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Salma Hayek Apparently Said 'The Craziest S**t' To Three 6 Mafia On Their Big Oscar Night
Perhaps the worst conversation starter in the history of time.

“Salma Hayek walked up to me — who I was super in love with because of “From Dusk Till Dawn” with George Clooney — and said the craziest shit: “You know your brothers and sisters are dying over in Africa because of all this jewelry you’re wearing.” Because I guess we had those big ole watches they gave us on, and these platinum necklaces. So I was like, “What?! What are you talking about? I don’t have no brothers and sisters in Africa!” And like that, Salma Hayek killed my hard-on. I just went limp. I told her it was nice meeting her and walked out away from that.”

Lets revisit..

It’s Friday the 13th again. You may not be as superstitious as others, but it would be well to still be aware of these common omens or actions that could possibly indicate dire circumstances ahead:

  • Black cat crossing your path
  • Broken mirrors
  • Walking beneath a ladder
  • Three 6s in a row
  • Opening an umbrella inside
  • Three Three 6 Mafia songs in a row
  • A square pancake
  • A group of crows having a breakdance battle
  • Moon falling from sky, over and over and over again
  • Empty egg
  • Coffee mad at you
  • Fiancé turns into a frog
  • And then explodes
  • But your parents are crazy about him
  • And already put a deposit down for the wedding
  • So you gotta scoop up his guts and marry the bits of toad anyway
  • Um, yeah. Try to avoid that one.

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“But those eyes… reddish-brown, half amused, half bored with the world in general… did not so much as twitched at the oncoming attack.”

Bungou Stray Dogs, Short Story ‘A Heartless Dog’


30 day AU challenge: 6. 1920s/Mafia

“Darby ain’t gonna be a problem anymore, boss.”

“Good boy.”

I couldn’t decide if I want to make Eggsy a muscle or a trophy boy. But then again why not both??? I can do whatever I want! ha!

No More Light || Chapter 6

Chapter 6 is finally done! Wrote this while on holiday to see Billy Elliot the Musical (amazing btw) but while typing it up ! realised it changed tenses like 5 times throughout so I had to try and fix that! This is my first BTS fanfic so I’d love to get some feedback, send me asks and messages with your thoughts!

Genre – Mafia!BTS AU - Violence (Abuse) + Strong Language

Group – BTS (Ft. The Ark)

Pairing – Jungkook x Reader

Masterlist – Link

Summary – You’re sister’s a gang leader, so of course you would end up in the middle of the war between her gang and their greatest enemy.

Chapter 6/16 - 1  2  3  4  5  6  7

Word Count: 1040

‘Right then leader Minju, what’s the plan?’ Jane asked.

‘We go and get my sister back.’

“I already told you where their base is, was that not enough?” Your voice only comes out as a whisper; your swollen lip not helping with your speech. You’d given up any attempt at trying to seem strong; Hoseok was able to break you; they saw you cry, heard your yells.

“We know you know more, and we won’t stop until we know it to.” Hoseok pulled his stool closer to you as he took out a small knife, laughing at the fear that crossed your face as you saw it.

“So you gonna tell us anything?” Hoseok tilted his head to the side as he waited for an answer. He twirled the knife in his hand while you watched it with caution. You looked up at Hoseok and shook your head having decided on your answer; you weren’t putting Minju in any more danger than you already had. Hoseok smiled at your answer and was about to close the distance between you and the knife when you heard laughter as Taehyung and Jin entered the room. Jin was holding an ice pack to his cheek and they both looked smug.

“Wow what happened to you hyung?” Hoseok asked Jin as the two boys came and stood next to him.

“Y/N and her sister are both so violent.” Jin smirked at you.

“Tell me about it.” Taehyung sarcastically replied to Jin’s statement as he tried to make a funny face but stopped as he flinched from the pain it caused form the wounds you had created. The boys all laughed before turning their attention back to you.

“You better not have hurt my sister.” You said through gritted teeth, staring up at Jin.

