!

I was wondering if I should do something about the bonus audio commentary in the BD/DVD vol.1, and in the end after some thinking I decided to provide a translation for mostly the “new” information. In other words, this is a partial translation of the audio commentary. (Since they speak for almost 30 min, translating every single line would take ages and some things they say are either already talked about in one of the interviews posted/linked in my Tumblr account or are just random chatting, so not really worth the effort…) I think I was still able to cover quite a lot though.

By the way, the audio commentary is only available for episode 1 and it’s by Mitsurou Kubo and Toshiyuki Toyonaga (Yuuri’s seiyuu). Episode 2 doesn’t have commentary.

Since the format is different from normal interview translations, you can find my comments too (mostly in brackets).

-Kubo says that in the beginning she was really anxious, because as this is an original anime not based on other existing works no one knows it at first, and you don’t know whether it will be successful or not. It also aired at night (2:20 AM) and, though it was available through a few online streaming services, there weren’t many TV channels broadcasting it. She also says that she checks the online response a lot, so much that she jokes “I’m probably doing more research than the staff responsible for advertising and marketing research”. She was glad to see that the series was very well received right from episode 1. Also, there was actually a preview screening of the first 3 episodes at a cinema before the official airing, and she praises the participants because they only wrote vague opinions on the net (like “it’s fantastic”) and didn’t write any spoilers.

-Regarding Yurio clicking his tongue in the scene where he finds Yuuri crying in the toilet after the Grand Prix Final: Kubo has only been to the recording of episode 1 (and I think maybe 12?), so she was there too, and she comments that when she heard Kouki Uchiyama (Yurio’s seiyuu) clicking his tongue she thought it sounded like a kiss and, since in that moment you only see their feet and not their faces, she was worried that some people might misunderstand what is happening. She actually told this to the sound director, though the seiyuu don’t know because she was in the booth with the sound staff, so seiyuu cannot hear what they are talking about. Of course they didn’t really change anything because there’s no way that scene could be mistaken, and she also acknowledges that she was worried for no reason.

-Announcer Morooka is voiced by Taihei Katou, a real Asahi TV announcer. They comment that they were surprised because, beside the commentary during the matches which of course is perfect, he was also very good at playing Morooka even when he speaks normally.

-The writing used for the episode titles is Kubo’s handwriting. Some text sound effects that are shown in a few instances (mainly comical, for example the audience going “kyaaaa” at Victor) are also Kubo’s handwriting.
She mentioned this in an interview too, but here again she says that she and director Yamamoto decided all the titles in a cafe near Tokyo Station after going location hunting somewhere. The main reason they used that amusing style for the titles is that they wanted something catchy that people would remember.

-Regarding the scene where Victor is walking to the arena in Yoyogi (for the World Championship), he winks and we see the audience going “KYAAAH” on him and people with their eyes turning into hearts: Kubo comments that she found it nice that the male cameramen in the audience too had hearts coming out of their eyes. Toyonaga comments that when they recorded the audience background noises someone actually pointed it out like “…oh, there are guys too”.

-Kubo herself is from Kyushu and that’s one of the reasons they set the story in Kyushu (she is from Nagasaki by the way). They chose Karatsu as model location because they thought the castle and general atmosphere would appeal to a foreign tourist. (I’m leaving out some things they said about why they chose Karatsu because she already talked more in detail about it in various interviews) Kubo says she was surprised because they used a few places as models but didn’t really write anywhere which ones they are, yet the day after episode 1 aired someone on the net had already identified the places complete with pictures.

-Ironically enough, when they visited the hot spring resort in Karatsu they couldn’t eat katsudon because the dining room was only open in the evening and they went there during the day. She says the reason they chose katsudon is that she knows of many foreigners who come to Japan and fall in love with katsudon. For example, she says that a friend told her of a French guy that totally loved katsudon, considered it healthy food and ate it all the time. The most shocking thing is that the guy actually lost 5 kgs with this, and both Kubo and Toyonaga are of course appalled because katsudon is very high-calorie food, and she comments “I wonder what he used to eat before if he could lose weight eating katsudon…”. (Totally personal comment: I’ve lived in Japan for many years and I almost never ate katsudon because I find it heavy on the stomach, as in I can barely finish a bowl… Though for some reason I’ve already eaten it twice last month)

-Kubo comments that the character who is drawn cuter than anyone else is Yuuri’s mother. She also says that she was glad Yuuko is popular too, despite being a married woman and not the heroine as the viewers may have thought when she first shows up. She is also happy that she receives lots of comments from people saying they don’t hate any characters. She reveals that actually she is unable to draw villains, as in even if she tries to they just end up being likable. She considers it somewhat of a weak point as a mangaka, but was glad to hear of people being able to watch YOI over and over again without feeling stressed because they don’t hate any characters.

-She extensively praises Toyonaga’s acting as Yuuri, for example the fact that when she heard him for the first time she believed the voice he uses for Yuuri was his natural voice, but actually Toyonaga was “creating” what he pictured would be fitting as Yuuri’s natural voice, so it’s something that requires a lot of effort and she was impressed by it. Toyonaga asks her if her impression of him has changed over the course of the series, and she replies that it hasn’t, and also that he was very good at conveying the way Yuuri “evolves” over time without making him sound like a completely different character. She also comments that other seiyuu, like Junichi Suwabe (Victor) and Kenshou Ono (Phichit) were also using voices they rarely use in other anime. She feels that all members of the cast really made a big effort to try to get as close as possible to the characters, in fact recordings for YOI always took a very long time.

-Regarding “Hanarezu ni Soba ni Ite”. Kubo wrote the lyrics and had them translated into Italian. She imagined the song as coming from a (fictional) Russian opera. She says she is glad that they didn’t disclose the lyrics early on, because as much as she likes that the series becomes a topic of discussion, she feared someone might misunderstand them as being directly connected to Victor and think that he has an incurable illness or is going to die. She says that actually she did see people worried that this might happen, even though she believes that anyone who has watched the whole series would probably comment “there’s no way something like that could happen!! (LOL)”. She says that they couldn’t possibly fit such a sub-story in only one cour in the first place, and that she doesn’t really like the idea of athletes being injured, let alone dying.

