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“I really embraced working on the dress, making sure that it was utterly whimsical, and magical. The scene that I wear that dress in, and I have that dance in, it really tells the story of Beast and Belle falling in love. You know, we don’t have a huge amount of time in the story to tell that story. The dance, for me, is really where the audience starts to see it happening and starts knowing that it is happening.This is total, blissful escapism. You are transported to another world. The dress, and the dancing, and the candlelight, and the music — it was really fun to work on every aspect of that. Jacqueline Durran is just such a wonderful person and costume designer. I think she did such an amazing job.” — Emma Watson

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Can you tell us more about your relationship?

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Husbando and I met spring 2005 and became a couple that summer.  We’ve been together a loooong time… I feel old.  XD  *pensively strokes imaginary white beard

The first time I met him he was doing a handstand while wearing a Darth Vader helmet. 

Our first one-on-one conversation was us having a Final Fantasy debate, with him saying that using a Phoenix Down on an undead enemy was a sound strategy, while I insisted that Phoenix Downs tend to fail on undead bosses and Revive/Cure magic was much more effective.

We decided to become a couple while at an amusement park.  We both still love roller coasters and crazy rides.

The first movie we saw at a movie theater together was Howl’s Moving Castle.

For our wedding we chose the song “Ashitaka and San” from Princess Mononoke for our first dance.  (We REALLY love Miyazaki films)

He introduced me to my favorite genre of video games, nonlinear RPGs, with Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.  (My blog is named after the protagonist’s ship, the Ebon Hawk)

In video games, he favors close combat fighting while I prefer long range.  When we played WoW before we had kids, he was always the tank; I was the healer.  In Resident Evil co-op he’s always the shotgun guy, while I’m the sniper.

I’m generally better at videogames than he is (he’ll readily acknowledge that), with the notable exception being Super Mario Kart.  I got SO CLOSE to beating him once, only to get hit RIGHT AT THE FINISH LINE, BY MY OWN GREEN SHELL I HAD SHOT TWO LAPS PRIOR.  I’m STILL sore about that one.  XD

We play Dungeons and Dragons with friends (old married fuddy duddies like us XD) about twice a month.

We named our dog Leeroy Jenkins, because we are meme trash.  (Also, his name when we adopted him was Leroy, and he’d been put up for adoption for killing a chicken.  He practically named himself.)

Anyway, there are lots more dorky, geeky facts about us, but I’ll stop here for now.  XD  We’ve had our ups and downs like most couples, but we’ve got a good thing going.

Hearing ppl talk about dads/husbands over social media is sometimes perplexing af like…you got these men w college degrees that claim they can’t do household chores bc they “dont know how” or “will screw it up” like…it ain’t engineering or surgery dude, you got Google and more than a few months to figure it tf out

If I guy ever tells you that he is cognitively incapable of helping out even tho he’s magically abled on every other front, ditch his ass bc he doesn’t respect your time


The Joker: Hey, Sauron!  Doesn’t your flaming eye have the unique ability to peer through time and space?

Sauron: Uh huh.

The Joker: Well, I need to find Batman.  Where’s homeboy’s man-cave?

Sauron:  Hmmm…Give me a second…Scanning noise…It’s beneath Wayne Manor!

The Joker:  WHOA!  Whoa.  Whoa  Whoa.  Whoa.  Whoa.  Hold on a second.  Are you trying to tell me that Bruce Wayne is Batman…’s roommate?  

Sauron: Uh, yeah…

-”The Lego Batman Movie”   

Deepest Darkest Secret

Chapter 1 Chapter 2

Chapter 3. Agatha.

It’s awkward when I see Simon again.

We haven’t really talked to each other since he saw me with Baz in the Wood last year. When he and Penny showed up again they were both too shaken to do anything but let the Mage hurry them to his office for questioning. I tried to do my part and play the concerned girlfriend, running after them, and of fucking course I wasn’t allowed in.

They’re my only friends in this school, and when something big and important happens, I get shut out.

Anyway. Now that it’s eighth year and the Humdrum isn’t around, Simon is all attentive again.