“Don’t worry, she hurt me more.” You huffed at his answer.

“We just went and had a nice chat with Minju and the girls, it was great.” Taehyung winked at you and you scowled, making him laugh.

“Minju wasn’t happy when we told her that we had you.” Jin casually said.

“Wasn’t happy? That’s a bit of an understatement; she held a fricking gun to my head!” You couldn’t help but laugh at this; it sounded a lot like your sister.

“Anyway, you guys interrupted me, we were about to have some fun.” Hoseok held up his knife, admiring the blade as he spoke.

“That knife won’t do anything Hoseok, let me try.” Everyone turned to where the voice had come from. You looked to see Namjoon walking towards you smiling and subconsciously your eyes widened in fear.

“Move over.” Namjoon pushed Hoseok off the stool and sat on the newly available seat.

“How you doing Y/N? Wow you’re so beautiful, you look a lot like Minju.” Namjoon pushed your hair off your face. You flinched at his touch and leaned away but he grabbed your hair and pulled your head forward, making you grunt from the pain.

“Oh come on now Y/N, you hardly know me how can you already hate me?” He spoke quietly with a soft voice.

“You fucking know why.” Your voice was a harsh whisper as you forced yourself to look into his eyes. Namjoon chuckled to himself.

“Oh so you know about that.” He let go of your hair and you backed away eyeing him.

“Well duh, I’m the one who had to patch her up every time she came home beaten.” You snarled at Namjoon which just made him chuckle again. There’s an awkward silence as Namjoon studied you; you avoided his gaze by looking at the other members. Hoseok and Jin were stood watching closely while Taehyung was stood probably daydreaming as he stared at the wall. Jungkook was stood in his usual place amongst the shadows. He was watching Namjoon with a slight scowl present on his face.

“So, you gonna tell us anymore about The Ark?” Namjoon asked, drawing your attention back to him.

“Nope.” You looked at him, smirked, and then looked away. Namjoon cupped your chin in his hand and turned your head to face him. Giving you no choice but to look straight at him.

“Are you sure that’s your answer?” His voice is raised and you could hear the warning tone as he spoke.

“Positive.” You continued looking at him with an emotionless expression but Namjoon brought his hand up and caressed your cheek. You whimpered and tried to back away but he brought his other hand up to hold the back of neck, keeping your head forward. He brought his own head forward, so that it was only inches from yours. You continue trying to back away but to no avail. Namjoon ignored your struggles and continued to caress your cheek and play with your hair and eventually your whimpers turned into sobs. However, this didn’t affect anything and Namjoon continued as he leaned even closer into you.

“I’ll let you off this once, but next time I expect information or I’ll take this one step further.” He whispered; his lips against your ear. A loud sob escaped your mouth as you struggled even more to break free from his grasp. He didn’t stop.

“Hyung that’s enough.” Namjoon leaned back looking shocked for a second before his expression abruptly turned into a death glare. He turned to face the person who spoke.

“What was that Jungkook?” Namjoon said Jungkook’s name with venom as he stood up and walked towards his youngest member. Jungkook backed up a few paces before standing his ground and looking straight at Namjoon as he spoke.

“I think you’ve done enough, the girl’s broken but she clearly isn’t going to give us any information on The Ark.” Jungkook gulped as his leader was only stood a few feet in front of him.

“I guess you are right, I got carried away. But you do not talk to me like that again. Your punishment for that can be taking the night shift, you clear?” Namjoon spat at Jungkook who looked down sheepishly and nodded.

“Good. Very well then boys, looks like we’re done here, lets go!” You watched as Namjoon and the other members made their way to and out the exit; leaving only Jungkook and yourself in the room which was now silent. Apart form your quiet sobs.

