the magical blue box


compilation of adelle AUs (2/?)

Doctor Who!AU

A few years after the curse has been broken, Prince Adam and Princess Belle have settled into a comfortable day-to-day life in their royal titles. One day while they’re finally getting started on cataloging the books in the library, they find a strange blue book with even stranger drawings and scribbles inside. 

Both very curious about their find, they research extensively on what the contents inside the book could mean. This leads to an unexpected visit from an eccentric man inside a magical blue box, who offers them an adventure through time and space. 

Thus begins their timeless journey, gallivanting through different worlds and cultures, while also getting into mischief along the way as they let loose and revel in the freedom.

It won’t be quiet, it won’t be safe, and it won’t be calm, The Doctor once warned them, but he kept his promise: it was a trip of a lifetime!


-Literally running face first into the TARDIS and falling inside.

-Crying, because HOLY SHIT, it was the Doctor and his magic blue box.

-Him being confused as to how you understood who he was and how his TARDIS worked.

“I’m the last of the-”


“How.. how did you know that?”

-Getting really emotional when you went with him on your first adventure.

-Getting even more emotional when you recognised one of the adventures from TV.

-Knowing when he would die.

-Awkwardly staring at River in the library.

-Her giving you knowing glances.

-The Doctor being comforted and relieved by the fact that he didn’t have to explain his life to someone again.

-Him also feeling extremely confused as to why you even knew his life so well.

-Basically being a massive fan about absolutely everything.

“Oh my god oh my god oh my god.”

“I know that Daleks can be scary, but you-”

“When can I see one?! Do they really look like that in real life? They do have those plungers and whisks for weapons, right? I don’t think I could take it if they didn’t.”

“Y/N, that’s not… nevermind.”

-Laughing way too much with Donna for the Doctor’s liking.

“What are you laughing about? Is it me again? Stop it!”

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Art Nouveau Harry Potter box lid

An extremely, incredibly, horribly late Christmas present for a friend of mine (the box was also filled with goodies to say sorry). Acrylic paint on a Doc Marten shoe box lol. Took far too long but thats because I procrastinate far too much. 

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Do you have any resources for time travelling? I'm having a hard time writing about it and I haven't got any clue as I never read any books about ti travelling. The movie "Lakehouse" didn't help much at all. Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks and happy holidays.

I think Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series did a good job with time traveling, if you want to read that. Then there’s HG Wells’ classic book The Time Machine, which is weird but also kind of cool.

So first you need a method:

  1. Machine. The Time Machine and the TARDIS, for example, are manufactured things that will take you to another point in time. (Although it seems the TARDIS is a sentient entity, it appears as a blue phone box.) 
  2. Magic. Think summoning circles or rituals. Many of these magic spells need an element of the point in time you want to travel to, like an old disco ball if you wanted to travel to the 1970s. Gabaldon used magic circles: stone circles infused with a never-fully-explained magic. If you wander near them, poof you’re in 1740s Scotland.

Obviously, machines tend to be used in sci-fi and magic in fantasy.

If you’re going back in time, you also need to decide what affect (if any) going there will have.

  1. Destiny Trap. Nothing happens. Going back in time enables the events of the future to take place. Movies like Terminator are like this. Doctor Who also tends to follow this rule.
  2. Can’t change it. Related to the destiny trap. However, even if the characters change something, the outcome will be the same. For example, they save Abraham Lincoln from assassination, but Lincoln dies ten days later from a burst appendix.
  3. Very little changes. The characters being in the past has altered something, but when they return to their own time, very little has changed. For example, in one Supernatural episode an angel unsank the Titanic. In the present, the boys drove a different style car, there were more people on the planet, Celine Dion was really poor, and two people who had died were still alive. It didn’t result in something dramatic like nuclear winter.
  4. Don’t touch anything. Anything you do will affect the future. Ex. a character throws a snail back into the water. The snail is eaten by a gull who otherwise would have starved. The gull flies into the turbine of an airplane and everyone dies in the resulting crash. In England, a man in informed his fiance has died in a plane crash. He remarries and their daughter is the next evil dictator. All because someone saved a snail.

You’ll also need to justify or correct a few things:

  • Language barriers. Not a big deal if you’re going to Shakespeare’s time, but what if you wanted to visit Chaucer or Sun Tzu? Language will also change over time, so going too far into the future will also require a translator. 
  • Culture. The time traveling characters may know the culture of, say, 1100s Ghana, but they may be accidentally sacrificed in the Aztec Empire. The modern era seems to be moving over acceptance of the weird - which might let them slide in the future - but past cultures treated strangers with suspicion.
  • Atmosphere. Hint: your characters will not be OK breathing for long alongside pachycephalosauruses. If they go to an alien planet - unless it’s been terraformed - I want to know why they aren’t doubled over gasping for breath. You can make them wear oxygen masks or justify it via magic or science.
  • Effects. Is it a Narnia or a Gabaldon? In a Narnia Situation, you enter a different place as a child and grow into an adult there, but when you return to your time, you are the child you were when you left, except you have the mental memory of your adult years. In a Gabaldon situation, you enter a different time as a child and grow into adulthood there, and when you return to your time, you’re still an adult.

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