‘How was your summer?’ he’s asking me, his eyes trained on me. I can tell that he’s feeling as uncomfortable as I am just by the way his magic starts blurring the air around him. You almost wouldn’t notice if you didn’t know to look for it.

‘Good,’ I say, and I mean it. ‘Great.’ I miss Minty already. This is my last year, and when it’s over… I don’t know.

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Nate: Just wait, I’ll get the right amount of magic dew and make an orange face out of you!

Tobias: I’m always one step ahead of you, Nathaniel. I’ve already got one in orange. Surprise!

Nate: What the– Man! You’ve always been with me, how the hell, when?… There’s seriously no one else like you in the past, present, or future. You’re just one of a freaking kind.

Tobias: So… from what I heard, I can tell that you love me.

Nate: I do, Tobias. Strongly, deeply, wholeheartedly and unconditionally, I do.

Papa Henry AU: Bath Time

“116 ink wells and a bottle of white out will be- $120.” The cashier rang off, eyeing Henry curiously. “I hate to ask, but who would need that much ink?”

Henry cleared his throat quickly and dug into his wallet for the cash, all while avoiding the woman’s gaze. He couldn’t tell her that all of this ink was for his creations that had been brought to life by a machine and satanic magic by his ex-coworker.

“M-my kids- They decided to be cartoonists like me.” Not a complete lie, but not his most convincing one either.

“Oh! Well, that sounds exciting.” This particular cashier was younger than Henry, maybe young enough to not remember the Bendy cartoons, he wasn’t sure. “Have a nice day, sir.”

“Thanks…” He gathered up his bags quickly and took off to his car.

Bendy, who had insisted he come with, was perched in the front seat. Out of the studio, and in direct sunlight, his color appeared faded, just like rest of that old ink in the studio-

“Bout time you got back! I’ve been waiting for 30 years in here!” The little devil groaned, hopping into the little car seat he had been in when a Henry left him. “What took you so long!?”

“Finding this much ink isn’t as easy as Joey made it seem.” Henry pouted. “But I think it’s enough to get you all cleaned up… We should still have an old wash tub at home that you guys could wash up in-”

Before he could finish, Bendy had ripped open one of the bags, popped open four ink wells, and had coated both himself and his car seat in ink.

“… Change of plans… We get you home, have the others use the wash tub, while I clean my car…”

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I want more post-proposal Stoki porn ;)

you could see planets and stars, steve/loki, 4.1k, remember this cold shamelessly sappy fluff porn look they deserve it

We could build a castle right here
With a couple blankets and chairs
This place could be magic 

Honey if you look really hard
You could see planets and stars
Through the gaps in the fabric 

Sinclair, “Heaven on Earth” 

“Sam tells me,” Loki said a little too casually, “that you had…elaborate plans for your proposal.”

Steve felt his face warm and stared intently at the pages of the book he was reading. “Did he?” God, he was going to kill Sam.

“Mmm. A carriage ride. A fancy dinner. A vacation.”

His face got even warmer, but a little bit of guilt started to creep in as well, and he made himself look up. “I’m sorry. We can…I’d be happy to put something together now, I know it would’ve been nice.”

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Chronically ill, or robotic alien vampire fairy princess? You decide.

[Image is a drawing of a seven-panel comic. In the first three panels, a little stick-figure boy is talking to a stick-figure girl. “Miss Vanessa, how come you’re sick all the time?” He asks. She leans in and whispers, “Can you keep a secret?” He nods. “It’s because I’m a robot made from spare parts, and some of my pieces are broken.” In the next three panels, the stick-figure girl is telling different things to different kids. First, “It’s because I’m secretly an alien doing research on humans.” Then, “Secretly I’m a vampire…on a diet.” And finally, “I’m actually a fairy princess, but I was kidnapped and now I’m slowly running out of magic.” In the final panel, the kids are all shouting their love for the stick-figure girl as she happily walks away.]

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hello im an angst loving mofo. what would the ut, us, ht bros do if someone kidnapped their s/o or crush?

Same dude. (NSFW for HT! Sans. Violence and gore.)