-Regarding the meaning of “Hanarezu ni Soba ni Ite”. It’s a love song, but it’s about a man who lost a person that was dear to him. The man, who now is alone, hears something in the distance, like the voice of someone crying, and even though he doesn’t know who this person is he sympathizes with them because he thinks maybe they were abandoned too. The song is about the man recovering from loneliness, though even if he says “let’s fight together” he actually doesn’t know whether the other person is alive or not. (By the way, she mentions the line “let’s fight together”, but as I wrote in the Spoon interview actually it doesn’t exist, because the line in the lyrics says “let’s leave together”) In the opera it then turns out that the person was wrongly thought dead and is in fact alive, and the story ends with a happy grand finale. (To be honest I don’t really get whether this person the man is “fighting/leaving together with” is the voice in the distance, and if the person “wrongly thought dead” is this one or the one that was dear to the man…? I’m pretty confident my translation is correct because I wrote down the full text for this part, as it was interesting, but the way she explains it is not really clear… If you know Japanese too, own the BD/DVD and have any ideas feel free to comment. I wish she would talk more in detail about this in some interview, lol)

-When the ED starts Toyonaga comments “and then after staring at Victor’s ass we have the ending (LOL)”, and Kubo very passionately comments about the onsen scenes. She says that it may look like they were just thrown in because they are nice but that actually it’s very difficult to animate them and it took a lot of work and the “latest technology”, so they are definitely not “randomly” there but they were created because they absolutely wanted to show them. She says “Who knows, someone might not be able to sleep if they don’t see this first! Someone having a hard time might find the strength to go on looking at Victor’s ass!”, and she mentions that she received a comment by a person who had an illness making it difficult for them to return to society, but that they were able to cheer up after watching YOI, and she was really happy about this. (EDIT: I see lots of response for Victor’s ass, but to be safe I would like to point out that with “being difficult to animate” she refers to all the scenes set in the onsen, not only his ass, LOL. I guess it’s because of the water/steam etc?)

-Toyonaga says that he has watched all episodes at least 5 times. (By the way, when they recorded this commentary episode 12 had not aired yet).

Gaston x reader: I'll Pass — Part 2

A/N: I’m not gonna lie, I truly don’t know if I like this. I wanted to add some parts with gastons pov but couldn’t figure it out, so I think I’ll do a lot of his pov next part? I’m also grateful for all the feedback this is getting, and I’m not sure how many parts this will be.

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The days following Gaston’s surprising decline of your dinner were….different. To say you were astonished was an understatement. When he told you he’d rather ask you to dinner and have you genuinely accept the request instead of making it a one time thing to get him off your back you had stood there, mouth agape and positively frozen with shock. The market around you, or at least the people close enough to hear, had gone silent as well. After an uncomfortable amount of time with no reaction from you, Gaston had kissed your knuckles, bid you adieu, and left.

Now you continued your routine, just, differently. At first, Gaston didn’t appear by your side as much. You had some time to enjoy yourself but you found you couldn’t. You were defensive and stiff, expecting him to jump out of thin air and hound you for dinner again. Eventually, he started to show up more frequently, only sometimes he’d stop talking about himself mid sentence and ask you something about yourself. Or he’d greet you and simply walk in silence, observing you. Some part of you appreciated this, another part worried. It worried when you saw him talk to another woman, or when the Bimbettes followed him and cried for attention. You realized you were scared you’d lose his attention. After so many months avoiding him, snapping back, and even ridiculing the other girls who stared at him with big eyes, you were beginning to do the same thing. It never occurred to you that you might’ve just been playing hard to get, and that you might’ve played just a little too hard.

Finally, sick of being confused and letting your worry fester inside, you marched into the castle and sought out Belle. It wasn’t hard, she was reading in the library, with the prince beside her. They looked up as you entered, face flushed and screwed with anger. Prince Adam shivered with fear, cast a glance at Belle, and quickly left the library. Belle marks her place and waits patiently as you slump, overdramatically, into the previously occupied chair.

“Belle!” You cry, throwing your head back. “What am I going to do?”

“Does this perhaps have something to do with Gaston?” Belle asks, a twinkle of mischief in her eyes.

“It has everything to do with Gaston!” Your voice is laced with despair so genuine, Belle starts to actually worry. “One moment he’s hounding me to go to dinner and marry him and cook for him, the next he’s giving me space and asking about me. Me, Belle.”

“Wait, wait, start from the beginning,” Belle interrupts before you can’t rant any further. “And try not to get riled up.”

With what seems like one breath, you quickly tell Belle what had transpired. You’re arms move wildly and voice raises octaves as you recount the tale, and Belle has to mask her concern at your appearance. Your face is red and there’s bags under your eyes, as though you’d slept fitfully for several days. Your hair is strewn up into a lazy bun, much different from the neat hairdos you preferred when working. As you finish, you’re out of breath and looking at Belle with watery eyes.

“I don’t know Belle.” You say, so softly Belle nearly misses it. “I thought I’d be happy if Gaston ignored me, but now I fear I want his attention.”

Belle clears her throat. She’s not entirely sure what to say for once. You two had so often made fun of him and his group of fans, and you had complained so much about his persistence, Belle never actually thought she’d be in this position. But from what you had described, this certainly was not the same Gaston that had tried countless times to marry her. And Belle had to admit, this worried her a bit too.

“Well,” She starts, picking her next words carefully. “It sounds to me you need to talk with him, privately.”

You know what she means when she raises her eyebrows and it fills you with nerves. You begin to shake your head and say, “Oh Belle, I can’t. I just can’t, not after what I’ve gone through to stay away from him.”

Belle sighs. She rubs the bridge of her nose before retorting, “Maybe you should’ve thought of that before you went and fell for him. You know talking to him is the only way to positively figure out your feelings. Maybe this is all just you being over dramatic from the sudden loss of his overbearing presence.”

You breathe deeply, biting your lip and picking at your dress. “Yes, yes….I suppose so.” You whisper mostly to yourself.