Mafia!AU brainstoof

Haha woops my hands slipped on the keyboard now I have some development in the Mafia!AU. I couldn’t resist, it’s such a fun idea, and I just happened to have inspiration. o3o Given how this sort of stuff seem to develop the most activity during large-scale wartimes in countries, I figured that’d be a very interesting setting. Also for those who’s curious, I’m talking about the AU I did a quick sketch of earlier, seen here:

So what I have so far:

In an Equestria that has been suffering from a war, the greed of a terrible, incompetent king, corrupted authority figures, the increasing development of poverty, crime and gang-related activities run rampant. The only source of geniune protection (or extortion protection)  now seems to come in the form of mafias and gangs, and among them is the Boutique, one of Equestria’s most esteemed mafias.


Rarity: Known as the Queen or “Generosity”, Rarity Belle is one of the most esteemed mafia leaders in Equestria. Primary practices include protection services, organized hits, the smuggling of primarily tobacco and alcohol, illegal weapon trafficking, and illegal food supply. She also has connections in the likes of designer-clothes selling (her own boutique and some of the clothes from her competition), transportation services, and sex-work establishments (all establishments she owns are based on the workers willingly doing it; the workers are given decent pay, protection, and do not have to take clients they don’t want to engage). She’s the youngest of the most established of mafia leaders, having taken what her mother and father started and helped it grow into what it is now (and such, is one of the fastest to build and establish herself in the chain). Some leaders find it admirable. Many others find it threatening, so she has many an enemy as she does allies.

Her initial reaction to Twilight Sparkle was one of fascination: a cop? Trying to do honest good in this country? Not as common as it should have been at the time; she’s either a fool for trying or ambitious, the type of ambition Rarity likes in someone. That interest turned into a strange relationship, originally an “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”, to a more solid alliance/friendship, to an eventual romance.

Twilight Sparkle: The “Spark” of the police force, Twilight is one of the few good gumshoes in an otherwise very corrupted organization. Whereas many of these cops and detectives can be payed to ignore many criminal activities or simply don’t respond to average citizens if it doesn’t benefit them, Twi is reliable and will go out of her way, and usual job regulation, to help. She is very competent on her own, hence her popularity with the general population of Ponyville and Canterlot, but her very high success rate in arrests and busting otherwise convoluted cases is half-due to her ties to Rarity. Some of her coworkers think she’s just that good; some guess that she might have inside ties (they aren’t wrong, but they don’t know that), and some want her out of the picture. As far as Rarity goes, their relationship is a strange one; Twi can’t arrest her largely due to a lack of evidence despite knowing exactly who she is, but eventually it’s become that she simply won’t arrest her. In comparison of Rarity’s organization to the so-called lawful police force of Equestria, Twi eventually sees that Rarity, while morally gray, is the much lighter gray.

Applejack: Also known as “The Farmer”, “Honest AJ”, or “Honest Apple”, Apple Jacqueline “Applejack” is still a farmer in this AU and still resides primarily in Ponyville with her family. That said, the Apple Family have strong ties in the criminal industry with their most loyal allegiance being to the Boutique. The Apple Family not only sell some of their produce in the black market for cheaper, they also sell some of the most sought-out alcoholic (and non-alcoholic) beverages and tobacco that has been made illegal in Equestria. They also have work in the illegal weapon business, being crafters of some of the best weapons that’s hit the black market. Their weapon’s marketing works in that while you don’t need a legal permit, you do need an Apple Verified permit to purchase their weapons. Easier to obtain but it regulates who’s able to buy what. The Apple Family also sometimes work as bodyguards for hire. Applejack could be the source of how Twilight met Rarity in the first place.

Pinkie Pie: “The Laughter”, Pinkamena Diane Pie is a baker, college student, hacking mastermind and a excellent information broker. Rarity has earned her absolute loyalty after liberating her from a blackmail by a rival mafia that would have put her in forced sexual labor for the protection of her family, by offering her and her family protection if she backed out of her previous “contract” and worked as her personal information broker/hacker as form of payment (fun-fact: Rarity pays for Pinkie’s tuition as a show of good faith). The Pie family have absolutely no idea of Pinkie’s ties to the crime world, and she’d rather keep it that way (only Maud knows). Her cheery and happy disposition makes her a great source of finding out information given how unassuming she seems, and while she sells information to the highest bidder, the most precious or juicy of information goes directly to Rarity first.