UT! Sans: when he first finds out who took you, he gets pissed. He’s gonna find your essence and teleport straight to where they have you. He’s gonna send them across the room with his magic and go over to them. He’ll pick them up by the collar of their shirt and growl his words. “don’t you ever touch anything that’s mine again.” And he’s gonna teleport you both out of there. If you’re dating, it’ll be cuddles and affection all night. If you were just a crush you’ll ask him what he meant by calling you his. His face will immediately flush up and his eyelights will disappear for a minute when he realizes you heard him say that. He’ll take a shaky breath and he’ll tell you how he feels about you.

UT! Paps: he’s going to tell Sans somebody stole you and have him find your essence, and they will teleport to you. Papyrus will fight the kidnapper and DESTROY them. Baby knows what he’s doing. Sans will just chill and watch. When Papyrus is done he’ll go over to you and go you tightly in his arms. Sans will teleport you out of there, and then teleport away to leave you both alone. If you and Papyrus are dating, he’s going to break down and tell you how scared he was, and how he’s so happy his human is safe. If you’re just his crush he’s going to make you spaghetti and do puzzles with you.

US! Sans: he’s a Yandere. He knows where you are immediately and goes straight to you. He looks at you with his sweet and loving smile, and then looks to the kidnapper with a murderous stare. He choke them and holds them to the floor until they stop struggling and he knows they’re dead. Nobody touches his human. Hopefully you aren’t to freaked out. He’ll take you home and spoil you with affection and tacos if you’re dating or just friends. He’s not letting you out of his sight now.

US! Paps: teleports to you and doesn’t even say anything, just uses his Gaster Blasters to destroy the kidnapper before picking you up and taking you home. If you’re dating, he’ll wanna touch you (if you’re comfortable with it.) But if you’re just a crush he’ll fuss over you all night and make sure you’re comfortable and safe.

HT! Sans(KINDA GRAPHIC? HELP I GOT TOO INTO THIS ONE.): blood. He wants b l o o d. As soon as he gets to you, he unites you and then ties up the kidnapper in your place. He’ll take you home and have you wait there while he “deals with the problem”. He’s going to torture this fuck. He’ll start by chopping of each of their fingers with his rusty axe, before moving to their toes. He’ll have a huge grin on his face the whole time, enjoying the way they cry and scream in pain and terror. The way blood squirts everywhere is p l e a s i n g. He’ll then move to cut off sections of their arms and legs, all while humming some terrifying tune. He’ll lay them down on the ground now, untied and limbless, and carve into their skin. He tells them things like “you shouldn’t have touched my doll.” And “I don’t like when people touch m y t h i n g s.” he’s so incredibly possessive. When they’re about to pass out because of blood loss he finally grabs them by their hair and holds their head back so he can chop it off. When he’s finally done he teleports back to you and makes you take a shower with him. He wants to wash the kidnapper off of both of you. He’s probably going to have sex with you because he needs something to ground him after what he did. (You can’t be just a crush with this Skele, he’s much to possessive and would kill you if you didn’t want him.) he’ll let you tell him everything that happened while he strokes your hair.

HT! Paps: starts to cry and has Sans find you. Also he has Sans kill the kidnapper quickly while he holds you. When you get back home he’s going to spoil you with affection and puzzles. Lots of tears from him as well as he tells you how scared he was. If you’re dating he’s gonna give you kisses and cuddles, but if you’re a crush he will keep a good distance unless you move in closer.

Author Spotlight: Lilyvandersteen day 2

Day 2: Recs!

@lilyvandersteen​ recs her fic. 

Weave Your Magic.

The first story I’m going to rec is my very first Klaine multichapter, Weave Your Magic. It’s still a WIP, and will probably remain so for a long time, because it’s a soap opera kind of fic that could always go on and on. I started writing it because I missed canon Glee and wasn’t ready to say goodbye to the Glee characters, and this is my way of keeping them alive.

