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Why Reviews Matter

This is an issue I’ve been wanting to discuss for a while, but with Gruvia week fast approaching, I thought now would be a good time to finally broach this subject. Mind you, this is hardly a new, or unaddressed issue. This has been brought up on Tumblr many a time, and in many a fandom. But I wanted to address it again, because it is so important.

*Also, because I know many people don’t like to read long blocks of text, I have included random pics of Gruvia with even more random comments to keep people entertained. Enjoy!*

Since my time in the Gruvia fandom, I have always made it a point to participate in Gruvia Week, and likewise, I have always regretted it.

Why? Because the amount of effort/time put into writing fics for Gruvia Week was never worth the amount of feedback/acknowledgement I received in return for my efforts. I don’t like begging for reviews. In fact, when I first entered the FT fandom, and started writing Gruvia fics, I would NEVER ask for reviews. I figured, if people wanted to review, they would. But over the past couple of years, I started asking for them. You know why? Because the amount of written feedback compared to the amount of notes/favs(if we’re talking about fan fiction DOT net) I received on fics was wildly imbalanced.

Was it just me, or was the anime filler unison raid more magically impressive than the official one?

And have I gotten more reviews since I started requesting them. Not at all. Quite the contrary, in fact. Part of that is the FT fandom has shrunk, but another part of it is the *type* of stories I usually put out. I like writing one-shots. I find it more enjoyable to just get a completed story out there all at once. I don’t really have the patience or dedication anymore to keep up a multi-chapter fic. But multi-chapters DO often get more reviews. Why? Because those reading want to encourage the writer to continue the story. And that’s great. That’s how it should be. BUT, that’s how it should be for completed fics, too. And yet, it’s not.

Because I am giving my readers an already completed story, there is no incentive to review. Which from a writer’s perspective, is so discouraging. For a writer, putting out an ending to a story (and mind you, many of my one-shots are 6,000-10,000 words long, so definitely not SHORT) is when they need feedback the most. They want to know whether it was liked or not. That’s the most important time to review. But so many people don’t, because what’s in it for them? They already received everything you were giving out.

Do you see how horrible that is, though? Someone took the time (some fiction takes hours, days and even weeks and months) to write and share a whole story for free, and the least a reader can do, “the review,” is not worth most people’s time. But if that’s the case, then why should I, the writer, waste my time putting out a story in the first place? Liking or faving a story isn’t enough. We want to know what you liked (or even didn’t like) about it. That’s how we improve. We thrive on feedback.

I imagine they might say these kinds of things in bed together, too.

So, yes, as far as one-shots go, why should you leave a review? The story is complete. You don’t need to ask for another chapter to see how it ends. I’ll tell you why. Because while you received a story this time, there’s no guarantee there will be another one in the future. And I know I’m not the only writer or artist who feels like this.

And yes, writing should not be all about the reviews. You should absolute write for yourself above and beyond anything else. And I DO. However, the story is already in my head. I’m already enjoying it. I don’t really need to write it down. I do that more for others rather than myself. And yet the lack of appreciation for this kills my motivation to write anything else.

And all writers KNOW people are reading but not reviewing. The amount of traffic, favs or notes my stories receive in comparison to the amount of reviews are not even close to matching up. If you enjoyed a story enough to fav, follow, like or reblog, then please think about also leaving a comment. No one is asking you to match their story with a novel of your own in a review, but sometimes even a few short words are so appreciated by writers and artists.


If you don’t acknowledge your artists and writers, your fandom dries up. People leave or move on. People stop making gifs, writing, drawing, etc.. If your fandom dries up, then content for the things you love also dries up. Is that really ok? Not only that, but imagine writers and artists who are new to fandom, and new to art and writing in general. Imagine how hard it is for them? You could make the difference between someone giving up and never reaching their full potential, or your review inspiring them to improve to the point that they one day become a famous author or artist. Never think your review doesn’t matter. IT DOES.

Now, back to the topic of Gruvia Week itself. I think the lack of feedback during Gruvia Week especially is a combination of things. Firstly, there’s a lot of content (which is very good! That’s what everyone wants for Gruvia Week, but…). That also means a lot of competition. Things move faster in the tags than normal, things get pushed down, and the sensory overload kicks in, so fics and/or art that would usually receive tons of notes or more feedback on a normal day, just don’t receive as much appreciation during Gruvia Week.

