the mage of life



idk what if the Inquisitor was a kid ? It wouldn’t be called The Inquisition, it’d be the deadly babysitter squad.

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“…The Circle, though it has originally referred to the Tower or Circle of Magi, is now a reference to the shape of the field in which the mages compete. It is the most widely known aspect of a mage’s life, a spectacle that anyone can attend, should they have enough coin to purchase the tickets. Naturally, the prices of these tickets fluctuate widely depending on the nature of the battle- a commoner can purchase a seat with just a few coppers should the mage in question be battling wild animals. Mage on mage battle have been known to cost as much as hundreds of sovereigns…”

“…The challenges given to the mages are most often arcane in nature- demons, possessed creatures, or other mages, and therefore their armor serves as little else than as costumes, designed to entertain and appeal to potential patrons…”

“…A harrowed mage earns the right to compete in the Circle though few get the choice of when and who. By competing in these gladiatorial battles, they have the chance to appeal their talents to potential sponsors or even the king or a commander, however rare these cases might be. Solona Amell has been the first mage in the last fifty years to have been recruited by such, a Grey Warden. Understandably, sponsoring a mage out of the Circle is not something even a king should take lightly. The Chantry levies heavy tax on the family that does so press on this point, the only exception being the Grey Warden who retain the Right of Conscription…”

“…Nobles families will often choose a mage to sponsor, as a winning mage in the Circle will bring prestige to their name. Though most do not choose to sponsor the mages out of the Circle, they will gift enchanted weapons and armor to the mage of their choosing, hoping to give their chosen an edge in the Circle. It is not uncommon, however, for these houses to sabotage their mage champions by sending them faulty equipment under the guise of gifts. They have also been known to sponsor their own blood should they have a mage in the family, despite the monetary responsibility though the mage does not regain their title…”

“…A battle is not usually fought to the death, but death due to extensive injuries are not rare…”

“…Purchasing a mage for a single day, or night’s service is frowned upon but not forbidden by the Chantry, and while no Circle will release the exact amount of profit made on these services, it has been estimated to be a significant portion due to the unwillingness of the Circles to cease such practices…”

“…Escape attempts during such battles are rare due to heavy security surrounding the arena and the threat of immediate death from the challenge at hand. The last attempt to revolt by Uldred of Kinloch Hold has led to the Annulment of the Circle…”

- Excerpts from Circle of Magi, an Alternate History


these two nerds have a podcast I don’t know they’re cool I guess

I often forget about the hardships Simon has faced that have nothing to do with the World of Mages. He spent the first years of his life as a little kid lost in the system, things were rough and he went throught it all alone. And then even when he discovers magic and Watford and makes friends he *still* has to go back to a different home every summer where things are just as rough as ever. And it would have been so easy for him to turn out cold and bitter and frankly unkind. But what does our sunshine boy do instead? He grows up to be kind and brave and innocent hearted, almost to a fault. He’s bright and forgiving and loves his own with startling ferocity. So think how truely important and amazing it is when he finally gets a flat with Penny like they’ve always dreamed of, his best friend who stuck with him through thick and thin and always made a point of showing him that she isn’t afraid of him and that she loves him unconditionally. And on top of that, he’s in a relationship with Baz. Baz, who was the single most constant living partner he’s ever had. Because no matter how much he got bounced around as a kid or during the summers, he knew that he would always come back to Watford, to their tower in Mummer’s House, to Baz. He has his first real home, with his best friend-almost sister and his vampire boyfriend and he’s surrounded with love and warmth, which is all he deserved from the start. I don’t know, man, I just really love Simon and want him to have the world.

Mage of Life

The Mage of Life. One who manipulates life, growth, and evolution with their vast knowledge of life and growth.

The biology nerd.

Mage- have vast knowledge of their aspect and use that information to manipulate their aspect. They gained their knowledge through experience.
Life- major themes of life force, opportunity, growth, and luxury. Minor themes of options and optimism.



The Mage of Life is extremely knowledgable in the field of biology. They know nearly all facets to an organism, allowing them to use it in unique ways.

At lower levels the Mage would be an incredible doctor. They could look at enemies and know their physical limits.

At medium levels the Mage would be a skilled surgeon, able to operate and pick at any lifeform with telepathy. They could hear and understand plants.

At higher levels the Mage of Life could latch onto remnants of life and vitality. They could harness the still functioning mechanisms of dead life to control them. They could animate broken limbs, create lich-like minions, and other such feats.

Golden age

The Mage of Life is well informed on growth and evolution. They can sense what branches would occur with an action, allowing them to choose what path would support growth.

At lower levels the Mage could feel urges on what path would be the most productive. They would know what their team should prototype.

At medium levels they could analyze growth and see how things and people can evolve. They would make insanely complex and infinitely useful alchemizations. They’re like a Sburb Macgyver.

As they progress they could learn to evolve items without alchemizing them.

At higher levels the Mage of Life could use their encyclopedic knowledge of evolution and DNA to actually change how something could evolve. They could stimulate an evolutionary advancement or metamorphosis in plants, animals, and even minor adaptations in themself.


Life sense- can feel the aura of lifeforms within 120 feet of you

Vitals- critical hits don’t affect your durability and stamina

Stat sight- you can see anyone’s health and position on the echeladder

Quick Reminder that Anders’ quest line is all about helping others who aren’t himself. 

Act 1 quest line:  Anders wants to help Karl.  Maybe this is somewhat selfish because Karl was his lover, but it’s still more about helping Karl. 

Act 2 quest line:  help the mage underground, do whatever you can for them.  Anders doesn’t care if he gets caught or fucked up in this situation, his cause is the mages.

Ac3 quest line:  ok so help him separate from justice, but not really, you can tell he’s lying, he’s terrible at lying.  He’s really going to go blow up the chantry to help his fellow mages, EVEN if it costs him his life.

And like, comparing this to other companion’s quest lines in DA2 is such a stark difference.  Merrill’s quests are about helping her restore the mirror so she can help her clan but also to help her because of the ostracizing of her by her clan, Fenris’ are about getting revenge on those who hurt him, Isabela’s are about getting a slaver off her back, Aveline’s revolve around either her career or personal life, and Varric’s quests are about his brother. 

Anders’ quest lines aren’t about himself.  He never really thinks of himself, him being a martyr is shown the entire game.  And this is why he deserves someone who is supportive and loves him, so much.