Fluttershy: “The Kind Doctor”, Fluttershy is, on the surface, an unusually talented medical student. Underneath that, she is a medical broker, both in terms of distributing medicine and surgical services illegally. She originally had absolutely no ties in the crime world, but was eventually shoved into it when an unorganized gang thought it’d be much cheaper to go to a student than it would to a hospital (plus, not as much questioning or attention). She was simply the unlucky one that they picked at random, and she stitched up her first live-patient wound at gunpoint (the poor dear nearly passed out in fear). This continued for months with the same gang antagonizing her into tending to their medical needs, and the police, when she attempted to contact them about it, were of no help. It’s only through Rainbow Dash that she finally received the help she needed; RD being a hitmare (Fluttershy didn’t know this at the time), she asked Rarity for a contract (that she’d even do for free) so long as she rid her best friend of her antagonizers and the danger they presented. Rarity agreed and Shy was soon free of the gang, but in turn Rarity offered her a proposition: she’d pay off all of Shy’s student loans if she were willing to be one of the go-to doctors on hand, but she was more than free to refuse without consequence. Shy eventually agreed, and her many, many hours of illegal live-patient surgeries (most relatively minor given her status as a student) has made her many steps ahead of her peers. Of the six she has the loosest tie to the crime world, but she’s become fast friends to Rarity in general.

Rainbow Dash: “The RainBoom” or “Generosity’s Loyalty”, Rainbow Dash has been one of the first to pledge herself to Rarity’s syndicate and helped her build it into what it is now. She’s Rarity’s preferred muscle, her go-to hitmare, and she’s the founder (and leader) of the mercenary/professional assassin group, the Shadowbolts (a purposeful parallel to the Wonderbolts, which in this Universe denied her entry). Rainbow’s so fast, it’s rumored that you won’t even know you’re dead until after she leaves. She’s very skilled with a variety of weapons, with her favorite being a pistol and military-grade combat knife her father gave to her before perishing in the war. Her mother perished due to the poor conditions many of the common-folk live in thanks to the war, and it’s because of this that Rainbow set out to do something about it, even if it meant joining the criminal world. Thankfully, she joined Rarity. She’s best friends with Fluttershy and at first is weary of Twilight before she eventually warms up to the cop.


Yup yup. Still needs some more expanding and junk but I think it’s an okay start. Any brainstorming help or questions are welcomed. ^.^

The Wife Of A Future Mafia Leader Pt 6

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Title: The Wife Of A Future Mafia Leader.
Genre: Angst, Mafia life.
Member: Jongup.
Word Count: 2048.
Description: What was it that made Jongup so determined to have you? Is it simple or more complicated than one could handle?

Jongup was never a social child, his nightmare was when his father would knock on the door to his playroom to tell him he had to greet his guests. He was the child that hid behind his father’s legs as he timidly looked up at the frightening men his father mingled with, his business partners Mr Moon told Jongup.

“It would be a shame for such a well known mafia to fall apart because of the next leader in line” Jongup was only four at the time and though he didn’t understand what that man was talking about, his words left an unhealable wound in Jongup’s heart, he spent forever thinking about it. Until he was seven years old and things started to make sense.

Why he didn’t get to go to school, why he didn’t get to go outside and play very often and why there were always such scary looking men visiting his father, everything began making sense to Jongup. And he figured out why he had to be the best, the best of the best, the top of the list and the person that sent a shiver down your spine just by hearing his name because you knew what he was capable of.

Because it would be a shame for his father’s mafia to fall into a pitiful pool of shame and embarrassment.

Not long after Jongup turned seven his father had taken him with him to work for the first time. Jongup was astonished, it was every little boy’s dream but so, so much worse, it was every little boy’s nightmare.