Secondly, there’s the “one-shot” effect I already explained above. People know that no matter what, most users who are participating in Gruvia Week are likely going to post all the content they already prepared. So, you’re going to get “the product” regardless of what you as a reader or spectator do. So, there’s no incentive to encourage the artist or writer, as you will receive that content regardless.

Did Juvia give Gray that butterfly t-shirt? And what did Gray want to tell Juvia before he got made into swiss cheese by the dragon spawns? The mysteries of the GMG forever unsolved.

Now, I’m not saying Gruvia Week is bad for all artists or writers. I actually think for artists and writers just starting out, it’s a GREAT thing. Being reblogged by the Gruvia Week tumblr, which surely has a massive following, helps your art/writing reach more people than it usually would.  

So, I’m not trying to discourage people to participate at all. On the contrary, I’m trying to ENCOURAGE people who read fics or like seeing art/graphics/etc, to ALSO participate. If you can’t draw, or can’t write, but you enjoy it when other people do, LET THEM KNOW. No one wants a dead pairing week, and not providing feedback is the fastest way to kill future ship weeks.

The reason I kept participating every year, for the last three years, was because I hoped things would be better this time. They never were. If anything, if got worse year after year. I’m not saying everything I write is a masterpiece, and I should be showered with a constant stream of praise. But as I explained at the start, the amount of notes and favs do not add up with the amount of actual reviews/feedback received.

This is the most manga time conscious Gray and Juvia have had together in the last six months *cries*

I know some people can be shy. I know some people just like to lurk. But please think of the person creating the content that you just enjoyed. Yes, they drew art this week, or wrote a fic this year, so you already received your reward. But what is the artist’s reward? What are they getting out of it, and what is their incentive to write another story, draw more art, make another graphic, or video? You are not giving them a reason to. And that is exactly why so many people quit drawing, writing, or contributing to fandom all together. So, please don’t let that happen. Please make this Gruvia Week different.

Gray: We are so attractive. 

Juvia: We really are, Gray-sama. I hope people read this whole thing and didn’t just look at our gorgeous faces. 

Gray: I can’t blame them if they did just that. We are fabulous. 

Popular Anime in one sentence
  • JJBA: buff men aggressively pose at each other for generations
  • Nisekoi: local boy can't remember who he promises to get married to, finds out and says fuck it, and marries the wrong one
  • Tokyo Ghoul: Nerd goes on the worse date ever.
  • Attack on titans: angry mannequins attack a town, everyone dies and then things get really confusing
  • Monster musume: a harem anime but with magical furries?
  • Free!: buff emo boys swim.
  • Fairy tail: lots of fighting even more filler
  • Kill la Kill: magical hoe clothes
  • One punch man: man does a normal workout goes bald and now can kill anything with one punch
  • Future diary: are they dating or what? Also time is dying
  • Food wars!: food network on steroids
Naruhina fillers

I got a blog from someone ((you know who you are))
Stating that narusaku has fillers just like naruhina..
I didnt want to do this, but that blog made me go, really…Really! REALLY! That is your defence for naruhina??!!?… 

Let me start off with, yes I know there are fillers for other couples in naruto, SP makes fillers for every naruto couples to please the fandom……………… 
Except for sasusaku

Well then if SP does fillers for almost every couple, then it must be hypocritical of me to go against naruhina for that reason??
Well no, and here are 3 reasons why… 

Reason 1: 
Naruhina has the most fillers, which makes more filler than canon moments. 

Majority of full sided moments for naruhina were all done through SP. It was never canon through the manga.. .
That’s why I call it the one sided filler.. I mean Naruto was convinced by some magic goo to be with hinata, and the goo was showing mostly the filler episodes! Doesnt that tell you something X’D

Reason 2:

The fillers tend to sexualise hinata for naruto. 

Remember that filler when she was 11, and she was naked and dancing in the waterfall, and that was a moment for naruhina, and the fans thought that was amazing.. All I can say was… 

Let’s skip ahead and see how much more she has “grown”

Yeah, alot of fillers whenever SP had a chance had to give hinata EXTRA big boobs, or make her extra sexy for naruto >>…. 