You stand, starting to move toward the door. You begin to nod, saying, “Yes, alright, I’ll go talk to him.”

Belle bids you good luck and sees you to the main doors, where you leave, still silently encouraging yourself. When you mount your horse Belle takes a good look at your face. Your eyes are narrowed in conversation and your lips move gently as you murmur. As you turn away Belle quickly calls out, “Don’t be afraid to spruce up a bit, just in case.”

You glance sharply at her, frowning, and Belle waves with a grin as you spur your horse into a run. She sighs, finally letting worry settle on her features when a hand settles on her back. Jumping, she turns to see Adam, who smiles down at her. Belle leans into him and whispers, “I’m afraid how she’ll handle this.”

“She’s a big girl, she can take care of herself just fine.” Adam reassures.

“Yes but, we all saw this coming, didn’t we? Shouldn’t we have warned her?” Belle responds.

To this, Adam has no answer. Belle was right, the signs were there and everyone saw them except for you. The nights you spent hours talking about a Gaston and the way you seemed to light up when he was mentioned. Your mind did its best to shield you from your true feelings, but they were coming around to bite you.

“She’ll be fine.” Adam says. “She’ll be fine.”

Evermore: Why Beauty & the Beast lives on throughout generations

“Minutes turn to hours, days to years and gone. But when all else has been forgotten… Still our song lives on.”

Everyone knows the story: how a beautiful young woman fell in love with a hideous beast, lifting a 10-year-long curse from his castle and all who lived there. This is as the song goes, “A tale as old as time”, and anyone who’s anyone would have at least watched this Disney classic at least once. Though I’d like to believe we all managed to watch it more times that we would like to admit. 

But Beauty and the Beast is more than just a love story; a romance between two different people who at first hated each other but eventually grew fond of one another. No. There’s more to this story than what meets the eyes and the most recent live-action remake showed us exactly that and even made us realize what made us love this tale so much in the first place.

I grew up watching Disney films. These stories are the borders of my childhood; the foundation of my beliefs apart from the things taught by parents and teachers. Beauty and the Beast basically taught me never to judge a book by its cover. Funny I should say that considering Belle is portrayed as a bookworm. But it’s true that the tale taught us the value of beauty and how it is not determined by appearance but found within.

This is such a timely theme, considering we live in a world where physical beauty is so important. People strive to be beautiful—to stay beautiful. Judging by the countless beauty advertisements, movie actors and actresses that glitter under lights like stars, we have truly built a “beautiful world.”

Though from another perspective, is it really a beautiful world when there is so much wickedness going on? There are wars being fought; injustices prevailing; evil and insecurities residing in people’s minds and hearts. The world may look beautiful on the outside, but what about on the inside? In order to make this words truly beautiful, people must learn not to let hate rule in their hearts; to be good. I believe everyone is ‘innately good’, no one was born bad… much like the Beast who was only influenced by his cruel father, turning him heartless and unkind. 

People — mostly girls should also be more accepting of themselves. A lot of girls find it hard to tell themselves that they are beautiful, even more so to accept compliments from others. It is sad but this world has made its own standards of beauty which we have fooled ourselves into believing. If you think about it, it’s quite ridiculous to have a common standard for beauty since it’s subjective. We all have different perspectives. Best to keep that in mind next time you look into a mirror. 

Apart from that main message of this story, Beauty and the Beast actually teaches us more things about life—and ourselves—which was very evident in the live-action remake.

One being: girls can be heroines too.

It’s always the knight in shining armor; Prince charming who sweeps us off our feet or defeats the might dragon and saves the damsel in distress. Belle was actually one of the few Disney princesses who didn’t act like a “princess” and did more than just stand there and look pretty, hoping for Prince charming to come and save her from that so-called “provincial life”. Belle was a very active character and even ended up saving everyone in the end. She should definitely be a role model to young girls as she embodies a strong and independent personality which women need to take note of in order to break through ongoing inequalities in society. 

If Belle can save the day, why can’t you? And it’s actually quite amazing how recent Disney princesses like Moana and Elsa from Frozen—or even other classic princesses like Mulan are taking more active roles. 

Beauty and the Beast also has one of the most beautiful — and meaningful songs ever composed in Disney history. So when I discovered that there were going to be new tracks, I was simply overjoyed!

“Days in the Sun” was a beautiful track filled with much hope and longing. Although I adored “Human Again” (and I’m not going to lie, I was a bit saddened at first when I found out that it wouldn’t be in the film), I thought Days in the Sun fitted really well into the scoring and storyline. 

How in the midst of all this sorrow
Can so much hope and love endure
I was innocent and certain
Now I’m wiser but unsure

- from Days in the Sun

Belle’s part in this song really stood out for me as it can be related to our world and how amidst all the sadness and hardships we go through, love and hope are the two things that thrive and keep us going. Also, is it not true that when we were younger and innocent, we were always certain of the things we wanted? Our dreams were pretty clear then and we had it all figured out on who we wanted to be like or what we wanted to do. But as we grew older, we changed—dreams change which often left us unsure. Being wiser doesn’t mean you would know everything…it simply means learning to question things—learning to doubt even.

“Evermore” was my favorite track for this film simply because the beast was humanized through this song…making us see that he is truly indeed a person underneath that beastly appearance.  

Now I know she’ll never leave me
Even as she fades from view
She will still inspire me
Be a part of everything I do
Wasting in my lonely tower
Waiting by an open door
I’ll fool myself, she’ll walk right in…

And be with me forevermore

- from Evermore

It such a sad song and I loved how the Beast was able to show his sorrow at Belle’s departure and express his feelings for her through this scene. His act of letting her go was already a clear sign of his love for her but this song took it to a whole new level when he practically sang how he’d only love her forevermore and that no matter how far she may be from him, he would always be reminded of her.

While watching that scene, I couldn’t help but cry (yes I cried twice when I saw it for the second time) and its not only because I felt through the Beast’s pain but also because I realized we were all the Beast in a way. We’re all flawed, we’re all hurting, and we’ve all lost someone along the way; be it a loved one, a significant other, or a friend. But the memory of them remains and no matter how sad it makes us when we think about them and all that might have been, our experiences with them inspire us and has made us stronger. You know I’ve always believed you can’t un-love someone whom you “truly loved”. Because that love we gave was real, and you can’t really take it back. To move on, you can only love someone more. 

