the magical blue box

My Winter/Christmas stories for those who like a little Mystrade in their day… (two more on the way for the Mystrade Advent Calendar 2017, too!)

The Little Blue Box of Christmas - Greg Lestrade is incredibly excited to be out of school, watching Christmas snow fall from the sky, and ready to have the best day the world had ever seen.  Meeting a new friend named Mycroft Holmes wasn’t part of what he’d expected, but one didn’t question the actions of Christmas magic and a small blue box called the TARDIS…

The Joy of Losing a Wager - Mycroft should know better than to make a wager with Anthea, but, this time, his foolishness may actually reap him a delectable reward…

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas - Greg Lestrade is not a happy camper about the eruption of holiday festivities around him, but Mycroft Holmes is not exactly of the same mind…

A Whiter Shade of Ice - Greg’s attempt to take Mycroft ice skating isn’t as successful as he would have hoped, but Mycroft isn’t one to let unsuccessful situations stand for very long…

The Christmas Spirit - Lestrade finds Mycroft Holmes in a very unexpected place and it leads to very unexpected things… at least for the two men involved…

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year - When Mycroft comes to Lestrade on Christmas Eve, a little bedraggled and very mysterious, asking for assistance, Lestrade is not about to refuse…

Paper, Bow, Ribbon and Scotch - Lestrade volunteered to assist with the Christmas toy drive at work and Mycroft is delighted to step in and assist.  That may be a decision he comes to regret…

The Snow King - Greg loves a good snowy day… Mycroft truly does not see the appeal.  At least, at first…


Art Nouveau Harry Potter box lid

An extremely, incredibly, horribly late Christmas present for a friend of mine (the box was also filled with goodies to say sorry). Acrylic paint on a Doc Marten shoe box lol. Took far too long but thats because I procrastinate far too much. 

dw spoilers...

I’ve seen a few people asking questions about the ‘children can hear your name line’ and what it means, whether or not it leads to something. For me it seems you know, obvious, but whatever. First of all, doctor who is primarily a children’s show at heart. It has been a whole fantastic universe for kids for years. People grow up watching it. And this is the christmas episode. Kids believe in santa and in magic, and in a hero in a blue box. Kids can hear his name because kids are the ones who still listen, who are innocent. Just like they believe in Santa, they are the ones that believe in the doctor and look up to him. The doctor is a father who lost his children but keeps the earth safe for all the children there will ever be. Children are the people who are going to be most influenced by the doctor to be kind and brave. They need the doctor the most, they can still listen to the stars, and they can hear his name.

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Clara and the TARDIS

Clara’s relationship with the Doctor’s TARDIS has always been a fascinating one, not least because it was just that: a relationship - one that evolved and progressed throughout her tenure. It began with the usual amazement accompanying the discovery of a magical, multi-dimensional blue box that can travel through space and time, but an episode into our adventures with Clara Oswald, it became clear that there was something different about the way these two interacted. To put it simply, the TARDIS wasn’t all that keen on this new ‘stray’ the Doctor had brought on board; for reasons we didn’t understand at the time. This made for some amusing interplay in Series 7, where they’d often butt heads and bicker with each other (the minisode ‘Clara and the TARDIS’ being one of the funniest examples).

It’s not something we’ve often seen on the show: the TARDIS actively engaging with one of the Doctor’s companions to this extent (not including River Song of course), and to this day it’s never been fully explained why they shared this connection, though we can certainly make some educated guesses. The initial dislike that the TARDIS had for Clara was likely due to her ‘impossible’ nature; what with her being scattered across time, sitting at the centre of several paradoxes and ultimately traveling in a state frozen between life and death, Clara was a veritable temporal anomaly. Though after she sacrificed herself on Trenzalore, there was a dramatic shift in their dynamic. We next see her riding through the doors on a motorbike, before closing them with a snap of her fingers! “Doesn’t work like that,” Ten once said, but it works for the Doctor, and - it would seem - for Clara.

Perhaps in hindsight we can consider this an early hint at where her character would be going in the subsequent series; she is, after all, “the young woman so very similar to him,” but maybe Clara’s willingness to give her life for the Doctor had also assured the TARDIS that she was trustworthy. More than that, it would seem that her presence across his timestream (in more ways than one), had cemented a unique bond of sorts between them; one that started with “Don’t steal that one, steal this one: the navigation system’s knackered but you’ll have much more fun”. This newfound affinity is further demonstrated when Clara is shielded from the time vortex as she determinedly clings to the TARDIS’ outside - an act that wasn’t extended to another impossible individual, Captain Jack Harkness (though in fairness, she probably knew he’d be able to survive it).

Series 8 onwards takes a subtler, but nonetheless interesting approach to their relationship. Clara had begun learning to pilot the TARDIS (with limited success) early on, and this theme continues: she’s driving with the telepathic circuits, pulling leavers, pressing buttons, manning the console by the Doctor’s side. At this point, there’s an experience and familiarity there, best captured in the dual meaning of a simple exchange: “Am I home?” met with a hopeful “if you want to be”. And that’s exactly what the TARDIS becomes for Clara. After being caught between two worlds, after betrayal, after loss, after reuniting against all the odds, this is where she truly belongs. What she once called a “grumpy old cow” is the sight she longs to see; that unmistakable rhythmic wheezing sound she longs to hear. There’s a pure captivation as she stares up at the revolving lights; utterly enthralled with a wonder far removed from “it’s an appliance, it does a job”. We’ve come a long way.

With Clara’s death comes a poignant indication of where the two now lie. Just as it stood to mark the Doctor’s grave, the TARDIS allows itself to become a monument to Clara’s memory - symbolic of an impression left on both, by both. But of course, that wasn’t how things would end. We can only imagine what their final encounter was like: Clara Oswald seeing the mural, entering through those doors for one last time; leaving her parting message on the chalkboard, and laying out all that the Doctor would need to fulfil it. Perhaps there’d be a thank you, a goodbye, a brief moment of reminiscence, and a gentle beep in response; perhaps a turn back as she made to go, an “Oh, and could you give him a new screwdriver - one that doesn’t roll?” She would then depart in a stolen Type 40 of her own (complete with faulty Chameleon Circuit), as we’re left with a closing shot of an old police-box alongside an old American diner; each hurtling through space onto new adventures…

For Clara and the TARDIS, what began with discordance became, in its own way, a friendship.

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On behalf of skeleton lickers worldwide, I wish you a merry Christmas. And I have a gift. *The trenchcoated man gives you a blue box before disappearing in a flash of magic.*

I would not open that if I were wise. But I am not wise, I am curious and hopeful, so I’ll open it from a distance. A great distance.


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