the madrid

You guys have to know that when bangtan starts to take selcas in the practice room.. it only means one thing.

They are practising for their new choreo.

LOL …kinda

We still don’t have any confirm if their new choreo is gonna be choreographed by their main choreographers like Son Sung Deuk or Keone Madrid … but in any cases Son Sung is their dance instructor and will help them with the new choreo.

Also Son Sung said this during an old interview (credit to bangtanboys-sg)

Damn… 10 hours each day 😨😱😭 They always work so hard, i just hope they are getting some rest and eating well.


“Sign with Barcelona? Never. As I said from the first moment, my idea was to succeed at Real Madrid. It’s true that there were some bad moments here but that has made me enjoy the good ones even more. I have won three Champions Leagues and I still have the hunger to help this team continue winning.”
Isco during his renewal presentation | 15 September 2017