“How Does a Moment Last Forever” basically captured the essence of this beautiful tale. The whole song practically breathes and lives on quotes so I’m not going to mention my favorites because I would end up writing the whole thing. It’s a beautiful song about life and the beauty of its imperfections; and how love is what binds everything together.  

Beauty and the Beast truly has a lot to say about real life and it’s amazing how a fairytale can affect us so much. We fell in love with it in the books… when Disney released the animated version in 1991…and today as we witness it come alive in 2017. Beauty and the Beast taught us that beauty is found within and that love is a powerful catalyst. Most importantly, and I’d say this as it is not said enough, this story taught us about second chances and that it can be granted to those who try to change and become better people.

“Bittersweet and strange, finding you can change, learning you were wrong.” - from Beauty & the Beast

I truly enjoyed watching this film again and dare I say it was as good as watching it for the first time back when I was a little girl. Now that I’m an adult, it became more meaningful and the experience was spellbinding. This is why I think Beauty and the Beast will continue to live on throughout generations… because it is a story with depth; one that teaches us so much about ourselves… 

Teaches us that amidst all the sorrows and hardships, there is love and there is hope. And that’s basically all you need for wonders to happen. 

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PS: And to all the hopeless romantics out there…or to those simply looking for their one true love, don’t lose hope. I think everyone thinks they’re not worth it but hey, if Belle can love someone who was as flawed as the Beast … someone can love you too. No matter how crazy or imperfect you may be. 

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smolsickficwriter  asked:

i would love a fic where lance vomits in his sleep from some awful flu or food poisoning or something! and someone (whoever you prefer) is there to wake him up and take care of him!

Im not a huge fan of writing sicfics on my phone but a 4 hour flight, gave me a little
Motivation. Unfortunately I may have gone off course of the request you asked.
But here goes my first Answer :)


“She suppose to be 16…my mama and Papa will give her a huge party, I know because it’s all she ever talked about in her letters, back at the Garrison.”
“She kept asking me to come home for it too, I wonder if she’ll be upset that I couldn’t be there, or maybe she thinks I’m dead.”
Blue growls at him.
“Sorry Blue, it’s just… I miss them and I don’t know if I’ll ever get a chance to see them again.”
That’s where Keith finds Lance, talking with Blue in her Hangar with the shield up so no one can disturb their privacy.
“Lance?” Keith calls, when he find him sitting on one of her paws.
He’s curled up with his arms around his legs, and his head held low.
“Lance? Allura asked me to look for you, she wants to talk about training…”
Blue drops her shield, and lifts her paw to let Lance know he needs to get off and talk to him.
“Hey! Blue.” He whines.
He can hear her thoughts and they both know Allura is in charge, if he needs to be somewhere, then Blue will make sure he gets there.
“I know, I know…” he mutters.
“Who’s turning 16?” Keith asks, trying to start up a conversation.
“My sister… how much did you hear?” Lance asks feeling slightly violated by his private conversation with his Lion.
“Not much, just that she would have a party… I wasn’t trying to eavesdrop, I just overheard…” Keith tries to explain.

They stay silent for most of the way up the elevator. Keith knows he keeps a few secrets as well, so he doesn’t try to pry but he wonders what else he talks about to Blue.
Keith knows that he and Red have bonded a lot over the course of their time on the castle, but he doesn’t recall ever going down to Red and talking with her. He wonders if that’s something he should start doing.
“Do you talk to her a lot?”
Lance sighs like he is tired and hasn’t had much sleep, or maybe he sighs because he doesn’t want Keith interfering.
“Yeah, back at home there was always someone to talk too, my brothers and sisters, even my mama and papa would listen to my stories, so yeah it’s nice to have someone to talk to… if you must know.”

“I do actually!” The Princess announces.
“Why don’t you tell me where you have been? We have been looking for you for over 10 ticks now, how can we form Voltron if you"re Missing?”
Lance is oblivious to the fact that everyone is in their space gear, now that he is paying attention, even Keith is fully uniformed.
“I was in the Hangar, I didn’t know..” he flushed.
Allura doesn’t let him finish.
“Lance, you need to be prepared for Zarkon.. how can I trust you as the Blue Paladin, if I can’t even find you for training!”
“Let me… Um… I have to get my uniform I’ll be right back.”
He runs out before Allura can suggest otherwise.

He aware of the danger the galaxies are in, he has seen dead planets and dying planets first hand now, but it doesn’t change the fact he didn’t t ask for any of this.
He is in full uniform and back in the main room in a mere 5 ticks.
Allura sends out instructions and the next 2-3 hours are spend training and forming voltron.

“You okay Lance? Don’t let her get to you.” Shiro says during their simulation.
Lance is tired, but he doesn’t feel like that’s a valuable excuse when everyone’s doing what they can to prepare for a fight against aliens who want your planet destroyed.

“Aren’t you being kind of easy on him? Pidge suggests.
“If this was a zarkon attack we would all be dead.”
There is any uneasiness that drops in the pit of his stomach, It makes his queasy, but mostly he’s irritated that their talking about him like he isn’t there. Lance just wants to get back home, and he isn’t talking about the castle.
“Guys I can hear you.”
“Don’t listen to them Bro, you’re hear now and we’re almost finished with training.” He hears Hunk say.
He continues to finish their simulation and he can feel the exhaustion get to him. When he gets back to the castle, It’s late and coran has prepared dinner, but he doesn’t join them, lance doesn’t think he could keep down any food right now so he heads straight to his room instead.

He’s doing fairly well in training, he always has actually, but he can’t help but let his little insecurities affect his training either.

“Dammit” he swears when he realizes the tears coming from his eyes.

