the magnificent bastard

For anyone who wants to use this gif for somethin’, IDFK.

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Enjoy magnificent beautiful bastards.

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I've been re-watching the part when Erwin saves Eren and I noticed that when he cuts Bertohlt he cuts Reiner's thumb too. It kinda looks like his thumb is partially covered in armor so does that mean Erwin was strong enough to slice through it?

I’ve only had a chance to watch the episode once, which is a crying shame, but after carefully examining the many splendid gifs, it does rather look as if Commander Badass slices clean through Reiner’s thumb.  

I think that’s one of the things we tend to forget about Erwin, not only is he intelligent, brave, and resourceful, he’s also immensely strong.   Just think of all the expeditions he survived, all the expeditions he led from the front.  Do we ever actually learn what Erwin’s kill count as a soldier or a squad leader was?  I don’t thing we do but it must have been astronomical.  

And of course if further proof were needed, Erwin Smith is the only one who was able to rein in Humanity’s Strongest…..

As Levi himself said….

                                      “WHAT A MAN.”

The Ballad of Steve the Barbarian

We had a new player once. He decided “Hey cool, barbarians sound awesome. I want to be a barbarian trapper. I shall regale you with his antics :

1. Upon entering a dense forest in search of some Kobolds who were preparing to attack a nearby town, Steve rolls perception and spies a deer. He’s bringing up the rear and veers away from the party. We find him later, playing checkers with a band of Pixies in a clearing. Apparently he had rolled a Nat 20 for animal handling and the deer led him here. The deer is nearby just watching. Everyone in the circle turns to look at the party.

Steve : Oh hey guys. These are my friends.

The rest of the party : *Bewildered stare*

Steve : We can’t really talk to each other. But I’ve named them. This little guy is Peter. That one is Vicky. And that little bugger over there is Steve Jr. I’ve always wanted a Steve Jr.

Tiefling rogue : Uh… Steve… We have a mission.

Steve : Oh! Right! *looks at the pixies* Bye guys! We’ll catch up later.

Dwarf Cleric : You sure you’re not a druid?

2. Steve was with the party in a goblin cave. He’s a bit ahead scouting as a meatshield/warning bell. After a few moments we no longer hear him moving ahead of us. We stop, the rogue stealths ahead to find Steve in a side store room sitting at a table with a few goblins. They’re playing some form of poker on a rickety table of explosive powder. Steve is smoking a pipe we’ve never seen before. The rogue brings the party up.

Steve : (in goblin) Oh don’t mind them. Those are my friends. (To the party) Hey guys! Check it out. These dudes are super cool!

The goblins smile and wave.

Tiefling Rogue : Steve… We need to have a chat.

Steve : Sure. What’s up?

Tiefling Rogue : Okay first of all, We think you have a wandering problem. And a gaming problem. Where the hell did you get that pipe? And you -DO- realize we’ve been paid to kill these goblins right?

Steve : Aww… But these dudes are super cool! See? We’re playing poker.

Rogue : Steve. We have to kill them.

Steve : Shame… *turns to the goblins while unlimbering his great axe, aptly named The Axe of Steve* Look fellas. I’m really sorry about this.

3. After arriving at a local farming community and meeting some locals, Steve wanders off to set some traps to check in the morning. The farmers have agreed to purchase anything he catches. It’s been a rough harvest season. The next morning he goes to check the traps. Alone. And finds an owl bear.

Steve : Oh man. Check you out! What a magnificent beautiful bastard you are! (ooc) I’d like to roll animal handling to see if we can be friends. *rolls a Nat 1*

There is a cairn stone in the clearing where we found him with the Pixies. Steve died that day. The owl bear proved to be too much for his gentle nature.

((k so BMBLB is out on iTunes in the UK and just im dded have some lyrics))


There’s a garden where I go
If you meet me there, no-one will know
In the springtime, in the sun
We can be alone without anyone
All the butterflies and the birds
Keep our secret, no, they won’t say a word
But they watch us and they know
And they’re happy as they see our love grow

We’ll sit for a while as I drink in your smile
It feels like a dream that’s come true
My head starts to buzz and my heart fills with love
Over you

Baby can’t you see, you could be with me
We could live inside a garden of ecstasy
You could be my queen, I could be your dream
Our lives like a fantasy
Maybe set me free
Let me be your bumblebee

Now the flowers are in bloom
And you chased away my darkness and gloom
When the wind blows through the trees
And your voice is like a song on the breeze

My doubts disappear every time that you’re near
The clouds seem to run from the sky
The thought of your kiss sends my soul into bliss
I get high

Baby can’t you see, you could be with me
We could live inside a garden of ecstasy
You could be my queen, I could be your dream
Our lives like a fantasy
Maybe set me free
Let me be your

Like a serenade, every word you say
Has me falling more and more in love with you
Like a party beat, you are oh so sweet
Every day is sunny, tastes like honey
Feel so alive, take me back to the hive

Baby can’t you see, you could be with me
We could live inside a garden of ecstasy
You could be my queen, I could be your dream
Lives like a fantasy
Maybe set me free
Let me be your bumblebee


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Can’t sleep…and it’s bugging me that there’s no explanation for why Solas does not have the same large irises as other elves, including an eleven inquisitor. His eyes appear larger than a human’s, like Cullen for example, but smaller than other elves. I can’t even attribute it to the ancient elves because even Abelas has large irises! Maybe it’s just the color that makes them appear smaller?

Anyone have a theory? Quick, someone tweet Patrick Weekes!
Why is Chuuya so gosh darn attractive?!

Just look at this magnificent bastard!!!

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No asshole has a right to be this adorable!

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Even when he makes this face!!!!!

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Okay, to be honest, he is very pretty, ginger,and an asshole; all things I very attractive in fictional characters. But STILL! WHY?!
'Game of Thrones' Cast Imagines the Ultimate Happy Ending for Their Characters
In Westeros, the last thing anyone expects is a happy ending. But in the video above, the cast of Game of Thrones attempts to imagine some for their characters anyway. Aidan Gillen, who plays Littl…


I don’t know if this interview is new or actually old, but I’m currently crying over Kit’s answer to the question what their ultimate happy ending for their characters would be.

First of all he takes his time. He really thinks hard on this. Longer than anybody else in this vid. That’s right Kit, don’t reveal too much. But finally he says and I quote:

“What would Jon Snow bring happiness? I think he would be… to be around with his sister—”

That’s right, you heard it! But he stumbles over his phrasing and corrects the word sister to sisters pretty fast. Not fast enough for my ears, mister. Just more food for the Kit knows about the fuckplot theory.

I see you. You magnificent bastard. <3



In case you never noticed, Solas was at the tavern in Haven before the breach, subtly seen in the background of Varric’s personal trailer. 

Bent over a table, his attention buried in the book he is reading, he briefly sits up straight to stretch his back and returns his attentions to his book. He sits alone in the corner, his fingerless gloves are apparent as is the dark wolf pelt worn upon his right shoulder and his green breeches. He looks up as Varric confronts a drunken patron, then he is lost in the crowd as the breach explodes in the night sky. 

Cassandra: I’ve wondered: How did you know to approach us, Solas?
Cassandra: The Breach opened, we were scrambling and barely had time to think… and there you were.
Solas: I went to see the Breach for myself. I did not know you would be there.
Cassandra: You must not have been far away.
Solas: I was not. I’d come to hear of the Conclave, but did not want to get close.
Cassandra: Hmm. Lucky for us, then.

….’lucky’ indeed.