The guns were used in such malicious ways, so many of the men his father worked with had lost their sanity and their sense of humanity long before he was brought into the world by his mother. The sight of the main building sent shivers down his small spine and though his eyes were curious Jongup kept them to the floor to stop as much of it haunting him as he could.

When Jongup was eight years old he was forced to go to work with Mr Moon for the millionth time. Jongup just knew it was going to be another horror-filled day. I only his mother was here to protect him, he wished for her so desperately, with all his little heart, but she never came to his rescue, forcing him to follow his father out the front door of his house every morning.

Jongup was ready, he had pep talked himself as much as an eight-year-old could prep themselves. He was ready for the angry shouts, gunshots ringing in the air, the smell of cigarettes and angry men shouting everywhere he went. But when the car finally came to stop Jongup’s young mind was put into shock, it was a house, a simple, normal looking house and the person opening the door was calm, he was smiling a truly happy albeit nervous smile to his father.

“And this must be young Jongup, what a fine young man you’re growing into” His hair was ruffled and he looked at the owner of the hand, the man who opened the door in astonishment. This man was nice. This man showed no intentions of anything sinful, nothing harmful and nothing against the law.

Mr Moon’s hand on Jongup’s back pushed him into the house, rather gently, like he always was when none of his work partners were watching. Because if this was a work partner he wouldn’t dare touch his son in front of them.

He was told to take his shoes off like the polite guest he was and he looked up into the eyes of the house’s owner and the tall man smiled down at Jongup.

“My daughter Y/N is waiting in the lounge room, you are more than welcome to play with her” The man spoke and Jongup stood dumbfounded.

“Thank you, sir” He sputtered and bowed, and then he rushed to follow the adults into the lounge room. Jongup was waiting for it, a gun to be shown or angry shouts, it was only a matter of time before it would all start and the false atmosphere he felt would reveal what it truly was to him.

But there was no shouting, there weren’t even any weapons in sight, instead, just like the man had promised, a young girl sat tucked into her mother’s side shyly and there was coffee sitting in the kettle, ready to be poured for whoever wanted some. He could only stare, you weren’t brave enough at the time to look him in the eye. If Jongup knew he was shy than you were straight up antisocial.

“Y/N, would you like to show Jongup your toys?” Jongup hadn’t even realised he had spent the past however long it was staring, watching the shy figure in front of him with keen interest. You looked up at your mother and her question seemed to bring you out of your shell the tiniest bit. You presented a sweet smile to your mother, nodding before slipping from her arms and onto your feet.

You looked at Jongup expectantly, waiting for him to stand up and follow you to your room where all your toys were left waiting for you to play with them again.

“Go on son, I’m sure Y/N has lots of interesting toys to play with” Mr Moon gave Jongup a pat on the back with a chuckle and it was then that Jongup realised he was in fact yet to stand up.

“Jongup, come on” Your voice was so sweet, Jongup had never heard anything like it, he had never seen another child in the flesh for that matter, only ever staring at his TV in a daze as he dreamed of having a friend to call his own. You were holding your hand out, oh and how small it was. Jongup realised he was already so much bigger than you the moment he stood, shyly holding your hand and looking at his father as you pulled him away from the living room.

“These are my favourite toys!” You giggled, Jongup figured he liked that sound, the sound of having someone feeling a certain happiness with him, even if it were just for all the toys in the room.

“You have so many” Jongup gasped and you gave another bubbly laugh.

“My dad always said I was lucky, do you think that’s true Jongup?” You looked at him with your beady eyes gleaming at him, there was teddy stuck to your chest as you hugged it tightly and Jongup nodded.

“Yes, but I also think I am very lucky to see you and all of these toys Y/N” Jongup answered and your little mind thought Jongup had never been able to play with such fun things like toys before coming to your house.

“You can play with whatever toys you like Jongup!” You grinned and Jongup stared at you.

What a pretty girl.