There is a knock at his door and all he can feel is his heart pulsing from his own anxiety.
He can’t answer the door when he looks like a mess, but he can’t keep them waiting. Lance clenches his fist and whimpers.
“Ho..hold on…” he can’t seem to keep his breath steady either.
It reminds him of the time he lied to his mama about eating cookies before dinner, and how he couldn’t keep the lie going without crying.
Gawd, he misses his Mama.
“Lance buddy? Are you okay? I uh brought space goo, thought you might be hungry since you missed dinner.”
It’s Hunk on the other side, and a part of his anxiety eases.
He is shaking when he opens the door.
“Brought you some space goo… Lance, are you okay?” Hunk asks when he realizes that He is still in his space gear shaking.
There is a long silence.
“I didn’t mean to hold up training.” Lance says in one breath.
“I know that I’m not that good, and I only made it to fighter pilot because Keith dropped out, but I’m trying. I’m doing the best I can, even blue knows…”
“Lance buddy,"hunk puts the dish on the floor and hesitates to put a hand on Lance.
"Were all doing our best. It’s tough, your tough, so I don’t like seeing you like this.”
“Sorry. I.. sorry this is my problem, I know everyone has something going on, you shouldn’t have to see me like this.”
Hunk finally puts his hand on Lances shoulder.
“I’m good, your good… get some
Goo and a good nights sleep. Everything will be fine in the morning.”
Lance sniffs. “Yeah, thanks Hunk… it’s good to have a friend out here in space, I don’t know if I could do this without you.”
They share a small smile before Hunk let’s Lance rest.
Lance frowns when the doors closes, he looks at the goo on the floor and pushes it away with his foot. He’s not hungry, he blames it on the training, but if he was being honest he’s been off his game since that morning, and right now he can’t believe he let his guard down, even if it was Hunk.
He knows that everyone is struggling with the fight against Zarkon, and he doesn’t want his insecurities to bring down the team. He vows that tomorrow will be different, he will go to sleep and when he wakes up he’ll go back to happy joking Lance persona that he spent half of the year perfecting.

He isn’t aware that his body has other plans for him.
Lance dreams about the ocean and feeling the sun warm against his tan skin. He dreams of surfing with his brothers while he can see his sisters on shore, building sand castles.
It’s a good dream, there are no Paladins, no running for his life, or fighting off Zarkon.
It’s just him laying on his board, the ocean waves keeping him damp, while the sun burns his skin.
At first it felt good, but the longer that he lays under the sun the more uncomfortable the heat began to feel, lurching forward on his board he realizes it isn’t the sun that’s irritating him but his stomach.
Pressing a hand against his bare midriff, he can feel his throat tighten.
“HUuurp.” He swallows, while trying to take a shaky breath.
“Lance are you okay bro?”
He doesn’t know who’s talking, he can only feel the burning sensation that’s coming and pushes him forward and into an upright position on his board.
“Lance.. Lance wake up!”
Instantly Lance is awake rolling to the side of his bed.
“HUUUrgh” a mix of sick and saliva dribble down his chin but most of it is on the floor and his shirt.
“I.. I don’t feel good.” He takes a shaky breath before a burp emits from his mouth.
“You have a fever, buddy. You gotta wake up”
His eyes are blurry from the Fever and dry tears from the night before. He’s rubbing at his eyes and the saliva on his face.
“I am up.” Lance whimpers.
He doesn’t have to open his eyes to know it is Hunk in the room with him, he can feel his weight on the bed, and his hand rubbing gentle circles on his back.
“This isn’t the space food I gave you is it? I don’t know what to do if everyone in castle ends up like you.” Hunk teases.
Lance moans, before another round of sick lurches him forward again.
“You think your gonna be good buddy?” Hunk asks after a few more minutes.
Lance doesn’t have much of a voice, he afraid if he talks he’ll get sick again, so he tries to lay back down.
Hunk keeps him upright for a second longer, he quick to take his soiled shirt off before letting him lay back down. Hunk tosses the shirt into the corner of the room before wrapping the comforter around Lance to keep him warm.
“I don’t think we have any medicine… but I can bring you water, and I can ask The princess about getting you a pod?” Hunk says.

Lance has never felt ashamed about getting sick before. Colds, and the flu were so common in the McClain home due to such a large family, that he was familiar enough with the symptoms, and he had always been told it was better to be honest about his health then to lie. This shouldn’t have been any different, but the idea that Allura and the other paladins had another reason to call him weak… it only muddled with his brain.
“ I… I just want my mama.” He whimpers.
Hunk brushes a hand over his sweaty forehead.
“I know, but she isn’t here. Don’t worry though okay bro. I’m here. I’m gonna make sure we get through this together.” Hunk says confidently.
It isn’t exactly what lance wants to hear, but it eases his mind, because he doesn’t know what he would do if his Best friend wasn’t here with him to get through the fight,and he isn’t talking about the fight against his fever.

anonymous asked:

What do you think of saizo in the ninja event?

I think I can easily say that this is hands down my favorite event for him? Like ever? And listen, I’m usually not a big fan of his event stories LMFAO.

I’ll admit that I don’t quite think it lived up to Hotaru or Fuma’s events, so it’s not my favorite of the three, but I don’t think that takes away from the fact that it was actually structured fairly well and that I actually enjoyed it a lot.

First I really have to give props to MC though–like she was actually really good? It’s all in the subtle things, but there’s this big change in narrative because you can tell the kind of passion she has for cooking next to how much she cares for her family. I feel like, though we’re told that in the main stories, we actually see it in Saizo’s event here. I loved all the family moments between her, her mother, and Yahiko and I liked that her involvement as a cook seemed to have more relevance since she was working at a restaurant instead of a castle. They’re small things, but they really make a big difference, in my opinion. Also her mentioning how she put off marriage because she wanted to make sure Yahiko was able to take on the restaurant easily and that she wanted to dedicate herself to life as a chef before she ever had a desire to marry (instead of, “I want to marry for love.”)? Again, it’s a couple of sentences, but that just means a lot. I LOVE IT, I LOVE WHEN SHE TALKS ABOUT HER LIVING FAMILY INSTEAD OF JUST HER FATHER! LMFAO.