Reason 3: This has to be the one to piss me off the most 

Naruhina changes so much canon just so their pairing make sense. 
If you read my naruhina rant, I complained about this before, so I wont go too much into it.. 
Naruto introduces Hinata as a weirdo dark girl…
If all those childhood fillers were naruto saving hinata, those two hanging out, building snow mans and being friends did happen, why would naruto not know of her from the start, and give her the weirdo introduction.. 
And dont use the “Oh thats how friends would tease each other” Fuck off!
He states from the start! He had no friends and wanted people to notice/respect him!
If Naruto and hinata were so tight at the start ((like SP claim they were)) he would be like “I have only one friend, and her name in HINATA”… But no, you delusional naruhina fans just cling onto this bullshit fillers… 

Dont believe me? 

Vs Reality

I didnt want to do this, but one of you fans thought you were clever..
Look! I stated this before, I did believe naruhina would of work… 
But once the pein arch it died, Kishi was obviously not interested. And all you n/h fans complaining to me wont convince me otherwise.. It will just make me post more points to why I hate it… 
My finale words….

Send a Symbol and Transform my muse into a…

🐱- A Cat

🐶- A Dog

🐻- An Animal of the Sender’s choice

🐼- An Animal of the Mun’s choice

🦁- Their “Spirit Animal”

🕊- A Bird

🦄- A Unicorn

🦉- A Griffin

🐉- A Dragon

🐺- A Werewolf

🦇- A Vampire

🦋- A Fairy

🐬- A Merperson

🐆- Anything of the Sender’s choice

🐅- Anything of the Mun’s choice

Hey now that Glossaryck is in magic purgatory we should just have all the filler episodes be about him doing weird stuff or telling strange stories to the audience through the 4th wall to pass the time.

We could also put Toffee in purgatory with Glossaryck and have episodes dedicated to the two of them pissing each other off but they eventually begin to (begrudgingly) get along.

MtG Colours: Strengths and Weakness. A slightly comical summary (plus colourless)

Strength: “I have the answer to everything.”
Weakness: “Just as soon as I draw it…”
Strength: “Your actions are subject to my whims. Mine is the pen that shall write your fate.”
Weakness: “Why is that thing on the field? That shouldn’t be there! I didn’t get to say ‘No.’”
Strength: “Your mind, your body, and your soul shall succumb to the inevitability of death.”
Weakness: “That’s… Not actually alive, is it? Shit…”
Strength: “You, your minions, everything you love. ALL SHALL BURN!!!”
Weakness: “What do you mean it’s not made of stuff? I can’t burn it if it’s not made of stuff!”
Strength: “You are nothing compared to the power of nature. Behold the fury of the untamed wilds!”
Weakness: “If the fury of the wilds could stop dying, that would be nice…”
Strength: “With unparalleled versatility, I can accomplish virtually anything!”
Weakness: “My fourth land! Just three more and you shall know true fear!”

anonymous asked:

Okay, so most of the time when I get a book idea I play it out in my head, which most people do, right? But when I do it, it's too realistic and detailed and amazing, but when I try to write it out, it seems bland and too detailed. Like once I tried to write a scene about a couple walking in the rain, but I kept putting down exactly what I saw in my head and it usually ends up losing the magic feel and it looks like I'm grasping for filler words. How do I deal with this?

You need to give your reader more credit. Listing every insignificant detail insults your reader’s intelligence. Give them the most important, most impactful details, and let them fill in the rest. Think of it as a paint-by-numbers picture: give them the numbers, let them draw the lines. If you draw all the lines for them, you will lose them. They are reading a book to stimulate their minds, to be transported, to use their imagination. You listing every tiny detail for them ruins all that. Plus it’s boring.