I feel like I should warn you this fic is the slowest of slow burns. As I’ve said before, I write from both points of view, and by now I’ve learnt not to repeat too much, but to provide different information in each point of view. Well, that was a long learning process, and you can tell by the very beginning of Weave Your Magic. Way too much repetition and overlap in the first chapters. I really should go back and re-write the beginning, but, well… Ain’t nobody got time for that… So many story ideas and so little time to write! So please, if you venture into this fic, cut me some slack and don’t stop reading because of the repetitions in the first twenty chapters or so. Just skip the repetitive parts. It gets better after a while, I promise.


Cooper was wrong. Blaine knew what he was missing. He saw it whenever he spent time with Nick and Jeff. That was what he wanted. Not some quick fix, but someone who’d stick around. Someone who’d be his best friend, his lover, his confidant, his strongest supporter and his shoulder to cry on. Someone he could talk with for hours about every topic under the sun. Someone he would dare to share every aspect of himself with. Someone he could have a pillow fight or a tickle war with until they were both breathless with laughter. Someone who knew him inside and out. Someone who’d finish his sentences, give him the last cookie, cheer him up when he was sad and remember how he liked his coffee in the morning.

And now that Blaine had found that person in Kurt, he was so glad he’d waited, because he couldn’t imagine giving his body where he hadn’t already given his heart. He said as much to Kurt, and was glad that his boyfriend agreed.

And then Kurt kissed him just so, and Blaine stopped thinking altogether and kissed him back with abandon.

Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect is a fairly recent fic of mine that I wrote for the Kurt Big Bang 2016. It’s one of my favourites, because I based an important OC on a dear friend of mine that died while I was writing the fic, and remembering her and cherishing the memory of her in this way was very bittersweet but also cathartic.

As many of my stories, this is fantasy Klaine, featuring fairy-tale creatures and magic, but above all, it’s a story about making friends in unexpected places, about making bold choices and seeing them through and about love conquering all.


“Yes,” Kurt said. “I’d do whatever I had to do to keep you happy and healthy.”

Burt stared at Kurt for quite some time, a peculiar expression on his face. Then he mumbled, “Shouldn’t it be the parent saying that to his child?”

Worth the Wait

I love fairy tales and fantasy stories, and Worth the Wait is a hodgepodge of all the elements I love about these kind of stories: a surprise encounter, a quest the hero has to undertake and three challenges he’ll have to face, with a magic ring to help him along. I had tons of fun writing this story, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading it just as much. 


“This place feels so full of possibilities. Like, if I wanted to get married tomorrow, I could just go to the city hall and do it without anyone batting an eye.”

Kurt laughed. “Might want to find someone to marry first, though. I thought you said you were single?”

Blaine shrugged. “I am, yes. But I want to get married someday, and it’s so great to know that I totally can, here, and no-one will think it’s weird or wrong.”

“So what kind of man do you want to marry?” Kurt wanted to know.

“Ideally, my best friend,” Blaine mused. “I want to get to know someone and become friends first. Best friends. And then let it evolve into more. They say that love is friendship set on fire, don’t they? Well, that’s what I want. And then, if I’d buy flowers for my love, I’d buy him roses in yellow and red. Yellow for friendship, and red for passion.”

Stop Flirting

This originally started out as just a silly one-shot, but I got so many requests to continue the story that I turned it into a multichapter. It features famous Blaine (one of my favourite tropes) meeting Kurt on a plane. Blaine likes Kurt instantly, while Kurt isn’t impressed with Blaine at all.


“Oh, here he is!” Rachel announced chipperly, tugging Kurt into the circle of girls. “He can tell you!”

Wait… What? Rachel, what have you done now?

Kurt was sure he had a deer-in-the-headlights look on his face, and he had absolutely no idea what he was supposed to say. None whatsoever.

“Well, tell them,” Rachel prodded Kurt impatiently.

“Tell them what, exactly?” Kurt said slowly, trying his hardest to keep his temper in check.

“How Blaine invited you to come to the concert, and backstage,” Rachel prompted. She sighed and clasped her hands together dramatically. ““Isn’t it romantic?”

Okay, this time Kurt truly couldn’t stop himself from rolling his eyes and huffing in exasperation.

