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I feel like the sheer goofiness of the Wild Magic Surge mechanic in D&D isn’t appreciated nearly enough. If you’re a sorcerer and choose the Wild Magic origin, you have some teeny problems controlling your magic, so that any time you cast a sorcerer spell, the DM can make you roll a d20 to see if you get a Surge. If you roll a one, it’s Surge time, and you have to roll a 1d100 to see what the heck has just happened to you. 

Highlights from the list of 50 possible effects:

  • You grow a long beard made of feathers that remains until you sneeze, at which point the feathers explode out from your face.
  • You cast grease centered on yourself.
  • 1d6 flumphs controlled by the DM appear in unoccupied spaces within 60 feet of you and are frightened of you. They vanish after 1 minute.
  • You turn into a potted plant until the start of your next turn. While a plant, you are incapacitated and have vulnerability to all damage. If you drop to 0 hit points, your pot breaks, and your form reverts.
  • You can’t speak for the next minute. Whenever you try, pink bubbles float out of your mouth.
  • For the next minute, you must shout when you speak.
  • You cast polymorph on yourself. If you fail the saving throw, you turn into a sheep for the spell’s duration.

I mean, it’s funny enough to picture a brand-new level 1 adventurer accidentally spitting out these super-powerful spells, but just imagine an epic-level sorcerer in the middle of a world-ending confrontation accidentally turning themself into a potted plant that takes double damage. Incredible.

  • Regina: So you're just gonna ride that deathtrap of a motorcycle into a portal to God knows where?
  • Henry: Relax, I'm bringing my cellphone.
  • Regina: Your cellph--do you think there's gonna be cell service wherever you're going? And even if there is, how are you gonna charge it?
  • Henry: I'll figure something out.
  • Regina: And, while we're on the topic, how far do you think you're gonna get on one tank of gas? Did you think this through at all?
  • Henry: Don't worry. Things always worked out for Grandpa and Grandma.
  • Regina: I don't know which set you're talking about but absolutely no one related to you got to even a semblance of a happy ending without enough trauma to keep a team of psychiatrists employed for years.
  • Henry: Everything's gonna be fine.
  • Regina: I think I'm having a stroke.

the best part of having magnus as one of your favourite characters is that you know he’ll turn up in every book, no matter what.


you can have done all the research
you can have planned everything out
you can have the best ingredients
you can have done the perfect blessing
you can know the spell off by heart

well… things are gonna get fucked up 

SO! Before casting anything - PAUSE to clear your mind, concentrate and FRAME your intent, then WORK your magic!


Finding Balance Spell Jar

This spell jar is made to help you find balance in your life. It is a very simple spell and great for a beginner witch!

What you will need:

  • a jar or container with a lid
  • salt (I used epsom salt but any kind will do)
  • Black pepper
  • wax

How to make it:

  1. clean out your jar/container
  2. charge your salt with positivity and happiness
  3. charge your pepper with negativity and sadness
  4. mix them and put them in your jar
  5. seal the jar with wax and set it out in your room/living space

After you make this jar, it would be good time to reflect on the balance of nature. How sadness and happiness are not inherently good or bad, and the balance nature prevails. So if things are bad right now, remember, they will get better.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to send in asks or post requests!


George Harrison during the filming of Magical Mystery Tour, presumably on 12 and 13 September 1967, respectively. Photos © Herman Selleslags (courtesy of; Chris Walter (courtesy of Fine Art America).

“If you like, I’m a hippy or a flower person. I know I’m not. I’m George Harrison, a person. Just like everybody else, but different at the same time. You get to a point where you realise that it doesn’t matter what people think you are, it’s what you think you are yourselves that matters. Or what you know you are. Anyone can make it [self-realization]. You don’t have to put a flowery shirt on.” - George Harrison, Melody Maker, 2 September 1967 [x]

Which broom is yours?

Flip a silver coloured coin twice to find out!

Autumn Red (Tails, Tails) - you’re carefree and passionate, witchcraft has lit a fire under you and now you live life like you’ve got nothing to lose… you’re a witch after all, you can do anything. Your broom is fast and can accelerate like a motherfucker. 

Mixed Brown (Heads, Heads) - you’re thoughtful and knowledgeable.Your witchcraft pulls on many different paths and you are always learning and improving your practice, but you’re favourite thing is to help strangers with your magical tea infusions. Your broom is strong and will help you carry your books and ingredients long distances.

Royal Blue (Tails, Heads) - you are solitary by nature, but people are drawn to your natural leadership qualities. You feel the weight of the power you have found through witchcraft and always try to use it responsibly. Your broom has a mind of its own, and is your companion on your long journeys. 

Pure White (Heads, Tails) - you are single minded and know yourself very well. Your witchcraft pulls on your own innate energy. You need to be careful to keep this energy topped up, which you do by seeing friends, watching movies and going dancing. Your broom has a great sense of direction and can get you where you need to go, even when you are low on energy. 

Dragon’s Heart Glamour

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To help you feel your power and confidence strong like a dragon.

You will need:

  • Red candle
  •  Cinnamon
  •  Allspice
  • Salt


  • Mix your cinnamon, allspice, and salt together.
  • Put your candle in the center of the mixture and light it.
  • Light the candle and let it burn while you’re getting ready for the day/event.
  • When you are finished getting ready, blow out the candle and imagine your breath is fire like a dragon’s and its burning away all your insecurities.

Let me know how this works for you! I’m always happy to help.