Toonami Series in a Nutshell

Dragon Ball Z Kai - The same show with less episodes

Akame ga Kill - The show where everyone dies and nobody cares because it’s so on the edge it’s liable to fall off it

Parasyte - Philosophical debates, teenage wangst and a whole lot of body horror

Samurai Champloo - Two Guys, A Girl and a Hip Hop soundtrack

Naruto Shippuden - Half filler, a quarter flashbacks and and 10 percent magical ninja trying to save his boyfriend who doesn’t want to be saved

One Piece - The pirates who don’t do anything piratey but have long winded friendship speeches because of tragic childhoods

Michiko & Hatchin - A 22 episode road trip where all we really learn is most men are douche bags

Sword Art Online II - Kirito proves he can be OP in any game and Reki Kawahara demnds you feel bad about PTSD and Aids and plays the rapey guy card again

KILL la KILL - The show with kill in the title where pretty much nobody dies but pretty much everybody gets naked

Attack on Titan - One guy aspires to kill all the giant naked people and get back to his father’s basement but accomplishes neither

Gurren Lagann - The over the top giant robot bromance that is last good thing Gainax will ever do but still has an ending that will make you rage

Deadman Wonderland - Grimdark anime Superjail that is somehow still less violent than actual Super Jail that tells you to go read the manga if you want to see how it concludes

InuYasha: The Final Act - The rushed conclusion to the fantasy adventures that liked to take their sweet time meandering about

InuYasha - The adventures of a kinda annoying school girl, her dog boyfriend, and their colorful companions who all conveniently want to kill the same guy that goes wherever the plot demands because Naraku

Bleach - The long-winded bloated shounen epic that didn’t know when to quit so it got cancelled instead

Space Dandy - One man’s quest for boobs and bootie in which Watanabe tells his friends to do whatever the hell they want with mixed results

Cowboy Bebop - The show largely regarded a masterpiece which just about everyone on the ASMB is sick of

Ghost in the Shell: SAC - Philosophical cyber-punk cop show that’s can be about as dull as any other cop show

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - The reboot based on the manga that is sure you already saw the other anime or at least read the manga

Hellsing Ultimate - Nazi vampires try to start world War 3 and are stopped by a vampire who is so OP even a macguffin designed to end him isn’t enough to do the job

Beware the Batman - WB tries to reinvigorate Batman when nobody asked them to using fugly CGI and few of the iconic characters so naturally it had to finish at 2:30 in the morning far away from the intended demographic

Black Lagoon - The show about actual pirates that nobody watched

Blue Exorcist - The most kid friendly show about people who want to kill Satan

Sword Art Online - .hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet with more incest, a ridiculous OP protagonist and just as much Bryce Papenbrook

ThunderCats 2011 - Dramatic re-imagining of the popular 80s franchise that started decently but quickly turned to Everybody Hates Lion-O

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Star Wars at it’s boring-est but it at least proves a CGI cartoon can look darn good with a decent budget

Samurai Jack - Witness robots bleed oil dramatically as a samurai wanders around for as long as the creator wills it

Sym-Bionic Titan - The show about giant robots and teenage romance that proved Genndy Tartakovsky is without a shadow of a doubt, an ass man

FLCL - An allegory for puberty done with a giant robot, a giant iron and giant eyebrows

IGPX - Mech battles with half the excitment of a Formula 1 Race

Eureka seveN - The coming of age story about an insufferable character who gets punched a lot and falls in love with a plant or something

Tenchi GXP - Not the Tenchi you were looking for and the reason we wont see another Tenchi series on Toonami ever again

Soul Eater - Mr. Death’s school for gifted monster hunters that ends badly but apparently not as badly as the manga does

Naruto - A boy graduates from magical ninja school and develops a mancrush on his rival while a pedophile plots from shadows

Samurai 7 - The upteenth retelling of the Seven Samurai but this time with giant robots and much less compelling characters

Casshern Sins - Gritty reboot of a vintage anime that bored the audience to sleep

Ben 10: Alien Force - When Ben Tennyson gets older and more serious he’s just as much of a brat without having the excuse that he’s still a child

Bakugan: Battle Brawlers - The Cartoon Network distributed Yu-Gi-Oh/Beyblade hybrid that was as bad as Wulin Warriors and holds the record for shortest run on Toonami with one episode period

Blue Dragon - That time Microsoft wanted a a multi-platform cross-over hit but ended up with another generic shounen adventure series that didn’t catch on

The Prince of Tennis - Tennis Ball Z

MAR - A total loser goes to another world where he gains super powers so he can save a kingdom because why the hell not?

