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“With that magnitude and scale of destruction, it can only be caused by a prince of hell,” Jace said, his voice loud in the war room.

The other shadowhunters nodded and murmured in agreement and Magnus’ eyes flickered to Alec who stood a couple of meters away from Jace and was staring intently at the news report on Mauna Kea’s eruption and the unending rain of soot, ash and fire, that was slowly turning Hawaii into a wasteland. He stood tall with his arms crossed behind his back, the very picture of the perfect soldier. The only thing that gave away his agitation: his furrowed brow and the way he shifted, almost imperceptibly from one foot to the other.

“The question then is, which prince of hell is it,” Lindsay, the dark-haired, glasses-wearing shadowhunter that always shifted just out of the way every time he showed up at the institute said. Her eyes met his and had everyone else turning to look at Magnus. “Which one of them would you say it is?”

Magnus shook his head. “None of them.”

“What,” Jace asked and finally looked up at Magnus.

Magnus shrugged. “If a prince of hell was walking on earth, the death toll will be way more than the fifty-seven people that the reports say have died. Why expend so much energy if the kill would end up being so low? Especially if they go through this much to flaunt their power?”

“And what would you know about the princes of hell warlock,” he heard one of the shadowhunters sneer.

Alec’s head snapped up. Before Magnus could reach out to calm him, a voice spoke up.

“Clearly more than you. A prince of hell indeed. Stupid nephilim.”

Magnus spun around. That voice. He knew that voice. Hoped to everything that was good and pure that he would never have to hear it again. Clearly the heavens paid no mind to the children of Lilith because sitting right on a chair at the corner of the room was a slender man, dressed in a deep blue, almost black tailored suit. Shoes that were so polished, Magnus was sure he would have been able to see his reflection in them. He’d replaced his preferred diamond cufflinks with ones of black opal, a blue garnet tiepin kept his tie in place. His hair was combed back, and kept in place by the barbed wire crown he wore. Cat eyes eerily similar to his when he dropped his glamour stared back at him and Asmodeus’ lips curved into a mocking smile.

“Hello Magnus. It’s been a while.”

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Magnus and Alec | Shadowhunters Season 2 | Comic-Con Trailer 

   Simon: They are not like Brangelina. What would you even call them? Algnus? That sounds like a foot disease.
    Beatriz: Obviously you would call them Malec. Are you stupid, Simon?
—  (Tales From the Shadowhunter Academy: Born to Endless Night - Cassandra Clare & Sarah Rees Brennan)

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Day 27: Magnus + Madzie

The sound woke him up. A quick shuffling of feet that brought to mind, wise but lonely eyes in a young face, thick textured hair and a little girl who hadn’t smiled as much since Alexander had brought her to his loft a couple of days prior.

With a flick of his fingers he was dressed and was soon on his way, following the sound like little breadcrumbs till they led him to the kitchen where he stopped for a long moment to watch Madzie as she splayed her hands out over the doll Alexander had gotten her when she’d first moved in.

The doll’s head was tilted to the side, the hands broken, and Madzie bit her lower lip, brows furrowed hard as she squinted and mumbled, fingers working with short sharp movement that ended with her releasing a little huff as she glared at her still broken doll.

The expression was so similar to one Alexander had worn when he was frustrated that something wasn’t going right for him that Magnus found himself smiling.

He must have given himself away at some point because Madzie whipped around, those dark eyes meeting his before she glanced down, a brief flash of misery on her face. She hunched her shoulders and took a step back, fingers absently reaching for her doll, then flexing as she pulled her fingers back into the pocket of her dress.

“I remember the first time I ever used my powers,” Magnus said, going for calm as he leaned back against the doorjamb, head thrown back, eyes gazing into the distance, half stuck in the memory and the other half paying attention to Madzie who now that Magnus wasn’t looking at her, was glancing shyly right back at him.

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I met Harry Shum Jr. in a mall near my house on Mother’s Day. It was a few years ago and my family had gone out to see the movie Soul Surfer. We were just coming out of the movie when I saw a sign for a meet and greet with Mike Chang from Glee and I was beyond excited because my little mind was like ooh famous person! So I went to go get in line to get Harry’s autograph.