“Jongup, you remember Y/N? Her father is in debt to us?” Mr Moon randomly questioned Jongup one day, much further in the future. Jongup gave a nod, of course, he remembered, he could never forget that sweet child like smile and that adorable giggle that sang innocence to him. Jongup was never given the chance to make another friend after that day, of course, he remembered the closest thing he had to one.

“I do” Jongup answered and Mr Moon gave a somewhat proud tsk as his head tilted to the side and he reached into his pocket.

“My son how she has grown, I was right you know, a beautiful young woman is what she is becoming” Mr Moon took a photo from the pocket of his jacket, he passed it to Jongup and his son blinked at him.

“You saw her father again today?” He asked and Mr Moon chuckled as he nodded.

“Of course, and Y/N was there with us, she’s the one who gave me the picture, she’s in high school now” Mr Moon grinned, it was as if he were talking about the achievements of his own child, not the daughter of the man who owed his family his life as well as his whole families but was somehow friends with Mr Moon.

She’s beautiful.

Jongup tried to stop his jaw from dropping, you had grown up indeed, and his father wasn’t wrong, a beautiful young woman you were becoming, your hair was long and you were thankfully still untouched by the darkness of the world which allowed you to show a bright and innocent smile, just like Jongup remembered it to be but matured.

“Wow, she’s growing up” Jongup commented. He wondered to himself if there was ever the chance that you could have gone to the same school, even if it were for a short amount of time, so he could protect to from harm whilst teaching you how to protect yourself so he knew you would be safe when he graduated.

But of course his father had never allowed him to go to school, Mr Moon was Jongup’s teacher in life, anything he ever wanted to know he would just ask his father, and of course that is what he was told when he asked why he wasn’t at school making his own friends. Because he did ask a lot.

“I’m raising you so you can lead this mafia with pride Jongup” Something he was told many times and the words of his father would play in his head of every time he questioned what he was doing with his life.

Right, because this is what I was born to do.

Jongup sighed and Mr Moon looked at him, straightening the jacket he wore and making sure his hair was still jelled away from his face. He cleared his throat and clasped his hands on the table in front of him as he watched his son.

“Jongup, there is an important part of leading this mafia I’ve never talked to you about” Mr Moon started, effectively earning Jongup’s attention and slight irritation.

Great, here we go again.

Jongup fought the urge to roll his eyes and Mr Moon took the photo from Jongup’s hand to sit it on the table, stopping it from distracting the younger male.

“You need to get married in order to be powerful. The most powerful leaders are those with a partner next to them” Mr Moon monotoned and Jongup tensed as he heard those words, marriage, he had never thought he would reach such a stage in his life.

“I know a lot of strong people with daughters that would happily marry you, it would bring strength to them as well, unless, is there someone you would have in mind Jongup?” The picture was right in front of him, it was as if your eyes were boring into him for an answer. Jongup had spent so long in the dark part of the world, he was the devil in so many people’s eyes and he had grown used to his fate. Jongup could never imagine turning your life upside down, but the smirk that had grown to stain his lips became visible as his eyes took in your figure and the picture was back in his hands.

“I already know who I want father” Jongup chuckled to himself and put the picture forward as if they were trading Pokemon cards among themselves.

“You want to marry Y/N? Are you sure about this Jongup? Her family is in debt to us, after all, remember, power Jongup power” Mr Moon’s eyes were widened, he couldn’t hide the fact that he was shocked by his sons wants.

“I know what I want father, you can consider this as the last of their payment to our family” Jongup grinned, standing up and walking away.

“I wouldn’t want to have anyone else” Jongup muttered, thumb swiping over his lower lip as he entered his room. Jongup kicked off his shoes and pulled himself out of his jacket before falling onto his bed.

“And now I just have to hold on until you are of age my princess” Jongup chuckled, as if you were really in the room, sitting next to him and listening to him.

This is shorter than I wanted it to be but I was motivated to get it done and this is what happened! Let me know if you all enjoyed it!