Yu-Gi-Oh GX - Mr. Kaiba’s school for gifted card players

Pokemon Chronicles - The side stories you probably didn’t ask to see but at least they didn’t have Ash

Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo - Fist of the North Star meets Johnny Bravo

Zatch Bell - Where Pokemon battles are fought with children instead of monsters kept in balls

Rave Master - Mashima’s prior attempt at a shounen epic that is at least somewhat more original than Fairy Tail but still suffers from feeling generic as all get out

Storm Hawks - Largely forgetable Canadian show intended to sell toys

Megas XLR - Giant robot show for anime loving gamers by anime loving gamers which was too busy making references to resolve it’s plot before it got cancelled

Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes - The reason why we don’t let the French animate American super heroes, leave that shiz to the Koreans

The Batman - The first time WBA tried to re-invigorate Batman when nobody asked them to, during their “anime phase”

Justice League: Unlimited - WB’s valiant attempt to make use of their vast hero library when all anyone cared about was Batman

Teen Titans - WB’s answer to the popularity of Justice League and Dragon Ball Z

Wulin Warriors - Abridged version of a popular Taiwanese puppet show that was the worst thing Toonami ever played

Duel Masters - Sometimes a spoof on Yu-Gi-Oh, sometimes not, depending on dub

D.I.C.E. - Bandai decided Gundam wasn’t for America and tried to make something more tailor made for Americans and sucked at that too

SD Gundam - Bandai decided it would be easier to sell Gundam toys for a show that was actually appropriate for children to watch, at least it wasn’t Doozy Bots

Gundam SEED - Mobile Suit Gundam: bishounen edition, and nobody watched it either

G Gundam - Gundam meets pro-wrestling where people talk with the fists of giant robots

Mobile Suit Gundam - Trailblazing anime that no kids watched in 2001 because it was so dang old by the time it got here

Gundam Wing - 5 probably gay bishounen make war look cool with giant robots

Rurouni Kenshin - The story of a wandering swordsman who just wants to leave his past behind him but constantly has it come back to bite his ass

Yu Yu Hakusho - The bait and switch show that throws in a tournament whenever the writer can’t think of anything else to do and you love it anyway

Dragon Ball Z - Muscluar strangers get into fights and stare at eachother for longer than one might consider appropriate

Dragon Ball - The whimsical adventures of Goku and friends before they turned out to be aliens and got too serious for toilets

Dragon Ball GT - When TOEI tried to recreate the fun of Dragon Ball and the intensity of DBZ and failed at both

Cyborg 009 - Reboot of a classic anime that nobody watched because it still looked like classic anime

Astroboy Boy 2003 - See Cyborg 009 only this was way more Americanized

.hack//SIGN - That time Bandai wanted a a multi-platform cross-over hit and ended up with an interesting concept for a game/anime that was poorly executed by BeeTrain at their BeeTrainiest

Star Wars: Clone Wars Mini-Series - Probably the best Star Wars anything since the original trilogy but it was glorified filler for the pre-quel trilogy

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - The first good 80s cartoon reboot that died like all other 80s cartoons reboots would, poor toy sales

Transformers: Armada - Transformers meets Pokemon

Zoids Chaotic Century / Guardian Force - When toyetic shows succeed at having a compelling plot

Zoids ZERO - People fight with sentient zords to sell toys

Card Captors - Poor attempt at adapting a fun shoujo about a girl and her magical cards saving the world

Hamtaro - The cute show about hamsters that literally only the CN executives thought was a good idea for Toonami to show

Justice League - The show DC made to draw attention to other characters than Batman when Superman alone wouldn’t do the job

Batman Beyond - The 2nd best Spider-Man cartoon ever made

Superman: The Animated Series - The excellent Superman cartoon that was over-shadowed by the Dark Knight

Batman: The Animated Series - The show that started the golden age of American action animation that upon retrospect had a lot of dull episodes

Big O - Japanese Batman with giant robots and a really convoluted story

Outlaw Star - Two guys find an android girl in a suitcase and jack a ship and Joss Wedon swears he didn’t rip this off

Tenchi in Tokyo - The reason we didn’t see another Tenchi series for a long long time

Tenchi Universe - Alternate telling of Tenchi because why the hell not?