In regards to Saizo himself, like… he was fairly the same as he always is? Like nothing he did really surprised me–he’s a phenomenal actor, and like… you know he really wasn’t doing much of this because of any love he had for MC. But that’s so quintessentially Saizo, and it was kind of refreshing to see that in comparison to his other events–he’s a character that needs a slow burn, so there’s really no way that I think he and MC would truly be in an intimate relationship by the end of the time they were given. So I like that the story event itself ended on a pretty open note (but I also felt sort of bad for MC because like… her crush was kind of cute, but I was like GIRL!!! HE’S PLAYIN’ YOU LIKE A FIDDLE DON’T!!! A;SLDKFMADS;LKFM).

I bought the epilogue out of curiosity, and it was alright–I think a little extra, considering the pacing of things, but I won’t complain about it. I think the big thing I could see that made this more believable to his character for me was that like… He doesn’t make it sounds like he plans on having this last long? Saizo rarely thinks he’s deserving of good things in life, and he clearly sees MC on that side of things–but he says he will stay with her for as long as he can, not forever. He sees an end in sight to this, and he’s content with that. I think I’m more content with that because again, I don’t really think MC and Saizo are compatible in the slightest (their worlds are too different aND HE WON’T… FUCKING TALK TO HER… EVER…), but Saizo finding himself fond of someone who shows him care he doesn’t usually see? Wanting to grasp onto that for just a little while, though he knows it’s both selfish and won’t last? That makes sense to me, and I’m perfectly happy with that narrative, because that stays pretty true to his character. Which also brings me to something–relationships don’t have to last forever to have been worth it, somehow. Just because there’s an end does not mean what you had was bad–circumstance can just change things, and that’s okay.

I think for the most part, I would’ve been most happy if this event were approached from like… a platonic angle? I think MC and Saizo being unlikely friends would’ve been really endearing as opposed to a quick romance–especially because Saizo’s friendship dynamics can be like… hilarious.

saizo: listen, i would kill for u, i would protect u w/ my life, but don’t let ppl think i have like emotions and shit ok. i live for money that’s all i have in this world don’t let ppl think i have friends or s/t i’m coldblooded
mc: lmao that sounds fake but ok buddy

And on a last note, I just love the change in setting? I feel like I would’ve loved to see this take in Saizo’s main story with him owning Yuugiri as a cover story. I think that fits MC’s narrative better and provides a more interesting side of Saizo, and it’d be fun to learn more of his secrets through that kind of antihero/vigilante angle they were going for in this one. 

tl;dr Saizo’s route wasn’t the best of the three for me, but I still liked it rather well and he did what he does best. Which I liked. LOL


I’ve seen some of these going around, but most don’t really specify which ones are mostly centered around sexuality and/or which genre it is. Since most mention the character’s sexuality, I’ll be putting a scale of Low - Medium - High when it comes to how relevant the topic of sexuality/gender is to the book (not counting romance, but rather the ‘angst’ or something around it), plus the main genre. 

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anonymous asked:

i'm worried that wizard powers will make keith into a mary sue, alongside his leadership, perfect piloting, and special snowflake origin story. are you worried too?

Not particularly? I think “Mary Sue” is kind of a difficult criticism to really use effectively. Because it really isn’t a metric of how many toys you give your character per se, though that can be a symptom of it. The problem is “Mary Sue” is often used as a catch-all for a poorly-written character but I think it gets thrown around a lot without… too much meaning honestly.

You can have Princess Sparklehalla of the magic ancient viking kingdom with wings and an entire boyband of suitors and she can be a perfectly fleshed out and complex character with a lot of depth and flaws, and you can have Plain Jane the Bookworm and she can be a super shallow character. I think calling a “mary sue” usually refers to an overly ‘bedazzled’ character but implies a whole other slew of writing problems that may or may not be there.

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How Mrs. Potts could be Belle’s mother and why that idea isn’t as terrible as it sounds (if Belle’s mother and Mr. Potts are both things you insist on exploring in a new telling)

On the one hand I feel like this is pretty self-explanatory and I don’t need to go into it, and on the other hand I have a lot of thoughts about it, so, eh. Let’s go into it. 

I’ve talked before about the myriad of ways in which the expanding on Belle’s mother didn’t work in this latest adaptation of the Disney classic. The main problems being: it sets up a “mystery” with an obvious/unsatisfying end, it bogs down the narrative with baggage that distracts from rather than adds to the central story, and it adds a weird distance to Belle’s relationship with her father that diminishes both of their characters and the thrust of the story. On top of that, it doesn’t really add to Belle’s story. As Belle didn’t know her mother in the live action, learning about her doesn’t tell us much about Belle. 

This new iteration seemed hyper-focused on answering questions people had had about the original, both pressing ( “wait how old was he when he was cursed?? how come no one knows the prince is missing?” and not pressing “where is Mr. Potts? Where is Belle’s mother? who is the enchantress?”). When looking to expand a story, finding the cracks and missing pieces is usually a good starting place, but if the story worked without them it’s also worth asking what the point is in adding them. What do they bring that is new, surprising, or an improvement? And that of course means doing to math of diminishing returns. There is a limit to how much “adding” actually adds to a story, and a point at which is starts to take away. 

This is probably where my training in screenwriting specifically starts to take over. Screenplay can do some amazing things prose cannot. But it also has fairly strict limitation on time. Efficient, time/cost-effective storytelling is a must. And the first notes you’ll get in any screenwriting class are things like “Does she need this many friends? Can these characters be combined? Can these events be combined? Is there a scene that can accomplish in two minutes what you spend three scenes and ten minutes on?” Utility is key. 

We often make fun of the dead mother and single parent tropes in TV. Why so many single parents? The answer is really simple, actually. Two parents is one more than you need for most stories. It’s a whole extra character you have to develop and write and cast and give lines and an interesting personality to, and if the story isn’t about them, then why bother? This is also why friend groups in movies and TVs are usually so small and structured. In real life friends don’t each serve a narrative purpose, but in stories they do. So you have the Rules one and the Party one. The Smart one and the Funny one. The Brains, The Love Interest, The Comic Relief, The Noble One, The Creepy One. Cliches exist for a reason, and it’s usually that they’ll work for you (though of course you need to be wary of them). 