Basically he was the cutest lil bean on the planet and he was super nice and asked me what my name was and thanked me for watching Glee and was giving all of the mothers at the meet and greet flowers. No literally as I was collecting my autograph and leaving he stopped me and gave me a rose and said “Give this to your mom, okay?” and it was so freaking sweet and every time I think about how I met this wonderful man and how now he’s a main character on a popular TV show and is getting recognition for his acting skills and his role and is playing one of my favorite characters of all time and is such an inspiration I get so emotional

@patronusmagnus just mentioned Malec and their special spot that is their balcony and it got me thinking again:

Magnus sitting on a love seat on the balcony, a steaming mug of coffee in his hand. The morning breeze still a bit cold, brushing over his cobalt blue robe that is left unbuttoned. 

Alec’s head is resting in his lap, eyes are closed and peacefully sleeping. Magnus looks at his boyfriend, looks full of love and awe. His arm is laying on Alec’s chest, their pinkies intertwined and Alec is holding onto it, like it is some kind of anchor. His face all relaxed and soft, the hint of a small smile curling at his mouth like he just dreams something really nice. 

Magnus chuckles and looks over the ledge, the sun rising over Brooklyn Bridge. A new day’s coming. Another day with Alec right by his side.

i keep thinking about that scene with magnus and the keris. that look on simon’s face when he heard. i know it’s because he finally gets just how important the keris is to magnus, the same keris he called magnus ‘antique roadshow’ over, that he carelessly used to try to pry open camille’s box, but i think it’s more than that. i think just as much as magnus sees himself in simon - simon sees himself in magnus, too. both their situation and their character. when simon hears about magnus’s low point - it’s shocking because how could someone like magnus, someone so powerful and seemingly above it all but also glib and carefree and /light/ be so full of this dark desperation

‘i always thought you were the energizer bunny of warlocks’ - it’s how i’d describe simon of mundanes and vampires. someone who always has a quick quip and bright smile, someone who shines brightly in the sombre company he keeps. and yet others’ cracks are seen more while simon soldiers on, keeps up his sunny disposition in front of clary and his family, and you only see it when he’s alone. or when he’s listening to magnus’s heartbreaking stories and you see that empathy, that realization and understanding, all over his face

so when his scene happens, i definitely think it’s a throwback to the significance of the keris, but it’s ‘she couldn’t live with the fact that she bore the son of a demon’ that sticks with me, the fear simon has that his mother ultimately won’t be able to handle his being a vampire, that she won’t love him the same, that it could destroy her

what if magnus tells alec about how he fell in love with him, not leaving any detail from the day they first met to his wedding where they shared a beautiful kiss, to the day when alec first apologised, to the day when they first went on a date and magnus told alec about his past(a little), to the day when they first shared some true love, to those days when they were there for each other, to the day when alec got magnus a gift and that meant everything to him, when they first hugged and said i love you’s. if these things don’t really affect alec lightwood, then i don’t know what will

Morning Motivation

Fandom - The Mortal Instruments

Characters - Magnus, Alec

Summary - Alec doesn’t want to get out of bed. Magnus ‘helps’ him wake up.

Words - 372

Prompt by @sir-assless-unicorn

Sunlight barely shone through the draping curtains that adorned the wall of Magnus Bane’s bedroom, leaving the couple inside it awake in the dark.

Magnus lay on his side, smiling at the Shadowhunter before him, who was trying his hardest to fake being asleep.

“I know you’re awake, Alexander.”

Alec gave no reply, but Magnus saw the corner of his mouth flick up, if only for a second.


Alec gave a small moan, shifting his position so that he was facing away from Magnus.

“Rude. Alec, we need to get up. You’re meeting your little Anti-Valentine club today. I don’t think Isabelle will be impressed if you’re late.”

“I don’t want to get up,” Alec murmured, pulling the cover tighter around him.

“You have to,” Magnus replied with a laugh.



“Mmph,” Alec groaned, yanking the cover over his face.

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