Tenchi Muyo - The pioneer of the harem genre that we still can’t believe aired on a children’s network

Ronin Warriors - 5 bishounen save the world using toyetic battle armors

Sailor Moon - A crybaby is given super powers to save the world but thankfully so are her much more tolerable friends

ReBoot - CGI on a TV budget in the 90s showing the adventures that go on inside of your computer, where you the user always ruin everything

The Superfriends - The popular superhero cartoon that is laughably bad but continues to be homaged to this day

The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest - Re-imaging of vintage adventure series that was cutting edge at the time but looks like crap now

The Roulete - Roughly Turner’s last attempt at making use of their old action brands until they delved into more self-parody for Adult Swim

Voltron - The world’s first abridged anime

ThunderCats - The poorly acted and poorly animated fantasy adventure from the 80s about cat people who don’t wear enough clothes

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If you could change one thing about the show, what would it be?

Try to use the kind of world the show is set in -one with magic and all that- even in episodes that are fillers, and add more Star and Marco interactions, or at least interactions with other important secondary characters, in those that feel otherwise “empty”, like All Belts Are Off.


Okay so after I finished EoS a while ago I re-read Heir of Fire and while I was reading it I noted a couple parts that seemed to have some significance based on stuff we learned in EoS and might be foreshadowing for book 6 stuff???? Idk man it just seems like this stuff is so relevant that there’s no way SJM just tossed this in there as filler.

“A FEMALE WANDER WITH RAW MAGIC” Rowan has told Dorian that he can only do so much to help him gain control of his magic because he doesn’t understand raw magic and he would need to be taught by someone with it. Who knows what Maeve’s plans for Aelin are, but if she’s planning on taking her to Doranelle could we see this girl? Will Aelin steal her to teach Dorian how to control his raw magic? This can’t have been put in casually. We have to see this woman.

“It was their bond, marked by blood and scent and something else she couldn’t place. A tether as strong as the one that bound her to her parents. Stronger in some ways.” Okay, I have no idea what this could mean, but it’s gotta mean something. Aelin and Aedion haven’t sworn an oath, they aren’t mates, and I think you can only have one carrannam so that’s also out. What is this bond?? The fact that it is specified as deeper than blood and stronger than her bond with her parents means this has gotta be some fae hocus pocus.

“The dark Maeve, whose wildness could not be contained by any single form” So I think we’re forgetting that we have yet to see Maeve shift or have anyone say what her animal form is. Here Emrys kind of hints that whatever it is it’s scary af and that maybe it’s not even a real form?? Is she a shapeshifter?? How can she not be contained???? This will def have to be addressed at some point, maybe during some showdown between her and Aelin where she’ll pull her form(s) out. Clearly as far as Maeve’s power is concerned we ain’t seen nothing yet.

OKAY SO I KNOW PEOPLE HAVE BROUGHT UP AELIN’S WATER BUT LOOK AT THIS SHIT. TEXTUAL. EVIDENCE. “MY MOTHER TOLD ME THAT THE DROP OF WATER IN MY MAGIC WAS MY SALVATION-AND SENSE OF SELF-PRESERVATION” This water is her salvation. Whether it’s her giving up her fire power and being left with the water and alive or something else, this definitely supports the theory that Aelin’s water magic is going to be the reason she survives creating the lock

So yeah all of this could be completely false and I could be making mountains out of molehills but these were the things I noticed and I feel like they’re significant.

Would y'all enjoy a queer thing with fantasy characters in a super fuckin cute relationship and without growing while the story progresses that’s like a quasi comic style every few weeks type of thing with art pieces in between of the big moments for the couple (first kiss, dancing, saying I love you, fighting the antag together etc) that’s like an adventure thing or would it be better for the relationship to be established and figured out and generally skip all the nitty gritty is she straight whatever
(Btw homophobia/coming out drama isn’t gonna be a thing in the story cause this queer person wants fluff n soft lesbians) because I could write and draw it either way though I’d rather have the freedom to dump my writing from modern aus and whatnot on a separate tempered in flame blog for my content and have there be a continuous spew of ryla/azarra content on a whatever basis that I can handle with my school n stuff