Really, Rachel? Do you WANT me to be lynched by a mob of hysterical teenage Blaine fans? If you do, by all means, carry on. Five more minutes of you spouting nonsense and they’ll have their pitchforks at the ready!

Catch Me A Catch

When Cooper turned up in Season Three, I immediately thought, “Huh, that one will get along well with Rachel. So self-absorbed, the both of them.” So when I started reading fanfiction, I thought, “Well, there must be tons where Rachel is dating Cooper, right?” But there weren’t. So I decided to write one myself, and to make this a verse where Kurt and Blaine had never met, because of course Rachel and Cooper would be enthusiastic but terrible matchmakers and the many misunderstandings that would cause had the potential to be very entertaining.


The next morning, Kurt got up later than he usually did, his head hurting slightly. He walked to the kitchen on autopilot, grabbed a bowl and his breakfast cereal, poured milk over it and went to sit down at the kitchen table to eat. Somewhere between his second and third spoonful, his brain registered that he was not the only one sitting at the table. Across from him sat a very good-looking but also very naked guy, who seemed to come straight out of the Magic Mike films.

“Hi!” Mr Magic Mike greeted Kurt chipperly. “I’m Cooper.”

Kurt, his eyes bugging out of his head, didn’t reply. He just stared at Cooper dumbly.

Rachel sailed into the kitchen at this point, positively glowing with happiness. “Kurt, this is my boyfriend and co-star, Cooper.”

Kurt turned to glare at her.

“Yes, yes, we probably woke you up last night,” Rachel continued. “I’m sorry, Kurt. It wasn’t planned. It just… sort of happened.”

“Right,” Kurt drawled. “Next time, could you make it happen at Cooper’s place, please? I don’t deal well with sleep deprivation. Also, your boyfriend’s bare ass is on one of my vintage flea market chairs. Ugh. Tell him to at least put boxers on, please.”

Cooper let out a deep and hearty belly-laugh. “And I thought that my brother was the absolute worst person to deal with in the morning… Okay, okay, I’ll go put some clothes on!”

Cooper got up from his chair, yawned and stretched and then went in the direction of Rachel’s bedroom.

“Close your mouth, sweetie,” Rachel sing-songed.

Dear customers:

If you ever ask me about altering a magic card with a Dark souls character be aware that unless to tell me to keep it short, I’ll write approximately two essays about your request with deep analysis about the card’s colors and the corresponding character and how awesome Dark Souls is in general.

So back when I first made a tumblr account, I saw all the acnl community’s towns and tbh, that made me want to restart my first town. That’s when Goatari Rosu became the mayor of Rosa, two years ago. Cut forward to 2017 though, and what’s this? There’s a new magical girl in town: Kawaii Dorito-chan! But don’t tell anyone that she is actually Goatari! Come to think of it, Goatari is less of an acnl mayor now and more of an oc with quite the story to tell.

Ride On The Magic School Bus


Appearance: The Magic School Bus

Stats: This stand has no stats

Ability: Similar to Gold Experience Requiem, Ride On The Magic School Bus traps the target into an infinite loop. Although, instead of an infinite loop of death, RotMSB traps the target on an infinite bus ride. There is no way to tell where you are going and no other passengers. Once you are on the bus you can’t starve to death or die in any way. All you can do is just ride the bus.

Hi my name is Glinda Full Moon SilverWhite Snow Leopard Opalite Selenite Clear Quartz Caregan and I have long magic white hair ( that’s how I got my name ) with streaks and silver tips that reaches my mid-back and ice blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Joely Richardson (AN: if u don’t know who she is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Kate Stewart but I wish I was because she’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a witch but my teeth are straight and white. I have pale white skin. I’m also Mother of the Sound and Pure, and I live in a palace in Ev where I’m in the 52nd year (I’m 52). I’m a cardinal witch (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly white. I love witch stores and I buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a white dress with white lingerie, white tights and silver heels. I was wearing silver eyeliner, white foundation, and silver eye shadow. I was walking outside Ev. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. Frank stared at me. I put up my middle finger at him.

Who the heck did this……….?