So you want to pad out Beauty and the Beast a bit by adding a bit of a mystery about Belle’s mother. Fine. But instead of just tacking on a whole new (long dead and predictably bland) character, why not look at the story we’ve got and see where a story about Belle’s mother might naturally fit? 

Mr. Potts is also notably absent in the original animated film. The new live action also addressed his whereabouts, reuniting him and his wife at the end. This is two new characters and two new subplots that need resolving, both of which distract from the main one while not particularly adding a lot to the existing characters or universe. 

But what if you combine them? 

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As you all know, in the most recent episode, Into the Wand, Disney dropped a TON of hints regarding who Toffee was and Star’s ancestry. There’s going to be a lot of speculation in this theory but basically I’ll be talking about Mewni’s Timeline and how it relates to all of this lore. Prepare for some mind blowing speculation. This’ll be a long post so if you’re not into theories, you can skip it now. Otherwise, delve into the abyss:

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a few words concerning Jeyne Westerling, Jeyne Poole and their importance in Robb and Theon's storylines

Along with a nice epilogue about how much D&D could have gotten it a lot better when talking about the adaptation.

[this meta is dedicated to emiliosandoz - she said she’d post hers on Theon if I dusted this off from my drafts and actually finished and I’m upholding my part of the bargain]

with this, I mean how the fact that Jeyne Poole isn’t the show so far and that Jeyne Westerling was changed into a new character with a different name, are both imo pretty bad moves. Meaning: it probably doesn’t change *too much* in the big picture and it certainly isn’t as horrible as some of the book/show divergences until this point (I mean, the basic economy of the story and the basic outcomes didn’t change, but the way it went changes things a lot) it still shows that they missed one of the most interesting parallelisms going on with Robb and Theon’s storylines and that they also missed a good part of the entire point of both narratives.

(Disclaimer the first: obviously I have no clue if they’re still planning to introduce Jeyne Poole - I should hope - but even if they do and she’s everything she is in the book it still doesn’t work because of the changing-Jeyne-Westerling-to-Talisa deal.) 

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anonymous asked:

if in the season 3 they decide that mom or dad kogane (if your theory that he is a galra druid is confirmed) make they re appearance, how do you think Keith would react ? Especially if he discover that his father is also galra and druid

I’m going to link back to this post because this is pretty much my biggest gathering of Keith’s parents’ thoughts, and this is kind of establishing my perspective here.

I think that if the bike/shack and the blade are sort of symbolic indications of his relationship with his parents, I think it’s likely Keith is going to connect with his mom first, and it’s going to be, much like his encounter with the Blade, kind of a grim homecoming.

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Can we talk about Masters of All Time pls? Also, I have no idea how read mores work with this new update, so sorry if this appears as a horrifyingly long post to you.

Something always felt weird about that episode. One of the things that plagued my mind has already been contemplated by the Phandom (Maddie’s strange reaction to Danny telling her he’s her son) but that’s not the only thing.

The first is the comical ghost ray bouncing the protoportal shot does just to get to Jack since Vlad is out of the way. What are the fucking odds that things were set up in just the right way for that to happen? I always assumed this was because Clockwork focus on this path in particular. To teach Danny a lesson. Which means that this was not the only way things could have gone, it means that it could very well have been one of the worst case scenarios. What other timelines could things have taken? Would there have been one that Danny would have settled for unless Clockwork did what he did? A timeline where things were all okay, where everyone was happy and existed? Is that one of the reasons Clockwork refused to let Danny try to alter the past a second time, because there was no other “loosing” lines to dissuade him from his attempts?

While not really food for thought, I always found it comical how Altered-Jack named his cat Jasmine. I realize it was most likely for this intended purpose (as well as revealing in canon who actually named which kid.) but this makes me think about if there was an “alternate-Danny”, so to speak. In theory, every main character would still “exist” in some way in this alternate timeline, it’s simple logic: everything that can exist has and will in some way. Given Alternate-Jack states he’d never named his kid Danny because “that’s dumb.”, if there were an alternate-Danny, even if he was a pet or something, he’d be with Maddie and Vlad. Which brings Maddie’s reaction to the forefront. 

Maddie doesn’t call Danny a liar when he tells her he’s her son until after he say’s he’s Jack’s son. Her first reaction is shock. That’s not something women are blindsided by. And that’s weird in and of itself, but Danny isn’t in human form when he says this. He’s in his ghost. And I just re-watched the episode, it’s never specifically revealed to her that Danny is still partially alive, even after she accepts he’s from an alternate timeline. And she doesn’t recognize him as the kid from the door until after that too. At that moment, he’s a ghost. Purely. Dead. An ectoplasmic remnant of posthuman consciousness (or however that went). So why does she react with shock? There’s no disbelief in that shock either, it’s like she actually believes him. Connect the dots in this way, and you have Maddie having a son to Vlad, possibly naming him Daniel, and then loosing him in a way that killed him, making his existence as a ghost possible. It’s never stated in the show if she is aware that ghost ages (fanon seems to think that she isn’t, or fanon ignores the canon evidence entirely), but if she is, there’s no way of telling just how old this alternate-son might’ve been when he died. But that’s just one way of connecting the dots. It could be they aren’t meant to be connected at all.

And now that I think about it, is it possible that this alternate-son is actually a ghost?

Maddie is shown to have what appears to be profiles on ghosts, notably Clockwork. This is something never shown in the true timeline. So I ask: Why? Is she searching for her son’s ghost? Is that why ghost’s aren’t allowed to be mentioned in the castle? Maddie being so distraught over her child’s loss that she’d focus on her ghost research again or more fervently if she already was and Vlad being unhappy with this is something I can totally see happening. It’s never specifically stated why Vlad is so opposed to ghost in this timeline. I assumed before that it was because he was afraid of loosing Maddie to Jack, because Maddie was still interested in ghosts. Keeping Maddie away from ghosts equals keeping Maddie away from Jack equals keeping Maddie period. Vlad went out of his way to keep Maddie away from Jack, telling her Jack blamed her and never wanted to see her again. But this excuse seems a little flimsy now. If my connected dots are correct, Vlad has to play into it somehow. The most logical thought is that he doesn’t want to deal with opening the can of worms that Maddie actually finding their dead son would entail. Perhaps he couldn’t handle it, or he though that her efforts would’ve been in vain. Perhaps he foresaw that she’d obsess over trying to find something he didn’t think would exist, it would drain her, mentally, emotionally, and physically. She’d not be able to let go. So he tries to force her away from it.

Edit: Catching something I didn’t catch before, When Vlad interrupts, he states that she’d been “experimenting again”. Again. As in she’s being researching ghosts before and he’s caught her before. I have no idea what to think about this.

Vlad character in the episode is so wibbly wobbly, its hard to try to predict what he would’ve done and why. I feel like this version of Vlad is desperate to keep what he has, almost like he knows it wouldn’t last unless he took measures to ensure it prevails. This implies that Vlad was manipulative and harmfully conniving as a person, not traits he gained from being half ghost. But the root of this manipulation is different. In the alternate timeline, it could be fueled by selfish fear, calling back to the above desperation. The strongest evidence towards this is his reaction to Danny trying to return things to normal: “You think I care?! I like it this way!” He knows this isn’t how things are supposed to be. He refuses to give it up. He’s clinging to it, fighting for it, because it’s all falling apart. I used to think this reaction didn’t make any sense, especially since he’s revealed to have some compassion and humanity left in TUE. But this reaction makes perfect sense. This is his life, he’s been fighting to keep it stable for years, with his lies to Maddie. He’s unwilling to let it go because he thinks its his only shot at happiness. Vlad isn’t dumb, he knows he would’ve been hit with the blast had he not been shoved inexplicably out of the way. He saw what happened to Jack. He knows that would be his fate. He knew. His words ring chillingly once you take it all in: “You think I care?! I like it this way!”

There’s something else that bothers me about this Vlad, though. And I don’t know why because my though process doesn’t make any sense about it. It’s completely separate from the above though, so blank your minds again. When Vlad interrupts, he’s in a suit: his exact same outfit he normally wears in the normal timeline, to be exact. This is drastically out of place for two reasons: First, he’s a home and there’s no special occasion. Earlier, he was wearing…..well, whatever monstrosity that blue t-shirt with a sweater tied around his shoulder’s was. So why suddenly wear a suit? Which brings up point 2: it’s at night. I’m not assuming this either, it’s specifically shown that Danny is searching for the lab at night, transition clearly shown. Maddie being up and in a jumpsuit makes sense, she was in her lab. But Vlad? Awake at night in a business suit?! Why?! Was he called into a meeting at midnight to sort out whatever the hell being Dairy King needs sorting?! It just doesn’t make sense. My first thought was that this wasn’t the alternate Vlad. The normal timeline Vlad being dressed like that makes sense because he’s like that all the time. But this makes no sense either because it couldn’t be the normal timeline Vlad because of, again, two reasons: Normal Timeline Vlad was currently dying at the time, and he makes a reference to what happened earlier (the ectofoamer.) Even if a slightly off-present normal timeline Vlad was dropped in, the second point still stands. Which again begs the question of why is he in a suit in the middle of the night?! It bothers me and it’s so off but I can’t figure out why it feels so off to me. It’s not just that he’s overly viscous, its not just that he’s willing to kill both Jack and Danny, It’s not just the suit, it’s everything. It all feels like it’s not the alternate-Vlad. It all feels too disconnected. Even the theory that he’s fighting for his life doesn’t explain why he doesn’t care he blasted Maddie onto a control panel. It’s clear he was possessive even before, but the confrontation is extreme. There’s no remorse, no care for the consequences of his actions. Again, he’s so very wibbly wobbly in this episode.

The entire episode is wibbly wobbly. Perhaps this is just to further cement the wrongness of this alternate timeline.

Or perhaps I’m still too hung up over the missed opportunity of actually giving Vlad character. Ahhh, the sour scent of what would’ve been….Vlad haven’t actual reasons for his motives, not just being “evil for the sake of being evil”, insight into why he he steamed over his accident for so long and why he blamed Jack so much. The revelation that Vlad was actually a pretty okay guy before and that he still could be if only he’d let go, if only Danny would stop fighting him, if only Danny took the fucking time to question things, to understand, to realize that everything has reasons, even if they aren’t obvious or easily understood. It makes me so angry to no end that Vlad continued to be a cliche rival with so little reason as to why. Everything else about his character was there, it was right there, this stuff was all he needed but he just fell so fucking flat during every episode after this one. Perhaps that’s my disappointment talking again, but still. Danny was a good hero character because he made mistakes, and often repeated some of the same ones. He wasn’t perfect, he gave up numerous times with varying results. He was willing to cheat, he was generally unaffected by the destruction shown by Dan until it was revealed his family and friends were dead. He did bad things, of his own accord. He pushed Vlad to his villainous breakdown in Kindred Spirits. He lies constantly. He’s snarky. He see’s things in right and wrong, good and evil, and even by the final episode, this perspective remains, and for someone with that much power, that’s damning. Danny had the good, the bad, the ugly, the substance. Vlad was his opposite solely for that purpose. The show offered little to sympathize him, to make him complex. He was the bad guy, he was supposed to loose over and over and over again, he was expected to just keep getting back up and trying again and he did and it broke him. And yet still, the show focuses on the fact that Danny was the hero. Vlad was villain. Danny didn’t care about why Vlad did what he did because that’s not how hero’s work. They beat the bad guy. Asking questions complicates things. It brings in sympathy, empathy, pity, understanding, compassion, confusion, DOUBT. “He doesn’t deserve this.” “Am I doing the right thing?” “If I’m supposed to help everyone, shouldn’t I try to help him too?” “I feel bad for him.” “This isn’t doing anything but making things worse.”

I repeat again: The sour scent of what could have been.

Maybe I expect something too deep for a children’s show. But can you blame me? Vlad had the perfect setup. The show dropped bombshells with TUE. It had the potential. It had the potential.

That’s all it will ever be now.